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Day in the Life of Apparel Audrey

90% of Millennials check their phones as soon as they wake up-Mashable

6:15AM Alarm clock goes off, snooze for 15 minuets

*22% exercise regularly and is 69% more likely to be in control of their weight


Head to work on the train

*55% check the news/weather Usual morning workout, run with the dog 6:35AM

Get Ready *51% thinks its important to look attractive to others Arrives on time and starts work

1:00AM Lights out

9AM-12PM *35% want to get to the top of her career

12:00AM-12:30AM Tweet and Facebook friends about shows

Come home, catch up on shows while in bed on laptop

Millenials switch between devices and forms of media an average of 27 times per hour-Mashable 8:30PM

Go shopping with friends for an outfit, grab a bite to eat 7PM *90% head straight to the clearance rack when entering the store

Goes out for lunch with co-workers 12:15-1:15PM

5:30-6PM On average Millennials own 2.4 internet- connected devices-Mashable

Millennials eat out an average of 4 times per week -Edelman Digital

Get ready with the girls for a night out *40% go out to bars/clubs *Source: Simmons Spring 2012 NHCS Adult Full Year Unified Study Base: Women

Look at fashion magazine/website to view latest trends


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Dayinthelifeofsearsfashionista7 31final