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COFFEE MACHINE COFFEE AT THE MOTOR SHOW With the Audi MS1 (Motor Show 1), the automotive world beneath the German firm merges with the sensorial experience of espresso capsule coffee. The proposal focuses in an automobile event, where each attendant at the Audi stand is offered the opportunity to take individually suited coffee. The design of the Audi MS1 centers its innovation around two main areas:


Up until now, only a few Nespresso machines had rarely been seen in automobile events. The MS1 intends to integrate capsule coffee in Audi’s stand through a design that fully merges with the standards and the environment of the brand. It also adds an original and innovative value to the event for people who attend the motor show, offering a relaxing pause between conversations and presentations.

Individual project


The innovative No-Touch System prevents the user from touching the machine at any time during the sequence of use, thus avoiding any physical requirement that may cause discomfort. In addition, considering the continued use the machine will be given, avoiding contact results in preventing the product from excessive wear. This machine will look bright and clean at all times.



2.8 L

1. INSERTION OF THE CAPSULE Moving the hand over the sensor without the need of touching it, the machine will activate and open the compartment where the capsule has to be inserted.

2. COFFEE PREPARATION Through the same previous movement the preparation of coffee is initiated.

3. CUSTOMIZED COFFEE When coffee level is the desired by the user, just make the same movement one last time to stop the machine and be served.


COLLAPSIBLE LONGBOARD COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR DAILY MOBILITY The proposal focuses on solving the mobility problems of students within the school, where they have to carry their longboard with themselves all the time under their arm, and with no place to store it. The approach of this project is to focus directly on the product, redefining the longboard as a complete solution for daily mobility.


The big problem with longboards appear when the user arrives at its destination, where the product goes from being a means of transport to being a considerable burden that has to be carried around under the arm or in other more creative but not too comfortable positions. The project aims to improve the mobility of users while not riding the longboard by making it easy and confortable to carry anywhere.

Individual project


The prevailing user of a longboard is a young and active student (13 to 25 years old) who uses the longboard as a daily means of transport, either to go to school or college. Nevertheless, this predominant profile is not the only one using longboards: it has been noted an increasing use of longboards for daily commute by business people, who see in longboarding a healthy and fun alternative to common means of transport.




The main goal of the project is to design a longboard that can be collapsed into one third of its original length, and of course, keep the function and performance required for its use.


1. OPEN LEVER When the lever is open, the mechanism releases the compression applied against the string and allows it to slide through, removing the tension on the board and enabling it to separate.

2. SEPARATE PARTS Once the string is unfastened, the front and back parts of the board just need to be pulled apart from the central part, dividing the longboard in three blocks.

3. STACK & STORE With the three parts already separated, the only thing missing is stacking them, and the compact set will be ready to be stored and transported comfortably.

4. PULL STRING & JOIN UP To put the longboard back together again, the first step is to join up the three separate parts. At the same time, the string has to be strongly pulled using the ring at its endpoint. This will create a tension all over the longboard which will absorb stress while riding it.

5. CLOSE LEVER In order to fasten the string and keep the tension all over the board, the lever has to be closed back.

6. HOUSE STRING & RIDE When the string is properly tightened, it will hang out of the front housing. To prevent it from wearing down, it has to be housed into the designated cavity. The clipping cover will prevent dust and other events from harming the system. The board is now ready to ride.


SMART MODULAR LANE SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY TRANSPORTATION ELANE is an innovative proposal in the field of urban mobility. It is a modular lane that allows various types of vehicles such as bicycles, skateboards or scooters among others. ELANEâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s innovation lies at the intersection between high technology, modularity and an important ecological contribution, deriving all in a completely feasible proposal which can be installed in any environment, whether urban, suburban or even rural.


The main material that conforms the laneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s modules is recycled rubber, taken from old tires or other elements made out of the same material which have been rejected. The resulting reused material is optimal for this design, since it is easy to give it the desired shape, it is extremely resistant to weather inclemencies, and its friction coefficient provides excellent grip even in wet conditions, due to its hydrophobic properties.

Team project (2 members)


Each independent module includes three pressure sensors that react to the speed of the user, and determine if there is something or someone on the module, either stopped or moving. Due to the collection of this information, the modules can communicate with the user alerting him/ her about the threats and dangers that appear along the way, through a universal language: light.

TRAVEL COMPANION Elane never leaves the users alone: light always travels with them, making them feel safe while contributing to energy savings.

ILLUMINATED TRACK The design of the lights is meant to illuminate the lane section right in front of the user. In addition, the low height of the bumpers prevents glare.

TOTAL CONNECTIVITY Elane modules are designed to connect with each other in their installation, regardless of the combination needed. This ensures full control over safety all along the lane.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN The side bumpers in the lane have three main functions: enlightening the lane, defining its direction, and physically separating the lane from external elements.

MODULARITY Elane consists of just 14 different module types: 4 entry/exit modules, 2 straight line modules, 4 open turns, and 4 closed turns.

INFINITE COMBINATIONS These 14 modules are designed to be combined with each other in any way imaginable.

4x4 QUICK INSTALLATION With a single system that consists of only three parts, four modules are joined to each other and fixed to the ground. This simple but versatile system allows Elane to be installed to any type of soil, even on uneven ground.

MAXIMUM ADAPTABILITY Elane can be installed anywhere, in any soil, even in structures such as bridges or floating platforms.


ELECTRIC SHOPPING CART DAILY MOBILITY FOR THE ELDERLY The course of time entails major impediments to the mobility of elderly people, and design is a great tool to fight their daily struggle. TRUDIT aims to alleviate the effort required throughout the process of shopping that many of our elderly relatives do almost every day. Through the motorization and the particular emphasis on ergonomics, TRUDIT enhances the journey between home and the supermarket, such as the interaction with the cart and with the purchased products.


TRUDIT provides two cavities: the top one is quickly accessible and comfortable for the everyday elements of low sizes and weights; the bottom one is designed to carry bulky and heavy elements such as water packs. This distribution contributes to an optimum stability which responds to TRUDITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s secondary function: assisting the user while walking. In addition to dealing with the weight of the products and the cart itself, the power of the engine makes TRUDIT work as a walking aid. Team project (2 members)


The most important elements when dealing with the elderly are ergonomics and comfort. That is why special attention has been dedicated to these fields, with an in-depth anthropometric study of the user, as well as the rigorous application of the RULA method to evaluate and verify the most critical positions in the sequence of use of the product. It has also been conducted an extensive analysis of the userâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hand to design ergonomic handles to avoid any harm in their hands.

MAXIMUM LOAD Based on structural simulation analysis and taking into account the safety factors of each part, and other elements such as the torque and the power of the engine, the following values have been determined as the maximum load recommended for optimal use of the product:

15 kg

25 kg

STRUCTURAL SIMULATION OF A PART 1. Preparation of the part: - Definition of material (Al6061) - Definition of constraints - Definition of loads (15 kg) - Mesh refinement - Definition of analysis parameters

2. Analysis results: Von Mises stress (MPa) max_stress_vm 78,69659 73,69659

ma x_s tress_vm

- Yield strenght (Al6061): 276 MPa - Maximum stress (part): 71,39 MPa

68,69659 63,69659 58,69659 53,69659 48,69659 43,69659 38,69659





P Loop Pa ss

3. Analysis results: Deformation (mm) - Maximum deformation: 1,63 mm - Failure index: 0,26 - Safety factor: 3,8





OUTDOOR SHOWER DESIGN CONTEST TOP 5 FINALISTS ALUMIA is an outdoor shower designed in minimalist style for the IX International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest by Gandia Blasco. ALUMIA has been developed along with five ELISAVA colleagues from different disciplines. Together, we achieved being ranked among the five finalists.

Team project (6 members)


MODELING OF A COMPLETE LONGBOARD This project consists in the extensive use of the new Autodesk software (Fusion 360) in order to elaborate a report on the process of modeling a product, including the problems encountered and voluntary contributions that may arise during the process. The work carried out led to a response from the Autodesk team where I was offered the “Student Expert” qualification due the degree of detail and accuracy achieved with a software under development.

Individual project






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