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Marist College Ashgrove Volume 46 Issue No. 5 March 2010

Dates to Remember Tuesday, March 30, 2010 • Year 11-12 Exams - Work Experience • Junior Choral Day

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 • All Students Commence Term 2 - Summer Uniform

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 • Year 11-12 Exams - Work Experience • Junior School Assembly (11am) • Junior School Rugby/Football Trials 1.30pm

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 • Drama Classes 3.30pm • P&F Executive Meeting (Walkathon) • XCountry Team Breakfast - Cyprian 7.308.20am

College News

Thursday, April 1, 2010 • End Term 1 - 3.10pm • Holy Thursday • Term 1 Interim Reports Posted

Thursday, April 22, 2010 • Marist Basketball Carnival Finishes • AIC Heads of Sport Meeting • Year 8 Hep B/Chicken Pox Vaccination 9am

Friday, April 2, 2010 • Good Friday

Friday, April 23, 2010 • College Assembly - Anzac Day Ceremony • XCountry Trial Run

Saturday, April 3, 2010 • Easter Saturday Sunday, April 4, 2010 • Easter Sunday

Saturday, April 24, 2010 • Rugby/Football Trials v Iona (Home) • Rugby/Soccer v TGS Trial (away)

Monday, April 5, 2010 • Easter Monday

Sunday, April 25, 2010 • ANZAC Day

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 • 1st XI Football Tour Starts • Old Boys Association Meeting

Monday, April 26, 2010 • Anzac Day Holiday

Monday, April 12, 2010 • 1st XI Football Tour Finishes Tuesday, April 13, 2010 • 1st XV Rugby Training Camp Starts Friday, April 16, 2010 • 1st XV Rugby Training Camp Finishes • 7A Rugby Carnival at Armidale Starts • Year 12 Marist Forum Saturday, April 17, 2010 • Year 12 Marist Forum • GPS/AIC Rugby/Soccer Trial Day Sunday, April 18, 2010 • 7A Rugby Carnival at Armidale Finishes • Marist Basketball Carnival Starts • Year 12 Marist Forum Monday, April 19, 2010 • Year 9-10 Parent/Teacher Interviews • Year 12 Student Leaders Gathering

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 • Geography Excursion • Year 10 Dancing Lessons • Year 8 Foley Camp Wednesday, April 28, 2010 • Geography Excursion • QSA 2010 Conference at BCEC • Year 8 Foley Camp • Careers Expo (4-7pm) • College Assembly Thursday, April 29, 2010 • Goondiwindi Show Visit • QSA 2010 Conference at BCEC Year 8 Foley Camp • Allwell Testing - Year 10 • Junior Strings Day • Newsletter Online Friday, April 30, 2010 • Goondiwindi Show Visit • QSA 2010 Conference at BCEC • Year 8 Foley Camp

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From the Headmaster Dear Members of the Marist College Community, The central meaning of the Christian faith is celebrated at Easter. From the agony of the crucifixion on Good Friday to the joy of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday the full gamut of emotions are certainly involved. Whether you eat hot cross buns on Good Friday (or have partaken of them since they first went on the supermarket shelves in late January!), abstain from meat on Good Friday and/or share in consuming copious amounts of chocolate in the shape of eggs on Easter Sunday you are proclaiming the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. In John’s Gospel Peter and John ran to Jesus’ tomb after Mary Magdalene had informed them that the tomb was empty. “Peter enters and finds the tomb empty. John also enters. He sees and believes.” JOHN 20:8 I came upon the following reflection in a Jesuit Prayer Book entitled Mission 2000 by Mark Link S.J. REFLECTION Patt Barnes came upon an old lady selling flowers on a busy city street. The lady’s face was old and wrinkled but radiant with an Easter smile. Taking a flower, Patt paid her and said, “How happy you look this morning.” The flower lady replied, “Why not? Everything is beautiful.” Patt was startled by her reply, because she was dressed so shabbily and seemed so frail. Patt said, “You surely wear your troubles well!” Again, the flower lady’s reply startled Patt: “When Jesus died on Good Friday,” she said, “that was the worst of days. Then, three days later – Easter! So when troubles come my way, I simply wait three days. Then everything gets all right again.” How could I better handle my troubles? How can we best sum up Easter? Possibly one of the four memorial acclamations during the Mass is best, “Lord, by your cross and resurrection you have set us free. You are the Saviour of the world.” May the Easter blessing be with all our families. Yours in Jesus, Mary and St Marcellin, Peter McLoughlin Headmaster

Mass & Reconciliation Mass: Wednesday & Friday - 8:10am Reconciliation: Tuesday - 8:10 - 8:40am

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Headmaster’s Notes Farewells The following staff will finish their time at Marist College by the end of Term 1. Please join with me in thanking them most sincerely for their efforts here and assure them of our prayers. • Bernadette Mewburn has been the Year 8 Boarding Parent with her husband Mark. Bernadette has been appointed Head of Boarding at St Patrick’s College Townsville. This is a great achievement for Bernadette and whilst it will be sad to see her leave, we are grateful for the contribution that both Mark and she have made to Year 7/8 Boarding at the College. Mark will continue with boarding supervision until the end of the year when he will move to Townsville to join Bernadette. • Suzanne Black has resigned from her position after six years at the College. Suzanne has been a very passionate and committed staff member who always placed the interests of the students before her own. We pray Suzanne will return to full health in the very near future. • Br John Moran leaves the Brothers retirement community here at Ashgrove today, 30 March, and will join the retirement community of the Brothers at St Gregory’s Campbelltown. We thank Br John for his prayers and support throughout his time at Ashgrove. • Michael Burton has resigned his position as Co-ordinator of Sporting fields, Grounds and Gardens to pursue work in a family business. • Mr Phillip Holding concludes his contract of teaching Ms Zuniga’s classes this month. • Mr James Lynagh has resigned as Physical Education assistant to further his studies. • Jon Cornish who has resigned from boarding to continue studying. Leave Mr Rob Corboy will be on leave for Term 2, 2010. Mr Corboy and Mr McMahon will participate in the hermitage Pilgrimage to Paris, Lyon (Champagnat country) and Rome organized by the Sydney Province of the Marist Brothers. Mr Corboy will then have Long Service leave for the remainder of the term. I wish Mr Corboy and Mr McMahon all the very best for the pilgrimage and ask them to pass on our prayers and best wishes to Br Neville Solomon who will lead the Pilgrimage. Prayers Please pray for the repose of the soul of Theresa Valentine’s mother who passed away last week. Please also pray for the father of Robert Black who is most unwell. Autumn Concert Congratulations to all boys involved in the two nights of the concert March 11 and 18. The performances were excellent and sincere thanks to the staff involved: Andrew Butt, Kellee Green, Stefanie Smith, Laura Kavanagh and Craig Kennedy. Optimus Breakfast Congratulations to the boys who achieved Optimus awards and celebrated on March 17 with breakfast in the Cyprian Pavilion. I would like to thank Gary Keown and the boys involved in Hospitality for providing such a delicious breakfast. Little Kings Movement I have received a letter of appreciation from the Little Kings Movement for the Handicapped thanking the boys for volunteering to collect door to door recently. Through the organising efforts of Mrs Veronica Grant the boys collected a total of $3,749.20. A great effort! Chrism Mass Sincere thanks to Vice-Captains Ethan Marrinan and Ed Burgin who attended the Chrism Mass at St Stephen’s Cathedral on 25 March. DEBATING James Rigby (11D) has been selected as one of the final twelve entrants for the Queensland State Debating Team trials. For James to make it this far as a Year 11 student is extraordinary. He will now participate in three weeks’ worth of intensive training with the squad of twelve and from there, a final team will be selected to represent Queensland in national competition.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Headmaster’s Notes (Continued...) Term 2 All boys will return to the College for Term 2 on Tuesday April 20 which will be a Day 3. Would all parents please ensure their sons return to the College with correct uniform, grooming, manners and punctuality. We hope to have a great Term 2. Reflection Some boys and their shorts President Obama, when asked if he thought there should be legislation against saggy pants, said, “You don’t have to pass a law. But that doesn’t mean folks can’t have some sense and respect for other people and, you know, a lot of people may not want to see your underwear. I’m one of them…… brothers should pull up their pants.” I agree with President Obama!

The 2010 Marist College Ashgrove Foundation Community Directory is now available. A copy of the printed directory is available for all families. Day students have received their copy to take home. Boarding families will receive theirs, along with the 2009 Blue & Gold magazine, at the end of Term. As you will appreciate, this will help save on postage. The Directory is a very handy booklet and College families find it very useful. As in previous years the Directory will contain contact details for families, handy College and sport information and will incorporate the College’s Business Directory. To access our online Business Directory please go to Extra copies are available from the Finance Office for $10.

Year 8 2011 Academic Boarding Scholarships Marist College Ashgrove is currently inviting applications from our existing Year 7 students and new students intending to enter the College in Year 8 2011, to sit an academic scholarship examination. The scholarship examination will be held on Saturday 8 May 2010 at 8.30 am at Marist College Ashgrove and various country centres. The closing date for applications will be Friday 9 April 2010 [after which registrations incur a late fee]. For further information and to apply online, please visit our website: – Enrolments – Scholarships and Bursaries. Years 10, 11 and 12 2011 Champagnat Trust Boarding Bursaries The Champagnat Trust has been established to provide assistance to persons in necessitous circumstances selected on the basis of financial need. The Trust takes its name from the Founder of the Marist Brothers, St. Marcellin Champagnat. These bursaries are intended for our existing students and new students intending to enter the College in Years 10, 11 and 12. The closing date for applications will be Wednesday 30 June 2010. These Academic Boarding Scholarships and Champagnat Trust Boarding Bursaries • are generally intended for students who live in rural, regional or remote communities who would otherwise not be able to access a Marist education. [Applicants must be Australian citizens]. • cover half tuition, half boarding and half compulsory fees. The remaining half tuition, half boarding and half compulsory fees and miscellaneous costs are the responsibility of the parent/s; Applicants must be prepared to board at the College for the period of their scholarship or bursary. If at any time the student requests a change to day status the scholarship/bursary will be withdrawn and full day-student fees will then apply. If you wish to seek further information on these scholarships and bursaries, please contact Mrs Kim Taylor [College Registrar] by email: or phone 07 3858 4507

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Celebrate 70 years of Ashgrove spirit at the

2010 BLUE & GOLD BALL Saturday 7 August 2010 7.00 pm With Brisbane’s Premier Party Band Hot Sauce Bookings Open 20 April 2010 All Proceeds to the Br Alexis Turton Science Centre $125 per person or $1250 for tables of ten Payment required to reserve table See website for booking sheet

Champagnat Centre Black Tie or Bow Tie

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Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

From the Head of English Year 12 Shakespeare The Year 12 English students will undertake a study of Shakespeare in Term 2 and the extension activities available to the students for this unit are varied. As you can read below, Ms Spillane’s class got a head start on the rest of us by attending a production of Hamlet at LaBoite Theatre. Next term, the two classes studying King Lear will attend a production of the play at QPAC. All students will also be involved in Shakespearean workshops at MCA, conducted by the Bell Shakespeare Company. These workshops will commence Monday 3 May. All in all, Term 2 should be a coming together of the Boys and the Bard. See below for a brief account of the Hamlet experience for Ms Spillane’s class. Steve Littleton Head of English Tuesday 9 March will surely be remembered by Ms Spillane’s Year 12 English class as the night they ventured to La Boite Theatre for their Hamlet experience. We were so very fortunate to be able to see such a professional and entertaining performance of this classic Shakespearean play. David Berthold’s earthy production certainly kept all of us enthralled! This production offered us a modern interpretation, including technology and a Hamlet dressed in an hoody with a mobile phone! This, however, did not detract from the text’s main themes. It was a wonderful opportunity for the boys to engage with canonical literature in an inspiring and provocative manner! The boys certainly enjoyed the experience, and it will be an invaluable learning experience for Term 2 when we study the play in greater depth. Madonna Spillane National Youth Science Forum report by Nicholas McCarthy (12R) At the National Youth Science Forum we were asked to define the word ‘career’. The obvious answers were the likes of ‘our course or progression through life and employment’ until it was brought to our attention that is the same word used as a verb in the manner that a car ‘careers’ off the road. We like to think we know where we are going, but it can and most likely will change. But no matter the outcome, we are in control. This is just a tiny slice of the magnitude of concepts, ideas, knowledge, people I encountered on Session B of the National Youth Science Forum 2010, held in Perth, WA in January of this year. The 10 days were a blur of fascination, fun and eye opening experiences, with some of the highlights being: • Carnegie Corporation, a research initiative on the forefront of ocean wave energy. • The Gingin Gravity Research Centre, dedicated to researching the complex phenomena known as Gravity waves. This visit was in the midst of a heat wave of a staggering 48deg.C. • Our impromptu talks in which we were given the opportunity to build on our speaking skills by being given 3 minutes to talk about a random topic chosen by the ‘Staffie’. I was given Opera, which compared to Happy Gas and 11th Century Germanic Poetry, was relatively easy. • Our prepared talks, giving mine personally on Social Darwinism, were fascinating in the contrast and depth of knowledge of the various interest areas. • The ‘Group Dynamics’ exercise in which we as a group of eight had to literally dismantle a ticking bomb using logic puzzles to retrieve clues. Marist College Ashgrove has not had a participant for some time and I was the only one this year. I am hoping to speak to Year 11 science classes to ignite some interest. It really does rekindle the inspiration in education and academia. I have found that I am now entering my final year with plenty of inspiration from the experience. I know where I want to go!

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

MOTHERS DAY MASS 6th MAY All Mothers, Grandmothers, StepMothers and Guardians are invited to attend with their sons the MOTHER-SON Mass to be held in the College Chapel on the evening of THURSDAY MAY 7 starting at 7.00pm.

Finding it hard to get to the gym around juggling the kids? Can’t find any classes that suit your day?

We have the answer! Let us come to you! RYZE Personal Training has seen the need to commence a Group training circuit for the Mums and Dads out there who need some group exercise at 9.30am, just after they drop the kids off at school.

THE VIRILITER AGE WINE COLLECTION Marist College Ashgrove Foundation and Gold Creek Wines are delighted to be able to offer four outstanding Australian wines that together create a home cellar catering for all occasions and tastes, and also make great personal or corporate gifts. At only $140 a dozen (plus delivery) and proceeds contributing to the Br Alexis Turton Science Centre, there has never been a better way to support our College. Visit our website www. for an order form. Many thanks for your support.

School Drop Off Boxing / Boot Camp Group Circuits

Where? – Dorrington Park, Ashgrove (next to kids playground)

When? – Every Wednesday & Friday 9.30am – 10.30am How Much? - First session is FREE then

only $10 per class!

For more details contact Pete on m: 0427 622 309 email: or Ben on m: 0402 490 498 email:

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The Queensland Brain Institute

The University of Queensland Brisbane Qld 4072 Australia Telephone +61 7 3346 6300 Facsimile +61 7 3346 6301 Internet CRICOS Provider Number 00025B

Dear Parents and Guardians, As you may be aware, ADHD is a common disorder of childhood and is a major public health issue in Australia today. Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are currently running a nationwide study that aims to identify the genetic basis of the attention problems that characterise the disorder. It is hoped that our current and continuing research into the disorder will provide health As you maywith be aware, common ofand childhood and is a major public health issue professionals the toolsADHD needed is to a identify ADHDdisorder both early accurately.

in Australia today. We are currently running a nationwide study that aims to identify the genetic In order to understand the genetic basis of attention problems in ADHD, we must first understand how healthy children basis of the attention problems that characterise the disorder. It is hoped that our current and perform certain attention tasks. This will enable us to make comparisons to children with ADHD in order to accurately continuing research intoTothe disorder provide we health professionals with thetotools needed to of the identify problematic areas. assist us withwill this research, would like to invite your child participate as one identify ADHD both early 300 healthy children needed forand the accurately. study. As a healthy research volunteer, your child will be asked to provide a saliva sample, perform a series of computerised In order to understand the genetic basis of attention problems in ADHD, we must first understand tests of attention and some general aptitude tests over two sessions of around 1 hour. The results of the tests will only how healthy children perform certain attention tasks. This willdecision enabletous to makeiscomparisons to be used for research purposes and will be kept confidential. Your child’s participate completely voluntary children with ADHD in order to accurately identify problematic areas. To assist us with this with no obligations. research, we would like to invite your child to participate as one of the 300 healthy children needed Your child’s participation in this research is highly valued and appreciated. Without their contribution, our investigation for the study. into this prevalent childhood disorder would not be possible. If you are happy to give your child permission to take part in this research project, please contact Kelly Garner on 0434 375 652 or via e-mail:

As a healthy research volunteer, your child will be asked to provide a saliva sample, perform a This study has been clearedtests in accordance withand the ethical processes the University of sessions Queensland within series of computerised of attention some review general aptitudeof tests over two ofand around the guidelines of the National Health & Medical Research Council. 1 hour. The results of the tests will only be used for research purposes and will be kept confidential. Yourtime child’s decision toinparticipate Thank you for your and consideration this matter, is completely voluntary with no obligations. Regards, Your child’s participation in this research is highly valued and appreciated. Without their contribution, our investigation into this prevalent childhood disorder would not be possible. If you Kelly Garner are happy to give your child permission to take part in this research project, please contact Kelly Garner 0434 375 652 or via e-mail: Researchon Assistant Queensland Brain Institute This study has been cleared Tel: 0434 375 652

in accordance with the ethical review processes of the University of Queensland and within the guidelines of the National Health & Medical Research Council. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter,



Uniform Shop Hours:

Clothing Pool Hours:

• Mondays closed

Wednesday 8:00am - 9:30am & 3pm - 4:30pm.

Uniform shop

Kelly Garner • Tuesday and Friday - 12.30pm - 2.30pm • Wednesday and Thursday 12.30pm - 4.00pm

Research Assistant Queensland Brain Institute Tel: 0434 375 652

Cash or cheque only for clothing pool. CLOTHING POOL All clothing submitted for sale must be washed and ironed. Blazers must be dry-cleaned and mended.

The Uniform Shop has Eftpos and Credit Card facilities (Visa / Mastercard). Parents can take advantage of this service by phoning through their card details allowing their sons to come down at lunchtime and pick up any uniform requirements. Please note that uniforms will not be issued until card details have been received and transactions approved.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

From the Archives... Hello to you all again. We take up our history of MCA in 1947, with the appointment of Brother Cyprian Dowd as Director. Cyprian had his vision for the College, had perhaps been honing it for years since 1940, and it was that no matter what the field of endeavour – academic, sporting, social or spiritual – Ashgrove must strive to be the best that it could be. No obstacle would be too great to overcome in this search for excellence, certainly not the lack of adequate funding that Cyprian had unfortunately inherited. If money was short, Ashgrove had plenty of land, and also plenty of manpower to develop that land – all that was needed was the will power to do what had to be done, and Cyprian had plenty of that. If Ignatius had been the visionary who had provided the dream of “a Saint Josephs of the North”, Cyprian was the dogged pragmatist who would begin to make the dream a reality through hard work, determination and example. And he was determined also that the school would be a living entity in which all could share – Brothers, students, parents, lay-staff, ex-students, and general community. All would contribute and all would reap the benefits: it would indeed be a “family”. The achievement of the dream would not be easy, Cyprian realised, but persistence and dogged determination had their ultimate rewards: once again, as so often in human affairs, the situation produced the necessary solution. If any man was born for The Struggle, it was Cyprian. (One is reminded of the story of Winston Churchill being lectured by one of his colleagues in the darkest days of World War Two. This colleague seemed to delight in pouring out his litany of disaster, with U-Boats strangling Britain’s supply lines, Rommel rampant in the Western Desert, Malta about to be bombed into submission, etc. He was suddenly struck into astonished silence by Churchill’s bellow of “Stop! Stop!! STOP!!!” Fixing the man with his most menacing glare, Churchill then quietly asked him if he knew why the British bulldog had been born with an upward sloping face. “I’ve absolutely no idea,” came the reply. “So it can breathe,” snarled Churchill, “WITHOUT LETTING GO!!!!!” ) This same Churchillian, bulldog determination was the key to the character of Cyprian, and the beneficiary would be the MCA community. First on Cyprian’s agenda was playing fields: there weren’t enough of them. The land on the other side of Enoggera Creek, “The Flats”, had been purchased in Oliver Clarke’s directorship, but was covered with gibber stones from the creek’s floods. The solution? There were boarders who could pick up stones. Further problems? There were stones under the picked-up stones. What next? More stone clearing, for boarders AND dayboys. But, protested the boys, there were so many stones there seemed to be no end to them: of course there’s an end, Cyprian responded, we just have to keep picking them up until there are none left. (Note the WE, because he wouldn’t ask the boys to do labour he wouldn’t do himself.) Self-help was the key, and if everyone in the community was involved in the help, the community would gain through the labour and the co-operation involved. To speed things along in 1948, with a little money he had collected, Cyprian called for tenders to level “The Flats” from construction contractors. Somewhat fortuitously, one of the quotes came from Thiess Brothers, the company which had done the original work at the College in 1940, along with an offer: if Cyprian was willing to allow Thiess the opportunity to train new men on the job, the fields would be levelled for nothing. Cyprian didn’t have to be asked twice, and by July 1948 the work had been completed. But did the levelling mean the stones had disappeared? No, they’d just been rearranged – plenty more still to pick up, then!!! In addition to this, Cyprian put his non-academic boarders to work on Saturday mornings constructing concrete cricket pitches in the shade of the two big kauri pines. The main oval, too, became part of Cyprian’s developmental plans, and at his direction Arch Ferrier, the groundsman, with help from the Brothers, laid a turf cricket wicket which would become known as one of the best in Brisbane. As Mark Farrelly puts it, “If Ignatius had given the College its pool, Cyprian brought its cricket and rugby fields to permanent reality.” And here again we must pause, for the mention of rugby brings in another of Cyprian’s exploits, the alteration of the College from a school which played rugby league with enormous success, to a school which played rugby union, with equally enormous success. How that came to pass is a tale for next time, but a clue can be found in the conversation Cyprian had in later years with long-serving lay-staff member Michael Gubbins. Calling Gubbo over, Cyprian said: “Mark me well, young Michael. There are three great enemies of Mankind, and they are Communism, the Christian Brothers, and Rugby League – not necessarily in that order!!!” Until next time, From The Archives, Dave Cameron: 38584591 or

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Mission and Ministry YOUTH PRAYERLoving God, You are with me through the hopes and fears, the joys and sorrows of my life. Empower me to connect with the message of Jesus with the Catholic communities that share his vision. Help me to grow in my faith and understanding of your word, your love and your call. Assist me to choose the right path, one which bears witness to you. Be with me as I go out and live your example in all I do. Fill me with the power of the Holy Spirit and help me experience your love in my life. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. ANNIVERSARIES & COMING EVENTS Lenten Peace - Pax Christi USA has produced reflections and other resources for Lent to help us to recommit ourselves to proclaim and embody the peace of Christ. Go to Violence Against Women - From cries of Anguish to Stories of Hope is a World Council of Churches Lenten study guide on the global struggle to end violence against women. It includes scripture study, prayers, discussion questions and video clips. Go to www. 10th-18th April National Youth Week Commences - Theme: Live It Now. Australia’s largest celebration of young people is about to begin. Events will be launched all across the country - run by young people, for young people. For more Information visit www. 1st April

Holy Thursday

2nd April

Good Friday

3rd April

Holy Saturday

4th April

Easter Sunday

25th April

Anzac Day World day of Prayer for Vocations

HOLY WEEK Holy Week is the climax of Lent. It commences on Passion/Palm Sunday and concludes with Easter Sunday. This week recalls not only the last days in the life of Jesus, when, after entering Jerusalem, he suffered, died and was buried; it also also commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. For Christians this celebration is the time in the Christian calendar where we can experience and live out the meaning for our own lives through the celebration of the liturgy. The Paschal Triduum begins during Holy Week and consists of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. This includes the Easter Vigil. The word Triduum comes from the Latin word meaning “three days.” It begins the evening of Holy Thursday and ends in the evening on Easter Sunday. The Easter Vigil is the high-point of the celebration. The Triduum commemorates the Institution of the Eucharist, the passion, crucifixion, death of the Lord and his resurrection on Easter Sunday morning. The joyful celebration of Christ’s resurrection continues for the 50 day Easter season from Easter Sunday to Pentecost. The Liturgical colour for Easter is white.

Christ Carrying the Cross (El Greco)

Jesus on the Cross with Mary (D.Bennett)

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Mission and Ministry Continued... MATES PROGRAM Opportunities exist in a range of areas for students, staff and families to take part. Students are welcome to drop into the Campus Ministry Office before or after school, at morning tea or lunch time any day to find out what is available to them and to put their name on a roster. Parents can contact Br Mark Fordyce in the Senior school on 3858 4589, or email or Mrs Mena McLean in the Junior school on 3858 4551 or . Marist Solidarity Immersions 2010 Application forms for this year’s Immersion programme have been distributed to the Yr 11 students over the past fortnight. All applications are due by the end of this term. Listed below are the dates of our three immersions this year and the preparation weekends that take place in preparing for each immersion. Interviews will take place in Week 2 of next term. If you have any further inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact Br. Mark Fordyce on mobile number 0409126003. WHAT IS AN IMMERSION EXPERIENCE? An Immersion experience is when a person is placed in a situation, either in his/her own country or in a foreign country, where the normal pattern of their existence is disrupted by a new set of circumstances. The new circumstances are normally characterised by some form of poverty and injustice. The purpose of doing this is to provide the opportunity to see a new perspective on the world and the way other people live their lives. It is necessary to realise that one of the key purposes of these sorts of experiences is to learn from the people you meet and to stand in solidarity with them. Solidarity requires a certain journey of self understanding. There is an unavoidably spiritual component and a self reflective experience involved in solidarity. In short, to develop sensitivity and awareness to the issues confronting disadvantaged and developing communities in the world. It is all part of our College response to the Gospel to continue to work for justice. 16/17/18 July’ Santa Teresa prep weekend 7th -14th August, Santa Teresa immersion 3/4/5 September Solomon Island prep weekend Tugun 16-26th September Solomon Island immersion 5/6/7 November, Cambodia prep weekend Tugun 26th November – 8th December Cambodian immersion New Mates Ministry- LAMP The Campus Ministry Team would like to announce a new ministry which has been designed to develop the leadership skills for our Year Ten students. LAMP stands for (Leadership and Mentoring Program), and as the name suggests, these boys will be a LAMP or light for our community. The LAMP is on our College crest under the book of scriptures, to light our faith that our faith may shine always to those around us.The Year Ten students will act as mentors for students in two local Catholic primary schools, Mater Dei and St Peter Chanel, The Gap. They will assist with numeracy and literacy skills in the classrooms and they will also be available to assist on their sports carnival days in both those schools. For the boys who are students at these two primary schools, this will be a way of focusing on boys’ education issues and providing them with young men who can be significant and positive role models in their lives. One of the great benefits of such a program is the strong bonds that are formed between our school community and the communities of these primary schools. Our boys will be fine ambassadors for Marist College and we believe that the bonds formed in this program will strengthen our sense of being a part of a wider Catholic community through MATES ministry. It will also be an opportunity for our boys who are ex-students from both these schools to return and catch up with former teachers. As Catholic Christians we are called to be a light to the nations, to lead others to know and love Jesus. We hope that in our own way, through LAMP, our boys can become more aware of the “light of Christ” in them and how to freely share with these younger girls and boys at Mater Dei and SPC. MATES BBQ with the Homeless People Our thanks to the staff, students and families who have generously offered their time to participate in the MATES BBQ in the last few weeks. 17th March Scott Murphy ( Staff Driver), Br. Mark(Staff Leader),Mr Mark Burns, Daniel Burns, Dane Williams, Charlie Hodgetts, James Eddy, Ash Higgins, Chris Van Rooij, and Emily Osborne from Mt.Maria College. 24th March Derek Cameron (Staff Driver), Br Mark (Staff Leader), Kay Wells, Robert Aston, Mitch Fuller, Joe Gardiner, Alex Heinke, Sean Coughlan, Dane Williams The MATES BBQ Roster for the next three weeks including the two Wednesdays of the holiday is as follows: 31st March Br. Mark (Staff Leader and Driver), Ben Poloskey, Josh Poloskey Mr Richard Poloskey, Jesse Ainsworth, Dom Smith, Seamus Power, Ryan Underwood, Alex Heinke, Thomas Benfield, Andrew Yong Gee, Jake Vizer.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Mission and Ministry Continued... 7th April Richard Ward (Staff Leader & Driver),Kim Horwood, Richard Tamati, Simon Zoltan, Ben Manthey, Adam Nelson, Ben Wood, Tom Pirrone, Ben Andrews, Richard Ta, Dom Smith. 14th April Br. Mark ( Staff Leader & Driver), Alison Barlow, Caroline Smith, Kim Horwood, Lucy Amolo, Joshua Mulligan, Stewart Jones, Dom Smith, Patrick Roggenhamp, Ace Hodgkinson, Felipe Gama Silva, Ethan Marrinan. The Following boys were rostered on over the last few weeks in the various MATES Ministries and we would like to thank them for their generosity and commitment to reaching out to others in our community. Little Kings Movement 17th March-Ryan Board, Harry Della-Vedova, Hamish McHardy, Christopher O’Brien, Matthew Proellocks 24th March-Ben Lendingham, Joe Daly, Angus McArthur, Patrick McVeigh, Jack Coran, Francis Moran The Boys rostered on for next week are as follows: 31st March-William MCLoughlin, Fred Williams, Conan Russell, Jonathan Spain, James Mackie, Tim Humphries. Paddington Day Respite Centre 18th March-Sam Donaldson, Ben Ledingham, Max Richardson, John Vercoe, Henri Lawrence 25th March-Emilio Orngaya, James Lancashire, Darnell Fisher, Alex Grant, and Clem Brosnan The Boys rostered on for next week are as follows: 30th March Harry McGovern, Julian Rodriguez, Lachlan Ramsey-Kneen, Alistaire Emmott, Will Burke St Vincent De Paul students preparing and serving afternoon tea to the residents of Ronald McDonald House at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital 26th March Lauren Du Bois, Kieran Dee, Patrick Smith, Jack Brown, Lachlan Sforcina, Alexander Grace, Jordan Nelson, Thomas McLean LENTEN COLLECTION By the start of the Senior exam block the Lenten collection for the secondary school was $10,270 a substantial amount for which we are very thankful. Noteworthy contributions have come from the Junior school Easter Egg raffle, the Slattery House Hot Cross bun drive and especially the Hospitality students’ chicken lunch. Mr. Gary Keown and Year 11 student, Cameron Layfield, with the year 11 and year 12 Hospitality students raised $1000 for the Lenten Collection from their Chicken lunch drive held on Friday 19th March. Our thanks to them for their hard work and motivation, in providing a wonderful and enjoyable fund-raiser, and to the many staff and students who supported the project.









The inauguration of the new College Candle, depicting the College Crest and the 3 Marist Violets.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Mission and Ministry Continued...

Year 8 Slattery House Camp group

Wednesday night BBQ with the Homeless during the term. Many thanks to all who assist with this wonderful, rewarding Ministry.

Year 11 Leaders helping out at Slattery House Year 8 Camp Thursday visit to Paddington Respite Centre for a morning of mind games.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Sport News CRICKET


1st XI Cricket

SWIMMING REPORT 2010 SEASON Many congratulations also to the following Special Awards winners: • AGE CHAMPIONS: Sebastian Fahey (under 13); Sam Clarke (under 14); Tom Milliken was mistakenly named age champion when in fact it was Harrison O’Neill (under 15) ; Mitchell Busby (under 16) and Sam Levings (Open).

Congratulations to the members of the first XI cricket team on a successful season. Many hours of hard work in training and trial matches has culminated in back to back undefeated AIC Premierships for the firsts. Each and every team member has made vital contributions over the course of the season which has led the success of the team. A true credit to the team is that in each game they managed to bowl their opposition out, yet were not once bowled out themselves. Special mentions must go to Lachlan Thompson (Captain and leading run scorer for the season) and Brad Lester (leading wicket taker for the AIC competition), well done on an outstanding season boys. Ashgrove has also won the AIC Aggregate Shield for the 12th consecutive year. No other College has won this award since the inaugural year of the AIC in 1999. This highlights the incredible depth of talent across all grades and a wonderful passion for cricket from so many students. This year 28 cricket teams represented the College at various levels and competitions. Congratulations to AIC premiership winning teams: 1st XI, 15A, 15B, 15C, 14A, 14B, 14C, 13A, 13B Full AIC results and team results can to viewed at : Presentation assembly for 1st XI and premierships winning teams will be Wednesday 28th April.

VOLLEYBALL 1st VI Volleyball Following on from the remarkable domination of the ‘09 1st team this year’s team all but emulated their success. Losing only two sets all season the side clinically and skillfully won all AIC matches to win an undefeated premiership. The final game v SEC was a display of terrific team work, skill and execution to shut out the challenge of a side unbeaten until this round. The ‘Hive’ was a feature of all home and away games and guaranteed a high energy atmosphere for 1st matches all season. Special recognition the ‘Player of the Year’ recipients Nick Reddaway (captain) and Jordan Matters who have dominated the court this season and impressed all with their athletic abilities and power hitting. Full AIC results and team results can to viewed at : Presentation assembly for 1st VI and premierships winning teams will be Wednesday 28th April.

FOOTBALL SEASON All focus continues to hinge on the effect Industrial Action will have on the rugby and football season. As this newsletter goes to publication decisions will have been made that will update the situation for the start of term 2. The football (soccer) program will continue to go ahead as this program has not been affected by staff withdrawing their services. Teams will trial on Saturday 17th April. Updated trials information and team lists will be posted on the website and emailed. 17th April Football Trial Details: • Round robin format with 6 competing schools (ACGS, BSHS, GT, NC, TSS and MCA). • Age group locations: 13yrs – Anglican Church Grammar School 14yrs – The Southport School 15yrs – Gregory Terrace 16yrs – Brisbane State High School Open – Nudgee College • There is no trophy or awards contested • Matches will commence @ 9am at each venue • Each team will play 3 (40 min) matches with an hour break between games • Check Weekly Sport link on website for updated venue draws. • Full school Football (soccer) uniform Further Trial dates are as follows: Saturday 24th April – v TGS (away) Saturday 1st May – v GT (home) A decision on the format and structure of the rugby program will be announced on Thursday. This would mean the first trial game would be v TGS on the 24th April. Updated training information for wk 1 term 2 will be posted on college website.

INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENTS Parents are requested to forward any noteworthy achievements to for publication.

Marist College Ashgrove | College Newsletter 2010

Sport NewsContinued...

Semester 1 for the Ashgrove Acceleration Program has begun. For more information or to enroll into the Ashgrove Acceleration Program please go to or call 1300-661-847 Students should consider their winter season sporting goals and commitments and look to maintain strength and conditioning throughout this period.

Rugby Referees Needed – All current and new referees will require current SMART RUGBY accreditation. Re-accreditation can be done on-line via the following address: au/myrugby/smartrugby_findcenter. asp See the following link for first time accreditation: education/coaching/2010_course_ calendar,70555.html Could all available referees please email updated contact details to

TENNIS Professional Tennis Lessons at School New format for 2010 45min classes – smaller groups We hold lessons for all ages from Year 5 through to Year 12. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels Lessons held by friendly, professional qualified coaches. Lessons held before and after school. Group lessons and private lessons also available. Spaces are limited so please book early. For enquiries and bookings contact: Allan Say Ph: 0408 766 882 or E-Mail:

View and purchase professional sports photography from 2009 and 2010, including the current cricket and volleyball seasons.

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