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Marc Codina Contijoch

--------Work List and durations--------

1.0 n e (2014) for piano, guitar and violin – dur: 10 sec.

Frame Series *any number of pieces from this series can be played; including the possibility of playing the same piece with more than one (maybe all?) member of the same family when possible.

Frame Frame Frame Frame Frame Frame

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[bass clarinet] (2014) for solo bass clarinet – dur: 2 min. [guitar] (2014) for solo guitar – dur: 4 min. [piano] (2013) for solo piano – dur: 30 sec. [some players] (2013) for an undef ned number of performers – dur: free [f ute]_i (2013) for any member of the fute family – dur: 20 sec. [string instrument]_i (2013) for any member of the string family – dur: 30-40 sec.

What Propinquity Conceals About Colligation (2012) for solo 'cello – dur: 9 min.

Atom of Consciousness (2012) for fute and piano – dur: 7 min.

Sense Impulses (2011) for fute and ensemble – dur: 9 min.

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