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ShockWave The Foundation of the Green Movement


Waterproofing & Building Products

ShockWave – The Wave of the Future

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products continues on with “their reputation for innovation and development, introducing new and useful products to protect your home. ”

ShockWave - The Wave of the Future

Mar-flex Green Products

ShockWave is made from 100% recycled materials and is the most effective drainage board solution on the market today. The ShockWave Drainage Board is highly impermeable to water and guards against acids and other harmful agents in the environment.

Mar-flex Green is our initiative for sustainable development and our ongoing effort to bring innovative solutions to the building industry. It symbolizes our commitment to both the environment, providing economically viable products that help builders with important LEED certifications, and consumers with a better quality of life.


ShockWave is built to last, with Crush-Resistant Memory that acts as a shock “ absorber, so backfill doesn’t allow debris to harm the waterproofing membrane. ”

is capable of absorbing up to 101.11 gallons “perShockwave hour per lineal foot of groundwater, eliminating any possibility of hydrostatic pressure. ” ShockWave Foundation System is a highly functional waterproofing solution that keeps water from touching the wall on its way from the environment to a drainage system. ShockWave is manufactured with multiple lines of defense against water. Unlike other drainage boards our Mar-flex silt fabric stops fine dirt particles from filling capillaries in Shockwave therefore allowing water to pass freely to the drainage tile.

Rest assured that when you choose Mar-flex, you are supporting American-made “ products by a family-owned firm, focusing on innovation, quality, and reliability. ”

A Complete Waterproofing System

Control Joint

Mar-flex 5000TM


Drainage Board

6 inch Drain-A-Way

Mar-flex Silt Cover

Waterproofing Systems are designed to meet the needs “Mar-flex’s of the consumer, contractor, and business owner as well as

offering the same industry-leading performance Mar-flex is known for.

ShockWave drainage board is easy to install. “Mar-flex’s Available ShockWave Clip accessories make installation even easier. ”

Shockwave Waterproofing System with QuickSeal offers a 30 Year Warranty

Shockwave Waterproofing System with Mar-flex 5000 offers a 50 or 60 Year Warranty

Mar-flex’s QuickSeal membrane provides overall superior protection, outshining the competition by remaining affordable and reliable. QuickSeal can be applied to any poured wall, and only takes 24 hours to cure. It comes in a solvent-based or water-based solution, for the flexibility to fit any construction project.

Years in development, this heavy duty membrane can be applied to any poured foundation wall. Its made of a special formulation that easily sprays on, stays flexible, and is seamless. Combined with Shockwave 1” Drainage Board offers a 50 year warranty. Combined with 2” ShockWave Drainage Board offers a 60 year warranty.

Shockwave Waterproofing System with Fusion - Limited Lifetime Warranty Fusion is a 100% acrylic membrane that is applied to any poured foundation. It sprays easily, produces a flexible and seamless seal, and can be sprayed to the top of a foundation wall for comprehensive protection. Fusion is available in an environmentally safe water-based application that safeguards against harmful UV rays.

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products

Customers know, that by choosing Mar-flex Waterproofing & “ Building Products, they are supporting a Family-Owned Firm with a dedication to American-made products. ”

Wide Spread Saturation

Quality Service

Mar-flex’s Waterproofing Systems are designed to meet the needs of homeowners, contractors, and builders, as well as providing the same industry-leading performance Mar-flex is known for. You can find Mar-flex products on new residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings all across the nation. Mar-flex’s innovations have propelled them to one of the most reputable and widespread waterproofing companies in the world.

Our customer service team is standing by to help with any questions or concerns you might have. The Mar-flex team is service oriented, with cross-training allowing them to address each issue with the care and compassion that you come to expect from a family-owned firm. Mar-flex’s service team can even advise on the installation and will work diligently to provide answers to any questions that may arise.

Our Commitment To Education Mar-flex is committed to helping the industry stay current on the newest building practices and specifications. Our continuing education courses have been taken by NASA, HUD and the FAA among others.

Other Innovative Mar-flex Systems

In addition to the ShockWave Drainage Board, Mar-flex also “ offers several other high-performance waterproofing products for commercial construction applications. �

Geo-Mat Plus System

Drain & Dry with Ecose

A generation of innovation. Geo-Mat Plus rolls are the only 100% green drainage board solutions in the world. Made from a high density polyethylene which offers strong resistance to hydrostatic pressure and facilitates excellent drainage.

The latest & greatest in fiberglass technology. This product is made with Ecose Technology that converts bio-based materials into an inert polymer that bonds mineral wool strands together, eliminating the formaldehyde and phenols found in traditional binds and insulations.

Products for Lower Level Living

Improve your bottom line with the best waterproofing products in the industry. Mar-flex® Waterproofing Products

Mar-flex guarantee

Mar-flex® waterproofing systems can transform ordinary basements into livable spaces — ideal for a home office, playroom, media room, exercise room and more.

Mar-flex guarantees quality and versatility — lower level living spaces that go above and beyond what most people think of as a basement. Mar-flex offers a full range of products to make lower level living possible with everything to perform the job from start to finish.

Everything you need to do the job right Mar-flex goes the next step to help you complete the job with spray equipment and accessories, egress and nonegress window wells, perimeter drainage, telescopic vents and control-joints. Architects and Contractors alike can rely on Mar-flex for: •  Technical specifications at •  Hands-on training right in your area •  24/7 job site support •  Sales support to help your market •  LEED Certifications •  Specifications and CAD details are available •  at

Complete waterproofing systems Mar-flex has set the industry standard for offering superior water-based and solvent-based waterproofing membranes, an extensive “Green” product assortment, and a wide range of drainage and insulation boards to complete the job based on your market needs. Authorized Distributor:

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