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London Cathedral installs first plasma screen video art installation - with hints of bondage and waterboarding!


t Paul’s Cathedral is hosting Martyrs (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), the first of two large-scale permanent video installations created by internationally acclaimed artist Bill Viola and his partner Kira Perov. This is the first moving-image artwork to be installed in a British cathedral or church on a long-term basis. The plasma screen panels are arranged like a traditional altarpiece and simultaneously show four seven minute-films, without sound, in which the martyrs are subjected to torture and death through the classical


elements. Martyrs will be joined in 2015 by a second piece entitled Mary, which the artist has conceived as a companion work. The installations have been gifted to the Tate Modern but are on long-term loan to St Paul’s. Is this the equivalent of medieval stained glass for the 21st Century?


NEW TECHNIQUES IN ART ART is more than just painting...

However, the art market is changing and new media has become acceptable in the world of ART. When you think of the word cuttingedge what comes to mind? How about innovative, boundary-pushing,

Guy Laramee: Carved Book Landscapes

Cornelia Konrads: Land Art Riusuke Fukahori: 3D Illusion Sculptures

Felice Varini: Anamorphic Illusions Daniel Arsham: Architecture Installations

Loni Olfers - Red Penguin Art Gallery Marbella design & contemporary art

raditional artists such as Rembrandt, El Greco and Picasso used oil on linen or aquarelle and their paintings are still the highest earners in the top ten of best-selling artists.

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Kumi Yamashita: Shadow Art

and risk-taking? The top ten cuttingedge artists embody all of these qualities and more. These inspiring individuals can take everyday materials, like a book or a bicycle chain, and spin it on its head. They can elevate an old art form, or they can magically conjure up modern masterpieces. Whilst each uses a different material, they are all bound by a burning desire to test their own creative limits - changing, refining and shifting their technique at any chance they get.

Bruce Munro: Light Art and LAPP (Light Art Performance Photography) Yulia Brodskaya: Paper Illustrations + cut-out paper Young-Deok Seo: Bicycle Chain Sculptures Yayoi Kusama: Polka Dot Installations

MONIQUE BASTIAANS LANDSCAPE ART / INSTALLATIONS Monique Bastiaans has contributed elements of considerable importance to the development of contemporary sculpture, especially in the field of interventions in natural, urban and industrial environments. Her work moves between the different kinds of threedimensional work with the same flexibility that characterizes her use of a wide range of materials. Besides numerous installations and site-specific interventions mostly in the open air, she produces colourful sculptures. Lucid elements are introduced into everyday landscapes, creating such an intense relationship that her interventions merge with the environment. Monique Bastiaans’ work is on display at the Red Penguin Art Gallery Marbella



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