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The Thin White Duke and The Beatle A Children’s Story

A few days ago I went to the Hudson River to have a picnic.

As usual I was there with my best friends David Bowie and Paul McCartney.

I would have jumped in to help as well, but it looked really cold, and I didn’t want someone (maybe a Mexican) to come by and steal our stuff while I was out saving people.

I figured Paul and David had probably done this kind of thing before. I didn’t know for sure, but they probably had, so they could most likely handle it themselves.

Later we found out the coast guard wasn’t answering the phone because they thought it was a call from a credit card company.

The week before they all got totally drunk and spent one hundred thousand dollars on new coast guard outfits, all decked out in gold, with diamond cuff links and reflective stripes.

the thin white duke and the beatle [sample]