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What is  epoxy  resin?     Epoxy  resin  is  a  type  of  durable  glue  that  is  used  in  a  variety  of   situations,  including  house  appliances.  A  tough,  chemically  resistant       When  was  epoxy  resin  developed?     Epoxy  was  first  developed  in  the  United  States  in  the  late  1920s.  Epoxy   was  later  used  worldwide  in  a  variety  of  situations.       Where  is  epoxy  resin  used?     1.  Adhesives:  An  epoxy  resin  adhesive  is  a  strong  material  that  glues   items  back  together  and  forms  a  strong  bond  between  the  two   materials.     2.  Coatings:  coating  epoxy  resins  are  used  to  protect  the  materials  that   are  painted  on.  It  is  resistant  to  fire,  strong  and  durable  as  a  paint  or   coating.     3.  Electrical  insulation:  epoxy  resins  protect  electronic  circuits  for  them   to  meet  the  highest  standards.     4.  Garages:  really  good  for  garages  because  of  the  many  colours  and   designs  that  are  available       Specifications  of  epoxy  resin:     Epoxy  resin  has  a  strong  odor.  If  it’s  used  it  should  always  be  used  in  a   well-­‐ventilated  area.  Also,  the  proper  amount  of  epoxy  and  hardener   should  be  mixed  thoroughly;  otherwise  the  epoxy  will  not  harden  from   its  liquid  state.  Resin  takes  approximately  24  to  48  hours  to  dry,   depending  on  humidity  of  the  environment.        

Comparison   When  comparing  Epoxy  Resin  with  other  materials,  you  find  that  Epoxy   has  great  bonding  strength.  It  sticks  at  2,000  lbs.  per  square  inch.   Vinylester  resins  stick  at  500  lbs.  per  square  inch.  Polyester  resins  stick   at  less  than  that.     Cost     Epoxy  is  the  most  expensive.  One  quart  costs  about  £25.  Vinylester  is   about  £15.  Polyester  is  about  £10      

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