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December 2015

Work begins on Norman Rockwell Freedom of Worship mural – Page 7

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Dance team off to strong start – Page 12

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Celebrate New Year’s Eve


LEAVE A LEGACY OF LOVE FOR SILVERTON! Dear Friends, Silverton Area Seniors, Inc. dba Silverton Senior Center is undertaking something new – an annual fundraising campaign to financially support the center. We are calling on members and other interested community members to help support our organization with annual donations, as well as bequests, in addition to the small yearly membership fee.

Party & Music in the Fireside Lounge

Why is this important? Perhaps you are aware that the City of Silverton subsidized the center with $50,000 per year since 2010. However, this summer the fiveyear subsidy ended. Early on, center leaders began planning ahead and steadily increased our fundraising events. But that won’t be enough to keep the facility running smoothly in perpetuity.

Cover $10

Special overnight packages available, visit 503-874-2500

“The Center in the Red Building” claims a vital spot in the Silverton area. It offers health and wellness services, educational forums of all sorts, physical activities classes, arts and crafts classes, support groups and social contact – all available to those of age 60 and up, members or not. (If you’re wondering, in 2017 the government-required age restriction can be lifted, and we’re happy to say we intend to lift it and will welcome those in their 50s to participate!)

895 West Main St. Silverton, OR 97381

With the above benefits in mind, add these: a $20 annual membership entitles you to discounted rates on class fees and voting rights in membership business meetings and board elections.


is a time of giving and receiving at SACA

Now, how can you help? We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 and donations are tax deductible #93-1180119. Please send your check to SSC, 115 Westfield St., Silverton, OR 97381. • • •

We need your help gathering items for our holiday food boxes.

Decide to send an annual donation to SSC. Or, make a one-time large donation. Make a bequest to SSC from your estate, and “Leave a legacy of love for Silverton.” Renew your SSC annual membership and join the 500+ people who use it.

Items needed for holiday food boxes: Stuffing • Olives • Yams • Rolls • Milk Turkeys and Hams • Oranges and Apples Potatoes • Corn

The board of directors sends you its gratitude for your concern and caring.

Alan Mickelson, President

Donations are accepted M-F from 8:30 am-1:30 pm or Tuesday nights 5-7 pm at SACA’s back door by parking lot.

There is now the ability and availability to make bequests and tax deductible donations to the Silverton Senior Center on-line at the web site using Pay Pal.

Tax Receipts are available. Clients can register ahead of time for a food basket at SACA starting Dec 1.

The Web Site is

Silverton Area Community Aid 115 Westfield Street • Silverton 97381 503-873-3093 • email: 2 • December 2015

421 S. Water St., Silverton 503-873-3446

We appreciate your generosity and continued support!

Our Town Life

Contents Civics 101

Silverton envisions 2035...........4

History lessons


Something To Talk About

History was my favorite class. The first day of fifth grade I lugged the oversized U.S. History textbook home for the two or three pages of assigned reading. Curled up in a favorite chair, I devoured one chapter, then the next, and the next before being called to dinner. Assignment? What assignment?

The gift of peace of mind..........5 Helping Hands

Moms join drive for carriers......6 Mural project needs funds........7 Our Neighbors

Final cut at Reinhart Farm.........8 Man About Town................10 Briefs .................................11 Sports & Recreation

Dance team’s strong start.......12 Marketplace......................13 People Out Loud................14

401 Oak St. Silverton, OR 97381 • P.O. Box 927 Mount Angel, OR 97362 Tel: 503-845-9499 Check out


Generations of families have cut Christmas trees at Reinhart Farms; this will be the last.


The original Freedom of Worship mural, demolished when the old Masonic Lodge came down, is being repainted for installation in Silverton this spring.

I was hooked on the stories: tales of people seeking better lives, taking great risk, facing great hardship. America was the land of the Pilgrims, seeking religious freedom. America was the land of George Washington and the citizen soldiers at Valley Forge, fighting for self determination. Enduring much, sacrificing much. Struggle with purpose inspired me. And kindness inspired me. As a very small child a Sunday school lesson on the good Samaritan made a deep impression. There, in that history text, I recognized more “good Samaritans,” a world away in time and place. Native people helped strangers with strange ways survive. Surely, though the world was hard, and the work was hard, there was much to be thankful for. There was hope in humanity. Of course, when you are no longer 10 the history classes become more detailed and the stories more complex. The first-love blush of noble purpose dims, covered by reality’s grim -- frequently ugly -- grit. But you know, my head still held the vision and my heart the hope.

Your submissions for Passages, Scrapbook and The Forum for the Jan. 15 Our Town Life are due Jan. 5.

Email: Deadline for the Jan. 1 Datebook is Dec. 18

Email: Our Town is mailed free to residents and businesses in the 97362, 97375, 97381 zip codes. Subscriptions for outside this area are available for $36 annually.

Our Town Life

Not of terrorists. Death can come at any moment, for any of us, even here. If we don’t understand or accept that, well, we are both blessed living in a time and place with antibiotics and plentiful food, and cursed with complacency. I am afraid of those who do not know the lessons of history. Fear is the enemy. Hatred is the enemy. Cruelty is the enemy. The enemy has faces of all colors, it falsely espouses all religions. The enemy is that which causes us to lose sight of our own humanity and the humanity of others. The Norman Rockwell Four Freedoms murals have been part of the Silverton landscape for years. Three of the four now adorn the side of Seven Brides on First Street. They represent American aspirations: Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Want, Freedom of Speech. The fundraising drive continues to complete the fourth and final frame, Freedom of Worship. It’s a history lesson we need to share with some of our fellow Americans. Unless we do that successfully, how can we share it with the rest of the world? I hope your holidays include a good read to warm your heart and hope to comfort your soul. If you’d like to help with the next mural, see page 7. Wishing you all the best from Our Town.

Still. Naive? Perhaps.

wishes everyone a Merry ChristMas and will be closed December 21 thru January 4, 2016.

-- Paula Mabry

T h a n k Yo u

fo r 10 Ye a The deadline for placing an ad in the Jan. 1 issue is Friday, Dec. 18

Now I watch and read the news – history in the making. And I am afraid.

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Civics 101

Want list

Community members share dreams for Silverton’s future

By Kristine Thomas

Envision 2035

What will Silverton look like in 2035? That is a question community members will be helping to answer in the next several months. The city of Silverton is asking the residents, business owners and other key stakeholders to share long-term goals and aspirations for the city for the Envision 2035, a community project. The project is expected to be completed by June 30. A project team from HDR Inc. in Portland is talking with community members and groups to get ideas and directions. The plan is to: Identify and analyze emerging trends and community issues; Articulate core community values and identity; Create a mission and vision statement that represents a general community vision for the next 20 years; and, Create a strategic plan for the Silverton for the next 10 years.

members discussed: How we learn and create; How we preserver and celebrate; and How we plan and improve.

Community members interested in participating or learning about Envision 2035 can contact Cassie Davis 503-727-3922 or

HDR Inc., the consultant on the project, is led by Doug Zenn, Cassie Davis and Steven Ames. “It’s your vision of what you want you city to be,” Zenn said. “We are just your guides in developing the vision.”

For project updates, visit www. The hope is community members sharing ideas will help create a road map for city councilors for decision making now and in the future. Two community meetings were held to provide community members an opportunity to get involved. At the Nov. 21 meeting, about 30 people divided into groups to discuss one of three focus topics: How we connect and coordinate; How we prosper; and How we thrive and care. At the Dec. 1 meeting, community

Members of the Silverton City Council a;so attended the meetings but did not provide input or ideas. “We are here to observe and listen,” City Councilor Jim Sears said. From listening to the discussions at both meetings, Sears said he learned there is a great deal of talent in Silverton. “These are people with various backgrounds and ideas reflecting on what they want for their community in the future,” Sears said. “This is not about what the city council wants for Silverton but what the residents want.”

Ideas at the Dec. 1 meeting included keeping Silverton’s small town feel, filling empty storefronts, building senior living communities, supporting local farmers, providing safe walking and biking paths, defining what kind of growth the city wants, providing more recreational opportunities and welcoming change but in an organized fashion. Bonnie Logan and Barbara Coyle would like to see more housing options for senior citizens. Denise Pasquini wants to help find a balance with Silverton continuing to be a quaint, safe, charming town while still having some growth. Ames, of the consulting team, said people have three choices to make about their future. “You can let the future happen, wonder what happened or make the future happen,” he said, adding HDR’s role is to help the community think strategically. “For the future you want, you have to plan to make it happen,” Ames said.

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From Our Family to Yours Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday Season

y Massage a d i l o H


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Our Town Life

Something To Talk About

Peace of mind By Kristine Thomas

With families gathering for the holidays, now is a good time to talk about a family emergency plan. And maybe create emergency care gift packages. Silverton Health Safety and Environment of Care Officer Justin Huff said he and his wife are planning to have the theme of emergency items like water filtration kits, flashlights and first aid kits for a family “white elephant” gift exchange. “This makes it a fun way to talk about preparing for an emergency,” Huff said. “People shouldn’t be afraid to talk about this. It’s a public health issue.” Rather than being fearful of what could happen, Huff wants people to think about the ways they can be prepared and stay safe. He encourages people to think of preparing for a natural or man-made emergency as a public health issue. “We have smoke detectors in our homes to warm us if there is a fire. We wear seat belts to protect us in case of a car crash. We shouldn’t be scared to talk about being prepared for an emergency,” Huff said. Examining emergency preparedness as a public health issue takes away some of the fear and lets people feel more able to deal with what may happen, he said.

Family emergency plan, safety items, can be gifts “The more independent they can be and the more prepared they are, the better it will be for their health,” Huff said. It also helps mitigate public health issues such as getting sick from drinking contaminated water or injured days after the earthquake or other disaster, he added. “People need to be able to take care of themselves and their families for at least four days after the emergency,” he said. “That means having enough water, food, fuel and first aid supplies.” Huff said the Silverton Hospital staff is prepared to handle any kind of emergency, whether it’s an earthquake, hazardous material spill or incident caused by humans, such as an active shooter. The hospital has annual drills and follows regulations outlined by state and federal agencies. Phil Balogh, who is Silverton Health’s director of support services, said the hospital’s emergency preparedness includes backup generators and other emergency equipment and supplies. Both Balogh and Huff said the most important step is to create a family emergency plan. People need to know what they will do in case of a disaster: where they will meet; who is the contact person;

who will watch the children if the parents are at work; who will take care of pets if the owner can’t make it home. “We tell our employees if an emergency happens there is a good chance they will not be able to return to their home and they will be at the hospital for a few days taking care of patients,” Karen Brady, hospital chief operating officer, said. In Oregon, Huff added, people are outdoor minded. They enjoy camping, hunting, hiking and skiing. When people do things outdoors, they prepare with the right equipment. “We need to relate preparing for a natural disaster to that,” he said. Huff said the hospital staff has conducted drills with the city of Silverton, Marion County, regional governments, local fire departments and CERT. “We are in constant communication and are ready to collaborate if something happens,” Huff said. “This is not a Silverton issue. This is a community issue. It’s about working together to address the needs of our community.”

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Helping hands

One mom to another By Melissa Wagoner Silverton resident Dawn Tacker, the mother of 6- and 11-year-old boys, knows carrying a baby can foster mutual attachment and provide comfort. That kind of comfort is especially helpful for children whose home life is in upheaval. That is why Tacker and a group of women have joined together this holiday season to collect new or gently used baby carriers for refugee mothers fleeing the Middle East. “There are thousands of families and children fleeing terrorism and the war in Syria and the Middle East,” Tacker said. “Currently, 9,000 Syrian refugees are arriving in Greece daily and 30 percent of them are children. Refugees have to carry their babies in their arms for hundreds of miles.” Tacker and volunteer Chloe DeVito, a nanny who also has practiced “baby wearing,” recently discovered the group Carry the Future (CTF) on social media and felt compelled to help.

Silverton women collect items for refugees

Baby Carrier Drive Silverton drop off locations: Silver Falls Library, 410 S. Water St. St. Paul’s parish office, 1410 Pine St. White Oak Wellness, 306 Oak St. Pick-up: “As women who support and practice baby wearing, it moved us to help these families,” DeVito said. CTF, based in Glendale, Calif., is a group devoted to providing baby carriers to displaced refugees in Europe and also to raising funds for relief packs which include protein bars, solar blankets and sleeping bags. “The current refugee crisis is the biggest humanitarian crisis seen since World War II,” Tacker said. “It is a tangible way for us to reach out, one caring human being to another, one parent to another, to literally lighten their journey.”

Whimsy has your wish list covered!

Dawn Tacker carrying Lilah Mann (5), Brianna Wolterman carrying Harry Wolterman (21 months) with Jack Wolterman and Chloe Devito carrying Brooks Wiken

During December, Devito and Tacker will be accepting donations of soft structured carriers that have clasps or harnesses, small, cold weather items such as hats and gloves and monetary

T I N A’ S Landscape ce Maintenance 9 7 1 -2 1 6 -1093

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donations to aid in the shipping costs. CTF also encourages letters of support that can be attached to the carriers and bring hope to those who will receive them.

Sports ACTION! with James Day



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Freedom of Worship mural needs support Work has begun on the final mural recreating artist Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms. Silverton Mural Society Vice President Vince Till said three of the murals – Freedom of Speech, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear – are complete and on display on the Seven Brides building on First Street. Muralist Tonya Smithburg starts work on Freedom of Worship this month. “In order to complete the Freedom of Worship, we need $5,000,” Till wrote in a donation letter. “We hope you can help the mural society in completing this project of America’s Greatess Generation of World War II.” Reflecting on the holiday season and what is happening in the world today, Till said he believes of all the freedoms, the freedom of religion is the most important.

“The freedom to practice their religion is the reason many people left their countries to come to America,” Till said. “They came here because they were persecuted in their own country’s for practicing their religion. “The freedom of religion was a starting point in our country’s history,” Till said. “The freedom to worship is not one given to us by our government. God gave us the freedom.” Till has already planned a celebration for the completion of the murals “It will be in May after the Pet Parade,” he said. “The Pet Parade starts at 10 a.m. on the third Saturday of the month and we plan to hold the dedication at noon that same day at Seven Brides.” To make a donation toward the project, send a check to Silverton Mural Society, PO Box 880, Silverton, OR 97381.

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Our Neighbors

The final cut

Reinhart U-cut Christmas tree farm closes after 40 years

By Kristine Thomas There’s a reason why Patrick Reinhart, 26, and his dad, Scott Reinhart, 58, have tried to avoid going into the shop at their Christmas tree farm near Silver Falls State Park. They don’t want to be around to see people’s reaction when they are told it’s the last year the Reinharts will be selling U-Cut Christmas trees. After being in the Christmas tree business for 40 years, the Reinharts have decided to stop selling trees to the public. The last day was Dec. 13. Patrick said the farm is switching to crops that are less labor intensive, such as growing grass seed, oats, wheat and hazelnuts.
 “It’s too tough for me to go into the shop,” Patrick said. “I don’t want to see people’s tears.” Both men admitted they tear up a bit at the idea of no longer selling trees. “We are the start of the Christmas season for many people,” Scott said. “It’s been a tradition for many families to visit us year-after-year to cut their Christmas tree.” Don and Norma Reinhart, Scott’s parents, planted Christmas trees in the 1960s, starting with Silvertips before switching to Noble Firs.


Don and Norma shared they feel it isn’t fair to the little ones whose parents and grandparents have visited the farm for years. “Yet we can not continue,” they agreed.

have brought us in, to be a part of their family – in such a small way – we rejoice in their joy, and share in their sorrow.”

The pair said they will miss seeing their old friends and family members who visit the farm to cut their tree, talk about what’s happening and reminisce about the old days.

Scott, Jean and Patrick all agree customers felt welcome at the farm.

They recall when the tress were sold wholesale until they placed a sign along Silver Falls Highway announcing U-Cut. They never advertised the farm. Instead, people just found them by driving to the state park or hearing about it from friends or family. “I call this the Christmas tree field the field of dreams,” Scott said. “We planted the trees and people came. I think they like that getting their tree is an experience. It’s a day in the country.” Over the years, Patrick and his parents, Jean and Scott, have seen newlyweds select their first tree together, later arrive with their first child, and then see the children bringing their own children to the farm. “What warms, and sometimes breaks our hearts the most, is seeing the families grow from year-to-year, seeing how their lives have changed, be it new additions, or the loss of a close loved one,” Jean wrote. “These people

“People don’t feel like we are trying to sell them something when they come here,” Patrick said. “We provide them with an experience.” From inviting people to grab a saw by the front door to offering to haul the tree on the trailer pulled by a 4-wheeler to shaking and bundling it, the Reinharts provided customer service. There were cookies, candy canes, hot cider and coffee in the shop along with the Talking Christmas Tree and a wood stove to warm up to after hiking through the fields. Jean wrote they are in awe of “all the lives we have touched.” “The wholesale market is pretty much sight unseen as to the end consumer, but for U-cuts, it is a whole different story with thousands of chapters,” Jean wrote. “It is hard to fathom how many people’s lives we have touched with just the single element of a Christmas tree grown on our farm. It is not just a business but an extension of family. “Those who have patronized our farm, taken home a Christmas tree and shared it in its final splendor from the

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Our Town Life

“Reinhart Farms was the very first Christmas Tree Farm we had ever been to,” Shelly said. “We moved here in July 2001 and found this farm when we were traveling up Silver Falls Highway in December 2001. I decided to take Jack’s Christmas picture there for our Christmas card. We just loved it. They have always been so nice and welcoming. Exactly what we dreamed of having for our family tradition.

touch of loving hands with their family and friends – we cannot express the joy it gives us.” Over the years, there have been customers who forget their wallet or checkbook. They gave each a business card and asked them to mail the money. A few days later, payment and a thank you note would appear. “We feel our business is based on faith and belief in the good will of people - though some found it hard to believe we would extend the courtesy to send the payment in when we didn’t even know them,” Jean said.

“Rain, sleet, snow or shine... We always went there to cut down our tree... Used their saws and when we got done, we would get some cider and a cookie in the barn. I will truly miss it.”

Just as they have watched customers’ families change, the same is true with theirs. “No longer do we have the teenage kids clamoring to drive the ATVs,” Jean said. “They are now grown, some married, some have children of their own, and all have other obligations. It has been a difficult and emotional decision to discontinue the U-cut operation, but before we close the doors on u-cuts, we chose to stay open this year to tell our customers one last time ‘thank you.’   Thank-you for allowing us to be a part of your Christmas tradition.”

And that’s exactly why Patrick and Scott avoid the shop and Jean keeps busy in the shop handing out cookies and candy canes – all to avoid tearing up. “We are going to miss the families that we see here each year,’ Jean said. Scott and Pat Reinhart were the second and third generations to run the Reinhart Tree Farm in the Silverton Hills.

Now 15, Jack along with Chloe, 13, and Grant, 11, T�i� H��id�� Seas�� W� A�� visited the farm for the last time with their parents, Jim and Shelly. E��e�i���� Gra�e��� F��:

The Nealon family of Silverton has been making visiting Reinhart Tree Farm a tradition since December 2001 1 when Jackad-5x3.625-2clr-ShilohWater-15nov-Grateful-v3.pdf was one years old.


9:08 AM


– Mike & Kris Lowrie, Owners, Shiloh Water Systems / ccb#164951

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866.873.1110 Mt. Angel, Oregon

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Merry Christmas!

Brokers licensed in Oregon. Each office is independently owned.

May You All Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderfully Blessed New Year! 503.845.5225

“Maybe in 10 or 20 years, I will grow Christmas trees again,” Patrick said.

From Our Families to Yours... Wishing You a

The privilege to worship as our heart leads The freedom to pursue our own destiny The joy of passing on a legacy to our family The opportunity to serve others The sacrifice of our service men and women The sacrifice of their families The honor to work with each one of you

Shiloh Water Systems, Inc.

Patrick said the trees left on the property have either been sold to a neighboring farm or to a wholesaler to make holiday wreaths. They are keeping some trees for the family to cut over the years.

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December 2015 • 9

The man about town

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Satern Insurance & Financial Services • 305 Oak Street • Silverton 503-874-8434 • Registered Broker/Dealer, offering securities products and services: COUNTRY® Capital Management Company, 1705 N. Towanda Avenue, Bloomington, IL 61702-2222, tel (866) 551-0060. Member FINRA and SIPC. Annuities issued by COUNTRY Investors Life Assurance Company®, Bloomington, IL. Investment management, retirement, trust and planning services provided by COUNTRY Trust Bank®


If you noticed the Silverton downtown showing a little more holiday spirit this year, it’s probably because the Silverton Chamber of Commerce put on a downtown window decorating contest. Taking home top honors were Silverton Coffee Station first, Lunaria Gallery second, and Edward Jones came in third. Honorable mentions went to Main Street Bistro, Whimsy Etc. and Re/Max Homesource but the real winners are all that participated and the townsfolk who get to enjoy a little more festive look to town this year... All are invited to attend the sixth annual Advent Organ Recital featuring Christopher Wicks at the keys of the Grand Pipe Organ in the Mount Angel Abbey Church Dec. 20 at 3 p.m. If you’ve never heard Christopher perform, this is an event you don’t want to miss... A free will offering will be accepted Three of the Four Freedoms murals are up and on display on the side of Seven Brides Brewing and the Silverton Mural Society needs your help. The group needs a mere $5,000 to complete the project and your donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated. Your cash or check can be deposited in any of the donation containers located around town, mailed to PO Box 880 or flag down Vince Till when you see him on the street...

re Back in Tow A s l r i G e n! Th

B a e r c k in Town! A s l r i G e h T Christmas Sale

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Fashion • Clothing • Jewelry Hats • Scarfs • Leggings German Wine... and more!


Hours: Tues – Sat 11am-4pm (until Christmas Eve)

170 N. Garfield • Mount Angel • 503-845-6747

10 • December 2015

Open for Christmas Shopping Your favorite little boutique... inside the Glockenspiel Building

Those warm hearted folks over at Columbia Bank are holding their “Warm Hearts Winter Drive” to supply local homeless shelters with new shoes, warm pants, long underwear, blankets, jackets, hats, socks, scarves, etc. They will also accept cash donations because, hey, they’re a bank, it’s what they do... For a little added fun (or groans), take your items to the branch but don’t give it to them until manager Ferren Taylor tells you a joke... With all that is going on in our crazy world these days, ugly disagreements, road rage, bombings, shootings, the gawdaful political campaigns (and yes, it’s gawdawful on BOTH sides) add in work and family responsibilities

and you’ve got the perfect recipe for the mid-December funk that The Man sometimes finds himself in. So last week, as I was rushing around in the car, doing all of the things that just had to be done, on the radio comes an interview with 10-year-old Elle Fischer from Silverton... Elle tells of her 10 surgeries at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, how great her doctors and nurses are, and how she has been selling lemonade and mistletoe to raise a $500 donation so the hospital can help care for other children that need its help.... Whoosh, in an instant, all the other “stuff,” the distractions of life, disappeared. Here was a little lady doing all she could to make the world a better place and succeeding. Most years there is a point, an epiphany of sorts, that brings me back to what really matters. This year sweet 10-yearold Elle, you were it and for that I thank you... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in our towns...

Our Town Life


Joe & Dana Giegerich, Brokers

SHS ‘She is Safe’ club seeks blanket donations Got blankets? It doesn’t matter if they are new or gently used, long or short, thick or thin, the students in the She is Safe club at Silverton High School would like them. The students are collecting blankets to give to the Center for Hope and Safety in Salem. The center offers a safe refuge and support to victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and human trafficking. Silverton High School science teacher Emily Perttu started the She is Safe club this year. She is Safe is a Christian non-profit

organization that works to prevent, rescue and restore women and girls from suffering, abuse, and exploitation in high risk and least-reached places around the globe. Perttu said the club plans to hold a fundraiser for She is Safe in 2016.

Each February, both the Mount Angel and Silverton Chambers of Commerce host an awards banquet to recoganize community contributors.


For the blanket drive, community members can drop-off blankets through 4 p.m. Dec. 18 at the kiosk at SHS or bring them to the varsity basketball game on Tuesday, Dec. 15.

nominations to info@silvertonchamber. org or visit The 45th annual First Citizen Banquet is Saturday, Feb. 20 at the Festhalle in Mount Angel.

Mount Angel nominations

Silverton nominations

Nominations are sought for Mount Angel First Citizen, Business of the Year and Special Awards. Nominations must be received by Friday, Jan. 8.

Silverton residents and businesses are encouraged to nominate individuals for the First Citizen, Distinguished Service, The Judy Schmidt Lifetime Achievement Award and Business of the Year awards. Nominations are due by Thursday, Dec. 31. To submit a nomination, stop by the chamber office, 426 S. Water St., call 503-873-5615, send an email with your

Nomination forms can be found at city hall or in the Dec. 23 or 30 Mount Angel Shopper. Forms can be returned to Columbia, Wells Fargo or US banks or mailed to Mount Angel Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 221, Mount Angel, OR, 97362. The First Citizen Awards Dinner will be Monday, Feb. 29 at the Festhalle.

$2,650,000 398.2 acre farm. Great investment! Historic 3BD, 2BA farm house. Timber frame barn. Valley views of St. Helen’s and Hood. Multiple ponds. Christmas trees. MLS#695816 $1,275,000 3BD, 2BA. 113.73 acre working cattle rance. Fenced, crossfenced. 60 acres of pasture, 50 acre hay field. Multiple barns. Creek. View of Cascade Range. MLS#697642 $795,000 Country elegant. 49.52 acre farm. 4BD & den, country kitchen with nook, designed for low maintenance. Large custom, cedar greenhouse. Mt. Hood views. Level, productive profitable farm & historic barn. 5 bay shop. Income potential. MLS#693947 $675,000 3BD, 4BA, 3911 SF. 6.21 acres. 500 SF shop. Radiant heat & gas furnace. Spring-fed pond. Fully fenced pasture. View of Cascade Range. MLS#697742

Local knitters make winter items for refugees Thanks to the knitting skills of about 20 Silverton women, refugee children from Syria received holiday gifts. Organized by Apples to Oranges owner Laurie Carter, the women knitted children’s hats, scarves and gloves that were recently shipped to Heiligenhaus, Germany to an organization called ‘Vergessene Kinder’ (Forgotten Children). The knitters meet Tuesday mornings and their conversations vary from current events to entertainment. One day, their conversation focused on the

Our Town Life

$269,900 Desirable and convenient location, 2 blocks from Silverton. Tile floors in bathrooms. One level, 3BD, 2.5BA, 1380 SF. Nicely landscaped. MLS#696643

long and difficult journey of the refugee families in Germany and that prompted Carter to suggest making items for the children. Another member connected with Forgotten Children and a knitting frenzy started in Silverton, with Apples to Oranges serving as collection point. On Nov. 27, 125 knitted gifts were shipped to Syrian refugee children living in Germany. Apples to Oranges donated the yarn and the knitters donated their time. Apples to Oranges is at 204 E. Main St., Silverton.


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The girls varsity game begins at 6 p.m., followed by the boys game at 7:30 p.m. There will be a container at the game to leave blankets.

Silverton, Mount Angel First Citizen nominations due It’s time to make a list and check it twice, only this time it’s for who in Mount Angel and Silverton should be recognized for their service and dedication to their community.

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December 2015 • 11

Sports & Recreation

Strong start

SHS Dance Team now turns to state meet program prep

The Silverton High dance squad turned in a series of sterling performances as the first half of a grueling season ended with the Categories Championships at Putnam High in Milwaukie. The Foxes, who finished second in the OSAA Class 5A small division last season after taking state in 2014, competed in four events during the categories portion of the season. Nov. 7 at David Douglas in Gresham: The Foxes finished first in contemporary dance, third in jazz and fifth in pom. Nov. 14 at Wilsonville: Silverton again was first in contemporary while finishing second in jazz and third in pom. Nov. 21 at West Albany: The Foxes took a pair of firsts, in jazz and contemporary and were second in pom. Dec. 5 at Putnam: Silverton entered only its contemporary program in the categories and finished third. Silverton is featuring a young and relatively inexperienced squad, Coach Paula Magee told Our Town. “About one-half of the team was new to the floor this year, though they have fit in just great,” said Magee, who has four state titles and two runner-up finishes in her Silverton career. “We really have a wonderful group of girls who all get along well and have a great focus and work ethic.”

responsibility to set the tone for the team (and) keep everyone focused, positive and heading toward the same goal. These young ladies are not only very talented dancers, but they set an academic, social and artistic example for the team.” The Foxes began practice in August, the same time as football, volleyball, soccer and cross country. Yet the season lasts until March. Next up for Silverton is to begin work on its dance program that the Foxes hope to qualify for the state meet March 17-19. Hoops: Silverton boys have a number of key pieces back from the squad that captured the Class 5A boys title, including Mid-Willamette Conference player of the year Sam Roth, versatile forward Blake Cosgrove and 3-point sharpshooters Daniel Larionov and Julian Downey. Second-year Coach Steve Roth said it is important for his squad to keep the focus on this season.

She said key contributions have come from juniors Alina Stratton, Sierra Lowry and Chryssi Wagner.

“One of our big challenges is to develop a new identity, a process that is important every year, but especially so this year because last year’s success unfairly leads to high expectations this year,” Roth said. “This is a new group that will have to figure out an identity while having a target on their backs.”

“There are no seniors this year so these three girls have really had to step up to a leadership/captain role. It’s their

The Foxes have added front-court players Brice Shippen, Elijah Nielsen and Koby Howell from last year’s junior varsity and

Silverton High Dance Team in a pre-performance huddle.

football standout Noah Dahl also is in the mixaforhome rent? Call us! Have

“We haven’t yet proven the required toughness and selflessness that is required to be really good,” Roth said. “Our

CCB #14854

Custom Homes & Remodeling General Contracting Steven R. Herr – Certified Master Builder

503.873.1178 • 503.931.5814 Building homes since 1975

12 • December 2015

Beautifully updated 3BR, 2BA manufactured home. 1750 sf includes open & spacious kitchen, separate dining area, two large living rooms, nice deck off the back. Detached garage with room for parking or storage. This home is located on acres of farmland and is easy access to Silverton, Molalla, Woodburn, Mt Angel. absolutely no pets, no smoking.

Vivian Caldwell

SaleM – Built in 2004, 3BR, 2BA, kitchen appliances, attached garage, fenced backyard. On a semi-private lane. Newer carpet, heat pump/AC, gas fireplace. $1200/mo, $1300 deposit. No pets, no smoking.

p p y H o l i d a y s! Ha

503-873-7069 Property Manager

YOUR LOCAL FULL SERVICE LANDSCAPE COMPANY Serving the mid-Willamette Valley since 1998

Landscape Maintenance & Construction Weekly Lawn Maintenance • Seasonal Cleanups Pruning • Sprinklers • Lighting • Pavers Retaining Walls • Water Features and More L CB# 7 9 2 8


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seniors last year led so wonderfully by putting the good of the team ahead of their personal aspirations. We talk about giving yourself up in order to find yourself … I’m hopeful this group will buy into that concept.” Silverton opened the season Dec. 8 with a 60-41 victory over Class 4A Stayton but will be facing Class 6A teams in the coming weeks, including Clackamas, Canby, South Eugene and Lakeridge. In addition, the Foxes possibly could face Wilsonville – the Foxes beat the Wildcats 33-32 in last year’s title game during a holiday tournaments at Willamette University and an event Wilsonville will host. Silverton opens defense of its Mid-Willamette title Jan. 7 vs. visiting Lebanon. The Silverton girls basketball team is off to a 3-0 start with road wins vs. Sherwood, West Albany and Stayton. Last year the Foxes tied with Corvallis for the Mid-Willamette title and lost 41-40 to the Spartans in the Class 5A quarterfinals. Returning is MWC player of the year Alia Parsons, who has signed to play college ball at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, as well as key contributors Brooke McCarty, Maggie Roth, Kayce McLaughlin and Hannah Munson. “The expectations are really the same as every year regardless of who or what we return,” Coach Tal Wold said. “People know who we are and will be gunning for us. I think we have our own expectations and blueprint on what we want to do. We want to get better daily, play with great enthusiasm and pride, defend like crazy and represent the high school really well. “With the group; we have returning, I feel confident we will do that.” Parson, a 5-10 wing, is the lone senior on the squad, which will play a total of six Class 6A opponents before MWC play Jan. 7 at Lebanon. “I think the league will be just dynamite,” Wold said. “I would not trade this team for any of them, though. It should make for a fun January and February where all games matter.” Football: It was a disappointing end to a terrific year for Kennedy. The Trojans advanced to the Class 2A title game before falling to a well-drilled Heppner squad, 48-0. Kennedy, which tied with Central Linn and Regis for the Tri-River

Our Town Life

Conference title, finished 10-2 overall, with the losses to then undefeated and No. 1 Central Linn and to undefeated and No. 2 Heppner. “To reflect on the season as a whole, it was just a special year,” second-year Trojans head coach Joe Panuke told Our Town. “The coaches and players worked very hard and deserved everything we achieved this year. To be successful at the end of the season you have to have a team that loves the game. These guys love the game of football, the process, the grind that goes into each week, and they enjoy being around each other. “We obviously had some pretty special offensive and defensive players on the team, but all in all we had a bunch of good football players. We didn’t have a weak link.” Kennedy defeated Irrigon 53-12, Burns 42-28 and Stanfield 34-20 in the playoffs before running into the red-hot Heppner. “Heppner was a very good team and well coached,” Panuke said “They run well, tackle well, and play good football. The challenges that Heppner gave us was defensively that they closed to the ball real well, and they don’t miss many tackles. Offensively they stay on their blocks, their backs break tackles and they threw nice balls down the field that were tough to defend. “In the championship game our guys played their hearts out. The loss wasn’t a result due to lack of effort.” Particularly from linebacker Dylan Arritola, who had eight solo tackles, eight assisted tackles, a sack and a fumble recovery. “Dylan had a big day on defense,” Panuke said. “He reads run and pass really well and likes to stick his nose in it.” “This was a season that the team, school, and the community will remember for a long time,” Panuke said. “It was just a fun time that went by too fast when you look back at it. I want to thank all the parents, administrators, teachers, and community members that supported us during this special season. We have a great group of kids coming back next year, and we are already looking forward to that.”


OLDER COUPLE needs RV set up by Jan.1, 2016 in Mt. Angel or Silverton. Please call 503-385-5916 U-PICK / WE-CUT Christmas Trees. Grass between the rows, no muc between the toes. Grand fir. Noble & Douglas fir. Any size $15. Open Friday after Thanksgiving through Dec. 20. Hour: Mon-Thur 3:30pm-Dusk. Fri, Sat & Sun 9:00am-Dusk. 16818 S. Abiqua Rd. NE Silverton. Rick. 503-873-5214 or 503-910-7604.

FIREWOOD FOR SALE - Fir $200 cord, Harwood / Softwood mix $250 cd. Alder $275 cd. Maple $300 cd. Free delivery with 2 cord purchase. 971-806-5851 THE TRUNK – CLOTHING STORE now offers a Senior Discount Day... 15% off any purchase on Wednesdays. Do you work locally? We also offer 10% discount to local employees and business owners every day! Wed-Sat, 11am-6pm. 214 S. Water St., Silverton (in the Hartman Building – above Creekside Grill). FREE WOODEN PALLETS – 503-845-9499 U/WE CUT NOBLE FIR - Christmas Trees. From Silverton, go up West Main St to the top of the hill. Turn left onto Victor Point/Drift Creek Rd. Look for signs.  All left turns to 3644 Fraser Rd SE.  503-873-5654 TONER: GRR 11 for Canon copiers New still in boxes - Magenta/Cyan/ Yellow/Black. Reg. $111.95, sell for $60ea.  We have recently changed copiers, and have no need for the toners.  Call 503-845-9499


Part time Educational Assistant position available at Kennedy High School. Check the website at for more information or call 503-8452345.


BE A BIG LOSER: Join Tops-Take off pounds sensibly.  Call 503-5019824 or 503-569-0442.  Meet every Thursday 6 p.m. at St Paul’s Church on Pine.


TINA’S LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE Mowing – Edging Bark Dusting – Fertilizing – Pruning - Thatching and Aerating - On Going Maintenance and clean up – yard debris/Hauling.  CBL# 9404     971-216-1093 or

WOOD DOCTOR Furniture restoration. Revive - Restore - Metal - Wood - Antique Furniture -  Family Heirlooms.  Also specialize in custom wood craft.  Free Estimates.  James Scialabba  971208-4348

CASCADE CONCEALED CARRY INSTRUCTIONS INC. is teaching Oregon concealed hand gun classes on the 1st and multi state on the 3rd Saturday. Call for location. Visit our website at or call 503-580-0753

The Silverton East Coast 2016 Group is currently raising funds for their trip next June. They are available to do yard work most weekends from now through next June (raking, shoveling, weeding, stall cleaning and more). Please give us a call at 503-932-3058 or email and we will see if we can tackle your project! Crew sizes vary, and there will always be at least 1 adult present with the kids. We look forward to seeing what we can do!


YARDWORK & LAWN MAINTENANCE. Pressure washing, trimming/edging, mowing, pruning, rototilling, bark/soil placement, gutter cleaning, hauling chainsaw work. Free estimates. Call or text 503-508-0388 or 503-871-7295 HERNANDEZ LANDSCAPING mowing,edging,fertilizing, weed control, clean-ups, bark dust, on going maintenance, and more. Free yard debris hauling. Free estimates. Lic# 10370  503-989-5694 or 503-719-9953 GASPER’S CLEANING SERVICE SOLUTIONS Complete general Janitorial Services, Home and Business and Construction Cleaning.  Deep cleaning to prepare the home for sale. Move in-Move out. Window cleaning - Housekeeping. Frances 503-9495040 or 503-873-6209 CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS Residential, light commercial, new buildings, additions, remodeling. Reasonable rates. Michael Finkelstein Design, 503-873-8215

1997 Thunderbird, 4.6 liter V8, 2 door coup, pictures, details and maintenance history available. Asking $1,250. 503-999-5898 e-mail: TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2002 V-6. Good condition. Newer tires. Air conditioning. Leather seats. $4900. 503-873-4991, cell: 503-510-7070.


WANTED Caregiver part time, 2-3 days a week in Silverton. References and background check required. Please call 503-459-1865 OLD WOODWORKING TOOLS WANTED – I’m a woodworker buying old Stanley or wooden hand planes, chisels, tool chests, or any unusual/related items. 503-364-5856

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OLD LOGGING TOOLS WANTED – I’m a private collector buying Reach your logging undercutters, falling axes, neighbors hook bottles, crosscut saw and filing tools,make any unusualaitems. deal by 503-364-5856

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December 2015 • 13

The Forum

Peace and forgiveness An acquaintance of mine once waxed eloquent on whether terminally ill people should be able to determine the time of their deaths. He was opposed to it and I assumed his objection was based on religious grounds. But he articulated one of the most poignant explanations as to the value of encouraging someone whose time on Earth is limited to ride out the storm for the benefit of family and friends. They fly in from all over to gather and mourn but relationships are re-born. He talked about reconciliation, forgiveness and how death brings new hope. It brings people together that have not spoken in years and often over trivial things. A comment that stings. A real or perceived injustice. A cranky moment derived from a sleepless night made longer by a baby’s cry. It made me think about Christmas and the power emanating from the spirit of the season as Christians celebrate the birth of Christ. A quote from an unknown author struck a chord with me. “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under the tree.” In a time of worldwide pain and anguish unparalleled in my 63 years, I have been thinking about forgiveness and the difficulty this act is for so many of us. Mark Twain said, “Forgive not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.” Gandhi said, “The weak can

is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.” See? You have an out!

never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” As we prepare for family gatherings, Christmas parties, and to celebrate the birth of the Christ, it is the spirit of the season to be men and women of faith, who help foster and perpetuate a time when giving of one’s self requires no bow and shiny packaging. It is a time to make amends and a time to swallow our pride and admit, “I was wrong to react the way I have. But it hurt.” It’s time to say, “Forgive me,” and “I forgive you.” George Herbert, a 16th century poet, wrote, “He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass.” What shape is your bridge in? An unknown author articulated something for those who take great pains to avoid apologizing. “Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person

In Memory Of …

Adam Cathey Filemon Astorga Molina Josephine Bielenberg Glen Gilbert Elenore Mitchell Bon Bibee Patricia Mucken Gerald Martion Murrel Parker Roderick Olsen Helen Gabriel James Blodgett Robin Kuenzie Doris Scott John Ball Bernita Miles James Read Alfred Walen

We all hurt other people. It seems to be in our nature to do so, whether the infliction of pain on other human beings is inadvertent or by design. My late mother-in-law Carol McDonald gave me a wonderful book when my life had taken a tough turn. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff; and It’s All Small Stuff, by Richard Carlson, Ph.D. As humans, we are famous for making “mountains out of molehills.” But at Christmas, perhaps we should Let It Go. There is a reason the song from Disney’s Frozen won many awards. It struck a chord in all of us. It is so simple but makes perfect sense. As we celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or the winter solstice, it is my fervent hope we can “let it go” and we can forgive in order to achieve reconciliation. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote, “The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.” Stowe’s words are somber and direct and hard to hear during this joyous season. Author Paul Boese may have said it best - “Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” Enjoy the season. Enjoy time with family and friends. We are here for such a short time, and it is time we can’t get back. Make peace. It is time. 


June 26, 1984 — Nov. 16, 2015 March 18, 1935 — Nov. 16, 2015 March 21, 1923 — Nov. 16, 2015 Feb. 8, 1949 — Nov. 17, 2015 Sept. 6, 1916 — Nov. 17, 2015 Nov. 6, 1982 — Nov. 18, 2015 Jan. 16, 1950 — Nov. 19, 2015 May 19, 1950 — Nov. 19, 2015 May 27, 1935 — Nov. 20, 2015 May 27, 1933 — Nov. 20, 2015 May 22, 1934 — Nov. 20, 2015 April 7, 1953 — Nov. 24, 2015 Feb. 25, 1960 — Nov. 25, 2015 Jan. 12, 1921 — Nov. 25, 2015 Jan. 19, 1940 — Nov. 26, 2015 Jan. 8, 1922 — Nov. 26, 2015 March 1, 1955 — Nov. 26, 2015 Jan. 11, 1923 — Nov. 29, 2015

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• Double Points on most electronic and department store purchases!

Traditional & Cremation Services

Go to for credit card options, details and apply at any branch, online, or call 503.588.0181 or 800.688.0181, ext. 8892.

Always available at your time of need

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TAKE TIME TO ENJOY… LIVING THE GOOD LIFE • Monthly rental – no buy-in fee • A wide selection of activities • Delicious, chef-prepared meals • Weekly housekeeping • Scheduled transportation • 10 acres of beautifully landscaped lawns • Wonderful sitting areas for resident use

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And so much more…! One Towers Lane #2120 Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362 503-845-7211 • 800-845-7209 Active Retirement Living

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December 2015 • 15

Mark rowley , M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology

Women’s health care in a small, friendly environment.

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#T2042 LOT #88 IN SILVER CLIFF ESTATES .12 acre lot Call #T2233 2 ACRE LOT 2 acres Call Chuck at ext. 325 $189,500 TOWN COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL (WVMLS#693008) TOWN Chuck at ext. 325 $35,900 (WVMLS#660605) OTHER COMMUNITIES #T2219 45 DIVIDABLE ACRES 45 Acres South of Silverton AUMSVILLE/TURN #T2249 POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT 2BR,FOR 1 BA 912 LEASE/COMMERCIAL sqft. FOR RENT TOWN Call Michael at ext. 314 $610,000 (WVMLS#692414) WOODBURN


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COUNTRY TOWNWOODBURN #T2243 WONDERFUL POTENTIAL 12.51 Acres Call Meredith KEIZER at ext. 324 or Ryan at ext. 322 $143,800

7.97 acres Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $435,000 (WVMLS#695538, 695508)


#T2248 PARK LIKE SETTING 2BR, 2BA 1590 sqft.17.680 acres Call Chuck at ext. 325 $469,900 (WVMLS#695519)


SOLD! – #T2255 GREAT HORSE PROPERTY 2 BR, 2BA 1802 sqft.5.0 acres Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $389,900 (WVMLS#696101)


OTHER COMMUNIT STAY STA SILVERTON COU LAL OTHER COMMUNITIES IN TOWN NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION HUBBARD #T2244 SPACIOUS 2 STORY HOME 4BR, 2.5BA 2530 sqft. Call Chuck at ext. 325 $309,900 (WVMLS#694461) #T2248 PARK LIKE SETTING 2BR, 2BA 1590 sqft.17.680 acres Call Chuck at ext. 325 $469,900 (WVMLS#695519)

#T2177 BREATHTAKING VIEWS 9.8 acres bare land. Call AUMSVILLE/TURNER

COUNTRY/ACREAGE Chuck at ext. 325 $289,000 #T2213 DAYTON – DUPLEX IN DAYTON 6BR, 5BA 2635 WOODBURN


#T2232 FARMHOUSE IN COMMERCIAL ZONE 3BR, 1BA 1698 sqft. Call Chuck at ext. 325 $138,500 (WVMLS#693002) #T2230 NEW HOUSE 4BR, 2.5BA 1946 sqft. Call Michael at ext. 314 $269,000 (WVMLS#693087) #T2238 NEWER HOME ON LARGE LOT 3BR, 2BA 2712 sqft. Call Marcia at ext. 318 $384,500 (WVMLS#693811) #T2245 FANTASTIC VALLEY VIEWS 3 BR, 2.5BA 2644 sqft. Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $394,900

873-3545 ext. 322

873-3545 ext. 324



Ryan Wertz Meredith Wertz Chuck White STAYTON/SUBLIMITY Broker Broker, GRI Broker HUBBARD

Michael Schmidt Broker, GRI 873-3545 ext. 314


#T2165 LOT #62 IN SILVER CLIFF ESTATES .12 Acre lot. Call Chuck at ext. 325 $32,000 (WVMLS#682938)




#T2103 HIGH VISIBILITY/TRAFFIC PROPIN TOWN NEW HOME COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION #T2227 MT. ANGEL COTTAGE 2BR, 1BA 784 sqft. ERTY 1.46 acres Call Mike at ext. 326, Ryan at ext. 322 or Call Chuck at ext. 325 or Michael at ext. 314 $169,900 Meredith at ext 324. $450,000 (WVMLS#672150) (WVMLS#692639)



#T2249 POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT 2BR, 1 BA 912 sqft. 7.97 acres Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $435,000


(WVMLS#695538, 695508)


NEW! – #T2259 RANCH STYLE HOME IN SILVERTON 3BR, 1.5BA 1386 sqft. Call Chuck at ext. 325 $239,900 (WVMLS#697104)

NEW! – #T2258 GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD 3 BR, 2 BA 11356 sqft. Call Michael at ext. 314 $239,000 (WVMLS#697103)






#T2212 SECLUDED 22.7 ACRES 22.7 Acres Call Meredith at ext. 324 or Ryan at ext. 322 $229,900 (WVMLS#691178) #T2243 WONDERFUL POTENTIAL 12.51 Acres Call Meredith at ext. 324 or Ryan at ext. 322 $143,800 (WVMLS#694402)

sqft. Call Chuck at ext. 325 $259,000 (WVMLS#691241) #T2253 IDANHA – PRIVATE RETREAT 4 BR, 2BA 1150 sqft.Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $189,900




#T2216 WOODBURN – JUST OUTSIDE MONITOR 2 BR, 2BA 1.2 Acres Call Michael at ext. 314 $219,999





NEW! – #T2262 CASCADIA – PERFECT MOUNTAIN GETAWAY 1BR, 0BA 912 sqft. Call Chuck at ext. 325 $74,900 (WVMLS#698080)




COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIALNEW! – #T2261 WOODBURN – NICE GEM 4BR, 1.5BA 1232 sqft. Call Christina at ext. 315 $149,900 (WVMLS#697769)




LAND/ACREAGE TOW TOWNWOODBURN EXCELLENT EXPOSURE 1.560 acres Call Mason at KEIZER #T2242 BARELAND ext. 303 $385,000 BARELAND/LOTS TOW FO R RENT COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL TOWN call Micha at 503-873-1425 or see them on (WVMLS#694349)




WOODBURN BARELAND/LOTS Our Town Life TOWN 303 Oak Street • Silverton • AUMSVILLE/T WOODBURN 503.873.3545 • 1-800-863-3545 OTHER COMMUNITIES

Our Town North: December 15, 2015  

Our Town Community News serving Silverton, Mt. Angel and Scotts Mills.

Our Town North: December 15, 2015  

Our Town Community News serving Silverton, Mt. Angel and Scotts Mills.