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Proposal for Marketing Strategy and Execution 4 May 2013

Proposal Contents

The Situation


Program Goals


Our Firm Our Approach

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Tactical Plan


Program Fees and Terms


Next Steps



The Situation This Way

Inverse and its parent brand, Audit-Tel, seek to establish marketing best practices that will help: ‣ Drive greater predictability into the sales cycle ‣ Build greater awareness for the brands with existing clients and partners ‣ Build greater awareness for the brands across the US (prospective clients, partners and associates)

‣ Enhance the organization’s overall value through stronger Brand identity ‣ Supplement the firm’s current sales efforts with demand gen marketing ‣ Establish a more consistent dialogue between the brands and your clients, partners and associates


Program Goals

Extend the reach of the Audit-Tel and Inverse brands

• Discover an ownable reason for our buyers and influencers • • • • • •

to choose Inverse and Audit-Tel (Unique Selling Propositions aka USPs) Partner Growth Post-sale Feedback (Qualitative) Viral Feedback Create an appealing position to each targeted buyer and influencer Media Coverage Partner Coverage


Elevate both Brands as a top 5 Provider in each target category

• Competitive Market Surveys/Maps • Market Coverage • Brand Impact Analysis • Media Recognition (by segment & region)


Our Firm

Some things we believe... We believe that successful companies are the result of gifted insight, purposeful risk-taking, and disciplined hard work.

We believe that victory is only achieved when our clients win. We believe in the power of ideas - particularly those that drive an organization’s success.

We believe that insight is a competitive weapon.

Our Philosophy “Some may question such a fundamental and thorough approach, but it has been demonstrated that comprehensive planning and the formulation of long-range strategy provides the economy of accuracy.� --Marco Besso, Founder

Successful companies begin with the intent of doing something no other firm has had the foresight to do. They don't end until the breakthrough idea translates into breakthrough growth. To be truly disruptive in any market you must have the will to do what no one else will do - changing the business landscape is not incremental, not proven, not safe, and certainly not familiar. In marketing, the digital landscape changes everything. The balance between the top of the market and the bottom of the market is measured in inches not miles. You and your brand must be identifiable to be successful. While we apply a disciplined process to marketing, we realize that no two journeys are the same. How could they be? We are excited to be part of this transformational period at Inverse and Audit-Tel alike!


Since our founding by a fearless entrepreneur in 1904, we continue to be the carry forward his essence. Marcello Dudovich believed that the relentless pursuit of potent ideas and brilliant execution could fundamentally change the face of business. This philosophy guided the launch of a few brands you may have heard of - Tide, Crest, and Betty Crocker just to name a few.

Firm Overview

Much has changed in the business and branding landscape since 1904. Our belief in the power of potent ideas and brilliant execution has not. At our core, we are people who excel at what we do. People who “get” it. People with ideas that move people. People who drive results in the marketplace. People who are doing what they love. We believe that the power of our ideas is not tied to any one geographic location. To respond to the ever-changing needs in the marketplace, we maintain resources throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Trying to hire at the current speed of business isn’t nearly as smart as having the right team in place today.


Strategic Marketing Brand Consulting Buyer/Influencer Insights Campaign Development Campaign Execution Solution Innovation Digital/Interactive Marketing Marketing Planning and Strategy External/Internal Communications Launch Planning

What We Do

Body of Work (Brands we have inspired)

RESULTS Largest Rx to OTC switch in history Category leadership in 4 days 2008 sales of $875 Million - largest new non-food brand

Situation As part of a global initiative to boost the sale of whole bean coffee, Starbucks wanted a system to enhance the selection of coffee by taste segmentation.

Approach Incorporate Starbucks’ rich coffee legacy while making the strategy extensible, capable of driving a multitude of integrated store and merchandising materials.

Results • • • • • •

Whole bean coffee sales at Starbucks have grown 9% year after year. Project cycle from the initial brief to the creation of the final strategy lasted only four months. The work has been integrated into POP displays and store interior design elements. Top in Category 2009 Gross Whole Bean Sales $315 Million Same Stores Sales Improvement: 11%



ities and P osi



Str at

ic eg

sonality & Ch ara ct e on

Brand awareness was high but conversion was low. Brand not well thought of. Stock prices had been dropping or flat and attrition was astronomical. And a new CEO was in the wings.


Per nd




Reduce customer attrition, increase share of wallet, improve market value (stock price).

Core Value

Results • Average number of products sold (share of

wallet) has doubled in less than six months.

Attrition has dropped dramatically - both with customers and staff.

Employee engagement is at an all-time high, topped by only one other financial institution in the country.

Stock prices climbed steadily allowing the bank to relaunch their acquisition strategy.


nd Archetype



Following the sale of an IT services provider to a leading Canadian telco, the founders of FlexITy wanted to take a fresh approach at the same problem they had been working hard to reengineer over the years. How could they build an IT consultancy that depended on the technology of its partners BUT not on the core foundation of these vendor brands to advance their business? The challenge: creating a unique brand that resonated with buyers, partners and associates alike that was unlike any other in the space. One that had and developed increased value. Of course, all while doing so in an industry that came to assume partners acted as a subordinated brand and underemphasized the role of marketing in a firm's success.

It is easy to start with revenues and profitability. Record growth on both counts. New market penetration made easier than ever before. The launch of one of the most transformative solutions in the communications industry. Financial support from vendors for marketing like never before. Recognition by both our clients and our vendor partners as being one of the best in the industry. The highest levels of client and associate retention. All true and yet not one specific result could have occurred without the cumulative affect of this program and a willingness within the leadership of FlexITy to transform both the way it is perceived and how marketing can be utilized to accomplish the same.

Approach Marca began this project by understanding what defined FlexITy. What made them famous? And to who and why did that matter? The North American technology channel is a comprised of thousands of IT service providers, consultancies and VARs competing for a slice of the largest IT spend on earth. 99% of these firms invest little to nothing in developing their brand or marketing their firm independent of what is supported by their vendor partners. FlexITy knew that if nothing else – it needed to stand out. To create an emotional connection between itself and others.

Today, FlexITy is Bigger. Better. More critically viewed by its partners and associates. It faces each day with an optimism and swagger as to what the day can bring.

The Inverse/Audit-Tel Team

Day-to-Day Contacts

T. 513.608.0567 F. 312.253.7373

Jeremiah Baumgartner - Managing Partner, Client Services In 2007, Jeremiah joined Marca bringing his unique talents and experience on board to help grow Marca into the full service strategic marketing and brand building firm it is today. He helped develop and launch Marca’s proprietary brand development practice (PartnerEdge) for firms looking to win in markets with two-tier distribution models (channel marketing) and later created and led Marca’s innovation practice, working extensively with clients focused on launching new offerings or existing offerings on new platforms. 


Moving toward the digital age and focusing on emerging technologies and tools, Jeremiah turned his focus to the digital world increasing Marca's strength and expertise within mobile marketing, website design, social media and digital campaign creation. His expertise in brand and marketing innovation has been instrumental in developing Marca’s client practice, which he leads today. Jeremiah and his team help clients identify and own “whitespace” opportunities in today’s crowded global marketplace.


Team Members

Brianne Comley, Creative Director

Brian Cauble, Brand Strategist

After her creative and marketing leadership at Lingo Manufacturing and Luxottica, Brianne joined Marca in 2012. Today, she guides creative content for clients renowned for their aesthetic passion and integrity.

Brian’s twenty years of experience in brand strategy and design management have made him an invaluable asset to the Marca team. His wealth of knowledge includes expertise in product management at Nation’s Bank, and consultative work with brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Hershey’s in the US, and Kamatsu and AIG in Asia. His current clients include Microsoft, Booz Allen Hamilton, Terex and Tennessee USA. Brian’s strength is linking buyer insights with communication opportunities. His work on Tennessee USA was central to the development and implementation of the campaign to outer markets.


Brianne’s ability to convert strategic insight to action-driving design keeps the firm on track. While her laid-back, low-ego personality makes her easy to get along with, when it comes to design her tenacious pursuit of perfection means that every detail is managed to create the optimal experience, every time.


Team Members

Mary Curran-Hackett, Senior Copywriter Mary brings over 10 years of public relations and brand consulting experience to the team. As a senior copywriter, she has led major brand initiatives for Procter & Gamble, Target, Cincinnati USA and the State of Michigan. For the past two years, Mary has also donated her branding expertise to the American Heart Association to raise awareness for heart disease among women. In 2007, Mary was recognized with the Reis Vision Award for her


visionary leadership of client initiatives and concept innovation.

Antonio J. Ragio, Global Managing Executive Mr. Ragio has over nineteen years of experience working with growth-oriented businesses, including extensive transactional experience in the mergers, acquisitions and venture capital/private equity investment arenas. Most recently, Mr. Ragio currently sits as the Chief Executive Officer of holding company Marca and its subsidiaries: , ACG, The idea Group, LLC, eO LLC, Allegro LLC and Gingerquill,Inc. The family of businesses deliver management consulting, marketing consulting and operational advisory services to highgrowth companies around the globe. Mr. Ragio and his firms have advised over 700 organizations on developing and implementing revenue enhancement strategies and programs including strategic partnerships, branding strategies, go-to-market planning, product innovation, performance and results management and strategic and tactical planning initiatives. To date, these efforts have directly contributed more than $3B in top line revenues for its’ clients. Mr. Ragio graduated cum laude with a BSBA from Xavier University’s Williams College of Business in Information Technology and Entrepreneurial Studies. Mr. Ragio is currently the Board Chairman of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Xavier University’s Williams College of Business, recently recognized as one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurship programs in the United States.


Our Approach This Way

First, we must define the Brands





Market Research Buyer Profiles Competitive Audit Associate, Client and Partner Insights Brand Framework


Brand Objective


• • • • • •

Brand Foundation ND A R "



What you are famous for AN


E G I C % Q UI




Unifying Descriptors R

Why your core equity matters

This will lead to... • The overall brand position and strategy • Brand Manifesto • A holistic campaign plan enveloping both brands

Development Brand Position Copywriting Marketing Strategy and Plan

• • • •

Visual Roadmap Communication Strategy Digital Strategy Mobile Strategy



• • •

This will lead to... • A brilliant campaign for the overall program (where we will define the most impactful tactics) • Alternative marketing initiatives by brand • Initial concepts in 2 weeks; approved concepts refined and complete in an additional 2-3 weeks

Implementation Development


• • • • • • • • • •

Campaign Development + Execution Sales Tool Development Sub-brand Development (if applicable) Digital Implementation Mobile Implementation SEO Implementation Social Media Implementation PR Plan + Execution Event Marketing Measurement & Evaluation

This will lead to... • Incremental sales and profitability • Improved associate retention • Improved brand recognition • Improved brand equity

Tactical Plan*

* Please refer to the section entitled Fine Print, Agency Compensation for more information regarding the tactical calendar (Page 43).

Tactical Calendar (baseline) Tactic


Brand ID

Evaluate visual ID options and build Brand Style Guide.


Branding: Discovery

Conduct initial immersion interviews, present findings


Branding: Foundation

Build and present Brand Foundation - “What are we famous for?�


Web Content

Manage web content (including copy updates to both brand sites and the active blog platforms).


Campaign Execution

Develop and present campaign theme and associated Campaign Board (Rolling 3-month term)


Social Media Execution

Content and execution (monthly)

SEO Execution

Acquisition, placement, content execution (monthly)

Digital Execution

Develop and Present Plan for ALL interactive campaign elements + Execution of the same


Support the selling process vis a vis qualification and demand gen activities

External Communications

Develop and distribute External Relations pieces (not to exceed 4 per month) to targeted media


Sales Tools

Build portfolio of sales tools including collateral, presentation decks and proposal templates to support the selling process for both brands.


Event Execution

Event planning and support (to include booth design, production, material etc.)



Program Fees & Terms

Program Fee Summary



Implementation: Marketing Tactics Timing: !

May 2013 ! (ongoing)

Professional Fees: Monthly Fee: May ’13 and beyond. A Monthly Service Fee of $4,000 will be invoiced upon execution (no pro-rata will be applied prior to the agreement beginning on or before the 15th day of the month. If after the 15th, the pro rate amount will be 50% of the monthly fee) and due on or before the first of each month thereafter. The Monthly Fee covers all labor expenses incurred by Marca in the execution of the tactical schedule (the “baseline”) as outlined above. Incremental costs include: 1. Third-party expenditures (excluding travel) will be billed at cost plus 20%. These expenditures are due upon receipt and include, but are not limited to: Media Acquisition Location Acquisition (event) Physical Production Database (List) Acquisition Specialized Development (a non-incumbent skillset to Marca, i.e. video production) All third-party expenditures must be approved in advance and be presented to the client lead prior to incurring the expense. 2. T&E - Travel expenses must be approved in advance and will be billed as incurred. Termination: This Agreement has NO term commitment. If either party elects to terminate the Agreement during the engagement, they must do so in writing with 30-day notification. The client will be obligated to pay for any unpaid fees and expenses incurred through the conclusion of the 30-day termination period. Payment: Payments may be made via EFT, ACH transfer, company check or via credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), whereby a convenience fee of 3.0% of the transaction value will be levied at the time of the charge.


The Fine Print

Agency Compensation Marca estimates on a per-program basis. Our staff operates on a blended rate, so the CEO’s time is as valuable as the Junior Copywriter’s. That keeps the right people on your business at all times - no one is too precious or expensive to put on the right task. We estimate your program based on its complexity, within the context of your budget. It really boils down to what you want to spend and what needs to be accomplished. We usually find a way to make that work nicely. For those clients who retain Marca, we apply a minimal mark-up for specific outside services when we are asked to manage the content and communication. We do not view this as a profit center. If it makes sense for you to deal directly with a vendor, we get out of the way. The tactical calendar will be updated and submitted on a monthly basis for approval. As a result, the tactics and timing associated with the same are subject to change.


Professional Terms Security Every effort will be made to maintain the strictest confidence concerning any material, plans or policies divulged to us in the course of our relations with a client. Reimbursable Out-of-Pocket Expenses Professional fees quoted on this project do not include travel, photography and/or illustration, printing, extensive outside costs beyond our control for typography, highresolution color thermal prints, photographic "c-prints" and other elements which may be required. These will be billed at cost plus 20% to cover supervision and accounting. Protection of Names/Brandmarks/Designs All designs or other creative expressions made by Marca in conjunction with the project will be the property of the client. The client agrees to reimburse Marca for any filing fees and legal expenses, if incurred, associated with preparing copyright and trademark assignments or filings. Termination of Relationship The client may decide to terminate this program at any time in writing with a 30-day notification. They will be obligated to pay for the unpaid fees and incurred expenses through the conclusion of the 30-day termination period.


Miscellaneous Provisions Independent Contractor The relationship between Marca and the Client is that of independent contractor. Nothing in this agreement is intended as or will be construed as creating a relationship of joint venturers, partners, employer-employee, or principal-agent. Indemnification Each party (the “Indemnifying Party”) agrees to indemnify and to defend and hold the other party and its affiliates, and its and their officers, employees, representatives, agents, licensors and suppliers harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, liabilities, damages, judgments, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses) arising out of any claims relating to civil or criminal misconduct and/or claims for personal injury, tangible property damage or death arising out of or related to any acts of negligence, tortious activity, illegal acts or misconduct caused by the Indemnifying party, its employees, agents or representatives. In addition, Marca agrees to indemnify and to defend and hold the Client, their officers, employees, representatives and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, liabilities, damages, settlements, judgments, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses) resulting from the infringement or misappropriation of alleged infringement or alleged misappropriation of any third party intellectual property or other rights to the extent that such infringement or misappropriation is attributable to Marca.


Agreement We look forward to being part of this transformational opportunity or you and your team. Once the Agreement is executed, we will begin scheduling immediately.

Antonio J. Ragio, Marca"

4 - May- 2013 Date

Accepted and agreed by:

Guy Snouffer, President Date Audit-Tel and Inverse Technology Solutions


Next Steps

• Execute Agreement • Schedule a session to uncover the core values of the both brands (where we will discover answers to the following: Define the business; Competitors, Performance Goals, What the brand represents? Where future growth will come from? What do you want to be famous for? What’s in your way of accomplishing that?) • Deep dive on business segments (next week) • Executive interviews (within 10 days)

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Inverse Marketing Proposal_rev2

Inverse Marketing Proposal_rev2  

Inverse Marketing Proposal_rev2