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Spitzer School of Architecture Spring Semester 2014

Marc Mucciaccio Professor June Williamson

Contents Box in a Valise Leaving Duchamp Anaylsis 3-4 Personal Valise 5-8

Judd House Arriving Judd Analysis 11-14 Personal Intervention 15-16

Harlem School of Arts Staying Site Analysis 19-20 Theater Proposal 21-24


For our first project we were divided into pairs and tasked with analyzing one of Marcel Duchamp’s many “Box in a Valise� iterations. We were then prompted to design our own portable device to contain and transport our memories. In creating this device we were reminded of the necessity for it to be portable and how this related to human scale.



In creation of the personal memory device my inspiration came from the beach. With a memory as abstract as this I chose to focus on a more tangible yet still relatable aspect; the pier. In doing so much of the design derived from the different features present within a pier. The corroded wood along with the planks of the valise down to the pier like joists are all representative of a pier. Through multiple iterations I was able to create a nautical device that related to human scale while still keeping the integrity of the valise.



Arriving The project began with an indepth analysis of the Judd Foundation Building on 101 Spring Street in SoHo. After presenting our findings through group drawings we built a colloborative model at 1/8� scale. Once completed we were prompted to design a 512 square foot space for a guest to be able to eat, sleep and study in.



In a collaborative drawing with Carina Naula we were prompted to represent the “Container and Contained� within the Judd House. We agreed to project the heights and locations of all the furniture and artwork inside the building creating a catalog of what was contained in the Judd House. We arranged each floor by color to differentiate and indicate where each piece belonged within the container of the Judd House.


In my intervention I based the design of the spaces in reaction to the cointianer of the Judd House around it. The dimensions are cut according to the fibonacci sequence in reaction to a piece that Judd had in the exhibit space. The reverse heights of the floors is related to the inverse columns on the faced of the building



For our final project we visited the local Harlem School for the Arts Theater. After our visit we were asked to design a new building around the existing dimensions of the black box theater. We first created drawings to bring attention to the surrounding site followed by a proposed intervention and a corresponding model.



Outside Looking In

First Floor

Second Floor

Inside Looking Out Roof Detail

In my proposal for a new black box theater I focused on the framing of the natural Manhattan schist on the site as well as relating to context of the surrounding neighborhood. In doing so every aspect of the building opens up and frames the nature behind. With the relationships mapped from the existing HSA next door and the rock behind, the height and slope of the buildings are designed in reaction to these dimensions.



Second Semester Portfolio  

The Second Semester of my first year at the Spitzer School of Architecture.

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