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To open large-sized trenches

Chain trencher Process

Opening of trenches intended for large diameter networks (power supplly, drainage, water, sanitation, gas, etc.) in a rural or urban environment

Cutting chain Marais patented (single or multiple) with double drive unit

Specific features Track-mounted machine to cut very deep and large-width trenches

Assets  everal widths and depths S available for each model  renching components T interchangeable depending on the ground to be cut  emoval of the excavated R materials by the conveyor belt reversible either on the right or on the left  ingle bank stacking of the S excavated materials  eamless quality and cleanliness S of the trench bottom thanks to a scraping shoe  igh yield thanks to the double H drive unit of the cutting chain  fficient grip increased by the E articulated and self-operating tracks  lean trench edges thanks C to two side scrapers  ower building costs thanks to a L constant trench section

Features of the trenching tool Type : S  ingle or multiple cutting chain with double drive unit Cutting widths (E) 600 to 1060 mm 1060 to 1300 mm

Cutting depths (D) 1000 to 2500 mm 2000 to 2500 mm

TRANCHEUSES_A_CHAINE_ENG _03/12 - Specifications as shown are not binding to the manufacturer and may be changed without prior notice. The equipment offered in this leaflet can include optional fittings and devices.

Chain type SM 500 C SM 700 C

Sizes and weight of the unit Length (A) Width (B) Height (C) Weight

SMC 500 C 11.5 m 2.90 m 3.40 m 42 T

SMC 700 C 14.5 m 3.10 m 3.50 m 62 T

Motorisation Thermal diesel motor which generates a power of : - SMC 500 C = 550 HP - SMC 700 C = 700 HP

Technical diagram


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