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tempting red berries, the crown jewel of the business. Depending on the needs at the time, 16 to 25 workers help pick the holly and prepare it to sell. No machines are used, all is done by hand. “All of the holly is dipped in a big vat that has a hormone treatment in it. It costs $1,000 a gallon and it prolongs the life,” Don explained. “Holly is more akin to a rose than to a typical evergreen, so it does have a shorter life span. We also use a floral solution that helps the leaves retain moisture,” Sue added. They have shipped online orders as far away as Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. “A couple of guys back in Massachusetts buy from us every year. They call and we chat for about an hour. We actually got the chance to meet them two years ago. We were in Boston and they were in town,” Sue said. When the couple is able to spend time

Flipmaster Chris Cakes moves in

with their family, they all head to Corvallis to root on the Oregon State Beavers. “We’ve had basketball season tickets for 40 years, and our football ones for 25,” Don said. “Our girls grew up from the time they were infants watching the basketball games,” Sue said with a grin. They are also season ticketholders at the Pentacle Theatre in Salem. Sue was the director of the theater program for six years at Stayton’s Regis High School. The couple appreciates the flexible and devoted staff they have at their Postal Connections stores. “They are like family to us, and they know if we have to step out for a crisis with the farm, they’re right there to make sure things keep rolling smoothly,” Sue said. “They are unbelievable,” Don added. Mill Creek Holly Farms can be reached at

Chris Cakes Northwest, the only professional pancake caterer in the region, now includes Doug Vinson who recently moved to Scio. He has extensive experience in the food industry and has honed his pancake tossing skills over the past three years by flipping pancakes for Chris Cakes Northwest in the Portland area. He has traveled as far as Prineville to impress hungry people with his fancy pancake flipping. Chris Cakes originated in Pocahontas, Iowa in the mid1960s. Lorin (Chris) Christiansen, a member of his Kiwanis Club’s annual pancake fundraising team, had an idea for building a custom-designed portable grill to dramatically increase the number of pancakes cooked, while decreasing the people required to conduct a

large pancake breakfast. While the patented custom grill and batter dispenser dramatically increased pancake productivity as envisioned, it soon became clear that having talented, zany flipmasters was the final ingredient. Chris Cakes Northwest started in the Northwest on April Fool’s Day in 2014. It has now served over 200 breakfasts, fed more than 20,000 people, and flipped close to 100,000 pancakes all across the Northwest and Canada. The unique process allows one flipper to feed both large and small groups quickly and efficiently, producing 52 pancakes every 2-3 minutes and feeding up to 300 people per hour. Chris Cakes Northwest is on the web at or call Doug directly, 503-984-2861.

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Our Town South: Dec. 1, 2017  

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