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Nindaji and her African prince

In the jungles of Africa, there was a teenage girl named Nindaji.

Nindaji was the only daughter of Chief Onondaga and he was very protective of her.

But Nindaji was getting closer to the age of marriage, which is 17, but she didn’t want to get married. She thought that she would be able to rule the kingdom alone.

Why does she need a king to rule?

One day as Nindaji was wlking through the jungle. She met a warrior. His name was ka’ja and he had just come back from the hunt.

He instantly loved her and wanted to marry her, but Nindaji refused. She did not want to be trapped into a marriage she did not want. it wasn’t fair.

ka’ja loved her so much he went to her father’s house to ask for her hand in marriage

King Onondaga was surprised. No one had ever asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Because he wanted his daughter to take the throne with this brave warrior, the king said yes and a marriage was arranged.

nindaji was furious. how could ka’ja do this to her? Even though he was handsome she didn’t want to be forced into marriage but it was too late.

nindaji and ka’ja were married two weeks later. They had the biggest

marriage the kingdom had ever seen, but Nindaji wasn’t happy. she thought she was tricked and she did not think she loved ka’ja.

Eventually Nindaji learned that ka’ja was not a bad guy. He cared for her and loved her when she didn’t do the same for him. After a month of being married learned to love him.

Two months later nindaji found out she was pregnant with their first child and ka’ja was extremely happy. There was a new heir to the throne and the kingdom rejoiced.

Nindaji and Her Prince in the Jungles of Africa  

Love Story

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