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Tamara Manson

I would like to focus on animation, using either Flash or After Effects. I would also like to bring some form of photography into the animation mainly something subtle or just a few simple images so that it fits into my visual style. I would like my animation to have depth, detail and hold some sort of meaning, whether it be relevant or something personal. I have looked at various styles of illustrations and character styles; many of these have a sort of pop art/manga style to them. I like the feel of the Japanese elements and how it relates to pop culture.

TokiDoki - Simone Legno

After looking at many styles I did some sketches of my own to try and find out what sort of style I could go for. I drew a basic character as I like to make simple drawings that have a cartoon type feel towards them and also have a fun look about them.

I am drawn a lot towards scenery and find myself taking many photographs of landscapes, scenery and a lot of greenery. I have found many examples of animation that have a scenic feel and what really appealed to me is that these are also made up of mixed media, as they have taken photographic and real elements joining them with animation.

These Images have been taken from the book: Motion by Design - Spencer Drate, David Robbins, Judith Salavetz

PSYOP Sheryl Crow ‘Good is Good’

Mathematics Betchadupa ‘My Army of Birds and Gulls’

National Television ‘Exercise your Music Muscle’

After looking at many areas of animation and illustrative styles I began to do a few sketches of very simple ideas I have had, just to practice my skills and to try and develope the ideas I have. From doing this I have found an idea to start me off which I will work on and see where it takes me. I had an idea of creating a test scene using leaves, after talking to Katrina about this and taking a few photographs of leaves it gave me a more developed idea.

The idea I delevoped from this is to create a series of four animations that are all naturally relevant to each other, but also hold a relationship between them thay will also make not only a physical connection but a visual connection that draws your eyes to this pleasing yet calming set of animations. I will create these animation based around four main parts of scenery that will also relate to the four seasons; Leaves, Snow, Rain and the Sun. I want each animation to be visually enhancing but mostly I would like to see some sort of interaction between the user and the animation. So to achieve this the way the animation will be presented will be like an illusion, it will show the simulation of something that is real but really it has been computer generated. Each animation will represent a window and through each window the viewer will be able to see real life elements falling down and across each window, and some or part of these elements will actually fall onto the window or brush across the window in a way that will have the effect as if it were a real window that the viewer is gazing out of. I am still deciding what angle I would like to use, whether it would be straight vertical window that would be similar to say a bedroom window, or whether I will have the window slightly slanted as if it were placed on the ceiling like a sky-lite.

Major Project Proposal  

A proposal for my major project dicussing my work in progress and my ideas.

Major Project Proposal  

A proposal for my major project dicussing my work in progress and my ideas.