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End Times Date:08 June 2018

Volume 01: Week No.08

Cape Town Pastor Sentence For Anti-Gay Comments Oil In The Time Of The End Consumers in South Africa, and the world at large, are likely to have recently felt the pinch of rising oil prices. Oil is a precious but limited commodity, and is fundamental to many production processes across the world. It is this global dependence on oil, coupled with disruptions in supply among the major oil producing states and speculative investor demand that have helped to buoy global oil prices. Despite the prospects of unexplored oil reserves, the general sentiment seems to be that the oil industry is in decline and losing relevance. This sentiment has been further fueled by the increased pressure from environmental activists on oil companies to curtail their carbon emissions.

Credit:Noor Slamdien/ANA Pictures

Cape Town - Pastor Oscar Bougardt of Calvary Hope Ministries receives sentencing for 30 days in prison, suspended for five years if he stops making anti-gay remarks according to a ruling made by Judge Lee Bozalek on 18 May last month. This means he almost received five years in prison for being aggressively opposed to homosexual behaviour. The sentencing comes after the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) filed a report to the Western Cape High Court regarding a breach of the court interdict made on him in 2014. The interdict followed after it was found that the Pastor made inhumane remarks on homosexuals in his posts on social media and was required not to do so or else he’ll be sentenced.

It is believed that nations who have centered their economies on the production and exportation of oil (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Iraq and to a lesser extent the USA and China) are in jeopardy of economic collapse in the near future. This sentiment has spurred the drive towards renewable and sustainable energy sources.However, is it wise to count out the relevance of oil in the time of the end? Daniel 11:21-35 speaks of a ruler, Antiochus Epiphanes, The Pastor felt unfairly treated by this court who would win over his followers through case as he was not given a chance to explain deceptive generosity and would later deal and that his rights were infringed, arguing – brutally with the Jewish people. He is regarded “just like they [SAHRC] are quick to take by many Biblical scholars to be a type of the on cases from homosexuals, I too have a coming Anti-Christ. Interestingly, Antiochus right to be listened to but no, there was no distributed wealth to his followers after securing chance for me to give my side, they run to control of the “fattest places of the province” court…..” (Daniel 11:24). The recent incident that caused the SAHRC to go to court was following an interview which the Pastor had last year with News24, where the Pastor made a statement that most paedophiles have homosexual background. This statement was challenged by Hendrik Baird of Gay SA Radio claiming no such statement is statistically true.

The prevalent hostility to expressed Christian faith is gaining momentum and Following the interdict, the Pastor continued to make remarks: "To hell with homosexuals, signals a coming persecution on the ...their lifestyle is an abomination to God, but horizon; and this is a major concern for many in the house of Christian faith. The Christians in South Africa are too scared to speak out against (it)," and in another instance government courts are making it clear that he said: "If I was the president of my country I anyone who has an opposing view to homosexuals and is prepared to be vocal on would lock them in cages where they belong. these issues could face imprisonment. They don’t even deserve a prison cell."

As a renowned prophetic teacher once pointed out, the alternate rendering of the root word “fat” is “shaman” (which means oil) and the alternate rendering of the word “province” is “medina” (which just so happens to be a famous city in Saudi Arabia and the second holiest place in Islam). Could it be that the oil fields of Saudi Arabia and the surrounding Arab Gulf states are a strategic asset in the coming rule of the AntiChrist?

Prayer Breakthrough over Mthatha Taxi Wars

USA Role In The Gog of Magog Invasion

Credit: Gateways News

A group of Pastors and church leaders gathered together during April to spiritually address the taxi wars and killings that have been happening in Mthatha through prayer and wider prayer for the city. Wars between taxi operators are not a new phenomenon in South Africa but rather a heavily beleaguered area of concern as many deaths occur as a result. Clashes between Uncedo Taxi Association and Border Alliance Taxi Association took many lives, with a record of 60 lives since 2016 according to Gateway News. These battles occurred as a result of a drive for increased profit and general competition. The roads on target are the N2 Highway and R61 between Mthatha and other surrounding towns. These routes were heavily contested. The Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, responded by announcing an indefinite closure of these routes. The taxi drivers retaliated with protesting and burning of tyres in Mthatha roads. The Mthatha Ministers Fraternal took it upon themselves to gather together for prayer over the city and had taxi drivers attending the citywide prayer meeting on 15 April 2018. “In a packed hall, we saw taxi operators surrendering themselves to Christ. They asked for forgiveness to the community of Mthatha and called for peace.” said Pastor David Mqamelo of Good News Community Church, who was the facilitator of the prayer meeting. The taxi drivers calmed down and in their new found faith in God requested a meeting with Minister Bheki Cele, government leaders and church leaders for purposes of peace. After much talk, they were however warned should further deaths occur as a result of their actions, the minister would shut down their operations indefinitely. The moratorium was lifted and a peace treaty was signed by the two associations, the minister and the MEC. Jesus Christ answered their prayers and peace was restored.

Credit: Politico

The USA has arguably been Israel’s greatest ally since its rebirth as a nation in 1948, and this position has been reinforced by the presidency of Donald Trump. However, scriptures seem to point to a rather passive and diplomatic stance from the USA in response to a coming land invasion of Israel; and it begs the question: what could change in US-Israeli relations from now until the beginning of the tribulation (which is when many scholars believe the invasion will occur) to warrant such a response? Ezekiel 38-39 contains a prophecy against a certain Gog (or prince) of the land of Magog, Meshech and Tubal. Many scholars point out that Meshech and Tubal translates to Moscow and Tobolsk (in Russia), whilst others point out that Magog, Meschech and Tubal are descendants of Japheth (who settled in modern day South-Eastern Europe). According to Ezekiel, God will lure a coalition of states led by Gog to invade Israel at a time when they dwell in “unwalled villages” and “are at rest.”

Interestingly, the majority of the states involved in the invasion are predominantly Islamic. For instance, Persia (Iran), Ethiopia (includes modern day Ethiopia, Sudan and Yemen), Libya, Gomer and Togarmah (Armenia, Turkey and Northern parts of Syria). The result of the invasion will be a defeat of the enemies of Israel, not by the assistance of the USA, but rather by the direct intervention of God. Ezekiel 38:13 describes the passive response of the young lions (which I believe is a reference to the USA, which is an offspring of Great Britain), as well as their allies Sheba and Dedan (Saudi-Arabia and the Arab Gulf states) and Tarshish (could refer to various regions, including Spain, Italy or Great Britain). Why would Israel’s greatest ally refuse to intervene in such an invasion? Could it be pointing to a future regime which is anti-Israel? Or maybe a future state so pre-occupied with homeland issues that they are unable to intervene? I suppose only God knows…

The Spirit of Antichrist Already at Work God came down and destroyed their plan by confusing their language. This plan was unholy, as this was a union of men led by the devil. It is actually the love of God that he destroyed their plan, as they would have been bound by the devil into their own distraction.

Credit: Burning Point Ministries

. Yes, brethren, the spirit of Antichrist is already at work, and we can see its influence in the world around us [1 John 4:3]. Since Satan was cast out of Heaven, he has sought to create his dominion on earth. We know in the olden days, men had one language, and sought to build a Tower of Babel that would reach Heaven.

Now today, the devil is still at work to take over the world and destroy anything godly. We can see with the position of the church in the society today. The church is very lukewarm and complacent; at times there is little distinction between those who profess to be Christians and unbelievers. The church is losing its position of being the light of the world due to much publicized scandals from churches.

The world is drifting further towards ungodliness, there is gender confusion, traditional marriage is under attack, more countries are legalizing abortion, and in South Africa particularly, there are increasing racial tensions. With all of this happening, the Antichrist is preparing to usher himself as the true god, and the solution to all the world’s problems. What does all this mean for Christians? It is becoming harder to worship God in truth in these last days, but He has promised to be with us until the end of this age [Matthew 28:20]. Let us therefore be vigilant, patient, and lean only on God.

Repent for The Kingdom of Heaven is At Hand The book of Genesis starts out with the story of creation and follows with an innocent start of conversation between Eve and the serpent. After failing the test, a devastating judgment by God followed. Man fell; as a result Adam and Eve were stripped from the kingdom of heaven. Contrasting this with the gospel accounts; they start out with a background of Christ and followed with an unequivocal test that hinges on a desire for food as was with Adam. God did not require Adam and Eve to repent in order to regain the Kingdom as one might expect. There was no basis to institute the provisions of repentance from sin as no sacrifice for sin existed then but only a promise of salvation. Now the doorway that was guarded by cherubim with flaming swords is opened to us all. The Lord crushed the serpent and took to the streets with His first call to mankind: ''Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.''(Matthew 4:17).

This passage is by far more fundamental and foundational a piece to everything that followed in the ministry of Christ on this earth - a call to all man to repent. If man are not called to repentance - we as the church would have failed the message of the cross. Without a call to repentance; we have no Christianity, we have no reason to believe that Christ's death and resurrection was of necessity and of any significance to us but a mere theatrical plot of a Dan Brown novel or a historical symbol of love befitting the walls of the world's great museums. Many have turned Christ to a mere historical figure, a liberator of some sort - a narrative of legends. Today, there's no heartfelt repentance and turning to God in the pulpit and pews of the ordinary church. Pastors have failed. The church has lost its power and the world sees it.

We have reduced the cradle of God's love expressed in His fervent desire for us in exchange for a two hour Sunday church service and a hallelujah hooray. We must remember it is the start of repenting to God that draws man close to Him. David Ravenhill, speaks this way on revival: “I am convinced that the single greatest detriment to personal revival is in this whole area of unforgiveness.� And to add; in forgiveness there's repentance of your own sins, those that sinned against you and the sins of others - if we seek for true revival. It is for this purpose he died and now lives to call us yet again to repentance as we reach our journeys end in the final hour of the world. It is the bedrock for His great ministry on the earth. It is the unfolding of God's love like a scroll opened up to the world of man to know the only way to salvation is through Him.

What Christians Should Know About the Hate Speech Bill Since 2016, the South African government has been working on passing the Hate Speech Bill. Under this proposed bill, hate speech would be defined as a clear intention to be harmful or to incite harm, or promote or propagate hatred on the basis of certain characteristics including gender identity. including genderororgender gender identity.

it was revised to include a religious exemption clause. This is a very important and welcomed development for the body of Christ as this law could have led to a clash between the church and government’s law enforcement. The bill was approved by the Cabinet in March, and isand currently in parliament for for March, is currently in parliament approval. Now it is important for Christians to approval. Now it is important for knowChristians about such developments, and even approval. Now it is important for to know about such moredevelopments, importantly, toand keep up about the pressure Christians to know such on even more Parliament to retain the religious clause developments, and even more importantly, to keep up the pressure on exemption. importantly, to the keep up the pressure Parliament to retain religious clause on Parliament to retain the religious exemption.even more importantly, to keep clause up the exemption. pressure on Parliament to

Christians should always be alarmed when government is talking about criminalizing ‘gender identity hate speech’. This can easily mean that preaching about homosexuality as sin could be a crime. The Bible teaches we must be sober and vigilant all the time as our enemy (the devil) seeks to d e v o u r.

retain the religious clause exemption.

This is the moment for those who believe the word of God to be vigilant.

In these last days, the spirit of Antichrist

Now fast forward to 2018, the proposed bill has undergone major changes since it was proposed in 2016. After many churches and christian organizations submitted concerns and complaints about the bill,

is seeking to silence Christians and isolate them them from the society. But He who lives in us is greater than he who is in the world. Let us be vigilant, and continue to work for the glory of God’s Kingdom.

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End times vol 01 week 8  
End times vol 01 week 8