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The Integrated Marketing Communications Program

A program designed for

Working Professionals

Life is never simple after college. Whether it’s your job, your family, traveling or just the day-in and day-out responsibilities, life is complicated. That’s why the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications developed the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program at the KU Edwards Campus to fit into your career — and your life. The structure enables you to easily weave the per sonal and professional benefits of a post-graduate education into your agenda without overburdening your already busy life. The convenient Overland Park location, competitive costs, evening and weekend class times, and select online courses make the IMC program flexible enough to fit any schedule. Because whatever works for you, works for us.

A program built to help you

Grow Professionally

Marketing is a cross-disciplinary practice, requiring knowledge of branding, writing, finance, research, media platforms and social media. Successful marketing professionals continually hone their skills in these and other fundamental areas. The IMC program acknowledges the importance of being well-rounded within the marketing sphere and teaches students how to develop and use essential skills in

concert. Each of our diverse courses integrates proficiency with big-picture, objective-oriented thinking that prepares graduates to become leaders in competitive environments. The program gives students the advantages they need to stand out and become strategically-minded brand advocates, and prepares them to be tomorrow’s decision makers.

about the program

Challenging Curriculum

The Integrated Marketing Communications curriculum consists of thought-provoking, creative and inspiring courses to enrich students on many levels. With each new learning opportunity, students discover innovative ways to approach their jobs, learning the best practices for success from highly experienced faculty and industry professionals.

Vibrant & Interactive Environment

There’s nothing more alive and stimulating than a classroom of fully engaged individuals collaborating, inviting fresh perspectives and discussing integrated marketing. An IMC class is fueled by a broad array of opinions and insights that allow for a dynamic environment where students can learn through group conversation, peer review and team projects.

Analytical Thinking

Stretch your mind to think beyond the basics. Our coursework challenges you to approach complex problems from fresh perspectives using proven strategies and measurable tactics. We teach you to recognize the real issues, analyze the research, build effective strategies and present solid plans that will make a real impact.

Immediate Impact

“Learn it tonight, use it tomorrow.” When you walk into class, expect to leave with new approaches to solving marketing problems you encounter in the workplace. Rather than waiting the whole semester or even the entire program, you can apply the lessons learned to make an impact at work the very next day.

Connect & Grow

Classmates, professors and guest speakers all represent valuable oppor tunities for connection, strengthening your network and helping you prepare to move up. In our new, socially networked world, you’ll be surprised how a complete stranger today can become a powerful advocate for you tomorrow.

“I have access to the latest tools and trends in the marketing industry, giving me a competitive advantage over my peers.�

“The program is helping me make business connections as well as friendships.”

“quote” “The two to three years I’ll spend in the program will keep giving back for the next 40 years.”

“I feel more savvy as a marketing thinker.”

“The program is a great differentiator for people who want to stand out from the MBA crowd.”


Integrated Marketing Communications Training professional communicators to find solutions for business problems from a managerial perspective


designed specifically for the working professional.

options that work for you

Theory + Practice


relevant | timely | practical Master of Science in Journalism


credit hours

integrates all aspects of Marketing Marketing Fundamentals

Intimate Class Sizes

required for degree completion flexible start - any semester

Financial Fundamentals

Immediately apply what you learn

Twelve 3-credit hour courses required for your degree

Marketing Communications Research

Timely, relevant content, geared to a rapidly changing world

Courses offered all year round

Classes taught by industry leading professors and professionals



at our website provides detailed information

Fall & Spring classes meet one night per week In-person, hybrid and online courses available

Capstone Course

Meet the core course requirements then build the rest of the program to suit your needs

sample JOUR 833

JOUR 823

JOUR 819

Social Media Marketing

Branding in Marketing Communications

Writing for Marketing Communications

You think you know social media, but do you really? In this dig-deeper course we escape the traps of simply writing a Facebook post, sending out a tweet or adding a photo to Instagram. Find out how to effectively integrate social media initiatives into an overall business communication strategy by properly monitoring and analyzing social media content, engaging key audiences and evaluating results. As part of the class, you will develop a social media plan designed to help a business attract traffic to its web/social media sites appropriate to enhancing its profitability and reputation.

Experience the power of branding beyond the perception that your logo and slogan are your brand. This in-depth class will focus on branding situations and challenges that marketing professionals experience every day. Using real examples and classic brand-building case studies, you will learn how to recognize and manage common brand problems and opportunities. You will learn how important it is to establish a clear and simple brand focus for any organization, while also exploring tools to actually get that accomplished. This course provides a deeper look into the realities of branding within an organization.

This writing-intensive course isn’t about buzzwords and jargon strung together to create generic marketing gobbledygook. It’s about crafting messages that matter. It takes you deep into the documents you build for marketing communications and management. You will be guided on how best to apply solid marketing concepts to your own written work, which will help you improve your writing skills and your ability to effectively relate to a strategically chosen audience. You will enhance your stor ytelli n g skills to engage yo u r desired target.

Learn it Tonight Use it Tomorrow * Check the course catalogue for a complete list of course op-

JOUR 825

JOUR 822

Relationship Marketing

Database Marketing

Business is about relationships. It’s a conversation between customer and company, from the initial point of connection to every touch-point thereafter. In Relationship Marketing, you will learn how to listen, learn and share in the relationship between you and your client, both internal and external. You’ll examine how customer relationships have changed in the era of the connected consumer and how organizations design and communicate value propositions. Gain proficiency in the monitoring and engagement tools that will lay the groundwork for your relationships, and go deeper into tactics.

Database marketing is more of a necessity to your business’ success than you might imagine. This engaging course will not only raise your acumen in database marketing, but heighten your appreciation for it as well. You will learn the process of designing a database, what info to include and ways to acquire that info, and how to organize and execute marketing programs using a database. More importantly, this class tosses aside the notion that database marketing is strictly for those already using a database. Instead, it highlights why this valuable tactic needs to be a part of all go-to-market plans.

JOUR 833

Technology in Marketing Communications Explore new, emerging technologies and their impact on the delivery of marketing messages.You’ll learn the critical thinking skills you need to keep abreast of fast-changing technology as you help decide the areas the class focuses on, choose a project that emphasizes the skills most important to you and share ideas with others who have similar interests. You’ll also learn ways to keep up with changes in technology and innovation, and gain greater awareness of the consumers who rely on these advances.

“Learn the latest marketing trends and tools taught by some of the industry’s best professors and professionals”

James K Gentry, Ph

Clyde M. Reed Teaching P William Allen White Sch and Mass Communicatio

Theory + Practice Cutting Edge Integrated Marketing Strategies

Practical Knowledge Theoretical Wisdom Eileen Hawley Communications Director/Press Secretary Office of the Governor, State of Kansas

Phil Bressler Partner/Chief Client Services Officer MBB+


Professor - University of Kansas hool of Journalism on

Michelle Keller Director, Corporate Communications & Community Relations Swope Health Services KC/IABC Arthur E. Lowell Communicator of the Year Award (2014)

Rich Learning Experiences The IMC program brings together awardwinning industry leaders and veteran educators to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical, offering students a one-of-a-kind graduate experience. Armed with years of practice and study, our faculty members take the theories of integrated marketing communications and apply them in the context of solving real world problems. Each instr uctor br ings a unique perspective and professional network, teaching students to think strategically and stay on top of the evolving science of marke ting and connecting them with valuable industry contacts. Whether it’s a lesson from the founder of one of Kansas City’s top advertising agencies or a professor who has studied and taught IMC skills for near ly two decades, the program delivers an unparalleled learning experience w h e r e seasoned professionals pass on the e x pe r tis e required to be one of today’s top marketers.

balance flexible options that work for you

“If you want to do it and you’re committed, you’ll find a way to make it work.”




success Liz Hawks Ambition. Commitment. Perseverance. While Liz Hawks is a woman of many virtues, her most impressive quality might be her ability to balance her high-powered career with the demands of parenthood. “If you’re thinking, ‘Should I have kids or should I go to grad school,’ it doesn’t have to be one or the other,” Liz explained. As she was on her way to becoming partner at one of Kansas City’s most prestigious agencies, FleishmanHillard, the IMC program provided the flexibility Liz needed to balance the demands of her growing family with those of her graduate education. So how did Liz make it work? “Slowly and steadily.” She began the program not yet a mother.Taking one course per semester, Liz grew her family, her career and her professional skills in the Integrated Marketing Communications program. After spending five years in the program, and adding two children to her family, Liz’s investment paid off when she earned her IMC graduate degree.Through it all, she focused on appreciating the processes she was learning and enjoying the journey. “If you enjoy it, it won’t feel so laborious,” Liz said. The courses gave Liz the big picture perspective she needed to grow as a professional marketer. “It charted a path for me … it gave me a 30,000-foot view of where the industry is going and offered a marketing mix that made me more rounded so I could be a better counselor to my peers and clients. Adding those layers to my knowledge base keeps me a step ahead of my competitors,” Liz said. One of her key achievements at FleishmanHillard was the development of the company’s Marketing-To-Moms practice. “Once I became a mom, I noticed the way I was being targeted and marketed to changed,” Liz said.This led her to draw up the marketing plan for her firm using the skills she acquired from her education. “I think going through the IMC program and studying the program’s different components created an awareness that inspired me to build the business case for Marketing-To-Moms,” Liz said. Her experience, and her new approach to identifying opportunities, continues to position her as an evolving thought leader.

From Cubicle To Corner Office

Gene King

Director of Corporate Communications B.S.J. — News & Info (1990) M.S.J. — IMC (2001)


“No matter what industry you work in, the structure of the program, the professors and the network you develop, all contribute to the opportunity to grow professionally.”

where are they now

“I don’t think I recognized the value of being around so many like-minded individuals who had a thirst for learning. I have learned so much from them, and I don’t know if I expected that going in.”



ene bridges the creative and the measurable every day at H & R Block. Beginning with the first night of class, he immediately connected with other professionals who shared a desire to learn and grow. Gene’s goal was to couple business strategy with creative development and messaging to produce measurable results. Throughout the program, everything he learned in class, he used at work the next day. The knowledge he gained, along with the strong relationships built, became powerful factor s contributing to his success.

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s fo le W p h a s le d a

Tonya Mangels

Jeff Akin

Melissa Kopp

Vice President, Food & Beverage Marketing


Senior Account Manager

M.S.J. — IMC (2001)

B.A. — English (2005) M.S.J. — IMC (2011)

M.S.J. — IMC (2012)

Strategic Thinking

“The IMC program challenged me to think more strategically: To think bout my competition, the marketplace, media and creative factors, and the importance of measurement to determine ROI.”


onya’s experience at KU’s IMC program taught her to think about strategy in a broader context with less ocus on “activity” and more thought eadership around big picture results. While there are limitless ways to approach initiatives, she learned that having defined company objectives allows for the creation of tactically supported strategies. She now focuses on eading innovative, collaborative teams down paths that effectively, and measurably, achieve her company’s objectives.


Entrepreneurship “The exposure to guest speakers who are business leaders in the community was very formative in my development as an entrepreneur. I realized,this is stuff people actually do, and there’s no reason I can’t do it either.”


eff didn’t start with the end in mind at KU’s IMC program. Instead, he took advantage of a professional development opportunity that launched him on an entrepreneurial trajectory. Even though he’d never taken a business or journalism class, everything he learned he applied at work the next day. He quickly rose from copywriter to creative director, and launched his own firm shortly after graduation. The IMC program gave him all the pieces he needed to succeed, in context and supported by the right people.

“There were such great networking and job opportunities. To find two different jobs from direct connections in the IMC program was something I didn’t expect going in.”


elissa had just left law school to find a career path that better fit when she started the IMC program at KU. Not only did she find the bridge between her communications skills and creative instincts that she had been missing in law school, she built up a professional network of classmates and instructors. Being in the right place at the right time and meeting the right people opened up doors of opportunity that led her down a career path to her current position in Chicago.

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Admissions Invest In Your Future The Integrated Marketing Communications graduate curriculum is the only program of its kind in the Kansas City area designed specifically for marketing professionals. Our program is structured to prepare professionals in marketing, adver tising and media-related jobs to develop strategic insights, apply quantitative analytics and deliver thought-provoking results across traditional and digital media platforms. Whether you work for a small startup or a global powerhouse, this solid foundation of valuable knowledge, insights and skills prepares you to take your career to the next level. When you consider investing in a KU Master of Science in Journalism - Integrated Marketing Communications degree, you’re investing in a future full of relevance and opportunity. Our people, curriculum and program flexibility make seeking an IMC graduate degree an outstanding choice. Bottom line: the need is there, the jobs are there, and you’ll be there, as a confident IMC graduate. You owe it to yourself to find out more — invest in your future.

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at its best

“If I can do this, I can do anything.” —IMC Graduate, 2013

Confident Accomplished Innovative Relevant Strategic Creative Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Program

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Viewbook IMC Grad Program - KU Edwards Campus  

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