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Building of fiber optic networks on motorways and express roads

MĂŠtĂŠor Process

Performance of grooves for the deployment of optic networks on motorways and express roads

Dry sawing with suction and simultaneous collection of the excavated material  imultaneous mechanical S laying of a fiber optic cable and a protection seal  illing with a hot applied F slurry seal

Specific features Easily usable road vehicle Sound-proofing of the components Excavated material loaded by suction No material nor dust thrown out during earth works  uick network Q deployment process

Assets  leanliness of the groove C and job site  ehicle traffic not interrupted V during the works Limited disturbance to residents Increased safety of the work site  reservation of P the road foundations Quick restoration of the highway Reduction in building costs

Innovation  ombined sawing and suction C of the excavated material

Output  p to 2,500 lm/day U on a motorway

Features of the sawing tool Type : axially driven dry sawing disc Sawing width : 10 mm Sawing depth : up to 100 mm

Sizes and weight of the unit Length in working position : 11 m Length in transport position : 9 m Width : 2.50 m Height : 3.60 m Unloaded weight : 20 tons Loaded weight : 26 tons Excavated material loading capacity of the bucket : 6 m3 abounded Unloading height of the bucket : 1.50 m Height of the bucket in lifted position : 5.50 m

Technical diagram

Motorisation Moteur thermique diesel 360 ch (264 kW) Turbine hydraulique de 85 kW

Frame Road carrier 6x4

Accessories  xcavated material suction unit E 24,000 m3/hr rate Video guiding system Radiocontrol piloting Dual feed system mechanical/hydrostatic  omplete filtration of air rejections with C automatic filter cleaning system  echanic laying equipment equipped with M a groove cleaning/blowing system


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Side offset of the tool outside the machine : 250 mm opposite side from driving seat (right or left)

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Meteor (EN)  

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