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Bring Self Undone to your ministry:

The program involves the use of voice‐over work as well as audio/video aids in presenta‐ tion. Here are some questions to ask yourself in possibly having this special presentation in church:  Does your church have a digital projector?  Are you able to play recorded voices and music over your sound system?  Can the lights on the stage area of your auditorium be dimmed in any way?   Is there someone in the church who can locate some antique or historic‐looking furniture pieces?   Does your church have a lapel mic that Christina can wear?

Interested in having Christina in your ministry? Give us a call or email us at:

About the Program: Self‐Undone is a one‐woman dra‐ matic portrayal of the life of Amy Carmichael from her calling as a young woman to her amazing minis‐ try to the people of India. Christina Miller, the presenter, becomes Car‐ michael, adopting her dress and even her Irish brogue. Many of the lines from the script are taken di‐ rectly from Amy Carmichael’s own writings. Self‐Undone utilizes live action, voice‐over recordings, music, and slides in an engaging way to draw the audience into the deeper truths depicted by Carmichael’s dynamic life of service. Self Undone lasts roughly an hour and is appropriate for everyone from elemen‐ tary age chil‐ dren to adults.

“Self Undone...two small words, and yet in them, one of the greatest messages one can tell…” So begins this powerful presentation of Amy Carmichael’s life and ministry that has chal‐ lenged, blessed, and impact‐ ed church groups and Chris‐ tian schools around the country. “Self Undone. The very stripping away of the wants, desires, prefer‐ ences, hopes, feelings, opin‐ ions, and ambitions so that the creature bows empty and naked before the Creator.”

About the Presenter: Christina Miller attended Bob Jones University, majoring in Interpretive Speech. She is wife to Jeff, who teaches college speech, and mother to Ethan, Trey, and Lyvia. God fueled her passion for speech through her formal training, and has honed and shaped her craft through interaction with her husband’s dra‐ ma ministry, her teaching and coaching students in the dramatic arts , and her own personal acting experience. In addition, Christina enjoys reading, singing, and teach‐ ing Spanish.

Self Undone  

A Glimpse of Amy Carmichael; Servant of God

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