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This book could be considered a companion book for anyone interested in a road of transformation. Within it you will find tweny-two exercises and techniques. It combines astrology, spiritual alchemy, meditation,

M a n i fe s t a t i o n t h ro u g h s p i r i t u a l p owe r

and extensive lucid dreaming techniques to bring about awareness. Through heightened awareness and familiarity of extrasensory perception, we are able to percieve the tremendous gift of Spiritual Manifestation.

”...that is the beauty of life, and in conscious manifestion it is the beauty of knowledge and wisdom that we can use our free will to bring enlightenment into our consciousness and make it a part of our character, creating true spirituality forever.”

J e r i m i a h M o l fe s e – Manifestation Through Spiritual Power

"Manifestation Through Spiritual Power"The condensed version.

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Manifestation Through

Spiritual Power

By Jerimiah Molfese

This book is dedicated to those who are interested in the art of transforming the inner world to manifest aoutwardly as reality.

I would like to thank the following people for making this dream my reality. Valerie Gautreaux-Editor Benjamin Wright-Cover Disign ...and all the people who have been in my life to inspire me write Manifestation Through Spiritual Power.

Table of contents



Chapter One - The Beginning


Chapter Two- Awarness Through Dedication


Chapter Three- Non-Physical Weather


Chapter Four- Alchemy


Chapter Five- Attitude & Willpower


Chapter Six- Lucid Dreaming


Chapter Seven- Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming


Chapter Eight- Conversion


Chapter Nine- Wake Induced Manifestation


Chapter Ten- Planetary Expressions


Chapter Eleven- Healing


Chapter Twelve- Conclusion


Exercises Free Association


Cataloging Dreamsigns


Prospective Memory


Reflection/ Intention Technique


Auto-Suggestion Technique


Mnemonic Lucid Dream Technique


Concentration/Visualization Techniques


Counting Yourself to Sleep


Dream Lotus Technique


Dream Re-Entery




Cartoon Incubation for Lucid Dreaming


Concentration Technique for Lucid Dreaming


Staying Lucid


Altering Your Vibratory Rate 1






Relaxation Exercises Five Techniques

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Altering Your Vibratory Rate 2


Wake Induced Manifestation




The embodiment of the dream is the dream itself....

Preface This book has been created for any individual who has an interest in making their dreams come true. Throughout my life I have had experiences of being aware within the Dream State, known as lucid dreaming. As I developed the ability to become aware of my dream state by will, an understanding of our ability to manifest control reality became clear to me. As a result of this new awareness, Manefistation Through Spiritual Power was created. The foundation at which this book was created stems from fully understanding and experiencing altered states of consciousness; whether it is in meditation or lucid dreaming. This understanding of how to move and function within the dream state is combined with an Egyptian philosophy of manifestation, creating an opportunity to experience manifestation in the dream state and then applying that experience to our waking world.


I lean out the window of my bedroom to get a fresh breath of clean air. I take in a breath and can feel the cool air hit my lungs. The Moon is as bright and as full as I have ever seen it. As I stare at the Moon with its rays of light beaming down, pervading my being with beauty, it dawns on me that I have been waiting for an evening like this one for a long time. I have a goal that I have been trying to accomplish every time the Moon is full and bright, and tonight, I think, must be my lucky night. I lie down on my bed and begin the exercise. I think over and over and over, “The next time I am dreaming, I will remember to recognize that I am dreaming.” The next thing that I know I am in Mexico, sitting on the beach, watching the waves as they break against the white sand. I can feel the sand beneath my body. I can hear the waves break as they rush up toward me, getting closer with every movement. I can feel a breeze as it pats my face with a gentle touch. I look out at the water and see that a wave is coming toward me and this one is not going to stop. As the water rushes up my legs, I notice something odd. I can’t feel the water; it feels like nothing. I think, “That is strange.” At that exact moment, everything becomes very vivid and nonreal, almost like I am in a dream. I jump up from the water and look around me, examining everything that I can. I look at my feet, and then my hands. I am dreaming. It worked - this is a dream. I am in the dream world. My intention - I must go, I must go and heal Jack. I know my intention and I know that I am dreaming. I think of what it would be like to be in the air flying. I wonder what it would feel like to be in the air flying, and with one big movement, I jump into the air. The feelings stabilize and I am flying. I can feel the height - I am flying. I can see the landscape below. I’m noticing every detail - the trees, mountains, lakes - it all is wonderful. I am doing it - I am flying in my dream and I know I am dreaming. I remember my intention to heal Jack. I see a big cliff in front of me and think of landing. As I feel what it would be like to land on the ground, using all the imagination I have, I land gently on the ground and




remember, “This is a dream and I can teleport to Jack’s house. In an instant I am standing at Jack’s house. “Hi, Jack.” I see him in his chair. Down at my feet. I see five crystal balls, each have a different figure of the Buddha in them. They are all sitting in a different pose. I hear “Pick one up.” I feel it. I can feel energy coming from the crystal ball. I know that they are here to assist me. “Jack, I am here and it is a dream. I am going to do the healing that you asked me to do on your tongue.” “OK,” I hear from Jack. I kneel down and begin. I see my hands in front of me. I think of a yellow light. I feel energy as if it is flowing between my hands. I can now see the yellow energy moving between my hands. I use all my power and build it stronger. I place my hands on Jack, allowing the energy to flow through him. I can feel its power. I can feel its beauty. I am submerged in its healing abilities as the light is now flowing within me like electricity. “Jack, I am done,” I say, “and I am going to go now.” I stop the healing and step back from Jack. He is glowing with radiant beauty and health. I feel my intention is complete and my work is done. I awake. The experience that you just read is one of the lucid, or aware, dreams that I had in my past. Throughout this book we are going to discover how we can have an awareness like the one just described but within the state of consciousness that we are in right now. We are going to explore how the ability to become aware and control one’s reality, such as the dream state, is identical to the process of attaining awareness and exerting control of a similar type, not in the dream world, but right here in the state of consciousness we call reality. We are going to begin a journey that will bridge the gap between dream and non-dream, a bridge between our dreams we have and life through using the one thing that we know is ours to control - our thoughts and emotions. This journey that is about to begin is one of the thousands of paths that lead to a spiritual road of conscious manifestation. Conscious manifestation, as it pertains to this book, is the ability to change the major events that are within our life that cause misfortune and illness. Conscious manifestation is using the freewill that we have to become masters of direct thinking and induced emotion. Conscious manifestation is changing our character to express its vibrations in a more fortunate manner. Conscious manifestation is taking our weaknesses and transforming them into our strengths by changing the one thing that is yours to control - your character - through the art of direct thinking and induced emotion. The journey to spiritual awareness begins with building a foundation using the concepts that are related to us in understanding how we might perceive reality. An awareness of our character can be given to us if we choose; and this awareness will be the foundation in our journey of spiritual manifestation. This personal foundation is for us to use as a guide toward



health and happiness. Within this journey we’ll move into areas of life that represent the ancient archetype energy that is within each of us. And as we begin to understand what ancient energies lie within us, the awareness begins. The journey of spiritual growth addresses the unseen world. And in doing so, it is important to understand that this unseen world is the subconscious. We’ll use the dream world (the electromagnetic environment) and dream (electromagnetic) body to explain how the subconscious relates to conscious manifestation. Spiritual awareness can give you the tools to become happy, and is based on the combination of an ancient occult philosophy of astrology, alchemy, and magic, combined with the modern use of psychoanalysis and dreamwork. As the ancients sought to attain spiritual transformation within the realm of the material plane, they set forth knowledge as they progressed. This knowledge has come in a number of different ways and sources, all turning to the same thing - controlling our thoughts and emotions.



Chapter 1 The Beginning Evolution through the Kingdoms of Life: Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal The first “beings” on this material (physical) plane of existence called earth were the basic building blocks of life, the sub-atomic particles that coalesce to form the atom. Each atom has its own individual nature, but atoms are also attracted to other atoms, which allows them to form into molecules. An atom might be, for example, an atom of gold, whereas a water molecule is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen (H2O). Through successive merging, various atoms and molecules build up compounds which, in turn, build up into life forms, beginning with single-celled organisms. These so-called “lower” life forms are living beings just like you and me, only much simpler. The more complex beings, further up the evolutionary scale, are made up of more than one cell, or groups of cells, passing through various stages of evolution, from the invertebrates to the vertebrates (creatures with a nerve cord down the back and an internal skeleton), to the mammals, including human beings. All these life forms, from the sub-atomic particles through the minerals, vegetables and non-human animals have a “soul”. Manifestation is reflected through this evolutionary scale, and what is being built into each “higher” stage of being is character. Character, as it pertains to this book, is the soul as it expresses itself through all states of consciousness, creating the person reading this book right now. Character and soul are the same - the total of all the states of consciousness of the individual. DNA, much of which is very ancient, links us to each evolutionary stage. Both physical and non-physical structures, such as intelligence and emotions, are preserved in the DNA. Every experience of every living being upon the earth plane has been built into our DNA, and each human experience is encoded into our subconscious minds, even if it is not remembered consciously. As we progress through the different stages of evolu7


Chapter 1

tion, we progress into more complex beings. It is the process of memory that allows us to progress and retain the experiences that we have gone through, creating complex human beings. As a soul moves through evolution, first as a rock or mineral, attraction and repulsion are experienced. Then, as these experiences are stored within the subconscious, knowledge is reformulated to create a more complex being, such as a plant. This process continues throughout evolution, in the plant stage we learn about sensitivity that moves us to the animal realm, giving us the quality of instinct, then on to the human. As humans we acquire the great power of free will. Through hypnosis people can remember previously forgotten experiences that go back through all previous stages of their personal development. The experiences of our evolution, from minerals, plants and animals that are encoded in our DNA shows us that the character of an individual is derived from the first beings. Memory Studies on DNA show evidence that, within our physical structure, we are linked to the first being and all beings that are on the material plane. As we recognize that we are made of different combinations of these so-called “lower� life forms, it becomes apparent that the desires and actions that we experience also come from the animal, plant, and mineral parts that are within all of us. Our bodies house all kinds of desires that are far more primitive than the human being as it progresses with free will. Studies from hypnosis demonstrate that once something is learned it is never forgotten. All life experiences are retained in memory and stored in the subconscious or soul realm. This soul realm, or the subconscious, is of great importance in the process of conscious manifestation. By understanding properties of this realm, such as time being no factor, we begin to recognize what our character is made of, leading to self-awareness and eventually the ability to change, resulting in conscious manifestation. Cellular Consciousness All life has consciousness, and all life has some form of memory of all experiences from the past. At the evolutionary stage of the one-celled organism, soul is readily visible, reflecting its own unique intelligence. Soul is life intelligence. Through evolution, little life forms cooperate and coalesce together to become larger, more complex beings with all life, including simple one-cells, having systems of biology. An example of an organ that displays its own intelligence is the liver. Recently, surgeons were able to take one



Chapter 2 Awareness Through Dedication Creating Our Own Reality From reading Chapter One and by remembering our past experience, we can see that through our perceptions and individuality we create our own reality. If we create our own reality, we can change reality for our betterment and that of all other beings. One way conscious manifestation can become possible is to create concepts within our being through carefully organized and varied experiences. To understand conscious manifestation is to understand how reality-building works, and then to join in consciously, rather than unconsciously. The clearer these concepts become, the easier it will be to practice manifestation consciously and successfully. The next big step on the journey of conscious manifestation is to identify and understand what it is that needs to be changed, by finding out how character expresses itself. This process of self-evaluation is called focused awareness, where we focus awareness on all levels of cellular, bodily, emotional and mental organization that contribute to character. Focused awareness notices carefully how it expresses itself. Self-examination and self-awareness go beyond ordinary day-today perceptions of things, even beyond what we perceive as reality, because when we change the energies within, the outer reality will change as well. Frequently, this process of self-examination goes beyond the deepest parts of ourselves and straight into the subconscious, or into the rest of the energy that is affecting our being but is hardly ever recognized as such. Changing this subconscious energy will put conscious manifestation into effect. Then we will begin wondering how to find out what is within this hidden realm of the subconscious in order to change it. Throughout this book, astrology, alchemy, and dreamwork will be tools used to enhance conscious manifestation.



Chapter 2

Astrology: Awakening the Depths of the Subconscious Astrology is an ancient occult science that acknowledges the energies of the planetary bodies as one primary factor in establishing the character of the new born child and its development, to the point the child becomes selfaware. After that, people can begin to consciously change their destinies. In this context, astrology gives us a fuller understanding of our inner workings as it pertains to conscious manifestation. Only one part of the whole subject of astrology, the practice of natal astrology, or casting the birth chart, is used in this book for the understanding of conscious manifestation. Casting of the birth chart involves making a map of our character as it stood at birth. This birth chart is used to gain a fuller understanding of our character, and is a powerful tool to understanding the subconscious. Natal astrology is, in a sense, one language of the subconscious, that part of our being that is not consciously known but plays a crucial role in all that we experience. The birth chart, then, is a map of our desire energies and the conditioned responses that have been built up within our cells throughout evolution, and it identifies the features that form our character. The moment of birth is very important in imprinting a map of this pre-formed mass of consciousness. By an understanding of natal astrology we can find out what we need to change within ourselves in order to make conscious manifestation express in a more positive and beneficial manner by expressing our character positively. Through such knowledge the possibility of change, with the help of conscious intention becomes apparent. Speaking to the Subconscious Just as only one small portion of the large topic of astrology, the natal chart, will be addressed here, so astrology will be used in this book only to speak more directly to the subconscious. If astrology is not of interest to you, there are other ways to speak to the subconscious. However, astrology, although the most ancient of the systems we will describe here, is one that gives the quickest preliminary results. Other methods include dreamwork (recording our dreams and analyzing them) and free association. Both of these methods take longer and require precise observation in order to get enough information to apply to the workings of conscious manifestation. Astrology has documented methods for centuries, and early observation work has been done for us and codified into a system. This is not to say that astrology is significantly easier than the other methods but, rather, it is much older and more reliable than the useful but much newer teachings of such methods as psychoanalysis.



Chapter 3 Non-Physical Weather: Thoughts and Emotions One way to think of the large number of forces and energies that influence us at all times (and throughout our evolution) is that they are like weather. Wherever you are right now, it’s either winter, summer, spring or fall. It’s your responsibility to act in ways that keep you as comfortable and safe as possible, while gathering your invaluable experiences. Just as if you were in a blizzard in mid-winter without a coat, if you ignore earth’s physical weather, you will inevitably suffer. It is also dangerous to ignore the non-physical weather that surrounds us at all times, such as the distinct and predictable astrological weather. With our safety and comfort in mind, we alter our behavior in order to adapt to physical weather conditions. Similarly, we must take responsibility to adapt ourselves to the astrological and other non-physical weather conditions for the best results in our own evolution. Just as all physical weather is ultimately the result of the interaction of the Sun, earth and the other planets, so also the non-physical weather is the result of the massive energies that pour forth from the Sun and other bodies (planets, comets, asteroids, etc.) and are bounced around the solar system. The non-physical aspects of Sun energies are always present and are always a factor in the makeup of individuality. These forces have existed throughout our evolution, and the non-physical effects from the astral, mental, and celestial environments (emotional, spiritual, instinctual, and physical) have conditioned our whole being, from the cells on up, to express itself as it does. Both the physical and nonphysical influences condition all parts of our being to express in a harmonious or discordant way in the future, for better or for worse. If left unexamined, these non-physical forces will continue to act upon both the conscious and subconscious parts of our being. Through the use of directed thought and induced emotion, we can gain control over our dream bodies, giving us an opportunity to change our inner world and, in turn, to condition ourselves to express in a more harmonious manner. In conscious manifestation on both the physical and non-physical 33


Chapter 3

planes, it is important to understand that we live in both types of environments at every moment, and both of these environments have evolved over millions of years to build up both conscious and subconscious character, eventually creating the unique person who is reading these words right now. Knowledge of both types of environmental influences is required in order to change our character for the betterment of ourselves. There is an old saying that “Everyone talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.” Now, with our expanded concept of the nature of weather, we can begin to create our own weather. The Birth Chart Maps the Character as it Was Before and at Birth Because astrological influences govern 25% of non-physical effects upon human evolution, and our thoughts and emotions influence 50% of the nonphysical effects upon human evolution, it is important to have control over our thoughts and emotions. When we allow astrological forces to rule, we are driven by instinct rather than by free will. Casting our birth chart and doing natal astrology can be very important, creating an awareness of the astrological influences, and giving us the ability to use our thoughts and emotions to benefit our lives, even if, astrologically, the energy is working against us. As you may have noticed by now, self-examination methods can seem rather difficult, and using them to gather information about our character may seem to take a long time. This book is not about astrology but, rather, it uses astrology in various ways to stimulate and augment our own inner-seekings; and one of the most important uses of astrology is for understanding how both physical and non-physical energies strongly impact human life. Vibratory Rate: Its Importance to Conscious Manifestation Non-physical planes of being impact the human being like weather, for good or ill. There is constant interaction between the “higher” non-physical substances and planes of being and our own physical bodies and physical earth. Within occult science, it has long been known that there is a substance or plane of being between the physical plane and the “higher” planes or inner bodies. In the 19th century this was often called “ethereal” matter, and soon the Theosophists proposed we have an “etheric body” that resides in the etheric plane (the dream body and inner world). In the late 18th century, physical science “discovered” electricity, now known as electromagnetic energy. But at first those who handled this powerful and dangerous new energy identified it more with the brilliant visual effects of lightening than



Chapter 4 Alchemy

Awareness, Intention, Action Toward the end of Chapter Two, an occult concept was mentioned that can make conscious manifestation possible - the concept of alchemy. Before we begin the study of alchemy, note that as we step upon the spiritual path, at first the process of gaining inner awareness comes quite rapidly. However, as we move forward, we find that attaining full awareness takes a long time, and there probably is no end to attaining awareness in an everlasting cycle of knowledge. Each generation must pursue new knowledge for itself. This journey toward ever increasing knowledge starts out with the small things in life, moving onward and upward to the major events that happen, and in the long term, to the hidden innermost parts of the self. No amount of awareness is effective without application, without taking action on our insights. Action is crucial to the spiritual path, and action will be more beneficial if applied through proper intention; that is, the intention to benefit all beings. For the purpose of conscious manifestation in this book, we will learn how to use alchemy to apply the intention that will put the awareness described in Chapter Two into action for the most beneficial results. The term “alchemy”, as used in this book, is not a word used to describe things, but is a form of perception - the alchemist’s perception. A metal alchemist is familiar to most people. The metal alchemist combines different metal elements of earth in the proper amounts, proportions, sequences, and conditions to create the most beneficial or precious elements. Traditionally, the metal alchemist’s goal was the transmutation of base elements into finer elements, and the creation of gold from the lesser or “baser” metals. But sometimes, as in human medicine, other compounds of metallic elements for specific purposes are needed. Gold is the symbol of the goal in metal alchemy. To use metal alchemy in the search for conscious manifestation, we attempt to gain, within our system of perceptions, the metal alchemist’s view.



Chapter 4

In a sense, all things are created by alchemy in that they are created from the simplest to the most complex, by mixing the elements of earth in just the right way. Cooking is a good example of alchemy. In cooking we must mix and blend and condition natural products of the earth to produce a nutritious and appealing meal. When the meal is eaten, digestion and circulation break it down once again into the components most beneficial to our physical bodies. This continuous building up, then breaking-down, is one of the cardinal characteristics of manifested life on earth. The alchemist seeks to understand, and thereby predict and control, these combinations, re-combinations and rest periods. I will not discuss the whole topic of alchemy here because that would take the space of another book, but it is necessary for the purpose of conscious manifestation to understand something of its principles. By developing the alchemist’s view within our perception, it should be clear that our character has been built up in a similar manner, from combinations and re-combinations of different states of consciousness throughout human evolution. On the journey to conscious manifestation, we consciously reconstruct our character using alchemical processes. Mental alchemy is a prime factor in applying the awareness attained through the methods discussed in Chapter Two. Mental alchemy involves using the combination of mental and emotional elements, and mixing them together in a specific manner that will be beneficial to the alchemists in their most harmonious expression. In using knowledge gained through awareness, in combination with mental alchemy described here, it is possible to accomplish conscious manifestation for the benefit and welfare of all, through the right use of spiritual power, by changing our own character. As the metal alchemist or the cook must be familiar with the process of alchemy, so the mental alchemist must have a complete understanding of the processes that govern mental and emotional alchemy. Working with mental alchemy involves the mental and emotional energies that are within our own characters. The elements that are gathered through the awareness process explained in Chapter Two, show us how they correspond to conscious manifestation, making knowledge of the type of system in which the mental elements are formed necessary. However, we need to know more about the system of how mental elements are formed. In this Chapter we will describe the system of the dream body, including its various vibrational qualities. Changing the structures of the dream body will automatically change the structures of the physical body. CHANGE WHAT IS WITHIN, AND THE OUTER WORLD WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF. Understanding how the dream body is made can lead to changing it to benefit the physical body and the outer world. The medium through



which the inner bodies impress their vibratory structures on the physical body is the electromagnetic (EM) effect. Our physical health and the kinds of events we attract into our lives reflect the types of vibrations that are within the dream body. We can change those inner influences through a combination of mental alchemy and spiritual power, for the benefit, welfare and harmony of all. This combination used with intention can be an incredibly powerful practice. In Chapter One, we discussed how all things start from the same primordial substance that progresses through evolution and becomes conditioned to create conditioned desire energy, and, through experience, produces more and more complex beings. This process created our character, comprised of the conscious and unconscious mind mapped by the birth chart. This process also created the structure of the human form in all its complexity, and it is the same process that built up the dream body and its structures. As the physical body is a product of over 90 different elements made of sub-atomic particles and waves, the dream body is built of thought elements that are transferred to the dream body through emotions.

Nurturing the Dream Body: Thought as Food The physical body must be fed, protected and nurtured so that it can develop properly. In the same manner, the dream body needs special care. As the physical body requires various nutritional elements (food), thoughts and emotions that enter into conscious and unconscious perception through the various states of consciousness that we experience support the dream body. These thoughts and emotions enter into our perceptions through the experiences gained through different states of consciousness in our evolutionary upbringing, as well as through the experiences of life from the time of birth. These mental energies are food for the dream body. Each state of consciousness will create a different type of food for the dream body for every individual, because of the specific conditioning process and its unique ability to create individuality. The individual nature of the conditioning process is emphasized because the same experience that one person has that creates thoughts and emotions will create completely different thoughts and emotions in another person. Therefore, specific states of consciousness correspond to every environmental condition; that is, any condition that is created by our perception of reality, presented by the environment, will create food for the dream body and is different for each individual.



Chapter 5 Creating a Constructive Attitude and Building Will Power In getting started on this journey of conscious manifestation and trying to apply the methods that have already been explained, we must not become discouraged and fall prey to the typical problems that generally occur in everyday life. While attaining the proper awareness that is needed to apply mental alchemy, start with an attitude of trying to live a fully constructive life. Have courage. Fear has no place in this process of daily living, and certainly not in the journey of conscious manifestation, for fear is one of the most powerful vibrations responsible for discordant expressions of the dream body. This is often due to the type of attitude toward, or perception of, fear. Therefore, take a different attitude when there is fear attached to some issue, by using the concepts and methods in this book. Namely, develop an attitude that all life experiences are manifestations of what we have created by our own thoughts and emotions. It is not an event itself that affects character, but the thoughts and feelings that accompany that event. At first we cannot control what appears to be outer events, but we can always attempt to control our responses to them by gaining control of our thoughts and emotions. By having this attitude toward the outer world, we can deal better with fears. When thoughts and feelings of fear are experienced, as a response to either inner or outer events, we can remind ourselves that this seeming danger has been overrated by us and is then just a situation to overcome. In attaining this attitude toward fear, we don’t allow feelings of fear to intrude into our daily lives. Instead of thinking or feeling “fear” when seemingly dangerous thoughts or events happen, think and feel “caution” instead. Caution is preferable because it allows the creation of choices as to how to react to the state of consciousness or event that is creating the feeling. As modesty is preferable to shame, so caution is preferable to fear, providing the same protection but without the negative side effects. Learning to overcome ordinary and extraordinary fears in daily life and in crisis situations is one of life’s most important accomplishments.



Chapter 5

A useful technique for handling fear is to make a new habit of remembering to associate all feelings of fear with the following expression (mantra): “I have within me the power to meet and successfully cope with any situation that may arise in my life.” By repeating this mantra and replacing weakness with strength, we can greet any situation with enthusiasm, and wait happily for the next event to present itself, knowing that it is but a selfcreated obstacle that functions to create more complete learning experiences, like a favorite hobby. By taking a fully constructive attitude and applying the methods mentioned herein, previously habitual thought patterns such as fear can become an opportunity for a new sort of excitement, like that of a child learning to ride a bicycle, overcoming imbalances, falls, spills, with so much positive enthusiasm. Compensate with Constructive Action for Negative Reactions The next common problem that may arise is irritation or sorrow. Let’s first deal with common irritations of everyday life. We are all familiar with situations where we respond to the irritations of everyday life with extremes of thought and emotion, like being in a traffic jam. Traffic annoyances are universal these days, but many people respond to them with excessive distress, irritation, and anger. When we are in one of these irritation-producing situations, we can apply the constructive attitude described above. Instead of wasting time and putting our thoughts and emotions through repeated unnecessary strains, we can view irritation-inducing situations as events we have unconsciously created for ourselves in order to overcome them and learn our lessons faster. Another example where irritations and annoyances are useless and dangerous is in a sports event, like a race. If the loser becomes irritated and angry, this habit or pattern is helping to create the discordant events of the person’s life, and it contributes to losing other races. On the other hand, if the person takes a constructive attitude and thinks that this is just a situation that has been created on the inner planes and projected outward to make him or her stronger and to teach him or her to overcome, then constructive thoughts and emotions will feed the vibrations of the dream body that are responsible for good fortune, resulting in a new habit form or pattern of thought. A constructive attitude gives us the ability to see that all events in life that typically cause feelings of irritation and annoyance are there to overcome, using the methods of mental alchemy, and are present in our lives to further the progression of the person who unconsciously created them.



Chapter 6 Lucid Dreaming We all have heard the expression “Is this a dream?” and “Are we asleep really dreaming this reality?” In many cultures, religions and philosophies have the concept that we are dreaming and that everyday life is a dream. In the next two chapters, I’ll provide possible answers to the question “Is this a dream?” by describing lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the state of being aware of the dream at the time of the dream. Most people believe lucid dreaming is controlled dreaming. However, the term lucid means awareness, not control. Lucid dreaming is the state of knowing that we are dreaming during the dream. If you were dreaming that you were reading this book, and all of a sudden you realized that you were actually lying in your bed dreaming, this realization is the moment when the dream becomes lucid, the moment when you become aware of the state of consciousness you are in. This awareness is not control because there can be dream control without lucidity, and there can be lucidity without control. The goal of the person who practices lucid dreaming is to become lucid and have control at the same time. A person can have what is known as a semi-lucid dream, then a full lucid dream, to the point of having what is called a high lucid dream. The semi-lucid dream is the state of being in the dream and knowing that you are dreaming, but having no control. This state is very similar to being a puppet in a play. The environment is controlling what is happening. The lucid dream is the state where, in the dream, you know that you are dreaming and you have some sort of control, from the ability to be in control of your body, to being able to direct the whereabouts in the dream environment (such as deciding to walk across the street in the dream), to having enough control over the dream environment itself and having the choice to manipulate or move within the dream environment (a high lucid dream). A high lucid dream is where you have the control mentioned above, and can carry out some sort of spectacular intention, such as a healing for another or meeting a teacher; some type of event that would have a higher purpose or be considered to be amazing in the waking state.



Chapter 6

The following lucid dream is an example of a theme taken from my waking life, which some writers call “day residue”, taken from my book My Adventures in Lucid Dreaming. I had decided to look at a drawing of patterns and shapes I encountered in a past lucid dream. I stared at the drawing and then closed my eyes and visualized it, doing this three or four times. This is a technique for re-experiencing visual imagery that I developed. I think of it as taking a polaroid shot of an image, then being able to visualize it very clearly later. The eye closing is like the blinking of a camera shutter. I had the image in my head and could see it well. I started to count: “One, I’m dreaming; two, I’m dreaming,” up to one hundred, as Stephen LaBerge suggests. Then I started over. Below is a description of the semi-lucid dream: “Fighting” As I’m counting, I can feel myself being pulled into the image. The next thing I know, I’m driving a car to a concert. My brother, Orion, and some friends are with me. When we get there, we go inside and find our seats. I look up and see the person who robbed my house about two years ago in my waking life. When I see him, I start to walk away to get a drink of soda. On my way back, I bump into him and his friends. He orders a Chinese guy to fight me, but I just keep walking. I get back to our seats and my friend is very mad. The next thing I know, I’m fighting the man who robbed my house. I beat him up and all of his friends, too. But when I get back to the seats the concert is over and everyone has left, including all of my friends. All of a sudden, I’m at my Ward house, telling my Dad about the concert and how I had kicked these people’s ass. Then it dawns on me - how did I get home? That’s when I realize that I’m dreaming. I say to myself, “I’m dreaming!” At this moment, Orion and all my friends walk in the door. I realize that I have the keys to the car, so I look down in my fanny-pack and the keys are still in there. This surprises me so much I wake up. The next dream describes my use of the technique of spinning to bring back lucidity in the dream state:

“Patterns” This time I’m flying about my house in Ward, when I realize I’m dreaming! I fly straight up past the clouds, trying to get to Space. Suddenly I hit a wall of patterns. There is a box with different shapes and patterns inside of it. I go inside that box. When I’m inside, the shapes and patterns of that box become the background, and I discover that there is a box with a smaller



Chapter 7 Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming In this Chapter on Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD), I first want to discuss intention and its use in manifestation. Intention gives us the ability to apply awareness (goal setting). In addition to the MILD technique, there is the reflection intention technique, without which the lucid dream (induced by a dream sign) won’t become filled with control. Even with a high level of awareness, with no intention there will be no control. In the lucid dream, if no intention is set, control or action cannot be carried out. After awareness of the dream body has been established and we are aware of the vibrations that need to be changed, an intention that we are going to compensate or direct this changed energy is needed. By applying this new expression of energy, using conversion, a proper channel for the energy to be expressed is created. This is goal setting in the exercises. If, in the lucid dream, the intention is not established, and there is no control, then carrying out an intention by directing our thoughts and emotions through a specific channel will benefit us and accomplish our task. Induced emotion and directed thinking are related to lucid dreaming and conscious manifestation because when we are in a dream and become lucid (attaining awareness and having a definite intention that we want to carry out), the application of directed thinking and induced emotion makes it possible to carry out our intention. Just as in conscious manifestation, once we can see what parts of the dream body need to be changed and we have a goal or intention in mind, then we can express this change. The only way this is possible is by directed thinking and induced emotion. A lucid dreamer understands that all things in the dream state are based on directed thinking and induced emotion by applying intention, which results in control within the dream state. The same applies to conscious manifestation or control in the waking state. To get a drink of water, we must combine the directed thought of being thirsty with the feelings that are associated with the intention of acting by getting the glass of water and drinking it. This is the same in reconditioning the vibrational energy in the dream body, and it is the same in carrying out the intention in the dream state. Therefore, if we can control our thoughts and emotions on every level,these



Chapter 7

same applications will, if applied on all levels, result in control. Now that we know what lucid dreaming and the Mnemonic induced lucid dream techniques are, we next need to understand the relationship of the different types of techniques for lucid dreaming to conscious manifestation and attaining awareness. Once awareness has been attained, no matter in what state of consciousness, whether it be the waking state or the dream state, applying the awareness that results in control is accomplished the same way - through thoughts and emotions with proper directing of intention. The other technique for lucid dreaming is called WILD (wake induced lucid dreaming), which is different than the MILD technique in that it is not based on memory; it is based on meditation. The MILD technique is used when we go to sleep and lose consciousness, then start to dream, and, in the dream, a memory aid (dreamsign) stimulates awareness. WILD is different because it is a wake-induced, not Mnemonic-induced focus. This technique is based on going into the dream state without losing consciousness; we go into the dream state directly from the waking state (wake-induced). This is accomplished by combining relaxation, visualization, and concentration into one meditation. It is completely different from the MILD technique, which is similar to getting knocked out, being carried outside (the dream), then waking up. The WILD technique is as if we just walked outside (into the dream) through the door. The power of intention is illustrated in the following excerpt from my book My Adventures In Lucid Dreaming: “The power of intention: I heal myself. As I awakened from the “Denial” dream, I noticed I had a bad cold. I felt it was a perfect time for me to practice having a specific intention for my lucid dream and, furthermore, an intention to heal. I figured that if I could do a healing for my grandfather, I could do one for myself. So, by using LaBerge’s MILD technique, I began to prepare myself. But instead of repeating to myself, “When I am dreaming I will recognize I am dreaming,” as he suggests, I repeat, “I will dream that I am flying, and when I am, I will recognize that I am dreaming and I will surround myself with healing energy from my lucid dream.” “This particular preparation for lucidity had another new feature as well. Remember I have emphasized that having a specific intention is very important and can be very powerful. When using the MILD technique, with or without the DreamLight, and letting yourself fall asleep before entering the lucid dream, you have to somehow remember your waking intention. However, in this next lucid dream I was able to enter the lucid dream state without going to sleep first. LaBerge

Wake induced lucid dreaming


calls this a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD). For some reason, I just began to frequently have WILDs. “While having the dry period I described to you, I read another book called Lucid Dreaming in 30 days, by Keith Hararay, Ph.D. (1989). The exercise for Day 17, “High Lucidity” (page 55), suggests just how to enter a WILD. I find I can do what Hararay says and enter the lucid dream state from what psychologists call the hypnagogic state - the state between waking and sleeping. Hararay says that we must try to form hypnogogic images, but I find that they just come automatically. “So there I was, having just awakened from a lucid dream, lying in my bed with a cold. I formed the intention to enter another lucid dream, and to heal myself in it. I used a combination of relaxation techniques. While relaxing, I replayed the lucid dream from which I had just awakened. Then I repeated the mnemonic: “I will dream that I am flying, and when I am, I will recognize that I am dreaming and I will surround myself with healing energy from my lucid dream.” The next thing I knew I was in the following lucid dream. “Healing Myself” “I am talking to my Dad as we walk toward some tall buildings. I know I am dreaming and I begin to fly. Now I am on top of a building with some friends. I glance over two buildings away from me and see my Dad standing there. It seems that he wants to come over to me, but he can’t fly. I think of bridges connecting the buildings and instantly they appear. He begins walking towards me. Then I realize my intention of healing myself, thinking I can’t do it with these people disturbing me. So I fly down to some trees and sit in a cross-legged position. I create a ball of yellow energy between my hands. I instantly surround myself with this yellow energy. I can feel its power. It becomes so strong that I wake up. “As I awaken, I am amazed to find that my cold has gone and I feel great! “This demonstrates that having an intention is very important and can help you to accomplish what you wish to do. Having a clear intention is especially important in a healing situation because the power of the dream state is most amazing, and without an intention you can’t make use of that power. “This is not an isolated incident. Dr. Patricia Garfield has pub-



Chapter 8 Conversion Through Mnemonic Induced Manifestation In this Chapter, I’ll describe exercises that can be used along with the information in previous Chapters, and apply them to conscious manifestation. We know that everything is made of the same thing, and everything has been conditioned by two different planes of existence. Hopefully, we’ve started attaining awareness and have a good idea of what inside us needs to be changed in order to manifest a better life through the information from Chapter Two. We are aware of how the astral (dream) body is created through the conditioning of pleasure and pain, and have learned the laws that govern that conditioning, like the Law of Affinity and the Law of Association. We’ve explored the concept of an alchemist’s view, which creates the ability to change what is inside of us through mental alchemy. The dream world and the physical world, as we have seen, are different yet very similar, working as one to create the reality we experience. We have seen how proper willpower is important to conscious manifestation. We understand how life’s problems can be approached with a fully constructive attitude, showing us how to develop a constructive attitude toward life. Most important of all, we can understand what spiritual power is and how it can be used in combination with conscious manifestation through directed thinking and induced emotion, to create feelings that are not within the perception of ourselves or the people around us, but of a perception of universal welfare. I’d like to give you an example of spiritual thinking. If you are using thoughts and emotions that involve spiritual power, that energy must be associated with universal welfare, not with individuality. For example, if you think about and have feeling of nurturing a baby or a family, these thoughts and emotions are individualistic and are related to the Moon. Thoughts and feelings that have to do with the Moon are associated to universal welfare; thinking and feeling of all the nurturing that occurs within the whole world or universe; understanding that there is nurturing energy all around, and feeling that energy. This type of thinking and feeling requires the ability to put the ego aside and allows us to see how all things are working for all other things to progress spiritually.



Chapter 8

The fun begins once all this information and new concepts are within our perceptions. The first, and probably the most important, technique to achieve conscious manifestation is creating a way to “prime”. Priming is adding spiritual power to our being at will. It is the ability to raise our vibratory rate at any given time. Once we raise our vibratory rate to a place where there is a sufficient amount of energy to create what is intended, the manifestation begins. The following exercises for priming should be done before any other work on manifestation because priming is the only way that we can create the proper amount of energy to recondition the energy that is creating discord through alchemy, and to direct that energy to be used constructively through directed intention. A specific way of priming, based on conditioning, is described below.

Priming Using Conditioning; Finding a Priming Agent In this exercise, it is important to create an association between excitement and accomplishment and a physical action. This is done simply, but can take some time and repetition. First, gather all the pictures you have that represent something exciting and have a sense of accomplishment associated with them. See the examples that I have given. If you want, you can use them until you get the idea of what you need to complete this exercise. After you have the visual stimuli in front of you that creates a feeling of excitement and accomplishment, the next step is to use the universal language of music. Of all the things in life that are universal and that speak to not only our waking consciousness or our outer consciousness, but also to the inner subconscious mind, I can only think of one that does both, and that is music. Therefore, it is a good tool to use in our journey toward conscious manifestation. In addition to our pictures that represent excitement and a sense of accomplishment, we need one or two songs that create the same feeling within. This music will be different for everyone, but I am sure that if you do some investigation, you will be able to find two songs that create a feeling of excitement and accomplishment. Don’t be shy in picking your music - do it with heart and dedication to find that right tune that really gets you going. Maybe it is a piece of music or song that you listen to in the morning before you get up to begin the day. Or maybe it is the tune that you’ve associated a great experience with. It really doesn’t matter, but you must be able to create feelings of excitement and accomplishment. Without feelings of pure excitement and accomplishment, this exercise is useless and won’t be worth the time and energy that you put into it. So

Conversion Through Mnemonic Induced Manifestation


please take my word for it and find that right musical stimulus that creates excitement and accomplishment for you. To find a priming agent that will invoke the proper amount of mental and emotional energy, and to raise your vibratory rate to a point where transformation can occur, use your dominant planetary energy. As we become aware of our character, we realize that we all express ourselves through a dominant energy. This is the talent or natural way that our character wants to express its energy. By using pictures, thoughts, and images that are related to your dominant planetary energy, you can raise your vibratory rate. When you use this with the priming exercise, your natural abilities can blossom. Now that you have a visual and an auditory stimulus for creating feelings of excitement and accomplishment, the next step is to create a mental stimulus, something that comes from past experience.

Using past Experiences for Priming Agents We all have experienced times when we seem to be on top of the world, or a time that we call “the best experience that I ever had”. These experiences can be used as mental priming agents to create feelings of excitement and accomplishment, which are needed to gain the proper amount of energy to put manifestation into effect. In order to make this exercise work properly, it is important to have an exact description of the times when you were “on top of the world”. This may be a time when you were with your friends doing something you love, or it may be a childhood experience that was a highlight of your life, or it could be a place where you go from time to time that creates feelings of excitement and accomplishment within. It doesn’t matter what the experience is; what does matter is the description of such events. I would suggest finding two experiences to go with the two songs you have found that create the same feelings. Write these experiences down, describing them as closely as possible to the experience itself - every thought you had, every feeling you felt, and every detail you can remember, write it all down as if it was happening right now. Make yourself be there; make it real and exciting. Now that you have a visual, audio, and mental priming agent that can be used to create feelings of excitement and accomplishment within, the next step is to combine one each of a visual, audio and mental stimulus, and associate each with a simple physical action until conditioning results. You will condition yourself to create a response of excitement and accomplishment when acting out this simple physical action. You can choose any sort of physical action you want to use in combination with your priming agents, such as a snap of the finger, a wink of the eye, jumping up and down,



Chapter 9 Wake Induced Manifestation Using lucid dreaming as a metaphor in our journey to conscious manifestation, the mnemonic induced manifestation exercise can be used for reconditioning thought habits formed to express our goals in life. The mnemonic manifestation exercise is based on an awareness of when to apply the exercise, remembering when to apply the exercise when it is necessary. We used worry and anxiety in the last Chapter as our example because these emotions are usually spontaneous and happen automatically. There may be a specific personal situation that creates worry and anxiety. This exercise is applied to situations that may occur throughout our day-to-day lives, but worry and anxiety can persist and become chronic and lead to depression or obsessive disorders. Many chronic situations differ from acute situations like heartbreak and car accidents. Acute situations, whatever they may be, move from acute symptoms and become chronic, continually affecting thoughts and emotions instead of just in certain situations. Therefore, a more serious situation needs a more serious and effective exercise of conditioning to break a chronic thought pattern such as depression. The wake induced manifestation exercise, used in emotional situations, can be of great benefit in our journey of manifestation. In our example, the wake induced lucid dream is much more effective in reaching and applying control in the dream state, because we move from this state of awareness to the dream state without losing any consciousness. This allows us to keep our goal in mind as we enter the dream state. In the mnemonic induced lucid dream we become aware while dreaming by the use of a dreamsign. If thought habits become chronic, such as in depression, the dreamsign becomes permanent. This condition must be approached not as a conditioning exercise, but as a meditation exercise. We must approach the situation consciously and take the necessary control to associate the depression, or whatever is causing it, with pleasure. Chronic Situations Need the Assistance of All Seven Senses In chronic situations such as depression, activating the senses that we don’t normally use can help us achieve the proper state to carry out our intention.



Chapter 9

These senses, used to perceive the waking state, are touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. To approach a situation like depression, we must activate and become familiar with two senses that we don’t usually use in our dayto-day lives. These are the senses that we use within when entering a sleep state. As we fall into sleep, we close our eyes, we make it very quiet, and we get very comfortable, allowing the body to relax. As we begin to rest, the senses that we have been using all day turn off and the two senses that are used to perceive the dream world are activated. If we close our eyes, we can see the dream world. If we become fully relaxed, we can feel the dream world. These are senses that can help us in the journey toward conscious manifestation. Some of you might be thinking, “When I close my eyes, I don’t see anything, and I certainly don’t feel much of anything except comfort when I relax.” This perception is common in our society, as we are taught not to use these other senses. Our culture is somewhat ignorant of the value of these senses, so no one practices using them. All things in life take effort and practice if we are to use them in our endeavor to be happy. This includes the senses that we have in meditation. As we learn to meditate and become more advanced at meditation, we find that we have two more senses. They are the senses that we use to see in the dream world. As visualization becomes stronger, the sixth sense begins to develop. The seventh sense is a branch of our feelings and has to do with feeling that which is seen by the dream world. Therefore, feeling what is perceived by the sixth sense is our seventh sense. Meditation is a wonderful way to enhance these senses, and can be accomplished simply by looking at a landscape, such as a bed of sand, and imagining what it would feel like to be walking on it - try to feel it as if you were walking on the sand. Or look at a glass of juice and try to feel yourself drinking it. Bring the sensations around you as if they were really happening. This visualization can be done with anything, just use your imagination. Meditation is one of the best ways to develop these two senses, but practice is essential. We are all busy with our normal day-to-day activities and usually don’t have time to meditate or practice meditation. However, we all have to sleep and we all spend a certain amount of time falling asleep. This time can be used to practice meditation - simply make it a habit to meditate yourself to sleep. One of the best meditations involves relaxation. Practice one of the following relaxation exercises that can enhance your ability to use all your senses. Relaxation Techniques Exercise 1. Auto-suggestion Sit or lie down. Get comfortable. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Visualize your physi-



Chapter10 Planetary Expressions To attain conscious manifestation as it pertains to this book, becoming familiar with each planetary expression is very important. Having a complete understanding of each expression of the ten planets allows us to use the language of astrology as a tool for manifestation, and for understanding ourselves. Self-awareness is the most important part of manifestation, and is of great value to anyone who decides to make the spiritual journey of manifestation through spiritual power. This language is not only a vehicle for self-awareness, but it has the power to be used for manifestation itself. If we become fully familiar with the different planetary vibrations or their expressions, we have an opportunity to tune ourselves like a radio to each planetary vibration or expression as it exists on the material plane, in order to reconstruct our character or total being. Different exercises as tools for manifestation, such as priming, the mnemonic induced manifestation exercise, and the wake induced exercise, are very powerful in the reconstruction of our character. The addition of C.C. Zain’s antidotal system is also very powerful and incredibly useful when used in combination with the exercises in this book. However, without understanding the planetary expressions, the system of manifestation that is presented here is ineffective. Therefore, in this Chapter we’ll focus on each planetary expression. The explanations of these planetary expressions are how I perceive them, and they may help us become familiar with the different expressions of the planets. But in order to become fully familiar with planetary expressions, you should take the time to investigate this methodology on your own so that you can get a variety of knowledge. This will allow you to create your own idea of each planetary expression that will be both universal and unique to you. If we use the free association method or dream categorization as set forth in this book, it is important to be able to think of the Sun and all ten planets, and have specific images and ideas of how they pertain to astrol-



Chapter 10

ogy. It is also important to be able to tune into the different planets by having specific images and ideas that you can relate to, giving you the ability to feel the Moon, the Sun, or any of the planets. In this book of manifestation, I have been using the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Currently, we have other planets and asteroids that are used in modern astrology, but for the purpose of manifestation as it pertains to this book; I have used these ten. I’ve done this partly for simplicity, and partly because it is my belief that the basics of this language of astrology is enough information for the attainment of conscious manifestation in our spiritual journey toward reconstructing our characters for the benefit of universal welfare. The Sun The Sun is a type of energy and vibration that gives power and vitality to all things. The Sun affects the earth in a manner that it gives life to all that is on earth. The Sun is the power of life, allowing all things to grow. It is the driving force of all things. In all life there is an underlying drive to live and to survive, no matter what obstacles may be in the way. This deep-seated drive to live and survive is expressed in many different ways. The feeling of self-confidence and confidence is one of the biggest expressions of the Sun, for confidence allows us to accomplish our goals in life, and confidence gives us the incentive to create and work for what we want in life. This expression of the Sun (confidence) carries us through life. If we lose confidence in one area, accomplishment in that area is lost. If we lose confidence in all areas of life, our drive to live is also lost. If we have confidence as we grow and progress in life, we build more and more confidence in many different areas, and feel a sense of accomplishment. This sense creates opportunities for never ending progression in the everlasting cycle of knowledge and wisdom. The Sun’s expression takes this knowledge and wisdom, gathered through persistent confidence in continuing and not giving up, and creates leaders. The Sun expresses the feelings and events that take confidence to another level, such as taking charge and leading others in the same endeavors. The Sun represents the ability to have confidence in life and all that is done, creating a sense of authority and qualities of leadership. All things in life reflect both a masculine side and a feminine side, and the executive expression of life gives confidence and leadership in both men and women. Therefore, the Sun represents the positive and electrical things in life. The things we associate with power are represented by the Sun, so the Sun represents the deepest power urges and energies that exist in life, and a key image for what we have accomplished.



Chapter 11 Healing We have explored the mnemonic induced manifestation exercise, which can be used to recondition thoughts and emotions that are responsible for some of life’s acute situations. We have also explored the wake induced manifestation exercise, which can be used to confront major or chronic life situations that cloud thoughts and emotions on a regular basis. Thoughts and emotions that are responsible for chronic situations like depression, and that are associated with this discord, may create illness in the physical body. Whether this manifests into a chronic illness such as a disease, or creates a type of energy in the physical body, the thoughts and emotions that are responsible for the problem must express in a harmonious manner for the body to heal. Depression indicates that we have developed a habit of expressing our thoughts and emotions in a discordant manner. This habit soon begins to communicate to the physical body, possibly creating a problem. Breaking the habit within our thoughts and emotions allows information that is communicated to the physical cells to be associated with pleasure, resulting in a healthier body. Let’s use a stomach problem as an example. If a stomach problem comes and goes, it is an acute problem in the physical body. The most common approach is to fix the physical problem and not take care of the thoughts and emotions that are responsible for the problem in the first place, making the problem emerge more frequently. If they become less frequent, the stomach may have a chance to heal and function normally. This pattern may continue for a long time, but if the thoughts and emotions that cause the problem in the first place are not dealt with, then as the stomach problem comes back it may get worse as time goes on, until it no longer is acute and develops into an ulcer or something that is chronic. When habits within our thoughts and emotions develop into a chronic problem in the physical body, the intelligence or cells of the affected body part become conditioned in a manner that doesn’t benefit the person. There197


Chapter 11

fore, the thoughts and emotions that are responsible for the problem need to be reconditioned to express as pleasure or harmony, and the cellular intelligence of the physical body needs to be reconditioned to work so that it will benefit the person, resulting in harmony in the physical body and good health. Each Cell Within the Physical Body Has Its Own Intelligence In Chapter One we learned about the process of evolution and explored how we all began as single celled beings and evolved to the more complex beings known as humans. Each and every cell within our bodies has its own intelligence and progresses through evolution, just as you did. As these cells become more intelligent, they begin to cooperate, creating the organs and muscles of the physical body. The liver of the human is a combination of these cells cooperating, allowing the liver to function and resulting in a higher or more complex intelligence than a single cell alone can have. This process becomes more complex throughout the body and creates the different parts of our physical body. The physical body is conditioned to carry out its intelligence by thoughts and emotions. Just as the dream body gets its food from thoughts and emotions that are taken from our life experiences, the physical body is fed in the same manner. As we rely on physical food to give the proper amount of fuel to keep the physical body going, the information that is communicated from the dream body to the physical body tells it what to do. Emotions are able to carry the information to the physical body. Emotions caused by trauma are trapped within the physical body as the body processes emotions out into the environment. In Waking the Tiger - Healing Trauma by Peter A. Levine with Ann Frederick, the energy aspects of trauma are discussed: “It’s About Energy. Traumatic symptoms are not caused by the “triggering” event itself. They stem from the frozen residue of energy that has not been resolved and discharged. This residue remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and spirits. The longterm, alarming, debilitating, and often bizarre symptoms of PTSD develop when we cannot complete the process of moving in, through and out of the “immobility” or “freezing” state. However, we can thaw by initiating and encouraging our innate drive to return to a state of dynamic equilibrium. “Let’s cut to the chase. The energy in our young impala’s nervous system as it flees from the pursuing cheetah is charged at seventy miles an hour. The moment the cheetah takes its final lunge, the impala collapses. From the outside, it looks motionless and appears to be dead, but inside, its



Chapter 12 Conclusion I’m in Mexico sitting on the beach, watching the waves as they break, coming closer and closer. I know I’m connected to the spiritual power as I hear a voice telling me, “Shall we see the dolphins today?” I have always wanted to see the dolphins, knowing that they are beings of true spiritual existence. My higher self speaks again, “Shall we visit the dolphins today?” “Yes”, I think to myself, “I will see the dolphins today.” I walk over to the dive shop and pay for a dive. The water hits my face as I jump into the ocean with my diving equipment on. The instructor, five other divers and I descend into the ocean. We are about forty feet down in the water and I feel like I’m dreaming. I think to myself, “Is this a dream?” No, I am awake and in the ocean diving, but it feels just like a lucid dream. I have a sense of spirituality all about me, knowing that I am one with spirituality and the power that surrounds the universal love. I look above me and there are three dolphins swimming in the silhouette of the Sun. As they pass by, I remember that the dive instructor had said something about the dolphins usually do not stay with divers because the bubbles from our air tanks disturb their sonar, so they usually take off right away. I can feel the presence of the dolphins around me as they swim above my head, feeling the spiritual power within them. They start to swim away, getting further and further away. My higher self says, “Now is the time, Jeremiah, now is the time”. I start to meditate. I close my eyes and lay back, trusting in the ocean, and I see the dolphins in my mind’s eye. I can see them clearly. The meditation is so vivid, like a lucid dream, and I call out to them and ask, “Will you stay with us for our dive, for we are spiritual beings on a journey toward spiritual awareness and it would be of great assistance to be in your presence”. I open my eyes and there, right in front of me, are the dolphins. They are communicating with my mind with some sort of telepathy. I can hear them saying, “We will, and you may want to teach lucid dreaming in the water”. I hear nothing else; I am astonished at their presence. I can feel 217


Chapter 12

them as they move by me. The dolphins, two males and one female, continue to swim with us for about twenty minutes and then they begin to mate. As the three dolphins mate in front of me, I can feel the spiritual power and I remember the power of love to connect us to the realm of spiritual substance using the power of unity. As the dolphins continue mating and swimming, I have an overwhelming feeling of spirituality flowing within my body, knowing that I’m truly connected to the spiritual perception of life, and its power of healing and manifestation for the benefit of all is present and part of my reality. This experience was one of many that I had as I was connected to spiritual manifestation. As they happened, I found that they are very much like the dream state. I also realized that the waking state and dream state are the same. When I was connected to this state of pure love, the power of manifestation came because that is what I wanted all around me. I wanted it, and it was created, benefiting all who were around me. Although it seemed that I was creating with my thoughts and emotions, it was not me but everything, and I was just joining in, becoming part of all of it, and I was able to tell what was going to happen before it happened. Manifestation through spiritual power is not the application of our individual power. It is the collaboration of the spiritual energy that is within life and the beings around who are tuning into this spiritual energy. When this happens from the material plane, it might seem like we are creating with our thoughts and emotions, but it is the joining in and becoming part of what is already happening that is bringing about manifestation. Therefore, creation is part of the spiritual existence that is present at all times, and as we join in spiritual manifestation, we can create a spiritual perception of love and happiness. The journey of conscious manifestation is never ending in our endeavor for spirituality. Control over thoughts and emotions is accomplished by the use of directed thinking and induced emotion, and this control is the best tool we can have as we progress toward spiritual perception. Understanding the information that has been presented in this book gives us an opportunity to attain a new and spiritual perception. Foundation isIimportant In Chapter One a foundation of the evolutionary process was presented, showing how conditioning has been a key factor in the evolution of our character. Understanding the laws that govern character building creates an opportunity to change our character to express in a more harmonious manner, and helps build a foundation that we can use as a personal guide

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