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Exercise: Priming Step One, Pick the Priming Agents Take one picture that you have selected to be your visual stimuli for excitement and accomplishment, either out of my list or one that you have found. Take one or two of the songs, depending on how long you want to do this exercise, to be the audio stimuli for excitement and accomplishment and take one or two of the experiences that you have found to use as your mental stimuli, again depending on how long you want to do the exercise. You might want to carry these items around with you, or you might want to create a special place in your home or work where you can lay out the pictures and get comfortable. You might want to have a couple of places, arranging times and places where you can do this exercise throughout the day. You will decide. What really matters is that you do the exercise every day for at least one month. It may take longer than a month for some and shorter than a month for others. You will know when the conditioning has taken place by the feeling you get when you carry out your physical action without your priming agents and get a similar response. Step Two, Pick Your Physical Action Let’s suppose that we are using a snap of the finger for the physical action. Again, you can use anything you want, but make it sincere and put some heart into it, or the conditioning won’t be as powerful. Step Three, Doing the Exercise First, get into a comfortable place and try to relax. This is an active meditation and you don’t want to get so relaxed that you enter into the resting state of meditation. You should be in an active state where directing your energy is feasible. Once you have found this state of relaxation, start the music. Feel the music; remember what it is like to be excited. Surround your body Conversion Through Mnemonic Induced Manifestation 161

with accomplishment as the music runs through your being. As you are feeling this wonderful sensation, take a glance at the picture that you have selected and imagine yourself in that place where the picture was taken. Be there within that excitement as it felt when you first experienced it. The feeling of excitement and accomplishment should be rushing through your body by now. At this point, create the mental stimuli and think back to the time that you have selected as you experience accomplishment and excitement. Be there, don’t go back to that point, rather, make it come to you, and feel like you are within the experience right now.

Step Four, Add the Physical Action As you are surrounded with accomplishment and excitement with your visual, audio, and mental senses, it is time to start doing the physical action that was decided on. Remember to keep the same physical action every time you do the exercise. We decided on the snap of the finger, so start snapping your finger. Get into it and feel the excitement rushing throughout your fingers as you snap them. Dance around if you need to, or stand on your head, run, jump, spin, do anything in combination with snapping your finger, just get into it. Do this for at least five minutes, longer to solidify the association. By doing this exercise one or more times a day for a minimum of five minutes (the time will vary depending on your individual effort), the result should be that you can merely snap your finger and create the same result of feelings of excitement and accomplishment. You will know when this happens because when you do that special physical action, a certain response will come from it, and after this happens you can use this energy for whatever you please. As we move into the more complicated exercises for conscious manifestation, this exercise will become your most useful tool in gathering up the proper amount of energy to create spiritual power and direct your intention to benefit you and all others around you.

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Step Two, Pick Your Physical Action Let’s suppose that we are using a snap of the finger for the physical action. Again, you can use anythin...