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EPP – Week 5 Commands

(Press Spacebar or Enter to Execute Command)


Line Tool (Move curser in a direction and enter a distance


To measure a Distance


Zoom Enter the A option


Turns Snap On/Of


Cancels a command


To delete a line

Mouse To Zoom Scroll the Wheel To Pan Press the Wheel Marquee Selection Blue: Left to Right – Selects everything totally inside the selection box Green: Right to Left – Selects everything inside the selection box AND everything that intersects


-Brings up the quick object snap menu -

Select OSNAP Settings

2- Click Select All

1- Then take off Nearest

TRIM To trim – select the full circle press space bar highlight the lines you want to trim press enter

To draw an Ellipse

Shortcut EL

Specify Start point and point the curser in the direction of the Axis Then enter distance of axis one Then enter the distance of axis two

To Copy an Object Co

Select Objects Press Enter to “OK” selection Select Basepoint (where you ‘pick the object up’) Place the copies – you can select distances or Select OSNAP points

To Offset an Object O

Select the offset distance (either select the distance on screen by clickinhg on the mouse on two points – or enter a value) Select the Object to offset, Select which side you wish to Offset

AutoCAD Commands  

AutoCAD Commands and screenshots of each command

AutoCAD Commands  

AutoCAD Commands and screenshots of each command