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Free Time


Read and fill in the blanks with the words given below. Once you finish, check your answers. Gardening/ doing/ skydiving/ writing/ Going/ winning Grammys/ hobby/ plastic action figures/ risky/ collection/


fencing/ sport/ took up/do/ collecting



Camping We are all different and we like different things. Some people like simple and relaxing things like 1)_____to the movies, 2)_______ or listening to music. Others like 3)________more risky activities like mountaineering, fence and even 4)_______. 5)___ you want

Collecting Stamps

to know what Taylor Swifft, Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith like?



Let’s start with women. When Taylor Swift isn’t out on tour, 6)_______ songs, or 7)_____________ and CMA awards, she loves making crafts. The young country superstar makes Christmas snow globes with her friends. Perhaps she can write a song about her new 8) ______. Mr. DiCaprio loves 9) ___________ tiny 10) _____________. Considering the amount of money his films have made, he might become an action figure himself one day. His 11) _______includes 'Star Wars' and 'He-Man' action figures, as well as other vintage toys.

Playing billiards

Guess the rule!

Finally, Will Smith who enjoys swordplaying. The Hollywood actor likes fencing because his good friend Tom Cruise introduced him to the 12) ______. David Beckham also practices this sport. When time allows, the three men get together and fence in a practice room 13) __Tom’s house.

Observa con cuidado las oraciones en negritas.

Transforma los siguientes verbos y sustantivos en gerundios

Escribe los cuatro verbos que expresan un gusto (a like). 14)



music/watch/dance/paint/w alk/ box/play tennis.


15) 22) 16) 23) Escribe la siguiente palabra que sigue a los verbos que acabas de escribir arriba 17)

29) 30)

24) 25) 26)

18) 29) 20)

Responde la siguientes preguntas


27)Do you like trying new things?

Rule DespuĂŠs de

los verbos

like/enjoy/ love siempre va un verbo o sutantivo + 23)______ * Para expresar que algo no te gusta puedes usar los verbos: dislike (desagradar), detest (destestar), hate (odiar) y can’t stand (no soportar algo) + verb/noun +


28)What kind of things?

29)What things do you hate doing at your home?

30)What do you love doing with your friends?

Answersheet Going; 2) gardening; 3) doing; 4) skydiving; 5) Do; 6) writing; 7) winning Grammys; 8) hobby; 9)loves; 10) plastic action figures; 11) collection; 12) sport; 13) at 14) like; 15) love; 16) enjoy; 17) doing; 18) making; 19) collecting; 20) swordplaying; 21) fencing; 22) ing; 23) travelling; 24) playing music; 25) watching; 26) dancing; 27) painting; 28) walking; 29) boxing; 30) playing tennins D 1) Yes/ no, I like/I don’t like trying new things 2) I like trying + noun/verb +ing 3) I hate noun /verb + ing 4) I love noun/ verb + ing.

Hoja fija 8 ( vocabulary) gustos y preferencias ing verb