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Firefighters in Chile should receive a salary (Public speech) The Firefighters institution puts a lot of effort in an emergency call saving lives and it’s that why they should receive a salary. First of all, they put their lives at risk when they do their job and sometimes they don´t spend much time with their families, and finally in other countries this job is well paid and with work schedules. First of all, firefighters put their lives at risk when they are at an emergency or at a fire, and I really believe that this is a courageous work because in every emergency they don’t know what will happen, and in some cases firefighters have died or some of them have been injured with burns of high complexity. The worst is that in some cases the company don´t have insurance to pay the treatment and they have been to pay it by themselves. So it is very a little unfair, and a salary it is necessary according to this because they need the money. Besides, firefighters don’t spend much time with their families because of the time that they need to spend training or at company meetings, so this is a hard trouble for their children or wives who maybe will be pleasant if their husbands receive a salary. Another thing is that in other countries of the world, firefighters receive a salary for their hard job, and they work with work schedules, so they do their job better and with more security in the case they get hurt. in north America or Europe, countries like Mexico, Spain, USA, the firefighters’ job is remunerated and also there are shifts of working hour, very different to our country, so from my point of view, the government of Chile should propose a low in the parliament with the statement that firefighters should receive a salary or benefits because their job is a hard and sometimes they work in hard conditions suffering of absence of security; furthermore, no one is free to suffer an accident or a fire in its house, and you don’t know when you will need their help, it is time to recognize the labor of firefighters and value them and their great job. Don’t forget that emergencies happen at any hour of the day, and they have to attend it. To conclude firefighters should receive a salary for their hard labor and risking their lives in addition of not spending much time with their families, also why here in Chile firefighters are not paid if in other countries they are?. They are very empathic with people that suffer but are we empathic to them? If we add a salary, their lives will be more happy and also their families would more happy too.

Marcela Gatica Beltran

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