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Official Program for the 50 th Mount Angel

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September 17-20, 2015 Food Booth Menus • Music Schedule • Venue Information

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Introducing A new community of free-standing

1, 2 & 2 Plus Den

Bedroom Homes for active seniors, 55 and over


Coming to Mount Angel in 2016

Upscale single story units with granite counters, hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances

• Community Clubhouse • Pet-Friendly • Ample Storage • Site Maintenance • Covered Carport • Views of The Cascade Range Small town atmosphere with access to local restaurants and shopping Nearby • Mount Angel Towers Attractions • St. Mary Church • Mount Angel Abbey

• Queen of Angels Monastery • The Oregon Garden • Silver Falls State Park

Please visit us online for more details!

2 • Sept. 16, 2015

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Mt. Angel Shopper

Entertainment, booth menus and map

THURSDAY ....................................... 24 FRIDAY ..............................................26

Music - Z Musikmakers, Donaumusikanten, Salzburger Echo, Gordanairs and more..... 34 Dancing - Fleckensteiners, Kleinstadtlers, Chicken Dance, Webertanz ...................... 36 The First O’fest in Mount Angel........ 46 Customs, symbols & spirit................. 48 Our thanks to those who provide support Oktoberfest Volunteers...................50 Oktoberfest Sponsors......................52 Oktoberfest Firefighters..................53 Oktoberfest Guests..........................54

Join us next year – Sept. 15 - 18, 2016 – for the 51st

Mount Angel Oktoberfest

Welcome to the 50th Mount Angel Oktoberfest! Step into our village and join the celebration of harvest, the earth’s bounty, and the joy of volunteers working together to put on a four-day festival for friends and friends they haven’t met yet. Can you smell the sausage grilling and hear the cries of “Prosit”? Come to the village center and see the Webertanz (weavers dance) performed by Mount Angel school childre. It opens the festival at noon daily.

Willkommen! • Welcome!

Dozens of ways to enjoy your visit

Welcome................................................ 3 Passport & More New in 2015............. 4 Alpinegarten - Interactive Entertainment.. 6 Biergarten - Dance the Night Away.......... 8 Weingarten - Family Friendly Traditions. 10 Prostgarten - A Place to Relax................ 12 Kindergarten – For Kids of All Ages....... 14 St. Mary – Plus Salute to Armed Forces.... 16 Village Streets - Arts & Crafts booths..... 18 Moving - Marathon, Fun Runs, Golf......... 20 Die Fruchtsaule - Harvest Monument... 22

FESTIVAL MAP & FOOD BOOTHS....28 SATURDAY ........................................30 SUNDAY ............................................32

Join in the Northwest’s favorite folk festival 11 a.m. to midnight Thursday Saturday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday.

A fun, family friendly antique mall full of history to inspire!

190 S. Main Street, Mount Angel in the Historic Wilco Building • 503-951-0116 Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 5 • Sunday 11 - 4 • Closed Mon

Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 3

Willkommen! • 50th CELEBRATION

Explore Oktoberfest Enter to win a chance to see Germany From the hop fields and vineyards at nearby farms to St. Mary Church and the Glockenspiel, Mount Angel reminds many people of Germany. Especially during the third weekend of September when local volunteers welcome thousands of guests to enjoy great food, drink, dancing, music, activities and more. From shouts of “Prost” to colorful dirndls, you might have a yearning to travel to Germany. And if that’s truly the case, you better acquire a Passport. Courtesy of Lufthansa Airlines, Mount Angel Oktoberfest is hosting a drawing to win two flights from Seattle to any airport in Germany where Lufthansa flies. To enter, Oktoberfest visitors need to purchase an $8 Passport at any admission venue or at the Mount Angel Chamber of Commerce booth. Then, they need to get six of seven stamps from designated venues and return the Passport to the Information Booth at the heart of the village by the Harvest Monument. Venues with Passport stamps are: Alpinegarten, where you can learn more about the history of growing hops in Mount Angel and enjoy the Alphorns. Prostgarten, the quiet garden adjacent to the historic Saalfeld house where you can bring food from nearby food booths and listen to accordion music. Kindergarten, with petting zoo, hay maze, Performance Pavilion and activities for the young and young at heart. Die Früchtsäule or Harvest Monument, a reminder of the community’s farming roots and the goodness of creation, Die Früchtsäule is the official symbol of the Oktoberfest. St. Mary Church, known as the “Gothic Jewel of the

50th Mount Angel Oktoberfest Part of understanding where you have traveled to or what you are celebrating is learning a little history. Mount Angel residents Monica Bochsler and Nancy Bochsler have spent countless hours collecting information, memorabilia and photographs of Oktoberfests of the past. The historical display will have a timeline of the events and changes and the people who made the on-going celebration and benefit for area nonprofits possible. Stop by and take a good look at the photographs to see if you recognize any of the people volunteering at the festival in its early years – some may still be helping today! 4 • Sept. 16, 2015

Passport to G e


Valley.” The 103-year-old church is a must-see, with its amazing architecture and free concerts. Weingarten, home to family friendly entertainment and great German and Northwest wines. Biergarten, located in the Mount Angel Festhalle, the rest of the year, it is available for weddings, receptions, education, conferences and other large gatherings. Once you have at least six stamps on the Passport, the Info Booth folks can enter your ticket into the drawing. Oktoberfest President Chris Bischoff will draw a winner at 6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 20 in the Weingarten. You do not need not be present to win. The winner will receive airfare for two people from Seattle to German, courtesy of Lufthansa, plus $300 to assist the transportation to Seattle!

The von Trapps

The next generation of the musically gifted von Trapp family will perform at the 50th Mount Angel Oktoberfest on Saturday and Sunday. Siblings Sofia, Melanie, Amanda and August, the great-grandchildren of the Captain and Maria von Trapp, are reinventing the legacy of their birthright for the modern age. The von Trapps’ musical journey began as a fluke and a brainstorm in 2001. During summer visits to Montana, their grandfather Werner von Trapp taught them the Austrian folk songs he loved as a child. When he became too ill to travel, they crafted a homemade recording to cheer him up, never expecting it would inspire a career in music. The von Trapps have been on stage together ever since. Their performances make room for melodicas and ukuleles, lyrics that can unspool in 10 languages, twinges of Appalachia and Portlandia, some shout-outs to the Mamas & Papas, all filtered through the DNA of the most beloved musical ever, The Sound of Music.

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Mt. Angel Shopper

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Willkommen! • The VENUES

The 50 Oktoberfest th

Danke Schön!

See You Next Year... September 15-18, 2016 Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 5

Willkommen! • The VENUES

Alpinegarten Intimate, interactive

The Alpinegarten on South Garfield across from the Weingarten prides itself on doing things a little bit different. It features the new most interactive entertainment. If you are a beer geek, this is the place to try a great beer. Mount Angel is in an important hops-growing region and hops are a key ingredient for brewers. Guests who want to learn more about how hops are grown are welcome to check out the exhibit by the Oregon Hop Growers Association in the Alpinegarten. Performers include the Salzburger Echo with their long Alpine horns, Gruber Family Bavarian Band and Europa, a new band for 2015. The venue is smaller than the Weingarten or Biergarten and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. The entertainers do a great job of interacting with the crowd. Learn to do the Chicken Dance, join in the songs, take part in the contests. The Alpinegarten is open to families with children until closing each night.

You can meet people from all over in the Alpinegarten. Most come because it is so much fun and there is good food and music. The younger crowd comes to the Alpinegarten for its craft beers, while the older generation comes to dance on the parquet floor. The Alpinegarten also is a WiFi hot spot!

Available in the Alpinegarten CIDER Anthem – Hard Apple Cider ABV 5 - 6.5% The tart acidity of the apple’s natural malic acid with a clean fruit-forward finish. Medium tart, gluten free. Semi-Dry

GERMAN BEERS Weihenstephaner – Festbier ABV 5.8% IBU 26 Rich, full bodied, hoppy, seasonal lager. Deep gold color, great mouthfeel and lots of flavor.

CRAFT BEERS Boneyard – RPM IPA ABV 6.5% IBU 50 Brewed with 6 different NW hop varieties at over 2.5 pounds per barrel, it focuses on extreme hoppiness, not bitterness, to satisfy any hop-forward IPA drinker.

Weihenstephaner – Korbinian ABV 7.4% IBU 32 Extra long and cold storage makes this dopple-bock beer special with medium hops, lots of malt and mild sweetness Weihenstephaner – Pilsner ABV 5.1% IBU 24 Slightly bitter, mild, with a fragrance of hops.

Boneyard – Dialo Rojo ABV 5.5% IBU 30 Deep amber ale, well balanced. Appeals both to hop lover and nonhop lover.

Weihenstephaner – Special Hefe-Weissbier ABV 5.4% IBU 14

Laurelwood Free Range Red ABV 6.1% IBU 60 Rich, copper-colored ale with loads of fresh hop flavor. Caramel sweetness with smooth hop flavor result in a balanced, drinkable beer. Laurelwood So Fresh, So Kolsch ABV 5.5% IBU 30

Amber colored, naturally cloudy wheat beer brewed with fresh harvested and undried Saphir hops. NON-ALCHOLIC BEER Einbecker ABV: 0.3% Fresh, light and with the bitter taste of hops.

A German style with a NW brewing twist resulting in a crisp, clean, refreshing ale.

Wachtenburg Winzer - Dornfelder Herxheim Red Famous German red wine grape. Dark purple, complex, deep flavor. Aged in oak 12 months but smooth, low acidity. Dry Yamhill Valley - Pinot Noir Red Beautiful red bing cherry and blueberry notes, with black fruits and sweet baking spices. Wachtenburg Winzer - Regent Red Serious deep flavor and dark tannin, aged in oak. Dry Wachtenburg Winzer - Dornfelder Rose Strawberry flavor, not too sweet. Semi dry Wachtenburg Winzer - Pinot Gris White Impressive, cold climate “Grauburgunder” with pear and apple flavors, nice acidity. Dry Wachtenburg Winzer - Gewürztraminer


Slightly sweet, full floral aromas, and fruit flavors. True, German-style Gewürtz. Wachtenburg Winzer - Kerner Riesling White

Full flavor of apricot, tropical fruit. Semi-dry Naked Winery - Chardonnay White Bright, crisp acidity with soft texture and lengthy finish.

Stiegl Radler ABV 3.2% Half Stiegl Goldbrau, half soda with all natural flavors. Low in calories, low in alcohol. 6 • Sept. 16, 2015


Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Mt. Angel Shopper

The Shalom Prayer Center Gift Shop

is nestled on the beautiful and tranquil monastery grounds of the Benedictine Sisters. You will find a wide array of items handmade by the Sisters... scarves, prayer shawls, photo cards, soap, rosaries, and – of course – their renowned Monastery Mustard. Plus books, music, gifts, and other treasures for all ages!

open: Mon-Sat, 8am-4pm 840 S. Main St., Mount Angel

Mount A ngel A bbey Pray with the monks, visit the Abbey museum and library, and stop by the bookstore and coffeehouse, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Sunday noon to 4 p.m.) Selfguided walking tours are available. Free shuttles from the festival.


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Louie’s Corner Gift Shop German Christmas Ornaments Jim Shore Handcrafted Items Come see us at the Weissenfels Historic BlacksmiTh Shop during the festival.

110 Sheridan Mt. Angel • 541-990-5091 www.



110 Sheridan, Mt. Angel Located in Weissenfels Blacksmith Shop, a National Historic Site


In memory of Gert Aman Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 7

Willkommen! • The VENUES

Biergarten – the dancers favorite spot The Biergarten opens in the Mount Angel Festhalle at 11 a.m., Thursday, followed by great polka music at noon. Some really good dancers who know all the traditional dances who spend the afternoon at the Biergarten dressed in traditional German clothing and dancing. And when the sun sets, the younger generation takes to the floor dancing to

Alpine rock. The Biergarten is the dance venue. It is the place to dance for the young and the old. Housed in the Mount Angel Festhalle, the Biergarten with its lofty ceilings and two-story decor has the ambiance of an authentic German village. The Biergarten is a Wi-Fi hot spot!

Available in the Biergarten CIDER Two Towns – OutCider ABV 5% Raw, unfiltered, like the rugged outdoors of the Northwest.

Hop Valley – Light Me Up Lager

Two Towns – BrightCider ABV 6% Clean, crisp, made exclusively with fresh pressed NW apples.

Hop Valley – Citrus Mistress ABV 6.5% IBU 80 A bouquet of citrus, peach and tropical fruits with Munich malt.

CRAFT BEERS Ninkasi – Mount Angel Oktoberfest ABV 5.5% IBU 40

Brewed with local hops, crafted in Oregon with a nod to German roots. Light bodied, subtle toasted malt complexity. Ninkasi – Lux ABV 5% IBU 20 Clean aroma, touch of grassy hops, toasty malt flavor. Ninkasi – Total Domination ABV 6.5% IBU 80 Citrusy, floral hop aroma, big hop flavor balanced with rich malts..

ABV 3.6% IBU 13

Simple ingredients, simple flavor, crips, refreshing..

Occidental – Hefeweizen ABV 4.7% 25 IBU Lightly hopped, refreshing, slightly dry. Occidental – Kolsch ABV 4.5% 20 IBU Clean and lager-like with pleasant, slightly spicy hop profile.. Oakshire – Amber ABV 5.4% 24 IBU Delicious balance between malt and hops creates a sessionable brew. Fort George – Vortex ABV 7.7% 97 IBU Generous hops balanced with heaps of pale malt. Ayinger– Oktoberfest ABV 5.8% 21 IBU Rich, golden, slightly sweet, malty nose. Medium to big body and alcohol. Radeberger – Pils ABV 4.8% 33 IBU Full bodied and balanced with slight bitter hop character. Light floral notes.

8 • Sept. 16, 2015

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Maisel – Dunkel-weiss ABV 5.4% 21 IBU Dark wheat beer built around caramelized malt and cloved yeast flavors. Schofferhofer – Radler ABV 2.5% 50% Schofferhofer Hefeweizen, 50% carbonated juice NON-ALCHOLIC BEER Clausthaler (ABV: NA) Brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516, high quality unmatched taste. WINES Eola Hills- Pinot Noir Red Smooth, light, fruity nose, medium bodied with a hint of sweet on the finish. Washington Hills - Red Blend Red Big spices and tobaco flavors give way to rich, dark fruits with a whiskey barrel finish. 60% Syrah, 40% Merlot Ste. Chappelle - Riesling White Thirst quenching, medium sweet with crisp, balanced acidity for a clean finish. Kendall Jackson – Chardonnay White Tropical flavors with citrus notes, hint of toasted oak and butter rounds out finish.

Mt. Angel Shopper


Mount Angel Oktoberfest For 50 Festivals!

Willkommen! • The VENUES

Mt. Angel Community Foundation Says

Buy A BRICK! Thank you for making us part of your legacy supporting our Mt. Angel Community Visit Us Online: Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 9

Willkommen! • The VENUES


Family friendly entertainment The Weingarten is a fun, family-friendly venue. There are the small tykes in drindl and lederhosen, t-shirts and shorts, who spontaneously start dancing to the side of the large stage. There’s the incredible food – fondue, Schnitzel sandwiches, sausages and other treats – prepared by members of St. Mary Church. There’s the friendly, smiling faces of folks sharing the celebration with family, friends, and friends they haven’t met yet. The Weingarten is a place where people can sit down and relax with good wine or a good beer and food while listening to great music. One reason people return year-after-year is because of the Z Musikmakers, a Mount Angel Alpine Band. People have watched the talented Zollner sisters grow up on the stage. They put on a fantastic show and it is one everyone can enjoy. The Weingarten is known for its sawdust floors and blue and white-checkered banners. Volunteers welcome guests and make sure they know Mount Angel is glad they are here. It’s a Wi-Fi hot spot.

Available in the Weingarten NORTHWEST WINES


St. Josef - Gewürztraminer White Floral aromas and fruit flavors with a smooth finish. A true German-style Gewürtz. Sweet

Wachtenburg Winzer - Müller-Thurgau Bischofsgarten White Traditional German wine. Lots of yellow apple, peach and apricot flavors. Semi-dry

Coleman Cherry Cove - Pinot Gris White Crisp and refreshing. Hints of tropical fruit and citrus. Balanced white wine. Robert Reynolds - Chardonnay White Intense pear and grapefruit flavors and light cinnamon spice with an orange and honey finish. Dry

Wachtenburg Winzer - Riesling Bischofsgarten White Full body and fruity fresh. Aroma and flavor of peach, citrus and green apple, followed by a hint of exotic mango. Semi-dry

Robert Reynolds - Merlot Red Full of concentrated & rich fruit. It is medium body with luscious fruit & soft tannins.

HolzWeisbrodt - Morio Muskat White Very big, round flavor, with hints of pineapple and orange marmalade. Elegantly sweet & well-balanced. Semi-sweet

St. Josef - Pinot Noir Red Complex aromas of black cherry and plum, nuances of chocolate and spice. A great wine from the Willamette’s East Valley.

Wachtenburg Winzer - Acolon Red Rated as the best German red wine grape. Dark purple color, complex and deep flavor. A drier Semi-dry

Coleman Cherry Cove - Pinot Noir Red A beautiful expression of Oregon’s famed Pinot Noir. Aromas and flavors of raspberries, chocolate covered cherries & cinnamon.

Herrenberg - Dornfelder Red Deep purple color, intense cherry and blackberry flavor. Aged in oak for 12 months. Smooth and low in acidity. Dry

Robert Reynolds - Cabernet Sauvignon Red Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon has rich berry fruit with oak & vanilla notes.

10• Sept. 16, 2015

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

LOCALLY BREWED BEER Black Habit Ale 7.5% ABV, 25 IBU Dark beer that is complex but approachable and light on the palate. Stammtisch IPL by 7 Brides 5.5% ABV, 50 IBU Hoppy blonde lager in the German brewing tradition. GERMAN BEERS König Ludwig – Dunkel-Weiss 5.5% ABV, 10 IBU Classic Bavarian beer with caramel taste, appealing color; refreshing wheat beer. König Ludwig – Weissbier 5.5% ABV, 10 IBU Bavarian wheat beer: golden, fermented to medium strength, a malty, fruity taste. Warsteiner – Dunkel 4.8% ABV, 19 IBU Dark beer with a delicate aroma of hops, rich smooth taste, slightly sweet aftertaste. Warsteiner – Oktoberfest 5.9% ABV, 25 IBU Amber in color with a well-balanced, mild, smooth taste and soft, hoppy aftertaste. Warsteiner – Pilsner 4.8% ABV, 17 IBU Quality ingredients, exquisite character – crisp, light bodied with high carbonation. NON-ALCHOLIC BEER Einbecker 0.3% ABV This non-alcoholic brew is fresh, light with the bitter taste of hops.

Mt. Angel Shopper

Willkommen! • The VENUES

During Oktoberfest enjoy Fresh Cinnamon Rolls and coffee ready by 8:00 am

• Hot Fudge Sundaes • Marionberry or Strawberry Sundaes and Shortcake • So-Serve Cones: Chocolate, Vanilla or Twist • Beverages: Coffee, Lemonade & Fresh Brewed Ice Tea Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 •11

Willkommen! • The VENUES


In the Prostgarten

A place to relax

König Ludwig Weiss ABV 5.5% IBU 10

Wachtenburg Winzer - Cuvée Burgfeuer (Castle Fire) Red Intense flavors of black currant, cherry and blackberry, low acidity. Semi-dry

Bavarian wheat beer. Golden, malty, fruity taste.

The Prostgarten is located one block north of die Früchtsäule or Harvest Monument by the little, white, house in Saalfeld Park. It is a great place to sit down, dine on a favorite treat from one of the food chalets and relax. And admission is free!

Warsteiner Dunkel ABV 4.8% IBU 19

Herrenberg - Dornfelder Red Deep purple color, intense cherry and blackberry flavor. Aged in oak for 12 months. Smooth and low in acidity. Dry

Dark beer with a delicate aroma of hops and malts and has a rich smooth taste & lingering slightly sweet aftertaste.

It’s a comfortable venue for a meal, a beverage, a conversation, and a rest before exploring the craft booths or other festival offerings. Music is provided by the Rose City Accordion Club and Friends.

Wachtenburg Winzer Chardonnay Pfalz White Outstanding cold climate Chardonnay. Not aged in oak. Fresh, mild. Dry

Warsteiner Oktoberfest ABV 5.9% IBU 25

While each garten has its own features – from beers and wines available to its food and music – they all specialize in welcoming guests. Bavarian hospitality means sharing what we have as a community. Mount Angel Oktoberfest is happy to share our celebration of the bounty of the earth and the goodness of creation.

f e” o rgest n “O ’s La e n dl ego Han s r O ap n T llectio Co



Amber in color, provides well-balanced, mild and smooth taste, soft, hoppy aftertaste.

Wachtenburg Winzer - Kerner Riesling White This white grape variety is the child whose parents were a white Riesling and a red Trollinger! Full flavor of apricot and tropical fruit. Semi-dry Chardonnay. Not aged in oak!

Warsteiner Pilsner ABV 4.8% IBU 17

Crisp and light bodied with high carbonation.

Tiny’s Tavern

Full Service Bar & Full Lottery “A Mt. Angel Tradition Since 1942”

Welcomes you to...

Oktoberfest 2015 We feature the Original Mt. Angel Oktoberfest Sausage

Saturday & Sunday 9am - Noon Our Famous Bloody Mary only $3 00

155 N. Main • Mt. Angel • 503-845-9247 12 • Sept. 16, 2015

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Mt. Angel Shopper

Call 503-845-9911 for a tee time The premier nine hole course in the Willamette Valley. Evergreen’s 3000 yard, par 36 layout is surrounded by trees, farms and fresh air. Excellent winter condition. Lessons available. Large dining room, deck and lounge available for tournaments and group functions.

11694 West Church NE • Mount Angel c o u p o n

2 players 9 holes

includes cart weekday – $32 • weekend – $36 Must present coupon. Valid through 12/31/15.

Mt. Angel Shopper

190 Railroad Ave. Mt. Angel 503-845-2592

229 Mill St. Silverton 503-873-5141

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Traditional & Cremation Services

Always available at your time of need

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 13

Willkommen! • The VENUES


Three days of fun for kids of all ages Mount Angel Oktoberfest offers entertainment for the whole family. For the young folk in your clan, there is a whole day’s worth of free fun and entertainment in the Kindergarten. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., the Kindergarten has lots of activities for the young and young-at-heart crowd. Wilco sponsors the 4H Petting Farm, staffed by members of a local 4H Club. The animals are well attended and available for petting and feeding under the supervision of 4H staffers. Of course, children and adults alike should wash their hands after petting our critters. There’s a hay maze and the ever-popular Wiener Dog races which start Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and last until about 3 p.m. In the Performance Pavilion, courtesy of Columbia Bank,

each day there’s magic by Jeff Martin, on Saturday and Sunday Alex Zerbe presents Zaniac Comedy, and on Sunday PGE joins in with Mad Science at 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. Hungry? There are lots of reasonably priced foods and beverages at the goody booth. The Kindergarten is located in the St. Mary Public School play yard across from St. Mary Church. Down at the bandstand Mount Angel children demonstrate the Webertanz (May Pole Dance) and other Bavarian folk dances each day at noon. After the show they invite kids from and “Listen, Communicate, the crowd to join them in the famous Chicken Dance.

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Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Mt. Angel Shopper

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Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

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Keizer Health Center 503-779-2257

Mt. Angel Family Medicine 503-779-2263

Silverton Family Physicians 503-779-2259

Woodburn Family Medicine 503-779-2261

Sept. 16, 2015 • 15


Die Früchtsäule – Harvest Monument The idea for Die Früchtsäule, the harvest monument, came from the Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgrart, Germany. A new monumnet is erected each year in the center of our village for Oktoberfest. It reminds us of our farming roots and to be thankful for the harveest and goodness of creation. Die Früchtsäule is the official symbol of the Mount Angel Oktoberfest, and a favorite meeting place and photo area for festival-goers. Artist Philis Schmidt has made the Harvest Monument for 14 years. She carefully placed an assortment of flower and vegetable seeds, beans and other items on a board to create this year’s monument panels. “The festival is welcoming,” Schmidt said. “It’s a warm hospitality and it’s comfortable. It’s a place you can take your grandchildren.” Just as she considers each detail of the eight panels for the monument, Schmidt said the Mount Angel Oktoberfest Board of Directors consider each and every detail of the festival, down to minute items the public would never notice. She praises the board members for the work. “The board members are incredibly generous,” Schmidt said. “They are involved in their church and other civic activities and still make time for Ofest. They are really community spirited people.”

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Mt. Angel Oktoberfest 8/24/15 11:56 AM

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Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 17


Village fills with artisans, crafters Mount Angel Oktoberfest welcomes more than 80 crafters and artisans each year. They display their wares in booths located downtown on the north edge of the festival. Festival-goers will see everything from wooden toys to fine art. Handcrafted offerings include pottery, jewelry, painted and knitted clothing, greeting cards, hand puppets, dried flower arrangements, quilts, calligraphy, stained glass, and more. Specialty crafts include Dutch lace, hand-painted Ukrainian eggs, Bavarian dried flower hair bands and glassblowen figurines. The monks of Mount Angel Abbey present their handcrafted candles and their own “Abtei” soaps. The Benedictine Sisters offer a selection of Great Harvest Breads and their award-winning Monastery Mustards. The flower baskets and twinkling white lights add a charm to the booths, which are open all four days of the festival.

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Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Mt. Angel Shopper

Doll MuseuM Located in the Mount Angel Festhalle 500 S. Wilco Highway


The Elaine M. Annen

See the collection of over 350 antique to modern dolls. Open all four days of Oktoberfest 11am – 5pm. Celebrating Mount Angel Oktoberfest’s 50th Year. Visit us on Facebook or online at

Families welcome. Children will love it. And it is FREE! Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 19


Moving experiences Half-marathon, 5K, 10K, golf The Oktoberfest Road Race Half-Marathon, which starts at 8 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 19, showcases some of the great farmland and stunning views Mount Angel has to offer. The route begins at Humpert Park and heads out on country roads north of town past hop farms and nurseries and vineyards. With views of Mount Hood and Kraemer Pond on Zollner Creek it makes its way to the south side of Mount Angel past more hop farms, new hazelnut orchards and around the base of the historic Mount Angel Abbey before heading back into town for a fast finish.

Oktoberfest’s 5k and 10k runs start at the same location, with day-of-race registration or packet pickup from 7:15 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. and start at 9 a.m. Runners can burn off calories – then go enjoy sausage and beer!

Meanwhile over at Mount Angel’s Evergreen Golf Course, golfers will be getting into the swing of things with the annual Oktoberfest Golf Tournament Saturday, Sept. 19. The event helps raise money for local junior golf equipment. The 18-hole, shotgun-start tournament is a four-person scramble with lunch and prizes immediately following.

Info at

Info at

Race check in, start and finish is at Mount Angel’s Humpert Park, 400 Alder St.

20 • Sept. 16, 2015

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Mt. Angel Shopper

16 flavors of wurst! PROUD SPONSOR OF


LynnMarie Unplugged!

Congratulations the Big 50!

Come experience this amazing five-time Grammy Nominated artist up close and personal! 5 – 8 p.m. at Mt. Angel Sausage Co. during Oktoberfest.

Coldest Bier in town:

The Bier Hall is Open! Bratwurst • Currywurst • Fricadelwurst and the 1/2lb. Kielbasa Beer Sausage

RETAIL OFFERINGS • Retail Wurst • Strudel Logs • German Bier • German Wein • Gifts As seen on


503-845-2322 • 105 S. Garfield St. • Mt. Angel Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 21


Weekend Cruz-ns

The Cruz-n, a part of the great Mount Angel Oktoberfest, is two separate shows in one. The first is held on Saturday and the second on Sunday. Both shows run from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Both are at the St. Mary School across from the church and adjacent to the Kindergarten. The shows are sponsored by BMW of Salem. The Cruz-n features some of the finest automotive examples from the early 1900s to the present time in addition to vintage military vehicles. There are dash plaques, T-shirts and a framed photograph for every vehicle registered and awards are given in a variety of categories. On both days of the show Donald RV & Storage presents music and car talk.

Friday Salute to Our Armed Forces

Mount Angel Oktoberfest wants to say thank you to all who have served or are currently serving in our military. We appreciate the sacrifices you have made to help protect our nation. On Friday, thanks to sponsorship from mid-valley Les Schwab tire stores, Oktoberfest is extending to all current and former military personnel a $2 discount on venue admission. The 4:30 p.m. show by the Marion County Citizen’s Band at the Village Bandstand will be a patriotic salute filled with John Philip Sousa marches and heartfelt national pride

St. Mary Church

St Mary Church, called the Gothic Jewel of the Willamette Valley, provides the backdrop for the Cruz-ns. There are free concerts in the church every afternoon of Oktoberfest thanks to NW Natural. Visitors are also welcome to attend services. See the festival schedule pages for details.

Breakfast During Oktoberfest

Willkommen! Please stop in for a visit and a cold drink. 185 E. Charles St. • 503-845-2633

SPECIAL MENU 7am to 11am Thursday – Sunday


(503) 845-5090

Fabulous Coffee & Pastries

Kastle Hill, importer of select wines, is proud to bring wine from Germany, for the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest. Contact me, Monika, directly about where you can buy the Oktoberfest, German wines and many more! Tel: 541-746-3660 Email: Kastle Hill Monika Rauch 22 • Sept. 16, 2015

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Mt. Angel Shopper


How about that view?

Celebrating 50 Years of Retirement Living Retirement living…

in a beautiful country setting Mount Angel Towers is the perfect community for individuals who seek a secure, warm, inviting and independent lifestyle. Let our conscientious, caring staff attend to your daily chores so you can enjoy the wide assortment of activities! Nestled in the Heart of the Willamette Valley with 10 acres of beautifully landscaped walking paths in a wonderful country setting. We have garden, city-view and wonderful mountain-view apartments.

Won’t you come play in our yard? APARTMENTS NOW AVAILABLE Ask about our move-in specials

Independent Retirement Living One Towers Lane #2120 Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362 503-845-7211 • 800-845-7209

Stop by for a complimentary brunch! Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 23



Entertainment Noon - Midnight

Welc om es y ou to O k tob er f es t Lederhosen Dirndls Bavarian Clothing German Gifts Come see us during Oktoberfest at the

Weissenfels HistOriC BlaCksmitH sHOp 1 block east of the Village Bandstand

Souvenirs and More!

C O m e s e e u s y e a r r Ou nd

1270 e. Co lle ge s t . • m t . a ngel

503-586-8126 w w w .t ou c h o f B a v a r i a . c o m

THURSDAY FESTIVAL HAPPENINGS Something for Everyone at Oktoberfest 10:00 am Mount Angel Abbey Museum opens 11:00 am Alpine Food Chalets open Arts and Crafts Show ‘til 10 pm Courtesy Wells Fargo Bank Elaine Annen Doll Museum opens, Festhalle ‘til 6 Historical Display opens 11:45 am Noon Praise, Benedictine Sisters, Queen of Angels Chapel 5:00 pm Vespers – Benedictine Sisters Monastery 7:30 pm Compline – Mount Angel Abbey THE VILLAGE BANDSTAND Joyous Sounds of Folk Music 11:30 am 50th Annual Mount Angel Oktoberfest Opening Ceremonies Noon Webertanz (May Pole dance) by Mount Angel School Children followed by Engelberg Dancers 1:00 pm Kerry Christensen, Master Yodeler & Darlene Jones 2:00 pm Alpine Echoes 3:30 pm Kerry Christensen, Master Yodeler & Darlene Jones 4:30 pm Marion County Citizens Band 6:00 pm Alpine Echoes 7:30 pm European Take-Out Band ST. MARY PARISH CHURCH Free Concerts Courtesy of NW Natural 6:50 am Morning Praise and Mass 12:30 pm Salzburger Echo –­ Alphorns 1:00 pm Rosewynde – Flute & Harp :00 pm    Doc Fleetwood – Classical guitar 2 3:00 pm Loretta Kaser at the Moeller Pipe Organ 4:00 pm Schola Cantus Angelorum THE BIERGARTEN Mount Angel Festhalle Families Welcome • No minors after 10 pm Noon Country Dutchmen 2:00 pm S-Bahn Alpine Band 4:00 pm Country Dutchmen 6:00 pm Michele’s Musikstuff Orchestra 7:30 pm S-Bahn Alpine Band 9:00 pm Kleinstadtler Bavarian Dancers 9:15 pm S-Bahn Alpine Band

24 • Sept. 16, 2015

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Mt. Angel Shopper

Valerie Boen, Broker 503-871-1667 call or text

THE WEINGARTEN Alpine Family Entertainment Courtesy Roth’s Fresh Markets Families Welcome • No minors after 10 pm

Mt. Angel is my specialty! If you are interested in living in Mt. Angel, please contact me. Mt. Angel is a special market and I keep a very close eye on this community.

Noon Z Musikmakers, Mount Angel original! 1:30 pm Europa 3:00 pm Gordanaires European Musik 4:30 pm Z Musikmakers 6:00 pm Kleinstadtler Bavarian Dancers 6:20 pm Gordanaires European Musik 8:30 pm    Die Original Donaumusikanten, Courtesy Lufthansa THE ALPINEGARTEN A Touch of Bavaria Courtesy Oregon Garden Resort Families Welcome until close Noon 2:00 pm 3:30 pm 5:30 pm 6:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:20 pm 8:30 pm

Gruber Family Band Michele’s Musikstuff Orchestra Salzburger Echo Kerry Christensen, Master Yodeler & Darlene Jones Gruber Family Band Kleinstadtler Bavarian Dancers Europa – New for 2015! Salzburger Echo – Sponsored by NW Natural

THE PROSTGARTEN Rose City Accordion Club & Friends Volunteers Oktoberfest appreciates your time and talent! Families Welcome until 10:30 pm closing Noon 1:00 pm 2:30 pm 4:00 pm 5:30 pm 7:00 pm


Mt. Angel Special! 1075 Marquam St: A million Dollar view for $219,900. Edge of town surrounded by a vineyard, nursery and view of the Abbey. 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1325 sqft. MLS#690867

Recently Sold in Mt. Angel! PENDING $379,900 470 Birch

Street: 2856 sqft, Bavarian Style Home, Copper Counters, Birch Wood Floors.

SOLD $437,500 210 Zollner

Lane: 3915 sqft, 2009 Built Custom Dream Home.

Pat Dalen Doris Osgood Dick Carlson & Todd Carlson Velma Conte Lisa Roeder Pete Petroski and Bill Just

Mt. Angel Shopper


brating 14 Years Cele as a Realtor

SOLD $325,000 1060 Hayes

Street: 2749 sqft, Amazing backyard, Great master suite w/ Cathedral Vault Ceiling.

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 25


FRIDAY, SEPT. 18 Entertainment Noon - Midnight

Come Visit our Alpacas Get an Up Close and Personal Experience

Open Daily 10am–4pm

Get up close and meet our alpacas. Learn more about these inquisitive, unique animals, the luxury fiber they produce and why the alpaca business is perfect for environmentally concious individuals! Our store offers luxury alpaca clothing, yarn, roving, rugs and much more.

35835 S. Hwy 213 Molalla 503-407-3699

Check our events at... We are located next door to AlexEli Vineyard. Scheduled ranch visits are also available.

FRIDAY FESTIVAL HAPPENINGS Something for Everyone at Oktoberfest 6:50 am St. Mary Morning Prayer and Mass 10:00 am Abbey Museum opens 11:00 am Saluting Our Armed Forces - A Special Day of Tribute Alpine Food Chalets open Arts and Crafts Show ‘til 10 pm Courtesy Wells Fargo Bank Elaine Annen Doll Museum opens, Festhalle, ‘til 6 Historical Display opens 11:45 am Noon Praise, Benedictine Sisters, Queen of Angels Chapel 5:00 pm Vespers – Benedictine Sisters Monastery 7:30 pm Compline – Mount Angel Abbey 7:30 pm High School Football Classic, JFK High School Stadium

Noon 1:00 pm 2:00 pm 3:30 pm 4:30 pm 6:00 pm 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

THE VILLAGE BANDSTAND Joyous Sounds of Folk Music Webertanz (May Pole dance) by Mount Angel School Children followed by Engelberg Dancers Kerry Christensen, Master Yodeler & Darlene Jones Alpine Echoes Kerry Christensen, Master Yodeler & Darlene Jones Marion County Citizens Band, Patrotic Tribute to Our Military Alpine Echoes Tirolean Dancers Street Dance – All ages, all skills, welcome!

THE KINDERGARTEN Free All Day • Closes at 5 pm 11:00 am Balloons art begins – Slightly Twisted Balloons Farm Fun Activities: courtesy Wilco 11:30 am     Pavilion opens – Courtesy Columbia Bank Jeff Martin – Magic! 1:30 pm Jeff Martin – Magic! 3:30 pm Jeff Martin – Magic!

Open Monday-Friday 8-6 • Saturday 8-5 24 Hour Emergency Road Service

503-873-2966 • 911 North First st. • silvertoN 26 • Sept. 16, 2015

THE BIERGARTEN Mount Angel Festhalle Families Welcome • No minors after 9 pm 11:00 am Saluting Our Armed Forces Courtesy Les Schwab Tires & Mount Angel Oktoberfest Noon Country Dutchmen 2:00 pm S-Bahn Alpine Band 4:00 pm Michele’s Musikstuff Orchestra 6:00 pm Die Schlauberger 7:30 pm S-Bahn Alpine Band 9:00 pm Kleinstadtler Bavarian Dancers 9:15 pm Die Schlauberger- Alpine Thunder!

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Mt. Angel Shopper

Alpine Family Entertainment • Courtesy Roth’s Fresh Markets Families Welcome • No minors after 9 pm

11:00 am Noon 1:30 pm 3:00 pm 4:30 pm 6:00 pm 6:20 pm 8:30 pm

Saluting Our Armed Forces Courtesy Les Schwab Tires & Mount Angel Oktoberfest Z Musikmakers - A Mount Angel Original Europa - New for 2015 Gordanaires European Musik Z Musikmakers Kleinstadtler Bavarian Dancers Gordanaires European Musik Die Original Donaumusikanten – from Germany Courtesy Lufthansa

THE ALPINEGARTEN A Touch of Bavaria • Courtesy Oregon Garden Resort Families Welcome until close

1:00 am 1 Noon 2:00 pm 3:30 pm 5:30 pm 6:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:20 pm 10:00 pm

Saluting Our Armed Forces Courtesy Les Schwab Tires & Mount Angel Oktoberfest Michele’s Musikstuff Orchestra Salzburger Echo - Sponsored by NW Natural Gruber Family Band Kerry Christensen, Master Yodeler & Darlene Jones Salzburger Echo - Sponsored by NW Natural Kleinstadtler Bavarian Dancers Gruber Family Band Europa - New for 2015

G eneral & F amily D entistry Celebrating 37 years of serving Silverton



Back row, from left: Pam, Molly, Rebecca, Heidi, Skye, Olga. Front row: Laurie, Alan.

Cleaning Exams Low-Radiation Exposure X-Rays Sealants

Free Consultations

Composite and / or Silver Fillings


Crown & Bridge

Root Canals


Alan G. Carter, DMD 106 McClaine St., Silverton

(503) 873-8335 Accepting new patients – Call today for your appointment! Member of the American Dental Association and the Oregon Dental Association

THE PR0STGARTEN Rose City Accordion Club & Friends Volunteers Oktoberfest appreciates your time and talent! Families Welcome until 8:30 pm closing

Noon 1:30 pm 3:00 pm 4:30 pm 5:30 pm 7:00 pm

Bobbie Ferrero & Bev Spurgeon Paul Bria Bob Noel Karen Cordell Dick Myking Glenda McLean

Fine Yarn, Teas & Gifts

ST. MARY PARISH CHURCH Free Concerts • Courtesy of NW Natural 12:30 pm Salzburger Echo – Alphorns 1:00 pm Rosewynde – Harp & Flute 2:00 pm Loretta Kaser – at the Moeller Pipe Organ 3:00 pm Cabin Fever 4:00 pm Salem Singers 5:00 pm Larry Petroski – at the Moeller Pipe Organ 6:30 pm Cabin Fever Mt. Angel Shopper

Yarns ranging from local hand-dyed to acrylics and baby yarns; Townshend’s loose-leaf teas, Bolga Baskets, Sunsout puzzles, Dept. 56, and more. Open Seven Days a Week. 204 E. Main Street, Silverton 503-874-4901

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 27


Railroad Ave

W College St


6 1

W Church St


y NE

Blackbird Antiques

w Wilco H



Biergarten Oregon Garden Foundation Official Mount Angel Oktoberfest Smoked Sausage, German Potato Salad, Fondue Plate, Chips and Pretzels Kindergarten St. Luke School Cotton Candy, Hot Dogs/Sausage, Snow cones, Nachos, Drinks Legion Hall McNary Fine Arts Breakfast style funnel cakes, Pulled Pork sandwiches with pineapple, Coffee, Drinks Alpinegarten Boy Scout Breakfast Ofest Sausage, Ham, Scrambled eggs, Pancakes, Milk, Juice, Coffee 1 Alkader Shrine- Salem Irish Sundae- Fully Loaded Baked Potato, BBQ Ribs, Hot Dogs, Linguisa 2 Keizer Fire Department Corn-on-the-cob 3 Smyrna United Church of Christ Putine’ fries and gravy with cheese topping 4 Calvary Chapel of Salem Original Bavarian Fischtaco, Beef tacos 5 Mt. Angel Chamber of Commerce Pop and Water Only 6 Friends of Hope Beignets (French Donuts), Elephant Ears, Pulled Pork Sandwich 7 Marion County Dairy Women Soft Ice Cream, Milkshakes, Sundaes, Milk, Chocolate Milk, Buttermilk 9 Saint Edward Catholic Church Berliner Sandwiches 10 Knights of Columbus-Salem Oktoberfest Sausage, Grilled Onions, Sauerkraut, Buns 11 Butte Creek Parents Club German Chocolate Cake, Apple Cake with butter sauce 12 Holy Family Academy Curly fries w/ cheese, bacon bits, chives, Strawberry Lemonade, Smoothies, Nachos, Cookies 13 Oak Street Church Hand Dipped Corn Dogs 14 TBD 15 Silverton Kiwanis Oktoberfest Sausage and Kraut, Meatball or Pulled Pork Sandwich, Corn on cob, Large cookie 16 Church on the Hill Espresso Drinks, Dairy Free Fruit Icee, Fruit Smoothies 17 TBD 19 TBD 22 Mount Angel School District Doughboys, Lemonade 23 Silverton Elks Lodge Hamburgers, Cheese burgers, French Fries, Root Beer floats 24 Exchange Club of Salem Apple Strudel, Marion Berry Cobbler, Cinnamon Rolls, Ice Cream, Soda 25 Cascade Little League Onion Rings, Deep Fried Mushrooms 26 Silver Fox Foundation Chicken & Basil Sausage, Oktoberfest Sausage, Sauerkraut 27 Drakes Crossing Firefighters Strawberry Sundaes, Shortcake, Bavarian Ice Cream Nut Bars, Strawberry Lemonade 28 Central Howell School Sausage Dogs, deep fried Twinkies, Oreo, etc., root beer floats, Ice Cream 29 Marquam United Methodist Church Rosettes with Whipped Cream, Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Cake, Snow Cones, Mochas, Milk 30 Knights of Columbus-Shaw Rueben Sandwiches, Sausage 31 Girl Scouts of Oregon & SW Wash. Curly Fries, Hot Chocolate, Lemonade 32 McMinnville Knights of Columbus Oktoberfest Sausage, Gourmet Coffees, Smoothies, Sauerkraut, Soft Pretzels 33 Oregon Youth Authority Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, New York Style Cheesecake, Cheese Cake w/ toppings 35 St. John Bosco High School Marion Berry Desserts- Pie, Scones, Brownies, Cobbler, Ice Cream 36 Knights of Columbus St. Joseph Deep fried “Onion Blossoms”, Strawberry Lemonade 37 Catholic Community Services- Father T Wood Fired Pizza, Fresh squeezed lemonade varieties, Bottled water 38 Justin Little Memorial Foundation Kettle Corn, Lemonade, Iced and hot coffee 39 St. John Bosco High School Pakeke Dog (pocket dog) Polish dog in a Hawaiian sweet bread bun, Ice Tea, Tropical Lemonade 40 Silverton Knights of Columbus Oktoberfest Sausages, Buns, Sauerkraut, Elephant Ears, Pulled Pork Sandwich 41 Holy Rosary Church Cotton candy, Sno-cones, apple cider doughnuts, apple cider 42 Saint Edward Episcopal Church Fried Mushrooms & Zucchini, Deep Fried Yams, Biscuits & Gravy, Iced Tea 43 Saint Joseph Church Baked potatoes with toppings, Nachos 44 Salem Academy Funnel Cakes with Powdered Sugar, Fruit topping, Whipped & Ice Cream 45 Silverton First Christian Church Official Mount Angel Oktoberfest Smoked Sausage, Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Shaved Ice, Hot Dogs 46 Gervais Knights of Columbus BBQ Chicken Dinner, Corn-On-The-Cob, Coleslaw 47 Saint Mary Parish Official Mount Angel Oktoberfest Smoked Sausage, Schnitzel Sandwich, Cheese Fondue with Veggies, Apple hand pies 48 Michael the Archangel Cinnamon Rolls, Ice Cream 49 Madison Middle School Band Flavored Curly Fries, Pop, water, Strawberry Lemonade 50 Helping Hands Global Humanitarian Org. Russian Cuisines, BBQ Pork on Skewers, Kvass 51 Stayton Kiwanis Onion Rings, Corn Dogs 52 St. Paul Parochial School Oma’s Alpine Apples, Ice cream

Your Gu

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To Sa lem

Oktoberfest Booth Menus 2015

t Monroe S

The MAP & The FOOD

W Marquam St

Leona’s Bakery

Shu Shu

E Marquam St

tland To Po r

mer S


k St

N Sh


Alpinegarten 32




ton To Silver

35 36 37 38 48 39 49

uttle uttleStop Stop

PGE Station

ATM 47 Weingarten ATM

Foot Path to Parking

Biergarten ATM

E College St

To Mt. Angel Abbey

Shuttle Stop St. Mary Church

Gregory Ln

Blacksmith Shop

S Oak St

42 43 44 45


50 51 52


S Cleveland St

Mt. Angel Sausage Co.

27 28 29 30 31


Wheelchairs Courtesy:

40 41

St. Mary Old School Gym McNary Fine Arts American Legion Military Vehicles Sat. & Sun. only

Cruz-N Car Show

E Church St S Garfield St

Pepsi & Ice

Village Bandstand

rles S

Post Office



E Cha


Chamber Souvenirs Police & City Hall


Leo St


Frank N Stein’s Sr. Ctr. Tavern ATM

Tennis Courts

St. Mary School

S Sheridan St



& Cr afts




Colle 22 ge St 13 23 Mt. Angel 12 24 Telephone 11 T Shirts Harvest 25 10 Monument 26



N Elm St




Taylor St

N Oa

N Ma

Military Vehicles Fri. Only Arts & 15

erida n St

in St


E Pal

ATM Wells Fargo

St N Cle vela nd

Shuttle Stop

Glockenspiel & Restaurant 7 2 3

N Ga rfiel



Tiny’s Tavern

d St



Taylo r

LEGEND Information Restrooms Wheelchair-accessible restroom First Aid station ATM Cash machine FUEL Gas/Diesel station

The MAP & The FOOD

John St

uide to Oktoberfest Fun


SATURDAY, SEPT. 19 Entertainment Noon - Midnight Dixon


Small Town Values, Big Time Service. Call the B&ST Team for the job!

Dixon Bledsoe

Lisa Santana

Principal Broker/Owner

Principal Broker/Owner


503-930-7793 Brokers licensed in the state of Oregon.

s n o i t a l u t a

r g n o C

t s e f r e b o t


THE VILLAGE BANDSTAND Joyous Sounds of Folk Music 11:00 am Marion County Citizens Band Noon Webertanz (May Pole dance) by Mount Angel School Children followed by Engelberg Dancers 1:00 pm Kerry Christensen, Master Yodeler & Darlene Jones 2:00 pm Marion County Citizens Band 3:00 pm Alpine Echoes 4:30 pm Alicia Baker, Accordionist 6:00 pm Alpine Echoes 7:00 pm Tirolean Dancers 8:00 pm Street Dance – All Ages Welcome! ST. MARY PARISH CHURCH Free Concerts • Courtesy of NW Natural 12:30 pm Salzburger Echo – Alphorns 1:00 pm Salem Singers 2:00 pm Rosewynde – Harp & Flute 3:00 pm Ad Lucem 4:00 pm Larry Petroski – at the Moeller Pipe Organ 5:30 pm Vigil Mass 6:30 pm Stella Maris Choir

s u o l u b a f for 50 festivals! n a i r a v a B

Jenna Robles

Brittney Brookefield


Transaction Coordinator



206 Oak Street • Silverton 503-874-4666 30 • Sept. 16, 2015

SATURDAY FESTIVAL HAPPENINGS Something for Everyone at Oktoberfest 6:30 am Boy Scout Breakfast Alpinegarten ‘til 10 am 8:00 am Half Marathon O’fest Golf Tournament – Evergreen Golf Course Volleyball Invitational, JFK Gym, Courtesy U.S. Bank   Cruz-n Car Show registration opens 9:00 am   Cruz-n Car Show, St. Mary’s School 5K Run/Walk, 10K Run, start: Humpert Park 10:00 am    Mount Angel Abbey Museum opens 11:00 am    Alpine Food Chalets open    Arts & Crafts Show ‘til 10 pm – Courtesy Wells Fargo Abbey Shuttle - Loop begins near the Bandstand Elaine Annen Doll Museum opens, Festhalle ‘til 6 Historical Display opens 5:00 pm Vespers – Benedictine Sisters Monastery

THE BIERGARTEN Mount Angel Festhalle Families Welcome • No minors after 10 pm Noon Country Dutchme 2:00 pm S-Bahn Alpine Band 4:00 pm Die Schlauberger6:00 pm The von Trapps 7:15 pm Keg Tapping Ceremony – Oktoberfest President Chris Bischoff 7:30 pm S-Bahn Alpine Band 9:00 pm    Kleinstadtler Bavarian Dancers 9:30 pm    Die Schlauberger

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Mt. Angel Shopper

Alpine Family Entertainment • Courtesy Roth’s Fresh Markets Families Welcome • No minors after 9 pm

Noon 1:30 pm 3:00 pm 4:30 pm 6:00 pm 6:20 pm 8:30 pm

Z Musikmakers - A Mount Angel Original Europa - New for 2015 Gordanaires European Musik Z Musikmakers Kleinstadtler Bavarian Dancers Gordanaires European Musik Die Original Donaumusikanten – Courtesy Lufthansa



THE ALPINEGARTEN A Touch of Bavaria • Courtesy Oregon Garden Resort 6:30 am Noon 2:00 pm 3:30 pm 5:30 pm 6:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:20 pm 10:00 pm

Families Welcome until close

Boy Scout Breakfast ‘til 10 am Michele’s Musikstuff Orchestra Salzburger Echo - Sponsored by NW Natural Gruber Family Band Kerry Christensen, Master Yodeler & Darlene Jones Salzburger Echo - Sponsored by NW Natural Kleinstadtler Bavarian Dancers Gruber Family Band Europa - New for 2015

THE PR0STGARTEN Rose City Accordion Club & Friends Volunteers Oktoberfest appreciates your time and talent! Families Welcome until 8:30 pm closing

11:30 am 12:30 pm 2:00 pm 3:30 pm 5:00 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm

Bob Trojak Leta Bunnell Marlene Meissner Steve Knapke & Jim Haworth Wayne & Debbie Tiusanen Steve Knapke & Jim Haworth Pete Petroski & Bill Just

THE KINDERGARTEN Free All Day • Closes at 5 pm 9:00 am Cruz ‘n Car show – Sponsored by BMW of Salem 11:00 am Farm Fun Activities - Courtesy Wilco Balloon art begins – Slightly Twisted Balloons Wiener dog check -in 11:30 am Wiener Dog Races Alex Zerbe – Zaniac Comedy Show Pavilion opens – Courtesy Columbia Bank 12:30 pm   Jeff Martin – Magic! 1:30 pm Alex Zerbe – Zaniac Comedy Show 2:30 pm Jeff Martin – Magic! 3:30 pm Alex Zerbe – Zaniac Comedy Show Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 31


SUNDAY, SEPT. 20 Entertainment Noon - 9 pm SUNDAY FESTIVAL HAPPENINGS Something for Everyone at Oktoberfest 6:30 am Boy Scout Breakfast Alpinegarten ‘til 10 am 7:30 am Sunday morning mass – St. Mary Catholic Church 8:00 am   Cruz-n Car Show registration opens 9:00 am   Cruz-n Car Show, St. Mary’s School Courtesy BMW of Salem Community Mass at Mount Angel Abbey Church Military Vehicle Display, across from Car Show 10:00 am    Sunday Mass with Choir – St. Mary Catholic Church    Mount Angel Abbey Museum opens    Community Mass – Queen of Angels Monestary 11:00 am    Alpine Food Chalets open    Arts & Crafts Show ‘til 6 pm Abbey Shuttle - Loop begins near the Bandstand Elaine Annen Doll Museum opens, Festhalle ‘til 6 Historical Display opens 12:30 pm    Sunday Mass in Spanish – Queen of Angels Priory 5:00 pm Vespers – Benedictine Sisters Monasrtery

Rosie Wilgus Cell: 503-409-8779

119 North Water St. • Silverton

Licensed in the State of Oregon

Serving Mt. Angel, Silverton and Surrounding Communities

t s f e r e b o t k O d by


endors V • c i s Live Mu ood • Rides F German Beer r Paulane ities iv Kids Act

THE VILLAGE BANDSTAND Joyous Sounds of Folk Music 11:00 am Marion County Citizens Band Noon Webertanz (May Pole dance) by Mount Angel School Children followed by Fleckensteiners 1:00 pm Alicia Baker, Accordionist 2:00 pm Marion County Citizens Band 3:00 pm Alpine Echoes 4:00 pm Tirolean Dancers 4:30 pm Kerry Christensen, Master Yodeler & Darlene Jones 6:00 pm Rogue Valley Sauerkrauts 7:30 pm Tirolean Dancers THE BIERGARTEN Mount Angel Festhalle Families Welcome • Closes at 6 pm 10:00 am Volkswalk begins, registration open ‘til 1 pm Noon Country Dutchme 1:30 pm The von Trapps 2:45 pm Die Schlauberger4:30 pm S-Bahn Alpine Band 6:00 pm    Closes THE PR0STGARTEN Rose City Accordion Club & Friends Volunteers Oktoberfest appreciates your time and talent! Noon 1:30 pm 3:00 pm

32 • Sept. 16, 2015

Families Welcome until 8:30 pm closing

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Karen Cordell & Bob Trojack Glenda McLean To Be Announced Mt. Angel Shopper

Noon 1:00 pm 2:00 pm 3:30 pm 5:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:30 pm 7:30 pm

Z Musikmakers - A Mount Angel Original S-Bahn Canadian Alpine Band Europa - New for 2015 Z Musikmakers Die Original Donaumusikanten – Courtesy Lufthansa Passport to Germany drawing – Courtesy Lufthansa Europa Die Original Donaumusikanten – Courtesy Lufthansa

THE ALPINEGARTEN A Touch of Bavaria • Courtesy Oregon Garden Resort 6:30 am Noon 2:00 pm 4:00 pm

Families Welcome • Closes at 6 pm

Boy Scout Breakfast ‘til 10 am Michele’s Musikstuff Orchestra Salzburger Echo - Sponsored by NW Natural Gruber Family Band THE KINDERGARTEN Free All Day • Closes at 5 pm 8:00 am Cruz ‘n Car show registration 9:00 am Cruz ‘n Car show – Sponsored by BMW of Salem 11:00 am Farm Fun Activities - Courtesy Wilco Balloon art begins – Slightly Twisted Balloons Wiener dog check -in 11:30 am Wiener Dog Races Alex Zerbe – Zaniac Comedy Show Pavilion opens – Courtesy Columbia Bank 12:30 pm   Jeff Martin – Magic! 1:30 pm Mad Science – brought to you by PGE 2:30 pm Alex Zerbe – Zaniac Comedy Show 3:30 pm Mad Science – brought to you by PGE ST. MARY PARISH CHURCH Gothic Jewel of the Willamette Valley Thank you NW Natural fpr a weekend of wonderful concerts

7:30 am 10:00 am 12:30 pm 2:00 pm 3:00 pm

Sunday Morning Mass Sunday Mass with Choir Sunday Mass in Spanish Loretta Kaser - At the Moeller Pipe Organ Unistus Choral Group

Auf ein Wiedersehen in Mount Angel See you next year

Sept. 15, 16, 17 & 18, 2016 Mt. Angel Shopper

We’ll take you to new heights!


THE WEINGARTEN Alpine Family Entertainment • Courtesy Roth’s Fresh Markets Families Welcome • Closes 9:30 pm


to the


Oktoberfest! Get Your Free Home Value Report

Tammie anDerson Broker 503-602-9999

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210 Oak St., Suite 3, Silverton, OR 97381 Office: 503-874-1300 Fax: 503-874-4660 Brokers Are Licensed in Oregon. Each office independently owned and operated.

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 33

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What do you get when you combine “Paul and the Polka Daughters” with the “Polka Nuts”? Z Musikmakers!—a zany mix of musically talented family and friends who have delighted Oktoberfest audiences, young and old, since the group’s founding in 1977 by Mount Angel’s own Paul Zollner. As this dynamic group continues to evolve evolve, their love of musically celebrating Mount Angel’s Bavarian heritage remains at the core. Z Musikmakers features Paul Zollner on the accordion, daughters Monica Henderson on clarinet, Theresia (Tecie) Astorga on marimba, and Christiana Zollner on the violin, as well as Dave Keckes-Chartrey on trumpet,

Greg Backstrom on bass, Nichlas Schaal on keyboard, and Rob Neidig on drums. Z Musikmakers presents a festive mix of traditional and Bavarian-flavored music, with odds and ends included that feature the group’s unique talents. Join the fun each day in the Weingarten.

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34 • Sept. 16, 2015

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The Hazelnut Fest includes a German Holiday Market featuring regional arts and crafts, Oregon wineries and breweries plus many specialty foods and drinks featuring hazelnuts.

The Fourth Annual

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The 8th Annual

Lots of Sausages (Wurst) World Famous German and Domestic Beers Select German and Regional Wines Artisan Foods Arts and Crafts Activities for Children and More Mt. Angel Shopper

FEBRUARY 5 & 6, 2016 Friday & Saturday 10am to 10pm Mt. Angel Festhalle • 500 S. Wilco Hwy Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

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DONAUMUSIKANTEN Take a look at the picture... The crowd is on its feet, clapping and smiling, the musicians are off the stage and on the tables... What’s this? Oktoberfest Weingarten fans know it can only be the “Original Donaumusikanten.” The band has been performing at Oktoberfest more than 20 years. They were formed from a group of community musicians to specifically meet the needs of Oktoberfest for an authentic Bavarian Band. Every year or so, one or two members are swapped out, which has kept the group fresh and exciting. They have made the Weingarten a showcase of Bavarian folk culture. The band returns to Oregon from banks of Germany’s beautiful blue Danube River, in Bavaria, courtesy of Lufthansa, the official airline of the Mount Angel Oktoberfest. These highly versatile, international musicians play percussion, keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, clarinet and trumpet. The Donaumusikanten come to Mount Angel as a part of a cultural exchange program with the Federal Republic of Germany. They are Oktoberfest volunteers!


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The group Europa is excited to be returning to the Mount Angel Oktoberfest. The group has been entertaining audiences for more than 20 years. The band members are Johann Kolbrich the leader and lead vocalist. He plays the digital acoustic accordion and trumpet. Milan Dvorecky also sings and plays guitar, violin and fiddle.

ste e a t e nc Com perie ex the

Philip Kolbrich plays drums, keyboard, and vocals. He dances the Alpine schuplattlers with his son Johann. “Polka Lives” is their motto, and those that love polkas, young or old, will love the sounds of the bands eclectic collection of more than 250 songs. Europa is a polka band that will knock your socks off and keep you dancing.


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DIE SCHLAUBERGER Festival-goers across the nation have a love affair going on with America’s number one German Band, die Schlauberger. And no wonder – this band is a powerhouse of musical expertise and expends enough energy to light up the energetic Mount Angel Oktoberfest Biergarten crowds.

From the moment they step on stage until they have wrung the final note from their last song, die Schlauberger has the audience up and dancing to their powerful renditions of German favorites and other crowd pleasing tunes. Die Schlauberger engages everyone within earshot to “expect the unexpected,

then to join in the fun.” This band’s potent sound, powerful stage presence and sincere interaction with the audience is a combination that will have festival patrons thrilled they came to the Oktoberfest Biergarten. Don’t miss the band whose very mission is “Keeping the Traditionalists on their Feet and the New Generation Interested.” Die Schlauberger (dSb for those who have difficulty with German) means the “Wise Guys” (kind of). They play an interesting combination of German folk music and alpine rock. They are a big hit with the younger Biergarten crowd.

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SALZBURGER ECHO Hang on to your Lederhosen, the Salzburger Echo is once again performing at the Mount Angel Oktoberfest!  Salzburger Echo is not your ordinary German band. 

KERRY CHRISTENSEN Kerry Christensen, one of the world’s best Alpine yodelers, was raised on a potato farm in Grace, Idaho. During his travels to Austria in 1976 he discovered the folk music that would be his life. Armed with recordings of the great yodelers, Kerry returned from Europe, determined to master the art. While driving the family tractor around the fields, he practiced 14-15 hours a day.

Performing in the styles of German, Austrian and Swiss musicians, as well as their own brand of fun, they bring an energy and flair not often seen in North America. Their 12-foot Swiss Alphorns, Austrian cowbells and harmony yodeling brings their audiences face to face with European culture. 

He drove his father crazy and was banished to practicing in the garage—to no avail, as yodeling carries very well. Disney World in Orlando, Fla. hired him to work at the German Pavilion of the Epcot Center in 1984. He was the Disney World Yodeler 1984 to1990.

Since their beginning in 1993, they have toured the U.S. and Europe, gaining countless fans along the way. You can see them each day in the Oktoberfest Alpinegarten, and don’t miss their Alphorn performances at Saint Mary Parish Church at 12:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. The natural acoustics of the church add to the beauty of the alphorns and make for a performance you won’t want to miss!

He is joined at Oktoberfest by Darlene Jones on the accordian. You can hear them at The Village Bandstand and the Alpinegarten.


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Proud to sponsor these quality breweries for Oktoberfest 2015: Weihenstephan Alte Akademie 2 85354 Freising, Germany “Brewing since 1040 – We’re the oldest brewery in the world!”

Laurelwood “The place where family and friends meet” Visit for a listing of our various pub locations.

Anthem Cider Tasting Room: 3pm - 7pm, last Friday of the month 4070 Fairview Industrial Drive SE Salem, Oregon.

Boneyard Brewing Tasting Room Hours: 11am - 6pm, 7 days a week 37 NW Lake Place Bend, Oregon

“We Believe.” in the Art of.” Fine Beer.” Available in.” the Alpinegarten.”

Point Blank Distributing – Dedicated to the spirit of the Brewing Industry

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THE GORDANAIRS Returning for this year’s festival is a wonderful band from Vancouver, British Columbia – The GORDANAIRS European Musik. The Gordanairs were created when brothers, Gordon and Danny Groening, began playing music together over 30 years ago. They started as a duo, Gordy on the accordion and Danny on the drums. Their German parents encouraged the pursuit of music and played a huge role in their success. Practicing nightly throughout the week and playing out on weekend was pretty much normal. Playing at cabarets and restaurants on a regular basis led them to getting more well know. The Vancouver Alpen Club, Austria Vancouver Club and the Mission Alpen Club are just a few of the places they played over the years.   Today, the band consists of Rob Goddard on trumpet and Kenny Ogilvie on bass.  The Gordanairs play at all major Oktoberfests in the Northwest and are well received not only for their Bavarian European Musical style, but as well, for their entertaining performances. Accompanied by their wives, they entertain audiences with German traditions such as Folk Dancing (Schuhplattling), songs played on the cowbells, alphorn performances and their always popular

42 • Sept. 16, 2015

and unforgettable audience participation that has become a crowd favorite. The band stays busy in Vancouver BC playing European style dance music throughout the year, but come the 17th of September they will be here in Oregon playing Thursday - Saturday in the Weingarten. You don’t want to miss The GORDANAIRS European Musik as they have a different show each time they perform.

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Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 43


S Bahn Why the name “S-Bahn”? S-Bahn is the commuter train that connects cities in Germany with the suburbs. The S-Bahn connects people, it brings people together. Singer and accordionist Richard Tyce founded the S-Bahn in Vancouver in the 1990s. The band includes Bruce Henczel – drums, marimba, viola, vocals; Alexander Flock – guitar and vocals; and Jim Hopson – trombone, tuba, alphorn, bass guitar and vocals. With a diverse and eclectic repertoire, the S-Bahn specializes in Oktoberfests (German) and Malankas (Ukranian). You can catch them in the Biergarten!

Transportation aids: trolley, wheelchair, taxi services Need a little transportation help? The Silver Trolley runs from Silverton to Mount Angel Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Pick up and drop-off at the lot between Seven Brides Brewing and Roths in Silverton, and Garfield Street by the Biergarten, in Mount Angel. Shuttles arrive at each location every 20 minutes Friday 12 - 8 p.m.; Saturday 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Handicap assistance – there are free handicap parking lots at Oktoberfest. Display your DMV Handicap card and follow the directions of our traffic control people. The most convenient lot is at St. Mary Church, two blocks from the bandstand. You may drop off the person in need of assistance at the Providence Benedictine Elder Care Station, across from the bandstand, while the driver parks. The Elder Care Station has wheelchairs available. All venues are wheelchair accessible. Taxi service – Willamette Valley Yellow Cab will be on site in front of the Biergarten. It will be running specials during Oktoberfest to help keep the fun affordable: 503362-2411. Silverton Taxi: 503-873-2716.

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Oktoberfest – 50 years of celebration Excerpts from a Sept. 1, 2015 Our Town article

For the 32nd celebration of Mount Angel’s Oktoberfest, Connie Lauzon and Mary Grant did some digging to discover the festival’s history. Gathering newspaper clippings and interviewing past and present board members, Grant and Lauzon created a program called, Oktoberfest, This is Your Life. Prosit!

Agnes Diehl shared they wanted to create a festival where a “family could go and not have to have their hands in their pockets all the time.” She remembers a group of people went to lunch at Evergreen Golf Club where they met Paul DeShaw, who offered his ideas. 

The 22-page document they wrote had interviews from Agnes and Virgil Diehl, Jim Unger and Tom Ewing.

There is the version it was born at Evergreen, Lauzon wrote. “Sam Bates noted that a Salem golfer suggested that an Oktoberfest theme would be good for Mount Angel because of the German-Swiss background of the town.” The Mount Angel community was founded by German pioneers in 1867, and since the surrounding area resembles rural Bavaria, organizers thought the Oktoberfest would be a natural fit.

Sitting on her couch in her Francis Sch midt & Orv Mount Angel home, Lauzon ille Frank wrangle sa usage, 1968 recently shared old photographs . and the write up. One quote from Grant summarized Oktoberfest’s history. There also is some question about how much money the Mount Angel Chamber of Commerce loaned the “Sometimes history is clouded by our memories,” Grant Oktoberfest committee – some say it was $100 and some said. “There are often times many versions of the same $400, Margaret Hoffer, a city councilor at the time, story. The real consistent element in this story is how true remembers $500. One thing that has remained constant, the festival has remained to the vision of its founders.” for 50 celebrations is a chamber member is a part of the Jim Unger told the two that the important element of board of directors. the festival was keeping it a nonprofit. Since the festival began in 1966, it has raised $3 million for local nonprofits The first year there wasn’t an Oktoberfest and has helped the library, fire board or president or bylaws. The members department and high school as of the committee in 1966 were Harold well as helping build the village Bourbonnais, Leonard Butsch, Don bandstand and the Festhalle. Schmidt, Paul DeShaw, Ron Hannon, Dick That figure doesn’t include the Zeis, Virgil Diehl, Sam Bates, Jim Unger, money raised by nonprofits Willie Verboort, Francis Schmidt and Ed selling food in the Alpine Jenck.  chalets. That first Mount Angel Oktoberfest in As for how the idea for the first 1966 was held on the corner of Main and festival in September 1966 began, Palmer streets, with the biergarten in a well, as Lauzon and Grant learned tent borrowed from U.S. Bank. That first 32 years ago, it all depends on year the dance floor was constructed the who you ask. second day of the festival. Organizers Unger, who was the president hoped for 8,000 people. Mount Angel ment. rvest Monu a H 9 of the Mount Angel Chamber of 6 9 1 had about 1,700 residents; Oktoberfest drew The Commerce in 1966, told the women about 39,000 attendees. With no room in the cash register, he had never heard of the word “Oktoberfest” until “money was jammed into paper bags.”  someone came to a meeting to talk about having a harvest At the first celebration, there were seven booths, a festival.  German band concert by local high schools, Bavarian Virgil Diehl told Lauzon it all started with Sam Bates. dancers, auto and bicycle races, a ball game and a fireman’s waterball contest. The Catholic Daughters held “I remember, we used to go to his furniture store quite German dinners at the old St. Mary’s Grade School. They often and he always started talking about this festival,” prepared dinner for 100 people and 1,200 attended. Diehl said.  46 • Sept. 16, 2015

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

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Shelly Schnider, accordionist. Photos submitted by Mount Angel Oktoberfest.

“They did a lot of scurrying around local towns to find more sausages and what went with to meet the unexpected demand,” according to Lauzon and Grant’s research. All in all, tha first year, there was a lot of scurrying to make things work. By the second year, the organizational plans began to take place. At the second festival in 1967, the Catholic Daughters joined the Seminary Mother’s Club to host the German dinners at St. Mary’s School. On the menu was sauerkraut, Oktoberfest wurst, assorted breads and cheeses, mashed potatoes, green beans with mushrooms, applesauce and homemade pies. Prices were 75 for kids and $1.50 for adults. In 1967, the festival grew to 20 booths and had a teenage dance, scenes from the from the opera “Carmen,” 6,000 pounds of sausage and 5,000 gallons of beer. 

$92,000 to organizations over eight years. As cultural attitudes shifted toward drinking, Oktoberfest’s board of directors also realized the need to change. Jerry and Connie Lauzon moved to Mount Angel in 1989. Jerry was the director of public relations for 20 years. While enchanted with Mt. Angel and the festival, he immediately realized the festival’s rowdy reputation – with the large consumption of beer and the stickers – were “vexing problems” he was determined to solve. He was one of the directors who was determined to change the festival from a rowdy party to a family friendly festival. 

The “Good Monday Morning” Statesman Journal column written in 1967 still applies today:

He began working with others and the OLCC to make changes on how beer could be sold – no longer in buckets.

“We did a stint of walking Mt. Angel’s Oktoberfest, though, and are now convinced the entire event, besides being a carload of fun, is a direct plot against our diet. We inhaled enough sausages and luscious unspellables (sic) to feed an army. Our won’t power weakened every time we passed a booth. One thing is sure – we never saw more happy, friendly faces in one place.”

“I believe beer is a gift of God and to see it being consumed this way was not right,” he said. “It was making a mockery out of such a beautiful gift.”

In 1974, three women were elected to the Oktoberfest board for the first time. They were Henrietta Saalfeld, Jeanne Hannon and Joyce Lindsay. Mary Grant has been the festival’s only woman president. Mt. Angel resident Willie Verboort remembers when Mt. Angel had a Dairy Day and a Flax Festival.

It was at the 25th celebration of Oktoberfest that Mary Grant asked Nann Fleck to teach the local children the Maypole dance. “Once we started with one dance, we kept building the tradition of dancing from there,” she said. The dancing was one way to change the image of Mt. Angel’s festival from being a rowdy party to a family friendly event occasion.

She’s proud of how hard many people “Where the idea for the Oktoberfest came, have worked to make the festival what it well, your guess is as good as mine,” he said. 3. alfeld, 198 Sa a tt rie n is today. “I remember it was Paul DeShaw and Dick He Zeis talking about starting the festival and how “There is happy music, great dancing, good food and some others suggested the setting and the hops in the beautiful weather,” Fleck said. “It’s a place to bring your valley reminded them of Germany.” family.” Verboort attended his first festival when he was 21 years old and hasn’t missed one since. He served on the board From a tent with sawdust on the floor to the new Festhalle, for 14 years, including as president. Verboort is proud of how Oktoberfest has grown and changed, too. In 1975, Mt. Angel’s Oktoberfest was 10 years old and Munich’s was 159. Mt. Angel’s population was listed at Verboort said if someone had told him Oktoberfest would 2,500. That year, Verboort told the Capital Journal that last 50 years, he wouldn’t have believed them. “700 kegs were sold.” “There aren’t many that started 50 years ago that are “We used to judge how successful a festival was by still going strong like Oktoberfest,” he said. “We never how many kegs of beer were tapped,” he said. In 1976, Verboort reported that Oktoberfest had given away imagined Oktoberfest would be this successful.” Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 47


Bavarian banners dance in breeze


Some romantic souls believe the blue and white flag is in honor of two treasured Bavarian flowers – the pure snowy Alpine edelweiss blossoms coupled with the alluring blue gentian. They see the Bavarian flag as a bouquet tribute to the Royal wedding which has been celebrated in Munich at Oktoberfest since 1810. For others, the banner serves as a heraldic wish for blue skies trimmed with fluffy white clouds.

The Webertanz or traditional maypole dance, has been an important part of Mount Angel Oktoberfest for more than 25 years. School children open the festival at the Village Bandstand each day. They are followed by the traditional mother-daughter dances and the boys in their light-hearted, athletic dances. It produces an engaged community and admiring audiences. The dancing adds to Oktoberfest by including the youngest to the oldest members of our community. The dancers are an integral part

Dirndls and lederhosen Das dirndl (dirn’d’l) and die lederhosen (lay’-dar-hoe-zen) originated in the European Alps. Das Dirndl or peasant dress is a three-piece outfit: a jumper-like dress with the low bodice, a white lacetrimmed blouse and a lacy apron. The embroidery on the men’s pants or lederhosen usually reflects hunting themes along with oak leaves and acorns. The men’s outfit may have suspenders called hosentraeger.

The GLOCKENSPIEL The nation’s tallest musical animated Glockenspiel, located in the heart of the village, springs into action at 11 a.m., 1, 4 and 7 p.m. The bells toll and seven carved figures begin a circular journey, sharing the history of the area. The figures depict Mount Angel’s history: a Kalapuya Brave who climbed the butte (Abbey Hill) to pray, at “Tapalamaho” or “dwelling 48 • Sept. 16, 2015

of making Mount Angel Oktoberfest a folk festival. They are a symbol of the town coming together to make Oktoberfest great. The dancers practice in the summer, preparing for the moment girls put on dirndls and adorns their heads with a crowns of flowers, and boys dons lederhosen and a big smile. Then something magical happens. It’s Mount Angel Oktoberfest. Let the festivities begin!

The Chicken Dance The hundreds of thousands of Oktoberfest fans who de­scend on Mount Angel every year have one major thing in common: Almost without exception, if you walk up to one of them and say, Chicken Dance, the first thing they’ll say is, “Mount Angel Oktober­fest!” The Chicken Dance has become the official dance of the Oktoberfest. Based on an Easter theme. It simu­lates the hatching of a bird and the emergence of new life. The dance begin with the chick pecking away on the inside of its shell seeking freedom. The shell is broken, the newly hatched chick exercises its wings and shakes out its tail feathers. Free at last, it dances about in merry circles. No one is sure when the Chicken Dance came to Mount Angel, or how it became so popular, but it seems to have always been here.

place of the Great Spirit”; Robert and Katrina Zollner, who arrived in 1867 with eight other German families; Mathias Butsch who invited the Benedictine Monks to establish a monastery; Prior Adelhelm Odermatt who arrived in 1881 and suggested the town be called Mount Angel; Sister Bernardine Wachter the first Prioress of the Benedictine Priory; Papa Oom-Pah, representing Oktoberfest; and children singing one of the best loved songs of festival goers – Edelweiss.

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

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Mt. Angel’s Finest Hand-crafted Wiennerschnitzel Step


1-4 Choose Alarm Fire House Brats or Schnitzel



Then you may add up to 7 sides from the Buffet


Der Schnitzel-Garten

(one time through):

R otkohl (Cooked Purple Cabbage) Apple SAuce v Spätzle GRilled onionS v BRown GRAvy ol’ FAShion SAueRkRAut MuShRooM SAuce

v v v v v



LynnMarie Unplugged!

Come experience this amazing five-time Grammy Nominated artist up close and personal! 2 - 4 p.m. at Der Schnitzel-Garten during Oktoberfest.

• Full Bar serving fresh German beers, Jagermeister & Wines

from Munich

• Lots of Covered Seating • Pepperoni Fries Congratulations oktoberfest on the Big 50!

215 South Garfield • Mount anGel

Between Mt. Angel Sausage Company & the Alpine Garden during Oktoberfest Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Sept. 16, 2015 • 49

Danke Schön! • THANK YOU! The all-volunteer Board of Directors of the Mount Angel Oktoberfest for the 50th Celebration. They put in thousands of hours to create a fun, family-oriented festival that generates a positive financial return for the non-profit organizations that participate in the festival.

From front row, left: Davic Kohler, Eric Schmidt, Pete

Wall, Nick Splonski, Scott Wall, John Hassler, Brian Bolduc. From back row. left: Ted Schacher, Monica Bochsler, Kyle Beyer, Ryan Wertz, Ron Hammer, John Gooley, Justin Kuenzi, Peter Schmidt, Chris Bischoff, Gary Grassman, Jeff Cuff, Bill Bischoff. If you see a board member, say hello. They welcome feedback on the festival.

Visit Our Booth Near the Harvest Monument

Mt. Angel Chamber of Commerce • Blinky Buttons • Wine Glasses • Steins • T-Shirts • Postcards • Hats • Hat Pins • Water, Soda • and more!

50 • Sept. 16, 2015

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

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Danke Schön! • THANK YOU!

The first photo of the all-volunteer Board of Directors of the Mount Angel Oktoberfest, taken in 1968. They helped create a festival that over the years has generated more than $3 million for non-profit organizations and community improvements.

From front row, left: Joe Schmidt, Willie Verboort, Virgil Diehl, Ron Hannon, Sam Bates. From back row, left: Leo Traeger, Fr. Alexander Plasker OSB, Jack Schurr, Dick Zeis, Harvey Meyers, Ed Jenck, Paul DeShaw, Ron Schmidt, Francis Schmidt

Experience Mount Angel History

Explore Our Heritage Trail

Visit us at Angel Heritage to learn more Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

A group of Mount Angel volunteers is creating signage for a walking trail to share the village’s history and heritage. We launch the trail prototype here, on the occasion of the 50th Oktoberfest, to welcome visitors and ask for your feedback. Sept. 16, 2015 • 51

Danke Schön! • THANK YOU!

Sponsors Help Keep O’fest Affordable The Mount Angel Oktoberfest is an unsurpassed community effort in the Northwest. More than 7,500 volunteers make it happen, under the direction of a 19-member volunteer Board of Directors. A major part of the festival’s success comes from the support given by the region’s business community. Lufthansa has been flying a festival band to Oktoberfest for the 24 years. It is the official airline of Oktoberfest. Their assistance makes the appearance of the “Original Donaumusikanten”, a group of six musicians, possible. On your next trip to Europe take advantage of Lufthansa’s service and dependability. They know their way around Europe and the world. GUTER FLUG! BMW of Salem, part of Lithia motors, has just moved into a state of the art facility on the Salem Parkway at Cherry Avenue. The place in the mid-valley for BMW – with master technicians, award winning parts personnel and the largest new and preowned selection in the area, the specialize in BMW Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. They support the Cruz’n Car Show. Roth’s Fresh Markets helps the Weingarten to bring to you the magnificent sounds of the Alps. Enjoy a superb selection of premium quality wines, beers and scrumptious food from St. Mary Parish booth. Visit Roth’s year-round for great Oktoberfest beers, wines and sausages Columbia Bank and its Mount Angel Branch sponsor shows at the Kindergarten’s Performance Pavilion. Magicians, jugglers and PGE’s Mad Science entertain families for free thanks to the sponsorship. NW Natural supports the musical offerings in the beautifully restored St. Mary Parish Church. Free daily concerts include Loretta Kaiser, Roswynde, Unistus Choir and more. During the most difficult parts of the festival – set up and take down – it pitches in to feed 100+ volunteers. For the 50th, NW Natural is contributing to the festival’s Money-Give-Away Program. Wilco supplier of quality products in their stores, agribusiness departments and fuels, is also a supporter of youngsters involvement in agriculture. It sponsors the Farm Fun Activities at the Kindergarten – the hay maze, pony rides and animals. Portland General Electric supports the Kindergarten, helping kids discover the simple joys of being together as friends, having faces painted, and enjoying balloons tied into fun shapes. PGE provides the Mad Science in the Pavilion, too. The Oregon Garden Resort sponsors the family Alpinegarten. “We know the visitors to Oktoberfest will love the interactive music in the Alpinegarten,” Resort operations manager Christine Diacetis said. The Oregon Garden Resort is where many band members stay during the festival. Mt. Angel Sausage Co. provides funding for the festival’s

52 • Sept. 16, 2015

designated driver program and is Mount Angel’s own Europeanstyle sausage maker. They are open year-round to enjoy Oktoberfest-like atmosphere and great sausage and beverages. Donald RV & Storage presents the car music at the Cruz-n Car Show and helps with trophy expenses - thank you Donald RV & Storage, for your years of support for Oktoberfest. Wells Fargo Bank sponsors Oktoberfest’s Arts and Crafts Show. They make it possible for fine artisans to come to Mount Angel for 4 days. Thank you, Wells Fargo, for your long term sponsorship of Oktoberfest. Papé Machinery helps Oktoberfest work and helps Oktoberfest play. Papé provides the John Deere tractors to move the people movers and a fleet of John Deere gators to control and support festival operations. Papé also supplied the Pedal Tractors for the Pedal Tractor Race on Kick-Off Saturday. Les Schwab Tire Stores in the mid-valley help sponsor the People Movers. Their generous donation allows the shuttles to operate at no cost to festival goers. The trolleys take attendees to parking, the church, and downtown. This year they are providing sponsorship of the Saluting Our Armed Forces Day, helping to reduce costs for our Vets and Service men and women. US Bank and its Mount Angel Branch help spread the word about the festival by financing a portion of the printing. It has provided this service since the first festival. It also sponsors youth sports during the festival. The Pepsi Beverages Co. provides major funding in support of the festival’s downtown and non-profit booths operations. Pepsi Cola is the soft drink of choice at the Mount Angel Oktoberfest. Oregon Hop Growers Assoc. presents an educational display in the Alpinegarten on Hop Growing in the Willamette Valley. Complete Wireless Solutions of Salem provides wireless communications for the festival. The state-of-the-art system is used for crowd and traffic control, coordination of entertainment, movement of supplies and for festival security. United Rental of Salem provides the festival with forklifts and material handling equipment used for set-up and tear down, security lighting and emergency power generation equipment. Mark E. Carter – UX Developer + Design helped guide the construction of the new web site for Visit www. to see his handiwork. McDonald Wholesale has a reputation for foodservice distribution excellence built on the principals of honesty, integrity and reliability. It is supporting Oktoberfest and the non-profit food booths in the downtown area. Oktoberfest says a great big DANKE SCHÖN to our sponsors.

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

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Danke Schön! • THANK YOU!

The volunteers of the Mount Angel Fire Department are ready to assist at a moment’s notice. During Oktoberfest they fulfill some special roles in preventing problems and ensuring safety. Firefighters help prepare the venues, and after the booths move in the department inspects each one to be sure they have their fire suppression equipment. Every morning during the festival,

the group meets behind the scenes to discuss safety. They staff the fire station to avoid delayed response due to traffic, pkus they have a special Medical Assist unit activated for fast and maneuverable response through the crowds. After the crowds melt away, firefighters help put tables away as Mount Angel turns back into a sleepy village.

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Providing legendary service since 1926, McDonald Wholesale Co. is a family owned and operated foodservice distributor dedicated to provide you and your business exceptional customer service in an extraordinary way. Mt. Angel Shopper

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

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Danke Schön! • THANK YOU!

Oktoberfest Encourages Moderation FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR GUESTS Law enforcement officers from the City of Mount Angel and throughout the region participate in Mount Angel Oktoberfest’s efforts to maintain a safe environment for all our visitors. We thank you for your cooperation and them for their assistance. Danke Schön!

The highly quaffable beers of Bavaria are brewed according to a law that has been in effect for almost 500 years. “We particularly deem that henceforth and in all places in our cities and markets and in the countryside that to no beer may be applied and used more parts than barley, hops and water.” The Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, enacted by Duke Wilhelm IV, is still in force today, making it the oldest consumer protection law in the world. All the beers from Germany sold at the Mount Angel Oktoberfest are still brewed in accordance with Das Bayrische Reinheitgebot (Bavarian Purity Law). No wonder these beers are of superior quality! Mount Angel Oktoberfest, Maletis Beverage, Warsteiner, General Distributing, Point Blank Distributing and Kastle Hill Wines encourage everyone to drink responsibly. encourage everyone to drink responsibly. The fine beverages and wines at our festival are best consumed in moderation and savored for their unique flavors. We applaud festival goers who drink responsibly and use a designated driver. Patrons not consuming alcohol have the opportunity to sign up as an official Designated Driver from 5 p.m. until closing each day of the festival. Designated Drivers pledge not to drink alcoholic beverages while at the festival and to provide safe transportation for their friends in the group. All Designated Drivers receive a wristband and soft drinks. All participants must be 21 or older with a valid driver’s license. Get a Safe Ride Home – If you do drink and find that you have passed the point where you can safely drive home, take advantage of onsite taxis and have a safe ride home. Know your limit and DON’T DRINK and DRIVE.

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Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

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Danke Schön! • THANK YOU!

Thank You Oktoberfest! Congratulations on


amazing celebrations of our Bavarian Heritage and your generous support of our community!

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Oktoberfest Program 2015  

Official Program for the 50th Annual Mount Angel Oktoberfest, published by Mt. Angel Publishing.

Oktoberfest Program 2015  

Official Program for the 50th Annual Mount Angel Oktoberfest, published by Mt. Angel Publishing.