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I was born on June 26, 1994

they are my parents

my parents are divorced

I entered kindergarten at age five

I studied in the Santa Marianita de JesĂşs school.

at age 11 I was second escort provincial flag.

This is my school graduation.

I stadied in Hispano America high school

I made my confirmation at 15 years old

I graduated the high school at 18 years old

I graduated Bachelor of Science in counter trade and administration

I entered the Technical University of Ambato

I study Marketing and Business Management.

They are my best friends

He is my boyfriend

I would to be engineer in Marketing.

I would have a good job

I would to have two children

I would like to die at 56 or 70 years old

My hobbies are watching TV , play volleyball and I don´t like swimming

Final proyect  
Final proyect  

Proyecto final de ingles