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11 2013

Marist College Ashgrove Volume 49 Issue No. 11 July 2013

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DATES TO REMEMBER Thursday 1 August • Junior Concert • College Assembly

Wednesday 14 August • Exhibition Break - starts • Father & Son Camp - starts

Friday 2 August • CIC Basketball v Nudgee • Term 3 Fees Due • Cross Country Lunch - Cyprian Pavilion

Thursday 15 August • Feast of the Assumption

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Mass & Reconciliation Mass: Wednesday & Friday - 8:05am Reconciliation: Tuesday - 8:05 - 8:20am

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Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

From the Headmaster Dear Members of the Marist College Ashgrove family, “Viriliter Age” I clearly remember my first Champagnat Trust Sports Lunch in 2009. Brian Doyle was the comedian. When I met him he informed me that his school’s motto was Viriliter Age and its translation was “Act Like a Man”. I recently was made aware of an article in the 1958 Blue & Gold where the Reverend William A Cuneo wrote that Viriliter Age was a call to Trust and Courage. He wrote: A quick glance at the motto itself, as it stands in Latin, gives us the English rendition: ‘ACT THE MAN’ or some such equivalent. But manliness is a comprehensive virtue; it embraces all the superior qualities of soul we are supposed to display as Christian gentlemen. The motto, therefore, needs to be studied in a restricted sense, if it is to have any real practical meaning for the boys who bear it. To do that, we need go merely to the sources of the motto. In the Latin version the emphasis was on manliness; in the Hebrew, and in the Knox version in English, the emphasis was more on ‘courage’, based on trust. Of course, it might be argued that courage is the manly virtue, and therefore ‘viriliter age’ is a perfect rendition of the original Hebrew. The motto was changed to challenge the boys of the College to acquire the virtues of trust and courage. Steve Biddulph in his book, More Secrets of Happy Children, wrote the following about raising boys and what we can do to assist them to turn out well: 1. Boys need fathers, or very good father substitutes. 2. Fathers need help from other men. 3. Boys need to learn how to behave around girls – respecting them, being equal to them. 4. Boys need protection from being cheapened, hardened or debased by exposure to violence or banality. They need to see their sexuality as special, not cheap. 5. Boys need to learn how to work and be self-sufficient around the house. St Marcellin wanted his Little Brothers of Mary to make Jesus known and loved. He wished for the children in the schools formed by his Brothers to be Good Christians and Good Citizens. Our boys at Marist are expected to act with trust and courage. Almost all of them (96%) recognise this and aim high each and every day. What happens when we fail? The best thing we can do is pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and try to be better. Let’s all practise acting with trust and courage in the coming weeks. Yours in Jesus, Mary and St Marcellin Peter McLoughlin Headmaster

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Headmaster’s Notes PRAYERS PLEASE Please pray for the repose of the soul of: • Paul Collins, grandfather of William Collins (11S) and James (2007) and father of Anthony (1981) and James (1983) Eternal rest grant to them O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen. Congratulations Congratulations to the following students on your selection into the 2013 U16 South QLD Indigenous team: • • • • •

Callan Henschke – Prop Darnell Fisher – Halfback Dujon Nadradre – Halfback Kassim Muhammad – Prop Kyle Schuh – Lock

The South QLD U16 Indigenous side will play in the National U16 Indigenous Championships on the Gold Coast on Sunday 25 August to Monday 26 August 2013. Congratulations Congratulations to Nick Perry on the following account: A Ms Pam Lynham who had taken her mother to City Hall on the weekend (Lord Mayor’s gathering for Senior Citizens) phoned to say that Nick Perry was at their table for lunch and she said what a delightful young man he was – polite, friendly to the ‘oldies’ etc. A good ambassador for Marist College Ashgrove. Congratulations Recently Conor Brice & Ben Haydon competed in the State & National Indoor Archery Championships. Conor competed in Recurve Bow in Cadet (U/16)division and Bencompeted in Recurve Bow in Cub Boys division. It was a tight competition for both divisions. Conor received a silver for Queensland and was ranked 7th in Australia. Ben received a gold for Queensland and was ranked 1st in Australia. Conor’s Dad (Scott Brice and Old Boy) is in the Australian team and is heading to Poland next month to compete. He competes in the Open Men’s Compound division. And at the National Youth Championships, held over five days, Ben won a Gold Medal for the Field Category, a Silver Medal for the Target event and a Silver Medal for Clout. On the final day of competing Ben shot Match-play where he qualified for the Bronze medal final, but missed out by one point. At the end of the competition Ben’s overall scores placed him Number One in Australia for his age group. His coaches and peers all agree he has a very promising future in Archery. I look forward to updating you further on Ben’s progress, as he is very passionate about the sport and wishes to continue.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Mission Mission and and Ministry Ministry FATHER’S DAY BREAKFAST - FRIDAY 30 AUGUST BOOK NOW Fathers (or other significant men) and students are invited to join us to celebrate Father’s Day on Friday 30 August at the Father and Son Breakfast to be held in the Champagnat Centre. To book your tickets please see the advertisement below.

St Vincent de Paul SCHOOL SLEEPOVER - FRIDAY 9 AUGUST To coincide with the 2013 Vinnies Winter Appeal the Marist College Ashgrove St Vincent de Paul Conference will hold a Vinnies School Sleepover for Marist students on the evening of Friday 9 August. St Vincent de Paul estimates that 44,500 Australian young people are homeless and that over the last five years there has been a 30% increase in the number of families with children being assisted by homeless services. Most of the children in homeless services are under 12 years old, a crucial period of development, significantly impacting on young people’s education, health and wellbeing. The evening will involve activities and presentation to help students understand the homeless issue. Participants will be capped at 50. Registration forms are available in the RE Office.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Mission and Ministry Upcoming Mission & Ministry Events

Reflection “Most of us take life for granted.   Only the deaf appreciate hearing, only the blind realize  the manifold blessings that lie in sight.   It is the same old story of not being grateful for what  we have un�l we lose it; of not being conscious of good  health un�l we are ill.   But I, who am blind, can give one hint to those who see;  use your eyes as if tomorrow you would be stricken. 

Friday 2 August

And the same method can be applied to the other    senses; hear the music of voices, the song of the bird,  the mighty strains of an orchestra as if you would be  stricken deaf tomorrow.  Touch each object you want to touch as if tomorrow  your tac�le sense would fail.   Smell the perfume of owers, taste with relish each  morsel, as if tomorrow you could never smell and taste  again.   Make every sense glory in the facets of the pleasure  and beauty which the world reveals.   Thus, at last, you will really see, and a new world of  beauty will open up before you.” 

8:05am 9:30am 10:00am 4:45pm 5:15pm


SVDP Ronald McDonald House Visit

Tuesday 6 August 10:10am 3:30pm

MATES Paddington Respite Visit Santa Teresa Immersion Meeting

Wednesday 7 August Mass in Chapel - All Welcome LAMP St Peter Chanel Visit MATES Little King’s Movement Visit MATES BBQ with the Homeless Santa Teresa Commissioning Dinner

Thursday 8 August - Feast of St Mary McKillop 11:20am

LAMP St Finbarr’s Visit

Spoken by Helen Keller 

Friday 9 August 5:30am 8:05am 5:00pm

Santa Teresa Immersion Departs Mass in Chapel - All Welcome SVDP School Sleepover

Tuesday 13 August

Thank You…


To all the Students, Staff and Families who supported the MATES Free Dress Day this term. The monies raised goes toward the upkeep and maintenance of ministry programs such as the BBQ with the homeless.

Assumption Mass

Ministry Office Phone: 3858 4582 Email:

Here at Centacare-Enoggera we are delighted when the Marist boys come to visit , they are a friendly, cheerful bunch of lads who come and assist with morning tea and have a chat. Our elderly guests appreciate the effort and support of the College in organising these weekly visits very much.

S.H.A.R.E the Care

Centacare-Enoggera Service recognises and values the important role of carers. We are delighted to announce the launch of S.H.A.R.E. The Care, a carer support program designed for carers of frail elderly people and people living with dementia. The Program aims to support carers in five key areas: delivering a range of person-focused Services to care for recipients; organising activities to promote the Health and well-being of carers; accessing Assistance from agencies and other service providers; offering respite options to carers to encourage Rest and relaxation; and providing Education to raise awareness and build knowledge. As research indicates that carer well-being is vital to the well-being of the care recipient, the Program has been developed to support carers and hopefully reduce carer stress and strain which can lead to anxiety and depression and an increased risk of physical illness. The Program aims to encourage carers to “share the care” with Centacare-Enoggera Service by working together to build a trusting and collaborative caring partnership. The Program team is committed to understanding a carer’s unique needs and preferences and understanding what their caring role encompasses so that a support program can be tailored to meet their needs. Kind regards Ann Donaghy Service Manager - Enoggera Centre

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Mission and Ministry Year 12 Retreat 2013

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013


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Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

You are cordially invited to attend the


Friday 23 August 2013


7.00pm – 11pm


Cyprian Pavilion, Marist College Ashgrove


$40.00 per person Includes savouries, two course meal & complimentary drink on arrival. Cash bar available.

Dress:     

Smart casual.

R.S.V.P.: Monday 19 August 2013

Please hand confirmation and all monies in person to Finance Office or mail to P.O Box 82, Ashgrove Q 4060. Please avoid sending money, cheques or RSVPs to the College with your son. No tickets will be issued. If email address is supplied receipt of monies will be confirmed. No tickets will be sold on the evening of the dinner. Please help us by observing the RSVP date for acceptance & payment. There will be no table allocation or rotation this year.

Enquiries: Julie Crimmins 0403 247 353

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please return this section to the College Finance Office marked “2013 Year 10 Dinner”

RSVP – 2013 YEAR 10 DINNER Please return by Monday 19 August 2013

NAME/S of those attending (please print):……………………………………………………………………………................................................... …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. PHONE No.:………………………… MOBILE No.:……………………...……… SON’S NAME/CLASS…………………………………………….. EMAIL ADDRESS………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ANY SPECIAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS:………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. PAYMENT DETAIL

 CASH 

CHEQUE - Payable to Marist College Ashgrove

Cardholder’s Name __________________________________________


Amount $ ________________

(Please Print)

MASTERCARD  Card Number



EXPIRY DATE ____/____


Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

From the Head of Students Sleep Hygiene On July 20, the Qweekend magazine ran an article by Leanne Edmistone titled Snooze Alarm. In this article, Edmistone addressed the notion that more and more research is being compiled about the concerning rise in adolescents not getting enough sleep, which then results in their health and well-being suffering as a result. Edmistone states that “numerous scientific studies have linked a lack of sleep to anxiety and depression, obesity, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, heart disease and stroke, immune deficiency, impaired memory and cognitive function, alongside anger management, learning, emotional and behavioural problems” (p. 13). Needless to say, this type of statement is concerning and we want our young people to grow into healthy adults; however, just as concerning are statements such as “the ASA says reducing nocturnal sleep by as little as 1.5 hours for one night reduces daytime alertness by as much as 32 per cent” and “shift workers and teenagers are considered at highest risk of poor sleep behaviour” (p. 14). These statement are concerning as they highlight the fact that poor sleep patterns directly influence our boys’ capacity to concentrate in class, communicate effectively with both their peers and teachers and manage their ability to react to a range of situations with an appropriate emotional response. It is heartening to see within the article that Edmistone provides a number of sleep do’s and don’ts suggested by developmental paediatrician and sleep physician, Dr Helen Heussler who sees about 250 new patients each month for sleep disorders, about 15 per cent of whom are adolescents (p. 14): DO: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Go to bed and get up at the same time daily. Exercise regularly, preferably in the morning, to promote restful sleep. Get regular exposure to daylight or bright light, particularly in the late afternoons. Keep your bedroom dark, quiet and at a comfortable temperature. Use your bed only for sleep. Relax just before sleep – have a warm bath, a massage, or do muscle relaxation. Take medication as directed (see point 5 of DON’TS). Sleeping pills are most effective taken an hour before bed. Keep hands and feet warm. Try wearing socks and gloves to bed. If you lie awake more than 20-30 minutes, get up, go to a different room, do some quiet reading or watch TV, then return to bed when sleepy. Repeat during the night as needed.

DON’T: 1. Exercise just before bed. 2. Engage in stimulating activity just before bed – games, TV or movies, important discussions. 3. Drink caffeine, or go to bed hungry or too full. 4. Use alcohol to help you sleep. 5. Take someone else’s sleep medication. 6. Have daytime naps. 7. Command yourself to sleep – it only make your mind and body more alert. Whilst many of our boys have periods of poor sleep which can be managed with the suggestions above, it is important that, if your child has continuing issues with managing his capacity to get the recommended nine hours sleep per night, you do seek medical help to rectify the issue. One good place to start is through a visit with one of our College Counsellors. This can be difficult to do as many of our boys do not want to let go of habits which link them to their social network or computer gaming; however, both the short term and long term risks as stated above are quite significant and hopefully provide good reasons to persist. Behaviour During Breaks Any time a large number of people are placed together, there is bound to be some sort of conflict. At MCA, we go out of our way to ensure that the playground is a safe place for the boys before and after school and during the breaks. Unfortunately though, there are times when the boys themselves can negatively affect how safe the yard can be through inappropriate choices in dealing with conflict amongst their peers. The staff at MCA go to great lengths to develop an understanding amongst the boys that, while conflict is a normal and natural part of life, we must always remember that we are responsible, as individuals, for the way we go about either managing or resolving such issues. In choosing particular means of management that are physically aggressive and harmful, students are also choosing the consequences that go along with this type of behaviour. Physically aggressive behaviour is in no way tolerated by the College and any student engaging in such behaviour is at risk of receiving a three day external suspension, following a rigorous investigation process. It is vital that schools and parents communicate openly to teenagers just how dangerous the decision to use their fists to solve conflict can be. We are lucky that we have the “One Punch Can Kill” campaigns and while these send a clear message, the boys sometimes think that if their punch doesn’t kill then there really shouldn’t be a big deal made of the situation. Heads of Houses will be speaking to their boys about their choices and their consequences at this weeks House meetings so please feel free to raise this issue with your son over the next few days to keep this matter firmly in his consciousness. Witherspoon Network Experience During the holidays, six of our Year 11 boys represented the College admirably in Sydney at Campion College, participating in what is known as the Witherspoon Network. All six boys are to be congratulated on their outstanding representation of the College while they were away. The organisers of this event were glowing in their feedback regarding each member of the group. Please see the article regarding the experience from the boys’ perspective further on in this newsletter. Year 8-9 Dance – Many Thanks As with every dance held at MCA, there are many parent helpers to whom we are very grateful. At the Year 8-9 dance held on Saturday night, our parent volunteers were outstanding and without them, the dances would just not happen. My heartfelt thanks go to: Wendy Ainsworth, Roberta Bannah, Chris Bathersby, Kylie Booth, Rhonda Butler, Julie Carter, Audrey Ciccone, Chris and Kylie Greentree, Kate Knynenburg, Debbie Moloney, Paege Renwick, Ian Robinson, Cate Spies, Maria Tobin, Maree Whitchurch and Peter Willson. (My apologies to any parents who did supervise, but for one reason or another did not end up on my supervisor’s list!) Bruce McPhee Head of Students

Semester 2, 2013 

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Semester 2, 2013 

Centre for Learning Enrichment (CLE)    405  DAILY   (A gen BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL TUTORING   BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL TUTORING   Centre for Learning Enrichment (CLE)    405  DAILY   (A general service – for most  English based subjects) 

English based subjects) 

Semester 2, 2013  Semester 2, 2013 

Mon          LEC  Tues                     Wed                      Tues                     Wed                      Thurs                    Fri                          LEC  LEC  LEC  LEC  LEC  LEC  Centre for Learning Enrichment (CLE)    405  DAILY   (A general service – for most  Centre for Learning Enrichment (CLE)    405  DAILY   (A general service – for most   

Mon          LEC 

MORNING 7.30am  7.30am  7.30am (Mr  7.30am (Mr  7.30am 7.30am (Mr  Littleton Head of  Littleton Head of  Littleton Head of  English attends)  English attends)  English attends)  AFTERNOON  CLOSED  CLOSED  3.15 – 4.30pm   Mon          LEC  Thurs                    Fri                          AFTERNOON  CLOSED  Tues                     CLOSED  Wed                      3.15 – 4.30pm CLOSED CLOSED   Mon          LEC  Tues                     Wed                      Thurs                    Fri                            LEC  LEC  LEC  LEC  LEC  LEC  LEC  LEC    MORNING MORNING  7.30am  7.30am  7.30am  7.30am  7.30am (Mr  7.30am 7.30am (Mr  7.30am (Mr  7.30am 7.30am (Mr  Littleton Head of  Littleton Head of  Littleton Head of  Littleton Head of  MATHS TUTORING in 402  MATHS TUTORING in 402  English attends)  English attends)  English attends)  English attends)  AFTERNOON  CLOSED  CLOSED  CLOSED  CLOSED  3.15 – 4.30pm CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED AFTERNOON  3.15 – 4.30pm MORNING 


English based subjects)  English based subjects) 





Old Boys Tutors make themselves available to assist boys  Old Boys Tutors make themselves available to assist boys daily in 402 from               7.30 – 8.30am.   Boys in Year 11 and 12 are given priority i 7.30 – 8.30am.   Boys in Year 11 and 12 are given priority in these sessions.     MATHS TUTORING in 402  MATHS TUTORING in 402  This service starts in Week 2 of each term.  This service starts in Week 2 of each term.  Old Boys Tutors make themselves available to assist boys daily in 402 from             Old Boys Tutors make themselves available to assist boys daily in 402 from             Additional Maths tutoring by maths staff:  Additional Maths tutoring by maths staff:  7.30 – 8.30am.   Boys in Year 11 and 12 are given priority in these sessions.     7.30 – 8.30am.   Boys in Year 11 and 12 are given priority in these sessions.      


DAY  MORNINGS            8am – 8.30am  This service starts in Week 2 of each term.  1  This service starts in Week 2 of each term.  Mr Denis Callaghan and Mrs Lynn Strong

MORNINGS            8am – 8.30am 

Mr Denis Callaghan and Mrs Lynn Strong

1 Mr Peter Victor‐Gordon 2  Mr Peter Victor‐Gordon 2  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  3  Additional Maths tutoring by maths staff:  Additional Maths tutoring by maths staff:  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  3  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  4  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  4  Mr Denis Callaghan  DAY  5  DAY   MORNINGS            8am – 8.30am   MORNINGS            8am – 8.30am  Mr Denis Callaghan  5  Mr Denis Callaghan and Mrs Lynn Strong   1  6  Mr Denis Callaghan and Mrs Lynn Strong 1    6  Mr Richard Tamati  2  7  Mr Peter Victor‐Gordon 2  Mr Peter Victor‐Gordon Mr Richard Tamati  7  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  3  8  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  3  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  8  Mrs Cathie Butler  4  9  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  4  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  Mrs Cathie Butler  9  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  Mr Denis Callaghan  10  5  Mr Denis Callaghan  5  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  10  6  Are you struggling with organisation?   6    N.B. Sorry, No Afternoon Maths Tutoring is available this S N.B. Sorry, No Afternoon Maths Tutoring is available this Semester  Mr Richard Tamati  7  Mr Richard Tamati  7  8  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  8  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  ESL TUTORING ROOM  Mrs Cathie Butler  ESL TUTORING ROOM  9  Mrs Cathie Butler  9  10  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  10  Mrs Jacqui Klowss  Mon                    ESL  Tues                 ESL  Wed                     ESL  Thurs    Mon                    ESL  Tues                 ESL  Wed                     ESL  Thurs                     Fri                         ESL  N.B. Sorry, No Afternoon Maths Tutoring is available this Semester  N.B. Sorry, No Afternoon Maths Tutoring is available this Semester  ESL  ESL 

7:30am 7:30am 7.30am in 405 7:30am 7:30am  7:30am 7.30am in 405 7:30am 7:30am                                                                                                                                                        ESL TUTORING ROOM  ESL TUTORING ROOM                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Mon                    ESL  Tues                 ESL  Wed                     ESL  Thurs                     Fri                         ESL  Are you struggling withTues                 ESL  organisation? Mon                    ESL  Wed                     ESL  Thurs                     Fri                         ESL  ESL  ESL 

The Centre for Learning Enrichment is currently supporting students by  7:30am  7:30am  7:30am 7:30am 7.30am in 405 7:30am  7:30am  7.30am in 4057:30am 7:30am running:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

*Organisational and Time Management Sessions in 405 every Tuesday at First Break (Students are  provided with an Assignment Task Organiser, the opportunity to create a time management plan and  suggestions for Computer File Management) Please email Mrs Alison Barlow to book a spot:  *Term Planning Sessions with Mrs Byrne in 405 every Friday from 7.45am. (Students map due dates in Student Diary to make a plan for the term. Please email Mrs Berny Byrne to book a spot:

The sessions have proven to be invaluable as the students quickly and simply become better  organised. Boys are able to attend follow‐up sessions and, if requested, arrangements can be made  The Centre for Learning Enrichment is currently supporting students by  to meet with the students on a regular basis. Our organisation system is not rocket science, just a  simple method to encourage students to have good organisational and time management skills.  running:     *Organisational and Time Management Sessions in 405 every Tuesday at First Break (Students are   

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

P&F News AGM-August 19 The AGM offers the opportunity for our Headmaster, Head of Junior School, P&F President, Treasurer and Sub Committee representatives to report on the “happenings” for the year. It is also when we elect the new executive committee and sub-committee representatives. Each year the entire executive – President, Vice- President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer ‘stand down’ to allow others the opportunity to assume these roles. The committee is elected after nominations have been received from the parent community. Sub-committee positions are also available, although these committee members are not required to “stand down” each year. It is our preference that sub-committee members spend at least two years in the role to assure continuity. We hope that you will consider nominating for one of these roles. Nominations need to be received by 3pm FRIDAY AUGUST 2. Nominations should be addressed to our secretary Kylie Dennis and may be delivered to the Junior School office/ Main Admin or emailed directly to SecretaryP& You are welcome to nominate yourself!

I, ______________________________ nominate __________________________ for the position of President/ Vice President/ Secretary/ Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. (please circle) Signed :

Nominator 1:


Nominator 2:


Nominee: ___________________________________ Contact details of Nominee Email address:


Contact telephone number:


SENIOR SPORTS NEWSLETTER - ONLINE Download your copy of ‘The Buzz’ - the weekly sports report from the Head of Sport.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

From the Head of Teaching & Learning UQ Young Scholars Program UQ is once again running their Young Scholars Program for Year 11 students. It is a 5 day, live-in program for high achieving students to get a taste of University life from Sunday 24 – Thursday 28 November. The program will include a range of academic, sporting, cultural and social activities with UQ staff, student mentors and other Year 11 students from all over Queensland. There is a cost of $595 which includes all meals, accommodation and activities. Financial hardship bursaries are available. Students wishing to apply to join the program should visit for more information on the program and application criteria. The closing date for all applications is 9 August 2013. Volunteers Required For Queensland Core Skills Test Supervision If you are a parent of a student in Years 5 to 11 and interested in volunteering your time to help with supervision at this year’s Queensland Core Skills Test, please email Brooke Zande at zandeb@marash.qld. or phone 3858 4522. Lunch will be provided. Date: Venue: Session times:

Tuesday, 3 September and Wednesday, 4 September 2013 Champagnat Centre 8:30am–11:30am and 12:15pm–3:00pm (half day or full day sessions available)

OPEN DAYS – 2013 Campus Australian Agricultural College Australian Maritime College Australian Catholic University Bond University Gold Coast Endeavour College of Natural Health Griffith University James Cook University Qantm College QUT Southern Cross University TAFE QLD University of Queensland University of Southern Queensland University of Sunshine Coast


Burdekin, Dalby, Mareeba, Emerald, Longreach Launceston & Beauty Point Banyo University Drive, Robina Level 2, 269 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley South Bank, Nathan and Gold Coast Townsville Cairns Cnr Jane St & Riverside Drive, West End Gardens Point Caboolture Campus Gold Coast, Lismore and Coffs Harbour Various locations throughout Queensland St Lucia Ipswich Gatton Fraser Coast


Personalised tours can be arranged by contacting the preferred campus Sun 25/8/13 10am-3pm Wed 24/7/13 5:30pm-8:30pm Sun 14/7/13 Sun 7/7/13

10am-3pm 10am-12pm

Sun 11/8/13


Sat 31/8/13 10am-2pm Sun 25/8/13 10am-2pm Information sessions held on a regular basis. Contact or phone 3017 4333 Sun 28/7/13 9am-3pm Sun 18/8/13 9am-2pm Campus tours all year round Contact TAFE Qld directly for dates Sun 4/8/13 Wed 7/8/13 Sun 18/8/13 Sun 4/8/13

9am-3pm 2:30pm-6:30pm 9:30am-3pm 10am-1pm

Springfield Toowoomba Sippy Downs

Sun 25/8/13 Sun 18/8/13 Sun 11/8/13

10am-2pm 10am-2pm 10am-3pm


Sun 28/7/13


CAREER EXPOS Aviation Australia Toowoomba Chronicle Careers Expo Townsville Careers Expo

25 Boronia Rd, Brisbane International Airport Clive Berghofer Centre, USQ, Darling Heights

Sat 24/8/13 Tue 30/7/13

10am–4pm 10am–2pm & 4pm–7pm

Townsville RSL Stadium, Murray Sports Complex, Annandale

Mon 12/8/13

10am–1:30pm & 4pm–7pm

QUT TOURS Discover QUT School Holiday Tours Academic Scholarships Preparation Seminar for High Achieving Students expecting an OP 1-5 QUT Real Decisions (info about study choices after you receive your OP)

Gardens Point

\Files\Pam Brooks\Upcoming Open Days-23Jul13.Docx Wed 25/9/13 8:30am-2pm

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Kelvin Grove Caboolture Kelvin Grove (register online in September)

Wed 25/9/13 Thu 26/9/13 Thu 3/10/13

3pm-8pm 10am-2pm 5:30pm-7pm

Gardens Point Caboolture

Tue 17/12/13 Wed 18/12/13

10am-2pm 3pm-6pm

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

From the Head of Teaching & Learning OPTIMUS AWARDS SEMESTER 1 2013 YEAR 12 2013 - GOLD (6As or better) Matthew Bensted David Brough Thomas Cicchini Oliver Darwin

Nic Eddy Zan Fairweather Andrew Girjes Matthew Lake

Cam Martin Tim McPhee Sam Moran Liam Nebe

Luke Parsons Chilly Peng Dominic Price Joseph Treston

YEAR 12 2013 – SILVER (5As or better) Or (4As & 3Bs) Conor Bingham Nicholas Casey Sam Clarke Toby Crockford

Sam Dale Taylor Duke Zach Eather Max Frisby

Jamie Garrett Joseph Garrone Alex Ladd Tom O’Brien

Torrey Paton Benjamin Perkins

YEAR 12 – BRONZE (4As or better) Alex Bendell

Aaron Goh

Nick Keogh-Peel

Cameron Robinson

YEAR 11 – SILVER (4As & 3Bs or better) Matthew Anderson Michael Barbera Luke Churchman Josh Collins William Collins Keano De Marco

Ashley Dunn Luke Eddy Sebastian Fahey Fergus Geary Liam Grouhel

Joseph Heyward Elliot Johnston Sebastian Lane-Porter Harry McGovern Jack McGuigan

Tyler McKerihan Lachlan Messery Christian Nebe Will Rafter Tom Stewart

YEAR 11 – BRONZE (4As or better) Sam Walker YEAR 10 – BRONZE (at least 5 As and nothing less than C) Conor Balaam Jamie Brake Harry Collier Liam Dale Reece Day

Jack Donnelly Louie Garrone Jonah Klowss Cameron Lake Andrew Mather

Cooper Messery Patrick Mohun Stephen Moran Liam Mulcahy Thomas Nance

Hugo Oates Abraham Sammut Mitchell Smart Cooper Williams Ming Yip

Yr 11





Dimetri De Marco

Dimetri De Marco

Dimetri De Marco

Jake Hatton

Yr 12

Highly Commended Award for VET Studies





Liam Scanlan

Sam St John

Nathaniel Hully

Wesley Pearson

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

From the Head of Teaching & Learning Continued...


Conor Balaam Conor Balaam Ben Beikoff Conor Balaam Ben Beikoff Jamie Brake Ben Beikoff Jamie Brake Andrew Buck Jamie Brake Andrew Buck Harry Collier Andrew Buck Harry Collier Daniel Cook Harry Collier Daniel Cox Cook Bailey Daniel Cox Cook Bailey Liam Dale BaileyDale Cox Liam Liam Dale Gianluca Anzalone GianlucaBruce Anzalone Mitchell GianlucaBruce Anzalone Mitchell Rory Campbell Mitchell Bruce Rory Campbell Oscar Cooney Rory Campbell Oscar Cooney Isaac De Flavis Oscar Cooney Isaac De Flavis Matthew Geraghty Isaac De Geraghty Flavis Matthew Matthew Geraghty Hughie Bellingham Hughie Bellingham Alexander Campion Hughie Bellingham Alexander Campion Harrison Cusack Alexander Campion Harrison Cusack Kilian Frunz Harrison Cusack Kilian Frunz Jakob Funk Kilian Frunz Jakob Funk William Garske Jakob Funk William Garske William Garske

Year 10 (4 or more A+, A, A- for Achievement) ReeceYear Day 10 (4 or more A+, Ben A, A-Laing for Achievement) Reece Day Ben LaingLake Jack Donnelly Cameron ReeceDonnelly Day Ben LaingLake Jack Cameron Louie Garrone Ben Malt Jack Donnelly Cameron Lake Louie Garrone Ben MaltMather Nicholas Goh Andrew Louie Garrone Ben Malt NicholasHowse Goh Andrew Messery Mather Joshua Cooper NicholasHowse Goh Andrew Messery Mather Joshua Cooper Thomas Jury Sam Miranda Joshua Howse Cooper Messery ThomasKirkpatrick Jury Sam Miranda William Patrick Mohun ThomasKirkpatrick Jury Sam Miranda William Patrick Jonah Klowss StephenMohun Moran WilliamKlowss Kirkpatrick Patrick Jonah StephenMohun Moran Jonah Klowss Stephen Moran Year 9 (4 or more A+, A, A- for Achievement) Year 9 (4 or more A+, A, A- for Achievement) JakeYear Hallam 9 (4 or more A+, A,Connor A- forMcLauchlan Achievement) Jake Hallam Connor McLauchlan Brian Hung Sam Nilon Jake Hallam Connor McLauchlan Brian HungKidd Sam Nilon Alexander Jack O’Connor Brian HungKidd Sam Nilon Alexander Jack O’Connor Sam Knynenburg Connor O’Farrell Alexander Kidd Jack O’Connor Sam Knynenburg Connor O’Farrell Callum McCarthy Rory Scott Sam Knynenburg Connor O’Farrell Callum McCarthy Rory Scott Callum McCarthy Rory Scott

YEAR 8 (5 or more A+, A, A- for Achievement) YEAR 8 (5 or more A+, A, A- for Achievement) Jonathan YEARHealy 8 (5 or more A+, Dean A, A- Perkins for Achievement) Jonathan Healy Dean Perkins Sam Jury Ned Petrie Jonathan Healy Dean Perkins Sam Jury Ned Petrie Jordy Laffer Fabian Petroni Sam Jury Ned Petrie Jordy Laffer Fabian Petroni David Lake Ben Ritter Jordy Laffer Fabian Petroni David Lake Ben Ritter Jack Magee Ryan Robinson DavidMagee Lake Ben Ritter Jack Ryan Robinson Adrian Mifsud Will Ryan Jack Magee RyanRyan Robinson Adrian Mifsud Will Adrian Mifsud Will Ryan

Liam Mulcahy Liam Mulcahy Thomas Nance Liam Mulcahy Thomas Nance Hugo Oates Thomas Nance Hugo Oates James O’Sullivan Hugo Oates James O’Sullivan Abraham Sammut James O’Sullivan Abraham Sammut Mitchell Smart Abraham Sammut Mitchell Williams Smart Cooper Mitchell Williams Smart Cooper Ming Yip Cooper Ming YipWilliams Ming Yip Henry Sheldon Henry Sheldon Hayden Sullivan Henry Sheldon Hayden Sullivan Buddy Tait HaydenTait Sullivan Buddy Ben Thomson Buddy Tait Ben Thomson Harrison Whyte Ben Thomson Harrison Whyte Harrison Whyte Tyler Santos Tyler Santos Henry Smith Tyler HenrySantos Smith Ryan Turner Henry Smith Ryan Turner Sebastian Ward Ryan Turner Sebastian Ward Liam Willson Sebastian Ward Liam Willson Liam Willson

CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS Lloyd Hughes (10R) passed Level 10 in the Japanese Kanji Kentei Exam carried out by Zaidan Lloyd (10R) passedorganisation. Level 10 in the Japanese Kanji Kentei Exam carried out by Zaidan Houjin,Hughes a semi-Government Lloyd Hughes (10R) passed organisation. Level 10 in the Japanese Kanji Kentei Exam carried out by Zaidan Houjin, a semi-Government Houjin, a semi-Government organisation.

Year 7 Digital Citizenship and Information Skills program This semester all Year 7 boys are working towards achieving their ICT Licence which they will need to participate in MCA’s 1-to-1 laptop program in Year 8. The boys are learning about how to work online in a safe, responsible and ethical manner, as well as learning how to use ICTS to investigate, create, communicate, manage and operate. This program is facilitated by the Library staff and runs for one lesson a week in the Junior Library using school laptops. All classwork and communications are conducted electronically through an online program, Edmodo, and the school’s learning management system, TASS – Student Cafe. Each student will build an e-portfolio in Edmodo by collecting electronic examples of their work throughout the program. Year 7 parents play an important role and will therefore be informed and involved as partners on this journey. There is 'homework' to be completed and submitted throughout the program and some of these require parent participation. Classwork includes group work, working in pairs and working individually. Queries: Ms Cathy Atkinson, Teacher Librarian, on ph: 3858 4553 or email:

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

The Jubilee Catholic Parish will be holding an Enrolment Evening for parents wishing their children to participate in the Confirmation and First Communion Program in 2013. The enrolment is open to all baptised catholic children in Year 4 and above. The enrolment evening will take place on Monday 5th August at 7.00pm at Sacred Heart Church Rosalie – this is an adults only evening. To obtain an enrolment form please contact the sacramental co-ordinator Jennifer Donnelly at

Marist Hair Salon Brother Cyrinus’ Hair Salon has, over the past 6 years, raised over $40 000 for disabled children in Cambodia.

Some of the disabled children in Cambodia (innocent victims of war, landmines, disease and lack of health services) are assisted by two Marist initiatives – one at Salla La Valla outside Phnom Penh, and the other at Pailin. This where our Year 11 immersion students go in December to provide what assistance they can. This hair-cutting service is available to all your family any day between 8am and 8pm. Suggested donations: Children $5 – but a 3rd child haircut can be free; Adults – donation of choice Any families who are in need are welcome to have free haircuts. Bookings are essential - phone 3858 4597

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

POLICY ON FOOD ALLERGIES Marist College Ashgrove recognises that food allergies, in some instances, may be severe and even occasionally life-threatening. The foods most likely to cause allergic reactions are peanuts, tree nuts, dairy products, eggs, soy, wheat, fish and shell fish. The College has introduced this policy to reduce the likelihood of severe allergic reactions of students with known food allergies while at school and to assist members of the school community with understanding and implementing appropriate preventative and reactive measures. In accordance with the recommendation of Anaphylaxis Australia, Marist College Ashgrove does not have a ban on particular foods, including peanuts and nut foods. The reason for this is that banning these foods can possibly cause complacency amongst staff and students and it does not allow for hidden allergens contained in some foods. POLICY 1. The school and parents share responsibility for implementing appropriate preventative and responsive measures for allergic reactions. 2. Parents will provide accurate and current information related to their son’s allergy. 3. Parents of students with allergies who are at risk of an anaphylactic reaction will provide current information on the student’s condition and treatment from the student’s medical practitioner. 4. Parents of students with allergies who are at risk of an anaphylactic reaction will develop, in consultation with the medical practitioner and the School Nurse, an Action Plan for the student while at school. 5. The School Nurse will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Action Plan in the school. 6. The School will ensure that regular training is provided to school staff in allergy awareness and emergency response. 7. The School will develop guidelines for student camps, activities and functions where food is provided to students. 8. The School tuckshop will avoid, as much as possible, the sale of items containing nuts.

ALL YEAR 12 STUDENTS who are past pupils of Queen of Apostles are invited to a get together on Sunday 18th August. The 5.30pm Mass will focus on the youth in our Parish and in particular the Year 12 students. Mass will be followed by supper and the opportunity to catch up and socialize. If you know any other members of your Year 7 class, please let them know. I hope you will be able to join us on this occasion. Please RSVP to the Parish Office on 3356 7155 or email by Monday 12th August.

Absences and/or Early Departures For your son’s safety and your own peace of mind, please notify the College of Absences and/or Early Departures: • Email Student Administration offices: • Ring the College Absentee Line: 07 3858 4697 Please note! Students arriving late or leaving early MUST sign in or sign out at Student Administration offices (Gail Rogers: Years 5 – 7 and Kim Horwood: Years 8 – 12) BEFORE going to their scheduled classroom or appointment.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013


Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

The Witherspoon Network Experience During the final week of the end of Term 2 holidays, six boys from the Year 10 CSYMA class of 2012, travelled down to Sydney to take part in a unique experience called the Witherspoon Network. Based at Campion College in Western Sydney, the week gave us an experience of meeting new people from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast as well as developing a taste for what a Liberal Arts degree at Campion College would be like. There a range of activities in which we participated during the week intertwined with several lectures. The activities included an afternoon at Balmoral beach, a bushwalk in the Blue Mountains, ball room dancing, a formal dinner and debates. During the course of the week our views on leadership and our leadership skills which were formed in the CSYMA course were extended and broadened in many ways. The lectures given by staff at the College in the areas of philosophy, history, literature, religion and state and more were found by all to be very insightful and engaged us in more sophisticated thinking. I know I speak on behalf of all the boys in saying that this experience was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we are all glad that we got the chance to attend such a great program. We can safely say that many new friendships that were formed during the week will remain for quite some time. Special thanks must go to Fr Pius who took the time to organise our selection and attendance on behalf of Campion College. Tom Gibson with Seamus Coulson, Beau Harvey, Harry McGovern, Jackson McKim and Tom Stewart

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

From the Career Information Centre Year 10 Senior Education and Training Plans We have now met with all Year 10 boys and most parents and have had great discussions regarding the boys’ future options in Senior School and beyond and we thank everyone for their positive approach to the meetings. The SET P meetings are a valuable opportunity to provide information about the many pathways open to young people and it is never too early to start undertaking quality career research… after all “Rome wasn’t built in a day” was it? Year 12 QTAC meetings I am now meeting with all Year 12 boys to map out an appropriate and achievable pathway for 2014. Reading the QTAC book is important but the process of career pathway identification and mapping can be complicated so we recommend the boys book a 30 minute session with Shauna Quinlivan at the Career Information Centre to discuss their dreams, plans and pathways. Shauna will be running a workshop on Friday 2 August during the first break to explain how to best navigate the QTAC book and process. A note to all Year 12 boys: The QTAC book is only accurate as of the date of publication. It is a great resource to see what courses are available but it is essential that you also visit to ensure you have the most up-to-date information about course availability for 2014 … after all, things can change! Workshop for Parents Shauna is running a Value Add workshop for parents. She has had many phone calls from parents asking about how best to support their son’s career exploration journey … it is hard work for parents and boys. The workshop is entitled, Having Career Conversations with Young People – Empowering Patents and will cover the following topics: · · · · · ·

How to start a career conversation with your son How to support your son through his career decision-making journey Career pathways after school How to navigate the QTAC site Where to find out about jobs Current industry information

The workshops will be held in the Career Information Centre on: Wednesday 7 August from 1.30 – 3.00pm or 6.30 – 8.00pm Wednesday 14 August from 1.30 – 3.00pm or 6.30 – 8.00pm If you would like to come it is essential that you email your booking to Southern Cross Cultural Exchange On Wednesday 7 August at first break we are having a guest speaker from Southern Cross Cultural Exchange to talk to any interested boys about Exchange opportunities. The session will be held in the Career Information Centre and is open to all boys … planning can results in great outcomes. Open Days The universities, TAFEs, Southbank Institute of Technology and other private providers hold their open days during August and September. We recommend that you attend them to find out course and career pathway information first hand. Look out for the latest Career Information Bulletin and Calendar for the dates or go to the institutions’ websites and use the search engine to find out more information. Career thought … It is easier to decide not to decide than it is to decide to decide … to take action. Cheers Shauna Quinlivan Careers Counsellor

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013






Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Music News Junior Ensembles Concert Thursday 1st August 7pm – Draney Theatre All Junior Ensembles will be performing at this concert. Come along and hear the up and coming musicians from Wind Ensemble, Marist Voices, Junior Strings and Guitar Ensemble. Admission: $10 Adults, $5 Students/Concession Combined Guitar Concert Wednesday 7th August 7pm – Draney Theatre Guitar Orchestra 1 and Guitar Orchestra 2 will combine with our guests from St Laurence’s College, South Brisbane to entertain you. Admission: $10 Adults, $5 Students/Concession Mary MacKillop Mass Thursday 8th August 10am – St Stephen’s Cathedral, Elizabeth Street, Brisbane The members of Chamber and Performance Choir together with the singers from Mt St Michael's College have been invited to lead the congregation for the Mass in celebration of the Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. Assumption Mass Tuesday 13th August – Champagnat Centre The College community celebrates Assumption Mass. This performance involves the Liturgical Choir and Musicians. Queensland Catholic Schools’ and Colleges’ Music Festival Sunday 18th August, from 11.45am – Villanova College 24 Sixth Avenue, Cooparoo The QCMF is a celebration of all things musical covering a diverse range of genres within the classical and contemporary styles. Chamber Strings 11.45am, Symphony Orchestra 2.10pm and Wind Orchestra 1 5.25pm. This is on the Sunday following the EKKA break. Percussion & Wind Concert Thursday 22nd August 7pm – Draney Theatre Our 4 percussion Ensembles together with Wind Orchestra 2 will be entertaining you tonight. Admission: $10 Adults, $5 Students/Concession Marist Jazz Night Monday 24th August 7pm – Draney Theatre This concert will feature all of our jazz ensembles with special guest jazz saxophonist Jacam Manricks. Admission: Adults $10, Students $5, Families $20 Little Kings Visit Friday 30th August - Little Kings, Buranda Big Bands 2 and 3 will entertain the patrons at their luncheon. 2013 Qld Clarinet and Saxophone Competition Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September - Somerville House, South Brisbane The Qld Clarinet and Saxophone Competition is organised by the Qld Clarinet and Saxophone Society. It is an opportunity for clarinet and saxophone student of all levels to compete in age groups and receive an adjudication and possible prizes. G.R.I.P.P.S. Concert Thursday 19th September, 7pm - The Gap State High School Hall Selected Marist junior musicians will join over 160 other students from 13 primary schools in The Gap and Ashgrove area to refine their skills under the direction of professional music teachers during a four-day camp at The Gap State High School. The camp concludes with a final gala concert Junior Assembly Performance Thursday 19th September 1.45pm – Champagnat Centre Junior String Ensemble and our Junior Guitar Ensemble will perform at this Assembly.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Music News Continued... Music Fest 2013 Sunday October 13th 1pm – The Gap State High School Intermediate Strings Tuesday 29th October or Wednesday 30th October Wind Ensemble This semester our Intermediate Strings and Wind Ensemble will compete in the Musicfest Festival. Grandparents Day Friday 25th October – Cyprian Pavilion This morning concert will showcase most of the College’s premier ensembles for grandparents of the Marist College Ashgrove Community. More details for this event can be found in the College’s newsletter closer to the event. Soiree 2013 Friday 25th October, 7pm – Champagnat Centre All members of the College community are invited to this annual gala event to farewell our 2012 Year 12 students. This celebratory concert will feature all of the College’s large and small ensembles. Food and drinks will be available to purchase. Tickets may be pre-purchased. Admission: Adults $10, Concession $5, Family $20. State Honours Program Concerts Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th October – Conservatorium Theatre, South Bank Seven Marist senior musicians will participate in this highly respected program bringing together the finest young musicians from across the state. Under the tutelage of a team of eminent international and national conductors in a world-class environment, the program culminates in four gala concerts in the Conservatorium Theatre, Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, South Bank. Melbourne Cup Day Luncheon Tuesday 5th November The College’s String Quartet and Jazz ensemble will be providing pre-lunch entertainment for this event held in the Cyprian Pavillion. 2014 Music Information Evening Thursday 7th November, 6.00pm – Draney Theatre This information evening is for new parents and students and covers full details of the co-curricular music program including lesson scheduling and ensemble information. Secondary Prize Giving Thursday 14th November, 7pm - Champagnat Centre Wind Orchestra 1 will give their final performance for 2013 as part of the Secondary Prize Giving. Year 12 Graduation Mass Friday 15th November, Champagnat Centre The Liturgical Choir and Musicians will be performing at this farewell event for the College’s Year 12 students. Junior School Awards Night Tuesday 19th November, 7pm - Champagnat Centre Wind Ensemble, Marist Voices and Junior Strings will provide cultural interludes throughout the evening. Marist Carols Thursday 21st November, 7.15pm – McMahon Oval/John Eales Grandstand The Colleges Staff, Old Boys, Year 5 Choir, Marist Voices and our combined Choirs will join the College Community in our annual Christmas Carols evening. Everybody is welcome. For further information regarding concerts and bookings, please contact the music department on Phone: 3858 4668, email:, website: au/music

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Inclusion is a privilege – not a right. Inclusion will be determined by displayed behaviour and attitude at the College. We reserve the right to exclude students.

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Uniform sHop TRADING HOURS FOR TERM 3 Closed Mondays Tuesdays and Fridays 11AM – 2PM Wednesdays and Thursdays 11AM – 4PM Shop 33665738 Mobile 0404 299 479 Email The Uniform Shop has Eftpos and Credit Card facilities (Visa / Mastercard). Parents can take advantage of this service by phoning through their card details allowing their sons to come down at lunchtime and pick up any uniform requirements.

Clothing Pool HOURS (second hand uniforms) OPEN: Wednesday’s, 8am – 9.00am and 3pm – 4.30pm. PAYMENT: Cash or Cheque only as it is volunteer run. Unfortunately due to the cost of processing, any clothing sold that is under $20 can not be reimbursed. LOCATION: Next door to the Ashgrove Clothing Specialists along from The Cyprian Pavillon. BLAZERS: Sold on consignment so they need to be drycleaned and mended, as it makes it easier to sell them. CLOTHING: If selling uniforms please wash and iron clothing as it is a volunteer run service. All profits go to help maintain the College. Many thanks.

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Just a reminder that this haircut ‘style’ – named the Ben Barba cut – is not an acceptable look for Marist students. Please do not allow your son to get one of these.

FROM THE ARCHIVES Hello to you all again. Last time we considered the process by which the Brother Mark Farrelly Resource Centre became central to education at MCA after the year 2000. The up-to-date-facilities of the Centre allowed a student access to 21st century technology to aid his learning, and what had been an old and out-dated library became a vital part of the curriculum at the College. It was certainly the “Jewel in the Crown” of Brother Robert O’Connor’s period as Headmaster from 1997 to 2002, but this is not to say that the BMFRC was the only important development in that period. Far from it – the College was to continue with much that had been a traditional part of its ethos, expanding and enhancing that tradition, and to move into areas hitherto unexplored. One of the major areas of change was in the curriculum offered to students at the College in Years 8, 9, and 10. A review in mid 1996 had identified areas which had become stultified, if not moribund, and this broadened in 1997 into a total review of the subjects offered in the Junior secondary school. As Brother Robert put it in his overview of the 1997 school year: “We have been challenged to rethink what we teach and why we teach it, and whether we can teach it better.” He added that “Staff once again took up this significant challenge and have done a vast amount of work – with more to be done.” (Cynics on staff were heard to remark that this time we couldn’t blame outside organizations - we did this to ourselves.) The end result was that the Junior secondary school was divided into KLAs (Key Learning Areas). For the first Semester of Year 8, all students would follow a common foundations curriculum in Religious Education and each identified KLA (English, Maths, Science, SOSE, HPE, the Arts, Technology, and LOTE.) After this common first Semester, students would be able to choose Semester length “modules” for the rest of their journey through Years 8, 9, and 10 in the KLA areas, with the proviso that College requirements in each of those KLAs would have to be met. A second major area of curriculum development in 1997-1998 was the AVS (Applied Vocational Studies) programme in the senior school. Board registered courses were offered to students whose skills and interests inclined more towards the practical than the academic in areas such as Construction, Engineering, Hospitality, Tourism and Recreational Studies. All these courses were recognized nationally by training institutions such as TAFE, and allowed students to do off the job and on the job training whilst still at school. A Business course covering computing and accounting allowed students to complete the first business TAFE certificate course. The College offered students training in bricklaying, welding, computing and mechanical components. The overall coordinator of the AVS area at the College was Mrs Dale Morrow, and she was to do magnificent work until 2002, when St Rita’s College “head hunted” her to become Deputy Principal. Since that time the AVS programme has gone to even greater heights, and has been fully incorporated into the College curriculum. There are many success stories amongst MCA boys who are graduates of the AVS component (since renamed the VET programme), and many other schools in Queensland are envious of Ashgrove’s ability to cater so well for non-academic students. The College’s Outdoor Education offerings had also by now gone far beyond the concept of “going on camp.” Largely through the efforts of first Mr Gerard Effeney, then his successor Mr Doug Perrers, the opportunities for boys to be challenged both mentally and physically in “outside the classroom” situations had never been greater. The 2001 Blue & Gold shows Year Ten students steering a sailing ship in rough seas, kayaking down the rapids of a wilderness river, swimming across a hidden gorge, doing high-ropes and giant abseiling, and mountain biking on Moreton Island, as well as climbing the highest sand-dune in the world. Not for the faint-hearted, indeed, but also designed to foster co-operation, team-spirit, and problem-solving skills. Outdoor education at the College was up with the very best offerings of Australian schools anywhere. Music, already well entrenched in the College since the time of Brother Chris Wade, also continued spectacular development in this period, the enthusiasm of its Director Mr Andrew Butt being a key factor.So curriculum development was very much a part of Brother Robert’s tenure as Headmaster. Plenty of other memorable happenings occurred in this period, some of happy moment and some that would make even the angels weep. Popular Year 12 boarder Cameron Chalmers and his sister Victoria were tragically killed in a road accident in Western Queensland in the September holidays of 1997. In an act astounding in both its faith and its sublime courage, grieving parents Greg and Jacinta Chalmers offered an annual bursary to the College in the name of their children. It is awarded every year on Speech Night, often in person by one or both of the parents. Tragedy struck again in March 2000, when Miss Patricia Keating, who had served the College wonderfully in secretarial roles for nearly 31 years, died unexpectedly in her sleep. Pat had assisted Headmasters Geoffrey Joy, Alexis, Alman, Kenneth, Christopher, Terence, and Robert, and generations of boys, particularly boarders from PNG, had come to know and love her for her kindness and her calm efficiency. Pat’s organizational skills were legendary. As Robert observed, her passing was met with “stunned looks, tears, and heavy hearts.” Pat’s contribution to the College is commemorated by the Pat Keating Rose Garden below the eastern boarding dormitory. Fortunately, all was not gloom, and tragedies were balanced by triumphs. On 13th May 1998, one of the most remarkable lay-staff careers in the history of the College was recognised by the changing of a name, largely at the instigation of Sports Master Mr David Robertson. What had been “Number 2 Oval” became “Derek Cameron Oval.” For 25 years, Mr Derek Cameron had not only taught at the College, he had coached College sporting teams in every one of those years, never less than 3 and sometimes 4 individual sports a year. This remarkable effort was acknowledged in a speech by Brother Robert and the placing of a plaque and two signs naming the oval. {“Dekka” was terribly embarrassed by it all, though this hasn’t stopped him doing similar sporting activities in every year since 1998. As his twin brother, I am often asked how it feels to be “Cameron the Lesser.” My stock reply is the best thing about being me is that I get mistaken for a famous man every day. And when, as on the coming weekend, the 4th Fifteen (coached by the Lesser Cameron) plays the 5th Fifteen (coached by the Real Cameron) on Cameron Oval, we can be certain of one thing – Cameron is going to win.} In terms of sport, Brother Robert’s period also saw another important development – Ashgrove concluded its membership of The Associated Schools (TAS) and embarked as a member of a totally new organization. This came about largely because TAS had admitted many new schools to the Association and it was becoming unwieldy, particularly because many of these new schools were smaller in population, and could not hope to match the number

FROM THE ARCHIVES continued... of sporting teams fielded by the larger original schools. The standard of competition in many sports was undeniably declining. So untenable did the situation become that Ashgrove and the larger TAS schools eventually decided to form their own organisation, and so on the 9th of February 1999 in the Cyprian Pavilion at Ashgrove, the AIC (Associated Independent Colleges) Sports Association was created. The founding members were MCA, St Laurence’s, Iona, Padua, St Edmund’s, St Patrick’s, Saint Peter’s Lutheran College, and Villanova. There were to be three trimesters of sport in a school year, encompassing ten official sports, (Cricket, Rugby, Track & Field, Swimming, Tennis, Cross-Country, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, and Chess), with interaction and “friendlies” in sports such as AFL, Golf, Hockey, Cycling, Water Polo, Weightlifting, and Lifesaving. It might have been a new competition, but as far as Ashgrove’s sporting rivals were concerned, not much changed – the boys in the Blue and Gold were still very hard to beat. A perusal of Brother Robert’s reports in the annual magazines from 1997 to 2002 reveals the many Ashgrove successes in those years. On many occasions, if the College didn’t actually win the “Aggregate” trophy for a particular sport, it could be almost guaranteed that a very solid performance would have occurred. So in the new century Ashgrove’s proud tradition of sporting excellence continued. Of particular pride to the College was the composition of the Wallabies Rugby Union team to play the British and Irish Lions during their three-Test tour of Australia in 2001. The Australian captain was Ashgrove Old Boy John Eales, and the vice-captain was Ashgrove Old Boy Daniel Herbert. In a spine-tingling display showcasing magnificent Rugby skills and courage and determination by both sides, the Australians won the deciding Third Test, with Danny Herbert at outside–centre being a major contributor to Australia’s total through scoring two tries. When Australian coach Rod Macqueen stated at the end of the game, “It’s bloody good to be an Australian”, there were also plenty of proud College Rugby supporters who could have added, “and bloody good to be an Ashgrovian.” Our Old Boy leaders had been inspirational. Still on sport, another significant event occurred on 8th June 2002, when it was decided to honour two famous Old Boy Rugby Union players from very chronologically different eras. The first of these, the recently retired John Eales, needed no introduction to the Ashgrove student of the time – he was a living legend to them. In a magnificent occasion on the Francis McMahon Oval, the grandstand was officially named the John Eales Grandstand in honour of Australia’s most successful Rugby captain. The second Old Boy did need some introduction, simply because he was the age of most of the current students’ grandfathers: Des Connor attended the College from 1946 to 1953, and was in the First Fifteen for the last three of those years. A lightning-quick halfback with a magnificent pass, Des would later gain Wallaby selection, playing 12 Tests for the Green and Gold. He then moved to New Zealand in his profession as a teacher, and with residency qualifications not as strict as they are now, Des created a record which will almost certainly never be equaled – he also played 12 Tests for New Zealand. The All Blacks couldn’t believe their luck. A dual Rugby international was certainly worthy of celebration, and a renaming a la Cameron Oval occurred: “The Flats” (the playing fields across the creek) were renamed Des Connor Park. It was one of the great sporting occasions in the College’s history, and Brother Robert made sure it was well advertised through giving a radio interview to 4BC about the event. The crowd befitted the spectacle, with both Old Boys honoured with plaques on which their impressive records were inscribed. One of Robert’s key issues concerned the “Faith” aspects of student life. In an increasingly secular age, he was determined that the traditional Marist ethos of the centrality of Jesus underpinning all that occurred at the College should not be lost. Inaugural and Champagnat Day Masses were specifically designed to draw the student audience into participation and celebration, with dramatic performances often part of those masses. The RE programme remained a vital part of the curriculum, and the House system took responsibility for emphasizing the “social justice” aspects of Christian life. Each of the eight Houses worked for one major charity throughout the school year, in areas such as the Marist Missions in the Pacific, Cambodia, PNG and East Timor, Amnesty International, the Red Cross, the Red Shield Appeal, and the Little Kings Movement, etc. In August 2002, the Saint Vincent de Paul Chapter at the College celebrated its 60th year of existence, the oldest school conference in Queensland – a proud record. Other types of celebration had by now become enshrined in the school calendar. The Walkathon seemed to become bigger and grander every year; Grandparents Day was eagerly anticipated by both the “oldies” and their student descendants; and Expressive Arts Festival Week, with its popular Battle of the Bands and its showcasing of the talents of our artists and performers, also went from strength to strength in this period. Indeed, so many of the College students were now involved that planning began for what would in a few short years become the Performing and Visual Arts Precinct to the western side of the new Resource Centre. The indefatigable Brother Nick Howlett also in 2001-02 redesigned the Frasers Road entrance to the College, making traffic flow far more controlled, and providing a dedicated bus zone for students within the College grounds. Brother Robert O’Connor had thus done great work in carrying on the traditions of the Headmasters of the College. The building that had taken place, principally the Resource Centre, had opened opportunities for 21st century students unavailable at previous times in the College. The great pillars of College life – faith, respect for and service to others, communal effort, and sport – had all been sustained or strengthened. Academic performance was more than satisfactory; the AVS, Learning Enrichment, and outdoor education programmes all contributed to the creation of “whole men”; the offerings of the College for the development of individual talent had never been greater. As Nick Robertson, College Vice-Captain in 2002, penned in a tribute to Brother Robert in that year’s Blue & Gold, “No-one doubts the enormous energy, talent and service that Brother has brought to the role in the past six years. Ashgrove has been blessed with a series of outstanding leaders, and Brother Robert’s place among the very best of them is unquestioned.” The new century saw Marist College Ashgrove proud, confident, and ready for the challenges and opportunities of the years ahead. Until next time From the Archives Dave Cameron 38584591


Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Junior School News Dear Parents, Over the years, you may have noticed that I often share the writings of Father Ronald Rolheiser with you, who is a well-known Canadian theologian and author. He belongs to the Religious Order named “The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate” which is the same Order who conduct Iona College. There are two main reasons why I share Father Rolheiser’s thoughts with you: (1) He writes about very human topics, topics which you and I experience and can relate to. He is able to illustrate, through his writings, the importance of living a full life and still being a spiritual person. He shows us how to ‘integrate spirituality and life’ which is one of my favourite sayings and something I believe in. (2) “The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate” have many similarities to the Marist Brothers. Both Orders were founded in France, by young French priests, just after the French Revolution. The Founder of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Eugene De Mazenod, was canonised in 1995. The most important similarity, however, is that both Founders placed Mary as a very important role model in living the Christian life and both named their respective Orders after her and under her protection. Both Founders emphasised the importance of expressing the love and compassion of God through our daily interactions with others, especially young people. Many ideas in his articles are similar to the thinking of the Marist authors. In his latest article, Father Rolheiser writes about emotions and it’s titled this is a very brief summary for you:

“On whining and weeping” and

“Karl Rogers once suggested that what’s most private within us, is also most universal. His belief was that many of the private feelings that we would be ashamed to admit in public are, ironically, the very feelings which, if expressed, would resonate most deeply inside the experience of others. This isn’t, however, always true in terms of our tears. Sometimes, our private tears are only that, private tears, tears which are ours alone and which don’t resonate with the feelings of others, but rather cause them an uneasy discomfort. Why don’t all our tears draw empathy? The answer is that not all tears are the same; there’s a difference between weeping and whining. The former is healthy, the latter isn’t. Weeping is healthy, it’s a wholesome expression in the face of sorrow. When we weep, we are giving expression to sorrow. The loss we are mourning might seem a private thing, like the death of a loved one, but if the focus of our grief is on the one lost rather than on ourselves, our weeping is essentially empathic. Death and loss spare no one; everyone, ultimately, carries the same sadness. Whining, on the other hand, is mostly self-pity. Its focus is not on what has been lost to tragedy, but is primarily on ourselves – our hurt and our plea for sympathy. To whine is to hold a private wound up for public viewing, in order to look for sympathy. We cry tears for different reasons and we cry tears in different ways. In all tears, the question is: “Who am I crying for, for someone else or myself?” This is not an easy question to answer because our tears are invariably a mix of both. Rarely are our tears pure, without self-pity, like the tears Jesus wept over Jerusalem or the tears of Mary under the cross. Vergote, a renowned Psychologist suggests the following: When we cry, after doing something wrong, these tears are generally tears of self-pity, rather than a sign of contrition. True contrition evokes something different within us – sorrow. What distinguishes sorrow from guilt is that, in sorrow, we weep because something we’ve done has hurt someone else. With tears of guilt, we’re crying because we are feeling bad. Some interesting thoughts have been presented and for most of us, some very thought-provoking and challenging ideas.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Junior School News Continued... Term 3 Term 3 is ‘well on its way’ and is proving to be a very busy term for us. The boys have all started their involvement in so many areas of the school – both in sport and cultural activities – and I thank them for their energy and enthusiastic participation. This wouldn’t be possible without the commitment of the Junior School staff and parents, so I thank you for all you are doing to ensure the boys are well prepared for the final term of CIC Sport and the different cultural activities. Haircuts and grooming: We are very aware of the importance of the boys being neatly dressed and having short haircuts. Usually, the boys are excellent with this, but as the term progresses, there are a few boys requiring a good haircut. I have asked a few about this and they assure me that it’s going to happen. May I request that we be aware that the College requires the boys to have short, neat hair at all times. Thank you. Welcome back to Madame: On Monday 29 July, we welcomed Madame back from her Long Service Leave. This was a very special time for Madame as she was able to spend time with her son and his family in the UK and meet, for the first time, her grandson. We are delighted to have Madame back with us and hope she is well rested. Important dates until Friday 30 August: Thursday 1 August: Junior Musical Concert. [Details will be forwarded closer to the time] Monday 5 August: Year 7 Outreach Programme: William Sowby and Angus Campbell. Tuesday 13 August: Assumption Mass, in the Champagnat Centre at 9.00am. [Time still to be confirmed.] Wednesday 14 August to Friday 16 August – EKKA HOLIDAY. Monday 19 August: Book Week begins. [Details will be forwarded closer to the time.] Wednesday 21 August: QDU Debate: This is for Team 2 only, at Brisbane Grammar School, beginning at 7.00pm. Friday 23 August: Year 7 Disco at Marist College, in the Champagnat Centre, beginning at 6.30pm. [Details will be forwarded soon. Year 7 Parents: We welcome any assistance on the night, but I will forward details to you.] Saturday 24 August: Tournament of Minds Competition and French Poetry Competition. [Details for both events will be forwarded.] Friday 30 August: Father and Son Breakfast, at 7.00am, in the Champagnat Centre [College Gym]. Some tickets are still available. Queensland Debating Union [QDU] – Thursday 18 July, 2013: The first QDU Competition for 2013 took place at All Hallows’ School. I was very proud of all our boys who represented the College as this was their first Debate for QDU and they all did very well. The topic was “That pop stars set a bad example” and both teams argued their cases very well. Congratulations to Team 1 who won the debate against All Hallows’ School and also to Team 2, who were not successful against Brisbane Grammar. Thank you to each of the boys involved. The next QDU competition will be on Wednesday 21 August, at Brisbane Grammar, beginning at 7.00pm. This Competition will be for Team 2 only. With warmest wishes to you all. Michael B. Druce.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Junior School Sports News C.I.C. Athletics 2013 The 2013 C.I.C. Athletics season has been up and running now for four weeks, with the lead-up carnivals being held at the University of Queensland, St Lucia. It is always a busy morning for all at these lead-up carnivals, so if there are any parents who are able to assist with Ashgrove timekeeping or officiating it would be greatly appreciated if you could make your availability known to Alyce Deeley by dropping her an email at C.I.C. Basketball 2013 The 2013 C.I.C. Basketball season is entering Round 2 this week. The most pleasing part of the Basketball season began when we had over 100 boys trial for three teams in each year level. Unfortunately with the Friday afternoon timeslot and the resources the College is able to provide, we can only accommodate three teams in each age group. It would be ideal if we could offer more teams, however, logistics simply prevent this. It’s great to see so many boys prepared to “have a go” at a new sport to further enhance their coordination skills. Not only are the Junior School boys being active and enjoying another team sport, as well, through Basketball, they are learning a new skills set to enhance their overall co-ordination ability. Please note that as our Blue & Gold Ball is on this Saturday, August 3, the Gym is out of action for Basketball fixtures on Friday 2 August. This has meant that we have to play 6A & 6B on the outside courts at the College with all other games played at Nudgee College, Sandgate Rd, Boondall. C.I.C Tennis 2013 As a number of boys are juggling commitments with Athletics and Tennis it is imperative that boys who are intending to attend an Athletics Carnival on Saturday and hence be absent from Tennis must inform Mr Scott Murphy ( by Tuesday in the week of their absence. We have had some instances of boys informing Mr Murphy as late as Friday afternoon, which makes it extremely difficult to organise replacements and ultimately impacts on their teammates. Please ensure that you inform Mr Murphy as soon as possible. The earlier Mr Murphy is notified the easier it is for him to organise. If you do not inform him by Tuesday of your impending absence you will be told that you must commit to Tennis, which may ultimately impact on your Athletics selection. Please ensure if your son is juggling these commitments he gets himself organised and notifies Mr Murphy as soon as possible. Thanks in anticipation of your assistance with this. Individual Achievements Congratulations to Luke Barnard (6 Gold) and Cooper Cabot (5 Red) who were selected in the Brisbane Hockey Team to compete in the Coulter Shield Hockey Championships in Brisbane on August 4. Congratulations to Ben Braunstorfer (5 Green) who finished 3rd at the Metropolitan North Cross Country Championships. Ben then competed at the Cross Country State Champions at Limestone Park on July 14 and was placed 7th. Well done Ben. It is always good for the College to recognize boys’ individual achievements. If you are aware of an achievement of a particular boy/s please e-mail the accomplishment to Luke Caplick

Head of Sport – Junior School

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