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Soccer life

By: Marat Alberto Alfaro Medina. 1B Instituto Mexicano Madero Teacher: Cristina Nava

Index Promotion of Tolerance (Essay)……………………………………3 Mother Nature (Original)…………………………………………….5

The Age Demand (Poem)…………………………………………...6 My soccer life (Short story)………………………………………….7 Acronym……………………………………………………………….12


Promotion of Tolerance In this essay we are going to talk about some text we read, particulary about the anchor selections on burning the American flag. Specifying and giving examples about the tolerance in the texts we read. American flag´s stands for tolerance has some interesting points about the tolerance one of those is when the supreme court takes the decision about that a the right to express disagreement with governmental policies by burning the American flag. That is a good example of tolerance in the text of American flags because they reflect that they are not restricting her rights from the people. Another example could be, because it is a way of expression. In the text of the American flag said “At the core of what the flag symbolizes, the, tolerance. More than anything else, the flag stands for free expressions of ideas, no matter how distasteful”.


In the text of what, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish? An example of tolerance is when jony met the Russian with the faded tattoo he has tolerance about the thinking of the Russian he said “if he ever found talking goldfish he wouldn’t ask of it a single thing. He would just stick it on a shelf in a big glass jar and talk to him all day”, jony have tolerance and respect the thoughts of others. In the without title the kid had a tolerance about he have care about buffalos, he remember all the situations that happen to the buffalos and we want like to take care about the nature an the animals .


The Age Demand -The age demanded that we sing And cut away our tongue The age demanded that we flow And hammered in the bung. The age demanded that we dance And jammed us into iron pants. And in the end the age was handed The sort of shit that it demanded.


Mother Nature We are coming; Nature transformed into; we depend in her.

She gave us air, water , fire , land. The air for breatheing; Water for drink; Fire for being hot and The land to born. Gods for have faith; Mystical sky as shelter; Stars to illuminate us; Stars like bellys; The depths of land as destination; The immortals like imagine.


My soccer life A long time ago in a land far, far away there were two kids with the hope of someday being professional soccer players one was called Chofis and his best friend Ribeiro. One day his coach Almeyda approached them and said that he believed that they could become the best football players and that he could help them to achieve it, which they responded with a smile. Weeks later‌ The coach Almeyda called to his office to Rhofis and Ribeiro and told them that they got a good opportunity to train with the Barcelona FC club but they had to leave everything behind and focus on his career. As they ran to their home and warned their families the Possibility that could change their life, the decision they were going to take to go to the basic forces, and their families let them go with pride that their children could achieve their dream. Hours later.... Almeyda asked them are ready guys???for the challenge of their life and the two children responded clearly yees coach!!!!!. Hours later... We have arrived guys, sleep well and prepare for tomorrow I will see you on the stadium at 8:00 am and the two children answer until tomorrow coach thank you very much. The next day‌ Good morning boys, ready ??? Of course, we will give it everything. When they arrived at the training, the coach Almeyda present us the coach poncho the official coach of the basic forces of the club Barcelona and they greeted him with great pleasure and cordially and the coach poncho told them good guys prepare for the oprtunity of your lifes, I give you 5 minutes to change. A training after ...


At the end of the training the coach poncho had a talk with Almeyda and the children see that when almeyda saw them with much concern and when the coaches finished talking almeyda called the two children and told them there good news and another bad, The good thing is that they accepte you Chofis, but you do not Ribeiro to what Ribeiro came running and angry and from that moment they did not see him again to what chofis became very sad because he was his best friend but almeyda comment him that he did not worry one day they were going to see again. In the following months almeyda helped chofis to improve every day until one day they see on the newspaper that ribeiro the best friend of chofis had entered to the basic forces of the Real Madrid that is the eternal rival of Barcelona. Months after Chofis debuted in the basic forces of Barcelona and scored his first goal scorpion and in the following games each minute they gave him, he take the advantage and scored a goal for less so that earned undisputed title and in the middle of the season came the Classic of classics and Chofis knew that he was going to see his friend Ribeiro. When the time came the classic was going to start and Chofis and Ribeiro curved their looks and choifs greet him, to what Ribeiro responded with a gesture of disgusting. When the game were found they see face to face and Chofis had the ball and wanted to cheat but Ribeiro reluctantly stretched his leg and hit him on the leg, the referee called the attendants and they ran, but at that moment Ribeiro called him "that's what happens to abandon me" and chofis with the tear on your face felt distressed and sore already, who does not know why aggression of his best friend. Chofis could not continue in the game and told him that he could not continue playing until two months in that game were left for coffee and a disappointment for his partner. Two months later .... When the Doctor said that the chofis could play football again, the coach told him clearly you have to return to your level and you are almost 18 and could get up to the first team to what chofis he replied thank you very much Coach I value this very much I promise that I will improve and overcome me day by day. When he returnto , his house, almeyda, was waiting him with news chofis told him that coach passes and almeyda I answer you I have new that could be unpleasant and chofis told me what ??? And almeyda told him that Ribeiro had already reached to reach the first team and debut and in his first conference I mention you and said that if you had not rejected or ignored it would not have reached where it is chofis stayed if levers and without Nothing but their got into his apartment. Months later poncho approached chofis and he said he saw that you strive to the maximum and you are dedicated and that convinced the first team and they want you tomorrow so that you can officially start training with the best of the best and chofis replied thank you very much no I know how to thank you and poncho respond do not thanks to me , told thanks to almeyda that every minute of her life dedicate to you to become what you are now.Chofis ran to Almeyda's house and tell him the new news and after finishing talking let's celebrate.


months later... Chofis debuto next to the msn and felt at home in his first game he said he never felt a feeling like that in his entire life and as in every game I play it as if it were the last and because the support of his family his Fans and almeyda supporting him from the stands.

Months later...

The great clasico was approaching and many things were said about what was going to happen and the enfranchisement of the msn and the bbc but in the burning chofis was focused and it was in its rivalry that brook I believe when they were only boys in that party chofis was Of substitute and brook was titular and during the course of the party the grada began to shout chofis !!!! Chofis !!! Chofis !!! To which the coach responded with a change to the half of the party chofis enters and suares comes out at that moment, Ribeiro and Chofis returned to see each other face like that time chofis finished read but this time who attacked with words was chofis saying this is The rematch go for you I hope that you are ready for this and from there I answer answered I hope that you play better than you speak because if I will not make you the worst humiliation of your life to what chofis answered and we will see what will happen and the Two went away with a gesture of I will win at any cost in the match they saw faced and chois came out victorious with a goal of his won 2 to 1 and what chofis was and he said emn the face to ribeiro I told you I always will Better than you and I already tried it and between so many words were taken to blows and they ended up sanctioning them both for three games to which they do not care and also the sanction of that they never can play in the same field again since they cause a lot of Ravages in the field to which the two displeased. Several months passed and the FIFA came to the conclusion that they are going to roll to play in the classics or in any other game to which the two came to be in a agreement.

years later... In an unexpected news the chivas of mexico that by the way is one of the best teams of mexico if I am not mistaken until the best of mexico with a reputation in all the Mexican republic and also in the rest of the world can be considered to one of The best teams that can and do exist in this world neither Messi has as much fame coma to compare to a big as the chivas to which they caught the attention two players who were best friends and they wanted to be able to make them reconcile and be able to arm the Best forward with omar bravo, bofo bautist, chofis and ribeiro and they believe that they could be the next generation of the best forwards that could exist clear down the king


skin that dominated everything and you will never be able to match since it is incomparable Is a genius no better said is the genius of genius of football could be said that he built it and made it famous to this great company called soccer clear then the best below the maradona or zidan who also had a good race but well that is another Theme to what I want to get is that chofis and ribeiro and the others could reach the shelves of history. Chivas come to the agreement in which, if chofis and riberio are reconciled they can make them legends, and them in the books of history, will never forget the name of chhofis and ribeiro for generations. months later... After the negotiations of chofis and ribeiro agreed and told the press to leave their differences aside and play as a team and clarified that it will only be marked in the book of history and of course play in the largest club of Mexico and that by the way the worse equipment of mexico the america offered to them to be united to those who responded, no thanks I do not want to be in a team that nobody wants and that does not win anything and it does not do anything and said it would be a Lot of my time and race to what the world made fun of america for all and the rest of the history of america that by the way is little since as nobody wants it removed the equipment of the earth and will not return to Exist more.

Following with the subject chofis and ribeiro had a conversation alone to which respondieorn was the following. Look ribeiro I think that you got angry because they did not accept you in the barcelona and to me if lol it is not true it's a joke to what I want to get is that I do not know why you got angry but for my part we're fine removing what you did to me when Play in basic forces. Chofis we were the best friends on the face of the earth but when they accepted you and not me I do not know what I felt but I could not with the emotions and for some strange reason I was angry and I wanted to hurt you because of the basic forces And in advance I'm sorry I hope you'll forgive me for that, but leaving that hand I had you something in myself I think because you were and you're better than me and I accept, you were always my idela person and when I was not accepted as disappointing and non I could with the emotions as I already mention what I want to get is that I'm sorry, I'm sorry chofis ???? To what chofis answered clear that if I never keep you good rancor except you see that you taught me but I forgive you do not worry best friend, are we well ??? Yes of course, come a hug brother


And that was how the two apologized and in the final of that season were stamped in history as the best attackers and scorers 20 goals each and the world team according to fifa.

At the end of the season everyone salierona festejar the chofis they sent to the scorer and to the assisting brook I do not think I could see a final improvement except that almeyda gave a recognition to the best dt of the season taking the chofis and brook to be Of the best in history.



Acronym Fight for me and I will fight fight for you, Fall for me And i will get up you.


The besssssssssssssssssssssssst