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Maram pmc Project Management Consultancy (for your wish homes and properties) _______________________________________________________________________ Maram Constructions has designed a fabulous service in combination of construction and software services (from Maram Software), suitable for NRI’s and also the clients who are willing to get their wish homes/properties constructed in the hands of experts, still keeping themselves involved in every step, our software enables you to experience construction process with pictures, videos and also helps you choose materials and services right from your desktop with quotes from dozens of vendors.

FEATURES & SERVICES Online Web Services:  Quotes & Approvals – every purchase ensures the approval of client and consultant  Inventory & Bills - Transparency guaranteed  Videos & Pictures – visually updating progress of project  Budgeting - Task wise & Month wise  Timelines Management – task wise analysis, shared calendar and reminders.  Complete Project Overview – tracking of purchases, tasks timeline & execution.  Consultants, Suppliers, Service Providers and Contractors, Just a click away!  Watch on prices of cement, steel & others to save money. On – Site Services:  Project manager & the expertise team  Licensing Process of Project  Supervision of Construction process  Responsibility of Work execution  Security & Stock Responsibility  Gadgets sync with server for timely data uploading. (Stock, progress, pictures etc.)

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OUR APPROACH Concept to Completion We will be into your wish home right from “concept to completion”, involving us in every aspect , helping you choose wisely from the varied options for every single material, service & also enable to experience the progress of project visually from your desktop, with expertise supervision in the construction process and living comforts of the project. Hence, we don’t keep our selves restricted in offering every possible service. (Let’s say, pickup and drop of elderly parents residing in same city.) It’s not just you, whole team works for your wish home   

Watch on prices of cement, steel & other variables, planning helps to save money. Bringing as many suppliers as possible to help you choose wise. Your Routines & Work Priorities are not affected by construction work anymore.

Professional Approach       

Wider approach with linear programming & task chains along with economy, quality, & timely deliveries. Every Drawing & Details with measurements are available at finger tips. Weekly and monthly task-wise, budget planning. Day-to-day work progress tracking For every single task of your wish home, we will help you reach maximum vendors and get the best deal & best quality Value for Every Rupee Spent - reduction of wastage caused due to unprofessional practices. Optimum promise - delivery ratio.

Technology Advantage 

Every Decision can be made online by viewing lot of options with online quotes and galleries.  Photos & Videos of the Work Progress are made available over Internet.  Task schedules - Online tracking

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Transparency 

Every Supplier, Service Provider, Technical and Non-Technical professional involved in the project is selected by the client with help of Maram Team.  Execution of every task in project is performed with multi-level approvals to with no tolerance for errors.  Proper Inventory Management with security services  Complete Accounting Transparency with Purchase orders, Invoices & Delivery challans.

Quality Promise Maram PMC is operated by the management of Maram Constructions, we believe in providing the luxurious quality at economic prices promising the value for every rupee invested. At Maram, Clients purchase multiple properties from us, which is the ultimate indicator of our performance and our investment in long-lasting relationships, fair business practices, consistency, transparency, punctual work schedules are strong set of principles that drive all our efforts. Hence, Maram Constructions is renowned for its quality standards and transparency to the clients.

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Maram Constructions has designed a fabulous service in combination of construction and software services (from Maram Software), suitable for...