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February 2011

Volume 2, Issue 2


Winter is almost over and unfortunately for many skiers and ski resorts it has been anything but cooperative. We hope that you were all able to make it out and up onto the mountains to enjoy a little snow though. The great thing about spring is the flourishing of colour and return f life. At Marathon Sprachen many new ideas are starting to sprout and we’re looking forward to what they will yield. Our iPad App is seeming more progress and our blog is constantly attracting more visitors ( Last month we suggested that you start making word webs to better learn your vocabulary. This is a great method for learning words through association. Another strategy, especially good for adjectives, verbs and adverbs is find opposites (antonyms). This will allow you to express an idea even if the word doesn’t come to mind. So if you want to express “schmutzig” but can’t remember that, you can always resort to “nicht sauber”. When reading pick out ten words to learn and really do your best to learn just those ten, break it into manageable pieces. Next month we’d like to put out a special issue in language learning, cooking and eating. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Our slogan is “Languages & Lifestyle” and we work with numerous people, who continually put us in contact with new trends and trendsetters in Zurich. We’d like to pass on some of our connections here. Christian had the opportunity to join in on the first Sweet Zürich Tour with Kerrin Rousset from MyKugelhopf. He greatly enjoyed the tour and learned a great deal of new information. Next time you have guests in town consider this special and interesting way of discovering Zurich. More information under: People in Zurich aren’t just active, but they understand fashion. Bringing these two elements together is Sophie Ju: Would you believe that with 120 Francs one could start a fashion line that also has women excited? Two friends took on the challenge after searching the shops and not finding the proper training outfit. The result is now available: in vibrant, energetic colours like pink, yellow and turquoise with a sexy cut to bring your bottom and thighs into a flattering form. Whether your XXS or XL, Sophie Ju training suits fit everyone. More information under:


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When you’re learning new vocabulary, especially adjectives, adverbs and verbs find the antonym or create a scale to help remember them better.







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100% selten manchmal


täglich monatlich jährlich wöchentlich stündlich


Maybe you’re looking for a new job or just trying to spruce up your presence on Xing or LinkedIn. It is important to realize one thing though, you’re looks say a great deal to a new employer or customer. This is why a professionally shot photo is well worth doing. We recently used Matthew Anderson Photography for new pictures for our website and were very happy with the results. More information under: How can we use Facebook, Twitter and Co. to better teach languages? In April Christian will be holding a workshop with ETAS in St. Gallen to address exactly this topic.

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March Newsletter for Marathon Sprachen  

Spring is coming. More tips for learning languages. Get a professional photo. Check out Zurich. Active fashion from Zurich.