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2 • August 2016

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August 2016 • 3

Something to talk about

Silverton Road By Kristine Thomas When Silverton Fire District Public Information Officer and Capt. Ed Grambusch learns there is another crash on Silverton Road, his first thought is an unpleasant one. He ponders “How many patients are we going to have? Are we going to have to extricate these patients from the vehicles?” While Silverton Road is the quickest and most direct route to Salem, it also has a reputation for being dangerous to drive. Talk with your friends. You may be surprised to learn how many avoid driving on it. There are alternative routes to arrive in Salem and other destinations. Yet both Grambusch and Marion County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Chris Baldridge say the road is not the problem. The road is not to be blamed for the accidents on it. “Our roads are not dangerous if people abide by the rules of the road,” Baldridge said. “Each and every crash is preventable if we follow the rules.” Speeding, passing in unauthorized or unsafe areas, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and being distracted all cause crashes, Baldridge and Grambusch said in separate interviews. “Too many lives are taken and too many people are injured in motor vehicle crashes,” Grambusch said, emphasizing they are preventable. According to data obtained from the

10 crashes for month of July; 10 for the entire year of 2013

Marion County Sheriff’s Office, on the stretch of Silverton Road from the Silverton city limits to Cordon Road there were 10 crashes in 2013; 22 in 2014 and 31 in 2015. From Jan. 1 to July 31, 2016, there have been 27, with 10 in July alone. Baldridge said from Jan. 1, 2013 to July 31, 2016, the sheriff’s office has issued 615 citations over that same stretch of Silverton Road. The majority were for travelling 11 to 20 mph above speed limit. “Silverton Road is the most heavily traveled road in Marion County,” he said. Grambusch added both highways 213 and 214 also have bad crashes. “However, from my experience there are far more crashes on Hwy 213 and they seem to be more serious in nature,” Grambusch said. “Hands down, I have responded to a lot more fatal accidents on Hwy 213.”

Crashes, not accidents Grambusch said most motor vehicle collisions should not be labeled as accidents, but instead as crashes. “Because most crashes are the result of human errors, they should not be considered as ‘accidents,’” Grambusch said. The Silverton Fire District serves about 6 miles of Silverton Road, starting at the Silverton city limits and ending near 76th Avenue NE.

Sept. 9-11 From Burden to Abundance A Creative Writing Workshop for Women Survivors of Abuse

Fall Retreats For more information or to register contact Shalom Prayer Center at 503-845-6773 or

840 S. Main St. Mt. Angel 4 • August 2016

Because Silverton Road is a high speed road of 55 mph and above, Grambusch said when a crash occurs there is a greater possibility of heavily damaged vehicles, often with multiple occupants. On July 19, Grambusch and his fellow firefighters responded to a two-vehicle crash at 6:30 a.m. in the 12000 block of Silverton Road. The driver of one vehicle was arrested on charges of driving under the influence. The road was closed for three hours. The driver of the vehicle heading toward Silverton crossed the lane and struck a westbound car. The driver and passenger in the westbound car had to be extricated from their vehicle. Both were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. The driver of the eastbound car was not injured. He arrested for DUII and two counts of assault III. According to the police report his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit.

1. Failure to avoid a stopped or parked vehicle ahead 2. Failure to yield right-of-way 3. Failure to stay on the road 4. Failure to maintain lane 5. Driving too fast for road and weather conditions 6. Inattention 7. Following too close 8. Improper lane changes 9. Left turn in front of on-coming traffic 10. Failure to decrease speed for slow moving vehicle

Remember the goal

Heavily damaged vehicles with occupants trapped inside present the need for rapid extrication, Grambusch said. “We were able to extricate occupants from both cars in an astounding 22 minutes, which is absolutely great. The extrication included prying doors apart and taking the top completely off one of the cars to get the patients out,” Grambusch said. While the crew’s preformace was excellent, the real story was “the crash was completely preventable.”

Baldridge said the goal of every driver should be to get to their destination safely and then return to their loved ones. “I encourage people to be patient when driving and only pass when it is safe and necessary,” Baldridge said. Here’s is something Grambusch said he wants drivers to ponder. It is only 10 miles from the Silverton City limits to Cordon Road. “Going fast really does not save you a lot of time,” he said. “And anytime you pass

S i l v e r t o n Je w e l e r s

Oct. 7-8 Celtic Spirituality and the Anamchara A Retreat with the Early Celts – Part 2 Nov. 11-12 An Introduction to Centering Prayer

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Top 10 driver errors


503 873 6049 Hours: M-F 11-5:30 Sat & Evenings by appmnt. Our Town Life

too close, not obeying traffic control devices, distracted driving, cell phones, radio, you name it,” Grambusch said. Silverton Police Chief Jeff Fossholm said the yearly increase in the higher number of accidents correlates to the increase in traffic or total number of vehicles using Silverton Road. “This increase probably has to do with fact that during the last several years Silverton’s population has been steadily increasing,” Fossholm said. “Couple that with the fact that most Silverton residents still must drive to Salem for specific services or retail establishments which are not available here in town. Likewise, Silverton has become a popular place for those in Salem to come an enjoy our great restaurants and downtown core area.”

Fire crews work to extricate victims of the July 19, 6:30 a.m. crash on Silverton Road.

someone, going eastbound or westbound, the person you pass just ends up directly behind you at Cordon Road or Howell Prairie Road or the Silverton city limits which means that no time was saved… there is no benefit from passing and going fast.”

Why crashes happen Whether responding to a crash on Hwy

Our Town Life

Ed Grambusch

213 or 214 or Silverton Road or in town, Grambusch said the reason why it happens is almost always an easy question to answer. Human error, he said. “On calls that I have been on, every fatal crash and about 95 percent of the injuryonly crashes are caused by human error; going too fast, driving impaired, following

While Silverton Road is posted at 55 mph, Fossholm said there are drivers who go 40 or 45 mph. Going that slowly can be hazardous, too, he said. It causes the flow of traffic to build up. “Which then leads to passing when it’s not safe to do so or tailgating,” Fossholm said. “In our hustle and bustle lives, we also have those who are driving too fast for conditions or being aggressive drivers and their actions cause them to take risks beyond their driving or the vehicle’s ability, which also places other drivers in jeopardy.”

Fossholm said drivers using Silverton Road need to be aware of the high number of accidents occurring there, and pay attention to their own driving skills, drive defensively, and be prepared for someone who might not be following the rules of the road.

Slow down, drive defensively Grambusch said a lot of crashes can be avoided by doing these two simple things: slow down and drive defensively. He used a little math to make his point about going the speed limit on Silverton Road from Silverton to Cordon Road. “Not accounting for the stop at Howell Prairie Road, this trip takes approximately 11 minutes at 55 mph,” Grambusch said. “Take the same example and exceed the speed limit to 65 mph, your trip would take 9 minutes and 15 seconds.” Is 1 minute and 45 seconds really worth the risk that this increased speed creates, Grambusch asks? “Not to mention that everyone catches up with each other anyway,” he said. “It just really does not make any sense to speed. As far as driving defensive, you need to protect yourself from those who do not have as much regard for your safety as you do. “If everyone drove in a defensive manner, the crash rate would decrease significantly.”

August 2016 • 5

Civics 101

Changes afoot By Kristine Thomas Silver Falls Superintendent Andy Bellando is confident the dust will have settled by the time school begins on Sept. 6. From the construction projects at Scotts Mills, Pratum and Silverton Middle School to the hiring of new staff, it’s been a busy summer. Here are a few updates:

Building projects Bellando knows some people may be skeptical that Silverton Middle School will be complete by opening day. While a few things like the kitchen may not be done, or reader boards moved ,or bulletin boards installed, he’s confident the middle school will be “prepared and ready for the first day of school.” He’s made it his mission to accomplish this goal, even forgoing vacation this summer. In early August, he estimated some teachers will be able to move in to their classrooms by mid-August and the remainder a week before school begins. The estimates for the school renovation were about two years old, Bellando said, and construction crews discovered numerous changes that needed to occur, adding about 15 days to the construction schedule.

ing t a ebr l e C ~

7 2 ~ ARS E

Y Silverton




Silver Falls has new locations, principals, names, mascots Bellando receives updates from the project manager weekly. While he acknowledges there’s a great deal of work to be done – from adding a ceiling in the hallway near the office to hours of cleaning – he said he’s not worried. “I am fully confident we will be ready to go by when school starts,” he said. “The dust and the plaster will quickly be cleaned up.” The improvements include a new sprinkler system, fire alarm, cafeteria, library and hot water tank. Classrooms are being painted and floors sealed. The modulars for the sixth-grade students are installed and are ready to be painted and stairs and walkways added. To ensure the safety of the 450 students, Bellando said cameras will be installed, along with other safety measures including rekeying the entire campus. Bellando said he sees improvements and projects being completed every day. “We have 20 people working the building to get it completed on time,” he said. Projects were also completed at Scotts Mills, Mark Twain and Pratum Elementary schools. The Pratum PTC replaced the septic tank and drain field. By doing do, it hopes to add restrooms to the gym. The $30,000

Silverton Ballet & Performing Arts

project was paid for by the Pratum PTC. Seismic upgrades were made to the gym, cafeteria and four classrooms adjacent to the playground at Scotts Mills Elementary School. The project began in July and is expected to be completed by mid-August. The school was closed to the public while construction was taking place. The project was funded by a $996,976 state of Oregon seismic grant. Similar projects are scheduled to take place at Butte Creek and Victor Point next summer. Besides the building changes, Bellando said there have been some administrative changes this summer.

New principals, administrator, director There will be new principals at Mark Twain, Evergreen and Silver Crest Elementary schools and Silverton High School, along with a new curriculum director at the district office and athletic director at Silverton High School. The changes began when Linda Myers, the district’s curriculum director, accepted a job with the Salem-Keizer School District as the coordinator of student access and advancement. “My time in Silver Falls has prepared me beautifully for this newly design position with Salem-Keizer,” Myers


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6 • August 2016

Our Town Life

said. “I would not be the leader I am today if it weren’t for the encouragement and challenges presented to me by my supervisors, my colleagues and the incredible teaching and support staff in our schools.” Former Eugene Field Principal Jennifer Hannan was appointed the new director of teaching and learning and Greg Kaatz was named principal at Mark Twain Elementary.

Jennifer and Linda have been tremendous assets to our team and true advocates for children in our communities,” Bellando said. “As Linda moves into an exciting new career opportunity, we feel very fortunate to transition Jennifer’s skills and experience from the elementary school to the district office.” For Hannan, the change represents a professional growth, but she leaves with great admiration for the school team. “Mark Twain (Eugene Field) is an amazing place to work and go to school and an exceptional school community to be a part of,” Hannan said. “Our staff is made up of exceptional, positive, determined people who love to come to work every day and make it a joy for kids to come to school. I know that the team will continue to shine with a new principal and I’ll be here to support that


principal of Evergreen as Bob and Heidi Ostrom retire.

Kaatz has been the assistant principal and athletic director at Silverton High School for nine years. He has more than 18 years of experience as a teacher and administrator.

Drew Hinds is the new director of technology. he was currently the program coordinator for Willamette Promise at Willamette ESD. He replaces Gary Marshall, who retires Aug. 31.

Before joining the Silver Falls School District, Kaatz served as an elementary teacher, special education teacher, middle school teacher and high school athletic/ activities director for the Hermiston and Stanfield school districts. Bellando said Kaatz is an “excellent communicator” who works well with children and adults. “I’m excited to become part of the Mark Twain family and to work with a younger group of students and their parents,” Kaatz said. “Elementary school is where my career began so I’m looking forward to returning, building relationships and partnering with the excellent team of educators there.” This spring it was announced Mark Hannan would become the principal at Silver Crest Elementary School. Justin Lieuallen was named to replace him as principal at Silverton High School. Lieuallen will be responsible for hiring an new athletic director for the high school. Victor Point Principal Jamie McCarty will add duties as


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Our Town Life

New Names and locations The closing of Eugene Field Elementary School in June means new school locations, names and mascots. In-town elementary school students in kindergarten through second grade will attend Mark Twain Elementary. The mascot name will be the Kits (baby foxes). Robert Frost will house students in third through fifth grades. Students in sixth through eighth grade will attend Silverton Middle School on the site of the old high school. The mascot will be the Falcons. Community Roots School has moved from Schlador Street to 229 Eureka Ave. To learn more about the school, visit

Hearing Service

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Durham School Services is Silver Falls School District’s new transportation provider. The company plans on having route information available by Aug. 19. The contact number is 503-873-3721.


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August 2016 • 7



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Man about Town

Thank you!... I think... Isn't it great how the state highway department recently decided to honor our local history and heritage by making many of the main routes to Mount Angel back into gravel roads... Speaking of getting around here, didja notice that at long last the left turn arrow at Water and C streets has been programmed to flash yellow so motorists can go ahead and turn left on what used to be a red light (which had always been legal). Now there's no reason to doubt, check for pedestrians, oncoming traffic and get on down, get on down the road. Silverton's 2016 Relay for Life is in the books and in addition to generating quite a few poignant moments, raised over $20,000 for cancer research. A major portion of this was raised singlehandedly by Carolyn Cooley (you may know her from her table on Water Street) who generated almost $6,000 by selling crocheted butterflies

for donations. We all know someone affected by this horrible disease......what are you doing to help? Please consider starting or joining a team for next year’s relay. It does a lot of good and all you have to do is walk... Are you a hop hound? A barley believer? A fiend of fermentation? Now you can connect with other local mavens of the mash by joining the Foothill Spargers Home Brew Club. Look up their Facey Booky page and prepare to give your trigeminal nerves a workout... Is The Man the only one that finds it odd that for two weeks every four years


911 North 1st St. Silverton 503-873-2966 Mon-Fri 8-6 Sat 8-5 8 • August 2016

Our Town Life

we all huddle around the television obsessing about sports that we normally wouldn't watch even if we were paid to? The Man's useless fact of the month: The fingerprints of koala bears are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they could be confused at a crime scene......(but I wouldn't count on that for your alibi...) Stacy Palmer from over at the Chamber of Commerce is happy to report that Susie's Plant Care has emerged triumphant over the Great Aphid Plague of 2016 and the hanging flower baskets are getting back to their beautiful selves. The mysterious and elusive “Benny” paid Homer Days a visit and quietly spread his $100 bill cheer. The benefactor, whose identity is unknown, placed at least 18 of the crisp $100 bills in tip jars, baby strollers, through

cracked car windows and into items for sale. What a great way to make someone's day a little brighter.... THANK YOU, BENNY! From time-to-time, someone will stop The Man on the street and comment about something I said (or didn't say) in this dopey column.... While crossing the foot bridge to the car show at Homer Days, I noticed a couple giving me the “eye” and sure enough she makes a beeline right toward me. Deciding it was too late to run, we exchanged pleasantries and then she said “You know, every month I so look forward to reading your column”....and then with a sigh, turned to her husband and said “and that pretty much tells you how sad my life really is.” Best compliment I ever received.... See you on the street...

“Great Scott–You’re Out of Water You Say?!”

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August 2016 • 9


Cut out and save



Farmer’s Notebook

Old crop for a new age By Melissa Wagoner From the road, it looks like just another crop. Take a step into the field and you know what it is, or rather, what it’s a close kin to.


It smells like marijuana but it’s not.

Kathy is Secretary for the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Landscaping Committee and the Chairman of the Activity / Fundraising Committee which takes a lot of her time and energy, yet she also finds time to help with the yard maintenance at the Silverton Senior Center by weeding and gardening whenever it is needed. Kathy is not only involved as a volunteer at the Silverton Senior Center, she also volunteers at the Historic Society and is involved with the Garden Society and you will probably see her at the Dime Toss Booth at the Park for Homer Davenport’s Community Festival. Thank you Kathy for all you do!

Peter and Rochelle Koch, both 55, recently planted 21 acres of hemp on their farm off the South Abiqua.



Still time to sign up for the Grand Ronde Pow Wow & Spirit Mt. Casino Trip on August 20th… but need to contact the Silverton Senior Center ASAP! Time is running out. Only $10 and ANYONE over 21 can go!


On behalf of the Silverton Senior Center… we would like to THANK the following for helping make the Silverton’s GOT Talent-Community Talent Show & BBQ so much fun & successful: Analene Waterman & State Farm, William & Irveta Johnson,

The Woods at Willowcreek, Country Meadows Village, Postal Connections, Davenport Place, Mt. Angel Meat Company, Emerald Gardens, Brookstone. Also HUGE Thanks to the VERY Talented Entries: Jasmine & Inez Aguirre, Ava Dahlberg & Gabriela Roth, Isabelle Gauvin, Fred Kaiser, Kathy Hauth AND the Winners: Stella Harrison, Ruth Mattox and Estella & Alberto Gonzalez for their fabulous performances! Be watching for the Winners to perform at the Celebrate Families Community Picnic in the Silverton Park on Friday, August 26 from 5- 8 pm… FREE for ALL Silverton Residents! The BIGGEST Thanks goes to the FUN Fundraising/Activity Committee Members & Volunteers who make all of the events so successful!

ALSO…HUGE THANKS to the wonderful & generous donors for the Sizzling Summer Extravaganza Event: Bill Clubb & Clubb Massage, Silverton Art Association, Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center, Wine & Canvas, Al’s Garden Center, Mariner Square, Portland Art Museum, Camp Dakota, Howard L. Hamilton, Palace Theater, Sandy Tiffee, Schreiner’s Iris Gardens, St. Josef’s Vineyard & Winery and Silver Falls State Park.


The Silverton Senior Center’s THRIFT SHOP is located at 207 High St. open Tuesday – Saturday 10 am to 5 pm and Sundays 11 am to 4 pm…Where your tax deductible donations are always welcome!

It’s hemp.

Medical hemp oil (rich in CBD) is being used to treat multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, migraines, depression, sleep disorders, pain relief and epilepsy.

“It’s going to save the world,” Peter said enthusiastically of his new crop. “Anything you can make with plastic, you can make with hemp.”

Industrial uses include: paper (production of 1 acre of hemp is equivalent to 4 acres of trees); 3-D printing; biodiesel; alternative to plastics, paint and sealants; oil spill cleanup; bio composits for car and airline engineering; antibacterial fibers for hospitals and solar energy storage.

Peter said there about 40 permits for farmers to grow hemp in Oregon, including two other growers in Silverton.

Nutritional uses include hemp seed oil, gluten free flour, beer, granola, seed butter and livestock feed.

With 20 years of farming organic almonds and pomegranates in California under their belts, the Kochs moved to Silverton in July 2014 looking to grow something new. They left California due to the continuing water crisis. Both Peter and Rochelle said it’s been exciting and fun to learn about the new crop, adding it’s been a big learning process. They also grow wheat. “The more I get to know the plant, the more intrigued I am,” Peter said. Marijuana and hemp are different subspecies of the cannabis plant that over the thousands of years the plant has been cultivated, have developed different traits. These traits have been isolated and bred separately making two distinct species each with its own unique properties. The marijuana plant has been grown for its high Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)


content, the psychoactive compound, paying special attention to the flowering parts of the plant. The hemp plant, however, is grown for industrial use and is generally allowed to grow taller and leggier with the field consisting mostly of males without flowering capabilities. Most importantly, it lacks the THC of its cousin. Instead hemp has a chemical called Cannabidiol (CBD) which can be used medicinally to treat a host of illnesses from Alzheimer’s to cancer. It’s grow cycle is about 120 days. The Kochs have divided their acreage. The 14-acre portion for fiber is growing wild and almost entirely unirrigated with a mixture of tall and short plants, due to the different places the seeds originate

Donna ParaDis

The Silverton Senior Center is RENTABLE at very reasonable rates for Milestone Events, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Family Reunions…if interested contact Dodie at 503-873-3093


Licensed in Oregon

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115 Westfield Street • Silverton 97381 503-873-3093 • email: 10 • August 2016

Uses for Hemp


119 N. Water St. Silverton

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Lisa Brokers licensed in the state of Oregon.

Sellers – This market is a heat wave! B&ST prices in years!

Buyers – This market is

scorching! Interest rates are hot, hot, hot!!!

SOLD! Hemp farmers Rochelle and Peter Koch are about to harvest their first crop.

from. Some of the difficulties the Kochs have faced in getting their new crop started was obtaining seeds and farming advice because although hemp was once a staple crop in the United States it has been illegal since 1952, Rochelle said. “The Constitution was written on hemp paper,” Peter said. “The flag was made out of hemp.” Now those old farming traditions have been virtually lost and the Kochs and other new hemp farmers in Bend and Monmouth must look to other countries for farming advice. “We’re reading stuff that’s coming from Canada and Slovakia,” Rochelle said. Keeping up with ever-changing growing regulations also has been a challenge. Later in the growing season, the U.S. Department of Agriculture will choose two cross sections of 30 samples in the Koch’s field to test for THC. “They’re fine tuning the rules all the time,” Rochelle said. “The THC has to

601 Anderson Dr., $489,900 WVMLS#706289, Drop-Dead Gorgeous Colonial with 4bd and bonus. View. Wainscotting, hardwood floors, 3 full bths.

Next to the field of fiber plants the Kochs have seven irrigated acres of squat green plants destined for CBD oil use. These are the plants they are most excited about.


“They’re using CBDs for medicinal uses,” Rochelle said. “One particular strain called Charlotte’s Web has helped with epilepsy.” The Kochs have used the oil at home for backaches after a hard day of farming and have been amazed by the affects.


“My mother, who is 87, has arthritis,” Peter said. She found CBD cream worked well.

508-510 Whittier, $289,900 WVMLS#707433 2 homes, one big lot. Investor’s dream or dual living? Great rental? over 2100 s.f., 6 bdrms/2 bths.

Active Under Contract

817 Chadwick St., Silverton, $319,900 WVMLS#699850 4bdrm, 3.5bth.

Although their first year as hemp farmers has been a little rocky, the Kochs are excited about harvest. “It’s the wave of the future,” Rochelle said.

1384 Sallal, Woodburn, $149,000 WVMLS#706298. Adorable 1 bedroom, 1 bath in 55+ Community. Sunroom is finished, heated, insulated. Makes Total Square Footage over 800!

2795 Argyle, Salem, $334,900 WVMLS#704532 S. Salem’s Candalaria neighborhood. Private guest suite. Hdwds, 4 bdrm, 2 extra rooms, storage.

Active Under Contract

504 Washington St., $175,000 WVMLS#704755 3bd/1bth. 982 s.f.

15037 Evans Valley Rd., $499,900 WVMLS#707313 11.82 beautiful, flat, farmable acres. 4bdrms. 2922 s.f. Close in. Rec Room. Great value in this wonderful mini-farm. Call Suzie Couraud, Broker.

Bare lot, Rice Lane, Amity, $50,000 WVMLS#701360 Rural lot in the heart of wine country. Building may be possible as developed. Call Jenna Robles, Broker.


PENDING! 960 Blaine St. Woodburn, $327,900 WVMLS#697997 4 bdr/3bth. Huge lot.


1885 Thompson, Woodburn, $165,000 WVMLS#706299. Cute 2 bdrm/1 bth.

711 E. Main St., $349,900 WVMLS#707341 Impressive Contemporary home with over 2700 s.f., 4 bdrms/3 bths. Nice lot, double car garage with small shop.

Active Under Contract in 3 Days!

1215 SE Lyle, Dallas, $190,000 WVMLS#707527. 5 Bdrm/1.5bth, 1700 S.F. Jenna Robles, Broker

Serving the mid-Willamette Valley since 1998

Landscape Maintenance & Construction Weekly Lawn Maintenance • Seasonal Cleanups Pruning • Sprinklers • Lighting • Pavers Retaining Walls • Water Features and More LCB # 7928

LISA SANTANA Principal Broker/ Owner


Our Town Life


“She said it worked quicker than Tylenol and lasted longer,” Peter said.

with James Day


405 N. Water St., $449,900 WVMLS#699596 & 699599. 1901 Classic with waterfront lot. Versatile Zoning. Perfect for B&B, Restaurant, Residence, Multi-Family.

be 0.3 and below.”

Sports ACTION! ourtown.smasm

764 Shelokum Dr., $499,900 WVMLS#699074 3579 s.f. 4 bdrm /3.5 bth. Come see this gem! Abiqua Heights. Over 7 acre common park with pond. WOW! Best value in town.

DIXON BLEDSOE Principal Broker/ Owner







206 Oak Street, Silverton, OR 97381 503-874-4666 August 2016 • 11

Sports & Recreation

New year, new turf A new era unfolded Aug. 9 at McGinnis Field on the old Silverton High School campus on Schlador Street.

RESIDENTIAL $479,900 NEW LISTING! 3bd/2.5ba ~ 2670 SF ~ .2 ac ~Silverton Robin Kuhn • 503-930-1896 • MLS#707723 $445,000 NEW LISTING! 4bd/2.5ba ~ 3129 SF ~ .46 ac ~ Mt Angel Valerie Boen • 503-871-1667 • MLS#708163 $424,900 NEW LISTING! 4bd/2.5ba ~ 2692 SF ~ .24 ac ~ Silverton Marty Schrock • 503-559-9443 • MLS#707574 $349,000 NEW LISTING! 4bd/2.5ba ~ 2445 SF ~ .16 ac ~ Mt Angel Cynthia Johnson • 503-551-0145 • MLS#707539 $284,500 NEW LISTING! 4bd/2.5ba ~ 2157 SF ~ .16 ac ~ Salem Valerie Boen • 503-871-1667 • MLS#707962 $269,900 NEW LISTING! 4bd/2ba ~ 2361 SF ~ .18 ac ~ Mt Angel Valerie Boen • 503-871-1667 • MLS#708033 $242,900 NEW LISTING! 4bd/2ba ~ 1862 SF ~ .18 ac ~ Salem Jackie Zurbrugg • MLS#708044

Serving the Willamette Valley for All Your Real Estate Needs Local Owner/ Brokers Licensed in Oregon

$555,000 PRICE REDUCED! 3bd/1ba ~ 1678 SF ~ 41.84 Acres ~ Scotts Mills Ginni Stensland • 503-510-4652 • MLS#704126 $449,900 PRICE REDUCED! 2bd/2ba ~ 1595 SF ~ 5.38 Acres ~ Silverton Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#702750 $320,000 PRICE REDUCED! 4bd/2ba ~ 1732 SF ~ 2 Acres ~ Scotts Mills Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#705281 $305,000 PRICE REDUCED! 4bd/2.5ba ~ 1820 SF ~ .2 ac ~ Silverton Rosie Wilgus • 503-409-8779 • MLS#706181

INVESTMENTS $695,000 NEW LISTING! Comm. ~ .65 ac ~ Downtown Silverton~ Retail /Res plans available! Connie Hinsdale • 503-881-8687 • MLS#707894

“We’re very excited for it,” senior linebacker David Espe said. “It’s a very nice field. It feels great. Everything is new.” Senior-fullback Darren Buckley noted the extensive citywide effort that the project required. “I think it’s awesome that our school and community put this together,” said Buckley, who added that the Foxes’ soccer squads also will benefit from the new facility. “We just had amazing volunteer work.” “We’re very grateful for all of those people who made it happen,” Coach John Mannion said. “It’s a beautiful field and a real benefit to our program. We’ve got a lot of new stuff. There is a new team room for the kids. “It adds a new level of excitement. The kids had a great offseason, but this project gives us a huge shot in the arm.” Mannion added one of the major pluses of the field is that it makes practicing much easier, particularly late in the season when the weather gets foul and the practice field grass is mainly dirt. During the Foxes’ run to the OSAA Class 5A championship game in 2014 the squad had to get on buses and practice on turf at Canby High.


The Foxes start working out in pads Aug. 15, scrimmage Aug. 26 at West Albany and open the season Sept. 2 at Sandy. Redmond comes to town for the home opener on the new field Sept. 9. Homer’s runs: The Homer’s Classic 8-kilometer and 2-mile runs were held Aug. 7 under partly cloudy skies with a bit of a breeze. The races started and ended at the Pine Street campus because of the turf project at McGinnis Field. A pair of former Foxes teammates, Hosea Catterall and Wolf Seifer finished 1-2 Hosea Catterall in the 8-kilometer. Catterall ran 29:20.3, with Seifer clocking 29:47.1. Deanna O’Neill of Canby finished fifth overall in 31:39.3 to take the medal for top woman. O’Neill finished more than six minutes Deanna O’Neill ahead of runner-up Karisa Thede of Salem, who ran 37:59.6. More Seifers hauled in hardware in the 2-mile event. Konrad Seifer, 14, won the race in 14:49, seven seconds ahead of Alex Seifer, 19. Candis Scott, 70, of Scotts Mills, was the top woman finisher in 18:13.8. Cecelia Petrik, 11, was second among females at 19:00.4. Changes in athletic office: Silverton High is recruiting for a new assistant principal/ athletic director because Greg Kaatz has moved on to become the principal at Mark Twain. Silver Falls Superintendent Andy Bellando told Our Town that Kaatz will help out during the transition. It was not clear at presstime how soon a replacement might be hired.

$75,000 NEW LISTING! .15 ac buildable lot ~ Mt Angel Valerie Boen • 503-871-1667 • MLS#708122

119 N. WATER ST., SILVERTON, OR Give us a Call at 503-873-8600 or Visit for more information 12 • August 2016

The Foxes football team practiced for the first time on its new artificial turf. The squad was scheduled to open its conditioning work on the new surface Aug. 8, but last-minute tweaks kept the players on grass for one more day.

Silverton High football players get set for wind sprints Tuesday during conditioning drills on the new artificial turf surface at McGinnis Field.

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Library book sale set for Aug. 19, 20 Bibliophiles won’t want to meet this event. A bibliophile is someone who likes books and enjoys reading or collecting them. If that describes you, make sure to attend The Friends of the Silver Falls Library Book Sale. Friday, Aug. 19, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m and Saturday, Aug. 20,

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Silver Falls Library, 410 S. Water St., Silverton. Book prices are 50 cents for softcover books and children’s books and $1 for hardback books, CDs, DVDSs and software packages. Call the library at 503-873-5173 for information.

Holy Rosary’s 63rd Marian Pilgrimage The 63rd Marian Pilgrimage at Holy Rosary Church is at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 15 at the church on Ettlin Loop Road. The pilgrimage begins with the recitation of the Rosary, followed by Mass. The celebrant and homilist will be Father Philip Waibel OSB, pastor. Holy Rosary Church is the only place in the Portland Archdiocese that has continuously celebrated an annual pilgrimage since the 1954 Marian year. The Marian Pilgrimage is tradition that began in 1954 when Pope Pius XII declared a “Marian year.” This special year was in honor of 100th anniversary which defined the Catholic

dogma of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, Mother of Jesus. Fr. Hildebrand Melchior, OSB, administrator of Holy Rosary Church, was the organizer of the first pilgrimage. Father Hildebrand felt although Holy Rosary was small in numbers, the enthusiasm of its members would help them do “something big for Our Lady.” Refreshments will be available in church basement following Mass. For information or directions, please contact Margaret Gersch at 503-8736596 or Pat Schonbachler at 503-8736405 or Father Philip Waibel, OSB at 503-845-2296 .

Deadlines near for city council filings Citizens in Mount Angel, Scotts Mills and Silverton interested in running for city council or mayor need to submit their intent to do so in August. The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 8. Successful candidates begin their duties at the first council meeting in January. To run candidates must be a qualified elector under the laws and constitution of the state of Oregon; a registered voter of the city you reside; and a resident of the city you plan to run for office in during the 12 months preceding the election.

For information contact Justin Hogue, assistant to the city manager/ city elections official at jhogue@ or 503-845-9291.

Scotts Mills The deadline to file for Scotts Mills council is Friday, Aug. 19 at city hall, 265 4th St., or call 503-873-5435 to receive forms.


Mount Angel

The final day to file for the Silverton City Council is Tuesday, Aug. 30, 5 p.m. Candidates may file by fee or by petition. To pick up the forms, visit city hall at 306 S. Water St. City Clerk Lisa Figueroa serves as the city election officer. For questions, contact her at 503-874-2216 or

To have an application reviewed for certification for the ballot, return it to Mount Angel City Hall, 5 N. Garfield St. by 5 p.m., Aug. 19.

Election Manuals produced by the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Divisiond can be found on its website at 

The terms of the mayor and three councilors are expiring in each city this year.

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GENERAL FOR SALE: Nice furniture, very good condition. By appointment only 503-873-7326 Teeter Hang-Up – hinged inversion therapy table. Like new. $200. 503-510-6373 LOST: model rocket, 28” tall, red with a blue nylon parachute. Lost in the area between Marquam St, Elm St and Sheridan St. Please call 503-539-0124 if found. TONER: GRR 11 for Canon copiers New still in boxes - Magenta/Cyan/ Yellow. Reg. $111.95ea, selling for $60ea. We have recently changed copiers, and have no need for the toners. Call 503-845-9499 YARD SALE August 19, 20, 21. Beautiful eight piece patio set. Baby furnishings. Women’s clothes, size 12 & 14. Home decor, all quality. 1129 Florida Drive, Silverton. Retiring Antique Dealer’s yard sale. 707 Oak St Silverton. Fri day, Aug. 19 and Saturday, Aug. 20. 9 am- 3 pm. NO early birds - Cash Only. Firm prices, Discounts second day. Parking ONLY at Immanuel Lutheran Church parking lot, corner of Oak & Church St. Books, kitchen, Christmas, Misc inventory, new & old furniture.


Drivers: Local, Home Nightly! Portland Refer & Hillsboro Flatbed. Great Pay, Benefits! CDL-A, 1yr Exp. Req. Estenson Logistics Apply www. 1-855-420-1374


DONATE SCHOOL SUPPLIES - The Apple Tree School Supplies Drive is now through Aug. 24 – Check out the Apple Tree posters around town and “pick” an apple or wish list, buy the supplies, and return them to a participating business, church or organization. The Apple Tree Group is sponsored by Silverton Together and members are currently talking to service groups around town and getting out the message about the school supply needs in the community. For more information call Silverton Together at 503-873-0405.

Holiday Gingerbread House Design Competition – Sign Up Now * It’s time to design, plan, and practice building your own gingerbread house. Enter by yourself or with a friend. Family, school, or company entries and all ages are welcome too. Bring your best design to the Gordon House the week before Thanksgiving. The houses will be displayed from Thanksgiving through New Years in the Gordon House living room for all our guests to see. Contest Entries Accepted Now: A form and full details are available on our website (www.thegordonhouse. org) on the Events page. Exhibit details are on the Chamber events calendar beginning Nov. 25.

SERVICES WOOD DOCTOR Furniture restoration. Revive - Restore - Metal - Wood - Antique Furniture - Family Heirlooms. Also specialize in custom wood craft. Free Estimates. James Scialabba 971-208-4348 LET IT SHINE CLEANING COMPANY – Serving Salem, Keizer, West Salem, Stayton, Sublimity & surrounding area. Weekly • Bi-weekly • Monthly. Move-Ins • Move-Outs. Bonded & Insured • 15-20 min. walk-thru bid included. 503-930-2446 • www. VISIONS CLEANING – Invision coming home to a clean and organized home. Excellent references $65-$75 per clean. Organize your home and special projects. 503-868-8107. RDR Handyman & Home Repair Service installation and repair of fencing, decks,doors, windows, siding and roofing. CCB 206637 licenced, bonded and insured. Call Ryan 503-881-3802 GASPER’S CLEANING SERVICE SOLUTIONS Complete general Janitorial Services, Home and Business and Construction Cleaning. Deep cleaning to prepare the home for sale. Move in-Move out. Window cleaning Housekeeping. Frances 503-949-5040 or 503-873-6209

CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS Residential, light commercial, new buildings, additions, remodeling. Reasonable rates. Michael Finkelstein Design, 503-873-8215. TINA’S LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE Mowing – Edging - Bark Dusting – Fertilizing – Pruning - Thatching and Aerating - On Going Maintenance and clean up – yard debris/Hauling. CBL# 9404 971-216-1093 CASCADE CONCEALED CARRY INSTRUCTIONS INC. is teaching Oregon concealed hand gun classes on the 1st and multi state on the 3rd Saturday. Call for location. Visit our website at or Call 503-580-0753 tfn


I’M A WOODWORKER buying old or new handplanes, old logging axes, undercutters, saws and filing tools, blacksmithing, machinist, mechanics tools, any related/ unusual items. 503-364-5856 WANTED: 7 1/2yds of ¾” minus clean gravel delivered and laid for 600’ driveway. Call Ron @ 503-8734033 Leave a msg.

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Marketplace and reach Your Neighbors 503-845-9499

August 2016 • 13

People Out Loud

Baseball ‘n’ Homer The Rio Olympics are finally here. It was exciting to see Katie Ledecky beat her own world record in the 400 meter free-style for the gold by nearly two seconds, Michael Phelps win his incredible 19th gold medal, and the U.S. women’s gymnastics team leaving every country in the world behind in just the prelims by an astronomical margin. Men and women’s basketball teams are expected to dominate at the time I write, track and field is going to be amazing, and hopefully, Brazil can pull off the Olympics with nary a Zika hitch. But Russia shouldn’t be there. The International Olympic Committee needed to send a message that state-sponsored doping cannot and will not be tolerated or rewarded. The message was a whisper. Did anybody hear? It was good, however, to hear the young American woman swimmer say in an interview that the Russian woman she was racing against failed two drug tests and shouldn’t be in Rio, and then to drive the message home, cleaned her competitors’ collective clocks. That was kind of fun. Speaking of clocks getting cleaned, we could all take a lesson from a lovely lady on the Mount Angel Tower’s Traveling Beanbag Baseball Team. This is a game, apparently based on baseball and bean bags, where participants throw into boxes to determine if they got an out, a single, double, triple, or home run (“Going yard,”

It’s the little things that add up to ‘hometown’ the line and looked each one of the evil-doers in the eye, and said rather firmly, “Don’t boo me.” Then cool as a cucumber, she proceeded to “hit” a home run with the bases loaded. In baseball terms, it was a grand slam (aka “Grand Salami”) that scored four runs and clinched the Tower Terror’s victory over the testy teens. You go, Gramms! Schooled ‘em.

as they say in the hood). It seems the Tower Terrors have rolled over the competition with other senior living facilities in the Valley, winning all 18 matches to win the Marion County sweepstakes. Then they played a team at a facility that brought in “ringers” – in sports vernacular, ringers are athletes much more gifted than the recreational players on the field. It would be akin to Damian Lillard of the Blazers showing up as a starter for the Willamette Bearcat Basketball team. In this case, instead of playing a team of their 60-80 year-old peers, the Terrors were faced with a team of teens and preteens. In a tight game that was neck and neck, this Bean Bag Babe who may have voted for Kennedy came up to the plate. As she was about to make her toss, some of the kids started booing. She stopped mid-swing, gazed down

In Memory Of …

Homer’s come and gone again. Summer is flying past. Not as fast as that Silverton Postal Connections’ Jet Float during the Homer Davenport Community Festival Parade Saturday, but fast. The parade was packed, the weather was perfect. I especially liked Amy Amano’s Homer Davenport Bike/Trike, and Silverton Jeweler’s float with rings. One of the best floats I’ve seen here in this Norman Rockwell town. But man, that jet flew past, apparently necessary to create steam and smoke emanating from the engines. Biggest float and beautifully done. Great parade, wonderful festival, and many, many kudos to the organizers, led brilliantly for years by Richard Carlson, the Homer Davenport Community Festival Committee. Cindy Jones, Darin Rybloom, Gus Frederick, Janet Dalisky, Ken Hector, Dennis Sherwood, Rick Schmidt, Gordie Goschie, Tonya Rue-Perez, and Glen Damewood – thank you for your time and energy. It takes time to do good things for your community.

T I N A ’ S Landscape

CCB #14854

Marian Alatalo

Oct. 29, 1924 — July 17, 2016

Robin Ball

Feb. 24, 1965 — July 21, 2016

Vickie Olsen

Aug. 17, 1954 — July 24, 2016

Rholin “Keith” Cooley

Aug. 17, 1936 — July 25, 2016

Steven R. Herr – Certified Master Builder

June 27, 1939 — July 26, 2016

503.873.1178 • 503.931.5814

Betty Schaap Edward Havel

Feb. 11, 1964 — July 29, 2016

Marcus Senn

Aug. 21, 1938 — July 31, 2016

ce Maintenance 971-216-1093

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Building homes since 1975

Always available at your time of need

14 • August 2016

Shape Pruning Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washing Full Cleanup Ongoing Maintenance


- with Job Done


Have a home to rent? Call us! Metro Lic. #9404

MT. ANGEL – 3BR, 2.5BA townhouse. Single garage, fenced backyard. Available September. $1000 rent, $1100 deposit.

Traditional & Cremation Services

190 Railroad Ave. • Mt. Angel 503-845-2592

Lawn Care Natural Pruning Spreading Bark Moss Removal Organic Jobs

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Our Town Life


Join Us For

One HOt August nigHt FRIDAY AUG.19


ShowN-Shine Car Show BBQ


Prize Drawing / Awards

In addition to items donated for the Silent Auction, many in-kind and cash contributions were received. We had over 101 donors with more than 152 Items for Auction Bidding.

! W O H CAR s

The Silverton High School Alumni Association held a Silent Auction at their Annual Fundraiser for alumni and friends on August 5, 2016. The SHSAA Fundraiser was held at the Festhalle in Mt. Angel. The SHSAA Board of Trustees sends a tremendous “thank you” for allowing us to hold our Fundraiser at their facility. We hope to have a continuing relationship.

Listen to the Oldies with Russ Strohmeyer from Stro’s DJ Services in Stayton!

PRiZes !

ng i W A DR

3 Ten Water

Johnny’s Barber Shop

Seven Brides Brewing

Almquist Studios

John’s Waterproofing

Shayla Lynn Jewelry

Appleman, Vicki ‘63

Johnson, Georgie ‘62 Klecker Knives

Silver Creek Animal Clinic

Birdhouse Man Bochsler Hardware

Le Pooch


Les Schwab

Branstetter, Marcia & Mason ‘63

Lighthouse Lending

Carter, Dr. Alan


As a result of the tremendous support from the greater Silverton business and academic community, the Silent Auction raised over $3,000 to help support the Scholarship Program for the graduating seniors of SHS. Additional cash donations in lieu of items donated for the auction totaled $1,755. Our 50/50 and drawing awarded $220 to SHSAA and $220 to ticket-holder Lowell Kuenzi. Lowell received a round of applause as he turned the money back to the Alumni Association. The SHSAA desires to provide special recognition and a heartfelt thanks to the following persons and businesses that unselfishly contributed to the outstanding fundraising effort:


One Towers Lane • Mount Angel

Chan’s Citizens Bank City of Silverton/Family YMCA Class of 1959 Class of 1960 Class of 1961 Class of 1970 Cochran, Phyllis Columbia Bank Compex Côté Chiropractic Creekside Grill Curt’s Barbershop Curves de Soto, Jacob Drakes Crossing Gentry, Marcella Hande, Jack ‘49 Harcourts NW Oregon Realty Group Hartley Insurance Hi-School Pharmacy Holland Collision

Linn Benton Tractor Lynch, Francine ‘51 McColly, Charlene ‘57 & Dave ‘54 Meyer, Dori ‘79 Mortgage First Corp. Napa Auto Parts North Star Antiques Nunn, Judy ‘60 Odd Fellows Games & Electronics Ohren, Gary ‘61 Our Town/Mt. Angel Publishing Pacific Sanitation Page, Nelson ‘61 & Frances Pattee, Carol ‘60 Pioneer Planning/Sharon & Jim Cates Professional Massage Center R. Walker Yeates The Red Bench ReMax Homesource Roberts, Ring & Fischer Wealth Roth’s Family Market

Silver Creek Lanes Silver Grille Silver Spur RV Park Silverton Realty Silverton Art & Frame Silverton Chamber of Commerce Silverton Eyecare Silverton Fire District Silverton Fitness Silverton Flower Shop Silverton High School Silverton Jewelers Silverton Pill Box Supercuts Thai Dish Cuisine Thayer, Verna ‘59 Ticor Title Towne House Restaurant Trinity Lutheran Church Quilters Unger Funeral Chapel Village Print Shop Visions Vitis Ridge Whimsy White Oak Wellness Willamette Valley Pie Co.

The Home Place

Safeway Food & Drug

Howard Hinsdale Wine Bar

Salon M

Withers Lumber

Hutton, Marlin ‘57

Sandee Thai

Wooden Nickel

Ixtapa Restaurant

Setness, Duane ‘51 & Audrey

Wukie’s Cookies & Cakes


We also want to thank the many Silverton Alumni who stepped in Friday morning to help us set up for the Fundraiser and Auction. Additional thanks go to the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) from current Silverton High School attendees for setting up the tables and chairs early Friday morning. They returned following the event, helped clean up and put all tables and chairs back into the storage areas.

We look forward to another Fundraiser in 2017!

Our Town Life

August 2016 • 15





COUNTRY Marcia Branstetter Broker, GRI 873-3545 ext. 318

Mary Cam Broker 873-3545 ext. 320

Micha Christman Office Manager 873-1425

Becky Craig Broker 873-3545 ext. 313

Angela Halbirt-Lopez Broker 873-3545 ext. 312

Desaree Parks Broker 873-3545 ext. 326

Michael Schmidt Broker, GRI 873-3545 ext. 314

Meredith Wertz Broker, GRI 873-3545 ext. 324

Ryan Wertz Broker 873-3545 ext. 322


Chuck White Broker 873-3545 ext. 325


Christina Mason Williamson Branstetter Broker Principal Broker, 873-3545NEW HOME GRI CONSTRUCTION TOWN ext. 315 873-3545 ext. 303








#T2316 PRIVATE & SECLUDED $849,000

Close in(approx. 4 miles) to town yet very private and secluded. Mt Hood in the horizon off the expansive deck. Willamette valley views from the oak canopied garden with small pond. Home hosts great room affect for FR, Kitchen and informal dining. Formal dining and Living room with FP. Raised garden beds and greenhouse, barn and pasture. Huge shop with lots of parking. Timber cruise available. Home may be suitable for dual living as there is finished basement with bed/bath/ and kitchen and wood burning stove. Call Marcia at ext. 318.

HUBBARD COUNTRY/AC TOWN SILV COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIALSTAYTON/SUBLIM H TOWN COUNTRY #T2323 NEWLY RENOVATED HOME $349,900 #T2319 LARGE HOME IN TURNERFOR $449,900 #T2306 WONDERFUL HOME $489,900 LAND/ACREAG LEASE/COMMERCIAL FOR RENT Wonderful home in the Abiqua Heights neighborhood, All flooring replace in the last 6 months - tile, New Listing in Turner! Large home. Custom Built COUNTRY TOWN 4KEIZER bedroom home with 2.5 bath, double decks to enjoy the engineered hardwoods, & tile, A/C, speaker system with many extras. Call for a full list of amenities. WOODBURN TOW outdoors for entertaining, includes media room with projecBARELAND/LOTS

IN TOWN NEW throughout, heated garage, private backyard Underground sprinklers connected to MillHOME Creek. CONSTRUCTION tion TV/surround sound, family room with mini kitchenette. COMMERCIAL/INDUST backs up to greenway; sprinkler system, easy I-5 Water rights for yard irrigation. You have to see this Wood floors, travertine tile throughout, open floor plan with IN TOWN NEW H COUNTRY/ACREAGE access!! Call Mary at ext. 320 (WVMLS#707617) one to fully appreciate it! Call Michael at ext. 314 lots of upgrades. Lots of detail in this home that can’t be





COUNTRY/ACREAGE missed. This home is wired for remote access for lights, heat and sprinkler system. 3 car garage with room for all your extras. Call Meredith at ext 324 or Ryan at ext. 322 (WVMLS#705878)

#T2263 CUSTOM HERR CONSTRUCTION 3BR, 2BA 1797sqft Call Meredith at ext. 324 or Ryan at ext. 322 $328,700 (WVMLS#698000) SOLD! – #T2298 SINGLE FAMILY HOME 2BR, 1BA 912sqft Call Meredith at ext. 324 or Ryan at ext. 322 $166,900 (WVMLS#703415) #T2282 CREEK FRONTAGE/MULTI-USE 5 BR, 3BA 3937 sqft.Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $393,900 (WVMLS#700697) #T2278 FIXER WITH OLDER CHARM 3BR, 1.5BA 1946 sqft. Call Michael at ext. 314 $129,900 (WVMLS#700900) #T2308 READY TO MOVE INTO 3 BR,2 BA, 1848 sqft Call Meredith at ext. 324 or Ryan at ext. 322 $159,900 (WVMLS#705808) #T2305 2 HOMES ON 1 PROPERTY 6+ BR,3 BA, 2780 sqft Call Meredith at ext. 324 or Ryan at ext. 322 $479,900 (WVMLS#705585) #T2306 WONDERFUL HOME 4 BR, 25 BA 3663 sqft.Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $489,900 (WVMLS#705878) #T2315 AMAZING HALF ACRE 3BR, 2BA 2552 sqft Call Angela at ext. 312 $359,900

SOLD! – #T2274 FANTASTIC COUNTRY ESTATE 5 BR, 3BA 2494 sqft.30.14 acres Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $499,900







TOWN #T2293 WATER FRONT PROPERTY 1.100 Acres Call Marcia at ext. 318 $179,000


COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL 325 $488,750 (WVMLS#701127) LA #T2322 FARMABLE ACREAGE 24 acres Call #T2317 UPDATES ABOUND 2BR, 2BA 1470 FOR LEASE/COMMERCIAL #T2284 COLONIAL HOME ON ACREAGE 4BR, Chuck at ext. 325 $240,000 (WVMLS#707264) sqft Call Meredith at ext. 324 or Ryan at ext. 322 FOR LEASE/COMMERCIAL 4.5BA 3680 sqft.1.510 acres Call Chuck at ext. $218,700 (WVMLS#706920) #T2233 2 ACRE LOT 2 acres Call Chuck at ext. OTHER COM BARELAND/LOTS 325 $488,750 (WVMLS#701127) #T2313 LARGE CORNERCONSTRUCTION LOT 4BR, 2.5BA 325 $189,500 (WVMLS#693008) IN TOWN NEW HOME F #T2309 GREAT HORSE PROPERTY 3 BR, 2BA 1805 sqft Call Becky at ext. 313 $250,000 COUNTRY/ACREAGE 1835 sqft. 5.00 ACRES Call Desaree at ext. 326 (WVMLS#707212) AUMSVILLE/TU $460,000 (WVMLS#705811) #T2314 BEAUTIFUL HOME 4BR, 2.5BA 2072 BARELAN #T2309 GREAT HORSE PROPERTY 3 BR, 2BA IN TOWN NEW #T2316 PRIVATE & SECLUDED 4 BR, 4 BA sqft Call Becky at ext. 313 $279,000 (WVMLS#707202) 1835 sqft. 5.00 ACRES Call Desaree at ext. 326 82.000 Acres Call Marcia at ext. 318 $849,000 COUNTRY/ACREAGE $460,000 (WVMLS#705811) (WVMLS#699150)







OTHER COMMUNITIE #T2262 CASCADIA – PERFECT MOUNTAIN STAYTON/SUBLIMITY GET-AWAY 1BR, 0BA 912 sqft. Call Chuck at ext. 325 $69,000 (WVMLS#698080) LAND/ACREAGE 12.51 Acres Call Meredith at ext. 324 or Ryan at OTHER COMMUNITIES #T2295 IDHANA – OWN PRIVATE RETREAT ext. 322 $143,800 (WVMLS#704402) COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL 4BR, 2BA 1150 sqft..830 acres Call Meredith at #T2301 TREED PRIVATE SETTING 2BR, 2BA ext. 324 or Ryan at ext. $189,000 (WVMLS#703350) 1740 sqft 5.00FOR Acres Call Michael at ext. 314 COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL LEASE/COMMERCIAL #T2319 LARGE HOME IN TURNER 5BR, 2.5BA IN TOWN NEW $349,999 (WVMLS#705189) 3090 sqft Call Michael atCOUNTRY/ACREAGE ext.LEASE/COMMERCIAL 314 $449,900 FOR



COUNTRY/ACREAGE .12 Acre lot. Call Chuck at ext. 325 (WVMLS#682938)




#T2312 LITTLE HOME NEAR DOWNTOWN 2BR, 1BA 1012 sqft Call Michael at ext. 314 $224,500 (WVMLS#706536) #T2318 SILVERTON TOWNHOUSE 3 BR, 25 BA 1594 sqft.Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $214,900 (WVMLS#707114)

#T2265 2.13 UNDEVELOPED ACRES 2.13 acre lot. Zoned ID Call Chuck at ext. 325 $299,000 (WVMLS#698462)


#T2294 READY FOR YOU TO BUILD 1.09 Acres Call Marcia at ext. 318 $162,000 (WVMLS#702893)







#T2275 WONDERFULLY REMODELED HOME 4BR, 3.5BA 3590 sqft. Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $567,000 (WVMLS#699438)

16 • August 2016

lot. Zoned ID Call Chuck at ext. 325 $299,000 (WVMLS#698462)





#T2282 CREEK FRONTAGE/MULTI-USE 5 BR, COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL 3BA 3937 sqft.Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $393,900FOR (WVMLS#700697) LEASE/COMMERCIAL




Call Micha at 503-873-1425 or see them on our website IN TOWN NEW• HOME CONSTRUCTION 303 Oak Street • Silverton OTHER COMMUNITIES COUNTRY/ACREAGE 503.873.3545 • 1-800-863-3545






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Our Town North: Aug. 15, 2016  

Our Town Community News serving Silverton, Mt. Angel & Scotts Mills.

Our Town North: Aug. 15, 2016  

Our Town Community News serving Silverton, Mt. Angel & Scotts Mills.