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LESSON 7 action plan n = admission n = art gallery n = artefact n = audio guide n =

average n = belief n = bullfight n = coin n = cookery n = cultural event n = custom n = decipher v = display n = diversity n = enhance v = entry fee n = excavate v = exhibit v = false economy n =

festival n = folklore n = fort n =

CULTURAL TOURISM a list of the things that you need to do in order to achieve something or to deal with a problem the cost of entrance to a museum, concert, art gallery, cinema etc a building where paintings are shown to the public an object such as a tool, weapon etc that was made in the past and is historically important a recording that describes the contents of a museum or gallery the average amount is the amount you get when you add together several quantities and divide this by the total number of quantities the feeling that something is definitely true or definitely exists a type of entertainment popular in Spain, in which a person fights and kills a bull a piece of metal, usually flat and round, that is used as money the art or skill of cooking a social gathering at which people watch or take part in something concerning their heritage something that is done by people in a particular society because it is traditional to find the meaning of something that is difficult to read or understand an arrangement of things for people to look at or buy the fact of including many different types of people or things to improve something a sum of money charged to join an organization, to go into a particular place, or to take part in a competition if a scientist or archaeologist excavates an area of land, they dig carefully to find ancient objects, bones etc to show something in a public place so that people can go to see it something that you think will save you money but which will really cost you more an occasion when there are performances of many films, plays, pieces of music etc, usually happening in the same place every year the traditional stories, customs etc of a particular area or country a strong building or group of buildings used by soldiers or an army for defending an important place

a festival where everyone has the opportunity to participate fringe festival n = headset n =

a set of headphones, often with a microphone attached the traditional beliefs, values, customs etc of a family, country, heritage n = or society a picture or symbol used to represent a word or part of a word, hieroglyph n = especially in the ancient Egyptian writing system immense adj = extremely large the effect or influence that an event, situation etc has on impact n = someone or something interactive display n a touch screen that people can look at and navigate to learn = about an exhibit connected with the Middle Ages (= the period between about medieval adj = 1100 and 1500) a very large city that is the most important city in a country or metropolis n = area nomination n = ongoing adj = performing arts n = pharaoh n = prestigious adj = resource pack n = return on investment n = script n = souk n = supply and demand n= sustainable adj = trade n =

the act of officially suggesting someone or something for a position, duty, or prize, or the fact of being suggested for it continuing, or continuing to develop arts such as dance, music, or drama a ruler of ancient Egypt admired as one of the best and most important a collection of information used by teachers or students the profit on an investment in relation to the amount invested the written form of a speech, play, film etc a market in an Arab country the relationship between the quantity of goods for sale and the quantity of goods that people want to buy, especially the way it influences prices able to continue without causing damage to the environment the activity of buying, selling, or exchanging goods within a country or between countries

Vocabulary lesson 7 cultural tourism