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ID: 24.360.818-T DATE OF BIRTH: 07.06.1981 NATIONALITY: Spain ADRESS: Koning Albertstraat 5, 8500. Kortrijk PHONE NR.: 0483/599.758 E-MAIL: DRIVING LICENSE: B1 (Full & Clean)

2007:“Marques de Caro” Hotel. Valencia (Spain). Realized. Architectural studio [Javier Domínguez]

Education 2009: Master in Conservation of A r c h i t e c t u ra l Heritage [ U n i ve r s i d a d Po l i t é c n i c a de Va l e n c i a (Spain)] 2009: Architect-Engineer [Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain)]

2007: Municipal Market. Almansa (Spain). Draft project. Architectural studio [Javier Domínguez]

Professional Experience 2012: Nursery school and Kindergarten. Competition [in collaboration with Luis Calvete ] 2011: Buñol’s Castel Surroundings. Competition [in collaboration with Luis Calvete] 2010:Headquarters of “Casa del Mediterraneo” Foundation. Competition [in collaboration with Luis Calvete]

2009: Restoration of Santa Maria del Castillo Church. Rubi de Bracamonte (Spain). Ongoing. Liberal profession [in collaboration with Casar y Montesinos] 2007: College buildings. Alicante (Spain). Competition. Architectural studio [Javier Domínguez]

2007: Headquarters of Frax Foundation. Alfaz del Pí (Spain). Partial realized. Architectural studio [Javier Domínguez]

I.T. & Others Design software: Autocad, 3D Studio, Sketch up Image processing: Adobe Suit (Photoshop, In Design), PTLens, ASRix Measurements: Presto Microsoft Office: Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint Languages: Spanish: mother tongue English: B1 Dutch: A2 Italian: A2 Others Last years I have worked not only as an architect collaborating with other colleagues but also I have developed other kind of works. I have also attended several courses and studied two years of the degree in Art History at the University of Valencia.



Public building Competition Location: Zaldibar (Spain) Collaborators: Luis Calvete (arch), Lorena Emperador (arch) The town council of Zaldibar wanted a new building for nursery school and kindergarten. The main aim was a modular building that could be built in two stages in summer periods, with the most advanced energy-saving installations and complying with all regulations required for children care. Both stages had to work as a single building, with common services.

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NURSERY SCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN _2 Public building Location: Zaldibar (Spain)



Competition Collaborators: Luis Calvete (arch), Lorena Emperador (arch)






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Urban Recovery Competition Location: Buñol (Spain) Collaborators: Luis Calvete (arch), Victor Soriano (arch), Daniel Domingo (arch) The Castle is located in the city center of Buñol. For ages, the dwellings have been built against its walls. Nowadays most of these buildings are ruins and are going to be demolished so the city council organized this competition to improve the surroundings and entrances of the castle and propose new uses for the free spaces, with a very limited budget.

BUÑOL’S CASTEL SURROUNDINGS _2 Urban Recovery Location: Buñol (Spain)


Competition Collaborators: Luis Calvete (arch), Victor Soriano (arch), Daniel Domingo (arch)



Cultural building / Restoration Competition Location: Alicante (Spain) Collaborators: Luis Calvete (arch), Victor Soriano (arch) The “Casa del Mediterraneo” Foundation organized this competition to restore an old train station into his new headquarters. We projected a new construction underneath the railroad platform for the auditorium with an open air access, to protect the space and the internal structure of the original building where are placed the offices and the other spaces required.



Church Client: Junta de Castilla y Le贸n Location: Rubi de Bracamonte (Spain) Studio: Casar y Montesinos The project consists of the restoration of the parish church of Rubi de Bracamonte (valladolid). Among other works the restoration involves a study of the interventions of the pathology of the outer walls, a change of the roof, new systems of water evacuation and a new spiral staircase with access to the choir.

RESTORATION OF SANTA MARIA DEL CASTILLO CHURCH _2 Church Location: Rubi de Bracamonte (Spain)


Client: Junta de Castilla y Le贸n Studio: Casar y Montesinos



Cultural building College Work Location: La Roda (Spain) My Final Project is a Young Artists Center. Part of the project is in an early twentieth century manor placed in the main square of the village that is restorated for new uses (library, cafeteria, reception...). The other part is located in new buildings that are in the rear of the manor. A multipurpose hall, music and dance spaces, classrooms ... these new uses require larger areas and volumes therefore new structures are designed for it.

YOUNG ARTISTS CENTER _2 Cultural building Location: La Roda (Spain)

[2009] College Work

YOUNG ARTISTS CENTER _3 Cultural building Location: La Roda (Spain)

[2009] College Work

1. Cimentación de mampostería e= 70cm. 2. Terreno apisonado e=20 cm. 3. Pavimento cerámico existente. 4. Dintel de madera y ladrillo cerámico. 5. Muro de tapia e=70 cm. 6. Durmiente de ladrillo. 7. Losa de h.a. e=5 cm. 8. Barandilla existente. 9. Viguetas de madera 25x15 cm. 10. Revoltón de yeso. 11. Rellenos. 12. Falso techo de cañizo. 13. Cornisa. 14. Canalón. 15. Par de madera 27x16 cm. 16. Parecillos.

17. Tableros cerámicos. Doble hilera tomados con mortero de cal. 18. Capa de mortero de cal. 19. Teja curva cerámica tomada con mortero. 20. Hilera. 21. Teja de remate. 22. Durmientes de h.a. 23. Paneles de uralita 2.2x1.1 apoyados sobre la cubierta. 24. Pavimento cerámico exterior. 25. Mortero de agarre. 26. Hormigón de pendientes. 27. Forjado de h.a. con revoltón. 28. Viguetas metálicas IPE 180. 29. Muro de tapia e= 50 cm. 30. Cimentación y zócalo estructural de mampostería e= 50 cm. 31. Encachado de bolos e=15 cm. 32. Hormigón de limpieza e=7.5 cm. 33. Encofrado sistema Caviti h=20 cm. 34. Hormigón HA-25 h=20+5 cm. 35. Poliestireno expandido e=5 cm. 36. Barras de anclaje ø12c50 cm de longitud 50cm tomadas con resina epoxi a la cimentación de mampostería en una longitud de 20-25 cm. 37. Mallazo de reparto B-500T 15x15xø6. 38. Aislamiento térmico. Placas rígidas de poliestireno extruido e=4 cm. 45kg/m3. 39. Fieltro geotextil. 40. Pavimento cerámico interior. 41. Panel de madera KERTO. 2 uds. 120x240x3 cm contrapeados, unidos a las viguetas con tirafondos cada 10 cm en el metro inicial de cada extremo y cada 20 cm. en el resto. Los tirafondos han de tener como remate un vástago sin rosca para no dañar la madera. Los tableros se unirán entre sí mediante platabandas. 42. Lámina antiimpacto. 43. Tarima flotante. 44. Proyector con transformador electrónico y regulador de intensidad luminosa. 45. Cielo raso. 46. Vierteaguas de zinc sobre mortero de cal. 47. Canalón de zinc. 48. Capa de yeso negro con malla de fibra de vidrio. 49. Rastrel. 50. Aislamiento térmico. Corcho e=4 cm. 51. Lámina impermeable goretex. 52. Lámina impermeable de betún elastómero SBS e=2 mm. 53. Arcilla expandida perlita de espesor medio 15cm. para formación de pendientes. 54. Perfil metálico para fijación de la impermeabilización. 55. Imprimación asfáltica. 56. Lámina impermeable de betún elastómero. 57. Lámina nodular drenante de polietileno. 58. Lámina geotextil de poliéster. 59. Relleno de gravas. 60. Tubo de drenaje de PVC rígido. 61. Cunetón de hormigón.



Educational building Client: Competition Location: Alicante (Spain) Studio: Javier Dominguez This complex is designed to house several institutes of research linked with the University of Alicante. The aim of the project is to design a building with all the facilities that this kind of uses require but with enough freedom to let every institute to occupy all the space it needs, with the possibility to build a new oor when it were needed.



Housing & Hotel / Restoration Client: Private Location: Valencia (Spain) Studio: Javier Dominguez Located in the city center of Valencia, this urban palace built around the Moorish wall was restored to be a 5* hotel. The patrimonial regulations and the quality standards of the 5* hotels made this project a puzzle to be assembled in the Middle-Age urban pattern of Valencia’s downtown.

HEADQUARTERS OF FRAX FOUNDATION Cultural building Client: Frax Foundation Location: Alfaz del Pi (Spain) Studio: Javier Dominguez Located in Albir beach, the headquarters of the Frax Foundation is going to be one of the cultural referents of the region with two exhibition areas, a library, a conference room and an auditorium for 500 seats .




Public building Client: Competition Location: Almansa (Spain) Studio: Javier Dominguez Located in the city center of the historical village of Almansa, quite near the castle, the new municipal market was equipped to be the new commercial center of the region with a mall, ofďŹ ces, parking, several outdoor and indoor shops and a modern market.

portfolio mar quintanilla  

portfolio mar quintanilla architect

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