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End Times Date:09 February 2018

Volume 01: Week No. 04

The Taxman Goes To Church Churches Call For A Day of Prayer For Rain In a story by Gateway News - as severe drought conditions persist in parts of South Africa, a group of churches has called on South African Christians to come humbly before the Lord in prayer on Wednesday February 14.

Credit: Destiny Man

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) will engage religious institutions with the intention to investigate possible tax noncompliance in this sector, according to a press release by SARS. The decision follows SARS’ own preliminary investigation, its meeting with the CRL Rights Commission and general reports suggesting that certain religious organisations and leaders are not in compliance with tax laws, and may be enriching themselves. During the previous year, CRL Commission chairperson, Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva, whom was tasked to investigate the abuse of religion, had concluded that “Religion is a big business”. The CRL Commission recommended that religious leaders and institutions must be registered and pay tax like any other business in South Africa (IOL news).

We are yet to find out whether the parliament will approve these recommendations and tax churches like normal businesses. SARS conceded that a number of religious organisations are indeed complying with their tax obligations. This possibly means that the investigation is targeting the wellknown ‘flashy’ ministers who are regarded as enriching themselves through the church. The press release specifically mentioned a concern by SARS on ‘trading activities’ taking place. There is already a heated matter within the church on the appropriateness of selling water or oil by prophets for healing. The Bible mentions praying for those in leadership that we may all live in peace. Although SARS has not mention pursuing the removal of the tax-exempt status for churches, this is a good time for prayer.

The Dutch Reformed Church in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape, the Uniting Reformed Church in the Western Cape, the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, the Congregational Church, the Presbyterian Church, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of South Africa have jointly urged Christians to make the whole Lent period from February 14 (Ash Wednesday) to March 29 a time for humility and prayer in view of the drought. In a letter sent to pastors and congregations this week Dutch Reformed Church Director Synod Ds Danie Mouton asked churches to ring their bells from 12 noon on February 14 to call people to prayer and humbling themselves before the Lord.

National Day of Repentance Bishop Kenneth Ulmer Visits Cape Town

Credit: Africa Christian Action

Left: Bishop Kenneth; Right: Pastor Steve

On 31 January 2018 saw 130 Pastors and Leaders flocking to listen to Bishop Dr. Kenneth Ulmer teaching on the Baptism into Leadership and Transition from Moses to Joshua at Sowers of the Word Church in Lansdowne. The Leaders and Pastors Session was hosted by Pastor Steve [Right] and Louise [Wife] Flandorp, who are friends of the Bishop from the USA, Los Angeles, California. The Bishop heads a ministry called Faithful Central Bible Church. The message of the day was drawing on biblical accounts and characters highlighting instances of leadership shown by God’s servants. Host Pastor Steve Flandorp has this to say: “The Q&A was probably the most valuable as Bishop answered tough ministry questions based on his years of experience.”

On 1 February 2018 South Africans observed a National Day of Repentance led by Africa Christian Action in March-forLife to Parliament with many on their placards and a prayer vigil was also conducted. The event is said to be its 21st march since the legalisation of abortion in our country. It is reported that about 1.5 million unborn babies were legally aborted with taxpayers’ money since 1 February 1997. This National Day of Repentance is specifically repenting for the longhaul abortion regime in South Africa. "When you spread out your hands in prayer, I will hide My eyes from you; even if you offer many prayers, I will not listen. Your hands are full of blood ..." (Isaiah 1:15) quoting a bible verse by Africa Christian Action. Many Christians took up their pro-life placards with tags such as “Abortion is Murder”, “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart” in an outreach outside Bree street abortuary in Cape Town.

One Facebook commenter had this to say: “The last pro-life march I went on was led by ladies who have had an abortion. They know its evil first hand and want others to know. Abortion is a national sin and the Church needs to repent for its silence on this matter!” “Most of the medical personnel in our country are church members. Most of the mothers go to church. Most of the voters in South Africa claim to be Christians. If Christians in South Africa could stop and look at the abortion holocaust in the light of Scripture, if we could understand something of the heart of God on this disgraceful abomination - then we would be roused to action” appeals Africa Christian Action led by Dr Peter Hammond

Christians Winning Religious Licensing Battle

Credit: Getty Images

Last week Tuesday marked a monumental great turn of events in the political and religious arena in South Africa in consideration of many attempts by the Cultural, Religious and Linguistics Rights Commission (‘CRL Commission’) to get parliament to agree to look into licensing faith based establishments due to horrifying incidents of people eating rats, snakes, grass and many of these incidents happening in churches. These attempts of religious licensing failed, as no support was received from the Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) Parliamentary Portfolio Committee for such regulation. The CRL Commission had a golden opportunity last year to prove their case for religious licensing in a parliamentary hearing held on November 2017; instead they focused their attack on Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA), the organization that primarily represents Christians.

While FOR SA proved to COGTA that the CRL Commission misrepresented the truth of its wide support from religious groups for its licensing and that a proper consultative conference should be held with various religious groups. Last week’s meeting went in favour of the Christian community as many fears of governmental control over religion were looming in the minds of many Christians who love their faith. Significantly, no member of the COGTA Committee endorsed the CRL’s proposal to license and regulate religion, or recommended that it be forwarded for adoption and implementation by Parliament. They therefore supported a proposal for a national consultative conference, where a full discussion could take place on the issues raised in the CRL’s report according to a news update by FOR SA.

While abusive practices should be condemned, the Christian faith still faces serious challenges of hostility. This marks for a sign that Jesus Christ is coming soon.

Maranatha – Oh Lord Come!!!

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Hatred Jezebel Holds For God’s Servants Hatred Jezebel holds for God’s bondservants. In this present age Jezebel has translated herself into many different forms but one of the primary rules in this present age is her amalgamation with Babylon, the spirit of the world and lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Jezebel rules electronic media – film, television and advertising. She is the epitome of seduction in this last age. The same spirit of Jezebel was Delilah, Salome, King Herod. She rules pornography, adultery, homosexuality, pride, power, separation, divorce and ambition and every perversion and sin of the flesh known to mankind. Many of God’s ministers today struggle with pornography, many of them struggle now with lust on a daily basis. Multitudes are struggling against a terrible coldness of heart within their marriages and families. Many came out of a deeply sinful lifestyle or out of deep-rooted rejections and as it was a way of past generation.

For too many of God’s children were not discipled effectively and did not receive effective healing in the areas that propelled them into that habitual sin; especially among the leaders in this generation. The church has been so embroiled in self-righteousness. How can we stand? There is only one way to survive the onslaught of sin. Firstly, to repent of any sin, lukewarmness and backsliding in your heart; and to reignite and maintain zealously your first love for Christ. Secondly, keep yourself from all idols and remain fervent in the Spirit which is the result of true fellowship in spirit and truth with the Father and of feeding on the word until they become spirit and life to you. The greatest weapon to survive the onslaught is for the children of God to take up their cross daily and to die to everything in their souls and their minds which opposes the truth. Let go of that lower life which is the flesh and continually mortify their minds and bodies, and to put death the deeds of the flesh.

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End Times Vol 01 Week 4  
End Times Vol 01 Week 4