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What is the Ulster Project? The Ulster Project International is an all-volunteer, 501 (c)(3) organization. Our mission is to do something actively to help heal the wounds in Northern Ireland. This done by promoting reconciliation between Northern Irish Catholics and Protestants through the fostering of tolerance, understanding, and friendship among teenage future leaders. The Project brings together Northern Irish teens of differing Christian faiths together in a strife-free atmosphere that emphasizes acceptance of all people regardless of creed. Ireland has been a country at war with itself for over eight hundred years. In this century the island has been separated into two political units, Protestant and Catholic. Northern Ireland consists of six counties that make up the province of Ulster. Ulster is located at the Northeast corner and is still a part of the United Kingdom. It is here that the polarization of the Catholics and Protestants comes sharply into focus. The dissension takes form in politically directed violence and isolation by religious communities. In the Project, teens from Northern Ireland, half Catholic and half Protestant come to America for one month in the summer to live in private homes with families that also have a teen of the same sex, age, and denomination. Two adult representatives also come along to help guide the Project. One chaperone is Protestant and one is Catholic. During the Project, the entire group of Irish and American teenagers meet several times a week for encounter sessions and social activities. The teens develop a mutual trust and friendship, which enables them to witness, firsthand, the peaceful mixture of different religious denominations. They are shown the similarities of people rather than the small differences. After the Irish teens return to Ireland the participating clergy plan reunions and meetings, which allow the friendships, formed during the Project. It takes approximately $12,000.00 each year to fund this project. The money goes to pay for one-half of the Irish teens plane tickets, insurance, and activities we do during the month of July. We get this money through donations from various companies, groups and organizations. We are asking for your donation. More information is accessible through contacting Board Members: Phil Johnson (337-439-9952/ or Judy Ward (337-439-1663/ or logging on to the Ulster web site.

Memory Verse Colossians 3:23 NIV: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men

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Christian Summer Camps Pic Here Worship during pre-teen camp at Dry Creek. D.A. By Dan Allen There are many Christian camps and retreats in both of the states CSN serves. Most have at least some primitive facilities, and some rival resort hotels. Many Christian camps conduct organized programs for children at the middle and high school levels, especially during the summer time. Just about all camp and retreat facilities offer opportunities for their quests to enjoy natural surroundings and to participate in recreational activities.

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By definition, most folks will expect Campers on the challenge course ropes at Dry Christian camps to uphold ChrisCreek Camp. tian values and provide opportunities for spiritual growth. Dry Creek Baptist Camp is a good example of a ministry that offers a quality Christian camping experience. This camp ground is situated in some of the piney woods of Southwest Louisiana. Over the years nice facilities for dining, lodging, and recreation have been developed at Dry Creek; however, it remains a Christ centered place for the children and families that go there to retreat from routine life for a while. Todd Burnaman is the manager for Dry Creek Baptist Camp, and he provided the following comments for parents and children that are considering summer camps:

May 2009

Plant a Delicious Herb Garden By Derrick Singleton

Imagine reaching out your kitchen door and picking home-grown herbs for your salad or main course. Fresh herbs add great flavor to the meal. Besides, their fragrance and beauty enhance any garden. Plant one anywhere - in the ground or in containers. Project Steps: Choose What You Want to Grow, and Where. Find a spot that gets at least four to six hours of sunlight a day, then decide what herbs you want. If your area is sunny, then basil, chives, cilantro, dill, oregano, parsley, and rosemary are good candidates. If you only have partial sun, go with herbs such as bee balm, lemon balm, catnip, and mint. Prepare Your Soil: It’s always a good idea to mix in nutrient-rich organic material to your soil, such as Miracle-Gro® Organic Choice® Garden Soil. This will give your herbs a good start as they get established. Plant Your Herbs: Check the instructions on your herbs to see how they should be spaced. To avoid shocking your herbs, plant them in the early morning. First, dig out a hole that is about twice as wide as your plant’s root ball. Gently place your plant in the hole, then backfill. That’s all there is to it. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Some type of organic soil Use an organic fertilizer but Miracle Grow formula works as well Rake Trowel or shovel Maintaining Your Herb Garden: Only harvest less than a third of the plant at a time. Otherwise, it will have trouble growing back. For fuller foliage, pinch off the top of the plant in early summer.

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Looking Over Your Shoulder Ministries, Inc. (LOYSM,INC.)

Phone: (337)477-0690 or (337)794-9369 E-Mail:lookingoveryour@ Web-site:lookingoveryourshou Looking Over Your Shoulder Ministries, Inc. a ministry here in Southwest Louisiana, geared in ministering unto the at risk youth of our community, is hosting on the National Day of HIV Awareness Day a candlelight visual. This ceremony is in Partnership with Global Health Pg.2 “ And His Righteousness” Pg.2 Bible Trivia Pg.3 Introducing Christian Star Staff Pg.3 Claude’s Anointing Sauce Pg.4 Church Directory Pg.5 Navigating Today’s Economy

Council, and will be held May 17th, 2009 at the V.E. Washington Center at 6:30p.m.. We are excited about this event and the opportunity to bring awareness to this area of HIV and its potential of danger. We truly believe that, bringing on awareness unto our community that our youth will not have to be affected with HIV in order to know, or be advised in being exceptionally careful in their dealings. This collaboration and HIV Candle-

light Visual is just one of many ways that Looking Over Your Shoulder Ministries, Inc. has in vision, in ministering unto the youth of our community. We truly appreciate all of the prayers and help that this community has lent unto the process of The Lord almighty and his gracious works. Please come and joins us on this day. We are looking for more members, so please come and be a part of this ministries. May God Bless You!

Pg. 5 Top 10 Signs you may have Candida

Pg.7 The Art of Forgiveness Pg.7 Christian News Commentary W/Dan Allen Pg.11 Featuring Tena Matthews Pg.12 Happy Memorial Day Pg.13 Can’t get what you need if you don’t have the keys

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John Maxwell makes a claim to which I concur; he asserts that integrity is the most important ingredient of leadership. As a pastor and teacher my focus is always on Christian leadership and my desire is that I would each day gain a more workable and applicable understanding of its principles. Secular and biblical definitions of integrity have some similarities; they include but are not limited to the following. Webster defines in[teg]rity as the quality or state of being complete; an unbroken condition; wholeness; entirety, the quality or state of being unimpaired and in perfect condition; soundness. Scripture gives the Christian biblical views of integrity in many ways but none capture my attention more than Matthew 5: 13 Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men (KJV). During biblical times salt was associated with health, hospitality, purity and durability… the Israelites rubbed newborn babies with salt…Ezekiel 16:4… many religious rites emphasized the cleansing properties of salt –i.e.- a covenant of salt…Numbers 18:19 – Paul tells the church at Colossae “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt… Col. 4:6. We can truly be the salt and light

that Jesus spoke of if we choose to lead and teach with integrity. This however requires that we take some necessary steps toward integrity; following are just a few of the more important steps for leaders who build leaders. Step 1: Build Trust Time is the crucial element in the building of trust. Some positions of leadership come with a certain degree of trust or distrust; however, it is still the responsibility of the leader to build upon or lose trust. Leading people farther than I can see them requires that they believe that I have their best interest at heart. Gaining confidence and proving believable then is my starting point from which relationships are built through consistency. Any relationship that I build based on truth and truthfulness gains me an ally who perpetuates my history of trustworthiness. Step 2: Set High Standards If as John Maxwell asserts “the most important ingredient of leadership is integrity” I would like to suggest that the most important ingredient in integrity is honor. It is a sad indictment on the so-called people of God that it can even be suggested without debate that criminals exercise more honor than we do. A person of integrity will often appear naïve. This is because they do not practice guile and they often do not look for it in others. Their regard and respect for the person and property of others is of paramount importance to them and they will often if not always make sacrifices to that end. Step 3: Build a Solid Reputation Not

May 2009

Just an Image Fame and fortune will often overtake the person of integrity and even when it is attained it will be viewed as an asset and not an identity. Success for such a person will be in their ability to reproduce themselves in others. They will not only set high standards for themselves but will want to assist others in the same. They will watch how they walk because they know should they stumble someone else might loose their way. A Christian who is blessed with the wisdom of integrity will have a sound understanding of the mercy and integrity of God. Step 4: Prayer The most significant aspect of the Christian life is that of prayer. Prayer works because prayer is work. This is where the rubber meets the road and faith becomes reality. This is the place of submission to authority and not a place to acquire rights. In prayer the person of integrity yields to the throne of God in heaven; God then opens the doors of revelation on earth allowing that person to do supernatural things. Conclusion The integrity of God can better be found in His righteousness than His fairness. Fairness involves equity while righteousness pursues justice. Fairness looks for rights while righteousness looks for right. Throughout the history of creation God has revealed Himself to men and set in place His demand of righteousness.

Dr. Ray A. Rougeaux is the pastor of Fruitful Hill Mission Church, located at 2084 North Jim Miller Road in Dallas Texas. Pastor Rougeaux has been at that location for 7 years, while being a full-time minister for 11 years. He is a former Lake Charles resident and has lived in Dallas for over 24 years. He also operates a morning prayer line from 5 am to 6am, in which prayer requests and religious discussions are moderated. The number to join in is 1-309-946-5255; pin number 489209#. The pastor’s vision for his church is to be an all-inclusive, multi-racial church that is instrumental in community service. His ministry deals largely in feeding and speaking the Word to the homeless in his area. Social status has no meaning in the Lord’s House. Pastor Rougeaux is very excited about working with the Christian Star Newspaper and will be vital to our expansion in the Dallas region. “There is a strong synergy in what the Christian Star is trying to accomplish and what I am doing for the people who are thirsting for that SOMETHING that will make a difference in their lives. It all starts CSN Monica Soileau visited Dr. Ray and ends at the cross.” A. Rougeaux on Easter Sunday. Dr. Fruitful Hill Mission Church will be working with CSN Ray A. Rougeaux agrees to collaboto help the homeless in Dallas, Texas. rate with CSN in Dallas, Texas.

Bible Trivia 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

What did Daniel and his three friends eat instead of the king’s meat and drink? What four beasts did Daniel see in a vision? Who did Daniel see sitting in a throne in his vision? How many horns did the ram in Daniel’s vision have? Which angel told Daniel the meaning of his vision of the ram and the goat? To what does the “seventy weeks” prophecy refer? What did Daniel see by the river Hiddekel? How did Daniel react to the vision by the river Hiddekel? What did Daniel’s final vision describe?


1.) Pulses and water, 2.) Lion, Bear, Leopard & Terrible beast,3.)The Ancient of Days,4.)2, 5.) Gabriel,6.)The coming of the Messiah, 7.) A man clothed in linen, 8.) He felt ill and weak, 9.) What shall befall his people in the latter days

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Christian Star Issue 5

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Claude’s Prayer for his Anointing Sauce All of my life my desire was to bless people. I wanted to build and grow the kingdom of heaven in some way. I was born in the hills of Kentucky, a country boy preceded by several generations of Christians. So, I was born into a Christian heritage. My grandfather was a circuit preacher. He traveled on a horse to six churches every Sunday preaching the gospel. I lived with him until I was in grade school. My dad was an evangelist and my mom sang. She was a Mighty woman of God and a prayer warrior. As a child, I was around three of the greatest cooks ever…my mom and my two grandmothers. They loved to cook. The mantel for the love of cooking was handed down to me. God has given me a sauce that is the expression of my love to all of God’s people. It is what I can share with the world. I have an anointing over my life and my prayer is that everyone who tastes the anointing sauce will feel the joy I have in my life. I pray over every bottle of sauce I make with its own special prayer. Step into your anointing and enjoy the sauce. My prayer for each of you “…Father, we praise you. We ask you to bless the reader and let their heart be filled with overflowing love. We ask that you send angels to protect their destiny while keeping their family in good health. We ask that they have financial blessings…in Jesus Name, the name above all names…Amen!”

News Update: The June Issue of CSN will include Dallas, TX.


CSN will be working in conjunction with the Homeless Ministry in Dallas, TX to provide funds for shelter.

Happy Mother’s Day


Christian Star Issue 5

May 2009

Swla • Church Directory • Houston Greater St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church St. Memorial Church of God in Christ Zion Tabernacle Baptist Church Open Arms Baptist Church Mount Calvary Baptist Church New Emmanuel Baptist Church The Church of Lake Charles Teaching Center Christian Baptist Church Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church Eastwood United Pentecostal Church United Christian Fellowship Throne of Grace Fellowship True Light Baptist Church Refuge Temple The Church of New Beginning of Lake Charles Inc. First Pentecostal Church Cathedral of Praise Shiloh Baptist Church Livingway Pentecostal Church Christian World Ministries Power Church International Trinity Baptist Church Lake Charles Seventh Day Adventist Church St. John Lutheran Church Westlake Church of Nazerene Eternity Full Gospel Fellowship First Baptist Church of Gillis St. Margaret Catholic Church First Presbyterian Church Westwood Baptist Church St. Henry’s Catholic Church First Pentecostal Church of Westlake Immaculate Conception Cathedral Immaculate Heart of Mary Church New Sunlight Baptist Church Lake Area Worship Center St. John Bosco Church Word of Hope Family Worship Center Sacred Heart Catholic Church Diocese of Lake Charles Episcopal Church of The Good Shephard Wesley Foundation at McNeese University Sale st. Baptist Church Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church Glad Tidings Church Messiah Missionary Baptist Church Beth Messiah Messianic Congregation Gateway Church of God First Baptist Church of Sulphur First Baptist Church of Moss Bluff Cathedral of Faith Baptist Church First Baptist Church of Lake Charles The Lord’s Outreach Worship Center Family Baptist Church Church of The King Mossville Truth Tabernacle Church Saint Theodore Catholic Church Word of Hope Family Worship Center Miracle Deliverance Holiness Church St. Andrew Presbyterian Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Moss Bluff Vineyard Christian Fellowhip of Lake Charles

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PEOPLE FOR CHRIST INTERNATIONAL IS A “One of a Kind” membership organization that has a defined goal to create a one million person membership over the next five years with its mission and purpose to help its members place the right priorities in their lives. Its founders believe that if one will place the priorities of life as Spiritual Fitness, Physical Fitness, and then Financial Fitness in that order, God will bless each of these areas in the form of a well-rounded life. Too many times individuals place the financial in a position that crowds out the most important aspect of one’s walk on this earth. Many times it creates greed, selfishness, bitterness, and reckless abandon to get what one wants without regard for the feelings of and concerns for others. Christianity on the other hand is a message of LOVE. The Cross, the Death, and the Resurrection give a defined message to the world of what Unconditional Love really is. Therefore the People FOR CHRIST website lifts

this message to the world with a beautiful scene of the Cross, a flash of a Love Letter written from the Father with song, and some choice lines to remind one that not only keeping the proper order in our lives will invoke God’s Blessings, but it will make for a “Better You”, a “Better World”, and a “Better Tomorrow”. In fact it is God’s guarantee to a more successful life. PFC is non-denominational and does not impose any doctrinal views on its members; however, by being a member of People For Christ International, one affirms that he/she believes that Christ was the Son of God, He died, He resurrected, and the Bible is the Holy Word of God. By this definition any individual who believes this and will truly seek God’s direction in their life can find it… Daily devotionals are open to the entire membership and guests at 6:30 AM CST Monday to Friday on 218-936-1100 PIN 14 95#. Continued on pg.9

King Architects INC. Barry D. King, A.I.A

1312 Sampson Street • WestLake, LA. 70669 337.494.0806 • 337.436.7746 Fax PG.4

Christian Star Issue 5


“DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone produced in the adrenal gland. DHEA is the most abundant hormone in the human bloodstream. Research has found it to have significant anti-obesity, anti-tumor, anti-aging and anti-cancer effects. DHEA levels in the human body naturally drop as people age (after age20), and there is good reason to think that taking a DHEA supplement may extend your life and make you more youthful while you’re alive.” From Smart Drugs & Nutrients, by Ward Dean, M.D. and John Morgenthaler “In a study of 242 men over the age of 30, researcher Elizabeth Barrett-Conner at the University of California at San Diego found that those with high levels of DHEA in their blood were only half as likely to die of heart disease as those with relatively little of the hormone. Even in people without heart disease, DHEA seems to protect against early death. From: Barrett-Conner (“A Prospective Study of Dehydroepiandrosterone,” The New England Journal of Medicine, Dec 11, 1986) Scientific research reveals that adequate DHEA in the body can slow the aging process, prevent, improve, and even often reverse conditions such as cancer, heart disease, memory loss, obesity, and osteoporosis. Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. states in his Health and Healing newsletter: “DHEA is the closest we can get to the fountain of youth.” According to scientists, the decline of DHEA in the body is the most reliable indicator of aging and susceptibility to disease. Scientists can actually tell you how old you are physiologically based on the amount of DHEA in your blood. By the age of 50, most women’s DHEA levels decrease to an average of 50% and men’s to 43%. At age 70, the DHEA levels for women average 31% and men22%. This may be a key factor in understanding why women usually outlive men. As individuals near death, research shows that DHEA blood levels for most people will be between 0 and 5%. Most age researchers agree that to retard aging and prevent disease, DHEA blood levels must be maintained at levels found in people in their 20’s. Alzheimer’s Disease Dr. C.R. Merrill from the laboratory of biochemical Genetics found that DHEA levels in a group of Alzheimer’s patients was 48% lower than the control group. Dr. Ward Dean states in his book. Smart Drugs: “DHEA protects the brain cells from Alzheimer’s Disease and other senility-associated degenerative conditions. Nerve degeneration occurs most readily under low DHEA conditions. Brain tissue normally contains 6.5 times more DHEA than is found in the bloodstream in order to protect the brain from aging and damage” Cancer Tonita d’Raye in the booklet – The Hormone from Heaven writes: “DHEA has been found to improve function and to have significant anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects. A 22-year study on five thousand apparently healthy women showed that women who developed breast cancer had subnormal DHEA levels. Some of these women had low DHEA levels up to nine years before the onset of the disease. Conversely, 100% of the women with higher than average levels of DHEA remained cancer free! Other research shows DHEA blocked breast cancer in rats bred to develop it. Additional studies report DHEA to have cancerfighting effects on cancers of the colon, liver, thyroid, and skin. Stress & Depression DHEA is also a precursor of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Every time the body makes these hormones, DHEA levels are depleted! I know only a few people who seem to lead stress free lives. Most people in today’s world seem to be mega stressed. While we are young, it doesn’t appear to have a noticeable effect on our bodies. We bounce back. However, with continual depletion we may risk our very lives. When exposed to chronic stress, DHEA levels may be significantly lowered. “Stress often leads to depression, and has been known to really put ‘wear and tear’ on the adrenals,” says Dr. Neecie Moore in her wonderful book, Bountiful Health, Boundless Energy, Brilliant Youth, The Facts About DHEA. Many studies have directly correlated depression and low DHEA levels. Fortunately studies indicate we can counteract the negative effects of stress hormones and very likely alleviate depression by increasing DHEA in the body. Obesity And Increasing Muscle A study at Temple University’s School of Medicine found that elevated levels of DHEA caused weight loss without a change in appetite. Dr. Schwartz, a biochemist at the university, says, “DHEA is a very effective anti-obesity agent.” This is not weight loss due to breakdown of lean muscle tissue or fluid loss. Increased DHEA appears to create a stabilizing effect on all body systems. It can help overweight people to lose fat and underweight people to gain weight. Calories convert to heat rather than get stored as fat. Simultaneously, DHEA helps the body to build lean muscle tissue. Dr. Vincent Glanpapa states in an article in muscle magazine, “DHEA has been demonstrated to be beneficial in increasing muscle size while reducing fat.” Cardiovascular Disease When DHEA levels decrease, the enzyme system accelerates, increasing production of both fatty acids and cholesterol. This promotes obesity and arteriosclerosis. In one study at John Hopkins Department Of Medicine, rabbits with severe hardening of the arteries had an almost 50% reduction of arterial plaque when treated with DHEA. Elizabeth Barrett- Conner, M.D., from the University of California School of Medicine, found a 48% reduction in cardiovascular disease and a 35% reduction in mortality from any cause. She Correlated this increases in DHEA sulfate blood levels found in a group of men over 50 she tracked for 12 years. Dr. Conner concluded, “DHEA seems to protect people against early death from any cause.” Bone Loss In his Book, Reversing Osteoporosis, Dr. Alan Gaby cites a strong association between low DHEA levels and bone loss in post-menopausal women.

May 2009 HIV & AIDS Dr. William Regelson, perhaps one of the worlds’s leading DHEA expert’s states: “People with HIV viruses do not suffer from full-blown AIDS until their adrenal output of DHEA drops.” The fall of DHEA levels signifies the onset of AIDS.” A study done at the Houston Immuno Institute in Texas found that the majority of AIDS patients on DHEA and adjunct therapy experienced significant increases in both CD4 and CD8 counts. An increase in CD8 count reportedly equates to long-term survival. Multiple Sclerosis A Study by Dr. Eugene Roberts reveals that DHEA raised levels of energy, endurance, limb power, strength, and agility in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, a disease affecting the central nervous system. Diabetes The third leading cause of death in the United States is diabetes. Diabetics are 250 times more likely to suffer strokes and over half of diabetics have heart disease. A study conducted using diabetic mice showed an increase in their sensitivity to insulin. The same study revealed that early preventative DHEA treatment prevented the development of most diabetic symptoms. DHEA & Weight Control One of the most exiting benefits of DHEA is the ability to burn fat and help you lose weight plus keep it off by burning fat and helping to build muscle. DHEA’s ability to facilitate this burning of fat may become one of the most significant finds in weight control of this century. This effect does not seem to be so diet dependant, as are other weight control supplements. No matter what you eat, DHEA still provides benefits of weight loss. Of course, dietary modification, exercise and lifestyle are important for controlling weight. However, it is exciting to be able to obtain benefits from such a fantastic natural substance, and at whatever level of commitment you chose to make. One of the most exciting benefits of DHEA is its ability to burn fat and help keep it off by helping to build muscle. It is a “thermogenic” substance because it helps burn calories for energy rather than store them as fat. Dr. A. Schwartz, a researcher at Temple University, has now proven beyond question, DHEA’s effectiveness in weight control. DHEA’s ability to block an enzyme named G6PD (glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase) may be one of the most significant finds of the century. This enzyme is not only essential for fat tissue production but also promotes cancer cell growth. By blocking it, DHEA’s action of reducing body fat and helping to prevent against cancer may be explained. DHEA’s weight control effect does not seem to be so diet dependant. No matter what you eat, DHEA still has benefits of weight loss. Of course, dietary modification, exercise and lifestyle are important in weight control, but it is exciting to obtain benefits of such a fantastic natural substance at whatever level of commitment you want to make. DHEA This miraculous substance is called the mother of hormones because it is the precursor to over 50 other hormones in the body. Produced in goodly amounts by the adrenal glands when healthy, it is a much-needed substance to maintain youthful vigor, a lean body and many other desirable traits. Our endocrine (hormonal) system is virtually dependant on adequate levels of DHEA, but unfortunately levels decrease as we age. Many researchers believe that decreasing levels of DHEA contribute to symptoms normally associated with aging as well as many degenerative conditions such as cancer and atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. DHEA is the most common hormone in our bodies and is a natural steroid that is present in larger amounts in healthy individuals. DHEA is an abbreviation for dehydroepiandrosterone, which is pronounced dee-hi-dro-epp-ee-an-dros-ter-own. Produced by our adrenal glands, it is a precursor for the manufacturing of many other hormones in the body, 50 of which are from the adrenal glands. Maintaining proper DHEA levels ensures energy, vitality and the natural support of most functions that involve our endocrine system. DHEA – The Mother Of Hormones DHEA is called the mother of hormones by researchers because it is used by the body to manufacture many other hormones, including our sex hormones that are necessary for many body functions such as fat and mineral metabolism, controlling stress, maintaining male and female characteristics and others. The body produces DHEA and then converts it on demand to these other hormones. In addition, we now know that each of our cells also have DHEA receptors, meaning that DHEA has its own effects as well. DHEA & Aging This wonderful substance is abundant in our bodies when we are about 20 years old but continues to decrease with time. At 80 years of age, we usually only produce about 10-20% of the amount we produced when we were in our 20’s. Interestingly, the steady declining levels of DHEA in our blood stream as we age matches perfectly the increasing incidence of the killer diseases cancer, heart disease (including atherosclerosis), and Alzheimer’s Disease. Much research has shown the major importance of DHEA levels in the prevention of this kind of disease. For example, a 1988 study at John Hopkins showed 50% reduction in arterial plaque in rabbits. A Temple University study showed supplemental DHEA was able to prevent breast cancer in mice that were prone to develop it. The studies also showed the prevention of lung and bowel tumors plus the extension of life span. A study in Guernsey, UK showed women destined to develop breast cancer had low DHEA levels up to nine years previous. Doctors at the Medical College of Virginia showed lower DHEA levels were associated with build up of the atherosclerotic plaque and that higher insulin levels from the ingestion of simple carbohydrates caused a reduction of DHEA levels in the body. Maintaining DHEA levels in the body has been shown to be important in improving memory, preventing Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis in post-menopausal women. A twelve year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1986 (315, 1519-24) reported that of the 242 men aged 50-79 studied: “A 100 microgram per deciliter increase in DHEA sulfate concentration corresponded with a 48% reduction in mortality due to cardiovascular disease and a 36% reduction in mortality for any reason. The natural level of DHEA sulfate was measured and those individuals with higher DHEA sulfate levels lived longer and had much lower risk of heart disease” Dioscorea & DHEA Thousands of people are now supplementing with a natural herbal substance that provides the nutritional precursors to DHEA. The plant Dioscorea villosa L., commonly called Dioscoria, also known as the Mexican yam or wild yam, contains diosgenin and other precursors that serve as a basis for your body’s production of its own DHEA. Other varieties of Dioscoria are also known to be of value. By providing your body with these natural nutritional substances, you can more easily produce DHEA.

License # LA4469 2806 Hodges Street Lake Charles, LA 70601 337-302-7150 Email:


Christian Star Issue 5

Navigating Today’s Economy By Tim Andreas While changes in the economy occur regularly, what we have experienced recently is anything but a “normal” change. The challenges of the current economy haven’t been seen or experienced in our country in decades. Like most investors, you may wish you could figure out some way to know when economic conditions were about to change, or what adjustments you should make in your portfolio based on current conditions. It’s a tricky topic, and even economists disagree about the nature and causes of economic cycles. But we can at least take a look at some of the issues you need to be aware of, and help familiarize you with how the economy works. Some people tend to refer to changes in overall economic conditions as “economic cycles” or “business cycles.” However, it could be a misnomer to label these changes this way. Because

they are not, in fact, predictably cyclical, some economists prefer to call them “economic fluctuations.” Regardless of the terminology you choose to identify them with, changes in economic activity generally follow four phases: Advance or expansion. When times are good and the economy is growing, we typically see indications such as falling unemployment rates and factories taking advantage of excess capacity, to name a couple. While the news during this phase is typically positive, you may soon start to see signs of problems ahead. If inflationary pressures begin to creep in, this is typically when the Fed raises interest rates in an attempt to help keep the economy from overheating. Peak. By the time we get to this point, the economy tends to be operating at full employment, factories have generally used up their excess capacity, and inflationary pressures are

News Update Pastors Jerry & Hope Snider as seen on ‘Praise the Lord, TBN’ to prepare in prayer for the New York Osteen’s ‘Historic Night of Hope’ speaking to the nations through TBN written by Monica Soileau Pastors from a Lake Charles church, Christian World Ministries, joined World Known Pastors, Joel & Victoria Osteen of Houston, Texas, to share in the ‘Historic Night of Hope’. Pastor Jerry Snider prayed for the Nation on the TBN platform ‘Praise the Lord’ that was broadcasted across the World on April 22, 2009. Hope Snider and Victoria Osteen were seen sitting on the front row center listening to Israel Houghton singing “We can change the world together.” Pastor Jerry Snider spoke into the mike with his deep southern accent saying “Love is the key… Jesus Christ loves you… we are the hands and we are the feet of Christ.”

A Mother’s Love A Mother’s Love So True and Rare No Other Love on Earth can Compare

usually building. When rising labor and materials costs squeeze companies’ profit margins, the Fed will usually move more aggressively in an attempt to slow growth by raising rates to help ease inflationary pressure. Decline, slowdown or recession. Ideally, action by the Fed to tame inflation should allow the economy to gradually adjust to a sustainable long-term growth rate without the threat of inflation. In reality, however, the combination of the Fed’s tightening and the need to correct accumulated imbalances in labor and materials supplies typically slows growth to a level that’s actually below the economy’s long-term potential. Unemployment rises, factories slow down, and inflationary pressures ease. Trough. At this point in the cycle, inventories are depleted. The Fed lowers interest rates in an attempt to help stimulate the economy, and businesses and homeowners may consider

refinancing mortgages to take advantage of lower rates. Companies will eventually purchase new equipment and expand operations, helping inventories to grow and marking the beginning of a new expansion. As you can see, there are some telltale signs that can at least give some idea of where the economy is in its cycle. However, to make matters more complicated for you as an investor, the stock market tends to move in advance of the economy, usually in response to investors’ anticipation of what they see down the road. The biggest challenge is knowing when the shift to the next phase will occur, because predicting the market and the economy is a bit like forecasting the weather. As an investor, your level of concern for economic fluctuations will depend on several factors. You may pay less attention to them if you have a long term approach and your portfolio is

May 2009

positioned to weather the ups and downs. Alternatively, you may see this as a time of opportunity to reposition holdings or even add attractively priced securities to your portfolio.Working with a financial advisor could prove valuable if you decide to employ such a strategy. ©2009 Wachovia Securities, LLC.

This article was written by Wachovia Securities and provided courtesy of Tim Andreas First Vice President – Investment Officer in Lake Charles, LA at (337) 439-9081 or toll free 800256-5800. Wachovia Securities is the trade name used by two separate, registered broker-dealers:Wachovia Securities, LLC and Wachovia Securities Financial Network, LLC, Members SIPC, non-bank affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company. Investments in securities and insurance products: NOT FDIC-INSURED/NOT BANK-GUARANTEED/MAY LOSE VALUE

TOP 10 SIGNS THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE CANDIDA 1. Frequent yeast, bladder or skin infections 2. Chronic fungus such as athletes foot or thrush 3. Allergic reaction or increased sensitivities to foods or chemicals 4. Bowel disorders, such as constipation, gas, diarrhea, bloating 5. Muscle pain, weakness, stiffness 6. Fatigue 7. Craving of sugar, breads, vinegar, beer or other alcoholic beverages 8. Feelings of depression 9. A change in weight without a change in diet 10. Irritable, easily angered, anxious or nervous Candida is an over-infestation of yeast in the body. Though every person has Candida albicans (a form of yeast) in their bodies all the time, natural defense systems generally keep the cells under control. However, poor nutrition or a sluggish or impaired immune system weaken the body’s ability to control the yeast, allowing cells to grow and colonize. The body craves what it needs to continue feeding the yeast, and the toxins that are created by this overabundance begin to cause health to deteriorate. The brain and every tissue of the body are affected, and many medications such as steroid drugs (cortisone), birth control pills, and antibiotics can increase the likelihood of or exacerbate a candida imbalance. A Holistic Approach In order to start to get well, the first step is to cleanse the body through detoxification. A proper detoxification cleans the liver, bowels, kidneys, and the blood supply. The peristaltic action of the colon is strengthened, and the body is able to eliminate mucus, toxins and waste materials that are trapped in the colon (and may have been there for years). The next step in fighting Candida is to follow a yeast-control diet, eliminating foods that feed candida while maximizing nutrition. Friendly bacteria are introduced to strengthen intestinal tract health, suppressing harmful bacteria and improving digestion. The intake of water and essential fatty acids also play a role.

From the Moment of Conception Until Life’s Journey Comes to an End A Mother is There as a Guide and a Friend

Through an effective blend of dietary changes, nutritional support, and the increase of friendly bacteria, yeasts can be brought under control within 60 days, restoring health and vitality. Wellness centers such as Inner Bliss in Lake Charles, Louisiana specialize in the restoration of health through holistic methods and are the first place to go when seeking a natural solution to a Candida problem. License # LA4469 2806 Hodges Street None but the Love of Our Father Above Lake Charles, LA 70601 Can Compare to the Depth of a Mother’s Love 337-302-7150 Email:


Christian Star Issue 5

May 2009

Attention Massage Therapists: Healing Oils Available Repair Scar Tissue from Pure Herbs 4-ounce 4-oz for $39.50 or for a order of 3 or more oils, receive 10% off

Available in 4-ounce size. RST (Remove Scar Tissue) (Oriental Mustard, ACS, Chickweed, He Shou Wu, Skunk Cab bage) by Pat Courter. Repair of Scar Tissue COMBINATION: All Cells Salts, Chickweed, Ho Shou Wo, Skunk Cabbage and Oriental Mustard Seed. DOSAGE: Internally, begin with 10 to 20 drops two to three times a day and gradually build up to 40 to 80 drops two to three times per day. Externally, use enough to cover the area. CAUTION: Do not exceed 80 drops three times a day of RST-C. The lymph glands carry most of the debris away and we do not want this cleansing action to occur so quickly that discomfort might result. Scar tissue can form in areas of low oxygenation, and in areas that have been traumatized. It has been said that scar tissue can form within 48 hours after injury. For the best results: Take RST-C internally and apply externally along with Arnica or Arnica Oil Blend on the area of skin near or on

From left to right: Ivory, Chocolate, Vanilla Crème

Sweet Chocolate, Ivory, and Vanilla Crème

That’s Mother Rose, Dianne, and yes, The Queen I’m not sure what started this friendship here That became so close in this passed year Was it in Kentucky when we went to sing When I roomed with Marci, sweet Vanilla Crème She kept me laughing both day and night We came back as sisters, I know that’s right   Or was it when Sister Rose was watching me When I didn’t know the things she’d see She’d tell the church that I showed pure love She called me an Angel from God above   I don’t know what I’ve done to be so blessed But I know who to call when I get stressed I can call Marci, or Rose if I need a prayer Even at 3 A.M. they’ll both be there   I love this church, in God’s word I’ve grown From my first visit here, it felt like home But this passed year is the best I’ve seen Thanks to God, Sweet Chocolate and Vanilla Crème.   Sister Rose Thomas is the Mission President for Open Arms Baptist Church and Marci St. Mary and I are both Mission Sisters. Rose cooks meals every week and sells them to put into an account to raise money for the church anniversary. She runs a daycare out of her home and is also in the church choir. Rose is the one that gave us the names that inspired this poem. Chocolate, Ivory and Vanilla Crème.   Marci St. Mary is known as the Queen because she teaches the women and girls that they are all queens and the young men should treat them as such.  She teaches the girls to stay pure until marriage and the boys to do the same.     Often times in 2008 and the beginning of 2009, Pastor Ross has encouraged the brothers and the sisters of the church to have midnight prayer for various reasons. He asks us to pray for our children, our church, healing and increase along with praying for the lost and shut in.  Our mission is to seek out souls that are lost and bring them the good news of the Lord.    Marci has always been very diligent to call as many Mission sisters as she can for midnight prayer (that turned out to be between 3-5 am.) If not for Marci being faithful to God, I admit that I may not have prayed as often as I did.   Thank you Lord for the blessings you’ve given me through Marci, Rose and Open Arms.  Your loving servant                                                                               Dianne

FIVE OILS 4-ounce from Pure Herbs THE NEED: What do you recommend for a natural, safe mosquito repellent? People generally suspect that spraying a pesticide on themselves is probably not conducive to their health. Pesticides are one more exposure to the myriad of chemicals contributing to the immune breakdown and degenerative conditions to which Americans are succumb ing, especially the children. THE ANSWER: 5OIL contains these essential oils: CAJEPUT...for its powerful repelling properties not only internally to a host of viral, bacterial, and fungal creatures, but also repelling to the myriad of parasitic creatures who want to such the life out of us from the outside (mosqui toes, ticks, gnats, flies, chiggers). Known also to open sinus and lung passages, providing respiratory support for al lergy sufferers. PEPPERMINT...for its powerful aromatic properties repellant to insects. Its oxygenating and cooling properties stimulate circulation, energizing and refreshing us. EUCALYPTUS...for aromatic properties well known to repel mosquitoes. Its oil also has been relied upon historically to oxygenate and purify, providing protection against viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Its aroma is revitalizing and refreshing. WINTERGREEN...for its powerful aromatic properties that are energizing and repellent to whatever would prey upon us externally or internally. Useful in all skin diseases and chronic inflammatory conditions of bone, joint and muscle. MULLEIN...for its contact healing properties providing a skin soothing base for this combination. 5OIL beneficiaries are: GARDENERS: One gardener reported letting her strawberry plants die because she could no longer endure the painful mosquito bites. Using 5OIL she is now free to spend the day tending her garden without fear of mosquitoes. CAMPERS AND PICNICKERS: A grandmother of eight is looking forward to having a safe and effective mosquito repellant to use on all her grandchildren at their family reunion. She was surprised to also experience pain reduction and greater flexibility in her arthritic hands. FISHERMEN AND HUNTERS: An avid fisherman successfully uses 5OIL to repel mosquitoes. After pulling a fishhook out of his hand, he poured 5OIL on the wound and applied a gauze pad soaked with 5OIL. He experienced immediate pain relief and was surprised at how quickly his wound healed without the usual swelling and pain of infection. ATHLETES, HIKERS, AND BIKERS: An all-season tennis play shared that before she discovered 5OIL, taking a break between sets was a torment. The sweat from performing drew mosquitoes and flies. The 5OIL not only repelled the insects but also cooled and refreshed her. ANIMAL LOVERS: Mosquitoes torment man and beast. I rubbed a little 5OIL on my cat’s coat (avoiding the eyes) especially on her ears where the biters are relentless. The mosquitoes left her immediately. With 5OIL on her coat she also receives protection from ticks and fleas. EQUESTRIANS: Growing up in the northwest we frequently rode our horses in the Cascade Mountains. The horses were bloody from the feasting of gnats, flies and mosquitoes. How welcome 5OIL would have been to relieve them from this torment and provide a healing, refreshing rub down for their aching muscles strained from the steep climbs. MUSCULAR THERAPISTS: Beyond being an effective mosquito repellent, consider the potential for increased circulation and pain reduction for clients who suffer from inflammatory conditions and old injuries. WORLD TRAVELERS: Many of our clients are globetrotters. One young man recently took 5OIL on a mission trip to the Philippines following the destruction of the Tsunami. As an asthmatic he received respiratory support from the smoke-filled air as well as protection from disease carried by flies and mosquitoes. A businessman reported he includes 5OIL in his first aid kit on corporate assignments to Africa, South America and the Middle East both for mosquitoes and for an antiseptic. APPLICATION: Apply to exposed skin outdoors when using for the first time because of the aromatic strength of this formula. As with all aromatic oils, avoid the eyes. How much? Varying degrees of persistence among mosquitoes depend on location, season, and time of day. Also mosquitoes will pursue some people and animals with more persistency because of the variances in their biochemistry. Reapply as needed. Contact Monica Soileau at (337) 258-8972 to place your order. Other aromatic oils that can be purchased such as Wintergreen Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Arnica Oil Blend.These are great oils for Massage Therapists.


Christian Star Issue 5

May 2009

Bent But Not Broken Radio Ministry Monica Singleton Soileau, Minister, Christian Therapist Marriage and Family & Speaker Author of Domestic Violence: The Forgotten Victims call for your copy 1-866-909-2665 or it can be purchased at The Christian Book Center in Lake Charles on Prien Lake Rd. or on EBay. com Owner of Christian Star Newspaper, which is a Free Publication bringing all Christ believing churches together in one place at one time: Print Media. Bent But Not Broken © P.O. Box 5482 Lake Charles, LA 70606 (337) 257-8972 Thanks for taking the time to tune in each week to American Family Radio to support me as my guests & I deliver a message of hope, healing, and restoration.

Every Saturday at 8 PM on AFR 91.5 FM or Sunday at 8 PM on AFR 90.3 FM, my guest and I will be delivering a message that will bless you tremendously. If you would like to share your testimony on the Bent but Not Broken radio show, please feel free to send me your story for consideration. Your story may also be considered for my next book. 2009 can bring you a Divine Reversal in your life. Are you ready for your financial situation to turn around? Are you tired of being depressed? Are you still trying to figure out how God can use you? Do you know your purpose in life? Have you been hurt before, misused or abused? Well tune in to hear my message on how to get the devil under our feet. Learn how to be the head and not the tail, blessed in the city and blessed in the country. God has blessed us so much as we have been submitting to His calling on our life, we hope that you can support our vision and decide to submit A LOVE OFFERRING of $30 to help keep the radio ministry alive. You will also receive a signed autograph book for your donation. Thank you for taking a stand against Domestic Violence. If you choose only to make a donation, then the book will be donated to the Women’s Shelter in your name. Bent but Not Broken Radio Ministry is where real people, sharing real testimonies, help to encourage and inspire others to the cross of Jesus Christ, so that they too, can live a functional life. This program is about bringing hope, healing and restoration to the readers and listeners of the radio program. There will always be a guest that someone can relate too on the show. This program was inspired by 2nd Corinthians Chapter 4:8-9 which says that “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” We love everyone, especially God and His children.

About His Touch Ministries Reverand Ray Highfield is known for his compassion, love, and care for other people. He is a very self sacrificing, God fearing man. His Touch Ministries originated in Houston Texas and began as an outreach to people infected/affected with HIV/AIDS. Ray Highfield founder and director, began this ministry out of his own pain as he watched the lack of compassion in the church toward people infected. Beginning with support groups and care teams, His Touch went on to provide housing for homeless people in the Houston area. Ray has traveled all over the world teaching compassion toward those not only infected by affected by HIV/AIDS. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends of those infected had felt the sting of rejection from wellmeaning Christians.

There will also be a place for ministers who have suffered some catastrophic event in their lives that interrupted their ability to fulfill what God has called them to do. “Grace Inn” will provide a place of healing for these precious people. Pastors George Glass and George Lee Glass Of Grace Church in DeRidder, LA, are behind this endeavor and have offered to help with training and hospitality. Missionaries on furlough will have a place to come and learn about the HIV/AIDS epidemic and explore ways the church could reach out to those infected in their country. These three areas of ministry will reach many others as people go back and teach in their countries and communities. Contact Information Phone: 337-462-2865 337-348-3514 Fax: 337-462-2836 Emergency: 281-773-1582 Email Address:

His Touch is now located in DeRidder, LA. Ray has purchased property there and is remodeling it to provide training areas for ministerial students in the area of compassion. Oh Lord, my God, there isn’t anything this day That will change our nation more Than if I, in heartfelt need At Your feet most humbly fall Bring ME to the altar Lord Draw ME to Your throne Convict MY heart of all MY sin Your forgiveness know Teach ME of Your heart, Your truth To hear all that You say

His Touch International P.O, Box 905 De Ridder, LA 70634

Cleanse MY soul, renew MY mind To walk within Your way Take from ME each worldly love As I sacrifice my will My selfishness, cleanse by the cross Atoning for my guilt Then, carry me alone by grace Empowered by Yourself To live YOUR resurrected life Within YOUR love to dwell


Christian Star Issue 5

The Art of Forgiveness

By Pamela S. Thibodeaux © 2009

husband to Him, the heart change would come. And it did.

Jesus taught us to ask for forgiveness ‘as we forgive those’ but what does that really mean?

Or so I thought.

It’s easy to say the words, but are words enough? Does saying, “I forgive you” mean we have forgiven as God forgives us? These questions have haunted me most of my life. They still haunt me. No matter how many times I say I forgive, I wonder…Have I truly forgiven? Understanding came when I learned this important truth: Forgiveness is a choice. Forgiveness doesn’t mean erasing what happened or ignoring the past. Forgiveness stops the past from controlling your mind, will, and emotions and from stealing the joy of your present and the hope of your future. One of the hardest things I’ve had to do and the biggest challenge I’ve faced in my walk with God was in forgiving my ex-husband of the abuse that occurred in our marriage. Now, I’m not going to expect you to believe I was totally innocent in the events of my life and the failure of that union. Whether victim or perpetrator, we all play a part in domestic violence. However, this has been the utmost test of my willingness to obey God’s command that I forgive as He has. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve yet to arrive. However, I have reached a place of peace. Now I can look back without bitterness, anger and resentment; only a deep, abiding sorrow for the entire situation. How did I reach that place of peace? Prayer, ranting, raving, crying, begging for release from the bitterness in my heart, and resting in His gentle assurance that as I continue to say the words and release the situation and my former

My book Tempered Dreams (#2 in a series) deals openly and candidly with domestic violence. Believe me when I say it was sheer torture to write. Any author knows that writing pulls your emotions, rips your heart, and sometimes, tears your very soul. So it was with this book. But the story had to be told. The hardest part, however, was the dedication. In the middle of a difficult chapter, God instructed me to dedicate the book to my ex-husband “in the spirit of forgiveness.” Are You crazy, Lord? You want me to put in writing for the whole world to see that I was abused? No way! I just can’t. Forgive as I’ve forgiven… Still I hesitated, praying for a way out; begging the Lord to change His mind just this once. In the end, I knew I had to be obedient. My prayer became, “Okay, Lord.You win. Just help me get through the last few chapters then I’ll write the dedication.”

and obey. I wrote….For James, in the spirit of forgiveness. Though painful, what we experienced was nowhere near this horrific or dramatic; for that I am eternally grateful. Was it easy? No. Did it help? Maybe, I still have moments of intense feeling –not always good- toward my ex-husband and I still have to release him to God. Am I glad I did it? Yes. Not only because of the blessings and peace that result from being obedient, but because of the comments I’ve received from others who found courage to do the same because of that dedication. Have I arrived at the victorious destination of true forgiveness? I doubt it…Has anyone? Bio: Award-winning author, Pamela S. Thibodeaux is the Co-Founder of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Multi-published in romantic fiction and creative non-fiction, her writing has been tagged as, “Inspirational with an Edge!” ™ Find out more about Pam and her work by visiting her websitehttp:// or blog:

He did, then came the moment of truth. How could I do it? I’d already ripped my heart out to tell the story. I’d searched every corner of my mind and soul to ensure readers understood healing is possible through love, mercy, grace -and yes- forgiveness, forgiving your perpetrator and yourself. Still….How could I lay the remaining shreds of my heart on the altar? How could I bare my soul in such a public display? How could I know others wouldn’t think I was being self-serving nor doing this out of false pride or worse false humility? I couldn’t. The only thing I could do was trust God

Christian Summer Camps - continued

May 2009

Christian News Commentary with Dan Allen I’ve been contributing some articles for the Christian Star News for the past few months, and appreciate the opportunity to include a “news & views” column starting this month. Before we get to a brief summary of some current news issues, please consider the next paragraph regarding my point of view. I have a Christian world view and therefore my writing is Biblically biased. Hopefully, fellow Christians do not have a problem with the Word of God being recognized as the source of absolute truth. Furthermore, careful observation and common sense analysis of what is happening in the world can often help uncover some truth. A guiding principle for my life is that ALL truth is GOD’s truth, wherever it is found. For readers that have not made a decision to put their faith in Jesus Christ, I pray that they will find “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). Do you ever get tired of the ongoing debates about issues such as abortion and gay marriage? I do sometimes, but human life and traditional marriage are too important to let go. A majority of Americans want marriage to be reserved for a man and a woman, and most want to restrict abortions— many want Roe vs.Wade overturned. According to Canadian law, ministers there are not free to speak against some practices that are sinful according to the Bible. Here in the U.S., Washington state recently approved a hate crime protection law for transgendered persons. While this appears to be designed to strengthen penalties for violent crimes toward the transgendered, there are related efforts to muzzle ministers and others that practice so called “hate speech”. Unfortunately, there is a movement in this country to follow the lead of Europe, and Canada to prevent Christians and others from speaking out against sin. It may surprise some to learn that these restrictions include the government controlling what ministers may say INSIDE their Churches. In April Connecticut became the fourth state to legalize homosexual marriage. Massachusetts,Vermont, and Iowa also allow same-sex marriage. Last year a majority of voters in California thought they put an end to homosexual marriage in their state; however, this year there is a court battle over this issue and some elected officials are endorsing the idea of the courts over turning the will of the people.

Until next time, let’s conclude with something I noticed from One News Now concerning a new Oklahoma law. The “Use of Force for the Protection of the Unborn Act” gives pregnant women the right to use force (including deadly force if necessary) to protect their unborn children whenever it is reasonable for the Mother to believe that her unborn child is being threatened. It is good to see this state As a parent sending your child to camp it is important to trust the camp staff that you have chosen to send your doing something to protect unborn human child to. Feel free to educate yourself about the camp, check out your camps website, ask questions of other parents life. It also demonstrates how bizarre our that have sent their child to camp and always feel free to call or visit with the Camp Director for details about your legal system has become when it’s legal for camp of choice. Remember, one big part of your child’s experience is that your child will be in a cabin with several a medical doctor to kill an unborn baby in a chaperones/counselors and other campers. clinical setting, but illegal for another person in another setting to do so. Abortionists Campers, be ready to have the best time of your life! Be ready to make great friendships with people you already know and with a lot of people you will meet for the first time. Make the most of your experience. Your camp will of- are well paid to kill unborn babies, but fer a ton of activities.Try as many new things as you possibly can. Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone and non-licensed fetus killers go to prison-challenge yourself. Finally, know that God is looking forward to meeting with you and expect great things from Him. if they survive the Mother’s wrath! I think that a Christian Summer Camp experience is an important event for all children. In today’s culture children are bombarded with influences that are unwholesome on so many levels.The point of a Christian Summer Camp is to give campers a new environment. An environment in which their senses are heightened and at all angles they are pointed to our Lord Jesus Christ. Campers can so easily experience Christ for who he truly is and understand the work the Holy Spirit desires to do in their lives because the distractions of normal everyday life are removed. Being closer to nature, campers experience Christ as Creator. Being in a cabin and activities with Godly role-models, campers will experience God as a loving Father. Being saturated with Scripture and worship time, campers experience the Holy Spirits conviction and molding in their lives.

It is wise for parents to do some of their own research and find a good summer camp for their children to have experiences that will leave good memories for many years to come. For more information on the Internet about the camp highlighted with this article go to:

NOTE: Dan Allen is the General Manager for KYLC-90.3fm and KBAN-91.5fm; these American Family Radio stations serve Southwest Louisiana.


Christian Star Issue 5

May 2009

Love Bugs ~ A Picture of Covenant & Love By Michele Abshire God speaks in so many ways. He speaks through His Word but He also speaks through creation. Psalms 19:1-4 says “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they pour fourth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the end of the world.” To me everything God made has a “story” to tell. We just have to take the time to listen. Love-bugs have a story to tell, of covenant and love. Here in Louisiana it is soon to be Love-Bug season. In the spring and the fall love-bugs come out by the thousands. Many consider them a nuisance. They do mess up the windshields and the front grill of vehicles and they are very hard to clean from the cars. I, too, must admit that Love-Bugs can be a real pest but because God has used them so many times in my life to minister to me I don’t tend to see the problems they can cause. Every time I see them God just puts a joy in my heart and a lilt in my step because He always speaks to me through them. They are a reminder of God’s covenant to me and an overflowing joy seems to envelope me as I see love-bugs flying about in the beauty of those spring and fall seasons. It is as if I hear God saying to me “Michele, this is my covenant with you and I shall not break it and I love you with an everlasting love.”

“CSN Nolan Melonson meets Mary Mary on Saturday, April 18th, 2009.”

Continued on page 10

SuperFoods Summer Camp

“Heather is smiling from ear to ear, as she meets her favorite artist who wrote ‘I want to go to Heaven’ as Heather is always singing.”

For Ages 4-13 Camp will be from 11a.m-1p.m weekdays in June 1ST WEEK: 4-6 year olds 3RD WEEK: 11-13 year olds 2ND WEEK: 7-10 year olds 4TH WEEK: High School Students will learn basic nutrition, the benefits of eating healthy and prepare their own “Pure Foods!” For more information or to register, call 337-905-PURE or visit us a 138 W. Prien Lake Road Lake Charles, La

National Day of Prayer in the United States Celebrated Thursday May 7th, 2009

2009 Is the 58th Annual National Day of Prayer 2009’s Event theme “Prayer... America’s Hope” And is based on the verse from Psalm 33:22 which states

“Tena Matthews, Professional Basketball Player, is seen in Lake Charles, LA posing with CSN Nolan Melonson.”

“Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in thee”


Christian Star Issue 5

PEOPLE FOR CHRIST INTERNATIONAL continues Different members are asked to give simple 30 minute devotions after prayer requests and praise reports. These are wonderful times of Christian fellowship and a great way to begin one’s day. It also should be noted that each member has their own personal user name and replicating website which enables them to lift this beautiful Cross to the entire world where every country and every culture knows what it represents. Therefore, every member has their own worldwide ministry of lifting that Cross to the darkness of the world that needs its Light and its Love. Please visit for more information. In addition to these high priority goals, PFC International is committed to help create funding for Christian ministries and humanitarian causes. This component of the plan is to utilize a Flowthrough Charitable Trust to create a separate entity that can operate in any le-

gitimate business and use good business principles to create income to channel into the 501c3 or non-profit organization. The Trust is not connected to the church or non-profit in any way other than it is the beneficiary of the income created and the Trustee is selected by the non-profit. There is no danger of causing a 501c3 to lose its tax exempt status. This concept can also create multiple streams of income for the ministry and members of the non-profit have the option to purchase products or services to create income for their ministry, or if they choose, may become a business owner of one of the businesses offered by the Trust through PFC’s Business Mall located in the “Opportunity Link” on the website. Even though the PFC’s membership is offered as a “Free Membership”, it also offers to those that have an interest in helping build the PFC membership, a legitimate home based business which qualifies for substantial tax deductions and gets paid a leveraged income as an Ambassador, or a Royal Ambassador membership which is either $10.00 or $49.95 monthly. The

website has an “Income Calculator” that can illustrate the power of this one concept as being able to develop almost $20,000 ongoing monthly income by 25 members or supporters of the non-profit committing to following a 5 Step Plan as an Ambassador member of PFC. The other part of this interesting concept is that those 25 members will create an additional income of from $300 to $4000 per month to increase their tithes, to donate more, or to provide an additional source of income for their families. It might be noted that the PFC Business Mall offers a diversification of products and services that are worthy of review. Any one of these may be used to create multiple streams of income for the ministry. You can log onto .

May 2009

Interested parties may contact management by calling the company at 877-2936729 or by email at pfcinternational@ . The Home Office and its Training Center is located in Lake Charles, LA, in the Capital One Tower, Suite 1160, and interested parties may schedule an appointment by contacting either by phone or email. The company is also seeking to open new PFC Centers in any area that has committed leadership to follow a business plan which is both beneficial to the community and also rewarding to the coordinators.

Romans 14:13 (NIV)

Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother’s way Renèe A. Reina, M.Ed. Executive Director

129 W. College Street Lake Charles, LA 70605 T 337.474.9998 F 337.562.2193 State Farm ®

Providing Insurance and Financial Services Home Office, Bloomington, Illinois 61710

Melanie Perry

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For more information Contact Mary Stevens One Lake Shore Drive Suite 1640B PO BOX 1402 Email marketing is the newest way to promote your business Lake Charles, La 70629 337-214-5078 office 225-282-2984 fax 1 MONTH CAMPAIGN

1email blast per week Or visit us on the web promoting your event or your business Mary Stevens 337-513-5661 cell

Christian Star Issue 5

May 2009

Guiding your children down the path of good health Despite today’s fast, fast-food society, Gene and Shively Lampson, owners of Pure Foods and Health, are confident that there is still time for good health and proper nutrition. The inclination to make the most of both begins, they believe, at a young age. “Good habits developed in childhood carry over to childhood,” Gene, a retired physician, said. “Often times teenage years can create obstacles for parents trying to guide their children’s health. That is why it is so important for parents to set foundation for good habits as early as possible. To address their concern for good nutrition among youth, the Lampson’s will host a SuperFoods Summer Camp for ages 4-13 during the month of June at their 138 W. Prien Lake Road store. The camp, designed to introduce youth to basic nutrition and the benefits of healthy eating, will be held from 11 a.m.-1 P.m. Monday-Friday, June 1-26. Week one will be reserved for ages 4-6; week two, ages 7-10; week three, ages 11-13; and week four, 14-17. The camp will focus on basic nutrition, the benefits of healthy eating, and preparation of nutrient-rich foods in a fun atmosphere. “We are interested in educating both young children and teenagers. Many teens are learning the importance of good nutrition in promoting nice-looking skin, building strength and endurance and feeling good Issues that are important to them - And we want to give them the tools for developing their healthy diets and lifestyles,” Shively said. “Our youth should be taught that life is about balance. Not all carbs are bad and not all sugars make you fat.” Healthy eating in childhood and adolescence is important for proper growth and development and can prevent health problems such as obesity, dental cavities and iron deficiency. According, to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, most young people do not follow the recommendations set forth in the Dietary Guideline for Americans - 67 percent exceed recommendations for fat intake, and 72 percent exceed recommended saturated fat inake. In 2007, only 21 percent of high school students reported eating fruits and vegetables five or more times a day. Diets that are high in cooked and processes foods can result in poor digestion because they are void of enzymes, according to Gene, who said children need to eat meals made from whole foods and enjoy healthy proteins such as organic poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. For optimal health, the Lampson’s recommend a diet that contains a higher rate of plant-based meals and lower-rate of animal products. For more information on the Pure Foods SuperFoods Summer Camp, including cost, contact Pure Foods at 337-905-7873 or visit the store at 138 W.Prien Lake Road Lake Charles, La. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FRUIT SUBSTITUTIONS If your child likes: Apples Oranges Peaches Raisins Strawberries

He may also like: Pears, jicama (a crisp sweet root) Grapefruit Apricots, cantaloupe Blueberries, raspberries Kiwi

Ways to include more fruit in your Family’s diet 1. Don’t be afraid to use more canned fruit-for instance, in your child’s lunch-especially when some fruits are out of season. But try to find organic with no added ingredients. 2. Put canned fruit together with fresh fruit for a great winter salad. Good choices include peaches, pineapple, banana, aplle, grapes. 3. Make a shake from frozen fruit adding apple juice or a nut milk and agava or honey for a sweetner. 4. Try preparing the same fruit in a different way: Bake an apple in the microwave Grill a grapefruit under the broiler Freeze bananas or seedles grapes ( Great for a hot summer day) Make a melon kabob on a thin straw 5. Use applesauce, mashed bananas, or prune puree instead of oil in cake bars and quick breads. Baby-food fruits also work well.

2009 Summer Camp Schedule June 8 – 11, 2009: June 15 – 18, 2009: June 22 – 25, 2009: June 29 – July 2, 2009: July 6—9, 2009: July 13 – 16, 2009: July 20—23, 2009: July 27—30, 2009: August 3—6, 2009:

Dino Roar* Community Helpers Under the Sea America Space Adventure Around the World* Fairytales Under the Sea TBD

1:00pm to 4:00 pm 9:00am to 12:00pm 9:00am to 12:00pm 9:00am to 12:00pm 9:00am to 12:00pm 1:00pm to 4:00 pm 9:00am to 12:00pm 9:00am to 12:00pm 9:00am to 12:00pm

Oogles n Googles Summer Camps are designed for Children ages 4 to 6. These camps represent a unique opportunity in the Lake area –allowing preschoolers to enjoy the “camp” experience (most programs require child to be at least 5 yrs of age). Tuition for each week is $125 and includes: amazing activities, games, & crafts led by our amazing Oogles staff; themed music CD, lots of take home crafts/ goodies, and daily snacks. Additional weeks will receive a discount of $10/ week. Refer a friend and you can receive a discount on an Oogles n Googles birthday party!! Please call Oogles n Googles @ 491-0504, or e-mail us @ to register. *Afternoon Camps will offer a “Lunch Bunch” for Parents to come and bring a lunch to enjoy with their children from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm each day. 1625 Ryan Street Lake Charles, Louisiana

2009 Mommy & Me Schedule June 9, 2009 June 16, 200 June 23, 2009 June 30, 2009 July 7, 2009 July14, 2009 July 21, 2009 July 28, 2009 August 4, 2009:

Dino Roar Community Helpers Under the Sea America Space Adventure Around the World Fairytales Under the Sea TBD

9:00am to 10:15am 3:00pm to 4:15pm 3:00pm to 4:15pm 3:00pm to 4:15pm 3:00pm to 4:15pm 9:00am to 10:15am 3:00pm to 4:15pm 3:00pm to 4:15pm 3:00pm to 4:15pm

Oogles n Googles Mommy & Me Sessions are designed for Children from ages 2 to 4 and require accompaniment of a parent / adult. Tuition for each week is $20 and includes: take home themed CD, crafts, goodies, and a snack. Additional Mommy & Me Sessions will be offered if there is sufficient participation. We love Mommy & Me, so sign up and let your friends know, too! Please call Oogles n Googles @ 491-0504, or e-mail us @ to register. 1625 Ryan Street Lake Charles, Louisiana

The Daily Prayer “Jesus,”come into my heart, forgive me of any sin That I have not asked forgiveness from, “known and unknown to me” Jesus. Please wash me in the Hot Blood of Jesus and keep my mind, my soul and my spirit. I ask you my Lord to be my “Savior and Redeemer” forever in Jesus’ Name Amen. PG.12

Christian Star Issue 5

Tena Matthews

May 2009

Tena Matthews, A native of Lake Charles, La, Washington Marion high school graduate in May of 03’. A Northwestern State University graduate in May of 07’. Expressed in so many words, value and never ending work ethics; it is said by collegiate head coach Jennifer Graf, “Tena has one of the hardest work ethics around, which makes her an absolute joy to coach. She is one of those amazing athletes who can do it all as a fundamentally sound basketball player. Tena is a great wing scorer who can take you off the dribble or can even bring you down low and post because of her strength.” A tremendous career as an athlete ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Lake Charles, LA (Washington-Marion HS): 22.0ppg 14.0rpg 2005-2006: Northwestern St. (NCAA): 27 games: 10.1ppg, 6.1rpg, 1.4apg, 1.8spg, FG: 34.6%, 3PT: 27.3%, FT: 73.7% 2006-2007: Northwestern St. (NCAA): 11.9ppg, 8.9rpg, FT: 75.0% 2007-2008: Northwestern St. (NCAA, starting five): 29 games: 15.2ppg, 9.5rpg, 1.9apg, 2.2spg, 0.3bpg, 3PT: 42.9%, FT: 77.8% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


All-District -01, 02, 03, 04 District Championships -02, 03 All-Region -02, 03, 04 All-State -02, 03, 04 Freshman of the Year -01 Hawaii Classic Tournament Invite Only Camp -01 All-Southland Conf. Honorable Mention -07 Player of the Week Award -07, 08 Preseason All-SLC Second Team-08 Southland East Conf. Regular Season Runner-Up -08 All-Southland 1st Team -08 All-Louisiana Women’s Basketball Team -08 6th player in school history to record 1,000 career points and 700 career rebounds -08

Professional *STATISTICS:

Team: Horsens Pirates Country: Horsens Denmark EuroBasket League Professional international basketball league in Europe *Tena Matthews 19.27 Pts. 11.59 Rebounds 2.59 Steals 1.7 Assists *Overall League Honors: All star team representative #1 in Rebounding #2 in Scoring #3 in Steals I am not just a college graduate, coach, an upcoming author of my first poetry work and a professional, international basketball player; those are my attributes; However, I am a woman that firmly believes that education is power. I have begun working on my Masters Degree in Adult Education. I have many certifications and honors academically. I am pleased to be inspiration to young people. I love working with children and I am very aware of diversity since I have been working with the city for five summers. Through similar and such experiences, I know kids are eager to learn new things. These same kids make it seem simple to learn the wrong things; therefore, I know that same effort can be aimed at learning and performing the right ones… My purpose for these basketball camps are to encourage one to go after whatever one chooses too, with the understanding that he or she can accomplish it… I have a vision for our young people. In this vision, I am pleased to declare that our children are the future. For this precise reason, I am ensuring that my vision is a practical experience because if no one tells these children their worth then how will they ever know? Now, if no one explains to them why they can excel then they may never stop believing they can’t… My ultimate goal is to reach every child for their own spirituality and to be content once their uniqueness is discovered and exploited. I wish to encourage kids to not only reach for the sky but believe that there is not a limit. “Reach beyond the point where people say is the maximum.”-Tena Matthews Believe that “Nothing worth having comes easy” because the reality is “Any accomplishment will take work, to be able to call it an “Accomplishment.”Tena Matthews All I ask is that you help me to make this vision come alive by supporting your children… Thank you and God Bless, Hope to see you @ Camp!!!!!!!


Christian Star Issue 5

May 2009

Keeping Pace

unemployed (those people unemployed for 27 weeks or more) rose to 3.2 million. Practically every sector has been hit by job losses: manufacturing, construction, professional and business services, retail, leisure and hospitality, ….you By Rolland Soileau name it. This geographic area has not been hit nearly as hard as a lot of other municipal areas due Let’s look at some US statistics for the last month. to our industrial base, but you can see reductions The United States Department of Labor has been publishing statistics on just about everything that in businesses almost anywhere you look. There are lots of other statistics that get looked it can find that has an economic tie to pulse of at weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or beyond. our economy for decades. We’ve all seen them These statistics give us a good measurement of and heard of them, but do you ever wonder why they’re important? If you do any kind of investing the health of economy. They aid in projecting where we’re headed and also in understandin the stock markets, you’ll likely see some reacing where we’ve been. Of course, the landscape tions to these statistics when they’re announced. has changed because the world has changed so Not all the reactions are good or justified. We much (global economy again). The consumer have periodic touches of excessive fear and irraprice index, for example, gives you a good idea of tional exuberance. Almost anything in the world where we’re heading with inflation or deflation, now affects how we feel and what we keep an for that matter. Inflation is expected in a growing eye on. The global economy is here to stay, and along with that will come a lot of benefits, but also economy, but runaway inflation stifles economic growth quickly. Deflation also lets you know that we’ll see a lot of vulnerabilities to our way of life your economy is shrinking, which is not good for exposed. The consumer price index increased 0.2 percent home values or financial investments. Consumers aren’t the only ones who watch these statistics. in March, but when adjusted for seasonality it actually decreased 0.1 percent. The index decreased Businesses and corporations also keep a close eye on forward projections so that they know where 0.4 percent over the last year, which was the first to spend their dollars in trying to grow their busi12 month decline since August 1955. Boring!! nesses. So what? If you’re not an economist, why even As you look at these numbers, you’ll see that bother with this stuff? Ah, contraire! they often cycle over time. Right now automobile Non-farm employment for the month of March sales have fallen off tremendously, which is makdeclined sharply by 663,000 jobs. We’re talking ing life even more difficult for the auto industry about 13.2 million unemployed persons or about as it tries to survive. Big manufacturers also have 8.5% unemployment. The number of long-term

big costs that they incur. If demand shrinks when they’re projection growth and buying raw materials at higher prices, then their profit margins will disappear quickly. Not too long ago, steel was getting scarce and commanding strong prices. Any long-term contracts tied into those prices when the market bailed, put the auto makers into the red quickly. Of course there are more factors at play there (lack of loans being made to consumers, legacy costs to workers, etc), but everything that’s going on with the auto makers did not end and start with them. Of course they need to do better. But to say that they have not been making the vehicles that consumers want is nonsense. I love my SUV, as do most SUV owners. Yeah, I wish it had much better gas mileage, but if you have a family, you don’t want or need a smaller car. Small cars work really well in countries where they don’t travel much by car, but in the US we love to travel by car. Maybe we’re just spoiled that way. Auto sales may be down hard now, but there is going to be a pent up demand for new cars that will reach a critical mass soon. If the US auto makers are helped to survive until that time comes, they will do very well as companies and also keep a lot of workers employed. If you remember back when Chrylser reinvented themselves once before, they actually did quite well for a long time. The bottom line is that the impact of the auto makers not surviving will be a lot more devastating nationwide than we can fathom. I just hope someone picks up the Pontiac brand from GM. I kinda like what they’ve been putting out.

Reinvent Yourself By Rolland Soileau

George Castillo,

U.S. Army Retired Bilingual Salesman DeMontrond Auto Group Houston Internet,Ebay,Fleet Sales Mgr. 281-734-7062 Fax 281-749-8137

Jacoby Garmon Kia/Suzuki Sales Manager 14101 North Freeway Houston, TX 77090 281-872-7200•Direct 281-877-1012 Fax 281-872-3836•800-796-9999

Who says that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick? But before going any further, what exactly is OLD? I see sports stars being regarded as “old” and “out of shape” when they’re in the 30’s. If that’s the standard for old, I am in a lot of trouble. If you ever want to get put in your place, just ask your young kids if they think you’re old. OUCH! For those of you who really think you’re too old to go back to school, think again. It doesn’t matter if its college, online school, trade school, graduate school, or even high school. You could be trying to get a degree, diploma, learn a trade, or just take leisure learning. If you look at the global economy again, you may want to consider furthering your education for several reasons. The last time there was a sizable recession in the US, there were many workers who went back to school to be reeducated for the workplace. It was not uncommon to see many students in college who were well beyond the normal age range of newly graduated high-schoolers. You may well see this phenomenon resurface again in the coming years due to the need for laid-off workers to learn skills that place them back among the working. One thing of note is that expanding businesses do their homework before determining where they will locate new plants or manufacturing businesses. They will look for natural resource advantages (waterways, highways), weather, tax breaks, and skilled or educated labor. The demographics of the area will be surveyed and could be the determining factor on whether that area will be chosen as the site for a new facility which could employ 5,000 people or more. That’s just one example, but you can see where being part of an educated work group could pay off. Technological changes also necessitate workers being nimble enough to keep pace with global competition. If anyone remembers the first cell phones or the first dial-up internet service, you can definitely see how technology has fueled a lot of growth in the economy. At one time cell phones were thought to be a luxury, but now they are appear to be more of a necessity than anything. In fact, while a lot of companies’ stock prices were plummeting this past year, many cell phone companies were doing just fine. That’s where we want to be-right there at the forefront on technology in growing industries. If we don’t evolve with the changing world picture, we’re going to be left behind. And our kids will always have us at a disadvantage when it comes to text-messaging.


Christian Star Issue 5

May 2009

Love Bugs ~ A Picture of Covenant & Love - continued There have been many times in my life when I have been greeted by the sheer beauty of a spring or fall day where love-bugs are everywhere around me. It always seems to be at a time when I really need comfort or hope. It is as if God is speaking directly to me, saying, “Michele, I love you.” Joy and hope always fill my heart and a refreshing is delivered into my very soul. That is what God does for me through those love bugs seasons. If you are not from the South and have never had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing these little creatures, I will share a little bit about Love-bugs. They are black with a red head. They are usually attached to another love-bug (thus the name, lovebug). One love-bug is larger than the other and they are attracted to anything white. If you have a white car or home, look out, because you are going to have thousands of love-bugs swarming around. To me they are such a picture of how we should be if we are in Christ. We were washed from our sin (black) by the blood of Jesus (red) and that is just the way God sees us, through the blood of Jesus. If we love God we must look to God and He is our light (white)

and He is the unblemished Lamb of God, pure (white). To continue in our walk we must always be going toward God and Jesus, “Our Light,” seeking righteousness. We must walk out our salvation with fear and trembling. If you ever watch love-bugs, the larger of the two always leads the second love-bug. The second love-bug never fights against the first lovebug. He goes anywhere the first one does. He doesn’t argue or try to get away. He doesn’t strive against the leader. He just follows wherever the first love-bug leads. This is a perfect picture of how we should be in our relationship with Christ. We should follow Him always. We should obey Him. We should obey His Word to us. We should go where He leads and we should not fight against where He leads us even if it is through trials and tribulations. We should follow even if He asks us to do difficult things such as forgiving those who have deeply hurt us. I have watched love-bugs hold on to my windshield at 55 miles per an hour never letting go of the glass and never letting go of their partner. Their partner is often whipped back and forth in the wind. To me

it would be much easier to let the partner go but they hold on for dear life; their feet firmly planted on the windshield never letting go. We should be like that. We should plant our feet firmly in Christ and hold on to Him through all trials. We should hold on to God in prayer for our families and friends. Often we are that link to bring our families and friends to Christ. We are the solitaire set in our family. They may be “whipping in the wind” and lost but we cover them in prayer and God is faithful and He hears the prayers of the righteous. He loves our loved ones even more than we do. God said “Believe and you and your household shall be saved.” Once I saw one of those love-bugs holding on to his ‘little friend;’ that poor little fellow whipping in the wind at 55 miles for approximately 10 miles. The first love-bug was firmly planted on the windshield and at first the second love-bug was waving in the wind, but soon he was able to plant his feet firmly because of the first love-bugs stance. Together they moved into the security of the windshield wipers where the wind was less ferocious. That is the way it is in serving Christ. We will

FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT/LOVE By Laura Washington Galatians 5:22 (KJV) “For the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.” The presence of the Holy Spirit inside of us produces love. How are some practical ways we can show love? First of all, there’s love, then there’s LOVE. Love, by our society has most often been defined as a feeling. It doesn’t matter whether the relationship is between spouses, friends, parents and children, siblings, teachers and students, or co-workers, etc. In more recent years, the societal connotation of love has come to mean sex. The basic premise has been, “I’ll love you as long as things are going well, and otherwise, my love turns to whatever emotion I choose to allow.” Aren’t you glad that God did not do that to us? He chose to love us with an agape (unconditional) love. Leviticus 19:18 (KJV) “Thou shall not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the Lord.” Do not revenge or bear any grudge or hate your brother in your heart. It is not even possible to hold onto malice and revenge and at the same time show love. It is just not possible. Scripture tells us, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Even if the revengeful thought is not acted upon immediately, it’s just a matter of time before the thought poisons the body and the mind. There is a sweet peace that comes with “letting go and letting God.” That is the peace that the Bible speaks of as “the peace that passes all understanding.”

Introduction of CSN Writer, Rodney Hennigan You may already have read my first contribution in the March and April issue titled “My Hero & The Shark”. Before I continue with additional stories, I think I should take a time out to properly introduce myself to you. I am Rodney Hennigan and I have a goal. It is to entertain, educate and encourage everyone

to get into the outdoors to see God’s work first hand. For those of you unable to visit and see the wild splendor of God’s gift of nature, I promise to do my best to take you there in writing. On a biographical note, I am currently a railroad conductor and have been for the past thirty years. I am married to Nancy and blessed to be the father of seven sons (Rodney Jr., Daniel, David, Matthew, Michael, Christopher and Patrick)

suffer trials and tribulations but Christ our Rock will help us to firmly plant our feet and stand against all odds. He will bring us into a place of refuge where the winds won’t have a devastating effect on us. He will keep us safe there until we are able to “fly” again freely without fear of the winds. He strengthens us in those times if we will hold onto Him and not let go. This is also a picture of how we need each other in the body of Christ. We are to help build one another up and comfort one another. We are to love our brothers in Christ and stand with them and possibly lead them to refuge and hope when they are going through those hard times of life. Another example of that love-bug holding on to the windshield for dear life is how Christ holds on to us and never lets us go. Romans 8:3539 says “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? As it is written: For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered. No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,

neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Rainbows, of course, have always been a symbol of God’s Covenant from the time of Noah and I believe that lovebugs can also reflect that He is a God of covenant. As the love-bug binds together with one another, He binds Himself to us and He is our Covenant Keeping God and He has made covenant with us because we are in Christ. He is the Glory and the Lifter of our head! “Look up.” You can’t see a rainbow unless you look up. You can’t have hope unless you look up to Him. Let Him always be your source. He has a plan for all of creation to declare His glory and He has a plan for you to declare His glory. Ephesians 2:10 says “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” God loves you and you are special to him. You are indeed loved with an everlasting love and God is always and forever faithful. He will keep you in the palm of His hand and under the shadow of His wing…

Matthew 5:44, 46 (KJV) “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you. If you love them that love you, what reward have you?” How many of us can truly say that we love our enemies? When was the last time you “turned the other cheek” when you know that your “friend” had told a malicious lie to someone about you? John 13:34 (KJV) “A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” Please make note that He did not say, “I wish that you would love one another,” or, “I think it might be a good idea for you to love one another,” nor did He say, “ I request that you love one another.” A commandment is a direct order. How can we say we are followers of Christ and willfully disobey an order? When we are in a court- room and the judge walks in, the bailiff immediately says, “All rise.” None would dare remain seated for fear of being charged with contempt of court. Contempt of court may carry the penalty of a fine, eviction from the court -room or even incarceration. So how, and why would we show lack of reverence for the King of Kings, Lord of Lords who is only pointing us in a direction to live according to a kingdom mindset? Jesus paved the way and modeled unconditional love. God showed unconditional love by allowing His only son to shed His blood so that we could become the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ. As a follower of Christ, we can choose to model (on a daily basis) the kind of love that God has shown to us. Remember, we do have a choice. Copyright 2009 No part of this material may be used without the written consent of the author

and the proud grandfather of two more boys (Trace and Ethan). Yes, that’s right. It’s a grand total of nine boys in a row, with no girls. It may be some kind of record. Please visit www.rodneyhennigan. com. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Copyright 2009. No part of this material may be used without the written consent of the author.

Dominick Valenti REALTOR (337) 474-8877 BUSINESS (337) 478-9984 FAX (800) 299-8877 TOLL FREE LEGACY (337) 884-2818 CELLULAR 1601 W. Prien Lake Rd Lake Charles, La. 70601 Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated


Christian Star Issue 5

May 2009

Soldier’s Prayer Hearts are heavy now, dear Lord For WAR is looming there. Our prayers are calling out to you, Our thoughts too much to bear. Be with our loved ones--THEY NEED YOU. Guide them, lead them, see them through. Bless our leader, for we know, He asks Your blessings, and needs them so. Protect the innocent, shield their lives, As bombs and missiles streak the skies. Open our hearts and fill us with grace, Guard our loved ones in that place. This I say, in earnest prayer, THANK YOU LORD I know YOU’RE there.

Don’t just support our troops, pray for them too! If you would like to participate in praying for our troops please visit: and adopt a troop today.

Happy Memorial Day

“Why we thank you” We rejoice in the hearts of the brave fighting few through the noise that exists in this torn country’s views, For we know hardships abound in what you do; though we can’t truly know and that’s why we thank you. So, now when you hear the complainers complain about things they cannot understand or obtain, Close your ears and just know in your heart what they say is a lonely opinion from some bitter place. But most of us know that the freedom to love, or to hate, or to praise, comes from things that you’ve done, And your darkest of days when you chose not to run in your hearts; and you stayed till the battles were won. God gave this great place something well worth the fight and you chose to be brave and to give it your life; Being chased by your grave through the days and the nights. What you’ve done is amazing. We honor your life. By: Chris Sarver

Christian Star Issue 5

May 2009

Can’t get what you need if you don’t have the keys By Chauncy Latigue Matthew 16:19 as it is written “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” The purpose of this nugget is to assure the reader that without a relationship with a person any person there can be no authority given. It’s like this, would you just give me the keys to your house without a relationship with you. Let’s just say we were not friends and one day you got home and I was sleeping in your bed, eating out of your refrigerator or better yet using your face towel. How would you feel? Then on the other hand we are the best of friends, maybe roommates or cousins or whatever and you come home and the same scenario is at hand.You would feel totally different in that aspect. So what I am trying to push to you now is the fact that Christ wants to give you the keys to the kingdom where you may ask what you will and it will be done for you because of a personal relationship with him, I would like to know what would make a person not want a relationship with him. It is my goal to make you and anyone else who reads this understand the importance of relationship as to religion, I don’t care what denomination your background may be, catholic, Episcopalian , Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, full gospel, Presbyterian, Jehovah witness, physical science (scientology), Muslim, whatever the case. The Bible clearly states “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ” Colossians 2:8. I didn’t write it, I just choose to believe it. You may want to know why your prayers aren’t being answered or why you can’t do this or that, or why this person gets this or that or whatever….check your motives. Are you living in bitterness, unforgiveness? If you are married and reading this, how are you treating your spouse, if you are a husband or wife it doesn’t matter. The time is short and if you are not reading your Bible and know the scripture, I suggest you start to read it even if it is a psalm and proverb a day. Let’s look at what the Bible says about the above paragraph. 1 John 4:20 “If a man says, I love God, and hated his brother, he is a liar: for he that loves not his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen? Matthew 6:14-15 “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly father will also forgive you: But if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither

Apprentice- Ships at Port Mercy in Lake Charles

RAMP students at Friend Ships.

By Dan Allen

The Prophet Moses had an assistant named Joshua that God raised up to lead the people of Israel. The Apostle Paul mentored Timothy and some of the other leaders of the early Christian Church. Jesus trained his first disciples, and instructed them to make Disciples. Every local Church should be making new disciples, and preparing them to lead the next generation. Sometimes the Church is referred to as the Army of God. The Lord also has a Navy; it started with just a dozen men and a row boat. Today, his fleet includes Friend Ships and their headquarters at Port Mercy in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Don and Sondra Tipton are the founders

of Friend Ships Unlimited, and continue to over see this global ministry. In recent years Friend Ships conducts an annual training program for young adults that desire to serve for a year as apprentice missionaries called RAMP. Sondra Tipton says, We established this program as a meaningful way to make the transition between high school and the rest of one’s life. It provides an opportunity to take time to seek the Lords guidance for one’s life before setting off on a path that may not be in line with God’s purpose. The program provides an introduction to exciting relief missions and a structured system to learn vital life principals and work skills.” The RAMP lifestyle is far different from what most young people experience at home. Most days are structured with an early wake up, and set times for study, meals, and work. So, that leaves little free time during a typical training day. All participants are encouraged to spend their time wisely to gain the most out of their experience at Friend Ships by building relationships with their ship mates and with God.

will your Father forgive your trespasses. 1 Peter 3:7 “Likewise, ye husbands dwell with them (your wife) according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered. I’ve said all of that to say this… Don’t think of God as some sort of fly by night maybe he will, maybe he wont magician, God is willing to do it for your good pleasure, whatever you ask, if you ask right? What do you mean by that Bro’ C? Glad you asked, let’s look at John 16:23-24 “ And in that day you shall ask me( Jesus) nothing,Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name(Jesus’ name), he will give it you. Here to have you asked nothing in my name: ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full. Now the prerequisite for this privilege is to know him for yourself (relationship), not because I know him or your Mom knows him or whomever, it is a personal relationship thing. How do I do that Bro. C? Well once again, glad you asked. Romans 10:9-10 “That if thou (that is you) confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shall be saved. For with the heart man believes unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. John 3:3 “Jesus answered and said unto him,Verily, verily, I say unto thee (that is you), except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God . John 3:5 “Jesus answered,Verily, verily, I say unto thee (that is you), except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God . Acts 2:38 “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized (of the water) every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ (in his name) for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. (Of the Spirit) Now I am quite sure you would check these scripture out for yourself, don’t just take my word for it. But I can tell you this with all certainty and pure faith I know without a shadow of a doubt that, you can’t get what you need if you don’t have the keys! Jesus wants to give them to you. If you want them Confess this prayer out loud with your mouth so your eyes can see it, your mouth can say it, and your ears can hear it, because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17 Father I repent of my sins and confess that I am a sinner, I choose to be saved by your grace and with my mouth I confess Jesus is Lord of my life from this day forth and I make him My savior, Lead me to a church where Jesus is preached in fullness without any tradition of man, May I learn of your word everyday from this day forth. Lord I forgive anyone who has hurt me, trespassed against me and has done me wrong, may I show that a change has come over my life in the name of Jesus I ask this prayer and claim your mercy in my life now and forever. Great is thy faithfulness towards me! Amen Now reach up as if you were taking something from someone and grab them tight. The keys are yours! Because one of the ministries of Friend Ships is disaster response, they sometimes have to veer from normal routines in order to provide help to people in their time of need. There may be times when everything will change on a moment’s notice and the RAMPers and others with Friend Ships must be flexible. Temporary routines may include deployments that require around the clock staffing. There are times when the mission/tasks will not end until the work is over and this may mean having to work extremely long hours with only short periods of rest. Those going through the training program live onboard one of the ships that are owned and operated by Friend Ships Unlimited and that in itself is a great change from what most people are used to. Sleeping quarters are tight and storage space is very limited. Each student has a locker about the size of a full length gym locker and bunks have storage units under the bed. Therefore, incoming participants are advised to leave items that are not essential at home.

The crew does enjoy some comforts that other missionaries often lack such Imagine a world where you do not carry as good meals, clean bathrooms, and a a cell phone most of the time; although, safe living environment. According to the phones may be used during free time. Ac- information available at the website for cess to the internet may be limited as well. Friend Ships Unlimited, “ those enrolled in In this writer’s opinion, an atmosphere like RAMP face many challenges, but if the task this could do us all some good from time was not difficult then anyone would be to time. able to do it. God is calling those that are

prepared to step up to do not just the difficult tasks but, with Him, the impossible. Are you prepared to step up? “ The following are remarks from some of those that have completed RAMP: “I really found a relationship with the Lord. The program changed my life and prepared me for battle.” “I’ve learned how important prayer is and made life-long friends.” “I’ve grown closer to God, learned awesome trades and had experiences that have changed my life.” “Everything here is faith based. I’ve learned to be a servant of Christ.” RAMP is designed for both males and females between the ages of 18-24. This annual training program begins with a six week boot camp; upon completion each candidate is evaluated and if mutually agreed will continue. It takes almost a full year to complete the entire program. While the emphasis is on spiritual growth and serving others, the program includes physical training and opportunities to learn some vocational skills. The next RAMP session begins in July 2009. There is no charge to participate. For more information, visit


Christian Star Issue 5

Upcoming Events

Gospel Listening Party Sunday, May 24th from 5:00 P. M. to 9:00 P. M. 911 North Shattuck, Lake Charles, LA You are cordially invited to this free event for the second monthly gospel musical explosion presented by Pastor W. Mike Robinson of Breath of Life Praise and Worship Center. This event will feature the anointed solo artist Laura Washington. Come and enjoy good fun and fellowship. For more information, please call (337) 802-2885.

May 2009

NATE LIVINGS AND TENA MATTHEWS CELEBRITY BASKETBALL GAME * Admission: $10.00 Tickets: $7.00 (Available @ Academy Sports & Outdoors (3401 Derek Dr. Lake Charles, LA 70607) / KZWA (305 Enterprise Blvd. Lake Charles La. 70601) / AA Billiards (3409 Com mon St. Lake Charles, LA 70607) / Cutting Action (702 13th St. Lake Charles, LA 70601) Onsite @ Where It All Begins Basketball Camp • Date: Friday, June 26, 2009 • Time: 7:30p.m. - 10:00 p.m. • Location: Washington Marion Magnet High School (2802 Pineview St. Lake Charles, LA 70615) TENA MATTHEWS {#4} AND THE NFL AND THE EUROBASKET STARS


Diggers & Weeders Garden Club Plant Sale Saturday May 2, 2009 from 8:00am - 12:00pm

Farmers Market One day only at Charlestown Farmers Market Located on Bilbo Street Behind 1911 City Hall Arts and Cultural Center Old City Hall Lake Charles


Memories of World War II April 17, 2009 - June 13, 2009 Times: Mon.-Fri.10AM-5PM, Sat. 10AM-2PM Location: 1911 Historic City Hall Phone: 337-491-9147 Address: 1001 Ryan St.Lake Charles, LA Admission: Free This exhibit features photographs from the American Press archives, allowing a younger generation to better understand the sacrifices made by men, women and children in all nations touched by World War II.

Old Time Trade Days May 2, 2009 - May 3, 2009 Times: 9 a.m. Until Location: Kershaw’s Cajun Village, Lake Charles Address: 3401 E. Prien Lake Rd. Lake Charles, LA 70615 Admission: Free

Tidbits of History: The Louisiana Purchase Story May 5, 2009 Times: 10-11AM Location: Southwest Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Library, Lake Charles Phone: 337-721-7100 Address: 411 Pujo St. Lake Charles, LA 70601 Admission: Free The Genealogy Library presents “Tidbits of History,” an hour-long series on Tuesdays, once a month. Topics vary, but all have to do with the history of some part of Southwest Louisiana or the state as a whole. The topic on May 5 will be a video documentary “The Louisiana Purchase Story,” an account of the greates land sale in history

Movies Under the Stars May 9, 2009 Times: 7 p.m. Location: Prien Lake Park, off of I-210 in Lake Charles Movies Under the Stars will have a showing of Finding Nemo. Bring a lawn chair and a blanket to Prien Lake Park. The show begins at 7 p.m.

Contact information is: Nate Livings *Email: Cell: 615-337-6829 Cell Email: Address: P.O. BOX 573 Lake Charles, La. 70602 Tena Matthews * Email: * *Home /Cell Phone: *(337) 513-452/304-9693* Address: *P.O BOX 1398 Lake Charles, La. 70602


DATE: LiL Dribblers: June 15th-19th / Youth: June 22nd - 26th





PTEC Summer Girls Camp

Who: Females entering grades 9-12

ADD A LITTLE ADVENTURE TO YOUR FUTURE!!! Do you want to be part of a team in a challenging and high-tech career? Would you like a starting salary of $50,000+ a year in just 2 years? Women are discovering jobs in process technology and so can you. HEAR FROM WOMEN WHO ARE DOING IT and LOVING IT.

Where: McNeese University Campus

Field Trips > Hands-on Activities > Guest Speakers > Breakfast & Lunch Provided ALL AT NO COST TO YOU !!!

Come & Find out if this is the Career for you. June 15-19,2009 Monday-Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm; Friday 9:00am-Noon

Application: Due date May 15, all applications can be mailed to McNeese Dept of Engineering Tech., P.O. Box 91780, Lake Charles, La. 70609, or FAXED to:337-475-5292., OR EMAIL: Information: 337-475-5854


Christian Star Issue 5

May 2009

Christian Business Owner Directory ATTORNEYS Christian Attorneys Needed


520 W McNeese St Lk Charles


1100 1st Avenue Lk Charles


Lagniappe Cafe’ & Catering

1601 N Prater St Lk Charles



1825 Interstate 10 Next Door to E Z Aces Casino Lake Charles, La (337) 436-1151 A TRUE TASTE OF SWLA COOKING AT ITS FINEST Monday - Saturday 5:30AM - 7:00PM Sunday 6AM - 3PM Breakfast Served Daily 5:30AM - 10:30AM


BARBERS Collins Service Center

BEAUTY SALONS Anointed Total Hair Care

BEDS-RETAIL Mattress & Water bed Gallery

716 E Prien Lk Rd. Lk Charles



Curtis Rougeau


• Daily Plate Lunches • True Pit Barbeque • Heart Healthy Lunches • Steaks, Po-Boys,Wings • Seafood Platters


Deb King



1717 E. Prien Lake Rd. Lake Charles



Alvin Fred Guillory Guillory Realty LLC 337-802-7726

State Farm


MASSAGES Hands for Life


For all your catering needs No job too small or too large --------------------------Weddings•Rehearsal Dinners Banquets•Luncheons Private Parties•Birthday Parties Bridal & Baby Showers Celebrations•Family Reunions Business Meetings•Holiday Dinners We will do our best to accommodate your event

Kathy Cookson


1145 Hodges Street Lake Charles, LA 70601 Email: Web:


Inside Prien Lake Mall




RESTAURANTS Coffee Cup Diner

909 Mulberry St Wstlk

Kid’s Camp Summer Day Camp Boys & Girls Ages 5 – 12 June 1, 2009 -- August 7, 2009 7:00 am – 5:00 pm Register now!!! Location: Dance Art Studio (645 Petro Point Drive)

Weekly Field Trip *Skate City/ Jump City *Putt-Putt Golf *Petro Bowl Only $85 per week

Registration Fee for 1st time camp $45 Call Now to Register – (337) 853-4595 and ask for Tony You can also submit your application by email to


Curtis Rougeau (337) 485-2460


Daily Activities • Football • Drama School Supplies and New/ • Basketball Good Used Uniforms needed • Bowling as a donation for the SOS • Soccer • Arcade Room Foundation, Inc. The SOS • Volleyball Foundation provides free • Kickball backpacks with school sup• Arts & Crafts plies and uniforms to the • Dodge Ball needy children of SWLA.

Do you desire a greater knowledge and a deeper understanding of God’s Word? Do you have many years in the ministry but lack credentials? Want Word? You are at the right place because at OBC, it’s all about the Word. Oval Bible College is an extraordinary bible school that offers the Certificate of Biblical Studies thru the Doctorate of Theology, Ministry, Biblical Studies, Divinity, and Biblical Counseling degree programs strictly through correspondence. We bring the classroom to you. Oval Bible College provides a quality biblical education everyone can afford. For a total of $300, you can earn an accredited degree from OBC. You no longer have an excuse for not enrolling in a quality bible college. Enroll now and experience the Difference. To enroll visit our website at:, or call (337)853-9755 today.

Please contact Shelly Dugas at (337) 474-1290.

End of School.. Summer Cleaning? Donate all used clean uniforms to the SOS Foundation, Inc. This is a Non-Profit Organization. Please contact Shelly Dugas at (337) 474-1290.


Want to place an AD Call 337-853-9883 PG.19

Microenterprise Development Program 5th Year Anniversary was held on Thursday, April 16, 2009

Small & Emerging Business Development Program

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Randall Pinkett, Season 4 Winner of “The Apprentice� Is seen in the photo above with CSN Monica Soileau and Malcolm Alfred

Dr. Randall Pinkett encourages the Small & Emerging Businesses during his speech on the above & below.

Christian Star News Paper May  

The May Edition of Christian Star News

Christian Star News Paper May  

The May Edition of Christian Star News