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January 2011

Volume 2, Issue 1


Well here we are again at the end of another month. We hope that 2011 has started off well for everyone and that you’re all healthy. If January is anything to go by, this 2011 should be a great year. As mentioned in our previous Newsletter we are busy moving things into Zurich and closer to our students. We hope to do this as quickly and painlessly as possible as not to disturb our teaching or other work.

Wordweb: Apa!ment

Try using colours for genders. Remember to find plurals. Connect words thematically

s da , r e mm er i z f la mm Sch lafzi Sc h

Adding to our constant releases of Quizlet flashcards (http:// , we have also started blogging about German grammar topics. If you have a question that you would like to see answered, please let us know and we’ll do our best to blog it as fast as possible. This was written by a reader on Twitter today: “If you’re studying German, Marathon Sprachen’s blog is one Esszimmer, das of the best resources I found around.” Here is the address: http:// Esszimmer We are all generally very busy trying to mange work and our private life, including families, which makes learning a language hard. However, like physical training language learning needs constant practice. Here’s a tip — try learning 10 words a week. Make flashcards and wordwebs to track your progress. You’ll be amazed how fast you can do it. Here’s a second tip — speak German at the supermarket. You might get a smile and a laugh if you make a mistake, but shop clerks are great teachers and they love helping.


We’re still planning a trip to Bergün or Grindelwald to go sledging. If you’re interested please contact us so we can start to get things organized. If you have a sweet tooth like we do here is something worth going to. Kerrin Rousset from MyKugelhopf is offering guided tours around Zurich to discover the sweet confectionary traditions of the city and of course taste some amazing sweets. Starts February 4th. More info:

Zimmer, das Zimmer

Wohnung, die Wohnungen

Dusche, die Duschen

Ba Ba dez de im m zi e m m r, d er as

Küche, die Küchen Herd, der Herde

Balkon, der Balkone Waschküche, die Waschküchen

, der Flur e Flur

Geschirrspüler, der Waschmaschine, die Waschmaschinen Geschirrspüler

If you know anyone looking for a modern 3.5 room flat with two bathrooms, big balcony, open kitchen, washer and dryer in the flat, as well as a large cellar space, we’d have just that. The flat is three years old and just 25 minutes away from Zurich main station with the S12. 5 minute walk to the International School Winterthur as well.


Wohnzimmer, das Wohnzimmer

LH Leo Hunger Laufshop & Sponsoring GmbH

Trockner, der Trockner If you’re an Expat in Zurich or looking to meet Expats in Zurich, Zurich4You is a great place to get started. This spring Christian will giving holding a seminar at ETAS in St.Gallen to the topic of “Language teaching in an Internet 2.0 world.” Exact date and time will follow. We’d also like to congratulate our friends at the HUB Zurich ( for getting everything up and running and fully open. They’re doing amazing work, please check them out.

Philipp Lohri Telefon 052 260 15 15

Marathon Sprachen Newsletter - January 2011  
Marathon Sprachen Newsletter - January 2011  

In this issue: tips for learning languages. We're blogging. Sledging. Sweet tours around Zurich. Congrats HUB Zurich! ETAS seminar. Moving t...