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Special Section—Annual Parish Financial Report (page 7) The Communion of Saints By Father Dave Sajdak

November is the month that we Catholics concentrate on the “communion of saints”. We begin the month with All Saints Day on Friday, November 1st. The Church celebrates all those in heaven—the saints. Then, on Saturday, November 2nd, we remember all the souls on the way to heaven, but not quite there yet—All Souls Day. Throughout the entire month we continue to pray for the “poor souls” not yet in heaven. The whole concept of All Saints Day and All Souls Day is tied in with the concept of the Communion of Saints.

This is the belief that all of God's people, in heaven, on earth, and in the state of purification (called Purgatory), are connected in a communion. In other words, Catholic and Orthodox Christians believe that the saints of God are just as alive as you and I, and are constantly interceding on our behalf. The “poor souls” are very much alive as well. However, they are undergoing a time of purification before they are ready to see God face to face, and become saints in heaven. We believe our prayers and good works on their behalf

“... every human person in heaven is a saint. Each and every one of us is meant to be a saint. ”

(See “Communion of Saints” on page 9)

Christmas Caroling!

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By Cheri Rakers Holy Cross parishioners have helped to spread the joy of Christmas by old -fashioned caroling! The carolers from Holy Cross have sung at a couple of area nursing homes the last couple of years. Last year we also sang as background music for the live nativity was performed at Holy Cross by the children of three parish families. This year we are trying something a little different, a little like the way carolers per for me d a long ti me ago. Notices will be placed on the doors of some of the neighbors in the Holy Cross area, asking if they'd like us

to come by and sing for them. Hopefully there will be several who do. Then after that we will once again gather in the parish center to sing while the nativity is going on. We plan to go caroling outside even if it's a little cold. So bundle up and plan to join us on Sunday Dec. 8, whether it's for the outside fun, the inside fun, or hopefully both. The group will gather at the parish center a couple of hours before the live nativity begins. The songs will be very familiar and you certainly don't have to be a great singer to participate. We j u s t n e e d v o l u m e . Watch bulletins for further information. Any questions, call Harry or Cheri Rakers at 352-4918. P.S. All jingle bells are welcome!

A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

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November, 2013

CRUSADER CORNER HOLY CROSS SCHOOL HAPPENINGS BY CHRIS ELLIS, PRINCIPAL Halloween Festivities We are so grateful to all our volunteers for making our Halloween festivities possible.

“Holy Cross School is a whirlwind of activity! “


Standardized Testing Recently, our school received the results of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) standardized testing. As a faculty, we will review the data to carefully evaluate student growth and to prompt curriculum discussions. In many ways we are starting over again regarding this testing. Holy Cross updated our testing materials this year and the norms used to compare student performance are



It is hard to believe that the first quarter has come to an end here at the High School of St. Thomas More. With 279 students from around the vicariate, much has been accomplished with a lot more to come. This year’s Freshmen class numbers 67 students from many different schools – Catholic, private, and public. 65% of the 2013 graduating class of Holy Cross School have chosen to attend STM for their Freshmen year. We are especially proud of STM’s 2013 graduating class. On the ACT test, this class as a whole performed above the 90%ile in English Composition and the 70% ile in Math, Reading, and Biology, all significantly above the state and


new. Also, the math and ELA (English and Language Arts) testing was updated to align to the Common Core Standards adopted by the State of Illinois. All Saints Day “Oh when the saints go marching in When the saints go marching in Oh lord I want to be in that number When the saints go marching in…” I hear the tune in my head when I picture our fourth grade students as they process into Mass on All Saints Day on November 1st. After Mass the students traveled to the classrooms to give short presentations to our student body.



national averages. 75% of the 2013 graduates attend a 4 year college with 25% attending a 2 year college. More detailed information about this information can be found on our website ( In October, our drama club presented its fall performance, a series of short plays centered around The Twilight Zone. The 2014 spring musical will be Bye Bye Birdie on March 13-15. Drama club members from Holy Cross School are Turner Rives, Daniel Howie, Shelby Turner, Quinn Bolliger, Natalie Hittmeier, Natalia Aguas, Alex Summers, Sian McBride, Jamie Simmering, Kyle and Annie Rasmussen, Meghan and Sean

Kelly, Julia Welle, Gabby Wszalek, Elie Nyembo, Laura and George Pennacchi, Isabella Dallas, and Molly Smith. St. Thomas More will be hosting our annual Veterans’ Day program on Monday, November 11th. Veterans related to our STM community are invited to join us at 1:45 p.m. at the school for a program and a reception. Please let us know by email ( or phone (217-352-7210) if you are interested. The music department will present their annual Madrigals Dinner on December 6th and 7th. The Holiday Concert featuring (See “High School” on page 13)


A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

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Catechetical News By Marc Cardaronella The catechetical year at Holy Cross is getting off to a great start. In September, we had our first Family Formation lesson. Family Formation is the children’s religious education program at Holy Cross, but it’s unique because, in this program, parents and children explore the Catholic Faith together. We kicked it off this year by presenting The Story of Salvation to all the parents and kids. This is something new we tried this year, and it was a big success. The Story is a narrative that presents the whole Christian message in about 40 minutes. Most of us haven’t learned the Catholic Faith this way. We learn Catholicism in a lot of pieces and never understand how they all fit together in a unified whole. By pulling everything together in one narrative and presenting the big picture, you come to a greater understanding of the unity and cohesiveness of the Catholic Faith...and it is fascinating! We are busting at the seams in RCIA, the process for joining the Catholic Church. We have 22 enrolled in classes this year, including one former Protestant pastor! It’s not about the numbers for us in RCIA. Every class has very special people in it. But it is very exciting to have so many eager candidates in the class! And they’re a great group. Very enthusiastic! More to follow in future newsletters on how the class is getting along. There’s no lack of faith education opportunities for adults this

fall. On October 14th, we started the second in a series of five studies on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. For the Year of Faith, Pope Benedict called for all the faithful (that’s you!) to study the Catechism. So, in the sec-

Fr. Dave leads Family Formation students in Marian Consecration (photo courtesy of Tracy Duchinsky)

ond half of this church year, we’ve been doing just that at Holy Cross. The study this fall is on the first pillar, the Creed. In January we’ll begin the second pillar on the Liturgy & Sacraments followed by the third pillar in March on the Christian Life. We’ll end in June with the section on Prayer. Think about attending one of these. They’re all stand-alone studies so it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been to the other ones. On October 17th, we started another Marian Consecration study. This is a 33-day preparation to consecrate yourself to Jesus through the Blessed Mother. Mary is your spiritual mother and essentially, the consecration gives her permission to be that for you. The study is broken into 4 week-long segments where you study four great Marian Saints: Louis de Montfort, Maximilian Kolbe, Pope John Paul II,

and Mother Teresa. Marian consecration was huge for each of them, and studying their thoughts on the subject gives you a great preparation for your own consecration. Doing the consecration can change your life if you let it...and let Mary be the mother who takes care of all your spiritual needs. We run these periodically throughout the year so there will definitely be more opportunities to take part in this program. That’s an update on some of the spiritual growth happening this fall at Holy Cross. There’s even more scheduled for after the new year. So just jump in and supercharge your spiritual life. You won’t ever regret it!

“Without confidence and love, there can be no true education..” -Don Bosco

A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

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Regional Coordinator of Catholic Education By Rose Costello We are blessed to have an outstanding system of Catholic schools in our area. To help insure the viability of these schools in the future, a new position has been created. I have been named as the Regional Coordinator of Catholic Education. I am responsible for coordinating collaboration between the High School of St. Thomas More and the area Catholic grade schools for certain events and projects, for enhancing the visibility of Catholic education in our area, for recruiting new families and students to STM, and for raising funds to support programs provided by area Catholic

schools. As so many of you know, Catholic schools have a long and strong history in the Champaign County area. Several of our grade schools, St. Thomas, St. Malachy, and Holy Cross, have been educating young people for over 100 years. We have been blessed to be able to establish St. Matthew School 50 years ago and the High School of St. Thomas More 14 years ago. All this has been possible because of the generous support of our Champaign vicariate parishes. I will be working with schools and the parishes of the vicariate to

November, 2013

insure this commitment to Catholic schools continues for the next generation of young people. Information regarding our schools can be found at www.champaigncatholicschools.o rg. Those wishing to help with ideas or donations can contact Rose Costello at or at 217-352-7210 (the High School of St. Thomas More) or 217-352-8748 (Holy Cross Parish Center).

What’s So Special about a WATCH Retreat? BY KAREN WOLD

“I discovered that

the ‘We’ in ‘We Are the Church’ meant the body of Christ, both clergy and laity, working together as a community to come closer to God and to spread His love to all we encounter.”

In 2001, I came to live in Champaign after I accepted a job at the University. As I began to settle in to a new job, a new house and a new city, I went “church shopping” and eventually decided to make Holy Cross my spiritual home. Initially, I just went to Mass on Sundays with my dad and, besides shaking hands of others around us with the sign of peace, I really did not interact with anyone. Then, several months after I first joined Holy Cross, I noticed an announcement in the bulletin about a WATCH retreat. I had always enjoyed retreats but I was somewhat cautious with WATCH because I wasn’t sure what “We Are the Church” meant. Was this some kind of group that was anti-clerical? I did not know who the “We” was referring to. After some consideration, I decided to go on a WATCH retreat. I thought, at the very least, I could meet people outside of work. Well, I did that and so much more! I met many wonderful people on my WATCH weekend. I discovered that the “We” in “We

Are the Church” meant the body of Christ, both clergy and laity, working together as a community to come closer to God and to spread His love to all we encounter. This concept of the church as community was reinforced through the behavior of those on the team – those who gave talks, those who served us meals, those who took the time out of their busy schedules to come and pray for us. Everyone on the team treated us with love and compassion. Meeting other people was great for me since I was new to Champaign, but I ended up meeting some people who became very good friends and we remain that way today. Through the sharing of others on the weekend, I learned that I was not alone. I also learned ways to grow in my faith from the teaching and experience of others. In fact, one of the best parts of the weekend for me was to hear about others’ experiences and struggles and how, through See “Watch” on Page 9


A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

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New Holy Cross T-Shirts Available Soon! By Dave Devall A new parish t-shirt will be available for sale soon. The shirt features a slightly modified parish logo in yellow-gold on a royal purple shirt (the Holy Cross School colors) The shirts will be sold as a parish fundraiser. Flyers with an The new parish logo (image courtesy of order form and a picture of the Dave Devall) shirt will be sent home with Holy Cross School students and

will also be inserted in an upcoming bulletin. The cost will be $12 per shirt, and it will come in adult and children sizes.

A Word From Joy…About Pro-Life Activities at Holy Cross By Joy Pace

Pro-lifers care about preborn children, but we also care about the children already born. In the last year we (committee, sidewalk-counselors, helpers):

attended: pre-natal visits, caseworker appointments and brought a family to the Illinois Children’s Hospital in Peoria; arranged: birthday celebrations for women & children; Christmas celevisited: with families with new brations for 6 families; babies, and those we are assistarranged and paid for a funeral for ing; a newborn child and brought: diapers and wipes, paid for full tuition for a local woman to be trained in NaPro Techwomen and children’s clothing, food & slow-cookers; nology at the Pope Paul Institute in paired: families with gently used Nebraska….and more. furniture and baby items with families in need; We walk the walk. We are so helped: families cook; helped thankful for those who support our with household budgeting; committee! We can’t do any of this bought: a new bed (complete without your donations or prayers. with linens, pillows & frame); paid for: rent and electrical Love big. Give generously. Hope bills, yearly bus passes, a caralways. repair bill, gas and a security deposit; Call Joy at 359-8406 if you can encouraged: women to get their help. Thank you for your generosGED, and proper employment; ity! arranged: employment and furniture delivery;

Current Pro-Life Needs: We need wipes and diapers in sizes 4, 5 and 6. We are looking for employment for a hard-working man. He was furloughed from his current position, but not called-back yet. His family is in an emergency status. His wife just had a stroke, and they have 4 young children at home. If anyone has any work, even temporary or part-time, please contact Joy. We are accepting donations on behalf of this family. Please make donations to Holy Cross ProLife and put “aid to family in need” in the memo line.

P P aa g eg6e 6

A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

Novem r ,b e2r ,0201133 N obve em

ADVENT: It’s beginning to look like Christmas! By Father Dave Sajdak

Christmas shopping and preparations begin in our society way before the Church officially begins her preparation for Christmas. And while the secular culture prepares for Christmas by running up credit card bills and having Christmas parties, the Church prepares in a more somber way—but still with a growing anticipation of Christmas Day. The word "advent," from the Latin adventus (Greek parousia), means "coming" or "arrival." The season of Advent is focused on the "coming" of Jesus as Messiah. Our worship, scripture readings, and prayers not only prepare us spiritually for Christmas (his first coming), but also for his eventual second coming. This

is why the Scripture readings during Advent include both Old Testament passages related to the expected Messiah, and New Testament passages concerning Jesus' second coming as judge of all people. Also, passages about John the Baptist, the precursor who prepared the way for the Messiah, are read. All of these themes are present in Catholic worship during Advent, which The Catechism succinctly describes: When the Church celebrates the liturgy of Advent each year, she makes present this ancient expectancy of the Messiah, for by sharing in the long preparation for the Sav-

Advent Lights By Kent Wendler Note: This article is based on an idea that was first published in The Catholic Response, vol. 7, no. 3, November/December 2010 pp. 37-38. Soon it will be the “Holiday Season”. Houses and businesses will be awash with gaudy lights and inflatable Santas, and snowmen will appear on lawns amidst the decorated shrubbery. To Christians, though, this often seems somehow empty. Something – or Someone – is not yet here in the season. It’s too soon to celebrate. Happily anticipate, yes, but celebrate? Not yet. Here is a possible way to be “in this world but not of it”, to publicly show in a subdued fashion what this time is really about. Advent wreaths, with their four or five candles, have long been a tradi-

Advent lights, for the third week. (photo courtesy of the author)

tion in Christian homes and churches. The idea is to make this devotion safely visible to someone passing by on the street. To do this you will need a simple five light electric candolier. One can be ordered or purchased at retail, frequently at a reduced price at this time of the year. Since it will usually come with festively colored bulbs you will need to purchase five additional bulbs, four to use during Advent and a fifth to

ior's first coming, the faithful renew their ardent desire for his second coming. (C 524) The basic facts about Advent are these: Liturgical Color(s): Violet (optional: Rose for 3rd Advent) Time of year: Roughly 4 weeks before Christmas, beginning with the Sunday after Christ the King Sunday. Duration: 4 Sundays and their weeks ending at Christmas Eve Celebrates/Symbolizes: Jesus' first and second comings Though excitement naturally See “Advent” on Page 12

represent the Infant Christ on Christmas Eve. Following the pattern of the Advent candle colors you will need three purple bulbs, representing the liturgical color violet, and one pink, representing the liturgical rose. A white bulb will represent Jesus. This part is important: you need to use what are called ceramic bulbs. These are the ones which glow with a uniform, solid color over the entire bulb. If you try to use transparent, opaque or frosted bulbs the purple and the pink appear almost indistinguishable because of the concentrated brightness of the filament. You may have some difficulty in obtaining ceramic purple bulbs because that color is not very popular. However you can find them easily with an internet search for “C7 ceramic purple bulbs” where the “C7” is the style See “Advent Lights” on Page 12


A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

Page 7

Annual Financial Statements for Holy Cross Church including School Dear Parishioners, The tables and figures you see here are a more detailed account of our parish’s finances for the past three years. I thank you again for your tremendous generosity. However, as you can see, there is some work for us to do in order for us to “break even.” I know you are concerned about our parish. Many of you have a long, devoted history to Holy Cross Church and School. If you want further explanation of our current financial situation, I invite you to a “Parish Assembly” on Monday, November 4, 2013, in church, at 7:00pm. Know that God blesses your generosity and love for your parish, and the Lord will not be out done in generosity. Fr. Dave Church and School Revenue

Church and School Revenue

See “Finances” on Page 8

P P aa g eg8e 8

Finances (Continued from page 7)

A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

Novem r ,b e2r ,0201133 N obve em

Church and School Expenses

Church and School Expenses


A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

WATCH (Continued from page 4)

Communion of Saints (Continued from page 1)

them, Christ worked to strengthen their faith. Besides listening to speakers, there is time for individual reflection and time for discussion and fun with your fellow participants. Now, in 2013, I have the privilege of leading the next WATCH weekend, WATCH #23, on November 15 -17. With the theme, “He leads me by still waters; He refreshes my soul” from Psalm 23:2-3, my prayer is that all of the participants and the team will be able to experience a time of refreshment from God and growth in our faith. With this weekend happening two weeks before Thanksgiving, the beginning of a busy holiday season, I encourage you to consider joining your fellow parishioners for a time of rest and renewal as well as great company and great food! Please pick up a WATCH brochure and registration form at the exits of the church. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. I can best be reached by email at but you may also call me at home, 356-3157. Hope to see you there!

will lessen their time in purgatory. Again, this is because of the “communion of saints”. Our Catholic Catechism describes this communion among believers, by which we are connected to Christ, and thus to one another:

Sign up for a WATCH Retreat! At Holy Cross, November 15-17.

Being more closely united to Christ, those who dwell in heaven fix the whole Church more firmly in holiness...They do not cease to intercede with the Father for us...So by their fraternal concern is our weakness greatly helped." " Christian communion among our fellow pilgrims brings us closer to Christ, so our communion with the saints joins us to Christ… (C 956, 957) From the beginning the Church has honored the memory of the dead and offered prayers in suffrage for them, above all the Eucharistic sacrifice, so that, thus purified, they may attain the beatific vision of God.610 The Church also commends almsgiving, indulgences, and works of penance undertaken on behalf of the dead” (C 1032) Regarding the saints, there are thousands of canonized saints, that is, those individuals officially recognized by the Church as holy men and women worthy of emulation. Because miracles have been associated with these people, and their

Page 9

lives have been fully examined and found holy by the Church, we can be assured they are prime examples of holiness, and powerful intercessors before God on our behalf. However, every human person in heaven is a saint. Each and every one of us is meant to be a saint. And, no matter if you are an official canonized saint or a relatively unknown saint, every saint enjoys the fullness of heaven. Regarding the “poor souls”, no one can presume direct and immediate entrance into heaven. For a person to enter the presence of God he or she must be free from every stain of sin. Granted, it is by the saving grace of God that heaven is even possible for us. Our salvation has been won for us by the Glorious Cross of Jesus Christ. Still, some purification may be necessary. Again, through the grace of God purgatory will provide us with what we need. Christians have been praying for their departed brothers and sisters since the earliest days of Christianity. We believe our prayers and good works in some way benefit those in the state of

P e 10 P aa g eg10

A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

Advent Calendar text courtesy of All Saints Press—reprinted with permission

Novem r ,b e2r ,0201133 N obve em


A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

Page 11

At a recent coffee shop, we asked our “young at heart” parishioners the question below. We compiled the responses, along with first letter of their name and age. Thank you to all who participated!

CREW—Christ Renews Everyone’s World High School Youth Group By Carrie Otto, St. Patrick’s Parish ( ) CREW (Christ Renews Everyone's World), the youth group through St. Patrick Church, is open to all high school students in the area. Our first meetings have been well-attended (25-35 people) with students learning about saints and how to live their faith day-to-day, plus enjoying games, fellowship & snacks! Upcoming events:  Sun, Nov. 3 - Teen Mass

at 5:00pm, followed by dinner in the Parish Hall ($5 donation requested)  Sun, Nov. 10 - CREW, 6:308:00pm in the Parish Hall  Sun, Nov. 24 - CREW, 6:308:00pm in the Parish Hall  Sun, Dec. 15 - CREW/Vivo Reconciliation Service & Dinner, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Student submissions for the Crux are welcome! Please send any suggestions or articles to:

P e 12 P aa g eg12

A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

Advent (continued from page 6) builds as December 25th creeps closer, and a lot of physical “trimmings” claim our time, our spiritual preparation for Christmas needs to include a “preparing the way” for the Lord. Advent could be considered as a “little Lent”. As in Lent, Advent should be marked by increased prayer, fasting, and good works. This being true, let’s not forget the joy that Christmas brings. During Advent we are not be Scrooge-like, but have the joy of Jesus coming to us build with every prayer, every good work, every present we buy, and every ornament we hang. We could celebrate the Advent season in a way that will lead towards a colossal celebration on Christmas Day. Let’s “get into” the spirit of Advent, so our spirit of Christmas will soar!

(above) Victoria Fitzgerald leads opening prayers at the first Holy Cross Mass in honor of Mary, the Help of Christians on October 2. Masses in honor of Mary, the Help of Christians, will be celebrated every Wednesday at 6:30 PM. (photo courtesy of David Kristovich) (right) Tracy Duchinsky leads the annual Rosary Rally at Hessel Park in Champaign on October 12. (photo courtesy of Don Fonner)

Novem r ,b e2r ,0201133 N obve em

Advent Lights (continued from page 6) and size of the bulb. If you wish you can obtain the pink bulbs in the same way. (Since you may have to order many more than you need, you might wish to share an order with someone.) As an alternative, since this is a private devotion, you can substitute blue for purple and possibly find them as nightlight bulbs in retail baby departments. Once you have the candolier and the proper bulbs, the rest is straightforward. On the eve of the first Sunday in Advent display the lights in a front window with three purple bulbs and one pink bulb. Leave the center post empty symbolizing that Jesus has not yet arrived. The pink and two of the purple bulbs should be installed loosely so they do not light. Only one purple bulb should be tightened enough to illuminate. (If an empty socket is a hazard in your home the white, center bulb can also be installed loosely.) Then each week illuminate an appropriate additional bulb. On Christmas Eve replace the pink and purple bulbs with the festive ones that came with the candolier and light the white bulb in the center. If you have festive “whole house” decorations it is appropriate to save lighting them until this time also. If you are asked why you are doing this then you have a good opportunity to evangelize of the proper spirit of Christmas. Have a happy Advent, a joyous Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

It’s now been almost four months since we’ve been dipped in Salesian waters, and I’m glad to say that my original, favorable take on Father Dave, Father Bill, and Father Santa has been validated by these three men with humble, loving, and compassionate hearts. One thing that impresses me is that this far into their tenure here at Holy Cross, they still graciously give Father Steve credit for putting down such a solid foundation of faith for them to build on. I wrote it early on, and I’ll write it again now: Our best days lie ahead of us. One of the new initiatives Father Dave has begun is a Wednesday evening Marian Mass, specifically, a Mass devoted to Mary, Help of Christians. As a relatively new Catholic who was confirmed in 2008, I confess that my last “stumbling block” was our Holy Mother’s role in our Catholic faith. I don’t feel alone in that respect. From what I’ve read, our Holy Mother’s position and conHigh School (continued from page 2) the chorus, the band, the guitar group, and the a cappella singing group will be on December 11th. Of course, STM athletic teams continue though many are winding down their season. Several of our teams are headed toward regional and sectional tournaments. Of special note, STM soccer midfielder Dennis Freeman was selected to the All-State 1st Team by the Illinois High School Associa-

substantiation are some of the biggest hurdles that potential converts deal with. When Father Dave announced that there would be a Marian Mass celebrated, there was no question in my mind that it was something I had to take part in. In my heart, it wasn’t something I chose to do; it was something I was chosen to do, and I’m glad I did.

“Our best days lie ahead of us.” It’s composed of a regular Mass sandwiched between a beginning and end that consist of prayers, songs, and responses that praise our Holy Mother and call on Her for help and assistance in our lives. As I spoke and sang, I was washed over by a sense of peace and comfort and felt a distinct “click” that connected me more solidly with Mary, as if somebody had turned on a light switch. No, I had no great revelations, nor did I have any visions. Mary saves those for the truly worthy. But what I did receive was something tangible, something I definitely tion Soccer Coaches Association. Kyler Jones and Daniel Shin were also honored by being chosen 1st Team All-Sectional by the IHSASCA. The boys golf team has advanced to state led by Holy Cross School graduates Chris Tate, Michael Kehl, and Jesse Dankle and St. Matthew School graduate Tyler Vodacek . STM is offering several opportunities for parents and students to learn about STM. Preview Nights I (Oct. 16) and II (Jan. 22) provide the chance to visit with

Page 13

was able to feel, something far beyond a “two thumbs up” moment. Something in me changed then, and I’ll never be the same. Those of you who are “Cradle Catholics” don’t know how blessed you are to have grown up in such an awesome religion, and if, over the years, the demands modern life have put upon you have caused you to drift away from your spiritual heritage, come to Holy Cross at 6:30 on Wednesday evening and be reinvigorated. It will be time well spent. How about Pope Francis? Isn’t he a breath of fresh air? He has been referred to by some in a negative sense as a revolutionary in reaching out to those who participate in gay marriage, or are pro-choice, or even atheists! In doing so, he is not endorsing or condoning in any way the sins being committed, but is embracing those who commit the sin as God’s children. Jesus, after all, associated and dined with tax collectors, prostitutes, and Pharisees. In Christ, Dave Devall

teachers and coaches to learn about curriculum, clubs, and athletic teams. Students in the four partner schools (Holy Cross, St. Matthew, St. Malachy, and St. Thomas) visit STM during a school day in November. If you are interested in learning more about STM, please call us (217352-7210), email us (, or just stop by. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about STM.

Page 14

A v a i l a b l e o n - l i n e i n c o l or a t w w w . h o l yc r o s s c a t h o l ic . o r g

*Clip and Save these Dates* (See articles in this issue or the parish bulletin for more information)

11/2 Mass of Remembrance 5:30 PM 11/10 Veteran’s Day Mass 10:00 AM Veterans please wear your uniforms! 11/10 Knights of Columbus Veteran’s Day Breakfast (after 8:00 AM and 10 AM Masses) 11/15 WATCH #23 11/24 Feast of Christ the King 12/1 Advent Begins 12/7 Confirmation—11:00AM 12/7 Feast of Guadalupe Celebration 5:30 Mass, 6:30 dinner 12/8 Christmas Caroling **Upcoming Holy Days of Obligation **

November, 2013

The deadline for the January-February issue of The Crux is December 15th. Please send your submissions or suggestions to: Submissions and suggestions from all parishioners are welcome! We especially need photographs of parish or school events! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

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12/25 Nativity of the Lord (Christmas) 1/1 Solemnity of Mary, Holy Mother of God

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