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06 2012

Marist College Ashgrove Volume 48 Issue No. 06 April 2012

Dates to Remember Thursday, 26 April • SOSE Field Excursion • Marist Basketball Carnival - Continues • Year 12 QCST Trial - Champagnat Centre • Year 10 and 12 Debating • Year 10 - Exams

College News

Friday, 27 April • AIC Chess v Iona (Home) • Year 12 Marist Forum - Starts • CIC Cross Country Victoria Park • Year 9 Parent Dinner - Cyprian Pavillion Saturday, 28 April • AIC Rugby/Football v Iona (A) • CIC Rugby & Football v Nudgee (H) Sunday, 29 April • Year 10 Sailing Camp - Starts Monday, 30 April • Year 11 & 12 G&T Excursion • Year 10 Camps - Starts

Wednesday, 9 May • Red Cross Blood Bank • King of Mountain Race 2 • College Assembly • Year 9 and 11 Debating • Year 8 Rush/Slattery Camps - Start • Careers Expo - Champagnat Centre Thursday, 10 May • Red Cross Blood Bank • Newsletter Online Friday, 11 May • Year 10 G&T Excursion • Term 2 Fees Due • 8-9 Dance - Champagnat Centre - 7-10pm • CIC Cross Country Fig Tree Pocket • AIC Chess v St Pauls (H) • Year 12 QCST Trial - Champagnat Centre 8.45-10.45am Sunday, 12 May • CIC Rugby/Football v Churchie (H) • AIC Rugby/Football v St Pauls (A) • Boarders Weekend - Start

Tuesday, 1 May • Year 11 Geography Excursion • Old Boys Meeting • House Meetings

Monday, 13 May • Mothers Day

Wednesday, 2 May • King of Mountain Race 1 • College Assembly • Year 8 and Senior A Debating

Tuesday, 14 May • Ignatius Inter-House Chess - Starts • HPE Week - Starts • Twilight Concert - Draney Theatre - 5.30pm

Thursday, 3 May • B56 Excursion to Dreamworld • Year 8 Hepatitis B/Chicken Box Vacc

Wednesday, 15 May • Ignatius Inter-House Chess • NAPLAN Testing Years 5, 7 & 9 - Champagnat Centre • Year 10 Dancing Lessons - Champagnat Centre • Year 11 Drama Excursion: La Boite

Friday, 4 May • AIC Chess v St Peters (A) • Junior School Cross Country Trial • Careers & Employment Expo BCEC - Starts Saturday, 5 May • AIC Rugby/Football v St Peters (H) • CIC Rugby/Football v SLC (A) Tuesday, 8 May • Champagnat Trust Dinner - Cyprian Pavillion • Year 10 Dancing Lessons - Champagnat Centre • Slattey Theatresports

Mass & Reconciliation Mass: Wednesday & Friday - 8:10am Reconciliation: Tuesday - 8:10 - 8:40am

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Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

From the Headmaster Dear Members of the Marist College Ashgrove Family At our first Assembly for second term I spoke to the boys about gratitude. This time of year is a special time to give thanks. • We give thanks that we have just celebrated Jesus’ resurrection. The season of Easter is a four week joy filled time for us all. It is very easy to become blasé about the real meaning of Easter and get caught up in all the chocolates! • Yesterday was ANZAC Day where we express our thanks to the many who fought in numerous conflicts around the world. In the lead up to ANZAC Day I saw a young girl on television who had won an essay competition; her prize was a trip to Gallipoli. She reflected on how being at Gallipoli had reinforced her sense of the sacrifice made and the need for us to be thankful. I asked the boys to reflect on their own need to express gratitude to their parents for the sacrifice they have made to enable them to attend a wonderful school like Marist College Ashgrove. I spoke to them about a letter to the Editor I read during the holidays. I found the letter relevant yet it was written about children receiving an education in Fiji. I’d like to share it with you:“How many children understand that their education is funded or paid for by their parents’ hard earned money? Many children are born into wealth and many more are born into families that have worked hard to earn and pay for their children’s education. I know of many families that have forgone luxuries just to pay for school fees and other school expenses. Such are poor parents’ struggle. We have many poor families who have very bright children who have had to drop out because of financial hardship. And we have children who come from wealthy families who dropped out because they took things for granted. And they squander their parents’ hard earned money. Don’t get me wrong, the “rich” are “rich” because they worked hard, invested and were wise with their spending. If we can only instil in the minds or our children the value of paying for a good education, we may just break that issue of children dropping out because they already have money in the bank. And if only a rich family could divert the school fees that they have to a poor child and nurture a future of Fiji.” We are so blessed at Ashgrove that so many parents divert school fees that they have to someone in need via The Champagnat Trust. The point here is that we have many things for which we are grateful. It’s important to take stock and be grateful for the many blessings we receive. Let’s all practice being grateful in the coming weeks. Yours in Jesus, Mary and St Marcellin Peter McLoughlin

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Headmaster’s Notes Congratulations • Jack Beath (10I) who has been selected to play in the Australian U15 Schoolboy cricket side that will be touring the UAE later in the year. • Rostrum Voice of Youth competition - 21-22 April You may be interested to know that we had several students competing in Round 1 of the Junior and Senior competitions in Rostrum Voice of Youth last weekend. All boys spoke exceptionally well, and I am very happy with performances across the board. The boys involved were: Senior Competition: Minh Pham (Year 12), Russell Lundin (Year 11). Junior Competition: Lucian Berkovich-Robles & Séamus Coulson (Year 10), Jack Donnelly & Nicholas Murray (Year 9), and Rory Campbell, Oscar Cooney & Patrick Lewis (Year 8). The top two students from each heat progress through to the second round of competition on 12 May, with a runner-up also announced as a reserve in case a winner is unavailable to proceed. Of our students, Lucian & Séamus won their respective heats and will move through, while Russell and Pat were named as runners-up. This is a remarkable achievement for all the boys, who should be congratulated for their efforts. The three Year 8 boys should be especially proud, competing against students up to Year 10 and with far more experience than themselves. For Pat in particular to come away with such a good result is remarkable, though Oscar and Rory performed equally well in very tough fields. Likewise, Russell chose to take an experimental approach with the style and format of his speech. It was a big, bold risk, but he committed to it and it paid off. Finally, this week’s debates will be on Thursday 26 April due to ANZAC Day being on Wednesday. Years 12 and 10 are competing: Year 12 at St James’ College at 8:15 pm, and Year 10 at Brisbane Grammar, with a team at each timeslot (7:00pm and 8:15pm). Prayers please Please pray for the repose of the soul of: • Michael (2004-08) and Liam Scanlan’s (11H) maternal grandmother, Margaret Townsend, who passed away yesterday afternoon after a battle with cancer. • Sally Flynn’s grandmother who passed away recently. • Brian Draper, grandfather of Keelan Shannon (10E) who also passed away recently. Eternal rest grant to them and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen. Lift required for student Would anyone who comes from the Ascot, Clayfield area be able to give a boy a lift to school each day? If they are able to do the trip to school the boy’s mother would be happy to do the run in the afternoon to return the favour. Could you please phone Chris Raleigh (3858 4501). Even a couple of days a week would be a help. Brookfield Show cookery entries open Saturday Cookery entrants should consider pulling out grandma’s recipe books for a few test runs now that online entries for the 2012 Brookfield Show open this Saturday, April 28. Cookery has a section for everyone, from the pre-schoolers to the fruit-cake guru, and packet mixes are OK for cooks up to and including Year 4. Entry fees are just 50 cents. Artists, including big brothers and sisters in Year 11 and 12, need to have their entries in for Senior art by 5pm this Friday, 27 April. It’s a good time to be thinking about your entries in the Junior floral art in the horticulture section. At 50 cents an entry, why not have a go at making a floral face on a plate for the under sixes, or a dragon out of vegetables or fruit if you’re 10 to 14 years old? Whip around the back yard to put together a basket of Australian natives for the six to nineyear-olds, or put together a penguin out of fruit and veges. For entry forms and stewards’ contact details visit

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Headmaster’s Notes Continued... MAPS Lenten Appeal My sincere thanks to all boys and their families who supported the Lenten Appeal that provides funds for projects in Marist endeavours in the Asia Pacific region. Walkathon This is the major fundraiser for the P & F and will be held on Sunday May 20. Whilst the Walkathon is compulsory for the boys, it is great to see so many families involved in either volunteering to assist on the day or actually out there walking the course. Sport Uniform Mr Holding goes to great lengths to remind the boys about what to wear to, on the field and from sport on a Saturday. I would like to remind everyone of one important thing, Thongs are never to be worn to sport - ever. Getting the Little Things Right On many occasions I remind the boys of my expectations of them. I refer to it as the five little things and if they get this right, we tend not to suffer larger calamities. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Grooming – always be well groomed. Uniform - always correct and worn well. Manners - with everyone with whom you come in contact. Punctuality - always be on time to school and every lesson. Treat others as you would like to be treated - living out Jesus’ life “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


Semester 1, 2012


Online applications for the Students with Disabilities Scheme will be accepted from

1st May 2012 until 31st May 2012

To lodge an online application to receive a rebate for this program, go to: Further enquiries to: 3336 9192 or

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning) Griffith UniversityPathways for Medicine Information Evenings The evenings will include a presentation about your study options for a career in medicine and an opportunity to meet Griffith University lecturers. South Bank Date: Time: Venue:

campus Monday 21 May 6:00 – 7:00pm Ian Hanger Recital Hall, Queensland Conservatorium, South Bank campus

To register visit Engineering Information Evenings The evenings will include a presentation about Griffith's undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that will lead to a career in engineering. You will also have the opportunity to see our facilities and meet our staff and students. Nathan campus Date: Tuesday 22 May Time: 4.30 – 6.00pm Venue: Science 2 (N34) Lecture Theatre 0.04, Nathan campus Registration opens 19 March 2012 - To register visit Architecture Information Evening Join us and find out more about the Architecture degree that’s different for the right reasons. The evening will include a presentation about the Bachelor of Environmental Design (Architecture) and will give you an opportunity to meet Griffith University lecturers, industry advisors and current students. Gold Coast Date: Time: Venue:

Tuesday 5 June 6.00 – 7.30pm Clinical Sciences 2 (G16) Lecture Theatre 1.07, Gold Coast campus

Registration opens 19 March 2012 - To register visit VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED FOR QCS SUPERVISION If you are a parent of a student in Years 5 to 11 and interested in volunteering your time to help with supervision at this year’s Queensland Core Skills Test, please email Brooke Zande at zandeb@marash.qld. or phone 3858 4522. Lunch will be provided. Date: Venue: Session times:

Tuesday, 4 September and Wednesday, 5 September 2012 Champagnat Centre 8:30am–11:30am and 12:15pm–3:00pm (half day or full day sessions available)

UMAT 2012 Please see below information regarding the UMAT test. This test assists with the selection of students into medicine, dentistry and health science degree programs at undergraduate level at participating Universities. In Queensland, the UMAT test is used by The University of Queensland for their Medicine and Dentistry degrees and by Bond University for their Medicine program. Registrations Open: Registrations Close: UMAT Test Date: Results Released:

Early April 2012 5:00pm AEST 1 June 2012 Wednesday 25 July 2012 Late September 2012

Please note that on the day of the test Student ID Cards are NOT accepted as appropriate photo ID. The only accepted documents are driver’s license, learner’s permit, passport, proof of age cards such as a Keypass or a 18+ card. Also, please have a look at the following website: for more information including access to Practice Tests. If you are interested please register with Mr Ruiz, Counsellor, 07 3858 4609

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning) Continued... TAKE HOME A BIG BROTHER OR BIG SISTER Give your children the wonderful opportunity to have an international big brother or big sister by hosting one of our exceptional international students arriving in Australia in July 2012 for their 5 or 10 month programs. Our international students from France, Germany, Italy, Austria Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden will live as a local, attend a local secondary school, arrive with their own spending money and comprehensive insurance cover – all arranged by Southern Cross Cultural Exchange. Visit us at www.scce., email or call us toll free on 1800 500 501, request our little booklets of international student profiles, and capture the spirit of family and friendship!

FREE ENTRY incorporating

BRISBANE 4 - 5 MAY 2012 Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Corner of Merivale & Gleneg Street, Southbank, Queensland

Friday 9am - 4pm Saturday 10am - 4pm Visit

Australia’s largest national careers and employment event is back in 2012 with more jobs and more opportunities for you to shape your future. You should attend this event if you are: Job Hunting

Changing Your Career


Returning to Work

Choosing Your Career Path

School Leaver

Visit our website or phone 1300 66 71 21 for more information. EXCLUSIVE BANKING PROVIDER:


Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

MARIST COLLEGE ASHGROVE | Parent Seminar - Raising Bright Sparks When: Tuesday 15th May 2012 Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm Where: Cyprian Pavilion - Marist College Ashgrove, 142 Frasers Road Ashgrove Cost: $5 per person to be donated to John Berne College Lewisham Sydney – supporting adolescent boys and girls who can no longer fit into mainstream education RSVP: by Monday 14 May to Alana Armitage, Head of Professional Learning, Marist College Ashgrove on email: or ph: 07 3858 4574 Parenting “bright sparks” can be extremely challenging. As parents, we need to know how we can: • • • •

Identify a child’s strengths and nurture talents Understand a child’s abilities and meet their needs Promote achievement while ensuring children are healthy, happy and confident Support children to manage stressors and become resilient when they encounter difficulties • Guide children through the delicate balance of fitting in and standing out

Uniform sHop

Abilities, temperament, thinking, behaviour, provisions, opportunities and friendship patterns interact to influence students’ choices, motivation and achievement. Parents with an understanding of the dynamic of talent development and their child’s social and emotional needs are best able to support, guide and nurture “bright sparks”.

WE HAVE RUN OUT OF SIZES FOR RUGBY JERSEYS. IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO SELL A 2ND HAND JERSEY – PLEASE LET US KNOW AT SHOP. THANKS VICKI Monday – closed Tuesday and Fri – 12.30 – 3.30pm Wed and Thurs 12.30 – 4.00pm Shop no 33665738 | Mobile 0404 299 479 Email The Uniform Shop has Eftpos and Credit Card facilities (Visa / Mastercard). Parents can take advantage of this service by phoning through their card details allowing their sons to come down at lunchtime and pick up any uniform requirements.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

THE 8 THINGS BOYS REALLY NEED FROM THEIR PARENTS Mothers all over Australia are tearing their hair out trying to manage the hormonal changes happening to their once tender boys. This smelly, grunting, obnoxious teenager is a far cry from her little sweet boy that once allowed her to smoother him with kisses. Now all he seemingly wants to do is eat, masturbate and play computer games. These moments are only disrupted with outbursts of anger and frustration. So what does a boy want? In working with teenage boys for over 12 years I have complied a list of my top eight tips to help mums give their boys what they are really after. 1. Surround him with great examples of honourable men both past and present. Young men will usually gravitate to images of strong powerful men such as Batman or Superman or GI Joe. But teach them also about men who were powerful not just because of their brute strength but because of their determination, creative and integrity. 2. Teach him how to communicate about how he is feeling. Ninety-three per cent of all prisoners in this country are men. I am convinced most of them are in that situation because they never learnt to count to ten before acting. Teach him how to communicate what he is feeling and instil it in him from a young age. 3. Let him explore. Boys need adventure they need to be outside playing next to creeks and wandering in the wilderness. Yet in our nation our backyards have shrunk and our theatre rooms have expanded. Take every chance you get to allow him to wander outdoors. 4. Help him understand what a wrong concept is. Statistics say that on average teenage boys spend six minutes in the presence of their fathers and 14 seconds in meaningful conversation a day. By the same token teenage boys are averaging four hours a day in front of the TV or internet. With that much media exposure he needs to be taught about what is a right and wrong concept. Don’t allow the media to teach your son values. There is a clear divide occurring in this nation. On one side there are the boys who are being raised by active engaged parents, then there are those being raised by the media. 5. In his teenage years let him break away. He will at some point during adolescence want to cut the proverbial umbilical cord. Let him. He needs to be led to the door of manhood by other men but he has to open and go through the door alone. 6. Affirm his Masculinity. Don’t castrate it. A father’s role is to impart to his son honourable masculinity and a mum’s role is to affirm it. Encourage him in his quest to develop his masculinity and help him understand that it is good not evil. Being masculine is about being respectable, strong, kind and emotionally intelligent. Affirm those qualities and shun the negatives. 7. Help him understand what a great woman is and be that example. You are the first woman he will fall in love with. He will judge all future women by your example. Show him what it means to be a great woman. 8. Communicate with him by doing. If you want to talk to him. Sit down with him and play computer games. Go for a run with him. He will tell you things during those moments you have never heard. Be prepared for long moments of silence punctuated by small moments of oratory brilliance. Lastly let me say to every mum out there just in case nobody has ever told you. You are doing a fantastic job. Remember as grown up as they might seem they are just kids and will occasionally say and do stupid things. But when they are sick, hurt or in trouble they don’t want their friends they want their mum and dad. You are truly the most important people in their life even though sometimes they may not show it. Glen A Gerreyn is the founder of Oxygen Factory he speaks to 100,000 teenagers annually in schools across Australia.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012


You are invited to

“A French Affair” at the

Blue & Gold Ball on

Saturday 11 August 2012 Champagne on arrival Three-course meal Entertainment by Brisbane party band Hot Sauce Dress is evening wear – with an optional French twist! Black tie or bow tie The Blue & Gold Ball is Marist College Ashgrove’s annual fundraiser for the magnificent Brother Alexis Turton Science Centre, completed in 2011. Parents have four equally important options to support this important Marist community event, which is one of the highlights of the year. You can book a table of 10 for $1300 ($130 pp) You can provide Ball sponsorship of $5000 You can help out on the night of the Ball You can donate raffle or silent auction prizes Please call Joanne Collins on 0421587425 or Kay Wells on 3858 4586 for more information. TICKETS GO ON SALE NOW BOOK EARLY, AS EACH YEAR HAS SOLD OUT

BOOKING SHEET | Blue and Gold Ball 2012, Saturday 11 August 2012

For reserved seating at The Blue and Gold Ball, please print off this sheet & return with payment to: Blue and Gold Ball Bookings Marist College Ashgrove PO Box 82 Ashgrove West Qld 4060

Booking Details Please reserve ___ seat/s @ $130 pp OR Please reserve ___ table/s @ $1300 per Table of 10. Name/s ___________________________________________________________________ Postal Address______________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Email Address ______________________________________________________________ Phone (H) _______________________________ (W) ______________________________ Optional *Please seat me at a table with # ________________________________________ The names of my guests are: __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Any Special Dietary Requests _________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________

Payment by Credit Card Card Holders Name ________________________ Amount __________________________ Type of Card



Card Number Signature _______________________________ Expiry Date

Payment Options Payments may be made by Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, MasterCard or Visa at the College Finance Office. Cheques (made payable to Marist College Ashgrove) and credit card payments can also be mailed to the College at PO Box 82, Ashgrove West, Qld 4060. Please return the top tear off portion of this form with your payment. Credit card payments can be made by completing the “Payment by Credit Card” section above. Cash payments should be handed in personally at the Finance Office so that a receipt can be issued.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

P&F News Welcome back! Term 2 is the busiest time for the P&F with regard to “fundraising, functions and footy”. We have committee members involved in organizing Parent Dinners, the Mother/ Son Mass, the Walkathon, Card Day and of course the rugby and football canteens. It is during this term that we have the opportunity to raise most of our revenue for the school – specifically through the Walkathon and canteens. Last year we were able to donate about $120,000 which the College utilizes for the benefit of our sons. WE NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE particularly with the Walkathon and sports canteens!!! SPORTS CANTEEN Every year we allocate one home game for each Year group, but sometimes it may be two if there are more home games than Year groups. Each of these Year groups has one or two coordinators who organize the roster and co-ordinate where help is required in the canteens during the day. An email will go out during the week asking for your help. We only ask for an hour of your time before your son plays his game so that you can watch him. If you don’t want to watch his game, then please help at that time. The areas of help in the canteens are: preparing the hamburger rolls with salad, cooking bacon, eggs, sausages, hamburgers, steak, onion, chip frying, restocking fridges with drinks, serving at the counter and a bit of washing up. The sports canteens are a wonderful place to meet other parents of your son’s Year group and catching up with parents you haven’t seen in a while and there is always a lot of fun and laughter in amongst the mayhem. How can you help us ???? • Please email your year co-ordinator PRIOR to your allocated home game if possible – it is much easier if we have a rough idea of when volunteers will be arriving. • If you see us “struggling” and you have a bit of spare time – please jump in and help out (regardless of your year level) as at times many of our volunteers need to leave to watch their son play Below are the dates for home games during the season and the Year group allocations. Please mark yours in the diary and please contact the Year group co-ordinators with your availability. CIC - JUNIOR SCHOOL: Round 1 – 28th April v Nudgee – Year 7: Saskia Vanderbyl- and Ally Bray Round 3 – 12th May v Chruchie – Year 5: Michele Lim – Round 5 – 26th May V Iona - Year 7: Saskia Vanderbyl- and Ally Bray Round 7 – 9th June V BGS – Year 6: Deanna Heinke – and Cathy Roach AIC - SENIOR SCHOOL: Round 2 – 5th May v SPLC – Year 11: Jo Darwin - and Therese Eddy – Round 4 – 19th May V SLC – Year 12: Carol Bendall – Round 6 – 2nd June V Villanova – Year 9: Cherise Cooke –

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

P&F News Continued... Round 7 – 9th June V Padua – Year 8: Jen and Noel Rafter – Without your help the canteens wouldn’t be open. All money raised this year through the sports canteens and other P & F events will be going towards the new tennis courts. Roberta Bannah Ph 0427 166 128 email PS This year we will be providing our own superb coffee facilities at home games, courtesy of our Barista, Paula McLoughlin, and her assistants. In past years we have engaged the services of independent contractors however this has meant that we have lost valuable revenue. Our Hospitality boys and their teacher Gary Keown will also generously provide us with homemade biscuits each week. We hope that you will join us for a “coffee”– look for Paula at the entrance to the Cyprian Pavilion. This Term is a trial run – we have big plans for a future café! A coffee van will still operate on Des Connor Park (The Flats). WALKATHON The College Walkathon, our major fund-raising event for the year, is fast approaching on Sunday 20th of May. Parental assistance for this event is absolutely vital and we would greatly appreciate it if you could volunteer to help. There are many jobs which need to be performed on the day and you can select a role most suitable to you from the list of options. For those who have limited time available, there are jobs which require just a couple of hours contribution (set-up, dismantle, canteen etc.) Please volunteer via the parent enrolment form posted on the College website homepage. A list of each parent’s assigned location on the day will be posted to the website a few days prior to the event. Parents who are not acting as volunteers are invited to walk with their sons as “walking supervisors”. For those who walked last year, you will be delighted to know that this year’s course will be much easier than 2011! Once again we plan to utilize the Enoggera Military Base. There is no need to complete any forms or enrol if you wish to join your son on the walk - simply turn up on the day. We appreciate your support of this important fund-raising event and look forward to seeing you there. Alan and Adele Hamilton Co-convenors Phone (ah) 3352 3639 YEAR 5 DINNER A belated thanks to the ladies who organized the Year 5 Parent Dinner- Maria Sgroi, Helen Jackson and Michelle White - and to those who assisted them in setting up - Gillian Stephens, Pauline Roche, Carmen Kayrooz, Veronica Ingram, Julia Pasikowski, Majella Adams, Donna Scully, Amy Treston, Melinda Chandler (MC of the evening as well), Ann Hogarth, Yvette Hogarth, Karl O'Connor, Jenny McKarzel, Vanessa Lawler and Christie Oates. A fantastic job and a wonderful night – it was also great to see so many new parents volunteering to assist! We look forward to seeing you at the Walkathon and canteens. Have a great fortnight Deb Moloney (P&F vice president)

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Art Department Term 1, 2012 in the Art Department has been a creative and active hub of activity. We welcomed Brisbane ceramic artist, Stephen Roberts to the Art Department for 2 days to work with our senior students. Stephen specializes in wheel turning and throwing and was also working toward an exhibition of hand built work. Stephen shared with the students many ways of working with clay and discussed his art practice and how it has changed and evolved over time. Marist students watched a demonstration of the wheel and were then given the opportunity to try it for themselves. They quickly discovered that this is truly a skill that needs to be mastered over time! Year 11 and 12 students also visited the Gallery of Modern Art in Term 1, to view the Matisse: Drawing Life exhibition. The boys spent time in the Drawing Room and had a first hand experience of the way that Matisse worked and the importance of drawing in their own art practice. Katy Ward Co-ordinator of Art

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Tennis lessons Term 2 Tennis lessons for Term 2 get under way in the second week of the term. Pro-Am Tennis coaches are all professional level 2 Advanced coaches with significant experience. We offer lessons from beginner groups to advanced and right through to High Performance squads. We also run the Hotshots program's for the juniors from Red to Green. We run a lot of private lessons each week for kids and adults also. Pro-Am Tennis offers fixture program's for kids on a Saturday afternoon and for adults on a Wednesday evening. Our Adults program includes evening Cardio tennis, Social tennis and group lessons (please ask for more information on the adults program's we offer or refer to our website). We also offer a restring service using a fully digital restringing machine. Lessons are run before and after school each day of the week. Please book early as lessons fill quickly in term 2. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your tennis goals on our world class tennis facility! For bookings/enquiries please contact us: Allan Say Marist Head Tennis Coach | | Ph: 0408766882 NEXT MARIST CARD DAY Wednesday 23rd May A thank-you to our merry band of current and new volunteers who made our first Card Day of 2012 such a huge success. We have received some wonderful feedback from the group of appreciative players. We welcomed over 30 new volunteers to our volunteer and baking list. Special thanks to those families who donated prizes for our raffles. We were overwhelmed by your generosity with donations of wine, chocolates, movie vouchers, tea towels, towels, stationery, coat hangers.....just to name a few. Our second card day for the year is fast approaching and is already close to being sold out! The success of Marist Card day comes from our wonderful group of volunteers. So once again we will need these beautiful ladies to give up their time to help us on the day itself or join our awesome baking team to provide delicious treats that are served for morning tea. This fundraising event is a great way to meet other Mums while contributing to the College community. We look forward to seeing even more new faces at the next Card Day. Melissa Arnold & Lisa Stephens Card Day Co-ordinators To nominate as a volunteer, join the baking roster or provide raffle donations please contact: Melissa at or 0413 451 723

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

atalyst for Renewal Invites you to a Conversation 

Clifford Longley

 th

The 50 anniversary of Vatican II: Building on the past, Imagining the future. In a national series of lectures, leading British Catholic journalist and broadcaster Clifford Longley – best known in Australia for his column in The Tablet – will take a hard but fair look at what has happened in the Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council came to an end in 1965. He will ask what has gone right, what has gone wrong and what might the future hold; for example do we need a Vatican III?

In the Brisbane forum Clifford will focus on: • Collegiality of Bishops – Centralism. • Emphases on Sin – Emphases on Justice. • Development of a Mature Laity.

Friday 4th May 2012 7.30pm – 9.00pm Presentation and Conversation.

Stuartholme School Chapel Birdwood Terrace, Toowong (parking available onsite)

Donation at Door.


Supper afterwards.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

2012 Year 11 Social Dear Parents and Students of Year Eleven 2012, In 2012 Marist College will not be holding a semi-formal for year eleven students. Instead the College has organised a Year 11 social. The reasons for this are to organise a more enjoyable evening for the boys and their partners where the focus is on the event itself and not the ancillary gatherings that have been problematic in the past. The format of a semi-formal is somewhat out-dated and we are keen to organise a low-key event that is enjoyable, not overly expensive and supervised in a manner where the boys will display age appropriate etiquette and behaviour. Boys will be able to ask partners and moderate dress standards will be required. The event will be held on Thursday October 18. It will be a 3 hour cruise on both Kookaburra Queens including finger food and dancing. As in past years this occasion will provide a positive and functional social opportunity for the Year 11 boys. The College understands that changing to a week night and altering the format will not suit all families at the College, however this is an effort by the College to continue to provide a group social opportunity for our year 11 boys where we can ensure their welfare, enjoyment and benefit. More information will come to Year 11 parents in Term 3.

Clothing Pool (second hand uniforms) HELP NEEDED If anyone can help (be it even from extended family) in the 3.00 – 4.30pm shift on Wednesdays (once, sometimes twice a term) if would be greatly appreciated as a couple of volunteers have had other commitments, so I’m short of help. Also please note that due to the cost of processing, any clothing you want to sell that is under $20 cannot be issued a cheque. We are OPEN ON MONDAY 16TH, 4.00 – 6.00PM as it’s the last opportunity to buy winter uniforms which are to be worn on Tuesday, 17th April. If you can help on Wednesday afternoons, please ring Fran Barker on 35110438 or Many thanks


Wednesdays, 8.00 – 9.30am and 3.00 – 4.30pm. Cash or Cheque only Next door to the Ashgrove Clothing Specialists along from the Cyprian Pavillon. Sold on consignment so they need to be dry-cleaned and mended, as it makes it easier to sell them. If selling uniforms please wash and iron clothing as it is a volunteer run service. All profits go to help maintain the College.

Many thanks, Fran Barker

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

FROM THE ARCHIVES Hello to you all again. It is with some relief that I can announce that at last my most elusive quarry has been run to earth, and that this piece of scribbling will deal with the career of one of the most versatile and multi-talented staff members in the history of the College – Mr Peter Spensley, or “Spanner” to his intimates. Every Ashgrove “legend” has a characteristic that allows them to stand out from the crowd, and with Peter it is the apparent ease with which he achieves goals he has set for himself: he has fulfilled a bewildering variety of roles during his time here, and performed them all with great energy, enthusiasm, quiet good humour, and an efficiency which mere mortals like me find breath-taking. Peter was born in Adelaide in 1952 to English parents who had migrated to Australia post World War Two. There was already a Marist connection in the family, for Mr Spensley senior was an old boy of a Marist Fathers school in England. Spensley the elder was also something of a nomad, and this probably accounts for the fact that Peter went to six different Primary schools in his earlier years before a period of relative stability for Years 4 and 5 at Sacred Heart College, Adelaide, (which was again a Marist school.) More disruption followed soon after, however, with the family moving to Brisbane in mid 1964. It was at this point that Peter made his connection with Ashgrove, joining Year 6 in the Primary School in the third term of that year. (Peter inherited many things from his father, but the tendency to alter geographical location was not one of them – Ashgrove and he have rarely been apart since the time of his introduction !!!) Peter progressed through the grades at the College, graduating in 1970: a perusal of the Blue & Gold for that year shows Peter as a leader in the Y.C.S., an Under Officer in the Cadet unit, and a Prefect, (something he is particularly proud of because such appointments usually went to sporting “jocks”.) During his time as a student, Peter forged a close connection with Brother Alexis Turton, in 1970 Master of Discipline at the College, and soon to be Headmaster, and this connection would see a reunion between school and graduate in the not too distant future. Peter’s Senior pass won him a scholarship to the Queensland Institute of Technology, and he chose education as his career path. He graduated as a teacher in 1974, and began to teach in the State system: Brother Alexis, knowing the quality of his former student, decided to “headhunt” him for the College, and it didn’t take Peter long to conclude that Ashgrove and he would make a good partnership. In response to the urgings of Alexis, Peter resigned from the Education Department, becoming a full time member of the College staff in June 1975, and has remained so to this day….. Peter’s speciality was Science, and his major area was Physics. By the late 1970s, he was coordinator of Junior Science at the College, and was acknowledged as an expert teacher, thorough in his preparation and with the ability to instil into students his enthusiasm for his subject. The College was not slow to utilise Peter’s potential, for in 1981 he was offered the position of Year Level Coordinator for Year 9, (roughly equivalent to the position of House Master in today’s College except that all boys under his charge were the same age.) What made this appointment particularly noteworthy was that it was the first time in Ashgrove’s history that such a position was offered to a lay staff member, a clear indication of the esteem in which Peter was held by the Brothers. Other luminaries such as Michael Gubbins, Derek Cameron, Mick Sherman and Peter Murdoch would shortly

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

FROM THE ARCHIVES hold similar Year Master positions, but Peter was the first to blaze the trail. He would continue to hold this position at Year 9 level for over a decade until the institution of the present House system in 1993. When the changeover to the House system came, it was automatic that Peter would be in charge of one of the Houses. He picked the name Slattery House, in honour of his former great English teacher Leo Slattery (“The Old Master”), and designed the coat of arms, colours and motto for the House. Peter would remain at the helm of Slattery House until mid 2005, a further tribute, if one were needed, to his magnificent administrative and pastoral abilities. As I have already indicated, “Spanner” has always been held in some awe by his colleagues because of the ease with which he solves problems and initiates solutions, to the point indeed of seeming infallibility, and thereby hangs a tale….. one of my most personally embarrassing moments at the College resulted from my accepting blindly that it was impossible for Peter to be in error. To set the scene: it was exam time, and I was responsible for supervising a Year 9 English paper. Peter in his normal efficient way had given me the papers, a seating plan, and the time for the scheduled finish. The boys began their perusal time, and all was set fair for the start of the exam. I was a little perplexed, therefore, when another group of older boys (Year 10s) appeared on the verandah outside our classroom, making in the way of boys more noise than was advisable. I told them in less-than-warm words to be quiet, because an exam was in progress, then asked why they had appeared. A spokesman for the group informed me that this was their exam room, and that Year 10 Master Brother Peter Corr had told them to wait there for him. This palpable nonsense irked me, and I told them Brother Peter was in error, this was a Year 9 exam room, and to make themselves scarce, quickly. Further protests from the group followed, and “Decibel Dave’s” temper – never on a long fuse – ignited. Something akin to, “ I won’t tell you again: this is a Year NINE exam room ! Brother Peter sometimes makes mistakes - Mr Spensley NEVER does !! NOW CLEAR OFF !!!” echoed around the building. They cleared, and the matter was satisfactorily settled…….until it emerged next day that the impossible had happened. The mistake was not Peter Corr’s, but Peter Spensley’s, and much merriment ensued at the expense of both “Spanner” and Dave……. I avoided Brother Peter’s company for about a week. (To be fair to Peter, his circumstances had altered, for in 1977 he had married his lovely Denise, and after a little initial trouble in starting a family, by the time of the unfortunate embarrassment described above, they had three children under three !!! It is in fact a tribute to Peter that he survived at all, let alone made the odd mistake….). And it is at this point we will leave the story of Ashgrove’s “Spanner” for this edition of the Newsletter. Much still remains to be discussed, for Peter has never been merely a good teacher or a superb organiser. He has contributed much to the College in other diverse areas such as outdoor education, sport, audio-visual expertise, and the development of computing as a subject at Ashgrove….but the details of that will have to wait until next time. Till then, From the Archives, Dave Cameron: 38584591 or

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News PRAYER All praise and glory are Yours, almighty Father: You have given us Your Son Jesus to save us from sin. We praise You for choosing Mary to be His mother, for teaching her to believe Your message, for helping her to accept Your holy will. Strengthen us by Your Spirit to be like Mary: to ponder Your word in our hearts, to obey Your will, to love Your Son, to sing Your praises every day. Father, we praise You through Jesus Christ Your Son in the love of Your Spirit, for ever and ever. Amen. St Marcellin Champagnat; pray for us St Mary of the Cross; pray for us Mary our Good mother; pray for us And we remember always; to pray for each other. ANNIVERSARIES & UPCOMING EVENTS 21 April St Anselm 23 April St George & St Adalbert 24 April St Fidelis of Sigmaringer 25 April ANZAC Day 26 April St Mark, Evangelist 27April St Louis de Montford 28 April St Peter Chanel MATES PROGRAM Opportunities exist in a range of areas for students, staff and families to take part. Students are welcome to drop into the Campus Ministry Office before or after school, at morning tea or lunch time any day to find out what is available to them and to put their name on a roster. In the senior school Campus Ministry Office, parents can contact Br Mark Fordyce on 3858 4589, or email Mrs. Mena McLean works from the junior school and can be contacted on 3858 4551 or mclean@marash.qld. MATES BBQ with the Homeless People Our thanks to the staff, students and families who have generously offered their time to participate in the MATES BBQ. When attending the BBQ please meet in the Brothers/Services car park at 4.45pm. If you cannot attend the BBQ could you please email the team leader or Staff driver rostered on for that evening. Thank you The following tables shows students, staff & families who were rostered on over the last two weeks in the various MATES Ministries and we would like to thank them for their generosity and commitment to reaching out to others in our community.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News Continued... MATES Ministry Register Week 10,  Term 1 2012 (25/03/2012 ‐ 31/03/2012) Little Kings Movement BBQ for Homeless Mission Easter Raffle Organisers Wednesday 28 March (After School) Wed 28 March (Periods 2 & 3) Tutor     Tutor         Tutor      Name  Year  Name Year Name Year Group Group Group 105 R Fitz Douglas Izaac Ellings 9 11 207 F Mario Di Francesco 10 301 H 103 R Dylan Gower Stuart Ford 9 11 501 E Liam Donnelly 10 MM1 R Ryan Hughes Lachlan Hughes 10 A04 G 11 110 G Thomas McLean 10 205 I 11 104 R 210 F Ryan McLennan Peter Marko 9 Paddy Podbury 10 309 S 11 310 S SIL H Guy Shoshani Tim McVeigh 9 Patrick Smith 10 JOS I Ministry Servers / Readers 205 I Dom Smith Abraham Sammut 9 11 201 I Sunday 25 March Zac Stanton 11 306 F Staff Harrison McGovern  10 401 D Alec Saide James Condon 12 208 F Nicholas McGovern  8  801 D Jarrad Doran 12 506 E Easter Liturgy Participants Staff & Families Ben Hicks 12 310 S Peter Orlicki Friday 30 March Joe Kneipp 12 101 I Jackson Barker 10 207 F Suzanne Black Patrick McVeigh 12 SIL H Fletcher Campbell 10 506 E Louise McGovern Patrick Nicholson 12 105 R Sam Carran 10 304 H Baking Michael Teece 12 201 I 11 103 R Charlie Evert 10 110 G Joshua Poloskey Lloyd Thompson 12 A04 G Elliot Fossey 10 102 R Michael Wing 12 A03 G Jonathan Hooper 10 309 S Tom Workman 12 302 H Paddington Day Respite Centre Holy Rosary Tuesday 27 March Carl Kajewski 10 110 G Wed 28 March (Periods 5 & 6) 210 F Trent Kay 10 A03 G Luca D'Arienzo 9 202 I 204 H Callum Kersley 10 207 F Michael Fairbairn 9 Gianluca Anzalone 8 801 D 203 I Jackson McKim 10 501 E Oliver Garratty 8 Marley Callaghan 8 311 S 801 D Ryan O'Toole 10 310 S Campbell Mohr 9 Remy Cussinet 8 212 F 204 H Thomas Roche 10 210 F Zachary Smith 9 Oscar Herron‐Vellacott 8 306 F Max Stubbings 10 101 I Staff Hunter Marsh 8 106 R Sam Treloar 10 109 G Margo Rasmussen Xavier McDonald 8 Jorge Ruiz 801 D Chris Peirson 8 Staff Alec Saide

ments\My Dropbox\Wild Frontier\Marist Ashgrove\Newsletter\2012\06\Files\Mission\MATES Ministry Register (Term 1 Week 10) 2012.xlsx

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News Continued... MATES Ministry Register Week 1,  Term 2 2012 (15/04/2012 ‐ 21/04/2012) Little Kings Movement BBQ for Homeless LAMP Wednesday 18 April (After School) Wed 18 April (Periods 2 & 3) Thursday 19 April (Periods 2 &3) Tutor     Tutor         Tutor      Name  Year  Name Year Name Year Group Group Group Mater Dei School 505 E Sam Donaldson Kodie Ajax 9 11 505 E 102 R Charles Harris Brock Alston 9 11 202 I Joseph Conachan 10 502 E 11 405 D 208 F Joe Hennessy Liam Coulson 9 Sam Kelly 10 102 R 11 MM1 R JOS I Sam Mead Ben Curran 9 Jack Neumann 10 501 E 11 TTC E 109 G Jerome Pang Rory McHugh 9 Jacob Stevens 10 101 I 11 312 S 311 S Nicholas Whiting Campbell Mohr 9 Oliver West 10 101 I St Peter Chanel 11 MM1 R 305 H Alec Whyte Josh Murphy 9 Trent Kay 10 A03 G Thomas Carroll 10 309 S Morgan Hall‐Thompson Trent Kay 10 A03 G Holy Rosary 11 206 I James Lancashire 10 405 D Wed 18 April (Periods 5 & 6) Staff and Families Declan O'Sullivan 10 107 R Ryan Phelan 10 109 G Br Mark Fordyce Latham Collins 9 313 S JOS I Denise Freney Alex Grebenshikoff 9 211 F Jo Kay Luke Hadenfeldt 9 SVDP 402 D Angelica Kay Tom Hennessy 9 Morning BBQ Thursday 19 April 208 F 207 F Max Hewett 9 Liam Adams 9 Ministry & Service Team  110 G TTC E Oliver Suter 9 Luke Casey 9 Assembly Set‐up      Wed 18 April 308 S Staff Reece Day 9 203 I 202 I Alex Saide Marley Callaghan 8 Michael Fairbairn 9 207 F Liz Spry Ciaran McCullagh 9 Joe Hennessy 11 405 D 307 S Jack Moody 8 Sam Mead 11 MM1 R 604 E Jordan Mostert 8 Jerome Pang 11 TTC E 403 D Luke Ziebarth 9

MATES Ministry Register Term 1 , 2012 School Holidays (1/04/2012 ‐ 14/04/2012) BBQ for Homeless

BBQ for Homeless

Wednesday 4 April (School Holidays)

Wednesday 11 April (School Holidays)

Tutor     Tutor         Name Year Name Year Group Group ments\My Dropbox\Wild Frontier\Marist Ashgrove\Newsletter\2012\06\Files\Mission\MATES Ministry Register (Term 2 Week 1) 2012.xlsx Jack Bendall 12 401 D Matthew Gatty 12 303 H 11 305 H Joseph Byrne 12 105 R Stewart Jones 12 404 D Ryan Chapman 12 103 R Max Ramsey Stewart Jones 11 305 H Morgan Hall‐Thompson 11 206 I Liam Sharpe 12 109 G Jack Silversmith 12 311 S James Underwood 10 403 D Staff, Family and Friends Aaron Brown 8 801 D Peter Orlicki Morgan Hall‐Thompson Alison Barlow 11 206 I Chris Hall Ben Welsh Staff and Families Graham Lawson  Louise Underwood Alison Barlow Liz Falconer  Susie Brown

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News Continued... MINISTRY IN ACTION MARIST MOMENT Introducing the Marist ‘Tropicals’, a group of year 10 boys who got together and signed up for a Brisbane under 18 men’s Basketball completion held on a Friday nights for the next 14 weeks. They had a strong win last Friday , the first night of the comp! Congratulations boys! News has it that their new team singlets look pretty flash, they arrive this week. Lachlan Messery, Joe Kosiek, Will Collins, Charlie McArthur, Tommy Smith, Tom Stewart, Jack Cronin, Michael Fowler, Lachlan Jackson, Jack Treston, Michael Geraghty.

Homeless BBQ


Br Des celebrating his 89th Birthday with some of the Marist boys

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News Continued... HOLY ROSARY



Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News Continued... NEWS FROM CAMPUS MINISTRY Marist Solidarity Immersions 2012 At the end of last term 62 interviews took place to choose 35 pilgrims who will take part in the five immersions this year. Thanks to Mrs Donna Spillane, Mrs Mena Mclean and Brother Mark who generously organised the interview process. Congratulations to those boys who were selected to go in immersion this year, there is a lot of disappointment understandably, it is a great credit to the Year 11 group that so many put themselves forward to be considered for this unique experience. Thank you to all our families who supported their sons in applying for immersions. The staff and 35 students met last week to introduce themselves to each other and to begin planning as the year unfolds. Below is the list of students and staff who will take part in the immersions this year.

Students selling ANZAC badges at Ashgrove Shopping precinct

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Mission and Ministry News Continued... NEWS FROM THE CHAPLAIN I’m sure that many of you have seen those advertisements on TV which keep telling you that if you purchase the initial item put up for sale you will get more. And what’s more is that you will even get more than that. You may get two. And wait, there’s more…. Whilst the ads might drive you crazy the Church’s celebration of Easter is somewhat like that. There is always more. As Catholics and Christians, Easter Sunday is the culmination of the Lenten journey. The temptation is to think that it all ends there. We celebrate the Liturgy of Easter, have meals, maybe eat some chocolate eggs and then get back to normal daily living. The Liturgy of Easter continues after Easter Sunday. During Easter week the prayers of the Mass are the same as Easter Sunday. So Easter Sunday becomes a longer celebration. In fact, there is more! Easter is celebration for some time after Easter Sunday as a designated Easter Season. And then, every Sunday becomes a celebration of Easter. The emphasis on Easter in all our liturgies throughout the year point to a key element of our faith: we are an Easter people! What does it mean to be an Easter people or even an Easter person? I believe that it means that we become a people of hope. We all need a little hope in our lives. It is hope that gives us the purpose and strength to look beyond our own world to the world beyond. It is the hope in the Risen Christ that gives us the possibility of engaging fully in this world with an eye set on the wonderful world beyond where we experience the fullness of eternal unity with God. Greetings and good wishes. Fr Pius Jones SM

Student Profile Name:

Donal Whyte – Boarder from Mackay


Gilroy – Year 8

Favourite School Subject:

Industrial Technology & HPE

Most Enjoyable Recreational Activity: Fishing and playing cricket Biggest Influences:

My parents and my family

Role Model:

Donald Bradman and Glenn McGrath

Goal for 2012:

To get at least 2 hours of MATES to finish my first year at boarding


To play for Australia and to receive the ‘baggy green’

Favourite ‘Marist’ Moment:

Year 8 Camp and making the 13 A’s for cricket


CQ Cricket, Capricornia Cricket, 13 A’s cricket

Favourite Quote:

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb” Nelson Mandela

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

TRAFFIC CONCERNS AT FRASERS ROAD ENTRANCE – DRIVERS PLEASE NOTE Good afternoon, I am writing to express my concern at the behaviour of some of the Marist College Visitors/ Parents; there are a number of incidents occurring that I believe are a recipe for disaster in some instances and in others, a poor reflection on your College. These incidents are: 1. Parents continue to park on the verge at O’Connell Place, often in the very soft grass, which is causing deep ruts and destroying the grass. 2. Parents departing the school at speed and failing to give way and in some instances, even look to their left. This has on many occasions (in excess of 6 times so far this year) caused me to have to brake heavily, despite the fact that I have right of way and am travelling well under the speed limit. I am also observing a lack of indication when they are entering or exiting the College and many do not stop at the stop sign.

I believe

it is a matter of time before a child is killed or there is a Motor Vehicle Accident at that intersection. Certainly the road traffic act is being breached regularly. 3. Today (Saturday 21 Apr) there are a large number of vehicles illegally parked on Defence Property, all the way on both sides of O’Connell Place. Half of those vehicles are parked on the grass verge (again, damage) some are blocking the footpath (necessitating pedestrians to either walk dangerously on the road, or through the grass). Of even more concern is the fact that these people are also using the residential area of O’Connell Place as their turn around area, however they are doing this at an unsafe speed and in a matter of five minutes I personally observed 5 vehicles enter the Place, use people’s driveways as a turn around and drive at a fast pace past small children who regularly play in this area. At this point we have not engaged the Military Police, however if the thoughtless behaviour continues this will be a certain outcome. I request your College community be made aware of the damage they are causing to the roadside and that their dangerous behaviour is unacceptable. Further, I would like your College community to be made aware that O’Connell Place is Defence Property and that this is very clearly signposted. If dangerous occurrences continue further action may be taken. On a positive note however, as a local resident overlooking the Marist College, I would like to commend your students on their behaviour and conduct; at no point have I observed your students behaving in a dangerous or inconsiderate manner and they should be congratulated for this. Sincere regards O’Connell Place Resident Enoggera

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012


Globalisation and the Movement of Peoples

Daniel Groody, theologian, author and film maker, will draw on his many years experience of pastoral work along the US-Mexican border, and subsequent research and theological reflection on issues related to globalisation and immigration.

Keynote Presentations: ADELAIDE: TUESDAY 8 MAY


Loreto College, Portrush Rd, Marryatville.


Loreto College, Mandeville Cres, Toorak.



Loreto College, Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo.


6.30pm Loreto College, Pennant Hills Rd, Normanhurst.

Tickets are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Donations kindly accepted at the door. RSVP: via (go to “Buy Tickets” then search under Daniel Groody). Please register at least 7 days prior.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Where to now for education funding in Australia?


The Hon Christopher Pyne MP

3 MAY 2012 5:30-7:00pm at Marist Brothers Ashgrove, Cyprian Pavillion Join the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Shadow Minister for Education, Apprenticeships and Training, Hon Teresa Gambaro MP, Federal Member for Brisbane, and Jane Prentice MP, Federal Member for Ryan for a forum discussing issues affecting your school community and the impact of the Gonski Report. Families are struggling with cost of living pressures and Ryan parents and schools need certainty in their school funding arrangements. Have your voice heard by your local member and the Shadow Minister. To attend, please fill in this form and RSVP as below. (1) GUEST NAME








RSVP essential by 27 April 2012: EMAIL or CALL 3378 1599 Authorised and printed by Jane Prentice MP, 636 Moggill Road, Chapel Hill QLD 4069

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Music News WANTED MARIST MUSICIANS In 2006 the music department held the inaugural Blue & Gold concert featuring the College’s top Choral and Instrumental ensembles, performing with members of the College’s wider community including old boys, sisters, parents and teachers. This concert was a great success both musically and also as a chance to catch up with friends of the College’s Music Department. This year we will see this event held again for the 4th time. The concert takes the format of a Massed Orchestra and Choir, Massed Wind Ensemble as well as some of the student ensembles performing with soloists. This year we have planned to perform a variety of works including compositions by John Williams and Carl Maria Weber. We are trying to contact as many people as we possibly can to be involved and we are especially looking for voices for the massed choir, string players for the Orchestra and wind & percussion players for the Wind Ensemble. If you are interested can you please contact the Music Department as soon as possible, and we will then send you more detailed information and music. Please email the Music Department to register your interest. Hope to hear from you soon.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Music News Continued... Term 2 Concerts

Goondiwindi Show Friday 4th May – Goondiwindi Show Grounds. Big Band 1 and the Chamber Choir will be travelling west to perform at the Goondiwindishow, a performance not to be missed for the Goondiwindi locals. Check the show website for performance times closer to the date. Combined Guitar Concert Wednesday 9th May 7:00 PM – St Laurence’s College This concert will see our two Senior Guitar Ensembles travel to St Laurence’s College for a combined guitar concert. El Mariachi and Guitar Orchestra will perform as guests alongside the distinguished guitar ensembles from St Laurence’s. This concert promises to be a musically enrichingexperience for our guitarists. The Queensland Youth Music Awards Chamber Stings May 10 @ The Gap State High School, 1020 Waterworks Road, The Gap / Big Band 1 May 14 @ Queensland Baptist Centre Auditorium, Prospect Rd, Gaythorne Chamber Strings & Big Band 1 will be performing in this competition. * Times to be confirmed via the College Music Website and the College’s Newsletter. Mother and Son Mass Thursday 17th May 7:00 PM – College Chapel Mothers and sons are invited to this special mass where they will hear the great sound of our Liturgy Choir. Junior Ensembles Concert Monday 14th May, 5:30 PM – Draney Theatre Marist has a thriving music department which all starts with the energy from our junior ensembles. This concert shows where it all begins with performances from Junior Strings, Guitar Ensemble, Marist Voices, Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensembles 3 & 4. Battle of the Bands Sunday 20th May 10:00 AM – John Eales Grandstand (McMahon Oval) Come and hear the College’s rock bands battle it out for musical domination. The Battle begins on McMahon Oval after the completion of the Walkathon. Who will reign supreme in BOB Stadium? Winter Concert Thursday 24th May 7:00 PM - Draney Theatre This concert will feature Wind Symphony, Big Bands 2, 3 & 4 and Senior Strings. Admission: $5 per adult / $10 per family / Students free. Combined Percussion Concert Wednesday 30th May 5:30 PM – Somerville House Our Percussion Ensembles 1 & 2 has been invited to be guest performers at aPercussion concert held at Somerville House. This is a wonderful opportunity for our percussionists to perform alongside other like minded students. Come and see that percussion is much more than just hitting things. Champagnat Day Mass Wednesday 6th of June – Champagnat Centre The College community celebrates Champagnat Day. This performance involves Liturgy Choir and the Liturgical Combo. Blue & Gold Concert Thursday 7th June, 7:00 PM – Draney Theatre Now in its 5th year of production, this popular concert features the best of Ashgrove’s Music Department, past and present. This is the premier event of 2012 that showcases current students alongside talented Old Boys and parents, many of whom are professional musicians. The concert will present both Classical and Jazz genres and feature performances by all of the College’s first large ensembles; Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Strings, Wind Orchestra, Big Band 1 and ChamberChoir. Members of Performance Choir and Marist Voices will also perform as part of a massed choir in the finale. Admission: $10 per adult / $20 per family / Students $5. Grade 5 Band and Strings Concert Thursday June 14th, 6:30 PM Draney Theatre Come along and hear Marist’s musical stars of the future. Watch carefully for special guest appearances by some wellknown Junior School staff. House & Junior Assemblies Throughout the semester, various small and large ensembles will feature in Chamber Music Concerts and also at both Junior School Assemblies and Secondary House Meetings. Details of performances will be available via theCollege Music Website and College Newsletter. Ticket enquiries please email Family ticket is Parents/Guardians and siblings.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Junior School News Dear Parents, A very warm welcome back to you all. I hope you had a blessed Easter and a happy and restful holiday. The boys have settled well into school, eager to begin their sport in rugby, football and cross country. Term 2 is always a very busy term for us, as apart from sport, we also have a number of music commitments, plus the BIS tournament in Chess, Debating and Public Speaking. During the recent holidays, the great Feast of Easter was celebrated. This is a difficult feast for us to comprehend even though we read about it in scripture and know what the Church teaches. The Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday was the final act at the end of Jesus’ life. He had spent about 3 years teaching a relatively small group of people and now it was their time to go out and spread his teachings. This is what is still happening today. We are charged with this vocation if we claim to be Christians – Christian parents, Christian teachers, or a Christian family. We sometimes hear the terms ‘disciple’ or ‘discipleship’ which again are terms for people, like you and me, who are Christian and try to follow the teachings of Jesus. By sending your sons to Marist College Ashgrove, we assume that this is one of the main reasons for your decision – to begin to guide the boys in the teachings of Jesus Christ; hoping that they choose to live their lives as compassionate and life-giving men. What image of a disciple would be appropriate for 2012? This is a very important question for all of us as we need to be relevant to today’s society, no matter what role we have. Here are a few thoughts for you: • Being a disciple of Jesus in the 21st Century means being in community with others; being aware of others. • Being a disciple of Jesus involves becoming compassionate. This is the defining mark of the follower of Jesus. Compassion is the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the central ethos of a Christian person. • The emphasis for a follower of Jesus is not so much about believing or being good, but as a relationship with God. This relationship should transform us, into more compassionate beings. • And finally…..Jesus is not a figure of the past, but should be present to us each day; affecting what we say and do. At the start of a new Term, there are always a few reminders and points of information: SRC for 2012: Congratulations! On Friday 30 March Mr McLoughlin, the College Headmaster, presented the following Year 7 boys with their badges, in the presence of the whole Junior School and a number of parents. This year, over 70 Year 7 boys participated in the process of SRC elections and I was very proud of the way our boys conducted themselves throughout this rigorous process. I thanked each boy for his participation in the process and I would like to thank, once again, the staff who co-ordinated the process for us: Mrs Mena McLean, Mr Paul Knight and Mr John Lambourne. The parents are also thanked, as they would have provided support and encouragement from the home, especially for their sons who may not have been elected to the SRC. College Walkathon: Sunday 20 May, 2012 This is an early reminder to all families about this VERY important event on the College Calendar. IT IS COMPULSORY FOR ALL BOYS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE COLLEGE WALKATHON and we rely a great deal on parental support, both in the lead-up to the event and on the day. We will be forwarding you all the relevant information over the coming weeks. The boys should be collecting their sponsorship at this stage as the sponsorship cards went home in the Report envelopes.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Junior School News Continued...

Cultural Leaders: Environmental Leaders: Service Leaders: Sport Captains: Student Leaders:

Ned Petrie and Alexander Campion. Finn Tobin and Joshua Casey. Fabian Petroni and Adrian Mifsud. Samuel Jury and Nicholas Houlahan. Callum Zipf and Harrison McSweeney.

Late arrivals and early departures Please note the following: • Late arrivals: Boys who arrive late for school, that is after 8.45am, need to come to the office to sign in. This is most important as by this time, the class teachers have already completed the Class Roll and your son would have been marked ‘absent’. • Early departures: Boys need to come to the office, when they are leaving early, for two reasons. (1) To sign out. (2) To meet their parent/or other nominated adult. We do not allow boys to leave the Junior School ‘to meet mum at the bus shelters/on The Flats/in Moola Road.’ Parents are required to collect their sons from the Junior School office. Thank you for your assistance with this process. Month of May – Reciting of the Angelus each day at noon Before the beginning of May, all the boys in the Junior School will be issued with a small blue card on which the words of the Angelus will be printed. Each day, during May, a bell will be rung and all staff and boys in the Junior School will pause for the reciting of the Angelus. This is a very old Catholic tradition and Marist tradition. Some of us might remember the reciting of the Angelus daily, at noon! Important dates to remember until Thursday 10 May 2012 Friday 27 April: College Mass at 8.05am: Year 7 White. Parents are most welcome to attend. Monday May: LABOUR DAY. Tuesday 8 May: BIS Competition at 7.00pm, at Marist College Junior School. With warmest wishes to you all. Michael B Druce.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Junior School News French Movie 2012 – L’élève Ducobu To reward 40 boys for their outstanding efforts concerning French, Madame, our Junior School French teacher, organised a special outing to Palace Centro Cinema, James Street Fortitude Valley where they were screening an original, traditional French movie on the 27 March. The movie was about a young boy who has had a troubled schooling life. His dad resorts to desperate measures by sending him to a school that forced their family to move, as it was so far away. His teacher, ‘Latouche,’ was a strict man but had a secret love life with another teacher in the school. (The music teacher!) Ducobu, the main character, soon finds out that Latouche doesn’t tolerate bad marks or dunces, so Ducobu is forced to cheat. After the first term, his father is delighted with his marks, but Latouche has a suspicion of Ducobu’s grades. Latouche quickly unravels Ducobu’s secrets to success. Ducobu is instantly hated by the entire class, especially the top pupil in the class. Come the day of the school excursion, an orientation activity was organised. Ducobu and his group get lost in the jungle, but despite his bad academic skills, he proved that he was a real Tarzan, by leading his group to safety, including building a shelter, finding food, and even fighting off a hungry wolf. In the end, Ducobu became a hero, and there was no one more proud than his father. We soon figured that there are many differences between Australian and French schooling, including things like blackboards, dunce hats and getting sent to the corner. It was interesting for the boys, as the movie was spoken in French. Of course, there were English subtitles with which we used to interpret the meaning of the pictures. Most of the boys could pick up a little bit of French in the movie, as there were standard numbers, basic foods, and simple grammar. In conclusion this is a humorous, exciting, and even somewhat romantic movie that is perfect for the whole family. Madame does well setting incentives for the boys to perform well in French classes. Boys, continue to strive for excellence in French, as there will be many more excursions throughout the year! Au revoir.

Harrison Cusack 7W and Fabian Petroni 7W.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2012

Junior School Sporting News JUNIOR SCHOOL SINGLES TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS The Marist Junior Singles Tennis Championships will be held this Sunday 29 April from 8.00am on our tennis courts at the bottom end of the junior school. The conclusion of this event is usually around 12pm – 1pm depending on length of matches. Cost is Free. To enter: Please put your name down at the Junior school office. Entries close Thursday 26 April. The entries are open to all Marist students from grades 5 through to 7 inclusive. This tournament is used a guide to grading players for the CIC tennis in term 3. All players wanting to play in CIC tennis must play this event! The tournament will be a knock-out style format with a plate draw for the first round losers, so everybody is guaranteed of at least two matches! Hope to see you there! Allan Say, Marist Head Tennis Coach. Ph: 0408 766 882 INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENTS Congratulations to Nicholas Sgori who was selected in the Under 10's Pine Rivers Eels Regional Futsal team who competed for 3 days over the Easter weekend. Nick's team actually went through undefeated to claim the title against Greenbank 10 - 3 in the final. It was a great effort by all the boys in the team. Well done!! 7A RUGBY ARMIDALE CARNIVAL Last Friday, April 20, the 7A Rugby team loaded up for a 6 hour trip to Armidale, located in the New England Region of New South Wales. The carnival was run over Saturday and Sunday with a total of 48 schools competing in a total of 5 matches each. Ashgrove was grouped in Division 1, which saw us compete against some of the top schools from across the country. Day 1 Results Game 1 - Ashgrove 0 drew with Padua 0 Game 2 – Ashgrove 36 defeated Brisbane Grammar School 5 Game 3 – Ashgrove 10 defeated Gordon Rugby Club 5 Game 4 – Nudgee College 15 defeated Ashgrove 5 Day 2 Results Game 5 – Ashgrove 5 drew with Toowoomba Prep 5 Out of 48 schools participating Ashgrove finished 7th overall. Congratulations and thank you to all involved. CROSS-COUNTRY This Friday afternoon, April 27, our Cross-Country Team will be travelling to Victoria Park, Gregory Terrace Spring Hill for the first the CIC Cross-Country Invitational meets. The College will operate a bus service for any boys who wish to attend this event. It will depart the College bus shelter at 3.15pm and return at approximately 5.30pm. Any boy who wishes to attend this event and subsequently utilise the bus service must put their name down on the bus list in the Junior School office. Program of events below: Program of Events: 1. Under 9 2. Under 10 3. Under 11 4. Under 12/13

1500m 2000m 2000m 3000m

4:10pm 4:20pm 4:35pm 4:50pm

Luke Caplick - Head of Sport – Junior School

Rugby & Soccer Training Rugby and Soccer training on the Des Connor Flats, finishes at 4.45pm. Any Junior School Student/s still waiting to be collected by their parents after 5.00pm must walk up to the Health Centre and wait with the Nurse on duty until their parents arrive.

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