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SCHOOL NEWS BOTELLO SAYS GOODBYE TO SINGLENESS Since the past September 10, Ivan Botello, from the school Instituto Verde Valle, has lost his singleness by catching the heart of the beautiful and lucky Michelle Cociurel. As every relationship, at the beggining they were shy, but now that they have been dating for one month we see them more comfortable with each other, seems like great news! Lately we have seen them always together as a good couple. Sources confirm: “I think it´s a veru cute couple because they match perfectly. I thought they were never going to be together cause Ivan had a hard time trying to tell his feelings to Michelle, but thank god he finally told her. They belong to each other, I knew it! Ivan liked her since first grade so it´s good news to hear they are doing well.”

MARA INJURES HER NECK Last Monday, at school while playing volleyball, the student Mara Carvajal injured her neck. What happened was that in the playground, Ivan Botello was also playing football instead of volley and when he hit the ball, the ball slammed in her face and sprained her neck. As we talked to her she confirmed: “Yes, my neck has a first degree sprain. Thanks to God nothing worse happened. I´m not mad at Ivan at all, I just told him to be carefull. When we were playing I told him like 3 times not to play because he was going to hurt someone and I was richt! He hurted me! Haha well, accidents happen and when you least expect, they happen to you.” Well, good luck next one Mara! We wish you the best. Guys, next time be more carefull please, you me even get kicked out of school.

YAY! Seems like this couple will last for a while, or that´s what Michelle thinks: “I think every little thing is going to be alritght, he is a total gentleman! I can´t believe I had the luck of being his girl, i´m having a great time with him. He´s not only my “boyfriend” his also my friend, bestfriend actually. I know I can trust him every time without disappointing me. That´s all I can say.” OWW! Look how she added “his girl” ! Go couples!

Sprain in the neck.

HALLOWEEN PARTY As we all know, a Halloween party is coming! Every body is so excited and we can´t wait till the party starts! We hope we see new and original costumes, we will see you all there.

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