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07 2010

Marist College Ashgrove Volume 46 Issue No. 7 May 2010

Dates to Remember Thursday, May 13, 2010 • Emerald/Willows Gemfields/Longreach Show • NAPLAN Testing Years 5, 7, 9 • Year 10 Camps #6 and #7 • Year 8 Ridley Camp

College News

Friday, May 14, 2010 • AIC Chess v Padua (Away) • Emerald/Willows Gemfields/Longreach Show • Year 10 Camps #6 and #7 • Year 8 Ridley Camp • XCountry Trial Run Saturday, May 15, 2010 • AIC Rugby/Soccer v Padua (Home) • Emerald/Willows Gemfields/Longreach Show • CIC Rugby/Football v NJC (Away) Sunday, May 16, 2010 • Ascension of the Lord • Battle of the Bands • College Walkathon - 8am (Parking on No. 5 Oval ‘The Flats’) • XCountry QA Meet Monday, May 17, 2010 • Ignatius House Chess Competition • Year 10 Camp #8 • College Foundation Meeting • Year 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews Tuesday, May 18, 2010 • BIS Debating, Public Speaking, Chess • Ignatius House Chess Competition • Year 10 Camp #8 • Year 10 Dancing Lessons • Year 8 to Fleay’s Wildlife Park (2 classes per day) • Boys Issues Committee Meeting - 8am Wednesday, May 19, 2010 • College Assembly • Ignatius House Chess Competition • Red Cross Blood Bank • Year 10 Camp #8 • Year 8 to Fleay’s Wildlife Park (2 classes per day) • Debating (7-9.30pm) • XCountry ‘King of Mountain’ race 6.45am Thursday, May 20, 2010 • Ignatius House Chess Competition • Red Cross Blood Bank • Year 10 Camp #8 • Year 8 to Fleay’s Wildlife Park (2 classes per day) Friday, May 21, 2010 • AIC Chess v Iona (Home) • Ignatius House Chess Competition • Year 10 Camp #8 • Year 8 to Fleay’s Wildlife Park (2 classes per day) • Junior School Assembly (1.45pm) • XCountry Trial at TSS, Southport (1pm-6.30pm)

Saturday, May 22, 2010 • AIC Rugby/Soccer v Iona (Away) • CIC Rugby/Football v SLC (Away) Sunday, May 23, 2010 • Junior School Tennis Doubles Championship • Pentecost Monday, May 24, 2010 • Year 11 Biology Camp • P&F General Meeting Tuesday, May 25, 2010 • Year 10 Dancing Lessons - Final • Year 11 Biology Camp • UNSW Computer Skills Assessment Wednesday, May 26, 2010 • Blue and Gold Concert • College Assembly • Marist Card Day • XCountry ‘King of Mountain’ run (Army Area 6.457.30am) Thursday, May 27, 2010 • Year 11-12 Work Experience • Debating (7-9.30pm) • Mates Free Dress Day • Newsletter Online • PD Committee Meeting Friday, May 28, 2010 • AIC Chess v St Peter’s LC (Away) • Vanuatu Immersion prep - Tugun • XCountry Trial Whites Hill Saturday, May 29, 2010 • AIC Rugby/Soccer v St Peter’s LC (Home) • Vanuatu Immersion prep - Tugun • CIC Rugby/Football v TSS (Home) • GYM Dance - Year 10, 11, 12 Sunday, May 30, 2010 • Vanuatu Immersion prep - Tugun • Red Shied Appeal - Slattery • Trinity Sunday Monday, May 31, 2010 • Year 11 Parent/Teacher Interviews Tuesday, June 1, 2010 • BIS Debating, Public Speaking, Chess • XCountry Met North Trials - St Pauls Thursday, June 3, 2010 • Year 11-12 Work Experience • Winter Concert

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From the Headmaster Dear Members of the Marist College Community, Last Sunday was Mothers Day and as I said in the last Newsletter, I hope all mothers were suitably spoilt! Mothers make the most significant contribution to our lives and it’s important to recognize this. In the Marist world we pray to Mary. Champagnat said, “All to Jesus through Mary. All to Mary for Jesus.” I’d like to share with you two reflections. The first is from a prayer service created by Br. Hank Hammer, FMS dedicated to Mary Our Mother. The second is a “humourous” reflection on some of the wisdom that we receive from our mothers from Bert Christensen’s Truth & Humour Collection. Like Mary of the Annunciation (Luke1:26-38), we are open to the movement of God in our lives, of God for whom nothing is impossible. Despite our doubts, fears and feelings of inadequacy, we accept in faith God’s invitation to participate in the work of spreading the Good News. Like Mary of the Visitation (Luke 1:39-45), we go out from our communion with the Lord full of faith and hope. We go to meet young people in their places of need, offering them our love. Like Mary of the Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55), we praise the Lord for the gift of life. Like Mary of Bethlehem (Luke 2: 1-20), we bring Jesus to birth in the hearts of others. We are ready to do so in the most unlikely and inhospitable of places. Like Mary of Nazareth (Luke 2: 39-52), we nurture, guide and care for the young developing in them a knowledge and love of the God who is active in their lives, and a respect for all God has created. Like her, we accept them as they are even when we don’t fully understand their decisions. Like Mary of Cana (John 2: 1-11), we are sensitive to the needs of others. We invite the young to do whatever Jesus bids. Like Mary of Calvary (John 19: 25-27), we recognize Jesus in the face of the broken and suffering, aching for them with a mother’s heart and believing in them with a mother’s passion. Like Mary of the Cenacle (Acts 1: 12 – 2: 4), we build community around us. May we never lose sight of the contribution of our Mothers. 1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE. “If you’re going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning.” 2. My mother taught me RELIGION. “You better pray that will come out of the carpet.” 3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL. “If you don’t straighten up, I’m going to knock you into the middle of next week!” 4. My mother taught me LOGIC. “Because I said so, that’s why.” 5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC. ‘If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you’re not going to the store with me.” 6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT. “Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you’re in an accident.” 7. My mother taught me IRONY. “Keep crying and I’ll give you something to cry about.” 8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS. “Shut your mouth and eat your supper.” 9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM. “Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!” 10. My mother taught me about STAMINA. “You’ll sit there until all that spinach is gone.” 11. My mother taught me about WEATHER. “This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it.”

Mass & Reconciliation Mass: Wednesday & Friday - 8:10am Reconciliation: Tuesday - 8:10 - 8:40am

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

From the Headmaster Continued... 12. My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY. “If I told you once, I’ve told you a million times. Don’t exaggerate!” 13. My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE. “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.” 14. My mother taught me about BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION. “Stop acting like your father!” 15. My mother taught me about ENVY. “There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don’t have wonderful parents like you do.” 16. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION. “Just wait until we get home.” 17. My mother taught me about RECEIVING. “You are going to get it when you get home!” 18. My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE. “If you don’t stop crossing your eyes, They are going to freeze that way.” 19. My mother taught me ESP. “Put your sweater on; don’t you think I know when you are cold?” 20. My mother taught me HUMOUR. “When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don’t come running to me.” 21. My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT. “If you don’t eat your vegetables, you’ll never grow up.” 22. My mother taught me GENETICS. “You’re just like your father.” 23. My mother taught me about my ROOTS. “Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn?” 24. My mother taught me WISDOM. “When you get to be my age, you’ll understand.” 25. And my favourite: my mother taught me about JUSTICE. “One day you’ll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you!” With Every Good Wish, Yours in Jesus, Mary and St Marcellin, Peter McLoughlin Headmaster

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Headmaster’s Notes Congratulations • Brodie McAllister 12G who was a finalist in the Future Leaders Jazz Award for 2010. This is the second year Brodie was selected as a finalist and the only finalist from Queensland. An outstanding effort! • The boys in Big Band 1 and the Chamber Choir who performed at the Goondiwindi Show on Friday April 30. Many thanks also to the staff who accompanied them, Mr Andrew Butt, Ms Kellee Green and Ms Laura Kavanagh. • All the boarding parents who attended our get togethers in Millmerran and Goondiwindi. Thanks to Mrs Kim Taylor for the organisation and Mr Wayne Hansen who attended. • Ms Julia Palaszczuk who announced her engagement last week. • Joshua Richardson, 12I who has been invited to be a member of the Queensland School Sport Swimming team to participate in the School Sport Australia National Swimming and Diving Championships to be held in Brisbane from 5th June – 11th June 2010. Uniform It has been very pleasing to see boys dressed so well at Sport on Saturdays. Parents, please be aware that boys in the John Eales Grandstand for the First XV game must wear full winter uniform. The same expectation will exist for away games. Walkathon Many thanks to all parents who have supported the Walkathon either volunteering for one of the many jobs for next Sunday or sponsoring their son in his fundraising efforts. Special thanks to Alan and Adele Hamilton for all they have done in preparation for the Walkathon. I hope it is an enjoyable day for everyone. Prayers Please pray for the repose of the soul of: • Clare Palmer, grandmother of Chris Hogarth 12F, uncle of Brock McLachlan 8G and of Old Boy Rob Hogarth(2006). • Dr Len O’Brien who died recently. Len had five boys who attended the College in the 1980’s. Len was a great supporter of the College spending many a Saturday morning as Duty Doctor for the football teams. • Grandfather of Jordan 9G & Aidan 6B Fabris, who passed away a couple of weeks ago. • Brother Gerard Williams passed away peacefully at. 3.15pm on Friday, 30 April. After a long and colourful teaching career across many schools, including Kogarah, Randwick, Canberra and Parramatta, Br Gerard has spent the last 21 years at St Francis Xavier’s at Hamilton. Brother was a great teacher of English, enjoyed exploring new initiatives, and in recent years undertook to record over 20 oral histories of senior brothers. Ivan William Harris It is with sadness that we record the recent death of Ivan Harris, an affiliated member of the Marist Brothers and a member of the College staff during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Ivan joined the Ashgrove staff in 1978 at a time when much material development was mooted for Ashgrove, including a co-educational senior school for which the plans were later shelved. The then Headmaster, Brother Ken Moreland saw the need for a person expert and skilled in building and construction and Ivan was that person, having had extensive experience in a variety of large projects in and around Brisbane. In 1980 the returning Headmaster (after a period of study leave) was Brother Alman Dwyer, who also had big plans for Ashgrove and who found in Ivan a capable and willing collaborator. The new manual arts block was constructed, as were dining and recreation facilities for the large community of Brothers. The largest project of all at this time was the building of the Chapel and RE Centre with its associated rooms and landmark crosstower.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Headmaster’s Notes (Continued...) With his characteristic generosity Alman made Ivan available to The Gap parish, then considering the building of St Peter Chanel’s Church. Ivan supervised every aspect of that project, resulting in the very handsome church known familiarly today to many Ashgrove families. Many years earlier Ashgrove had begun an Art Union, housed within the College grounds, which had by now become quite big. The prize for each draw was typically a house on the Gold Coast and this meant that at any one time, the College needed to have three houses under construction. There were also many associated tasks such as the acquisition of land and the obtaining of the necessary approvals. There was a lot of travel associated with this – trips to the Gold Coast two or three time a week. All of this work was very successfully and generously carried out for the College by Ivan and in some senses this became his main contribution to Ashgrove. Later it was found that the attachment of an Art Union to a school would adversely affect funding, and its proceeds were directed to mission work and to the underprivileged; later still it was closed down. Ivan had a very breezy, positive, cheerful outlook on life and relished his association with the staff and Brothers of Ashgrove. He was indefatigable when it came to work and he could always be relied on for sound practical advice and wisdom on any aspect of maintenance or improvement around the College. He had a cheeky sense of humour and loved being taken for a Marist Brother and referred to as “Brother Ivan”, which happened often enough. In his personal life he was a faithful Catholic and devoted family man, raising seven children. His funeral at St Thomas’ Camp Hill was well attended by family and friends, including past Headmaster Brother Chris Wade and other Ashgrove representatives. We express our sympathy to his widow Mary and will keep him in our prayers. May he rest in peace!

FROM THE COLLEGE FOUNDATION As of this term receipts for donations to the College Foundation will be sent prior to financial year end in June as a summary of contributions. If you require a different approach please contact Wayne Hansen on 38544584 or mobile 0457 826 480. Thank you for your continued support of the Foundation.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Mission and Ministry News PRAYER We turn to you for protection, Mary, the help of Christians. Listen to our prayers and help us in our need. Save us from every danger, And may you bring the blessing of peace and unity To all the peoples of Australia. We make this prayer through Christ, Who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen ANNIVERSARIES Sunday 16th May The Ascension Monday 24th May Mary Help of Christians, Patron of Australia Mary Help of Christians- The first provincial synod of the Church in Australia took place in September 1844. It was a relatively small affair: Archbishop Polding of Sydney and the new bishops of Adelaide and Hobart met with about half the three-dozen pioneer priests in the country. Among their decisions, the church in Australia was placed under the patronage of the Virgin Mary invoked by the title Help of Christians. This was confirmed by the Holy See in 1852. Since then the Catholic people of Australia have acknowledged Mary, Help of Christians as our special protectress. We turn to Mary for the protection that our nation needs, and put ourselves into her care, just as she put herself into the care of God. UPCOMING EVENTS Sunday 16th May Friday 21st May Saturday 22nd May Sunday23rd May Wednesday 26th May Thursday 27th May Sunday 30th May

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Commences- Each Year between the feasts of the Ascension and Pentecost, Christians around Australia come together to pray for the unity of the followers of Christ. World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development “Vivid” A come walk in the light project. Vivid is a dynamic Christian youth event which celebrates our faith with energetic music, inspiring testimonies, prayer and a powerful message of hope for young people aged 16 years and older. Vivid: Pentecost 2010 will feature Archbishop Bathersby’s Pentecost Pastoral Message about “YOUNG PEOPLE AND PRAYER”, as well as music from Project Hatch, Paul Curtis and other local musicians. It will be celebrated on Saturday 22nd May 2010 at St Thomas Moore College, Troughton and Turton Sts, Sunnybank 5.008.30pm Register online at by Wednesday 19th May. Pentecost (Solemnity) National Sorry Day National Reconciliation Week begins Trinity Sunday

MATES PROGRAM Opportunities exist in a range of areas for students, staff and families to take part. Students are welcome to drop into the Campus Ministry Office before or after school, at morning tea or lunch time any day to find out what is available to them and to put their name on a roster. In the senior school Campus Ministry Office parents can contact Br Mark Fordyce on 3858 4589, or email and Mrs Caroline Smith on 3858 4589 or email smithcar@marash.qld. Mrs Mena McLean works from the Junior school and can be contacted on 3858 4551 or . MATES BBQ with the Homeless People Our thanks to the staff, students and families who have generously offered their time to participate in the MATES BBQ in the last few weeks. 21st April Br. Mark(Staff Driver & Leader), Liz Falconer, Alex McGuire, Chris Cullen, Jack Phillips, Eddie Burgen, Joe Hogan, Tom O’Rourke, Darcy Paton, Joe Knyenburg. 28th April Br.Mark (Staff Driver & Leader), Kay Wells, Max Callaghan, Ben Stubbings, George Young, Sam Ledingham, Nick Coughlan, Jack Brown, Sam Morton, Oliver Stack, Mitch Fuller. 5th May Peter Orlicki (Staff Driver) Br. Mark (Staff Leader),Majella Stevens, Ryan Underwood, Thomas Benfield, Miles Darwin, Tom Tobin, Belinda Spratt, Andrea Fernandes, Ash Higgins

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Mission and Ministry News Continued... The MATES BBQ Roster for the next fortnight is: 19th May Richard Ward (Staff Driver & Leader), Catherine Mardon, Kieran Mardon, Harrison Nolan, Bob Nolan, Joseph Hogan, Darcy Paton, Aidan Harris, Henri Thorsen, Tom O’Rourke, William Redmond, Filipe Gama Silva. 26th May Graham Lawson (Staff Driver), Liz Falconer, Kay Wells, Matthew Bugeja, Gabriel Reggi, Hamish Teitzal, Lachlan Thompson, Zan Fairweather, Jo Fairweather, Mark &Angie Fairweather, Luke O’Toole, Lachlan O’Keefe.

The following boys were rostered on over the last few weeks in the various MATES Ministries and we would like to thank them for their generosity and commitment to reaching out to others in our community. Little Kings Movement 28th April- Daniel Setter, Max Richardson, Charlie Harris 5th May-Ryan Humphries, Jack Coren, Charlie Harris, Connor McHugh, Pat Nicholson, Jacob Miley Paddington Day Respite Centre 27th May- Tim Humphries, Jay Braden, James Lancashire, Dan McGahan 6th May-David Chapman, Izaac Ellings, Abraham Sammut, Max Hewett LAMP-Mater Dei School 6th May-James Curtis, Vincent Reggi, Marco Zheng Lamp- St Peter Chanel School 6th May-Matt Alcorn, Jonathon Notting, Angus McArthur, Sam Roff The following boys are rostered on over the next two weeks in the various MATES Ministries. Little Kings Movement 19th May-Tristian Yamashita, Kyle Schuh, Jerome Pang, Lance Backo, Caleb Collins, Tim Humphries. 26th May-Josh Gault, Jo Hennessy, Thomas Piovesan, Ben Hayter, Aaron Goh, BJ Connolly. Paddington Day Respite Centre 18th May25th May-Will Burke, Lachlan Ramsey-Kneen, Alistaire Emmott Lamp- Mater Dei School 20th May-Joe Coughlan, Tony Guam, Charlie Power, Connor O’Shea 27th May-Matthew Trubshaw, Kieran Moon, Joe Kneipp, Darcy Gannon Lamp- St Peter Chanel School 20th May-Rory Van Den Brink, Gianmarco Gellini, Dominic Hanrahan, Connor O’Sullivan 27th May-Tom Workman, Tom Bellew, Alex Bannah, Sam Barker.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Mission and Ministry News Continued...

The Little Kings

Paddington Respite

St Vincent De Paul Conference The 2010 SVDP Executive were introduced to the rest of the college community and presented with their Social Justice Diaries for the year at the Mothers Day assembly held on Wednesday 5th May. The college Mission and Ministry Team would like to congratulate again, the following boys on their leadership positions: President- Laurent Du Bois; Vice President-Scott McCarthy; Secretary-Ryan Donnelly; Publicity- Alexander Grace & Dane Williams; Committee- Ben Andrews, Myles Gorman and Richard Ta. RONALD McDonald HOUSE: During the Mothers Day assembly the following students and staff were presented with certificates of appreciation for their efforts in cooking and providing afternoon tea for the residents at Ronald McDonald House at RBWH: Tom O’Rourke, Alexander Grace, Stephen Mellor, Ben Andrews, Kieran Dee, Laurent Du Bois, Lachlan Sforcina, Jack Brown, Patrick Smith, Dan Burns, BJ Connolly, Myles Gorman, Jordan Nelson, Thomas McLean., Jennifer Elvery, Luke McMahon and Br. Mark Fordyce.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Mission and Ministry News Continued... Mothers Day Assembly and Mother /Son Mass The students gathered together for our first assembly for the month of May with the focus being on Mother’s. As we enter the month of May it is important to remember our Mother’s especially Mary, Our Lord’s mother. During the assembly we were fortunate to be represented by five college families; Mrs Therese Eddy, James, Nicholas and Luke; Mrs Claire Smith and sons, Dominic, Xavier, Patrick and Gabriel; Mrs Carmel Reggi and sons, Gabriel, Vincent and Nicholas (Vincent was on an excursion); Mrs Catherine Geraghty and sons: Samuel, Michael and Matthew; The Neumann family Mrs Leanne O’Shea and sons, Mitchell, Max and Jack. These families actively participated in the Blessing and ritual of the three school icons (Icon of St. Marcellin and Icons of Mary) that have been placed in the foyer of our school administration building this year. These icons mirror the tradition, the faith, and the foundation of Marist College. The gift of family was at the heart of Marcellin’s dream and mission and family is at the heart of our Marist tradition. A son of each family honoured his mother with a few words during the assembly and this allowed us as a College Community to praise and thank Jesus for Mary our “Our Good Mother” and for all our mothers and grandmothers connected to every family who make up the extended College Community. Thursday evening we had the annual Mother/Son Mass it was well attended. We are grateful to all Mothers and sons who attended the Mass, Father Jim, the services staff and the wonderful helpers who helped make the celebration so special. YEAR 8 CAMPS-FOLEY AND RUSH THE YEAR 8 FOLEY CAMP-The Students gain many essential life skills on these camps including the preparation and cooking of their three daily meals. Team work, communication and having fun is also very much a part of the experience at camp for our year 8 students.

Yr 8 Rush Camp-Students preparing Thursday night’s dinner a pasta carbonara.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Mission and Ministry News Continued...

Br Mark leads the yr 8 Foley students in prayer on the last night of their camp.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Mission and Ministry News Continued...

The Thursday morning BBQ is a weekly activity for the SVDP Conference Social Justice Youth Forum-Friday 28th May The Campus Ministry office would like to invite expressions of interest from students in Yrs 11 and 12 who would like to attend a Social Justice Youth Forum which is being held on Friday 28th May at the ACU Campus at Banyo. We have the opportunity to take twelve Yr 10 or Yr 11 students to attend the forum. This forum is an opportunity for students to exchange ideas, engage with other students and explore issues of social justice and social responsibility. The forum will also provide the students an opportunity to actively participate in a range of lectures and workshops. The keynote address will be delivered by Therese Rein, business woman, psychologist and wife of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. If you are interested and would like to attend on this day please see one of the Campus Ministers; Br Mark Fordyce or Caroline Smith in the Campus Ministry office. MARIST SOLIDARITY IMMERSION PROGRAM 2010 Last week interviews took place for those Year 11 students who applied to be part of the Immersion programme for this year. Marist College will send four immersion groups in 2010 to Santa Teresa - Alice Springs, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Cambodia. Thirty six students have applied for twenty seven places. Mr Tim Kenny, Mrs Caroline Smith and Br Mark interviewed each of the students. It was a privilege to listen to the students talk about themselves, their desire to help others and how proud they were of the College itself. Those boys selected will meet this week. Details and early planning will begin in the next fortnight. A letter will be sent home with the boys this week outlining important dates and Information about each particular Immersion experience. Thank you to the parents who have been very supportive in wanting their sons to become more involved in the MATES Program at Marist. While there will be disappointment for the unsuccessful applicants they should be congratulated on having the courage to offer themselves and hopefully they have gained experience from applying and being interviewed for such a programme.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Years 10, 11 and 12 2011 Champagnat Trust Boarding Bursaries The Champagnat Trust has been established to provide assistance to persons in necessitous circumstances selected on the basis of financial need. The Trust takes its name from the Founder of the Marist Brothers, St. Marcellin Champagnat. These bursaries are intended for our existing students and new students intending to enter the College in Years 10, 11 and 12. The closing date for applications will be Wednesday 30 June 2010. These Academic Boarding Scholarships and Champagnat Trust Boarding Bursaries • are generally intended for students who live in rural, regional or remote communities who would otherwise not be able to access a Marist education. [Applicants must be Australian citizens]. • cover half tuition, half boarding and half compulsory fees. The remaining half tuition, half boarding and half compulsory fees and miscellaneous costs are the responsibility of the parent/s; Applicants must be prepared to board at the College for the period of their scholarship or bursary. If at any time the student requests a change to day status the scholarship/bursary will be withdrawn and full day-student fees will then apply.

Uniform shop & CLOTHING POOL

If you wish to seek further information on these scholarships and bursaries, please contact Mrs Kim Taylor [College Registrar] by email: or phone 07 3858 4507

BLAZERS – PLEASE NOTE We are still waiting for second order of blazers to arrive. Hopefully they won’t be too far off. I will let Richard Ward know when the stock arrives and he will notify the boys. Sorry for the inconvenience. Vicki Ellingsen Uniform Shop Hours: • Mondays closed • Tuesday and Friday - 12.30pm - 2.30pm • Wednesday and Thursday 12.30pm - 4.00pm

Clothing Pool Hours: Wednesday 8:00am - 9:30am & 3pm - 4:30pm. Cash or cheque only for clothing pool. CLOTHING POOL All clothing submitted for sale must be washed and ironed. Blazers must be dry-cleaned and mended.

The Uniform Shop has Eftpos and Credit Card facilities (Visa / Mastercard). Parents can take advantage of this service by phoning through their card details allowing their sons to come down at lunchtime and pick up any uniform requirements. Please note that uniforms will not be issued until card details have been received and transactions approved.

Wednesday 26 May, 2010 9.30am - 2.00pm

The next Marist Card Day will be held on Wednesday 26 May 2010. Time: 9.30am-2pm Venue: Cyprian Pavilion Marist College Ashgrove. Parking: Near the main oval and in Moola Road. Cost: $15.00 pp tables of 4-6 Come along and enjoy the Marist hospitality. Admission includes a home baked morning tea, lunch & lucky door prizes. Cash bar operates and raffle prizes on offer. All welcome, however bookings are essential – please phone Lisa on 3366 9020 or 0400 729 643 to book your table. Card Day is a not-for-profit community initiative of the Marist College Ashgrove P & F Association.

Marist Card Day 26 May

• Marist Card Day •

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

The 2010 Marist College Ashgrove Foundation Community Directory A copy of the printed directory is available for all families. The Directory is a very handy booklet and College families find it very useful. As in previous years the Directory will contain contact details for families, handy College and sport information and will incorporate the College’s Business Directory. To access our online Business Directory please go to http://   Extra

copies are available from the Finance Office for $10.

Queensland Junior Physics Olympiad JPhO 2010 - The Queensland Junior Physics Olympiad

(JPhO) is a five day (non-residential) program for Year Ten and outstanding Year Nine students with an interest in science and mathematics. By presenting physics in a manner that complements senior physics, JPhO aims to develop problem solving skills as well as appreciation and understanding of physics.   Who: There are 40 places available for Year Ten and outstanding Year Nine students interested in science and mathematics, selecting the most enthusiastic students from schools from across Queensland and northern New South Wales. When: Monday June 28 - Friday July 2, 2010. Where: St Lucia Campus, University of Queensland. Cost: $210.00 (including GST). Applications: Applications are due Monday May 21, 2010. Further information and application forms are available from You can ask Ms Stevens ( if you would like to discuss this opportunity before applying.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Celebrate 70 years of Marist spirit at the

2010 BLUE &GOLD BALL 7.00pm Saturday 7 August 2010 Champagnat Centre Black tie or bow tie Featuring Brisbane’s best party band Hot Sauce

Marist tables selling fast No surprises that once again tables to the Blue & Gold Ball are selling fast! Book now so you don’t miss out on what has become Marist’s social event of the year. Marist families and friends have embraced the Ball over the past two years and helped raise more than $100,000 towards the cost of the Br Alexis Turton Science Centre. The final planning stage for the Science Centre is coming to a close with full design documents due for completion within two weeks. At this stage construction is expected to start mid July. An almost continuous building program over the past 30 years has seen Marist grow from an enrolment of 70 students in 1940 to 1500 boys in 2010. In the words of one supporter, the new Science Centre is an opportunity for the current generation of parents to make a lasting contribution to the College’s rich history. Without the foresight of previous Marist families, our College would certainly not be what it is today. So, book your table, consider taking out sponsorship (we really need it) and above all make sure you come along to the Ball and have a wonderful night. Your $125 ticket includes a 3-course meal, drinks (premium beer, wine and champagne), raffle tickets and a band guaranteed to get you on the dance floor, so it’s an absolute bargain. To discuss sponsorship or raffle and auction donations, please contact Joanne Collins on 3366 0871. If you are a saint and would like to help out on the bar on the night (only bar service, no table service), Donna & Chris O’Toole would love to hear from you. Call Donna on 0413 336 556 or email

$125 per person or $1250 for tables of 10 Payment required to reserve table. See Marist website for booking sheet

College Ashgrove

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Free seminars to address bullying The State Government has announced a series of free seminars for parents on bullying, cyber bullying and youth violence. Leading child expert and psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg will host the Education Series Action Against Bullying seminars in ten locations across Queensland between May and August. Parents are encouraged to attend the forums to hear from an expert and to assist them in combating the complex issue of harassment and bullying. Seminars will be held in Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns and Mt Isa. Venues, dates and information on how to register for the Education Series will be available shortly on held The Education Series will be in ten locations across Queensland. At each location there will studentservices. be a breakfast for school leaders, a half day workshop for school staff (teachers, teacher aides,

guidance officers, behaviour management staff) and an evening session for parents. Dr Carr-

The seminars are an initiative of the Queensland Government with Gregg will be in these locations over the following dates. the support of the Queensland Schools Alliance Against Violence (QSAVV).

Latest News Location Breakfast Schoolacross staff session Parent evening The Education Series Leaders’ will be held in ten locations Queensland. At each location there will

be a breakfast for school leaders, a half day workshop for school staff (teachers, teacher aides, guidance officers, behaviour management staff) and an evening session for parents. Dr CarrGregg will for be Education in these 4locations thethe following dates. Cairns MayTraining, 2010overwith 4 May 2010 May 2010 The Minister and support of the Queensland4Schools Alliance Against Violence Action Against Bullying – Education Series presented by Dr –Michael 7.00am – 9.00am 12.00pm 4.00pmCarr-Gregg 6.30pm – 8.30pm

(QSAAV) is proud to announce the Action Against Bullying – Education Series presented by leading psychologist Dr Townsville 6 May 2010 5 May 2010 5 May 2010 Michael Carr-Gregg.

Mackay Location

19 July 2010 Leaders’ Breakfast

19 July 2010 School staff session

19 July evening 2010 Parent


5 August– 2010 7.00am 9.00am

5 August – 2010 12.00pm 4.00pm

4 August– 2010 6.30pm 8.30pm

Brisbane Cairns North

6 2010 4 August May 2010

6 2010 4 August May 2010

5 2010 4 August May 2010

Brisbane TownsvilleSouth

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Sony Foundation Marist Children’s Holiday Camp Mount IsaNorth 24August August2010 2010 23August August2010 2010 Brisbane 6 6

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Planning is now under way for the eighth Sony Foundation Marist Children’s Holiday Camp. This means 25August August 2010with children 25 August 2010 24August August2010 2010 Brisbane Southapplications 9 2010 9 August 2010 9 thatRockhampton we are inviting from families who would benefit from participation. The camp provides four days of care, friendship and entertainment for children with disabilities. It also Sunshine Coast 19 August 2010 19 August 2010 18 August 2010 provides families of these children with some respite as senior students volunteer to take on the role of companions. The camp offers facilities, twenty-four hour medical staff and care of the highest standard. DueGold to the demand for places,20 children can the camp onlyEducation once. Coast August 2010 20 the August 2010 Series 19 2010 Venues and information on how toattend register for willAugust be distributed

your local school and available on this website shortly. As we are supported by the Sony Foundation in this camp there will be no cost to parents. Mount Isa

24 August 2010

23 August 2010


23 August 2010

The Rockhampton camp is held at Marist College Ashgrove from 17 to 25 20 August September, are August hoping to include children from both city 25 August 2010 2010 2010. We 24 2010 and country areas. If you know of children and their families who may be interested in further information about the camp, please contact: Luke McMahon, Ph No. 3858 4581, Application/Information Forms are available by ringing 3858 4582. APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2010 CAMP CLOSE ON Venues and information on how to register for the Education Series will be distributed through FRIDAY 11 JUNE 2010.

your local school and available on this website shortly.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

From the Deputy Head of School (Pastoral) Dear Parents Many thanks to everybody who continues to support the large number of activities which happen at the College on a weekly basis. I am always overwhelmed by the level of support that we receive whenever we send out a plea for assistance. This has been particularly evident in recent times with: • • • •

Working at the sports canteens on Saturdays; Supervising the dances; Helping in the tuckshop; and Supporting the Walkathon.

At the recent Year 8 Dance I had offers of help from more than 40 parents who were prepared to give up their Saturday night to stand around in the Cyprian Pavilion amidst the cacophony and haze from the smoke machine. Those in the ‘cloak room’ were run off their feet all night. This was a fabulous response and I was extremely grateful. Although both the Year 8 and Year 9 Dances this year have been great successes, with the behaviour of the boys and girls being generally excellent, we are suffering from an excess in popularity so that the venue is almost bursting at the seams. We will probably have to relocate these to the Champagnat Centre in 2011. And, just a few reminders: 1. The boys have now changed to their winter uniform and I would like to thank all parents for the effort that they clearly make to ensure that their son is well-presented when he leaves for school each morning. • Year 11-12 dayboys have been told that they are to wear their blazer to and from school each day and all 11-12 boys wear their blazer to Assembly. I hear that the shipment of new blazers for some Year 11s will be arriving at the Clothing Shop in the next couple of weeks. • Long trousers are mandatory for boys in the senior school. • All boys need to be able to do up the top button of their shirt so that the tie is done up properly. • Boys must wear College grey jumper (and/or blazer) to school. Other track suit tops, sports gear, senior jerseys and so on are not permitted. • Boys coming to support our teams on Saturdays must wear winter uniform. 2. There has been an increase in the number of dayboys wanting to bring skateboards to school. This raises safety issues for us and so all boys have been advised to leave skateboards at home. 3. Those senior boys who drive cars to school should be aware that there is no parking on the school grounds for students. Any boy who drives needs to complete a “Car Contract” which is available from Student Administration. Parents have an opportunity in this process to dictate which students, if any, may be transported in that car. Boarders are never to be driven by other students. The next dance is the Gym Dance for Year 10-12 on Saturday 29th May from 7pm to 10.30pm. Any parent who is available for supervision should email me with details of available times. Best wishes Richard Ward DEPUTY HEAD OF SCHOOL – PASTORAL MARIST COLLEGE ASHGROVE ph 3858 4535 fax 3858 4695

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

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Donate Blood! Blood!

Wed-Thurs 19th – 20th (Day 4 & 5) May 2010 Term 2 Week 5

Email for appointment time :

Tournament of Minds is an opportunity for students with a passion for learning and problem solving to demonstrate their skills and talents in an exciting, vibrant, and public way. TOM is a fantastic opportunity for students in Years 8, 9 and 10 to tap into their talents and strengths to develop a solution to a complex challenge. The program runs intensively for six weeks in Term 3 beginning on Monday 19th July and culminating in the presentations at the Regional Final on Saturday 28th August. Team work, artistic ability, management skills, creativity and ingenuity are the skills that different members bring to their group. Every student must be able to commit to working as part of a team and want to have fun and be challenged.

Ours Lady's Everton park youth mass Come Celebrate Our Lady’s Everton Park 50th Anniverary with a Youth Mass, BBQ & Disco

We are entering four teams in the program again this year, one in each category – Language/Literature, Social Sciences, Applied Technology and Maths/Engineering. Each team will have a mix of students from each of the three year groups and will be guided by a Year 11 student as well as a member of the College staff.

Friday the 14th of May at

Any student in Year 8, 9 or 10 who is interested in being involved in this fantastic opportunity should see me as soon as possible, or email me on Training begins this term so you will need to sign up quickly.


Ms Majella Stevens Co-Ordinator.

5.30 14 Halle Street Everton

Contact Elaine Granahan on 3353 4661

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

From the Deputy Head of School - Teaching and Learning UMAT 2010 Year 12 students interested in sitting the UMAT 2010 Test ((Undergraduate Medicine & Health Sciences Test) on Wednesday, 28 July 2010 can collect an Information Booklet & Practice Questions from Mrs Keetels’ office. This test assists with the selection of students into medicine, dentistry & health science degree programs at undergraduate level at universities. All registrations are online. Registrations close Friday, 4 June 2010. For more info visit http://umat.acer. SPECIAL PROVISION FOR QCST 2010 The Information Package and Application Form for students wishing to apply for Special Provision in the Queensland Core Skills Test has arrived. Copies of documents may be collected from Mrs Zande in the Studies Office and a register of names will be taken. Please note that your application for Special Provision in QCST must be accompanied by documents from professionals. Applications must reach the Qld Studies Authority by Friday, 21 May 2010. If you intend to apply, please collect the documents and start preparing your application now. 2010 Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test: Approved Calculators The calculator to be used by students is to be hand-held, solar or battery operated, noiseless and not attached to a printer. The calculator should be able to perform basic functions – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots and powers. Graphing calculators (without computer algebra system (CAS) functionality) may be used. Mobile phones are not permitted, students will not be able to use the calculator functions of a mobile phone during the test. No form of personal computer is permitted. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Any parents who could spare half a day, one day or two days to help voluntarily supervise the Queensland Core Skills Test in The Champagnat Centre on Tuesday, 31 August 2010 and Wednesday, 1 September 2010 please give your name to Marg Keetels by phoning 3858 4515 or email at Session times are 8:30am – 11:30am & 12:15pm – 2:30pm on both days. Lunch will be provided. QUT – Creative Industries For those Year 12 students interested in applying to courses in the Creative Industries faculty at QUT the application closing dates for 2011 intakes are: 27 August 2010 15 October 2010

Music 13 September 2010 Dance Acting, Fashion, Sound Design, Technical Production and Visual Arts

Please be aware that you must apply both to QTAC and QUT for these courses. For more information please go to www. and click on Undergraduate Additional Entry Requirements or phone 3138 8114. NATIONAL MATHEMATICS DAY The College will celebrate National Mathematics Day on Friday 21 May. The day will offer many different experiences for our Maths students. Any parents or the College Community who would like to contribute to ideas or activities to celebrate National Mathematics Days are invited to email Jacqui Klowss on GLOBAL YOUNG LEADERS CONFERENCE Congratulations to Nicholas Rigby (12D) and James Rigby (11D) on their selection to attend the Global Young Leaders Conference in the USA later this year! This is an outstanding achievement. YOUNG SCHOLARS’ PROGRAM Designed to nurture and develop exceptional Year 11 students while they are still in high school, the program is a unique opportunity for extension and enrichment, without compromising a student’s ability to focus on his/her senior studies. UQ Young Scholars will have an opportunity to discover, learn and engage with like-minded students from throughout Queensland, as well as the University’s academic community. The UQ Young Scholars Program draws on the type of programs that a number of leading international universities have in place to ensure that very able high school students are developed and supported during their transition to university. Congratulations to Joseph Christiansen, Nick Rigby and Nathan Hearn (Year 12) who are undertaking this program at the University of Queensland in 2010.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

From the Head of VET and Careers APPRENTICESHIPS ENERGEX is about to commence recruitment for Apprenticeships!!!! We have found in the past many students are unaware of apprenticeships offered within our industry. As such our aim is to increase awareness by communicating with schools and in particular students interested in the electrical industry. We believe this will assist students with understanding what is involved in undertaking an apprenticeship and the opportunities that can arise from this career path. We have two intakes per year in January and July. The January intake is predominantly for the Electrical Fitter Mechanic trade and the July intake is for Electrical Linesperson. NOTE: Advertising will commence in the Courier Mail, Seek and Energex Website on the 15th May 2010. We are inviting applications for the Electrical Fitter Mechanic Apprenticeships - applicants need to apply online via the ENERGEX website Applicants must be 17 years of age or older at the time of commencement. If successful applicants will commence in the apprenticeship in January 2011. The recruitment is a 6 month process due to the number of applicants involved. For further information, we have attached a link to our brochure and would recommend logging onto our website http:// Energex website is au/careers Tom Hogarth Senior 2009

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

From the Archives... Hello to you all again. We left Ashgrove in the Directorship of Brother Cyprian Dowd after discussing the permanent alteration he made to the College’s culture – the substitution of Rugby Union for Rugby League as the main winter sport (and therefore THE main sport.) Yet it was not only in sport that Cyprian would leave his mark. He was also concerned that as many boys as possible should be given the opportunity for leadership roles, so that natural talents that should be developed would be developed. The sphere to achieve this was somewhat limited: there was no school prefect or school Captain system as yet; each class had a leader elected by his peers; a prize was given out on Speech Night to the outstanding Senior student of the year; in sport, captains of teams were appointed. For Cyprian, these opportunities were not enough and did not encourage the quantity of leadership experience he envisaged as healthy and desirable. Cyprian’s solution was to establish the Ashgrove Army Cadet Corps in 1949. He of course knew that the greatest war in mankind’s history was not long past, and that admiration for the deeds of Australia’s servicemen in that conflict was a part of the heritage of his students: when the boys received the chance to dress in their uniforms and “play soldiers” they would see themselves as sharing in an important part of our national history. The Cadet Corps would be popular; of that Cyprian rightly had no doubts. For him, though, the important part of creating the unit was the potential for leadership of boys by boys: the chain of command upwards from privates, through lance-corporals, corporals, sergeants, and officers would ensure many orders would be given, and those giving them would have plenty of chances to experience the advantages and pitfalls of leadership. Cyprian further hoped that it was one more area where those boys who didn’t shine in any other field would reveal unexpected talents….and so, in many cases, it proved. In that first year of 1949, the fledgling Cadet unit took part in a torchlight procession at the Exhibition Ground, participated in an All Schools Parade at Victoria Park, and had a week-long camp at Wacol, at which they “spent two days on the rifle range disposing of a few thousand bullets”, with the Mortar Platoon in Boy Heaven as they sent shells whistling “a thousand yards down the range.” The ability to make loud noises was undoubtedly thrilling to the cadets, but as Mark Farrelly remarks, the Brothers found in the enthusiasm for the new unit what Cyprian had hoped for: “boys were guiding boys in worthwhile activities and leaders were maturing before their eyes.” The Cadet Corps would remain a mainstay of Ashgrove life and culture until 1975, when government authorities announced the abrupt termination of the Cadet system. Brother Alexis Turton sadly remarked in his annual report in the Blue and Gold of 1975: “Schools will be hard put to replace this activity, which did so much for the development of leadership, teamwork, skills and self discipline.” The fact that Ashgrove enjoyed such benefits for so long was a tribute to Cyprian’s wisdom and foresight. Still on matters military, Cyprian set his heart on the construction of a monument that would honour Old Boys of the College who had served during the Second World War. He hit on the idea of the Memorial Gates on the Flats, with the names of the Old Boys recorded there so that students going to school every day would walk past them and be reminded of their service. The gates were opened ceremonially in 1950, and Cyprian must have been a proud man as the Ashgrove Cadet Corps swung past the dignitaries in fine style. Ever humble, though, he confined himself to remarking in his Principal’s report in the 1950 Blue and Gold “…voluntary labour was used…and it is wonderful how much can be done by a few, directed by a man who knows his work.” The “man” he referred to was the professional who built the Gates, but it could have been himself, with the whole College as his work…… Cyprian in so many other ways aimed at making the College the best possible place for students. Music under the redoubtable Kitty Gilroy was always encouraged, and the first Parents and Friends’ Association was founded under Cyprian to raise funds for College use. (In his 1949 Blue and Gold report, Cyprian remarked: “It is not enough now to pay school fees; all parents and friends must show an active and personal interest in the school’s activities.”) Cyprian also encouraged daily attendance at the Chapel, on the principle that religion wasn’t separate from College life – it was the core on which that life and culture was based. Did EVERYTHING Cyprian touched turn to gold? No, of course it didn’t, and he was never afraid to admit failure. Memorably, he stated in his 1949 summary of the year that an attempt to sink a well because of the high cost of Brisbane water was unsuccessful : “My faith in water diviners is gone, so is 160 pounds.” That might have been unsuccessful, but failure to Cyprian was not a fatal occurrence, it was all part of The Struggle. “It is,” he told parents and students at Speech Night in 1950, “the ordinary things of life that build up character…hum-drum constant daily work…eventually brings success, forms a stable character, and eventually a good citizen, and if this daily routine is sanctified by religion a Christian gentleman is formed.” It was a simple philosophy, and he based his life and work on it. How well he succeeded, and many Ashgrove students owed so much to his determination and tenacity. Cyprian would leave Ashgrove to become Director of Rosalie in 1953, but would return as a teaching Brother from 1963 until a “retirement” which saw him constantly working on the school ovals and gardens. He died on 12th November, 1974, aged 77. A measure of the esteem in which he was, and is, held lies in the Cyprian Pavilion, the functions room which overlooks the main sporting oval: in the College’s history he is a modest giant. And here again we must pause…..until next time, From the Archives, Until next time, From The Archives, Dave Cameron: 38584591 or

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Music News The Music Department has been busy over the last few weeks with Chamber Choir and Big Band 1 travelling to Goondiwindi for the annual Show, the Junior Strings Day, the Choir performing at the Mother and Son Mass, the Guitar and Percussion Concert and students busily preparing for the annual “Battle of Bands”. In the next few weeks we have the Queensland Music Awards, The Blue & Gold Concert, Winter Concert and the Monday Experimental Theatre Spotlight Lunchtime Concerts. These concerts will feature a wide variety of genres and performances by music students and staff. Blue & Gold Concert Thursday 26th May, 7:00 PM – Draney Theatre All members of the College Community are invited to the biennial Blue and Gold Concert. This event will be the Music Department’s premier event for 2010 and will feature the very best of Ashgrove’s Music Program. The concert will feature both Classical and Jazz genres and will involve current students performing in tandem with old boys and parents, some of which are current members of the Queensland Orchestra. The Concert will feature “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin and also works by John Rutter and Ralph Towner. Tickets will be $10 per head and limited to 300. For bookings please email the Music Department on: <> Parents are reminded that tickets are selling fast. Please book now to avoid disappointment. If you have sent an email to order tickets you will receive a response in 24 – 48 hours, if you have not received a response please phone 3858 4668. Queensland Music Awards Congratulations to Marist Voices who have made it through to the final of their section in the Queensland Music Awards. The boys will be performing again on Thursday 27th May. The Chamber Choir will also be performing on Monday 17th of May with the boys to arrive at 6.00 PM. A note with full details was given out to the boys in rehearsals. Music & Sports Photography Parents are reminded that they can View and purchase professional photos from various Music concerts from Andrew Tallon Photography. Check the College website for details. BLUE & GOLD (Wednesday 26th May) CONCERT MUSICIANS - SOPRANOS WANTED!! As most people would be aware the Blue & Gold Concert is coming up this term. This concert involves the College’s top Choral and Instrumental ensembles, performing with members of the College’s wider community including Old Boys, sisters, parents, teachers and anybody who has an association with the College. We are trying to have as many people performing as we can and are especially looking for upper voices for the massed choir. If you are interested can you please contact the Music Department so we can then send you more detailed information and music. Please email the Music Department to register your interest. Tertiary preparation workshop Suited for Years 10, 11, 12 and mature-age students, the Tertiary preparation workshop is designed to better prepare applicants for the theoretical and practical aspects of the Tertiary music institution audition process. This five-day intensive workshop provides a unique opportunity for students to work within a tertiary environment, with access to staff and the state-of-the-art facilities at the South Bank campus. Course topics and workshops • General music comprehension and listening techniques • Theory in practice • Developing aural skills • Introductions to QCGU departments, programs and administrative procedures • Performance practice with QCGU teaching staff • Choral music experience • Techniques for managing performance anxiety • After completion of the course, participants should be able to: • Define structures in music from musical, cultural and historical perspectives. • Display accurate aural perception of the elements of music through vocal and instrumental performance. • Use advanced skills in the audition and analysis of selected musical examples. • Show an advanced understanding of musical notation through the manipulation of musical elements. When: 28 June - 2 July 2010 Where: Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University Registration: Due by Friday 28 May 2010 Workshop Cost: $485.00

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Music News Continued... Young Composers Competition Each year ASME Qld conducts a competition in honour of student composition throughout Queensland. Students from primary school through to tertiary institutions can enter the competition. Each composition is critiqued by an experienced professional composer and all entrants receive written feedback from the judge. YCC 2010 Entries will open soon for the 2010 ASME Qld Young Composers Competition. Sections for 2010: Primary Junior Secondary (Yrs 8 - 10) Senior Secondary (Yrs 11 & 12) Open (aged 25 years and under) The Matthew Sorensen Memorial Prize is awarded to the winner of the Senior Secondary section. Also, one Young Composer will be selected to attend the 2011 18th ASME National Conference on the Gold Coast. Entries close 10th September 2010. The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday 17th October at 4MBS Studios, 384 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo starting at 9am. The entry conditions, time requirements and details of the prizes for each section can be found by downloading the Entry Form. If you require any further information about the competition please email the conveynor Mr Tim Stoll on

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Junior School News Junior School news Dear Parents, Boys and Staff, Today is Mothers’ Day in Australia and in many other countries around the world. It’s on this special day that we think of our mothers, living and dead, and the effect and influence they have had on our lives. I am sure many of our families celebrated this special day in the company of mothers and grandmothers and other family members. Many say that the relationship between a mother and her son/s is most important. On Friday, while I was outside watching our boys at play, a few thoughts went through my mind one being that our boys are so fortunate, and we rejoice in that. It’s so important, however, that they are thankful and grateful for what they have. Gratefulness is a virtue today that is often forgotten, most probably, because life is so fast and we don’t have the time to stop for an instant to say ‘thank you.’ The relationship between a mother and her son should foster the feminine attributes that are so important for men to nurture. We all wish our boys to grow into ‘balanced and integrated’ men, men who will show love, men who will be free to show affection and warmth, acceptance of difference, free to show deep emotion and, above all, a deep gratitude for what they experience and the gift of being alive. So often, over the years, I have stated that the Spirituality of the Marist Brothers, and, therefore, the Spirituality of Marist College Ashgrove, has just the right ingredients to assist our boys to grow into fully integrated men and human beings. This is a great gift to each one of us and we have received it through the Founder, Marcellin Champagnat and the Brothers. Marcellin Champagnat made a decision, when founding the Brothers is 1817, to give them the name “The Little Brothers of Mary.” Through this name, which is now being used more and more, Marcellin focussed the Spirituality on the mother of Jesus – Mary. The woman Mary is the centre of Marist Spirituality, as Champagnat found in Mary the perfect example of how to follow Jesus. Mary brings with her the beautiful Marial attributes we try to inculcate each and every day in the Junior School. I conclude this short Reflection with a quote from Brother Peter Carroll, Headmaster at Trinity Catholic College in Lismore, who wrote these words in his editorial: “Michelangelo’s Pieta is a beautiful testimony to motherly love. The weeping Mary holds the lifeless body of Jesus in her arms. He has been taken from his cross and is about to be laid in his tomb. The tragedy is clear, as is the compassion and depth of feeling. Not only is the sculpture artistically perfect, but it represents, so exactly, the love of Mary for her son and in a more archetypal way, the love of all mothers for their children, touched, as they so often are, by pain and suffering.”

The College Walkathon: Sunday 16 May, 2010 – A few reminders! Here are a few gentle reminders concerning the College Walkathon: (1) All parking is on The Flats. (2) Junior School boys are to meet in the Junior School, by 7.15am.There will be staff on duty to register the boys. The boys are required to go to the tables which have their Year Group displayed. The Junior School boys will begin their walking at 7.45am, on the road that leads down to the bus shelters. (3) The boys are forbidden to pick up any loose object while they are walking through the Army Base. (4) Families are free to leave as soon as their son/s have completed the Walkathon.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Junior School News

(5) If any further information is needed, or you are unable to attend, please email Philip Oostenbroek on: (6) The boys are required to walk in closed shoes and should have a hat and water bottle.

Queensland youth Music Awards! We received some very exciting news last week! Marist Voices have made it through to the finals of the Queensland Youth Music Awards, which will be held on Thursday 27 May, 2010. What makes this news so exciting is that this is the very first time that the Marist Voices have participated in this competition. Congratulations to all the boys in Marist Voices and Mrs Laura Kavanagh, their choir teacher.

Brisbane Independent Schools (BIS) Competition on Tuesday 4 May. The first round of the BIS Competition was held at St Laurence’s College and, once again, our boys did very well indeed. These are the results: Debating: The topic was: “That homework should be abolished.” Team 1: Affirmative and won their debate. Speaker of the night was Izaac Ellings (Year 7 Blue) Team 2: Negative and won their debate. Speaker of the night was Henry Crimmins. (Year 7 Green) Thank you to Mrs Lemon and Mr McKeown who coached the two Debating teams. Public Speaking: All the boys did very well indeed and the two Speakers of the Night were: Gianluca Anzalone (Year 6 Red) and Patrick Lewis (Year 6 Blue) Thank you to Mrs Carson who coached the Public Speakers. Chess: Thank you to the boys who represented the College in Chess. Our boys all played very well.

Important dates to remember from Thursday 13 May to Thursday 27 May: Tuesday 18 May: BIS at Anglican Church Grammar School, beginning at 7.00pm. The boys representing the College in Chess will be: Tavish Healy; Henry Smith; Michael Fairbairn; Bailey Ainsworth; Andrew Mather; Liam Hegarty; David Lake; Harrison Bowles; Adrian Mifsud and Seamus Treston.

Thursday 20 May: Junior School Assembly in the Draney Theatre at 1.45pm. Parents are most welcome to attend. PleASe noTe ThIS ChAnge oF DATe.

Friday 21 May: This will be a free dress day for the Junior School only. Boys are requested to have something PINK on their clothes, or wear PINK as we are having a gold coin collection for Breast Cancer.

Monday 24 May: General Meeting for the Parents and Friends’ Association, at 7.00pm, in the Brother Cyprian Pavilion. Parents are welcome to attend.

Wednesday 26 May: Blue and Gold Concert, at 7.00pm, in the Draney Theatre.

Thursday 27 May: Queensland Youth Music Awards, at Aspley State High School. More details will be forwarded closer to the time. My warmest wishes to you all

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Junior School News Brother Mark Farrelly Resource Centre Junior Library What's been happening:

On Tuesday 27 April the Year 5 & 7 classes spent valuable time with visiting author/illustrator, Mark Wilson. Mark has a vast catalogue of published works as an illustrator and more recently, as an author/illustrator. Miss Hochstrasser worked very hard to secure this incursion for the students and her efforts were well worth it as everyone, students and teachers, learnt something from this talented person.

We found out about: o

the inspiration for his historical fiction comes from real people and events


the process involved in creating a picture book


and best of all, we were all encouraged to find the artist within and practice drawing in order to develop our skills, just as we would if we were wanting to be selected for a rep football team.

Have you heard about Book Trailers? These fabulous bits of 21st Century technology are made by young and old to show others what amazing books are just waiting to be read. We are compiling links from sites such as Youtube, posting them on DVDs and showing them during lunch times, for ideas on what to read next. If you and your son find a great book trailer, for a suitable junior school book, that you think should be part of our collection, please email us the link and we will review it.

Every boy in Years 5, 6 and 7 is being allocated a target Book Level to strive towards in Accelerated Reader, and we are looking forward to seeing the boys achieve their goals and set bigger and better targets for Term 3. Special congratulations go to the following boys, who have achieved an engaged reading time per day of over 60 minutes: Zac and Tom (7 Red); Ben and Henry (7 Green); Mackenzie, Liam, Ming and Sean (7 Gold); Liam and Sam (6 Blue); Jack (6 Gold) And to Matthew and Joseph (6 Blue) for more than 120 minutes engaged reading time per day - AMAZING effort, boys!

 

Accelerated Reader:

Access to library facilities after school:

We would like to remind the boys that they have access to the Junior Library from 7.30am until 3.30pm, most days. Occasionally there are meetings that may mean that both Teacher Librarians are not available but this is very much the exception. For those boys who wish or need, the Senior Library is available in the afternoons until 4.30pm Mon - Thurs, and 4.00pm Fridays.

Boys, Books and Reading

Some classes are beginning to think about and talk about books through Literature Circles during their Library Literacy lessons, while others are engaging in whole group sharing of books being read. Some great sites on talking about books include: (because poetry, especially funny poetry is so easy to read and talk about)

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Junior School Sport News Suggested Reads:

The Sky Village - Book One of the Kiamira series by Monk and Nigel Ashland. Science Fiction blended with Fantasy results in an action-packed, yet absorbing tale of survival in a future world where humans, beasts and meks (robotic creatures resulting from science going wrong) vie for existence. Bambert's Book of Missing Stories by Reinhardt Jung. Banbert lives alone, feels out of place in the world and enjoys creating stories. He sends 11 stories out into the world to find their settings with thought provoking results. This is not a book for "action" fans but rather for those looking for more depth and meaning. The Thornthwaite Inheritance by Gareth P. Jones - a great mystery/'who done it' book, full of false leads and twists in the plot. It is a very enjoyable read and should appeal to anyone with a sense of humour and a curiosity to unravel just what is going on here! These are just three of the great new titles added to our collection recently. Other titles you might try include: 100 Cupboards series by N. D. Wilson, Barkbelly and Snow Bone - both by Cat Weatherall, and the Danger Boy series by Mark London Williams. Happy Reading, everyone! Yours in Books, Ms Hochstrasser and Mrs Atkinson

Junior School Sport C.I.C. Rugby & Soccer The football season has started in earnest with some outstanding and exciting games being played by many Ashgrove teams over the past couple of weeks. Both the Rugby and Soccer players have performed admirably and everything looks bright for an enjoyable season. To ensure the football season remains hassle free for everyone, I would like to highlight to parents a few important reminders: 

By now, all Rugby and Soccer players have received their respective handbook. Please read over them, they contain vital information for the football season. If you do not have a copy they can be accessed via the College website.

Coaches need to be informed if players will be missing at training or at the game. Contact details are outlined in the handbook.

As outlined in the College diary, commitment to school football takes priority over Club football or going away for the weekend.

Players must wear full appropriate College football uniform whilst playing C.I.C. games.

Each player needs his own clearly named water bottle for all C.I.C. matches.

Weekly Results can be found on the College website.

A season draw has been completed and is on the Junior School sports noticeboard for viewing and the College website. This will give you an indication of when games will be occurring for each team throughout the season. It is important that each match is checked in the week leading up to the game as there may be last minute changes to some fixtures. Please ensure you check the games time and location each week on either the web-site or by ringing the junior school sports-line on 3858 4688.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Junior School Sport News Cross-Country Friday 30 April saw another perfect day for the running of the Colour Cross-Country Carnival. This year was the first time we have run the Carnival at the start of the Cross-Country Season and therefore was the first of our five runs which contribute to the age championship. Due to this fact, the day simply became about participating and disclosing the 2010 Cross-Country Colour Team Champions. After many years in Cross-Country wilderness the Red Team won the Carnival, but the overall success of the afternoon was based on the level of enthusiasm and involvement from all the Junior School boys. The CIC Cross-Country season is in full swing with the Junior Squad fortunate enough this season to again be able to utilize the army barracks for our training sessions and Friday afternoon time trials which are all aimed at preparing the boys for the CIC Championships. At this stage of the season, we have been extremely happy with the level of interest from our runners and their application to training is exceptional. With the CIC Championships occurring on June 2 the intensity at training is increasing and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been pleasing to see our aspiring Cross-Country runners meet the challenges they have been confronted with.

Training Times: Monday & Wednesday Morning: 7.30am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8.20am

north-West District Cross-Country On Tuesday 5 May we had the top 3 cross-country runners in each age group represent the College at the North-West District Cross-Country Championships with some outstanding results. From the twelve runners who competed, seven were successful in progressing through to the Met North Championships at Bald Hills on June 1. This is an amazing result given 21 schools from the district competed, and in each age group it was only the Top 10 selected to represent the NorthWest District at the Met North Champs. Well done to Nick Houlahan, Tom Carroll, Jackson Courtney, Calum Mackay, Alex Darwin, Louie Garrone and Ryley French who were placed in the top 10 of their respective age groups. Well done boys and hopefully we can improve on our times and be ultra competitive at the CIC Championships on June 2.

Individual Achievements Congratulations to the following boys who achieved outstanding results outside the College in different sports; Harrison McGovern 8D and Nicholas McGovern 6R were members of the Pacer sailing boat "IT" team, which won the Qld Open Team Sailing Championships held on Moreton Bay on 10/11th April 2010. Well done boys. Jordan Cabot 7G and Max Hewett 7R both made the Met North AFL team. Congratulations Jordan and Max. Campbell Mowle 5R was awarded a 1st Dan Black Belt at his Tai Kwando grading - not a bad achievement for a 9 year old. Junior School Sports Photography Professional sports photography now available for the Junior School. View and purchase images from the current CIC cricket season by visiting Password: MARIST (must be in capitals)


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