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Lisbon, September 30th 2013

Dear Friends, The Portuguese Socialist Party won yesterday's local elections with an historical result. With more than 99,97% of the votes counted, PS is a nationwide winner. All over the country PS got a record number of 150 municipalities (out of 308), including 116 absolute majorities, some of them by the first-time ever. In yesterday's election, the Socialist Party got 36,25% of the votes. PS achieves the best result ever for a party in Portugal's local elections winning 11 out of 23 municipalities with more than 100.000 inhabitants. In 2005 the Socialist Party won109 Municipalities whit 35,84% of the votes. In 2009 PS got 37.65% of the votes, winning 132 municipalities. The Socialist Party won three of the four major cities in Portugal, namely Lisbon, the capital of the country. As PS Leader, António José Seguro said “This campaign was an unforgettable experience. It will be the seed that will become a new path, the opportunity to lead by example, with dignity and honor. The PS have the responsibility to respond to this call." The Conservative government's austerity programme was severely punished by voters.

João Assunção Ribeiro International Secretary

Portugal local elections 29 september 2013  
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