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When Sam Baldwin's wife dies, he decides to move to Seattle with his son, Jonah. When Jonah sees how sad his







psychiatrist, who dubs him Sleepless in Seattle cause Jonah says he can't sleep. He starts to talk about his wife and women over the country hear his tale and one woman Annie who lives in Baltimore can't help but fascinated by his tale. Annie despite being engaged can't stop thinking of Sam and soon tries to find all she can about she even goes to Seattle to see him. And once she gets off the plane, Sam who was in the airport to see someone off, sees her and can't keep his eyes off her and tries to follow her but couldn't catch her. Jonah, who has been going through the mail that his father has gotten ever since he was on the radio, sees the letter Annie wrote on a whim but didn't send it but her friend did. He tells his father this (SHE) could be it. But Sam doesn't think he could have a relationship with someone who lives so far away. And then‌‌.

Answer the following questions: 1. Name at least 5 of the main characters and say the relationship they have in the film. 2. Which of the following would you say the film is: A horror film

A history film

A comedy

An adventure film

A romantic film

A musical

A science fiction film

A police

3. In which city does the film takes place? 4. Can you remember the name of the building where the last scene of the film occurs? 5. Describe 4 of the main characters. 6. What is your opinion about radio programs like the one in the film? Do you have something similar in your country? 7. Old films are a tradition in some countries. People watch them many times and eve can be a way to meet with friends. Do you do anything similar with your friends? 8. Finally write a brief summary of the film impressions you had once you’ve watched it. Did you enjoy it?

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the students will watch this film on Valentine's day and then will complete this worksheet as a comprehension activity