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Promotion of Tolerance Tolerance is a very important value in our days because of the changes in people. In the past it was very hard to be different, if people wanted to be different they were killed or imprisoned; for example slavery of black people, hunting of “witches”, or killing of the gay community. Now, being black is mostly respected, if you disrespect a black person you can even go to jail, the same happens with the light community, and now you can be a witch or anything you want to without facing the law. But, is tolerance a value that we practice every day? Why do we need to promote it?

First of all, a lot of people are not tolerant. We live in 2016 and you can still hear people in the USA saying that all Muslims are terrorists, or people being disrespected only because they have piercings or tattoos. Tolerance is “A fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs, and practices that differ from one's own.” It sounds so easy, but people make it so hard. Every day we are intolerant in our words, thoughts or actions. Sometimes we don’t accept it, and that’s the main reason we act like that. Tolerance is just a value, not a law. Another reason of intolerance is Freedom of Speech. Freedom of speech is “the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint” If we don’t use it correctly we can be intolerant saying things that can be offensive or even damaging to others.

Tolerance should be practiced and there are many ways we can promote it, now there are many programs that do this, but in my opinion the change is in ourselves, we have to change our way of thinking, we have to be more open to new ideas, religions, sexuality etc. That way, we contribute a little bit into making this world more tolerant.


TREES Marian Avalos

I see my shadow in the trees Its night and most people would feel scared But I don’t I feel safe, because of the trees

Trees get sad You can see it on autumn When their leafs get orange And they make everything blue

Trees get angry When the wind blows They make noises of fury And even the birds get scared

But most of the time trees are happy You can feel them When the birds are singing in them And every problem in your life is fixed.


What Guys Look For In GirlsSavannah Brown When I first learned that no one could ever love me more than me A world of happiness previously unseen was discovered Because somewhere along the line of aging and scrutiny and time I was taught to despise myself But I kept myself beautiful so someone would love me someday So I could belong to someone someday Because that's the most important thing a little girl could ever want right?

I was 13 the first time I was embarrassed about my body Of course it would not be the last I remember in the morning Tears streaming down my eyes Hoping, praying to something that I Could look beautiful enough today braces and all For the ruthless boys who told me I was worthless And I would go home and put on a sweatshirt with my eyes closed Denying myself the right to be shown myself Because I didn't dare insinuate beauty in regards to something so insulting as my body

But we all end up with our heads between our knees Because the only place we feel safe is inside skin we've been taught to hate By a society that shuns our awful confidence and feed us our own flaws


And sometimes when I need to meet the me that loves me I can't find her A reminder that the mirror is meant to be a curse So I confine her in my mind Be when he or she shouts let me out we are allowed to listen

But it’s met by a chorus of conceited, egotistical, narcissist But since when was self-solicitude a sin? Since when was loving who we are made an offense by morons who do not matter? Change this physicality and that one Don’t you dare shatter the notion that you could ever be anything beyond paper fine skin and flashy teeth and fingernails? Echoic accusations of not good enough never good enough Have you ever felt so numb that it hurts?

You can't surrender to them You got to remember you're the only thing you'll ever truly have And no I don't mean your body That will go bad someday no matter what you do I mean you

I mean the way your bright eyes go wild when you smile And your laughter's so melodic it’s a song I mean the way your creativity is a campus That leads you to what you love And you don't need and miracle cream to keep you passions smooth hair free


And you don't need any diet pills to slim down your kindness And when you start to drown in these petty expectations You better reexamine the miracle of your existence Because you are worth so much more than your waistline You are worth the beautiful thoughts you think And the daring dreams you dream But sometimes we forget that

Because we live in a world where the media Pulls us out, nurses us and teaches us our first words Skinny pretty skinny pretty Girl: soft quiet pretty Boy: manly muscles pretty But I don't care whether it's your gender, your looks, your weight, your skin or where your love lies None of that matters Because standards don't define you You don't live to meet the credentials set by a madman You’re a treasure whether you want to believe it or not And maybe that's what everyone should start looking for.


I COULD KILL HIM I play that line again, but I know it doesn't sound right. I play it again and I tell Saulo to change the tune on the piano. It's still lame. Diana is quiet, but she looks mad because she can't start playing her drums until we get it right. Erick is just sitting in the corner with his phone, he sings but now he is sick so he can’t really do anything. Sometimes I stop and think, I can't believe this people are my only friends. We spend most of our time together. Erick is like our dad or something, he is quiet most of the time. But he is really kind and honest, he also spends all day with his girlfriend Savannah. Saulo is always making us laugh, I think he is happy. It's hard to find someone like that these days. Diana is the only girl I talk to, she is great. Some people think we are dating because she calls me funny names like Erza or Ezri. My name is really Ezra, but I like to be called Ez.

I stop and invite them to my kitchen, we spend most of the time in my garage or in my room. I make some sandwiches and we eat together. Sometimes I avoid my friends, it’s weird because they're the only thing that makes happy. I don't know why I do it, it just happens. When I'm alone I just go to the record shop to buy some movies or records. I love music.

So, we eat the sandwiches. We have some fun. Then Erick gets a call from his girlfriend, and he says he has to leave. Saulo goes with him, because they live in the same neighborhood. I sit with Diana for a while. We talk a lot, she has a lot of secrets and I know each one. That's what I like about her, she is just very different. Some people think they know her, but they really don't. It gets late and she says she has to go. I never leave her go alone, so we take the bus and then we walk for a while.


She always looks scared because one day I was walking her home and some guy stole our things, he put a gun to her head. I couldn't do anything. Then she cried. She cried for like, 2 hours. I felt useless, I was supposed to help her, right? That's why I walk her home, to protect her. But I can't. I can't do much, I'm not very strong and I'm not brave enough. I thought she would be mad at me, but she wasn't.

We arrive to her house, she says bye and she leaves. Then I'm alone. I think about going back to my house, but then I remember I have some money and the record shop is not very far from here, so I decide to go there. I enter the shop and I'm amazed as always, the smell of it just takes me somewhere else. I see the records, I touch them. I want the new cd of The Skin Cells, I look for it.

Then I see it, some girl is holding it. I just stare at her. Then she notices and she asks if I like it. I say I love it and I wanted to buy it, she hands me the cd. "Don't you want it?" I ask, but she says she already has one of them.

I go to pay and I walk to the door to leave the record shop, but then I feel a hand touching me. -Hey, wait. - I hear a voice calling for me. I turn around and I see the girl that was holding the cd -Yes? - I say, she probably decided that now she wants the cd, and she will try to buy it cheap. -You like The Skin Cells, right? You bought the record. -Oh yes I bought it. If you want it I can sell it to you, you probably like them more than I do. -Yes I like them, but I don't want the cd, it’s yours! And as I said, I already own it... Oh! By the way, I'm April. -I'm Ezra -Hey Ezra, I just wanted to say I have a band. I play the guitar, and I think we sound like The Skin Cells, we are playing for the first time this Saturday, here. I don't think anyone will come, so, if you like The Skin Cells you should come and hear us. 7

Then she hands me a paper and she leaves. I stand there for a couple of seconds thinking of what just happened. I open the paper, it says:

SKULLLOVE Sat. 10 pm. be sure to be here, Skin Cells guy.

I laugh, that's a funny name for a band, and it’s the name of a song by The Skin Cells. I go home, I listen to my new record. Then I go to bed. I think about April, her voice was very sweet. Her hair was brown and kind of long, she was wearing a nice red dress, or a skirt, I'm not so sure. And a brown coat. She looked like the kind of girl that you never notice until she is gone. But she was pretty, probably the prettiest girl I've seen in the whole year.

Today it’s Friday. I'm going to go out with Diana, Saul and Erick. I think we are going to the new pizza restaurant on Saulo's street. Then we are probably going to the park to walk, that's what we do.

I have my camera with me, today is a pretty day so I might record a bit. I think my friends are tired of me recording them all day, but I really enjoy it, and then I edit the videos and they look ridiculous. I sit on the floor, I'm the first one to arrive, and then I see Saul. We talk a bit, last week we went to a concert together because it was his birthday, his favorite band played. We like to talk about that, about the faces the singer made or the time he fell and then acted like nothing had happened. Diana and Erick arrive together, and we walk to the restaurant. I tell them about the girl I met, April. I tell them how pretty she is and I say that she plays the guitar too. I invite them to the gig tomorrow, Erick says he is going to go out with Savannah, Saul says he need to go to church, and Diana says she might go.


I wouldn't go alone, it would be pathetic, but I really want to go. Diana says she will meet me at the record shop at 9pm. My friends eat pizza and talk, but I don't really listen. I'm thinking about The Skin Cells, and Skull Love the song, and Skulllove the band, I'm imagining April playing that song, and I’m imagining her guitar. We say bye, and I walk Diana home, she is scared as always, since the accident. I thank her for wanting to come with me to hear April play. I'm excited.

I walk to the record shop, its 8:30pm, in half an hour I'll meet Diana, and at 10:00pm April will start playing. There's like 20 people in the record shop, I imagine they're April's friends. 9:30, 9:35, 9:40... I'm calling Diana and she's not picking up her phone. And then I see April. She is in the stage now. Where's Diana? April's band is confirmed by some other girl playing the drums, and a funny looking dude singing. He says "hey we're Skullove, and we're here to make your brains explode" And they play...

They played 2 Skin Cells covers and 3 other songs I don't know, they were great. I tried focusing on the funny dude's voice but I couldn't, I was just staring at April's fingers. She looked so calm. When I play I look nervous and I make weird faces, but she didn't. She had her eyes open and she was staring at the floor, at one time she looked at the audience, she saw me and I think she smiled.

The funny dude says they have to go, and April disappears. I should go. But then I see her, she is sitting there while her band friends are talking to other people, I go to her. She sees me and smiles. -Look who's here, Ezra. The Skin Cells guy. - She says. -Hey April, the Skulllove girl. - I say.

April and I talked a lot, she's so interesting and funny. We walked and went to a park. I laid on the grass, she said she could stand on her hands, she did. It was night and we


sat there, staring at each other, I wanted to kiss her. And then she told me about her boyfriend.

The funny looking singer is her boyfriend.

I went out with April a couple of days later, we played a song together with our guitars and then we went to a museum. She was looking at a painting and I kissed her. She was quiet. She said she liked me, but she doesn't want to hurt his boyfriend Derek. I get it, they've been dating for a year. She probably loves him, I'm just an obsessive muso with 3 friends. I feel like I could kill him. Kill Derek, shoot him. Make him disappear forever, tell April I'll be with her. But I won't. I wouldn't be able to do it, right? I couldn't help Diana when a guy was stealing our things, I'm not brave enough. Am I? Yes. I am. I’ll. do it. I guess I thought I could, because 3 minutes later I was searching on the internet how to kill someone without getting caught. Internet is dark place, is was obvious I´d find something, I clicked on the first page and found out I needed new clothes, a bike, and of course a gun, or something to kill.

I prefer a gun, maybe an automatic or revolver. So I could shoot him right in his face. So then I could take a sweet bath on his blood, you know what they say about blood. It regenerates the skin. Maybe I could seem younger

I got a gun with this red-haired boy I know from school. His dad was a military man and he keeps some guns for some protection. That’s how this boy sold me a tiny revolver. Just for 10 dollars. Black clothes are recommended. That’s what I'm using.

Today´s the concert, and today´s my opportunity. There is a lot of people and I know that if I kill him, his funny face will turn into a mes I keep walking around trying to find this boy, my hands are sweating and the gun is cold at touch. I left my new bike hidden on the woods, so I can find it easily. Only me.I finally see him. He’s with April. Faggot. I could kill him right now, but I don’t. For April. She´d be a mess if her boyfriend died in front of her. So I just wait. But I just came back. Take my bike and ride home while listening the strokes.



My name is not something I really like And I tell people my name is Mar Right before they know my real name is Marian