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AutoCAD Layer review

Note: Constraintinfer to 0

Model space and page set-up manager

Right click on the layout And then click on Page Setup Manager… And then modify… Click on “Quick View Layouts” for an alternative to right clicking the layout tab

Use PDF as a virtual default printer To print on the first floor choose – Students for you. On the ground floor choose the T1100 in HT012 and the DJ500 in HT005

To print out in black and white – choose monochromedefault is usually set to none and we set line/pen colour by layer

A3 most of the time

Plot scale should always be 1:1 in mm This is where the vast majority of printing errors

What to Plot: Display – Current display and model space Extents – the whole of the drawing in model space Layout – your current layout/Paperspace view (the white page) Window – select a portion of the drawing to print

To change document to colour go to ‘Properties’ then ‘Custom properties’ (middle) then set up tab colour/black and white (bottom left) choose colour

Double click here to operate a window (zoom) into model space

Double click here to operate (zoom) paperspace

To scale a viewport – double click the viewport (it’ll have a bold outline) then select the Viewport scale tab

Model Space and Page setup Manager  

Details of how to preview the Model Space and how to edit the Page setup Manager

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