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l e e ja s o n k r u e g e r memorial scholarship Lee Krueger’s legacy of a strong faith will now be a blessing to those who spend every day encouraging young people to make that kind of faith their own. “One of Lee’s doctors said, ‘I’ve never met a young man with such strong faith who depended on the Lord like he did,’ ” said Loren Krueger, Lee’s father. Tricia Krueger, Lee’s wife, said health workers who cared for her husband before he died in 1999 still talk about him. “His faith and his peace amazed them,” she said. Others will remember Lee Krueger for many years to come, thanks to his parents having established the Lee Jason Krueger Memorial Scholarship at Maranatha. The scholarship will go to a Teacher Education major entering their junior or senior year. Loren and Lila Krueger wanted to create a fitting memorial to their son, who told them he believed the Lord was leading him to work as a business manager at a Bible college. The Onalaska, Wisconsin, native attended Pillsbury Baptist Bible College for two years, then enrolled at UWLaCrosse to finish pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Economics. During his first semester there, he developed soreness in his lower leg that was later diagnosed

as osteogenic sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. He spent four-and-a-half years bravely fighting the disease and its negative effects. Two years into that battle, he married Tricia Buhrow, one of his best friends from high school. Tricia had earned an associate’s degree in Secretarial Science at Maranatha, graduating in 1996. “I think this scholarship is a great thing,” Tricia said. “Lee was very supportive of Bible colleges.” Loren Krueger, a retired Trane air conditioning products designer, said the youngest of his four children was a talented pianist and an excellent student. Two of his sisters earned education degrees at Pillsbury, helping give Lee a concern for education and educators. “Lee was a quiet, studious guy who would blend in with the crowd so well you wouldn’t know he was there,” Loren said. “He wasn’t afraid to talk about the Lord, though. Every one of those nurses who helped care for him had been witnessed to. They didn’t have to be around him long before he would start sharing his faith with them.” The scholarship was established and first awarded in the spring of 2012. The first recipient was Courtney Goodvin. Half of the scholarship money will be awarded in the fall semester, and the other half in the following spring semester.

Scholarship Review 2014  
Scholarship Review 2014  

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