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Tiffany & Co. Maranda Gorr-Diaz, Connor Childers, Danielle Sobczak and Michelle Pavlack

“China is expected to surpass the United States as the largest jewelry market in the world over the next five to 10 years.� Forbes

SWOT Analysis Strengths


•  American brand •  Currently in China’s luxury market •  Second tier luxury brand

•  Brand awareness •  Lack of adaptation •  Narrow minded

SWOT Analysis Opportunities •  Collaborate with French Designers •  Male buying power •  Chinese luxury market expansion •  Social media

Threats •  Competitors •  Generation gap •  One-child policy

金玉良元 jin yu liang yuan

Campaign •  Gold & jade •  Ring boxes •  Gift to parents •  “Your Tiffany Moment”

Message Track

Persona l growth

Who: Young Chinese consumer What: 金玉良元


When: Now Where: Tier one/tier two couples Why: To fulfill the wants and needs of Chinese consumers

Confucian dyads

Objectives •  Increase brand awareness to tier one and tier two cities

•  Bridge generation gap

•  Becoming less Westernized

Strategies •  Advertise to rising middle class in tier one and tier two cities •  Offer gold and jade options •  Address Confucian notions

Tactics •  “Your Tiffany Moment” photo campaign •  Mining new materials, distributors, CSR •  Educate Tiffany & Co. on Confucius dyads

Media Platform •  Social media •  Weibo •  Actress Yao Xingtong (姚星彤)

•  WeChat •  Yuku •  Out of home •  Billboards •  Buses •  News outlets •  Financial Times •


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