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09 2013

Marist College Ashgrove Volume 49 Issue No. 09 June 2013

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DATES TO REMEMBER 18 June • Term 2 - ends 3.10pm • Cricket Tour to UK - Departs • Junior School Assembly • Year 11 & 12 Exams - conclude 19 June • Old Boys’ Association Meeting • Cross Country Holiday Training 22 June • Junior Rugby Tens Carnival • Boarding Country Visit - Moree Visit 23 June • Junior Rugby Tens Carnival • Boarding Country Visit - St George Visit 24 June • Boarding Country Visit - Dalby Visit 3 July • Cricket Tour to UK - Returns 8 July • China Tour - Departs • Student-free Day • Staff Photo Day • Staff Professional Development Sessions 9 July • Term 3 commences - WINTER UNIFORM • AFL Trials Begin • Chill Out Program Parent Info Evening 10 July • Drama Classes • Year 12 Retreat - Starts 11 July • ‘Students-catching-trains’ session - Draney Theatre 12 July • Chess - concludes • Year 11 Physics Excursion 13 July • AIC XC Leadup Meet: 9am-noon • Cross Country Camp • U14/U15 Tennis Trials/Singles Championships

15 July • Year 5 Parent/Teacher Interviews • Basketball/Tennis Trials - begins • Rosies Outreach 7pm-12am • AIC AFL - 3.30-7pm • China Tour - Returns 16 July • Foley 7’s • Year 6 Parent/Teacher Interviews • Old Boys Association Meeting 17 July • Debating QDU 18 July • Foley 7’s • Year 7 Parent/Teacher Interviews • Newsletter Online • College Assembly 19 July • Year 6 Dinner- Cyprian Pavilion • Boarding Country Visit - Katherine Show • House Athletics Carnival 20 July • TSXPO - RNA • AIC Cross-Country Leadup Meet: 9am-noon • Boarding Country Visit - Katherine Show • U16/Open Tennis Trials/Open Championships 21 July • TSXPO - RNA • Basketball Clinic

22 July

• Track & Field Training begins • AIC AFL: 3.30-7pm

23 July

• Foley 7’s • Junior School Photo Day • Year 12 2013 Tertiary Entrance Evening

24 July

• Marist Card Day - Cyprian Pavilion • Red Cross Blood Service Visit • Rosies Outreach

14 July • Cross Country Camp

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Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

From the Headmaster Dear Members of the Marist College Ashgrove family, On Champagnat Day, three Champagnat Day Awards were given: one to a parent, one to a student and one to a staff member. The common trait was that they all conducted themselves with a great deal of humility – one of St Marcellin’s “three violets”. St Augustine wrote, “Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist there cannot be any other virtue except mere appearance.” I’d like to share with you the citations that were read out before each recipient was presented with their award. I’m sure you would like to join with me in congratulating Tony Hogarth, Ray Rogers and Martin Boga on their well-deserved awards. Tony Hogarth Our first recipient, a parent, first encountered Marist College Ashgrove as a boarder over forty years ago. This person has been very committed to the College even though the “tyranny of distance” saw him and his family move away from Brisbane as he began his career in the law. During his time as a student at MCA, our parent recipient was involved as a Prefect, Swimming Captain and member of the 1st XV. However, in more recent years our recipient has made significant contributions as a parent. These contributions are very much attuned with the Champagnat qualities such as: Hardworking - our awardee has been heavily involved in the Old Boys’ Committee, serving two years as President as well as many years as a committee member. He has been involved as Chair of the College Foundation for five years and has contributed personally to so many fundraising initiatives including being one of the driving forces behind one of our Biology laboratories being named after his year group, 1976. Encouraging - of the staff and boys especially with respect to being present at Saturday rugby games (both home and away) in spite of the fact that his son graduated as College Vice-Captain in 2009. Mr McLoughlin has often paid tribute to the support and encouragement he has received from our recipient. Respectful - our parent has always shown a great respect for the Marist Brothers and the contribution they have made to his life. This is particularly shown in the high regard with which our recipient holds Br Alexis who was Headmaster during our awardee’s time as a boy at the College. Persistent - is the best way to describe our recipient’s approach to his role as Chair of the Foundation. Always looking to instigate and support initiatives that will see the College prosper. Our 2013 Champagnat Day Award for a parent goes to a true son of Champagnat who always follows his words with actions. Congratulations to Mr Tony Hogarth who will be joined on stage by his wife Sandra and son, 2009 College Vice-Captain, Tom. Ray Rogers Our second recipient, a member of staff, will not be quite so well known to students of the College but upon this person’s work rests so much of what we manage to achieve here year after year. This recipient is a person trusted by staff, Brothers and families. In large institutions such as our school there are “hidden people”, those people in the background without whose quiet, unobtrusive work, the work of the rest of us would not happen, certainly not with the same level of efficiency and done over so many years. Our recipient has an astounding work ethic. Few would be aware of the hours spent in the office ensuring the accuracy of detail essential to the day to day running of the school and the grasp of information required to enable the school to develop in the ways that it has. Our staff recipient has been on the College staff for 37 years and has served under eight different Headmasters each of whom acknowledges our awardee as one of the best operators in this role in the Marist network of schools. In recent times changes in roles have acknowledged that the job being done was simply too great for one person to manage alone. Our recipient has moved with the times as an accountant keeping up to date with the latest legislation that impacts on school finances and has effortlessly moved from a pen-and-paper model of book-keeping and ledgers to today’s electronic world.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

From the Headmaster Continued... I know the Brothers’ community regards our awardee very highly, having made him an Affiliated Member of the Institute in 1997 for his dedicated support and service to the Brothers. This affiliation is recorded on an honour board in the College Chapel. When our staff awardee began work here the school had 800 students. In his time that number has doubled to 1600. Of the Champagnat qualities listed on the Award, faithful, trusting and hardworking have been prominent. 37 years of dedicated service in a challenging yet essential role attest to those. And for the many staff who have had dealings with our awardee, particularly those fortunate to work closely with our recipient, the qualities of generosity and respect are foremost in our minds and memories when we think of the 2013 Champagnat Day Award for staff, a true gentlemen in every sense of the word, and so it is that we congratulate and thank College Accounts Manager, Mr Ray Rogers. Mr Rogers is joined on stage by his two sons, Mark and Craig, both Old Boys and his daughter Katy and their families. Martin Boga Mr McLoughlin often reflects on and encourages us as Marists to be attentive to the ‘little things’ that we do. The ‘little things’ are behaviours, attitudes and actions like being polite, punctual, well groomed, the way we speak to one another, respecting our College and all those who cross our path during the day at school. Our Champagnat Day student award recipient goes to a Year 12 student who would probably best role model daily those qualities Mr McLoughlin so often speaks to us about. This student in his years at Marist has been meticulous and determined in all he has thrown himself into and in all the things thrown at him. Our recipient is a person of clear insight, deep compassion and intellect and he has shown repeatedly that he has been willing to share these gifts and capacities with different groups within the College and beyond. He is reflective and thoughtful. He is, as the award says, faithful. Our awardee brings a sense of openness to the way in which he relates with younger students. He has a strong sense of justice relating to people on the margins and world issues in general. In his work with and for others, he is always cheerful and has an encouraging word for everybody. Our recipient has involved himself in the whole range of opportunities for service and outreach offered at Marist College and beyond. He has been an active contributor to St Vincent De Paul, the homeless BBQ and many House responsibilities. He has completed more than 100 hours in the College MATES program. By his presence, our student awardee demonstrates the Marist qualities of doing good things quietly, of always being patient enough to do the “little things” in life to the best of his ability. Persistent, hardworking, caring, respectful – these are some of the qualities quietly practised by our recipient. Our student awardee represents a group of students in every year group at our school – boys who fulfil their responsibilities to the best of their ability, without fanfare or fuss, who cause no one any harm or concern, who work for the good always, for others and for themselves. These are the boys upon whom the reputation of our College is built, and the boys whose persistence and faithfulness creates our school as a good place to live and grow, to share and strive. Marist College Ashgrove is the better for having been the recipient of so much of this fine young man’s generosity, fidelity and commitment. Our student recipient of the Champagnat Day Award for 2013 is presented to Year 12 student Martin Boga. Martin is joined on stage by his parents Edmund and Majella and brother, Kevin. Yours in Jesus, Mary and St Marcellin Peter McLoughlin Headmaster

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Headmaster’s Notes Staff Farewells I’d like to announce the departure of the following members of staff: Mr Michael Cook has resigned his position at the College in order to pursue a career lecturing at University. Michael has made several significant contributions here at MCA including Head of Health and Physical Education KLA, Coordinator of Rugby and First XV coach. Mr Dean Williams has been teaching in the Junior School over the past eighteen months and has been involved in all aspects of College life. Mrs Denise Shuttlewood has been ICT Coordinator this past semester. Our thanks to Denise for her contributions. Ms Anne Townsend has taught Year 5 Blue this term with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm and is deserving of our thanks. Our sincere thanks to all these staff for their significant contributions. The following staff are commencing leave next Term: • Mr Tony Byrne has taken twelve months leave from his role at the College. • Ms Liz Falconer will be on long service leave for Term 3. Our best wishes to Tony and Liz for their respective leave. Mr Shayne Moniz has resigned from his position as Year 10 Boarding Coordinator after twelve years of dedicated service to the boarding school. We are grateful for the many contributions Shayne has made in boarding over such a long period of time. Shayne will continue teaching Mathematics in the day school. Jubilees This coming weekend several Marist Brothers will celebrate the following milestones of religious life. We congratulate them and assure them of our prayers and good wishes. Many names will be familiar to families: 70 years Br Vincent Lenehan, Br Des Phillips, Br Vincent Shekleton. Diamond Jubilee Br Martin Connell, Br Neil O’Leary and Br Gerald Steele. Golden Jubilee Br Jeffrey Crowe (Provincial), Br Terence Heinrich (Headmaster 1991 – 1996), Br Patrick Thompson, Br John Wells. Trimester 2 Sport Congratulations to coaches of Chess, Rugby and Football for successful seasons (Cross Country continues into third term). Both Chess and Rugby achieved first place in the AIC Aggregate whilst Football placed second. Please find below a list of our coaches to whom we offer our sincere thanks: Junior School Rugby 7A Ryan Apps and Dean Williams, 7B Joshua Ryan and Tom Morrisey, 7C Greg Lynch, 7D Blue Xavier Devlin and Nick Laracy, 7D Gold Connor O’Shea and Dom Hanrahan. 6A Chris Sheahan and Jamie Brauer, 6B John Lambourne and Nic Stride, 6C Samira Joseph and James Smith, 6D Blue Gerard McKeown, 6D Gold Prue O’Neill and Hamish Maclean, 5A Trent Jones, Tom Morton and Morgan Warmington, 5B Jed Brisbane and Michael Toolis, 5C Blue Dan Sharman and Jordan Cooke, 5C Gold Ben Stubbings, 5D Blue Jordan Nelsen and Lachlan Symon, 5D Gold Nick Howlie and Harry Dever, 5D White Luke Caplick. Junior School Football 7A Paul Knight, 7B Elliot Beath, 7C Craig Kennedy, 6A Mr and Mrs Minihan, 6B Jason Hawke, 6C Alyce Deeley, 5A Nick McGauley, 5B Scott Murphy and 5C Joseph Nucifora.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Headmaster’s Notes Continued... Junior School Cross Country Bruce Weaver and Jim Crimmins. Secondary School Rugby Coordinator Alex Pope, First XV Jon Fitzgerald & Peter McIntosh, 2nds Chris Dash & Chris Rynders,3rds Wayne Hansen & Michael O’Brien, 4ths Dave Cameron, 5ths Derek Cameron, 6ths Craig Robinson, 16A Dave Meehan &Tony Byrne,16B Stan Kosiek & Darren Kayrooz, 16C Alex Heinke & Kieran Renolds,16D Sam Gerraghty & Jack Bendell, 16E Jack Nightingale, 15A Peter Anderson & Graham Lawson, 15B James Herbert & Graham Lawson,15C Michael Scanlan, 15 D’s Matt Hynes & Brendan Telford,15 Blue Dan Ryan & Jack Silversmith,15 Gold Casey Brealey & Sam Ryall, 14 A’s Paul Kearney & Rick Morrow, 14 B’s Pat Meehan & Matt Muller,14 C’s Josh Clutterbuck, 14 D’s Doug Perrers, Manager Rory Johanson, 14 Blue Hamish Teitzell & Tom Fox, 14 Gold Nick Rogers, 14 White Calvin Gibb & Adam Downes, 13 A’s Brendan Kiernan, 13 B’s Phill Holding, 13 C’s Karli Lancaster & Olly McCall,13 Blue Gerard Monsour, 13 D’s Clinton Mills. Secondary School Football 1st XI Matt Poole & Bill Faust, Manager Lou Mazzoleni, 2nd XI Brett Carroll, 3rd XI Matt Glasson, 4th XI Tom Lonergan, 16A Luke Condon, 15A Matt Green & Jordan Farina, 15B Matt Capelo & Dean Campbell, 15C Damian Nelson & Tom Duffy, 14A Matt Green & Peter McLoughlin, 14B Phill Holding & Jackson Campbell, 14C Riley Campbell & Steven Cannon, 14D Chris Kent and Michael McLaughlin, 13A Eugene Luongo, 13B Jan Mulvihill, 13C John Mulvihill. Chess Coordinator and Coach Brett Carroll Prayers please Please pray for the repose of the soul of: • Josh (10G) & Dan (12G) Neill’s paternal grandmother who passed away recently Eternal rest grant to him O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen. Please also keep in your prayers: • Frank Finn who is recovering well from lung surgery but still needs our prayers as he prepares for bowel surgery once he has healed from this recent operation. Congratulations Patrick Flanagan(12I) will be representing Queensland in Water Polo as a 17 & under team member in 2013. The 17 & under team will compete in the World Cup Youth Challenge in Canberra at the beginning of July 2013.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013


X To the Headmaster, I am writing to you prior to making a formal complaint to the QLD Police. There is currently a Stop sign where O’Connell Place meets Frasers Road. Frasers Road continues around a bend at this intersection and becomes Lavarack Parade. If a vehicle is leaving Frasers road to enter O’Connell Place, they should use their left/right hand indicator. If there is no indicator, a vehicle at the Stop sign should assume they will follow the course of the road. I understand this might be confusing for some drivers as you are essentially driving straight ahead when you leave the road. Several times over the past couple of months (and again this morning) I have almost been in an accident with cars failing to stop at the Stop sign on O’Connell Place. I have even taken to placing my right hand indicator on (though as I am following the course of the road this is not required) before I get to the bend. This morning even this did not ensure that the cars stopped at the sign. I would appreciate it if you would circulate a reminder to the parents of your boys that they are required to stop at the intersection (not merely slow down) and give way to vehicles on Frasers Road and Lavarack Parade. Can you also remind them that if a vehicle does not indicate, then they can assume that the vehicle is going to follow the road around the bend. Hopefully the above reminder will improve the skills being displayed at the intersection. Being in a hurry or late for work is not a valid excuse for endagering other motorists at this intersection. Regards

SENIOR SPORTS NEWSLETTER - ONLINE Download your copy of ‘The Buzz’ - the weekly sports report from the Head of Sport.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Mission and Ministry NEWS FROM THE COLLEGE CHAPLAIN Fr Pius Jones FR JOHN BEGG SM - CELEBRATING 50 YEARS On Thursday 6 June the entire College, along with families and friends, gathered in the gym for the celebration of our annual Champagnat Mass. The Mass was celebrated by Fr John Begg who celebrates 50 years of Ordination to the Priesthood this year. Fr John is an Old Boy of Ashgrove being here for the years 1948 to 1954. He then went to Marist Fathers Woodlawn to complete Year 11 and 12 in the years 1955 and 1956. In 1957 Fr John entered the Marist Fathers and went to Glen Davis in New South Wales for his novitiate. After First Profession he went to the Marist Fathers Seminary in Armidale during the years of 1958 to 1959 to study Philosophy. From 1960 to 1963 Fr John studied Theology at the St Peter Chanel Seminary, Toongabbie. After Ordination Fr John was appointed to St. John’s College, Woodlawn, where he was a dormitory master and teacher. 1970 saw the beginning of Fr John’s missionary activities when he was appointed to Bougainville, PNG. He remained there until 1989. Upon returning to Australia Fr John was appointed to the parish staff at Hunters Hill and was there for the years of 1990 to 1991. In 1992 he was appointed to Glenlyon in Brisbane and worked in the parishes of Mater Dei and Saint John’s Wood, The Gap. He was there until 1992 when he was appointed as Parish Priest of Gladstone. He finished his term of Parish Priest there in 1997 and from 1998 to 1999 returned to Glenlyon for two years. In 2000 Fr John was appointed Superior of the retired community of Marist in Sydney. Then in 2001 to 2008, he returned to Brisbane as a member of the Marist Fathers community at Herston. In 2009 Fr John took on the responsibility of chaplain to the retirement home at Nundah where he remains today. Yours, in Jesus and Mary, Fr Pius Jones SM

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Mission and Ministry Reflection

Mates Prayer Our Marist beginnings were shaped by the caring relationship between a young country priest, Marcellin Champagnat, and a group of young people, living in France in a time of great social turmoil. He chose to live among them with great simplicity and unity and in this way he developed, in them, a confidence to rely on Jesus and a meaningful relationship with Mary. Each week they went out to surrounding villages to make Jesus known and loved, especially to those who were poor and uneducated. It was through Marcellin’s personality as a man of action and humility and his unwavering love of Jesus and Mary that he was able to transform the lives of those with whom he made contact. God, you have shown to us the power of perfect love, and in St Marcellin Champagnat you have given us a great example of this love in action.

Upcoming Mission & Ministry Events TERM 3 Tuesday 9 July Year 12 Retreats 10:10am MATES Paddington Respite Visit Wednesday 10 July Year 12 Retreats 8:05am Mass in Chapel - All Welcome 9:30am LAMP St Peter Chanel Visit 10:00am MATES Little King’s Movement Visit 4:45pm MATES BBQ with the Homeless Thursday 11 July Year 12 Retreats 8:50am MATES Communify Pantry Visit 11:20am LAMP St Finbarr’s Visit Friday 12 July Year 12 Retreats 8:05am Mass in Chapel - All Welcome Monday 15 July 6:00pm

ROSIES Street Retreat Outreach

Wednesday 17 July We follow his example and reach out to those who are excluded or live on the edges of our society. We reach out to those near or far who are lonely, in danger and struggle.

8:05am 9:30am 10:00am 4:45pm

Mass in Chapel - All Welcome LAMP St Peter Chanel Visit MATES Little King’s Movement Visit MATES BBQ with the Homeless

Thursday 18 July 8:50am 11:20am

MATES Communify Pantry Visit LAMP St Finbarr’s Visit

Sharing his passion for the marginalised may we support, encourage and love our brothers and sisters. May we be fired by our love of Jesus and Mary,

Ministry Office Phone: 3858 4582 Email:

become people of empathy and action


and may we as Marcellin did,

Father and Son Breakfast

make Jesus known and loved. Mary our Good Mother, pray for us. St Marcellin Champagnat, pray for us.

Friday 30 August 7:00am - 8:30am More details in the next newsletter

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Mission and Ministry Â

Fr Begg SM Celebrating Champagnat Mass

Champagnat Day Mass 6 June 2013

Champagnat Award - Student 2013 Martin Boga and Parents

Fr John Begg SM and Eucharist Ministers Champagnat Mass

Champagnat Award - Community Tony Hogarth

Champagnat Award - Staff 2013 Ray Rogers Ray Rogers celebrating his Champagnat Award with the Finance and Office Staff

Uniform sHop

Clothing Pool HOURS (second hand uniforms)




OPEN: Wednesday’s, 8am – 9.00am and 3pm – 4.30pm.


PAYMENT: Cash or Cheque only as it is volunteer run. Unfortunately due to the cost of processing, any clothing sold that is under $20 can not be reimbursed.

Shop 33665738 Mobile 0404 299 479 Email

LOCATION: Next door to the Ashgrove Clothing Specialists along from The Cyprian Pavillon.

The Uniform Shop has Eftpos and Credit Card facilities (Visa / Mastercard). Parents can take advantage of this service by phoning through their card details allowing their sons to come down at lunchtime and pick up any uniform requirements.

BLAZERS: Sold on consignment so they need to be drycleaned and mended, as it makes it easier to sell them. CLOTHING: If selling uniforms please wash and iron clothing as it is a volunteer run service. All profits go to help maintain the College. Many thanks.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

From the Head of Teaching & Learning

ics can help you and your children July Holiday Courses

For any students in the Brisbane Area        

Boost your student’s Confidence at school Remove their fears and frustrations when completing Assignments ensure your student’s results are as high as possible Ensure They Plan Ahead With Their Goals And Set Tasks They need Help To “Balance” Their school work And social Lives Ease Your Stress Of Having To Repeat Yourself Learn The Benefits from Taking notes in Class Write Essays With Structure And Correct Information

ics School Holiday Programs are One Day in length – 6 hours These courses are:

Advanced Reading Skills 1 July 2013 $165.00 9.00am to 4.00pm

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Essay Writing Skills $135.00

2 July 2013 9.00am to 4.00pm

Junior Study Skills $135.00

3 July 2013 9.00am to 4.00pm

Senior Study Skills $135.00

4 July 2013 9.00am to 4.00pm

YouTube Video link at: Website Enrolment and information at Courses start at 9 am and conclude at 4.00pm Courses are being held in the “Potter Rooms” supplied at

All Hallow’s school 547 Ann st … Brisbane. 4000

To enrol or to receive additional information, please contact ics Learning Group directly on 07 3102 1134, email: or online: BooK eARLy to avoid disappointment!! Class sizes are kept to a minimum.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Japanese Exchange Students Seven Exchange Students visited Marist College Ashgrove in May The Japanese exchange students were hosted by MCA students and their families for the entire time of their stay, from 19 May until 29 May. They experienced Australian life style as well as school life, participating in various lessons with their host brothers, Charles Bidgood, Tom Brady, Seamus Coulson, Lachlan Dalton (Year 11), Ben Malt, Jordan Maes (Year 10), and Dugald Lowis (Year 9). Year 9 Japanese students visited Movie World with the Japanese students to practice their language skills as tour guides. Were they too busy to enjoy the rides themselves? Everyone who participated in the excursion had an enjoyable day out nevertheless. Perhaps it was Mr Fukuda who enjoyed the day most? Or, was it Mrs Alison Barlow? Anyway, thank you for accompanying the group on a rainy day. Year 10 Japanese students had the serious task of making Japanese students understand Aboriginal paintings and artifacts, in addition to modern western paintings when they visited South Bank. They also acted as guides at the Queensland Museum, showing dinosaurs of Queensland, aeroplanes and other things unique to Australia. Some students were heavily relying on the modern technological invention called a digital translator to explain the objects. Year 11 Japanese students had an opportunity to exchange food culture and mannerism. Lunch must be eaten indoors, classrooms and cafeteria at Japanese schools, not outside! They use chopsticks, not knife and fork nor hands even for lunch. By the way, are they allowed to talk while they eat? Everyone was so quiet when eating! The Year 8 Japanese students exchanged information with Japanese students about themselves, their families and pets. They were able to demonstrate their knowledge of Japanese language and cultural manners such as bowing and being polite. They were very impressed when they found out a Japanese boy does kendo which is Japanese fencing. He is actually very good at it. Coming from rural Japan, the seven students thought Brisbane was a huge city and Marist College was a very large school. They were a little apprehensive when they arrived but enjoyed the generous hospitality of the Marist community very much and were sad to leave. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to everyone, particularly the host brothers and their families, and also the teachers who allowed the students to join their lessons. Of course the Headmaster, Mr McLoughlin and the College Leadership Team for encouraging the school exchange program. Keiko Griffiths Shuhei Fukuda Haruka Sawa

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

OLD BOYS’ SPORT DAY - JUNE 1 2013 The Headmaster Peter McLoughlin, Old Boys’ Association and the College community were delighted to welcome back members of the Ashgrove 1st XV from 1953, 1963 and 1973 to the Ashgrove V Iona College, AIC premiership game. It was a great day and many acquaintances were renewed. Following a welcome and lunch for these teams, they were all presented and acknowledged by the large crowd present. Many stayed on for the 1st XV match and were impressed by the high standard of play and felt the Iona side were deserved winners. Some memories of the three teams 1953, 1st XV: The GPS Undefeated Premiers, Nudgee College was the only school team to defeat Ashgrove. Ashgrove defeated B.G.S., Churchie and BBC and all the MSSSA Colleges, ending the season as Premiers. The “Queensland Rugby Union News” of August 1, 1953 stated: “Marist Brothers, Ashgrove who won the A Grade without defeat, are a brilliant combination which played faultless Rugby.” The team included: Des Connor (capt), Arthur Xavier, Ray Burke, Jack Laracy, Ron Craven, Terry Kassulke, Noel Lane, Dan Tufui, Mick Henry, Des Ridley, Vince Nipperess, John Nutley, Brian Lindsay, Mick O’Reilly, Paul Comerford, and Paul Jackson. 1963 1st XV finished as Runners-up to SPLC. In trials, Ashgrove drew 5-5 with Nudgee and defeated BBC and Downlands. This is how Ashgrove and St. Columban’s teams lined up in the final premiership game at the Exhibition Ground as the curtain raiser for the interstate match. A gusty day made open play difficult, but in spite of this our wingers scored two fine tries. St. Columban’s scored two penalty goals in the 6-6 draw.

1963 team Ray Meagher (c) (centre), John Breen (no. 8) (v-c), Errol Allan (halfback), Kieran McCormack (5/8), Barry Honan (centre), Lyle Guilfoyle (wing), John Costello (wing), Maurice Liussi (fullback), Lex Boyd (2nd Row), Peter Palaziol (2nd Row), Tim Laracy (Hooker), Greg Dux (prop), Peter Martinuzzi (prop), Michael Neill (2nd Row), Michael Bell (Breakaway), Barry Low (Breakaway) 1973 TEAM The 1st XV won the majority of games going down narrowly, 6-7, to eventual premiers, Villanova College. The team consisted of Bevan Conroy (c) (prop), Gary Allen (halfback), Mark Waters (breakaway), Steve De Leeuw (2nd Row), Joe Podobnik (No 8), Kerry Bullock (2nd Row), Dave Barbagallo (centre), Brian Batch (centre), Mick Geraghty (wing), Kelly Moran (breakaway), Mark Kosiek (prop), Peter Lung (5/8), Greg Moynihan (hooker), Julian Counsel (breakaway), Mick Coman (fullback), Greg Chan (centre) and Mark O’Connor (wing).

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

OLD BOYS’ SPORT DAY - JUNE 1 2013 1953 team Left to Right Back Row: Terry Kassulke, Paul Comerford, Brian Lindsay, Jack Laracy, Br Roger (Ray) Burke Left to right Front Row: John Nutley, Ron Craven, Des Connor, Michael O’Reilly, Vince Nipperess

1963 team Left to Right Back Row: Barry Low, Kieran McCormack, Maurice Liussi Left to right Front Row: Peter Palaziol, Errol Allan, Barry Honan, Greg Dux

1973 team Left to Right Back Row: Peter Lung, Greg Moynihan, Brian Batch, David Barbagallo, Michael Coman. Left to right Front Row: Julian Counsel, Michael Geraghty, Mark O’Connor, Gary Allen, Br Alexis Turton (coach)

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

PAST MOTHERS’ MASS AND LUNCH The Past Mothers’ Mass and lunch held on 9th June was a great success with 100 Past Mothers in attendance. The Headmaster, Mr Peter McLoughlin and his wife Paula kindly joined us, along with previous Headmaster, Br Neville Solomon, who played the organ so beautifully for the Mass. Thanks to Fr Pius Jones and those boys who kindly gave of their time to assist at Mass. Following a lovely soup lunch our guest speakers, Vince and Lorrae O’Rourke spoke on the topic of “Carers”. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to catch up and the afternoon tea of beautifully donated cakes and slices completed a lovely day. The committee extends its thanks to those generous ladies for this. Raffles are another favourite on the day and many thanks to those who kindly donated prizes. Many thanks to the Convenors of this day, Mrs Lyn Dudgeon and Mrs Helen Tracey for their hard work in the organisation of this day. KAY WELLS COMMUNITY RELATIONS MANAGER

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

P&F News Dear Parents, As the semester draws to a close, we still have many people to thank! Year 11 Dinner Last Friday evening over 90 Year 11 parents enjoyed their final Year Dinner together before Graduation! We were delighted that a number of boarding parents travelled significant distances to join us, and we offer our sincere thanks to Monica Smith and Tracey Gesch for organizing such a wonderful and relaxed evening. Like many of our Year Dinner Co-ordinators, Monica and Tracey started co-ordinating the annual Year Dinner when their sons were in the Junior school (Year 6) and have happily volunteered each year since . Thanks ladies – you have done a fantastic job! Boarders’ Support As another term comes to a close, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the following parents for their ongoing generosity in supporting our boarding community: • The group of mothers who came along to help the boys make Mother’s Day cards. Your time, energy and skill was just fantastic. • The many mothers on the fortnightly afternoon tea roster. Once again the volume and variety of food that has been provided over Term 2 has been nothing short of amazing. • The parents who have helped with transporting boys to weekend sport, as well as medical appointments. This is a huge help to the College. • The parents who give of their time every week to help with tutoring during evening study. Your enthusiasm and knowledge are greatly appreciated. • The wonderful group of parents who braved the cold and helped with the annual Night on the Green last Friday, thank you all so much. Next Term we have the Year 11 Life Skills sessions commencing in Week 2 and these will continue on a weekly basis until Week 8. To those parents who have supported this initiative for the past 3 years, thank you. Your ongoing commitment is wonderful. Without the support of so many generous parents, these events would not be possible for our boarders. So, once again, thank you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about getting involved with Boarders’ Support. They are an absolutely delightful group of young men and I have no doubt you will thoroughly enjoy being involved even in a small way. I wish you all some quiet and relaxing family time over the holidays and look forward to your support again next term. Kind regards, Michelle Carmody P&F Boarder’s Support BoarderSupportP& 0412695207 Sports Canteens Thank you to all the following parents for helping with their year level rostered days in the canteens: Year 7 Coordinators: Deanna Heinke and Cathy Roach Angela Galvin, AnneMaree Carroll, Elizabeth O’Connor-Cowley, Kathy Parsons-Young, Stephen & Jenni Corrish, Karlie Valentine, Kathy and Paul Navarrete, Michael Roszka, Andrea Gonzalez, Teresa Hallam and Julie Brunckhorst. Year 5 Coordinator: Angus Spencer Jen Cooney, Carmen Courtney, Naomi Hull and Ashleigh, Sally Cruckshank, Ken Macpherson, Sarah Pyne, Cath Clarke, Tracey Sheehan, Sarah Pyne, Helen Lucey, Rob Malt, Michelle Harding and Mark Barlow

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

P&F News Continued... AIC Cross Country – Thursday 13th June: Thank you very much to Kara Ellings and Theresa Raleigh for helping in the canteen and also a huge thank you to Margaret Canning for cooking, serving, cleaning up and her frivolity which livened up the afternoon. Thank you all sincerely for all the help that you gave on the day and especially to those parents who ended up staying for most of the day. We couldn’t have done it without you! The canteens that are open during the rugby/football season are always very hectic especially in the afternoon and if everyone put in just one hour on their rostered day it would certainly make for a less stressful and more enjoyable day for everyone. But we always manage to have fun and a laugh to get us through. As one Mum said, “This is the first time that I have done canteen and I will do it again as I had so much fun!” It’s the end of another successful season in the canteens and I would also like to sincerely thank the following Marist staff for their help during the season. You all do a fantastic job and nothing is ever too much trouble. I couldn’t do what I do without your help! Luke Caplick and Phillip Holding you both do a fantastic job of organising games of rugby and football for our boys to play each week and also keeping me well informed of who is playing at home each week. Matt Tarlinton for placing my orders each week for the canteens and also Tom Higgins and Matt Darch for making sure everything ordered is in the canteen ready for Saturday. The Kitchen staff: Pete, Ray, Dane, Jean, Sammy and Reiko who have helped me over the season. Michael Druce, Richard Ward and Ximena Hniopek for organising the emailing of my pleas for help in the canteens to all the parents. Ian Saunders, Stacy, Fred, Craig, Allan for helping with the set up, pack up and clean up each week. Barb Newell and her team for making the canteens “sparkle” again ready for another week and the Laundry staff for washing our aprons and tea towels each week. Liz Kelly for recounting and banking the takings each week. Thank you also to all our Year Co-ordinators: Angus Spencer (Year 5), Michele Lim (Year 6), Deanna Heinke and Cathy Roach (Year 7), Saskia Vanderbyl and Ali Bray (Year 8), Jen Rafter (Year 9), Cherise Cooke and Christine French-Harkin (Year 10), Julia Churchman (Year 11), Jo Darwin and Therese Eddy (Year 12). You all do a fantastic job! Thank you also to Jim Hunter (P&F Treasurer) and Deb Moloney (P&F V-P) for doing the mammoth job of counting the takings and reorganising the float every week. Also, thank you Deb, John Shanahan (P&F President) and Kylie Dennis (P&F Secretary) for helping in the canteens during the season. Thank you very much to Paula McLoughlin and Kate Knynenburg for operating the coffee shop each week. Also to Peter and Paula McLoughlin and the boarders who help set up in the early hours of the morning. Apart from selling coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the coffee shop there was also an array of delicious muffins, biscuits and slices. Gary Keown organised his Hospitality boys to make these each week. Thank you Gary and boys for your support of the coffee shop. Once again, thank you to all the parents who have volunteered their time to help in the canteens and a special thank you to the boarding parents who found time to volunteer as well and also to the staff of Marist. All your help no matter how great or small is always greatly appreciated. I hope you all have a safe and relaxing holiday and are rejuvenated for next term. Roberta Bannah. Our very best wishes for a safe and restful break with your families, Deb Moloney Vice President VicePresident@p&

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

OPENING OF CENTRE FOR LEARNING ENRICHMENT – June 11th 2013 On Tuesday June 11th in the presence of Mr Peter McLoughlin, the Brothers and many members of the Marist Community, Fr Pius blessed our new Centre of Learning Enrichment, rededicating it to Br Ferrer Robinson. Present also were guests of honour, former Head of Learning Enrichment in the College, Mrs Jan Mulvihill and her husband John. Jan and John are both currently teaching at the College. In this simple but beautiful ceremony a plaque was placed outside the room saying: “This tutoring space is dedicated to educator Mrs Jan Mulvihill, whose tireless work, energy and spirit over 23 years provided the strong base on which this Centre is built. “ This room, a Tutoring Space, is a true engine room within the college. Open every day before, and often after school, and during most breaks…the numbers of attendees is often “to be seen to be believed”. This is an inclusive space where boys want to come to work on their assignments, class work, and organisational skills as well as do exams and gather to play games. We take pride in the fact we work with boys at all levels, attempting to take them to “the next level”. .. something that was dear to Jan’s heart in her time in this role. English as a Second Language as well as a plethora of Gifted and Talented opportunities take place in these rooms too. Was there anybody else we could name this room after, but Jan? No-one better than Jan! Jan is an exceptional teacher with a talent for making things known explicitly to the boys. Boys have always felt successful and developed greater levels of skill and confidence in her classes. 4am starts and emails sent through the night were certainly not a rarity for Jan. Her wit, wisdom and advice to students, parents and teachers (including myself) over her years as Head of Learning Enrichment, and continuing today, was and indeed is, a part of so many journeys, and Tuesday was about recognising that incredible achievement. So, Congratulations Jan, this was the work you started! On Tuesday we said thank you for what you did for Learning Enrichment over your 23 years in this role.

Fr Pius, Mrs Berny Byrne, Mrs Jan Mulvihill, Mr Peter McLoughlin

Absences and/or Early Departures For your son’s safety and your own peace of mind, please notify the College of Absences and/or Early Departures: • Email Student Administration offices: • Ring the College Absentee Line: 07 3858 4697 Please note! Students arriving late or leaving early MUST sign in or sign out at Student Administration offices (Gail Rogers: Years 5 – 7 and Kim Horwood: Years 8 – 12) BEFORE going to their scheduled classroom or appointment.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Just a reminder that this haircut ‘style’ – named the Ben Barba cut – is not an acceptable look for Marist students. Please do not allow your son to get one of these.

Accounts Officer The Marist Brothers are seeking a passionate and experienced Accounts Officer to work 3 days per week in their international solidarity office located at the brand new Marist Centre in the grounds of Marist College, Ashgrove. This challenging and rewarding part-time role offers the successful candidate great flexibility in a collaborative work environment. The position has been created as a result of growth in office activity which is principally focused on Asia and The Pacific. The successful applicant will be a self-starter and possess superior organisational skills. Experience in a similar role and a working knowledge of MYOB are essential. Reporting to the Executive Director AMS, key responsibilities of the role include: • Bookkeeping through MYOB • Banking • Assisting with the development of a Finance Procedure Manual • Compiling and providing expert analysis of financial statements and reports The successful candidate will be someone who: • Understands and supports the mission of the Catholic Church and Marist Brothers • Is able to work as part of a team or independently • Is well organised with the ability to work to deadlines • Is proficient in computer software typically used in a modern office • Can work under supervision or autonomously • Will thrive working in a digital environment • Is competent in operating and managing sound office systems and practices Essential Competencies: • Experience in bookkeeping and accounts in MYOB • Sound financial analysis and reporting skills • Excellent verbal and written communication skills • Strong attention to detail Applicants must be able to understand and support the mission of the Catholic Church, in particular the distinct Marist style. The full Position Description can be viewed online at Applications close on Friday 21 June 2013. Br Allen Sherry Executive Director MAPS and AMS Ltd PO Box 536 PADDINGTON QLD 4064

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Model UN Club UN Youth Australia (UNYA) conducts a number of activities for school students throughout the year. In 2013 Marist College’s involvement began with Seamus Coulson’s participation at ‘Summit’, the largest and longest Conference offered by UNYA. The 2013 Conference was opened by the Hon Kevin Rudd MP. From this, Seamus was selected to attend the National Conference in Sydney in July. “In its 52nd year, National Conference is Australia’s largest and premier conference in Australia for young people. It is a chance for 150 outstanding Year 10 – 12 students from each State and Territory to come together to learn and share with each other.” (UN Youth Australia) Congratulations to Seamus on his selection to attend National Conference. This is indeed an honour for him and I hope that this opportunity enables Seamus to demonstrate his talents in this area. Other UN events this year: • May 12th - FunMUN, a day of ‘fun UN debate’ attended by six of our students from Years 9 to 12 – Patrick O’Connor, Jamie Brake, Jack Donnelly, Andrew Mather, Seamus Coulson and Matthew Lake. This provides an opportunity for students interested in debate and world affairs to engage with others in a challenging and often unfamiliar environment. • May 26th - Student Ambassador Program attended by Seamus Coulson. • AMOS Shield – A Public Speaking Competition for students in Years 8 – 10. It gives the students a chance to express their opinions on complex global issues in the sphere of international affairs. Follow the link for more information. Dates to be advised. • August 10th and 11th are the dates for Brisbane’s rounds of the Australian UN Security Council Competition. The Evatt Competition is the largest High Schools’ debating competition in Australia, with over 1500 students competing from every State and Territory. Evatt is designed for students with varying interests, experiences and abilities. I expect we will have a number of students register for this event again in 2013. The Model United Nations Club is enjoying strong support at the College in 2013. In addition to the formal public forums offered by UNYA, we are very fortunate to be able to conduct a number of private MUN activities here at the College. In Term 1 we offered a MUN Security Council event and then in Week 7 of Term 2, students participated in a Joint Cabinet Crisis - always entertaining for both the participants and on-lookers. In these forums, students from Years 8 to 12 at Marist College Ashgrove and Mt St Michael’s College debate various resolutions proposed by the representatives of UNYA, who facilitate our program. We are indeed fortunate that the recently elected President of UNYA Qld, James Cummins, facilitates all of our events and always brings a team of highly qualified and dedicated mentors with him. Model UN at Marist College will continue in Term 3 with an extended twilight session on Wednesday 24th July, from 3:30 – 8:00pm. Hopefully we will manage to hold another two events after that before the year draws to a close. Any students interested in knowing more about the Model UN Club should contact Seamus Coulson or myself. Majella Stevens

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

Maths Club Maths Club continued this term, seeing record numbers of attendees particularly from the Junior School. Run by passionate and talented Year 12 mathematics students Matthew Lake and Cameron Robinson, this Club has the goal of educating and engaging younger students in the field of mathematics. This term we’ve done so by organising after-school sessions incorporating lectures on interesting mathematical concepts and competitions and activities to engage and challenge our budding mathematicians. Particularly popular this term was our unit on Fractals (see below for examples), which are mathematical patterns as beautiful as they are complicated. As part of this unit, students were encouraged to create their own fractals using an online generator. This resulted in a fierce competition among the students to see who could create the prettiest fractal! Cameron Robinson, Matthew Lake Maths Club will continue to hold afternoon sessions next term, with upcoming units such as Statistics and Cryptography keenly anticipated by the students. It is open to all students from Years 5 to 12, and is held in room 403 on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 to 4:30. Please see below for dates for Term 3.

Science Club Science Club relaunched this term after far too lengthy of a break. Re-invigorated by fresh leadership from our senior students, Science Club has taken off with a focus on sharing the wonders of science with passionate students seeking to further their knowledge. Through its bi-weekly after-school sessions, Science Club has already built a dedicated following from both the Junior and Senior Schools. In these sessions, students have had the chance to experience both fascinating and informative talks from senior students of science and engaging demonstrations. Particularly popular was the unit on Fresnel Lenses, in which students were first given a brief yet educational introduction into the Science of Light and the theory behind lens design, and then given the opportunity to experience the power of science through a handson demonstration of a Fresnel Lens using the sun’s rays to burn through paper and heat water.

Michael Moran, Cameron Robinson, Matthew Lake, Joseph Garrone

Science Club is also working with the Junior School and the Science Department to organise a Junior Science Fair. Starting this from late this term, Year 7 students will be given the opportunity to conduct experiments and research of their own. Following on from this, early next term they will have the chance to present these projects at school, and will compete in a science fair. This is an extraordinary opportunity for these students one which all Year 7’s are strongly encouraged to take up. Science Club, is set to build upon the great work of previous years with its ongoing sessions packed with educational lectures and exciting experiments. Thanks go to our passionate and talented senior facilitators and contributors: Matthew Lake, Joseph Garrone, Michael Moran, and Cameron Robinson. Science Club will continue next term, and is open to all students from Years 5 to 12. It is held in room 403 on specific Wednesday afternoons (please see dates below) from 3:30 to 4:30 for all those interested in expanding their knowledge of Science.

Maths Club, Science Club and Model UN Club Dates for Term 3 Wednesday 10th July – No Club (Year 12 Retreats) Wednesday 17th July – Maths Club Wednesday 24th July – Model UN Forum Wednesday 31st July – Science Club Wednesday 7th August – Maths Club Wednesday 14th August – Ekka Break Wednesday 21st August – Science Club Tuesday 27th August – Model UN Forum Wednesday 28th August – Maths Club Wednesday 4th September – Science Club (Tentative) Wednesday 11th September – No Club (Year 12 Exams)

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BOOKING SHEET | Blue and Gold Ball 2013, Saturday 3 August 2013 For reserved seating at The Blue and Gold Ball, please print off this sheet & return with payment to: Blue and Gold Ball Bookings Marist College Ashgrove PO Box 82 Ashgrove West Qld 4060 Booking Details Please reserve ___ seat/s @ $130 pp OR Please reserve ___ table/s @ $1300 per Table of 10. Name/s ____________________________________________________________________________________ Postal Address_______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Email Address _______________________________________________________________________________ Phone (H) _______________________________ (W) _______________________________________________ Optional *Please seat me at a table with # _________________________________________________________ The names of my guests are: ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Any Special Dietary Requests __________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

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Payment Options Payments may be made by Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, MasterCard or Visa at the College Finance Office. Cheques (made payable to Marist College Ashgrove) and credit card payments can also be mailed to the College at PO Box 82, Ashgrove West, Qld 4060. Please return the top tear off portion of this form with your payment. Credit card payments can be made by completing the “Payment by Credit Card” section above. Cash payments should be handed in personally at the Finance Office so that a receipt can be issued.

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Music News As usual the last few weeks of term have been a busy time for the Music Department with the Combined Percussion Concert with invited ensembles from Somerville House and Clayfield College, the Champagnat Day Mass, China Tour Farewell Concert and Year 5 Band and Strings Concert. We now look forward to a holiday break and then our departure for Beijing, China. Travelling on this tour will be 61 boys, 9 parents and 6 staff. The boys will be performing as a Big Band, Symphony Orchestra, Wind Orchestra, Guitar Ensemble and Choir as well as participating in master classes and also in Tutti Festival Ensembles with students from all over the world. Finally the boys will perform in a massed Choir that will sing on the Great Wall of China. We will be visiting some interesting sites including The Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square & the Forbidden City and selected Olympic Venues. The touring party will be also attending a traditional Tea Ceremony, shopping at the Silk Markets and Wangfujing Street Markets and take part in a Hutong Tour and will view an Acrobatic Show. We will have plenty of photos to share when we return!

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FROM THE ARCHIVES Hello to you all again. This edition will carry on the history of the College from the point we last left it – the conclusion of Brother Terry Heinrich’s period as Headmaster in 1996. Terry’s replacement would be another very experienced Marist, Brother Robert O’Connor. Brother Robert had been Headmaster at two previous schools, Mount Maria Senior College from 1981 to 1984, and Marcellin College Randwick from 1990 to 1994. Robert also had previous experience at MCA, as both Deputy Headmaster and English Subject Master in 1985 and 1986, so his knowledge of the culture and ethos of Ashgrove made him an ideal replacement for Brother Terry. Robert’s period would see one of the most vital developments in education at the College – the construction and opening of a state-of-the-art Resource Centre. Before we move on to consider the details of Brother Robert’s period, however, it is worthwhile to ponder the “big picture” surrounding the College as the turn of the century approached. Those who have followed the writings in this Newsletter will be well aware that the imposing campus of the year 2000 had come from very humble, not to say tenuous, beginnings. There had been times, particularly during the wartime emergency and the immediate post-war years, when the survival of education at Ashgrove seemed to depend upon a thread, and a very thin one at that. With no State aid to Catholic schools, it was a matter of hanging on by the fingertips, of making scarce resources go far, of massive communal efforts by the Marist “family” in the 1940s and 1950s to do the very best for its sons and grandsons. The heroics of the Cyprian/Ferrer periods, the seemingly magical unlocking of bank loans through Peter Carrick’s vision, and the willingness of families to contribute time, free labour, and scarce finances to the College are all a part of this “hand to mouth” era. Yet the Ashgrove fledgling survived, prospered, and ultimately flew higher than any of the pioneers could ever have imagined or dared hope. A visitor to the College in 1999 who had been a “foundation” student in 1940-41 would scarce believe his eyes at the development that had occurred. On every hand, in what had been virtually virgin bush, there were classrooms for general use; specialist blocks designed for the teaching of specific subject areas; 3 boarding dormitories; a Chapel and religious education centre; administrative centres; a separate Primary School; a huge all-weather gymnasium/ assembly hall; a reception/entertainment area overlooking the main oval; a grandstand; a swimming pool; retirement units for senior Brothers; abundant, well-tended gardens; and ovals for sport and recreation, available in glorious profusion. The only building recognizable to the 1940-41 student would have been the Tower Block, still the icon of the school. In short, the vision of the very first Headmaster, Brother Ignatius, to create “a St Joseph’s of the North” had been made manifest on the Ashgrove campus. The population of the school, both student and staff, had likewise increased enormously. It was very much linked to infrastructure development: every new building meant improved facilities, and improved facilities attracted more students; more students meant new facilities needed, and so on. The original staff of the secondary school in 1940 had been 4 Brothers and 1 lay teacher; in 1999, there were 8 Brothers and 94 lay staff. And this does not even take into account a myriad of employees who were not teachers, but still provided “services” vital to the smooth functioning of the College. From humble beginnings, Ashgrove had become an educational giant, able to take its place in the forefront of private schools in Queensland, and indeed Australia. The increase in infrastructure and population had to be mirrored in the organization and administration of the College. Gone were the days of 1940, when Brother Ignatius could tell his (few) Brothers personally at the dinner table what he wanted done the following morning. A perusal of the College Directory in the 1999 Blue & Gold takes 3 pages to list everyone involved: a Headmaster, 2 Deputy Headmasters, an Executive Assistant to the Headmaster, 3 Deans (Religious Education, Studies, and Boarding), 3 Directors (Sport, AVS, and Resource Centre), a Primary Principal, 2 Assistants to the Primary Principal (Religion and Curriculum), a Primary Sportsmaster, a Chaplain, a Brothers’Community Leader, a Bursar, 8 Heads of Houses, 17 Heads of Key Learning Areas or Subject Co-ordinators, 2 Teacher-Librarians (Primary and Secondary), a Student Counsellor, a Development Officer, a Careers Guidance Officer, then 51 names of secondary school teachers not already listed. (I won’t go on – that’s just the first page, and there are 2 more very similar!) The point to be made, of course, is that this complex web was woven to meet the perceived needs and expectations of the modern school community, a community that seems light years away from the pioneering days of 194041, when parents deemed a basic grounding in the “Three Rs” an admirable sufficiency. In many ways, the College had become a victim of its own success, for it had helped educate Catholics out of the “blue collar” classes into the professions, with the result that parents who had enjoyed the advantages of this education wanted even better for their sons. The outcome, necessarily, was increasing bureaucracy. It was with this background “big picture” that Brother Robert assumed the leadership of the College in 1997. For Robert, and for following Headmasters, the complexity of the task would never grow any easier, but this

FROM THE ARCHIVES continued... did not prevent great things being achieved during his period. The one obvious deficiency of the campus was the totally inadequate library available to students of the College in the late 1990s, and it was in Robert’s time that the solution was found. The library had been, when it was constructed in the early 1970s, (largely through a very helpful contribution from the Federal Government), the equal of anything available to any school in Queensland. The problem was that, getting on to three decades later, MCA’s library had not altered in any substantial way, but the world outside had altered very quickly. For a school of over 1,000 secondary students, the library could offer just 96 opportunities to place “bums on seats.” Until its very last days, it maintained an out-of-date card reference system so students could identify resources. Its main resources were books and magazines, though 12 computers were installed on its southern wall. (Most of these soon became useless, because no-one on staff then possessed the necessary expertise to maintain them.) In short, with the 21st century rapidly approaching, the library at MCA was a bit of a joke, and something needed to be done very quickly so that the College’s students would have access to the best resources and technology available. (I feel eminently qualified to make such a harsh judgement, because I was teacher-librarian at the time, and was frequently embarrassed at the inadequacies and shortcomings of the library. Its only claim to any type of fame was that it was probably the quietest school library in the Southern Hemisphere.) Fortunately, as so often in the College’s history, when a need was recognized and urgent, an individual emerged to “lead the charge” to provide the solution. Brother Nicholas Howlett had been appointed to the College with the title of “Development Officer” in 1993, the third year of Brother Terry’s period as Headmaster. Energetic and determined, Nick was to follow in the footsteps of earlier Ashgrovian visionaries by providing the planning and the impetus for many infrastructure projects which would be of great benefit to the College community. As his title implied, Nick’s aim was “development”, and among his many successes were the construction of a Music Centre and a new dormitory block for 80 senior boarders, both in 1994. Admirable as these projects were, of longer term significance was Nick’s promotion of the Marist College Ashgrove Foundation Limited. It was officially formed on 22nd November, 1993, and its stated aim was “to assist the Headmaster of MCA to preserve, and further enhance the standards, conditions and facilities of the College.” Basically, the Foundation thus instituted would raise funds, and from these funds would come bursaries and scholarships, the ability to keep tuition fees as low as possible, and the means to sustain a building programme well into the future. The Foundation was launched in early 1994 with a series of dinners at the College and in regional centres, and a booklet entitled “Our Claim On The Future” was distributed to the College community. This booklet outlined the ways contributions to the Foundation could be made, but also spelled out a plan for future development, highlighting the areas of greatest immediate need. First was a Music Centre, then increased boarding facilities (both achieved as we have seen in 1994); next came a new Resource Centre – Mafeking was at last about to be relieved!!! (The booklet did not stop there, however, and continued to list projects judged necessary for future students, a plan which has largely been adhered to in subsequent years. Among these were additional GPLA {General Purpose Learning Area} classrooms, provision for expansion of computing and Information Technology facilities, and the construction of a Centre for Visual Arts Education.) Praising Nick’s efforts in his report in the 1994 Blue & Gold, Terry remarked that “an admirable job he has done….the Foundation is well begun.” With Brother Nick’s enthusiastic promotion, and the full backing of Brother Robert for the project, a committee was set up to investigate the way forward to the new Resource Centre. Many meetings followed, with “visions” of the ideal entertained, and visits to well established and admired Resource Centres around Australia to establish the “possible”. Tenders were called for from several architectural firms with a brief about the proposed Centre. Perhaps best of all, Brother Robert’s correspondence reveals a letter on 31st August, 1998, in which he states that “we received very good news from our Provincial Council just today approving a loan of $1.8 million for the development and expansion of the College library.” In marked contrast to some “on a wing and a prayer” projects in Ashgrove’s past, this one had guaranteed finance from the start. It was perhaps fitting that the “old” library didn’t disappear entirely – the final accepted plan, from Bertoldi and Associates, incorporated the original structure as part of a two-storey building, with the resource centre upstairs, and a staffroom, staff preparation desks and areas, and KLA and administration offices below. The planned Resource Centre itself was a vision of the future in bricks, mortar, air-conditioning, an enhanced “traditional” library, and computers: at last the students would be equipped for the 21st century! Next time, we will consider the process by which the “vision” of the Resource Centre became a literal concrete reality, how the decision to name it was made, and the happenings on the 9th of April 2000 when the Centre was blessed and opened. Until then, From the Archives

Dave Cameron

38584591 or

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2013

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Some of the disabled children in Cambodia (innocent victims of war, landmines, disease and lack of health services) are assisted by two Marist initiatives – one at Salla La Valla outside Phnom Penh, and the other at Pailin. This where our Year 11 immersion students go in December to provide what assistance they can. This hair-cutting service is available to all your family any day between 8am and 8pm. Suggested donations: Children $5 – but a 3rd child haircut can be free; Adults – donation of choice Any families who are in need are welcome to have free haircuts. Bookings are essential - phone 3858 4597

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Marist College Ashgrove Newsletter