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Selling Dope Marathon Of Dope is your source for quality music in digital download form. Marathon Of Dope is a take on legendary Canadian runner Terry Fox’s “Marathon Of Hope”. The music on offer at Marathon Of Dope is available for free download. We feel very strongly about delivering our music to your ears. After all, we make the music for our fans and listeners to enjoy. When you like the music you’ve downloaded (and we know that you will), you have the option to make a purchase to help offset the costs involved in producing the music. All artists have expenses related to creating their music. Studio time, equipment rentals, engineers, and advertising are just a few of the things that require money when a new project is developing. Whatever money you decide is reasonable to pay for the music at Marathon Of Dope will go directly to the artists. That money will enable them to continue making high caliber music and bring it directly to you. So there you have it-- the straight dope on how we sell music at Marathon Of Dope. The album is FREE or it costs whatever you feel it’s worth. We trust you’ll see the value of the music we produce and we appreciate everybody’s support past, present, and future. THANK YOU!


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Written by Marcus Graap and Tom De Geeter Produced by Marcus Graap, Tom De Geeter and Pieter Blancke Features by Radical Face and Elissa P Remixes by Dj Co-op, kNIGHTS, ARtroniks, Nomad, Johan Hugo, Mike Ladd, Rob Crooks and Speed Dial 7 Mixed and Mastered by Johan Hugo (The Very Best) Artwork by Bert Dombrecht

Zucchini Drive

No Food But Lots of Weapons Drawing upon their many influences, including garage rock, progressive rock and hip hop, Zucchini Drive is able to bring to new light to every new release. Working in remote locations in London and Belgium, Zucchini Drive’s latest projectNo Food and Lots of Weapons is completely self-produced, and the album reporesents the duo’s take on a 2012 world. The band found inspiration from many sources for this album, including, “dark humor with a touch of sarcastic political commentary. And break-up sex.”

Written by Ruben Kindermans and Tom De Geeter Produced by Ruben Kindermans and Tom De Geeter Features by Pip Skid and Birdapres Mixed and Mastered by Tom De Geeter Artwork by Tom De Geeter

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Nomad & Speed Dial 7 L i l

R i o

Nomad & Speed Dial 7 both started making noise part of the band Cavemen Speak. A good 13 years later, they join forces once again to bring you “Lil Rio�. Listen, download and share, but mostly enjoy this free record with incredible features by labelmates Pip Skid and Birdapres.



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Written by Infinite Livez Produced by Infinite Livez Features by Gold Panda, Stade and Dingy Dysu Mixed and Mastered by Tom De Geeter Artwork by Infinite Livez

Infinite Livez G e e z ! !

L e a r n

C a n t o n e s e

Broken, fixed, and made whole by a plethora of means “Geez!! Learn Cantonese” represents Infinite Livez’s latest attempt to relieve his constipated hard drive of it’s constant yearning to make Hip Hop mean something (again). Starting from the start point of having jumped the gun it launches itself head on into a position of being forced to bite the bullet…BLAMO!! It includes several self produced titles and improvised recordings made with the likes of Gold Panda, Stade and Dingy Dysu. This is experimental Hip Hop at it’s most unforgiving that doesn’t morn the passing of a great empire but instead attempts to learn the language anew in order to have some chance of finding greener pastures…”Geez!! Learn Cantonese”.

Written by Rob Crooks Produced by Rob Crooks Mastered by Tom De Geeter Artwork by Patrick Skene

Rob Crooks

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H e a r t s

Like any progressive form of music when it first emerges, the music found on the Hearts EP is hard to describe as any one specific genre. If you were to try to classify it, you might say that it fits somewhere inbetween hip-hop and indie rock; but that description is both far too broad and, paradoxically, far too narrow. The lyrics, well-crafted and insightful, range from enigmatic to allegorical, with many stops inbetween. Every sound on the EP – excluding the vocals of course – echos out of a tiny sampler, which at some times could be mistaken for a full band. This is partly because the sampler is not used as a sequencer. Instead, every sound is triggered live and played as if from any conventional instrument. The result is a slight swing that adds an exclusively human feel to the rhythm. Each piece is re-created on stage with one sampler and one voice. The songs on Hearts were made to be performed.



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Written by Marcus Graap and Tom De Geeter Produced by KaeoFLUX, Radical Face and Nomad Features by Radical Face, Elissa P, No Surrender, Markus Acher (The Notwist) and Nomad Remixes by Sole &The Skyrider Band, Thavius Beck, dDamage, Wixel & Scott Da Ros Mixed and Mastered by KaeoFLUX Artwork by Bert Dombrecht

Zucchini Drive

G o o d y e a r Te l e v i s i o n P l a y h o u s e Zucchini Drive’s third release, Goodyear Television Playhouse was produced by KaeoFLUX but also partly by Radical Face and Nomad. Although Graap and Speed Dial feel this is one of their strongest works to date, the album slipped through the cracks in a label shuffle, and never quite permeated as many ears as they had hoped. As means to commemorate Zucchini Drive’s ten year anniversary, Marathon Of Dope will reissue Goodyear Television Playhouse. Features on this record include Elissa P., Radical Face, Nomad, and No Surrender. Graap and De Geeter consider this album to mark a monumental turning point in their style, and still turn to tracks like “Mannequinlegs” and “Choke,” as touchstones for their sound.

Written by Ruben Kindermans Produced by Ruben Kindermans Mastered by Tom De Geeter Artwork by Ruben Kindermans Online Free Download Page:

Nomad N o

M a g i c

‘No Magic‘ is Nomad’s latest album. A perfect mixture between the earlier energetic “Lemontea” and gracefull “Cats & Babies” and his best release up-to-date. Discover the beauty of lo-fi songs with breathtaking melodies and witty but intelligent lyrics. Nomad’s unique voice took us to another world. Nomad has an established presence in the independent hip-hop scene with wonderful releases of Belgian collective Cavemen Speak and Gunporn as well as the collaboration with Canadian MC Epic. His solo work is less hiphop but at least as fascinating.



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Written by Patrick Skene Produced by Dj Kutdown, Dj Hunnicutt, Gordski, Aries, Oldfolks Home and B-Flat (The Lytics) Features by Cadence Weapon, Birdapres and B-Flat Recorded and Mixed by Ricardo Lopez-Aguilar Mastered by mcenroe Artwork by Bert Dombrecht

Pip Skid P e o p l e

a r e

t h e

W o r s t

Pip Skid’s record People Are The Worst isn’t so much as album as it is a collected works. Some of the songs were written a few months ago while others a few years ago. The intention was originally to just dump them in their lethargic form out onto the internet but Ricardo LopezAguilar pulled them to safety & they were re-recorded & re-worked to make People Are The Worst. PATW is a guest heavy half hour full of what you would come to expect from a Pip Skid record. Anger, madness, stupid jokes & rap with some more rap on top of it. Enjoy.

Produced by Tim Hoover Mastered by Tim Hoover Artwork by Tim Hoover

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Tim Co-op Hoover W e l l ,

Y o u

N e e d n ’ t

I’ve been staying at Pip Skid’s house in Winnipeg before heading to join him and Speed Dial 7 in Europe and wanted to make some music before hitting the road again. So I sampled a bunch of records from Pip’s collection into a Dr Sample, and came up with these noisy, dense loops which I put into the laptop and used as the base for these beats. I tried not to spend too long on each one – the whole thing was done in 2 days, not unlike last year’s Nice Work If You Can Get It, which was done in an all-night session. - Tim Hoover



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Written and Arranged by Mike Ladd Produced by Charles Vetter, Tom De Geeter, Soulmento and Mike Ladd Additional vocals by Juice Aleem, Casey, Martin Jack Kwesi James and Toli Drums by Damali Young Artwork by Tom De Geeter

Mike Ladd K i d s

a n d

A n i m a l s

Everyone has a few artists who they believe are incredible and do not understand why more people who are fans of the same sort of music, do not really know that artists music. (Could I have made that sentence any more confusing? Well yes but that isn’t the point.) For me, one of the artists on the top of that list is Mike Ladd. Whether it is his solo work, his classic projects with Vijay Iyer, or in the brilliant battle of the Infesticons and Majesticons, the guy shines as a true artist, not just an MC. What’s that you say? You are not familiar with Mr. Ladd, well then, why not check out this project and see what you are missing. - Dj Jazzpants

Written by Creature Produced by Prefuse 73 Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Eddie Scissors at 20/20 Studios

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Creature C h e s t e r

H i m e s


in New York City, there’s three landmarks that every tourist inadvertently has to see: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Creature. Rapper, published author and innovator of street salesmanship, Creature’s spot in Hip-Hop’s birthplace is one that every person winds up visiting. Originally one third of Beatnuts-produced 90s outfit The Triflicts, Creature rose to infamy by riding a self-propelled one man campaign picking up where New York legend Percee-P left off. Appearing everywhere from MF Doom’s album to a Tony Hawk video game and plenty more.



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Written by Marcus Graap and Tom De Geeter Produced by Marcus Graap, Tom De Geeter and Pieter Blancke Mixed and Mastered by Johan Hugo (The Very Best) Artwork by Bert Dombrecht

Zucchini Drive H











The boys of Zucchini Drive are back again, and they have shaped a new sound, while maintaining their usual disregard for distance, trends and expectations. Frontmen Marcus Graap and Tom De Geeter have teamed up with a drummer and bassist, and called upon Johan (Radioclit/The Very Best) for mixing, and Mich Decruyenaere (Hitch) for guitar work, leading the band down a grittier, richer post-rock inspired road. Despite Zucchini Drive’s history of collaborating with other artists, including Markus Acher (The Notwist), M Sayyid (Anti-Pop Consortium), Marina Gasolina (ex-Bonde Do Role), Alias and more, Graap and De Geeter are keeping Howler a more sacred space, taking it upon themselves to do all of the writing and production.

Written by The Gumshoe Strut Remixes by The Gumshoe Strut, DJ Kinetik, and DJ Kutdown, as well 9 instrumentals. Guest appearances include Rob Crooks (Magnum K.I.), Birdapres,

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The Gumshoe Strut D e n t u r e

C l i n i c

The Gumshoe Strut’ 2010 EP “Too Long in The Tooth”, has been fitted with a fresh set of fronts for 2011. The newly refined project is aptly titled “Denture Clinic” and is available for “free / pay what you want” download at now.



Pip Skid T e n s Online Free Download Page:

Written by Patrick Skene Produced by Dj Kutdown Remixes by Dj Gordski, Dj Kutdown, mcenroe, Ric Hard, Birdapres, OldFolks Home and more Artwork by Burnt Lobster

o f

D o l l a r s


Why would we remix a song that already has everything? Why would a badger eat rotten berries and sleep on a highway? It’s all quite simple really. Whether it’s the Dj Hunnicutt party break you wanna flap out to or the beautifully bizarre Dj Gordski version… its all here. Maybe you’re more into hip-house and the Moves mix will suit your fancy? Or you could be wrenched with OCD & you need to clean the already clean house to the mcenroe joint. Who knows? Its even possible that you suffer from the same anger issues we do and the only thing that could sit right with you is a brand new jam. There’s also a chance you like to pump the Ric Hard disco shit and dress up like a civil servant while eating ice cream at 4am. I mean really, for all we know you might be a total asshole who hates remixes and only wants to listen to the unadulterated Dj Kutdown original. Either way we got you covered like mosquitos in the marsh.

Written by Tom De Geeter Produced by Tom De Geeter Features by Pip Skid, Mike Ladd, M Sayyid (Anti-Pop Consortium), Yy, Nomad, Skratch Bastid, Passage, Elissa P, Birdapres and Anna Barie (These Are Powers) Mastered by Tom De Geeter

Speed Dial 7 11

It’s been said time and time again that an artist really only learns the true essence of a record once it’s been taken on tour. In the case of Speed Dial 7’s latest full-length release 11, the record was almost entirely conceived and constructed on the road. While touring for his October release Short Rich Apocalypse, frontman, Tom De Geeter drew inspiration from the places he played, artists he met, and floors he slept on to cook up the spontaneous and energetic 11. Influenced greatly by an extensive 70s record collection he raided after a show in Innsbruck, the record has a mix of nostalgic samples, and Speed Dial 7’s signature throwback percussion.

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Birdapres C a t c h

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Written by Dane Goulet Produced by Dane Goulet Features by Cadence Weapon, Nomad, Pip Skid, John Smith, Speed Dial 7, Mike Ladd and Nestor Wynrush Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tom De Geeter

a n


On an extra hot day this past August in Winnipeg, Birdapres set up a makeshift dining room studio with Tom De Geeter / Speed dial 7. Three hours and seventeen janky songs later, “Catch An L!� was born. Pip Skid called in an attempt to stop the album from being finished, so that he could play bocce with his Eurobro. He failed. The L happened anyways. Like a modern day Alan Lomax (only Belgian!), De Geeter captured the melancholy, trenchant and slightly dazed world of The Old Birdy Dastard. Loops and words collided in a slapdash but urgent fashion; disembodied voices told of Rosicrucian mysteries and blind dates gone foul. Lightning in a barrel, friends. From there, things got even more eventful. Cadence Weapon gave an old Navy bro change, Mike Ladd freestyled a rough breakup and Nomad sang a weathered Boy Scout song. Everyone, Including Pip Skid, John Smith, and Nestor Wynrush found a place at the fire.


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Pass and Touch EP

Passage/Passaj, David Bryant started at 17 with a DJ starter kit and a Roberta Flack record. After realizing the supreme usefulness of the very tiny 12 second sampler on his gigantic Gemini mixer, the wedding DJ in a box went back to the shop in exchange for a bigger sampler and two drum machines. He founded Restiform Bodies with Bomarr and Telephone Jim Jesus as a laugh. A couple months later Dose One called from Amoeba Berkeley for Restiform Bodies cassettes and the fellas moved to professionally jock anticon in Oakland, CA. In 2008 Passaj again teamed up with Bomarr and Jeezy to make Tv Loves You Back. Passaj has worked and toured with Sole, Dose One, Why? Alias, Bomarr, Telephone Jim Jesus, Mike Busse of Chronic Future, Broken Spindles, The Faint, Of Montreal, Grand Buffet, Back Ted N Ted and Lazer Sword.



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Written by Joseph Winter Produced by Murdock Features by Yy Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Murdock

Murdock presents

John Smith

It’s True Because it Rhymes

Smitty’s fourth solo endeavor, Its True Because It Rhymes, introduces his listeners to producer Murdock, and a new style and sound. Its True Because It Rhymes takes a step towards the mainstream, without compromising the truthful, emotional content that has won fans of Smith over worldwide. Murdock’s lush instrumentation and smooth, groove oriented beats invite listeners into John’s realm, and provide a rich backdrop for Smith to wax poetic over. John Smith continues to gain momentum with a banging new album, a high energy live show, and pounds of respect from peers across Canada and worldwide.


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While on tour with Zucchini Drive in Belgium in 2009, I burnt a hard drive and lost about 6 years of music. That was partially my motivation to make this record. I lost a lot of solo songs that day. Never to be heard again. Not even by me. I realized I wanted people to hear my solo music. So, here it is. I used various software, hardware, and sound sources to make this record. The only real constant was that I tried to make songs that I personally enjoy listening to. I trusted that my experience in the arts, music, photography and film over the years would help me craft an instrumental album that has form, depth, texture and character.



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Tim Co-op Hoover N i c e Wo r k i f Yo u c a n G e t I t

With over ten years of experience under his belt, DJ Coop likes to think of himself as Winnipeg’s most versatile DJ. From the early days of throwing underground hip-hop nights and dance parties, to earning a spot in the 2005 Canadian DMC battle finals. His fresh and intelligent mixes have blown up Canadian Campus radio charts, and gotten love online from sites including Most recently Co-op has been found backing up Epitaph/Big Dada rapper Cadence Weapon. He’s also incredibly good at pinball. This Ep is a must for who is into good instrumental hiphop tracks. Co-op combines simple melodies with complex beats and makes his own personal mix of energetic drums with melancholic melodies.

Written by Beejay Groce Produced by Beejay Groce Features by Yy, Rob Crooks

The Gumshoe Strut

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Too Long In The Tooth EP

The Gumshoe Strut’s new EP, Too Long In The Tooth is an ode to the weak and weary. Despite its staccato and energetic pulse, it speaks to the worn down, shut down, broke down and just plain down in all of us. While sitting at home for 3 weeks recovering from an infection, veteran Winnipeg emcee / producer The Gumshoe Strut found the inspiration to create his newest masterpiece. The EP features a nostalgic collaboration with Magnum K.I.’s Rob Crooks titled “Back Then,” delves into a chilling suburban persona in “Redrum,” and accentuates Gumshoe’s sprawling lyricism in “On The Move,” “The Haunted Painting,” and title track, “Too Long In The Tooth.”



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Written by Tom De Geeter Produced by Tom De Geeter Additional guitar by Mich Decruyenaere Features by Passage, Mike Ladd, Infesticons, Rob Sonic, Elissa P, Nomad, M Sayyid (Anti-Pop Consortium), Birdapres, B-Flat (The Lytics),.... Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tom De Geeter

Speed Dial 7 S h o r t

R i c h

A p o c a l y p s e

Zucchini Drive’s Tom De Geeter has released his first solo album under the moniker Speed Dial 7. The resulting Short Rich Apocalypse beds the varying performances from the likes of Mike Ladd, M Sayyid, Passage, Rob Sonic and Pip Skid. These contributions are made cohesive by a hearty blend of De Geeter’s own vocals, and nostalgic samples that hearken to road trip delirium, ghosts, the circus and whichever basement you were hanging out in the 90s.

Written by Tom De Geeter, Oliver Vandenbussche and Ruben Kindermans Produced by Tom De Geeter, Oliver Vandenbussche and Ruben Kindermans

Cavemen Speak Season Finale

13 years ago, Nomad, Danzil Bearskin and Tom De Geeter (Zucchini Drive/Speed Dial 7) started their band called Cavemen Speak. Well, to celebrate their 10th birthday, out of over 100 songs, the guys picked their favorit tracks to create “Season Finale (the Essential Cavemen Speak)”. Expect songs from So the Blindman woke Earlier (2000), Bowl of Monkey (2001), Wooden Cast (2002) and Tell All Residents (2004), next to 2 exclusive tracks never to be released on any of their albums. Vocals: Nomad, Speed Dial 7 & Danzil Bearskin Production: Nomad, Speed Dial 7 & Danzil Bearskin in their bedrooms between 2000 and 2005 No thanks, You’re Welcome

Features by Josh Martinez, Bleubird Coverart by Ruben Kindermans and Tom De Geeter

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Vocals by Nestor Wynrush Guest vocals Len Bowen (Lixx Rmx) Drums Jason Banman Guitar Mark Penner Bass Julian Bradford Conductor/DJ DJ Hunnicutt The Laughter, crowd comments and applause: DJ Co-op, Pip Skid, Bad Mannas, Al Lorde, etc,…… The Host: Cass of Mass Appeal Mondays

The Nestor Wynrush Ensemble L i v e

a t

t h e

L o

P u b

Recorded on Dec 7th, 2009 at The Lo Pub in Winnipeg, Canada. “So High From The Lo”, Brings together some of Winnipeg’s best players in support of Nestor Wynrush. The band re-interprets and remixes songs from Wynrush’s catalog. Canadian stalwarts; mcenroe, Kutdown, soso, and Grand Analog get their beats reworked. Stories are shared, drums hit hard, the bass warmly caresses the soul and the Hip Hop Blues smoothly travels down the throat. It was a special night that celebrated Winnipeg Promoter & DJ, DJ Hunnicut’s “turning an age” and the unofficial 15th anniversary of the legendary Canadian Hip Hop label, Peanuts and Corn. Come to “Trinnipeg ’78″ as Wynrush gives context to “Guy, I’m from Here” on this live recording. An experience that should not be missed.

Written by Elissa Pociask Produced by Elissa Pociask

Elissa P

Online Free Download Page:

Quickie Calendar

Patience is not a flower which blooms in Elissa P.’s garden. So, tired of trying to trick a producer into engineering her latest project, she just decided to come up with something herself. The resulting Quickie Calendar is a smart and clean collection of unmannerly pop songs, complete with snap-clap percussion, sweet layered melodies, and mean lyrics: (“You look like you need a friend, but I’m not offerin’”). Two steps back from her technically-sound 2006 release (produced by Brenmar of These Are Powers), Quickie Calendar humbly explores what it’s like to dress up a song in a outfit with shoulder pads and a nametag and tell it to pretend to be serious. And then make it dance around. To be more clear, the record has sonically immortalized a pair of $3 drumsticks, the click of a bulldog’s nails on linoleum, and one very proud Vietnamese frog.



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Written by Marcus Graap and Tom De Geeter Produced by KaeoFLUX and Mon.Key.Pod Features by Marina Gasolina (ex-Bonde Do Role), M Sayyid (Anti-Pop Consortium), Seraphim (No Surrender) and Christy Brewster. Remixes by Dj Co-op, kNIGHTS, ARtroniks, Nomad, Johan Hugo, Mike Ladd, Rob Crooks and Speed Dial 7 Mixed and Mastered by KaeoFLUX

Zucchini Drive S h o t g u n

R u l e s

In 2009, The Zucchini Drive brothers have been up to no good again, and this time they weren’t afraid to get rough and breathe down your neck a little. Teaming up again with Brooklyn’s KaeoFLUX and his band Mon. Key.Pod on production, ZD members, Marcus Graap and Tom De Geeter have honed in on their core sound with their third fullength, Shotgun Rules. The album oscillates from the manic pop hooks of “Shotgun Rules” (with Marina Gasolina, ex-Bonde Do Role) and “We’re All Dead, So You Know” (with Christy Brewster), to the high-energy haphazard electro-rap of “Down To The Spine” (with M. Sayyid of Anti-Pop Consortium) and “Where the Buffalos Roam” (with Seraphim of No Surrender), to the gauzy flow of “Call The Gods Back In” (with Elissa P). KaeoFLUX and Mon.Key.Pod twist the journey into a cohesively gorgeous itch that is somehow simultaneously meditative and Eurotrash. Dig in, and don’t skip a beat.

Marathon of Dope +32 474 46 10 79 label illustrations by Bert Dombrecht layout by Tom De Geeter


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