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Marist College Ashgrove Volume 48 Issue No. 13 August 2012

Dates to Remember Tuesday, 14 August • Mass for Feast of Assumption - Champagnat Centre • Santa Teresa Immersion - Continues Wednesday, 15 August • Father and Son Camp - Starts • Feast of The Assumption • Physics Olympiad • Exhibition Holiday

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Friday, 17 August • Vintage Blue & Gold Lunch • Debating Quarter Finals Saturday, 18 August • CIC Track & Field Meet Monday, 20 August • Book Week - Starts • P&F AGM Tuesday, 21 August • House Meetings • Year 11 REC Studies Camp - Start Wednesday, 22 August • Ridley Masterminds • College Assembly • QDU Debating • Year 8 Mass - 8.05am Thursday, 23 August • Year 9 Retreat - Cyprian Pavilion Friday, 24 August • Year 7 Disco • CIC Basketball v BBC • Foley 7’s - Year 9/10 Heats Saturday, 25 August 2012 • AIC Basketball/Tennis v Iona (H) • Tournament of Minds • CIC Track & Field Meet • CIC Tennis v BBC Monday, 27 August 2012 • Music Photos - Draney Theatre • Vanuatu Immersion Prep Meeting Tuesday, 28 August 2012 • Year 10 Retreat - Cyprian Pavilion • House Meetings

Wednesday, 29 August 2012 • Debating Grand Final - Somerville House • College Assembly • Foley 7’s - Year 11/12 Semi Finals • Year 7 Mass - 8.05am • Met North Track & Field • Year 12 OZTAG Tournament period 2-6 Thursday, 30 August 2012 • Newsletter Online • Winds & Percussion Concert - Draney Theatre 7pm • Year 11-12 Foley 7’s Finals • Met North Track & Field Friday, 31 August 2012 • CIC Basketball v Iona • Vanuatu Immersion prep weekend • AIC Track & Field Meet (SAF) • Father-Son Breakfast - Cyprian Pavilion • Year 10 Dinner • Cookbook Launch Saturday, 1 September 2012 • AIC Basketball/Tennis v St Peters (A) • Year 10-12 Dance - Champagnat Centre • CIC Track & Field Meet • CIC Tennis v Iona Tuesday, 4 September 2012 • QCST - Champagnat Centre • Old Boys Meeting • Foley 7/s - Year 9/10 semi finals Wednesday, 5 September 2012 • QCST - Champagnat Centre • Vanuatu Fundraiser Thursday, 6 September 2012 • Gilroy Ash Dash

Mass & Reconciliation Mass: Wednesday & Friday - 8:10am Reconciliation: Tuesday - 8:10 - 8:40am

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Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

From the Headmaster Dear Members of the Marist College Ashgrove family, On 24 June Dr Ian Elmer, a lecturer in Biblical Studies at the Australian Catholic University wrote an article in The Catholic Leader titled “Mary ‘full of Grace’”. Ian reflected that the Australian Catholic Bishops have called on us all to “seek an experience of Jesus” in this Church proclaimed Year of Grace. He wrote: Such a journey requires a certain attitude of heart that is best epitomised by the one whom we call “full of grace”: Mary of Nazareth. Ian went on to write about Mary’s presence in the Gospels (mostly Matthew and Luke) is that Mary followed Jesus from his birth to death and resurrection. He wrote about three images of Mary. Mary the Humble Handmaid Mary the Mother Mary our model The following statement resonated with me. Mary is an ordinary woman who responded in faith to a unique and difficult calling. With this in mind, I’d like to share with you a reflection based on the new Marist publication, Evanglizers in the midst of youth. Mary, in her role as the Mother of our Saviour, Jesus Christ and as our Good Mother; our Ordinary Resource, is at the core of our Marist educational vision. Mary is central to the Marist school. She always has Jesus either in her arms or in her heart. Mary as the educator of the youthful Jesus inspires our accompaniment of the young people confided to our care. She helps us to discover the unconditional love God has for each person. At the wedding feast of Cana Mary introduced her Son to the young couple who had run out of wine for their celebration of life. She shows us how to be a disciple of her Son, ‘do whatever he tells you’ (John 2:5). At Pentecost the early Christians gathered around Mary forming the first Christian community. In a similar way Marcellin gathered the first Brothers around Mary. Like the first Marists we gather around Mary as we endeavour to educate our students with an openness to the will of God. Based on Evangelizers in the midst of youth, (2011), pars. 133-134. Tomorrow, 15 August, the Church celebrates the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a holy day of obligation for Catholics. This means as Catholics the day is celebrated like a Sunday, e.g. we have an obligation to attend Mass. The boys will celebrate this feast today. It is a patronal feast for the Marist Brothers. Mary is not only the patron of the Catholic Church in Australia but she is the patron of the Marist Brothers and as we say in the Marist world, Our Good Mother. What’s the difference between the ascension of Jesus and the assumption of Mary? Father Eugene Lobo S.J. writes: There is an important difference, of course, between the ascension of Jesus into Heaven after His Resurrection, and the assumption of Mary. To ascend is to rise up under one’s own power; while to be assumed means something that is done to one. Jesus, being the Second Person of the Trinity, had no need of assistance; whereas Mary did not have this power. She was assumed into heaven because of the privilege she enjoyed as the Mother of God and the fact that she was totally sinless and she was rewarded by God for this act. May our thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks be in the example of Mary Our Good Mother. Yours in Jesus, Mary and St Marcellin Peter McLoughlin

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Headmaster’s Notes Health News I have been advised by the Health Centre that one of our Year 11 boarders has tested positive to Hepatitis A. He was isolated early yesterday evening as a precaution and saw the doctor this morning. It is now apparent that he has been contagious for some time. The Year 11 boarders and the Year 11 Boarding Staff will be immunised this afternoon and this process will conclude tomorrow morning. Please find following a letter and information from Queensland Health.

Centre for Disease Control Brisbane North Public Health Unit Central Regional Services, Health Service and Clinical Innovation Division Queensland Health Enquiries to: Public Health Nurse Telephone: (07) 3624 1111 Fax: (07) 3624 1199 12 August, 2012 Hepatitis A Case in Boarding School student Dear Parents and Staff, The Brisbane North Public Health Unit has been notified of a case of hepatitis A in a Year 11 Boarding School student at your school. The infection was not locally acquired. The Public Health Unit has assessed the situation and concluded that in order to reduce the risk of other Hepatitis A cases occurring in the boarding school that all Year 11 students and the Year 10 students and staff who reside on the same floor as the case receive a Queensland Health funded Hepatitis A immunisation. If a student has already had a hepatitis A infection or has received two documented hepatitis A vaccinations previously it is not necessary for them to have a Hepatitis A immunisation. If any of this group are immunosuppressed or are unable to have hepatitis A immunisation, we recommend that they receive an injection of Normal Human Immunoglobulin (NHIG). Immunoglobulin is prepared from blood collected from screened voluntary donors by the Australian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service. It is a sterile solution and contains higher concentrations of antibodies commonly present in human blood. Other students or teachers in the Boarding House or associated with the school have been assessed as not at high risk of developing Hepatitis A. For these students and teachers, vaccination as a preventative measure in this instance is not considered necessary. Hepatitis A is an acute viral infection, which causes fever, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and jaundice (yellowing of the eyes and skin). Hepatitis A is usually acquired from contaminated food and can be spread from person to person when the virus, which is passed in the faeces (bowel motions), contaminates the hands of another person or contaminates something that is put into someone else’s mouth. A fact sheet on Hepatitis A is enclosed. Anyone who develops the symptoms described on the fact sheet should immediately seek medical attention and show this letter to their doctor. Students and staff who are recommended to receive vaccine will be identified by the school. Parents of students in this group are asked to contact the school as soon as possible to either give consent or not give consent for your child to be immunised for hepatitis A; or if unable to have the Hepatitis A immunisation, to give consent for your child to receive NHIG. For life long protection from hepatitis A your child will require another Hepatitis A immunisation in 6 months. The second Hepatitis A immunisation is not funded by Queensland Health. We thank the school for their co-operation in this matter. All routine activities at the school should continue as usual. If you would like further information please contact the Brisbane North Public Health Nurse on 3624111 Yours sincerely, Drs Sonya Bennett and Rod Davison, Public Health Physicians.


Bryden Street Windsor 4030


Locked Bag 2 Stafford DC 4053


(07) 3624 1111


(07) 3624 1199

C:\Users\DamienZ\Documents\My Dropbox\wild frontier\Marist Ashgrove\Newsletter\2012\13\Files\From Peter\Letter to Marist College Hep A FINAL.doc

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Headmaster’s Notes Continued... Version: 31. 19th July, 2010

Hepatitis A Description: Hepatitis A, also known as infectious hepatitis, is an acute infection of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus. The seriousness of the disease can vary. Some people, especially small children, may not show any symptoms even though they may have the virus and can pass it onto others. The disease is usually more serious in adults than in children.

Symptoms: The symptoms of hepatitis A are fever, generalised aches and pains, nausea, lack of appetite and abdominal discomfort. Dark urine is usually the first specific sign of acute hepatitis A, followed a day or two later by jaundice (yellow skin and eyes) and pale coloured bowel motions. The duration of the illness is variable. However, most people feel better by the third week. Occasionally, generally in adults, it presents as a serious, disabling disease lasting several months. There are usually no long term effects as a direct result of hepatitis A infection. Unlike hepatitis B or C, people cannot become chronic carriers of hepatitis A virus.

Treatment: There is no specific treatment for hepatitis A. Management of people infected with the virus is aimed at treating the symptoms of the infection. People with hepatitis A are sometimes sick enough to be admitted to hospital although this is rare.

Health Outcome: Complications of hepatitis A are uncommon but on rare occasions can include liver failure resulting in death.


... .

The virus is usually spread when faeces from an infected person contaminates something which is transferred to another persons mouth. The virus can be passed on by: food that has been handled by or shared with an infected person drinking contaminated water hands after touching infected faeces, nappies, linen and towels oral or anal sex.

The virus can survive in a dried form at room temperature for several weeks and in water for longer periods. It usually takes about 28-30 days from contact with the virus until starting to feel unwell. However, it can take up to 50 days. Infected people can pass on the virus to others from about two weeks before and up to one week after the appearance of dark urine or jaundice.

Control People with hepatitis A should not return to work, school or child care until they are no longer infectious which is at least seven days after the onset of jaundice. Hand washing and good hygiene practices are essential and are the most effective ways of reducing the spread of hepatitis A infection. Hands should be washed thoroughly in soap and water for at least 15 seconds and then dried thoroughly. It is important to wash hands after going to the toilet, touching soiled linen or articles and before preparing or eating food. Close contacts of an infectious person will usually need an injection of either vaccine or immunoglobulin. This may prevent illness if given within two weeks of contact with the infectious person. Contacts who need vaccine or

(c) 2008 The State of Queensland (Queensland Health)

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Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Headmaster’s Notes Continued... Olympics A special photo of Old Boys John Eales (1987) and Andrew Grant (2001) before the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Congratulations • AIC Cross Country: After investigation of the results the Open Age group, the result is a tie between Marist College Ashgrove and St Patrick’s College and that, as a result of this, the overall AIC Cross Country title is tied between Ashgrove and St Patricks. My congratulations to all involved in Cross Country at both Colleges. • Karli Lancaster, has been selected Queensland White Team Manager for the Queensland Schoolgirl Sevens Rugby Program. Prayers please Please pray for the repose of the soul of: • Fr Barry Kirby ofm who died on 3 August. Fr Barry was Rector of Padua College from 1984 to 1989. Previous to that he taught extensively at Padua and was Vice Rector for some years. Fr Barry was a very popular teacher and was held in high regard by all his students; he has officiated at the marriages of many Old Boys and baptised their children. Just recently it was announced that one of the new houses to be established next year will be called Kirby House. Fr Barry was informed of this decision last week and was delighted with the honour bestowed on him by the College. • Grandfather of Lachlan Readman (10I) and Alex Readman (8I), who passed away recently. • Grandmother of Kinga Schmidt (Head of VET), Maria who passed away at the age of 102. • Old Boy Colin (Paddy) Williamson (Boarder from Ipswich 1947) who passed away. • Mother of Liam Kerrigan Harold Old Boy (2007) who passed away recently. Eternal rest grant to them and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen. Blue & Gold Ball 2012 A huge thank you to Joanne Collins, her organising committee, staff from services and facilities, parent helpers and the 20 Year 12 boarders. A great night was had by all.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News PRAYER Ever generous God, You inspired Saint Mary of the Cross To live her life faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and constant in bringing hope and encouragement to those who were disheartened, lonely or needy. With confidence in your generous providence and through the intercession of Saint Mary of the Cross We ask that our faith and hope be fired afresh by the Holy Spirit so that we too, like Saint Mary of the Cross, may live with courage, trust and openness. Ever generous God hear our prayer. We ask this through Jesus Christ. Amen.

St Marcellin Champagnat; pray for us St Mary of the Cross; pray for us Mary our Good mother; pray for us And we remember always; to pray for each other. ANNIVERSARIES & UPCOMING EVENTS 3 August St Lydia 4 August St John Vianney 6 August The Transfiguration of The Lord 8 August St Mary of the Cross (MacKillop) 10 August St Lawrence 11 August St Claire 14 August St Maximillan Kolbe 15 August Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News Continued... MATES PROGRAM Opportunities exist in a range of areas for students, staff and families to take part. Students are welcome to drop into the Campus Ministry Office before or after school, at morning tea or lunch time any day to find out what is available to them and to put their name on a roster. In the senior school Campus Ministry Office, parents can contact Br Mark Fordyce on 3858 4589, or email Mrs. Mena McLean works from the Junior School and can be contacted on 3858 4551 or mclean@marash.qld. MATES BBQ with the Homeless People Our thanks to the staff, students and families who have generously offered their time to participate in the MATES BBQ. When attending the BBQ please meet in the Brothers/Services car park at 4.45pm. If you cannot attend the BBQ could you please email the team leader or Staff driver rostered on for that evening. Thank you The following tables shows students, staff & families who were rostered on over the last two weeks in the various MATES Ministries and we would like to thank them for their generosity and commitment to reaching out to others in our community.

MATES Ministry Register Week 5, Term 3 2012 (05/08/2012 - 11/08/2012) Little Kings Movement Wed 8 August (Periods 2 & 3) Tutor Name Year Group Alexander Duff 10 108G Luke Eddy 10 311S Michael Fowler 10 604E Michael Geraghty 10 PH1D Beau Harvey 10 105R Harry Tracey 10 202I Boyd White 10 501E Staff Alec Saide Marcellin's Tucka Van (MTV) New Farm Park Tuesday 7 August (After School) Students Sacha Gibbs-McPhee 12 PH2 D Michael Teece 12 201 I Mt Maria Students x 4 Old Boys Michael White Staff and Families Br Mark Fordyce Derek Worden (Mt Maria Staff) Richard de Waal

BBQ for Homeless Wednesday 8 August (After School) Tutor Name Year Group Sam Bentley 12 505E Kurtys Bont 11 212F Shaun Henschke 11 501E 301H Kai Holding-McGrath 9 Joshua Ryan 12 208F Michael Wing 12 A03G Mt Maria Students x 4 Staff and Families Richard Ward Kay Wells Karen McGrath Mt Maria Staff x 2 Paddington Day Respite Centre Tues 7 August (Periods 5 & 6) 109G Jimmy Bellingham 8 109G Michael Gardiner 8 210F Alexander Kidd 8 A02G Oliver Murray 8 Staff Margo Rasmussen

LAMP Thursday 9 August (Periods 2 &3) Tutor Name Year Group Mater Dei School Zachary Bendrey 10 608E Liam Healy 10 CH1D Mitchell Stent 10 A04G Eamon Stocks 10 506E St Peter Chanel Edward Buckingham 10 604E Alexander Duff 10 108G Tom Marr 10 505E Sterling Wing 10 208F

Holy Rosary Wed 8 August (Periods 5 & 6) 209F Jay Buzzo 8 205I Ned Cavanough 8 604E Paddy Donnelly 8 211F Connor Lynch 8 103R Fergus McMahon 8 109G Max Melit 8 CH2D Ben Thomson 8 Staff Alec Saide

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News Continued... MATES Ministry Register Week 4, Term 3 2012 (29/07/2012 - 04/08/2012) Little Kings Movement Wed 1 August (Periods 2 & 3) Tutor Name Year Group 302 H Daniel Craig 9 BIO2 D Patrick Mohun 9 205 I Alejo Ruiz 9 206 I Cooper Rzepka 9 A03 G Thomas Toop 9 PH2 D Luke Ziebarth 9 Staff Alec Saide Marcellin's Tucka Van (MTV) New Farm Park Tuesday 31 July (After School) Students Tom Bellew 12 301 H Liam Donnelly 10 106 R Seb Kirkpatrick 12 106 R Sean Neisler 12 A03 G Will Powis 12 108 G Josh Sherry 12 303 H Old Boys Class of Ryan Donnelly 2010 Staff & Families Br Mark Fordyce Richard de Waal Luca de Waal NAIDOC Assembly Contributers Wednesday 1 August Nathan Bassani 12 209 F Shaun Henschke 11 501 E Eric Law 12 A02 G Sebastian Leavy 6 Robert Palm 11 A03 G Jerome Pang 11 604 E Frederick Renouf 6 Kiama Ronan 10 212 F Conan Russell 11 BIO2 D 302 H Kristian Schuh 8 Kyle Schuh 10 302 H Tristan Yamashita 11 211 F

BBQ for Homeless Wednesday 1 August (After School) Tutor Name Year Group Ryan Easterbrook 9 201 I Fergus Emmott 12 109 G Matthew Gatty 12 303 H Ben Hicks 12 310 S Hiroshi Kado 12 305 H Isaac Mahoney 11 608 E Cam Martin 11 304 H Nickolas O'Brien 11 202 I Jack Weller 12 312 S Staff and Families Peter Orlicki Peter McLoughlin Jennifer Clark Philippa McGlinn Baking Mario Di Francesco Charlie Evert Tristan Gibson Jake Hatton Xavier Horgan Lachlan Hughes Liam McDermott Henry Murray Jack Neumann

10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

LAMP Thursday 2 August (Periods 2 &3) Tutor Name Year Group Mater Dei School Daniel Byrne 10 104 R Daniel O'Toole 10 501 E Ryan Phelan 10 313 S Riley Sheehan 10 502 E St Peter Chanel Jonny Koleszar 10 104 R Tim Moloney 10 313 S Matthew Russell 10 210 F Matthew Stewart 10 312 S Holy Rosary Thursday 2 August (Periods 5 & 6) A03 G Josh Curtis 9 302 H Jacob Huston 9 304 H Ben Malt 9 304 H Alexander McHardy 9 305 H Josh Murphy 9 109 G Nicholas Murray 9 Staff Alec Saide

301 H 110 G 312 S BIO1 D 106 R Ronald McDonald House A04 G Friday 3 August (After School) 302 H 12 CH1 D A04 G Thomas Copley Beau Harvey 10 105 R 501 E Liam Kennedy 12 110 G Ministry Servers / Readers Darcy Meehan 12 608 E Sunday 29 July Patrick Smith 10 203 I 11 201 I Talt Anast 12 604 E Dom Smith 12 502 E Ryan McPhee 12 106 R John Vercoe 12 A04 G Michael Wing 12 A03 G Tim Wengenmayr Green Jack Ransley 7 Staff Madonna Spillane Liz Spry

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News Continued...








Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News Continued...










Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

News from the Assistant Head (Mission) St Vincent De Paul Sleep-out 2012 The College Vinnies Conference pulled out all the stops on the evening of Friday 3 August when 56 Marist students from Years 8-12 attended the sleep-out here at school. To coincide with National Homelessness Week 6-13 August, the sleep-out is an opportunity for students to learn more about the issue of homelessness as a fact of life for too many people in our community. It is also a chance for boys to share something of the experience of sleeping in uncomfortable circumstances (in the undercroft, on cardboard, in winter) as well as a way of raising some funds for the St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal. As part of the awareness-raising the boys walked from Vinnies QLD headquarters at South Brisbane, past the newly-built Common Ground accommodation block to the Queen Street Mall, where for a brief time boys contemplated what it would be like to be alone on a cold night in the middle of the city. The debrief done in Year level groupings in King George Square revealed how illuminating the experience was, with a great many learnings achieved in a very short space of time – what it’s like to be ignored, or worse, to be treated with suspicion, who cares and who doesn’t, and how it feels to be vulnerable even in a simulated experience, to name a few. Thanks to 56 very generous students, to staff members, Fr Pius Jones, Br Mark Fordyce, Paul Kearney, Mena McLean and Richard Ward and to the families who supported the sleep-out through sponsorship. It is wonderful to report that as well as raising awareness about the causes of homelessness, the Vinnies Sleep-out raised more than $1300 for the Winter Appeal. Thanks and congratulations. Luke McMahon Students who attended to SVdP Sleepout Liam Adams, Brock Alston, Tom Andreas, Hugh Behan, Fraser Brydon, Joseph Byrne, Rory Campbell, Sam Carran, Pat Cenita, Sam Clarke, Latham Collins, Tom Copley, Seamus Coulson, Oliver Darwin, Josh Deocadez, Nic Eddy, Luke Eddy, Izaac Ellings, James Ellings, Dominic Fielden, Charlie Fox, Max Frisby, Lachlan Goves, Alfie Green, Jake Hallam, Beau Harvey, Patrick Hoey, Andrew Hoey, Trent Kay, Sam Kiernan, Sam Knynenburg, Jon Manthey, Darcy Marks, Rory McHugh, Connor McHugh, Tom McLean, Will McLoughlin, Fergus McMahon, Will Moodie, Laim Mulcahy, Nicholas Murray, Jordan Nelson, Jordan O’Connor, Jerome Pang, Nicholas Perry, Angus Porter, Will Ramsey, Dom Smith, Patrick Smith, Tom Stewart, Rory Van Den Brink, Tim Wengenmayr, Alec Whyte, Lachlan Young, Jacob Young August 15 – The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Patronal Feast of the Marist Brothers Mass for the entire College Community is to be held in the Champagnat Centre at 9.00am on Tuesday 14 August. Parish Priest of Jubilee Parish, Fr Peter Brannelly will be the Celebrant. The Feast of the Assumption offers some challenges to those whose responsibility it is to teach the faith to the young. What follows is an edited discussion of the Assumption by Rev Laurence Hemming of Heythrop College London, and first published in the Catholic Herald in August 2003. The ideas here allow us to understand something of why St Marcellin chose the Assumption as the patronal feast of the Institute. It makes clear for Catholics and Marists our belief that Mary is the First Disciple, our Model in Faith. “Where the Mother of God goes, we must follow If we see the Assumption as a purely spiritual event we will never grasp its significance for our own lives, argues philosopher Laurence Paul Hemming ere Mary goes, we follow. How are we to understand this? Marian piety and Marian theology have always been at their most vigorous when concerned with the meaning of salvation. Mary is entirely creature: what happens in her is the full promise of what creation can and will receive from God. It is for this reason that there was so much emphasis on the person of Mary in working out the doctrine of salvation in the early Church, and since……….. Not for nothing is Mary known as Mother of the Eucharist. She is the first to receive the sacred body and blood of Christ into her very body — tabernacled in her very womb." Blessed is the womb that bore you!" — and this is why. We who receive the body and blood of Christ receive what she was first to know. She who gave flesh to Christ and carried Him in her person did physically what we do sacramentally — so that the physical and the spiritual are united in our person as they were in hers. The Assumption is confirmation for her and for us, of what it means to receive the body and blood of Christ into our bodies, into our lives. Mary rises naturally to be with God because she has given birth to Christ in her person, through her very being, and fulfilled the meaning of that giving birth in her sinless life. Sinless means

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

News from the Assistant Head (Mission) Continued... unsundered from God, united to him in flesh and spirit; entirely open to his love. In former times it was said that Mary conceived through the ear, by receiving the Word that Gabriel brought. Would that each of us were as open as Mary to the Word of God. She it was who "kept all these things, pondering them in her heart". May our hearts ponder the sacred scriptures, day by day, receiving through our ears, pondering in our hearts, Him who is to be found there. Where she goes, we must follow. Who she is, we must become. Our urge to follow Mary into heaven to dwell where God dwells — can be no pious wish, no fanciful urge or desire: we must embody it.” FATHER SON BREAKFAST ON 31ST AUGUST - NUMBERS EXTENDED! PLEASE SEND TO RE OFFICE PAYMENT IN AN ENVELOPE MARKED WITH FATHER’S NAME, STUDENTS, YEAR LEVEL & HOUSE – TICKETS WILL BE SENT HOME WITH STUDENTS

News from Campus Ministry As you read this newsletter, our pilgrims to Santa Teresa will be well and truly immersed in the wonderful hospitality offered by this unique community. Thank-you to the families of the boys who gathered last Wednesday in the Brothers chapel to commission their sons and staff for this immersion. A special thanks to Morag McCabe, Michael Connolly and Alana Armitage who will walk as pilgrims with our boys during their time at Santa Teresa. Our second opportunity this year to present MATES awards occurred last Wednesday at the St.Mary .MacKillop feast day assembly and as part of our “Feast of the Assumption” Mass on Tuesday. Two very special occasions to recognize the boys generosity, faith and commitment to others by walking in Solidarity with members within our wider community. The list of the recipients appears in this newsletter. Congratulations boys, keep acting courageously as Marists. !! Br Mark

News from Chaplain On Tuesday 7th August the boys in Years 11, 10 and 9 gathered in the Cyprian Pavillion for a breakfast. At that gathering the Year 11 boys welcomed the Year 9 boys to the subject and spoke of their own personal experiences of CSYMA (Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia). More and more schools are joining the program throughout Australia. Marist College, Ashgrove is privileged to be one of the schools, now in our third year of the program. Before the Year 11 students welcomed the new Year 9’s to the program, the Year 10 boys lead the students in prayer. After the prayer, some of the Year 11’s spoke of their experience of attending the CSYMA Conference in Canberra earlier this year. I would like to share with you something Tom Marr in Year 10 wrote: “This is a special occasion when all of the classes are together and we can see boys in all different stages of developing their leadership qualities…Brother Roger spoke to our Year 10 class last week and said that “Leadership is like a small plant that must be watered and nurtured. By taking part in the CSYMA classes we are all nurturing our leadership to eventually blossom.” With every best wish and God’s blessings. Fr Pius Jones SM College Chaplain

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News Continued... Student Profile Name: Campbell McMillan – Boarder (GOONDIWINDI) House: Ephrem – Year 9 Favourite School Subject: Wood Work Most Enjoyable Recreational Activity: Waterskiing in summer and skate boarding or rip sticking Biggest Influences: My family, friends and pets as well as music and sport Role Model: My Dad Scott McMillan Goal for 2012: Improve on Maths, History and Science Ambition: To go into film and TV (Camera man or Set Construction) Favourite ‘Marist’ Moment: Year 8 sleep over and hanging out in the dorms Achievements: 2010 rugby tower and learning to ‘single ski’ Favourite Quote: “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footsteps on the moon”

Vivid 2012 Sunday 19 August VIVID is a dynamic Christian youth event which celebrates our faith with energetic music, inspiring testimonies, prayer and a powerful message of hope for young people. Go Make a Difference will feature catechesis by Archbishop Mark Coleridge and music by Steve Angrisano, a singer, songwriter and youth minister who will be visiting Australia from the U.S. An archdiocesan Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop Coleridge as part of the event. When: 4.00-8.00pm, Sunday 19 August Where: St Laurence's College, 82 Stephen’s Rd, South Brisbane Cost: Gold coin donation Contact: 07 3109 6800

DOMESTIC HELP REQUIRED A retired Priest, Fr. Terry Moynihan, is in need of assistance with light housework at his home in Enoggera for 1 ½ –2 hours per week. Please phone 3855 3246.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

CONVENIRE Come Together

Recipes, memories and traditions from Marist College Ashgrove

onvenire is Marist College Ashgrove’s stunning compilation of 250 recipes and stories, beautifully photographed in colour. With more than 420 pages featuring ideas for every culinary occasion from breakfast to dessert, Convenire will be a handy kitchen reference, an attractive coffee table book and a great gift.

You Are Invited

To morning tea to celebrate the official launch of Convenire with Queensland’s new ‘First Lady’ Lisa Newman, wife of Premier Campbell Newman, Member for Ashgrove.

10am, Friday 31August 2012 The Tower Block, Marist Ashgrove Cyprian Pavilion, MaristCollege College Ashgrove

Cost: $60 which includes a copy of Convenire (RRP $49.95) Call Community Relations Manager Kay Wells on (07) 3858 4586 to book your place now.

Parking available at Main Oval and near Learning Enrichment Centre

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

News from the Assistant Head (Admin) - Mr Michael Kurylewski Parent Lounge From the start of this Term the Daily Notices can be accessed by parents via Parent Lounge and students via Student Café. > MyMarash > Parent Lounge > Today’s Bulletins > [more]

Absences and/or Early Departures For your son’s safety and your own peace of mind, please notify the College of Absences and/or Early Departures: • Email Student Administration offices: • Ring the College Absentee Line: 07 3858 4697 Please note! Students arriving late or leaving early MUST sign in or sign out at Student Administration offices (Gail Rogers: Years 5 – 7 and Kim Horwood: Years 8 – 12) BEFORE going to their scheduled classroom or appointment.

Clothing Pool (second hand uniforms) OPEN:

Wednesday’s, 8am – 9.30am and 3pm – 4.30pm.


Cash or Cheque only as it is volunteer run. Unfortunately due to the cost of processing, any clothing sold that is under $20 can not be reimbursed.


Next door to the Ashgrove Clothing Specialists along from The Cyprian Pavillon.


Sold on consignment so they need to be dry-cleaned and mended, as it makes it easier to sell them.


If selling uniforms please wash and iron clothing as it is a volunteer run service. All profits go to help maintain the College. Many thanks.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

SATURDAY 3 NOVEMBER 2012 FROM 11:30AM This year's venue for the College race day is the LABORATORY. Please join us to enjoy the atmosphere and company that the event has to offer. Nestled within Eagle Farm's oldest grandstand lies a hidden treasure. Built in 1889, The Laboratory, as the name indicates, was formerly used for the scientific testing of racehorses. The Laboratory, in its contemporary form, boasts ornate furnishings, polished wooden flooring and a stunning exclusive deck providing magnificent views of the home straight and the entire racetrack. The Laboratory is air conditioned, has private bar and bathroom facilities as well as a private Tote. The Laboratory provides easy access to the public lawn and other race track precinct. Cost for the day is $170 per double or $90 per single which includes entry to the racecourse, exclusive use of the venue and a wonderful selection of food throughout the day. A cash bar will be run throughout the afternoon and the venue closes 30 minutes after the last local race. Collared shirt and ties are required by the gents. No thongs or jeans.

TICKETS NUMBERS STRICTLY LIMITED Tickets $170 per double or $90 per single. For tickets or inquires please contact Sean Harkin 0401137048

On The Menu On Arrival • Olive. rosemary & sea salt focaccia • Pumpkin & caramelised onion tartlets w goats curd & sage • Fresh baked individual cottage pies | steak & mushroom pies Lunch • Canapes Grilled lamb cutlets wrapped in pancetta, sage & confit garlic, w harissa • Bresaola, rocket & horseradish cream • Smoked salmon, cucumber & pickled ginger chopsticks w wasabi mayo • Wild mushroom, walnut & brie tartlets Noodle Boxes • Soy-poached chicken, hokkien noodles, ginger & green onion • Vegetarian dish of the day Late Afternoon • Selection of fresh tarts. flans & cakes • Vanilla cream & raspberry coulis


Uniform sHop

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Monday – closed Tuesday and Fri – 12.30 – 3.30pm Wed and Thurs 12.30 – 4.00pm Shop no 33665738 | Mobile 0404 299 479 Email The Uniform Shop has Eftpos and Credit Card facilities (Visa / Mastercard). Parents can take advantage of this service by phoning through their card details allowing their sons to come down at lunchtime and pick up any uniform requirements.

Tennis lessons Term 3! AIC Tennis gets underway this term, so why not get set and ready for the semester ahead with some group or private lessons?? Tennis lessons for Term 3 started in the second week of the term. Pro-Am Tennis coaches are all professional level 2 Advanced coaches with significant experience. We offer lessons from beginner groups to advanced and right through to High Performance squads. We also run the Hotshots program's for the juniors from Red to Green. We run many private lessons each week for kids and adults also. Pro-Am Tennis offers fixture programs for kids on a Saturday afternoon and for adults on a Wednesday evening. Our Adults program includes evening Cardio tennis, social tennis and group lessons (please ask for more information on the adults program's we offer or refer to our website). We also offer a restring service using a fully digital restringing machine. Lessons are run before and after school each day of the week. Please book early as lessons fill quickly in Term 3. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your tennis goals on our world class tennis facility! For bookings/enquiries please contact us: Allan Say Marist Head Tennis Coach Ph: 0408766882

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2013 COLLEGE COMMUNITY DIRECTORY Preparation  for  the  2013  Marist  College  Ashgrove  Foundation  Community  Directory  is  underway.   This is a very handy booklet and College families find it very useful.    As  in  previous  years,  the  Community  Directory  will  contain  contact  details  for  each  family,  handy  College and sport information and will incorporate the College’s Business Directory.      Unless otherwise notified your family details will be printed in the Directory. This will appear as:    Name       Year/Class  Mother   Father           Home Phone  Mobile  SMITH,   John          9H    Mary    John           (07) 3300 xxxx  0401 xxx xxx    Should  you  not  wish  to  be  included  in  the  2013  College  Community  Directory,  or  would  like  your  current Directory details amended, please contact the Foundation Manager, Mr Wayne Hansen, on  (07) 3858 4584 or   If no notification is received by Friday 26 October 2012 your details will appear in the 2013 Directory.      Br Mark Farrelly Resource Centre News   Dads Read Too – reading initiative with Year 9 fathers & sons Dad’s Read Too was inspired by the State Library’s National Year of Reading initiative and runs throughout Term 3. It was very exciting to have such an enthusiastic group of dads and one grandad turn up with for our launch evening to select books and talk about their varied reading experiences. We will be touching base with our participants to see how their shared adventure is progressing and at the end of term we are planning a Pizza & Pepsi Wrap-Up (Tuesday 18th September 7.00 – 8.15pm). This event has found a fixed slot in Term 3 on our yearly calendar. Love to read? Come and join us! - Marist Book Club The Marist Book Club is a small, enthusiastic group seeking other readers out there to come along and join them! If you love reading and would like take part in some robust book-talk you would be most welcome to come along to our next meeting.

WHEN: Wednesday 5th September 2012, 7.30pm WHERE: Senior Library Reads for September - Reader's Choice: biography/autobiography

Each member of the group is choosing to delve into the life of a person that fascinates them and then bring the book along to share/discuss on the night. This approach is a break from our usual method whereby we all read and discuss the same book.

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You are cordially invited to attend the


Friday 31 August 2012


7.00pm – 11pm


Cyprian Pavilion, Marist College Ashgrove


$40.00 per person Includes savouries, two course meal & complimentary drink on arrival. Cash bar available.

Dress:    

Smart casual.

R.S.V.P.: Monday 27 August 2012

Please hand confirmation and all monies in person to Finance Office or mail to P.O Box 82, Ashgrove Q 4060. Please avoid sending money, cheques or RSVPs to the College with your son. No tickets will be issued. If email address is supplied receipt of monies will be confirmed. No tickets will be sold on the evening of the dinner. Please help us by observing the RSVP date for acceptance & payment.

Enquiries: Monica Smith 0438 154 538 Tracey Gesch 0414 408 532

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please return this section to The College Finance Office marked “Year 10 Dinner”

RSVP - YEAR 10 DINNER Please return by Monday 27 August 2012

NAME/S of those attending (please print):……………………………………………………………………………................................................... …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. PHONE No.:………………………… MOBILE No.:……………………...……… SON’S NAME/CLASS…………………………………………….. EMAIL ADDRESS………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ANY SPECIAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS:………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. PAYMENT DETAIL

 CASH 

CHEQUE - Payable to Marist College Ashgrove

Cardholder’s Name __________________________________________


Amount $ ________________

(Please Print)

MASTERCARD  Card Number


EXPIRY DATE ____/____


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Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning) Log into Your Learning Account

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Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning) Continued... Congratulations • Dom Price (11F) has been selected to compete in the National Youth Science Forum- in Canberra in January 2013. CAREER EXPOS - AVIATION CAREERS EXPO Saturday 25 August 10:00am-4:00pm 25 Boronia Road, Brisbane International Airport The Expo is targeted towards aviation careers, training and employment. Meet face-to-face with a number of the industry’s most respected companies for a full day of entertainment and career defining information. QCS Dates Tues 4 September Wed 5 September

QCS TEST 1 & 2 QCS TEST 3 & 4

Breakfast supplied for all students at 7.30am on both days. Equipment required for each paper

Important Dates

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Rail Safety Week

Your safety

As part of Rail Safety Week (13-19 August 2012), Queensland Rail is reminding school students to stay alert near railway tracks, and ensure they act safely on and around rail property. Did you know? Trains can’t swerve and by the time the driver can see you it is already too late for the train to stop in time. Disobeying railway crossing signals or trespassing on railway property is not only dangerous, but is also illegal.



Keep yourself safe Only cross railway tracks at designated crossings where it is safe and legal to do so. At railway crossings, obey all signs and signals. Listen for a warning bell or train whistle, watch for flashing lights and always look both ways. When riding your bike, walk it across the tracks when crossing at a marked railway crossing.

Be Railsmart.

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FROM THE ARCHIVES Hello to you all again. I am stalking the next unsuspecting Marist “legend”, but the quarry remains at this time elusive. So this edition we’ll return to the history of the College, at the point where Brother Alexis Turton relinquished his position as Headmaster in 1976. Alexis was to be much missed because of his calm wisdom and the personal qualities which had enabled him to draw the whole school community together in the wake of the tragic accident at Amberley in 1975. His replacement as Headmaster, Brother Alman Dwyer, had a hard act to follow, and faced many new issues raising challenges for the College. One obvious catalyst for change was that, by 1977, the nature of the College was itself changing. In one sense this was inevitable: the pioneers of the 1940s had planted the seeds, and 37 years later education at the College could undoubtedly be said to have been successful. A student attending the College in 1977 had a real chance to enter one of the professions as the result of his studies, a reflection of the fact that Catholics had become economically and socially mobile as the result of the success of schools like Ashgrove. Catholics were no longer imprisoned in the working class; the blue collar was increasingly being replaced by the long sleeved white shirt and tie, and those who had enjoyed the advantages that education could provide wanted the same chances for their own children. As Mark Farrelly puts it, the College was becoming a victim of its own success, and found itself “heading reluctantly up-market.’ So by 1977, Brother Alman found the nature of the College’s clientele was altering. Altering rapidly, too, was the very system of education in Queensland. As a result of the Radford Report of 1970, the traditional Junior and Senior external exams were scrapped in favour of a programme of “continuous school based assessment”, with results “moderated” at meetings of teachers to ensure comparable standards between schools. Bald words, but a revolution in the world of education in Queensland – teachers would now be far more involved in the assessment of the achievement of their students than ever before. Brother Alexis welcomed the Radford Report in his Annual report in 1971, putting the commonsense view that “surely a professional teacher who sees a pupil five days a week is in a better position to judge his progress and attainment than an examiner who has never seen the pupil but has his three hour written paper in

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

FROM THE ARCHIVES front of him.” Nonetheless, such an upheaval in educational practice was bound to have teething troubles and unexpected pitfalls, and every Headmaster from the time of Alexis onwards has had to contend with the consequences, and that included Brother Alman Dwyer in 1977. (Editor: an aside here. The “teething troubles” were never better demonstrated than when in 1973, as a first year teacher out in the country, I was sent to one of the first “moderation” meetings to establish comparability of results between schools. I was astonished to see two teachers each hanging on to the tie of the other while simultaneously swinging wild haymakers, the result of a disagreement about the quality of a student’s work: it gave a whole new meaning to the word “moderation.”) The process of educational change begun with Radford has snowballed since: teachers with longevity in the Queensland system have long known that the only constant in the system IS change. As a colleague cynically remarked once, “The minute you figure out the game, they change the rules.” Cynicism aside, the ever-changing system has proved a challenge for administrators and teachers since 1970, with all the ramifications for the College that such changes hold. And it was not only the clientele and the educational system that were altering – the staff at the College was also beginning to change in ways many had expected would never happen. The catalyst was the declining number of young men joining religious orders after the upheaval of the Second Vatican Council. The Marist Order in Australia found itself faced with an apparently irreversible trend: numbers of recruits were diminishing; those in the Order were inevitably ageing; the end result had to be fewer Brothers on the ground in schools. Yet schools like the College depended on professional and dynamic teachers, and if the Brothers were unable to meet the numbers required, where would such teachers be found? The answer, of course, was in the hiring of an increasing number of lay-staff. It was in Alman Dwyer’s time that the balance tipped: in 1977, counting both primary and secondary schools together, there were fractionally more lay-staff than Brothers. The trend, of course, has continued to accelerate up to the present day, with Mr Peter McLoughlin as the first lay Headmaster of the College. Whilst as a result of these staffing changes it was inevitable that there would be some discord, it is remarkable how well the merging of the two groups happened, and how, over time, animosities diminished and eventually disappeared entirely. Much of this was due to the wise leadership and example of Brother Alman Dwyer as Headmaster, and this would be an appropriate point to conclude this piece of scribbling. We have considered the many challenges facing Alman. Next time we will examine his personal abilities and qualities as Headmaster of the College in two brief stints – the inevitable conclusion to this will be that in the Marist universe, “Jack” was a star, and a big one at that. Until next time, From the Archives, Dave Cameron (38584591 or

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Junior School News Dear Parents, When we celebrated the Feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat in June, I emailed you an article describing the response by the Marist Brothers to the dire situation in Syria. As we are all aware, the situation has not improved over the past months and the fighting seems to be spreading to all areas of this ancient country. This coming week, on Wednesday 15 August, we will celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is a major feast for the Marist Brothers throughout the world. In very basic terms, the Church teaches that Mary was assumed, body and soul, into heaven when she died. The Church bases this teaching on an account in the Book of Revelation, but it would also emphasise that this honour was bestowed upon Mary due to her total commitment to the will of God. Mary, as a young woman, wife and mother, was a refugee and lived in an occupied country which was under the tyranny of the Romans. Her son was put to death because he dared to speak out against the religious and political authorities of the time. What do these 2 scenarios have in common? What does the hardship of the Syrian people have in common with the young Mary of Nazareth whose Feast occurs in the coming week? Although Mary lived in the same vicinity of the conflict, the most important conclusion we can get from this is that there are, at this time, thousands of young mothers in Syria, who are having to deal with the same terror and trauma as Mary did. They have had to flee with their families and are now refugees in foreign lands, just like the young Mary. At this time, I am sharing with you an account of how the Marist Brothers are responding to the dire situation in Alepo, which is the largest city in Syria, together with about 50 volunteers. Brother Michael Green, the National Director for Marist Schools Australia, has written the introduction to the article, by Brother Georges Sabe. “Brother Georges Sabe, with two other Brothers and more than fifty other Marist volunteers, calling themselves the ‘Blue Marists’ as they wear blue shirts, are doing what they can to give hope and help to the families of Alepo. They are ordinary people like us. They are working with ordinary youngsters, like we do. Until very recently, they were running an ordinary school, like ours are. It’s their circumstances that have become extraordinary. They could have responded in a number of ways to that turn of events. They could have kept low. They could have left and returned when things were more secure. They could have waited to see how things might unfold before taking any big initiatives. The response they are choosing is one that Marcellin would have intuitively chosen: without hesitation to do everything they can to offer practical love to people, to sustain their faith and bolster their hope, to give them a vision for something better. To do it in simple and direct ways. To do it with humour and grace. To gather others around them. To entrust it to God. The locals in Alepo apparently have a name for the area where the Marists have taken over three local schools as refuge centres. They call it the ‘Hill of Our Lady’. Mary’s Hill. For it is indeed Mary’s work that they do: standing with, gathering, loving, encouraging, nurturing, being resilient, sowing seeds of hope.” As you read the article below, please remember the Marist Brothers, their volunteers and the people of Syria at this critical time in the history of their country.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Junior School News Continued... Emergency in Syria Syria - 30th July 2012 It is 11.00 pm on Thursday 26 July 2012. Here in Aleppo, it was more than 40 degrees during the day. In the distance, I hear the firing. I am in my room in the community. Brothers Georges Hakim and Bahjat Azrie are also at home. In fact, we returned together around 9.00 pm after an unforgettable day for the Marist Blues. If you see our photos, you will see the young and not so young in blue T-shirts. You remember what the local people called the first Little Brothers of Mary? Well, we wanted to place this solidarity campaign under the title of «Marist Blue». Aleppo, our city, second city of the country, financial capital, major centre of commerce and craft industry, is in its death throes. It has been suffocated for more than a week. The war is in train of spreading into the neighbourhoods. The people flee, become refugees, wander, take shelter in the streets, the public gardens, the schools, everywhere. The inhabitants take in their relatives, the houses are open… Bread is lacking, electricity is lacking, fuel is lacking, milk is lacking, medicines are lacking; the only thing not lacking is the spectre of war. It is on the prowl, it is everywhere. A nauseous smell rises from the streets… The city is completely encircled. There is risk of being taken away or killed. The people are afraid… A fear which depresses, which paralyses, which kills… So the question is posed: what do we do? Flee, as so many families have done? Stay in place paralysed? Act? What to do? At the beginning, we chose to continue all our activities. We launched holiday camp projects, and educational activities… But all discretely, we realized the danger was enormous, and that it would be necessary to halt. This was last Tuesday’s decision: «Halt our activities». But stopping our activities does not mean stopping our mission. It is rather to search together, laity and brothers, for some response to give to the emergency. The call of the last General Chapter urged us to go out to the displaced persons. In the quarter of Jabal el Saydeh, a quarter where we have been working for more than 25 years among the most poor, we found people still poorer… The displaced! So to them we hurried, to the children, the women, the men… the young people responded generously. And it was there we spent our first day. They welcomed us; the children came out of the holes where they had hidden. A crowd… a mass. A balloon excited them… They played, sang, danced… each of them is a history, a sacred history which is revealed to us. A little girl who shares her sadness at being an orphan… A boy who offers at the very first a pencil to an animator, «Habaytak» he says to him, I liked you… A girl is quite sweetly transformed thanks to a hand which does not let her go… She dares to take her hands down from blocking her ears. She skips, she smiles… The «sheikh» (Imam), comes to thank us… Someone asks, «You are Christians?» An old man comes up to me to embrace me and say to me «Choukran». I do not know him, I do not know his name, I do not know why he has thanked me, but even so, the gesture is made, a pact of love and trust is signed … The women listen to the women. What dignity ! There is no complaining. One thanks «Allah». But what a living Gospel we are- we are in train of living! One question is often asked : «You are going to leave, are you going to come back?» And a trust is established. The children accompany us to midday, when we leave them. They sing around us as if to tell us «Stay, we love you»! And at 5 o’clock when we come back, they are already there, and the celebrations continue, dancing, games, smiles, joy!!! But the needs are pressing. More elementary needs. In this month of Ramadan, the month of fasting, for our Moslem brothers, the needs are enormous: paediatricians, doctors, medicines, milk, beds, sanitary napkins, soap, detergents, mattresses, clothing, food… They have been distributed in two schools, 900 persons crammed in. The flow does not stop growing. Some families (2000 persons) are set up in the public garden. They endure the heat but do not want to be shut in. Perhaps, they dream of waking up in the morning and going back to their homes… and yet today this dream appears remote, without any hope of being realised in the near future, if a home still exists for them… And those are a drop in a sea of displaced, homeless, stranded... but for us, they are names: Zeinab, Moustapha, Ali, etc... They have a face, they are a history, they are a look, a poem… For them and because of them, we take risks… Yes, we risk our lives. Certain young people do not have the support of their parents. Certain benefactors have organised their home to dare a gesture! All of us know the great risk of working when the weapons keep on firing. But the single smile of a child– isn’t that enough to dispel all our fears? Br. Georges Sabe

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Junior School News Continued... Here are a few messages for you before the EKKA break: The Young ICT Explorers’ Competition: Congratulations to David Lake [Year 7 White] and Joseph O’Toole [Year 7 White] who participated in The Young ICT Explorers’ Competition on Saturday 11 August. David and Joseph formed a team and they received Second Place in the Year 6 and Year 7 Category for their game ‘The Flamery’. Both boys received an iPod Nano as a prize. Congratulations to both boys, we are very proud of you.

University of New South Wales Computer Skills: Each year, all the boys in the Junior School participate in this competition and Brother Adrian received the results a few days ago. The Certificates have not yet arrived and when they do, they will be presented to the boys and the names published. These are the results we have at present. Year 5: There were 111 participants, with 18 boys receiving Credits and 7 boys receiving Distinctions. Year 6: There were 115 participants, with 27 boys receiving Credits and 6 boys receiving Distinctions. Year 7: There were 138 participants, with 29 boys receiving Credits and 10 boys receiving Distinctions. Important dates to remember until Friday 31 August 2012: EKKA BREAK: Wednesday 15 August, Thursday 16 August and Friday 17 August. Monday 20 August: College Parents and Friends’ Association AGM. This important meeting will be held in the Brother Cyprian Pavilion beginning at 7.00pm. We encourage as many Junior School parents as possible to attend. Wednesday 22 August: QDU – at All Hallows’ School, beginning at 7.00pm. Details have been sent home. Friday 24 August: Year 7 Disco, in the Champagnat Centre, beginning at 6.00pm, for an 6.30pm start. Monday 27 August: Music Photographs. Details will be forwarded from the Music Department. Friday 31 August: Father and Son Breakfast, in the Champagnat Centre. [Please note the change of venue!] I wish you all a safe and restful EKKA Break. With warmest wishes.

Michael B Druce.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Junior School Sporting News COLLEGE SPORTS JACKET In response to popular demand, the sports department is making available to parents and supporters the Kooga sports jacket worn by the College Rugby and Football Coaches in 2012. The jacket, a navy blue and grey 2012 Kooga stratus III jacket, will have the College logo embroidered on the front with ‘Ashgrove Sport’ written underneath, and the new College bumble bee embroidered on the back between the shoulder blades. Cost of this jacket will be $100 (normally $130 + embroidery) payable to the accounts department at main administration. Anyone interested in purchasing one of these jackets should email Matt Poole at to reserve a jacket. Once Matt has confirmed that a jacket has been reserved for you, payment should be made at the accounts office prior to delivery. It is expected that delivery of jackets will take 4 – 6 weeks. Orders need to be sent to Matt BEFORE 31 August. Please include in your order: Name of person ordering the jackets Name of son at school (if applicable) Number of jackets desired Sizing of each jacket (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL) Mobile contact number Email Address Please note: THIS IS NOT PART OF THE COLLEGE UNIFORM AND STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO WEAR THIS IN PLACE OF THE COLLEGE JUMPER OR TRACKSUIT! IT IS FOR PARENTS AND SUPPORTERS ONLY! Also, the Sport Department is in the process of finalising a design for a supporter’s polo shirt. Designs will be forwarded to the P&F for feedback shortly and it is hoped the shirt will be ready for the start of 2013. ATHLETICS The CIC track and field sub-committee would like to remind the track and field communities of member schools about the following information regarding the athletics ‘field of play’: - The rules of athletics are in place for the efficient running of the event and for the safety of athletes, officials and spectators. - The ‘Field of play’ starts at the outside of the circular running track and is off limits for spectators, coaches and athletics squad members who are not currently competing. For the purpose of CIC athletics, all red tartan areas of the running track and grassed surrounding areas are also off limits. - All coaching must happen outside the field of play. Athletes may go outside the field of play to consult with coaches; however coaches are not to enter the ‘field of play’. - The ‘in-field’ inside the running track may be used for marshalling relays and for hurdles warm up, however this area is off limits to spectators and non-competing athletes. - Host schools will be responsible for reminding those in attendance about these guidelines. - Athletes, coaches, spectators and officials are asked to work with carnival convenors to ensure that the guidelines surrounding the ‘field of play’ are followed. Spectators are to remain behind the bollards and black fencing that surrounds the UQ track.

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Junior School Sporting News INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENTS In the week beginning July 30, Sebastian Leavy (6 Green) and Henry Meland (5 Blue) competed at the National Swimming Championships in Sydney. It is a wonderful achievement for both these boys to represent Queensland and even more impressive was their performances during the week long Championships. Sebastian competed in the 50m Breaststroke and 100m Breaststroke making the finals in both events and finishing 6th and 5th respectively. Sebastian also swam in the 4x50m Medley Relay finishing 4th. Henry Meland competed in the 50m Freestyle and 4x50m Freestyle Relay; he progressed through to the final of the 50m Freestyle finishing 8th, which was a marvellous achievement, given he swam a PB in preliminary rounds. On the final day of the Championships Henry won a silver medal as a member of 4x50m Freestyle Relay Team. Well done to both boys, it is a wonderful accomplishment to represent Queensland and do so with such distinction. Congratulations to Jaz Day (7 Red) who has been representing the North-West District Rugby League Team over the past month. The North-West District Rugby League Team is undefeated and as a result they have progressed through to play in the Grand Final against Wynnum South at Suncorp Stadium on Tuesday August 21. CRICKET SIGN–ON It is that time of the year again when the summer season sports hold their registration days. A reminder that the College policy is for students who wish to play club cricket that they only sign-on for a half season so they are available to represent and play for the College in Term 1 2013. TENNIS We are midway through the C.I.C Tennis season. The Marist boys have been approaching their matches seriously and with enthusiasm. I would like to thank the parents for getting the boys to matches during those busy Saturday mornings. Thank you also to the many parents who have been providing morning tea at our Saturday fixtures; this allows for a genuine interaction between our parents and visiting schools. Please ensure if your son is unavailable to play on any given Saturday please let Scott Murphy know as soon as possible. Luke Caplick Head of Sport – Junior School

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012




Introducing the Ashgrove Football Academy

INAUGURAL ASHGROVE FOOTBALL ACADEMY       An exciting opportunity has arisen for footballers at Marist College Ashgrove with the green light given   for the   College’s first football academy program. Commencing at the start of Term 4 and run by the   College’s most highly qualified coaching staff, the academy will align with the FFA National Football   Curriculum and the Marist College football philosophy. Specialist goalkeeper coaching from a highly   experienced and qualified coach will also be offered as part of the academy set up.     The major aims of the academy are:   1. To  significantly develop the technical ability of the College’s young players   2. To  equip players with the skills and ability to improve the results of each aggregate team at the college   3. To develop players capable of winning the AIC 1st XI premiership  

Players Years 6-8 in 2013 Thursday mornings 7:15 am – 8:30 am


Players Years 9-10 in 2013 Wednesday afternoons 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Meets are held every Friday  Night from 5:45 pm  Training on Wednesday evenings for U7—U17   Season starts 31st August  and runs to end of March  2013.  Bring the FAMILY  Join the FUN  Increase FITNESS   Start as a Tiny Tot  4 YO  Play as U6   Compete as U7—U17

FEES Ph: 0416866395 Ph: 0416866395   www.thegapli�leathle� 

SIGN ON SIGN ON   17th August 2012 from 6—8 pm  18th August 2012 from  2 –4 pm  The Gap   State HIGH School   Oval off  Waterworks Road    

Tiny Tots -$40; U6 -$75; 1st child (U7–U17) -$110; 2nd child (U7–U17) -$100 ; family ( more than 2 ) $250;

Family levy (refundable— conditions apply) -$50; Uniforms extra. Proof of Age is required— bring Birth Certificate or extract Payment is by cash, cheque, EFTPOS.

Marist College Ashgrove Newsletter  

Marist College Ashgrove Newsletter

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