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Surfiseal Concrete & Brick Sealer Water-based Concrete and Brick Sealer PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Surfiseal Concrete and Brick Sealer is a water-based emulsion of siloxane that penetrates into concrete or masonry to provide true long term weatherproofing protection. PURPOSE: Surfiseal Concrete and Brick Sealer provides outstanding long term weatherproofing protection for all types of concrete and masonry surfaces. Aside from its ability to bead water, it allows the substrate to breathe due to its moisture vapor permeability. Surfiseal Concrete and Brick Sealer is ideal for horizontal concrete applications and porous concrete block. It protects against deicing salts and chloride ions and will not change transaction or skid resistance of a surface. Surfiseal penetrates the substrate and chemically reacts with, and bonds to, the concrete or masonry surface. The invisible film formed will bead water and protect the substrate many times longer than conventional coatings. ADVANTAGES: • Water-based, low odor • Ready to use • V.O.C. Compliant • Outstanding protection against deicing salts and chloride ions • Excellent beading for improved aesthetics • Will not change the traction or skid resistance of a surface • No color change; will not darken surface • Strong chemical bond to the substrate • Excellent vapor transmission • Dries quickly, re-open to traffic in 1-2 hours • Excellent alkali resistance SPECIFICATIONS: • Color – Milky White (Dries Clear) • Shelf Life – 1 Yr.(unopened) • Active Content: 7% or 10% Water Based Oligomerous Alkylalkoxy Siloxane • Water Penetration Through Masonry ASTM E-514 (10% Siloxane) (Wind driven rain at 62.5 mph (100.6 kph) Average Reduction in Leakage Rate – 83% • N.C.H.R.R Report 244 (10% Siloxane) Series 2 – 77% Reduction in Chloride Ion Content • Vapor Transmission – Excellent – No moisture retained after 21days PACKAGING: 5-Gallon Bucket APPROXIMATE COVERAGE: • Concrete-Cast in Place: 80-150 ft²/gallon • Pre-cast: 125-150 ft²/gallon • Exposed Aggregate:100-150 ft²/gallon • Rough Stone: 100-150 ft²/gallon • Smooth Stone: 150-175 ft²/gallon • Concrete Block: 60-90 ft²/gallon • Split Face Block:60-90 ft²/gallon • Clay Brick: 100-150 ft²/gallon • Stucco: 100-150 ft²/gallon • Glazed Brick: 150-175 ft²/gallon

DRYING TIME: The milky white colored product will dry to a clear, transparent film in 1-2 hrs @ 70°F (21°C). PREP: New concrete musty be cured a minimum of 28 days. Use a wet burlap cure as other curing compounds may not be compatible and will have to be removed. Tuck-pointing must cure a minimum of 3 days and caulking should be fully cured before application. Concrete surfaces should be cleaned and free of dirt, oil, grease and other contaminates. New concrete surfaces may only require sweeping, however, if construction traffic has been excessive, washing with 2,000 psi pressure cold water may be necessary. On older concrete surfaces, sandblasting or high pressure cold water of sufficient pressure may be used. Chemical cleaning or high pressure hot water may also be used. Rinse thoroughly after chemical cleaning. For masonry surfaces, use chemical cleaners and/or low pressure 500-1500 psi cold water cleaning. The surface pores must be opened up sufficiently to allow immediate penetration of the Surfiseal. A good test is to place a few drops of the Surfiseal onto the clean surface. It should immediately absorb into the surface or additional cleaning may be necessary. Before application, the surface should be completely dry. Allow at least 24 hours with sunshine for drying if the surface was wet. Do not apply below 40°F (4°C) or above 100°F (38°C) temperature. Do not apply if rain is expected within 3 hours. Do not apply during very windy conditions. High winds could cause an excessive application rate. Cover and protect all glass, aluminum, metal, grass, shrubs, plants and vegetation from overspray of the Surfiseal. Agitate the Surfiseal prior to applying. INSTALLATION: Apply a single coat with low-pressure spray equipment (15 psi or .1 MPa), roller, or broom. Use a fan spray nozzle for greatest efficiency; mist-spraying will only waste material. DO NOT OVER APPLY. Over application can prevent product from being absorbed and could cause a white powder to form on the surface. To ensure complete coverage product will be milky white in color and dry clear. On vertical surfaces, apply the material from the bottom of the wall upward so that it will run down the surface at least 6 inches below the spray pattern. For porous vertical substrates or for maximum protection, apply two “wet on wet” applications of Surfiseal. On horizontal surfaces, material should be sufficiently applied to completely flood the surface; approximately 125 ft²/gal, depending on the porosity of the surface. Typically, the surface can be reopened to traffic in 1-2 hrs. if the temperature is 72°F (22°C) or above. Opened containers of Surfiseal should be tightly resealed when not in use. The full chemical reaction of the siloxane will take 3 days. CLEAN UP: It is best to remove material from equipment before set up. Use clean soapy water.

Surfiseal Concrete & Brick Sealer Water-based Concrete and Brick Sealer

LIMITATIONS: • Always test each substrate with an application of Surfiseal to a minimum of 3’ x 3’ area to check for performance, water repellency and to verify the cleaning procedure. • Do not apply to a wet surface. • The shelf life for an unopened container is one year. • Keep container tightly sealed when not in use. • Store in a dry location with a temperature range between 40°F (4°C) and 100°F (38°C). WARNING: • Use with adequate ventilation. • Keep out of the reach of children. • Do not take internally. • In case of ingestion, CALL A PHYSICIAN immediately. • DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. If splashed in the eyes, flush thoroughly with clean water for a minimum of 15 minutes. CALL A PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY. May cause irritation to the skin. If brought into contact with the skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles. Read MSDS before using product. PRODUCT ONLY WARRANTY: Marflex warrants for 12 months from the date of manufacture the product to be of good quality and manufactured to meet published physical properties and quality control standards. Except as specifically provided herein, Marflex makes no warranty, express, implied or oral including but not limited to any warranty or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, usage of trade, course of dealing or course of performance in connection with this agreement. In no event shall Marflex be liable on any such warranty with respect to the product. Marflex shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages including, but not limited to damages of the structure, its replacement, contents or personal injury. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. HEALTH AND SAFETY INFORMATION IS GIVEN IN THE MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET AND THE PRODUCT DATA SHEET AVAILABLE FOR THIS PRODUCT. THESE SHOULD BE READ AND UNDERSTOOD BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT.

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